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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GameCoder

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    The Walking Dead: Episode 4 - AROUND EVERY CORNER
    Written by Gamecoder
    Email: BlackGenesis1584@yahoo.com
    Thank you for taking your time to read my Guide, and I hope that this Guide can
    help you complete the game.  This is my eleventh time writing a Guide (not sure
    if you call this a Guide since it's a very short one), so I hope that it lives
    up to your expectations.  This Guide also contains spoiler, so read at your own
    risk.  If you find something that I've missed, please feel free to email me.
    ------------------------------[VERSION HISTORY]--------------------------------
    October 15, 2012
    - Guide completed
    Lee and the others finally reach the city of Savannah.  However, things are not
    going well since the moment they walk in the city, the walkers start attacking
    Lee and the others start to run, but Kenny is tripped by a walker.  You need to
    save him fast by aiming the cursor at the walker's head, then shoot it when the
    gun icon appears.  Once you've saved Kenny, Clementine needs your help.
    Quickly shoot any walker that comes near Lee and Clementine until you trigger
    the next scene.
    Speak with everyone. To get inside, look at the pet door (the small door at the
    bottom) near Kenny.  Pick the SHOVEL behind Lee, then approach the dirt mound
    near the dog house.  Use your shovel at the dirt mount, then pick up the
    carcass to get the COLLAR.  Use the collar to unlock the pet door.
    Once you get inside, speak with everyone.  To move on to the story, you need to
    check all the doors in the 1st floor.  There are two doors in the living room,
    and one near the stairs.  Once you've check all doors, you will trigger the
    next scene.  After the scene, press the W button to reach the attic.
    If you want Lee to kill him, approach the walker, then choose one of the 3
    options (either use your gun to shoot him, use your spanner to bash him, or use
    your shoe to kick him) to kill him.  If you want Kenny to kill him, give him
    the gun, then pick the 1st choice.
    Place him in the grave, pick the shovel, then shove some dirt in the grave 4
    times to trigger the next scene.
    Once you regain control, head left (you will see a telescope) to trigger
    another scene.  After the scene, look through the telescope.  However, you need
    a quarter to make it work, so head to your right until you see a newspaper
    machine.  Open it, then use your spanner to bash it to get a QUARTER.  Now use
    the quarter on the telescope, then move the telescope all the way to the left
    to trigger the next scene.  Approach the newsstand, then press the W button
    until the stranger (Molly) attacks you.  To defend yourself successfully, move
    your cursor at the weapon Molly is using, then hit the mouse button when the
    hand icon appears.  If you did it successfully, Lee will evade Molly then hit
    her with the spanner.  Molly will try to counterattack with her hands, so when
    that happens, quickly move the cursor at Molly's hand, then hit the mouse
    button when the hand icon appears again.  Whether you defend yourself
    successfully or not, walkers will start attacking you.
    Quickly grab Kenny's hand, then push the dampster behind Lee until a manhole
    appears.  Open the manhole, then grab the CLIMBING PICK that Molly throws at
    you.  Use the pick on the manhole to pry it, then press Q until Lee opens the
    Go down until you reach the bottom part of the area, then head to your right.
    Follow the path until you see a bunch of walkers in front of you.  Enter the
    passageway to your left until you see a pipe.  Turn it right, then pick it up
    to get a VALVE.  Follow the path until you reach a locked gate.  Use your pick
    to pry it open.  Head up until you see another pipe.  Use the valve and turn
    it right.  Quickly, retrace your step back to the passageway you've just came
    out of.  Head out on the other side of the passageway, but make sure that
    there are no walkers infront of you.  Head up until you trigger another scene.
    Follow the path until a walker grab you from the ground.
    Use your pick, then press Q and E to get yourself free from the walker's
    clutches.  Now, aim your cursor at the walker infront of you, then use your
    pick to bash her head.
    Move forward, then use your pick to pry the ladder.  Pick up the sign, then
    enter the secret passageway.  Open the door infront of Lee to trigger the
    next scene.  During the scene, make sure that you pick the choices that aren't
    threatening, or suspicious.  Then, calmly take the gun from Vernon.
    You can be honest with him or tell him lies.  It's up to you.
