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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GameCoder

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    The Walking Dead: Episode 2 - Starved for Help
    Written by Gamecoder
    Email: BlackGenesis1584@yahoo.com
    Thank you for taking your time to read my Guide and I hope that this Guide can
    help you complete the game. This is my ninth time writing a Guide (not sure if
    you call this a Guide since it's a very short one), so I hope that it lives up
    to your expectations.  This Guide also contains spoiler, so read at your own
    risk.  If you find something that I've missed, please feel free to email me.
    ------------------------------[VERSION HISTORY]--------------------------------
    July 05, 2012
    - Guide completed
    July 12, 2012
    - Fixed a minor error in the Walkthrough
    Episode 2 starts off 3 months after the conclusion of Episode 1.  Our
    protagonist, Lee is out in the Woods hunting for food.  Anyway, hit the zombie
    by moving your cursor at the zombie's head, then click it when the axe icon
    appears.  During the scene, you will given some choices.  Again just like the
    previous episode, the choices you make will have an impact as you play the
    game.  After the scene, you need to save David.
    There's a time limit here, so you need to rescue David as quickly as possible.
    You can try a lot of ways to free him from the Trap, but the only way you can
    free him is by chopping his left off.  Yup, you heard me, you need to chop his
    leg 4 times.
    If you manage to save David, then him and Ben will accompany you back to the
    inn since Travis will be eaten by the zombies.  If you didn't save David, then
    Ben and Travis will accompany you back to inn since David will be eaten by the
    During the scene, you can either side with Kenny, Lilly, or stay neutral.
    After the scene, you will given 4 food items.  Speak with everyone starting
    with Katjaa, then with Larry and Mark.  It's up to you which one of them you
    want to give your axe.  Speak with Clementine, Duck, Ben, Carley/Doug, Lilly,
    and, then with Kenny.  Since there are 10 of you, you can only give food to 4
    people (including you), so choose wisely.  However, Carley/Doug will refuse the
    food if you try to give it to him/her.  According to Steven Smith, you can give
    the half apple to Carley, and she will accept it.  I think it is the same
    scenario with Doug.  After Lee has distributed 3 pieces of food, you can either
    let Lee eat the last food or give it to someone else.  Once you've ran out of
    food to give, a scene will trigger where you have to save Katjaa from
    Press Q, and then E to free Katjaa from him.  Now the zombie will focus his
    attack on you.  Now move your mouse either left or right so Lee can bang the
    zombie's head on the siderail of the car.  The one whom you gave your axe with
    (Mark/Larry) will try to save you.  Move your cursor at the zombie's head and
    click it when the kick icon appears.  You need to do this 3 times in order for
    the zombie to let go of you.  When the zombie let go of you, press the S
    (backward key) button until Lee falls down from the car.  Quickly press the Q
    button until Carley/Mark/Larry saves you.
    After a very long scene, you will be given some choices whether you want to
    go to Dairy Farm or not.  No matter what you'll choose, you still end up at the
    Dairy Farm.
    You'll going to spend most of the game here.  Anyway, look at the swing first.
    You need a rope and a piece of board to fix it.  Ascend the stairs then head to
    your right.  Open the shoe bucket to get the ROPE.  Knock on the door if you
    want to speak with Brenda.  Descend the stairs and head to your left.  Look at
    the board then use the saw to get the BOARD.  Now return to the swing, then use
    the rope and board to fix it.  Look at the picket fence and electric fence,
    then speak with Mark.  Check the generator, then speak with Andy.  Choose the
    first two options followed by "Let's go fix the perimeter." to move on to the
    Remove the arrow, then push the zombie out of the fence.  Push the next zombie
    that you will encounter, then chop off her hands.  For the last zombie, jump on
    the opposite side of the ledge, then press the Q button until you raise up the
    fence.  Once the fence has been raised, a scene will trigger.
    Move to your right then quickly plow the lever.  Move to your left then quickly
    pull the chock.  The tractor will start moving, make sure that you stay beside
    the tractor to cover yourself from the bandits.  When you encounter a zombie,
    move to your left then quickly pull the zombie out of the way.  When you
    encounter another zombie, move to your left then quickly pull the zombie.
    However, the zombie is still alive.  Move your cursor to the zombie's head,
    then click it when the kick icon appears.  Kick the zombie twice, then press
    the Q button, and Lee will split the zombie in half.  Quickly move beside the
    tractor, and keep moving forward until you trigger another scene.
    After the scene, speak with Clementine, then speak with Kenny.  You can side
    with him if you want.  Head to the other side of the farm, then speak with
    Lilly.  You can side with her if you want.  Once you're ready, ascend the
    stairs, then speak with the brothers and choose "Let's go." to head to the
    bandit camp.
    Move forward to trigger another scene.  Search everything in the camp (Bottles,
    Gas Can, Kettle, Save Lots Boxes, Dairy Box, Shopping Cart, Tent, Lawn Chair,
    Crate, Box, and finally the CAMERA) until Danny moves out from the tent.  Enter
    the tent, then check one of the sleeping bags to get CLEMENTINE'S HAT.  Once
    you've gotten it, another scene triggers.
    You can either shoot Jolene, or try to reason with her.  However, no matter
    what you choose, she'll die either way.
    Speak with Brenda, Danny (by the swing), then with Lilly.  Head to the barn,
    then speak with Clementine (give her the hat), Duck, and Andy.  Search the door
    behind the barn to trigger another scene.  Look at the screw to trigger another
    scene.  Exit the barn, and head to area where you got the saw earlier.  Search
    the toolbox to get the MULTI-TOOL.  Approach the generator, turn off the power,
    then use the multi-tool to open it.  Use your multi-tool to take out the belt.
