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"A bit of an under dog"

rage of mages, this is a neat little bargain bin game I picked up somewhere a couple years ago, I must say, I was not expecting much, I did some research and it was supposed to be sort of a rpg/rts hybrid game, most of the time those turn out to be crap but this actually impressed me, there were some problems though but ill get into that later. For the $1,99 I had to pay for it I would say this was worth it.

Story: Its one of those “meh” story's you see all the time, your some unknown hero sent to save some island from all sorts of stuff, its pretty generic but meh, you got separated from your group at the beginning and you meet up with them and other hero's throughout the game.

Audio: The sound in this game is crap, the music is annoying and the sound effects are pretty bad, I thought the voice acting was decent though. It did not detract to much from the main score though, for a budget game like this I did not expect much anyway.

Graphics: For the time the game was made, the graphics were a bit below average, I would not call them ugly, but everything has this bright colorful glow to it, It is a little bit annoying if your playing for a long period of time. The character motions are a little off but they are not horrible.

Game play: This game is pretty much an rpg, if your hero's die you lose, I thought this to be a real pain since some of your hero's are mages and they go down very quickly if they are in close combat, the rts comes in with merc's. You can hire guys at a bar to come with you on your mission's, it is no big deal if they die so you can pretty much just throw them in there without a care. This game had some balance issue's, parts of it were very hard, the escort mission, mission 2 was so hard, it took me many tries to beat it, there are some very fun missions like attacking an army outpost. Overall I think this game is pretty under rated, if not for the game over when some of your party member's die I think I would of enjoyed this game a lot more, I only for around 65% of the way through the game though.

I would say buy this game if you see it cheap, play it for a weekend and then put it away, you do not need to beat it but its nice to get a taste of this unique game

Overall score: 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/08/08

Game Release: Rage of Mages (US, 09/30/98)

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