    Speak with everyone.  To find Clementine, head outside, approach the shed to
    your left, search it twice, then open the door.  During the long scene, you
    will be given another set of choices.
    You can decide to bring her along, or leave her in the house.  If you've
    decided to leave her, you will be given another set of choices, where you can
    tell her to use the gun, or let her hide.
    During the scene, open the manhole, then press W to reach Crawford.  Approach
    the guard, quickly aim at his head, then hit the mouse button when the axe icon
    Once you're ready, exit the classroom.  Follow the path until you see
    Molly.  Follow her to the alleyway.  Once you're in the alleyway, follow the
    path until you see a shack.  Enter it, then look above until you see a hole.
    Look into it, then climb the shelf to reach the roof.  Near Lee is a garage
    door, try to open it.  Move to your right, then look at the fence.  Return to
    the garage to trigger another scene.
    Quickly press Q to get inside the garage.
    Once you're inside, look at the hydrolic hose to your left.  Pry it with your
    hands.  Speak with Molly, then pick the 3rd option to get the pick again.  Use
    the pick to puncture the hydrolic hose.  
    Quickly unscrew the positive terminal, then detach it.  Do the the same thing
    on the other side, then pick it up to get the BATTERY.  Climb the semi truck,
    shoot the skylight above Lee, then grab Molly's hand.  Once you're in the roof,
    quickly click on Molly's hand while Lee is making a high jump.  Inside the
    school, head south to trigger the next scene.
    Press Q, then E to close the door.  Shoot the walker between the doors, then
    pick the hatchet from the floor.  Press Q, then E again, and Lee will finally
    close the door completely.
    Speak with Ben to trigger another scene.  Once you're done talking to him,
    exit the classroom.  Head up, turn right, then turn left to trigger another
    scene.  Press W, then shoot one of the walkers.  Keep shooting them until you
    trigger the next scene.
    Inside the nurse's office look at the medical file on the table near Lee.  Pick
    it up to get TAPE #1.  Use the tape #1 on the camcoder near the bed.  Return to
    the alleyway, then enter the shack again.  A walker will attack you, so press Q
    then E.
    Climb the shelf to reach the other side of the alleyway.  Approach the walker,
    then stomp him on the head.  Look at the corpse, then search him to get
    TAPE #2, and a LOCKER COMBINATION.  Once you get back at the school, move down,
    then turn left.  Search the lockers here until you see a locker that has a
    blood on it.  Open it to get TAPE #3.  Return to the nurse's office, and watch
    tape #2 and tape #3.  Exit the nurse's office, then head to the classroom to
    trigger a scene with Molly.  Quickly shoot the walker attacking Molly.
    When you regain control, climb up the stairs, then press the S button while
    shooting at the walkers.  Lee will accidentally slip his foot on a hole.  When
    this happens, aim your cursor on Lee's leg, and try to pull it from the hole.
    Make sure that you also keep shooting on the walkers since they will keep
    coming up the stairs.  You have to pull the leg 4 times to remove it completely
    from the hole.  Keep attacking the walkers using your hatchet and your shotgun
    while climbing the stairs until you are given another set of choices.
    If you want to let him go, pick the 1st choice.  If you want to pull him up,
    pick the 2nd choice.
    When you regain control, pick CLEMENTINE'S HAT.  Pick up the walkie talkie (or
    look at the trash bin), and a walker will attack you.  Stomp him on the head
    to kill it.  During the scene, you will be given your last set of choices.
    It's up to you if you want to show them the bite, or not.  You can also ask
    them for help to find Clementine, or let Lee find her alone.
    Congratulations! You've just finished Episode 4!!!
    ------------------------[FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS]---------------------------
    Q. Hey your guide sucks.
    A. Well, it doesn't bother me since I expect this kind of feedbacks.
    Q. Hey can I contribute something in your Guide?
    A. Yes you can as long as it hasn’t been mentioned yet in my Guide.
    This Guide is copyrighted by me so do not distribute, reproduce, sell, copy, or
    post this Guide without my permission.  This Guide is protected by the 
    International Copyright Law, so disobeying this rule means absolute penalty.
    In another language: BAWAL ANG MAGNAKAW DITO!
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    Telltale Games for making such a wonderful game

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