    Since Andy is not there to guard the door, return to the barn, and use the
    multi-tool on the door.  Unscrew the lock to trigger another scene.
    Head upstairs, then open the closet door.  Search everything including the
    power cord.  Use it, then head to the door to your right.  Search the bed,
    window, stains, and the bookshelf.  Push the bookshelf to reveal a door behind
    it.  Open the door to trigger another scene.  After the scene, immediately go
    downstairs, and stop Clementine from eating the food.
    Once you've woken up, you will be in the meat locker.  Speak with everyone to
    trigger another scene where Larry will have an heart attack.
    You need to choose whether to side with Kenny, or side with Lilly.  If you side
    with Kenny, then you need to get Lilly away from Larry by pressing the Q
    button.  If you side with Lilly, then you need to perform CPR by moving the
    cursor at Larry's chest, and click when the hand icon appears.
    No matter what you choose, Larry will die since Kenny will smash his head with
    a salt lick.
    Speak with everyone, then examine the air conditioner.  Since you don't have
    the multi-tool anymore, you need a coin.  Larry mentions that he has some coins
    back at the inn.  Speak with Lilly, and then examine Larry's pocket to get a
    COIN.  Examine the air conditioner again, then unscrew it using the coin.  Once
    you've removed it, Clementine will volunteer to enter the vent, and unlock the
    Once Clementine unlock the door, follow Kenny to the other room.  In this room,
    there's a lot of weapons (SICKLE, HAY HOOK, and MINI CATTLE PROD).  However,
    you can only pick one.  Speak with Kenny, and follow him to the other room.
    Approach Danny until you trigger a scene.  Open the door and witness Danny
    putting a bear trap.  Now, close the door.  Open it again, and immediately move
    your cursor at Danny's gun to stop him from shooting you in the head.
    Immediately move the cursor at Danny and click it when a weapon icon appears.
    Lee will use his weapon to hit Danny on the shoulder.  The one whom you sided
    earlier at the meat locker will come and rescue you.  During the scene, you
    will be given another choice.
    It's up to you if you want to kill Danny or not, Clementine will remember what
    you did.
    Outside, you will encounter Ben and Carley/Doug.  If you have Doug in your
    group, then you need to look at the beam to your left in order to trigger the
    scene with him.  Anyway, approach the house until you come face to face with
    Since Brenda has Katjaa hostage, you need to approach her very cautiously.
    When Brenda says "Stop right there, I meant it" and raise her gun at you.
    Stop, then an option will appear where you have to talk to her.  Make sure that
    you choose the option that will calm her.  Once she lowers her gun at you,
    start approaching her again.  Do this routine until Mark pulls her towards him,
    and eat her.
    During the scene, you will encounter Andy, and wrestle with him.
    Keep pressing the Q button and then the E button.  However, Andy will beat Lee,
    and he'll drag Lee on the electric fence.  Now, keep pressing the Q button to
    avoid being electrecuted.  A scene will trigger where Lilly appears behind the
    barn.  If you've sided with Lilly earlier, then she will shoot Andy on the
    shoulder.  However, if you didn't side with her, then she'll do nothing.  You
    need to keep pressing the Q and E button until you'll get free from Andy's
    grasp.  Now, keep punching him on the face until you trigger a scene.  If you
    didn't punch Andy fast enough, he will try to get up and punch you.  If that
    happens, you need to block his attacks by moving your cursor infront of him,
    then click it when a hand icon appears.  Then keep pressing Q and E until Lee
    shove him on the electric fence.  Once you've defeat him, you will be given
    another choice.
    It's up to you if you want to kick Andy or walk away.  No matter what you
    choose, he will die anyway since the zombies will eat him.
    Approach the car to trigger another scene.  During the scene, you will be given
    your last and final choice.
    It's up to you if you want to steal the food from the car, or not.  Clementine
    will remember what you did.  No matter what you choose, the food will still be
    stolen by either Lee or Kenny.  You will also find some batteries inside the
    car where you can use to power up the camera.  Congratulations!!! You've just
    finished Episode 2!!!
    ------------------------[FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS]---------------------------
    Q. Hey your guide sucks.
    A. Well, it doesn't bother me since I expect this kind of feedbacks.
    Q. Is there any way to save David other than chopping his leg off?
    A. None. Chopping his leg off is the only way.
    Q. What transfers on Episode 2?
    A. There's a lot of them, but the major decisions are:
       - Who would you save?  Shawn or Duck?
       - Loyalty: Side with Kenny or Larry?
       - Who would you save?  Carley or Doug?
    Q. Hey can I contribute something in your Guide?
    A. Yes you can as long as it hasn’t been mentioned yet in my Guide.
    This Guide is copyrighted by me so do not distribute, reproduce, sell, copy, or
    post this Guide without my permission. This Guide is protected by the 
    International Copyright Law, so disobeying this rule means absolute penalty.
    In another language: BAWAL ANG MAGNAKAW DITO!
    This guide has been approved to be posted on the following sites:
    GameFAQs, http://www.gamefaqs.com
    Neoseeker, http://www.neoseeker.com
    Super Cheats, http://www.supercheats.com
    GAMEFAQs for hosting my FAQ
    Telltale Games for making such a wonderful game
    Steven Smith for giving me the info about giving food (Apple) to Carley

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