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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NeoChozo

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/24/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    //version 1.0//						 //updated 12-25-2012//
    		      === STREET FIGHTER X MEGA MAN ===    
    		      ========= STRATEGY GUIDE ========
     		      ====== written by NeoChozo ======
                          ===== www.themmnetwork.com/ =====
        Welcome to the Mega Man Network strategy guide for STREET FIGHTER X 
        MEGA MAN, a Capcom and fan collaboration released for Mega Man's 25th
        Anniversary. This text document covers all of the stage guides and any
        other pertinent information for completing this title. Use the index 
        below as a reference guide, and visit Mega Man Network's MEGA MAN games
        section for more information on this game as it becomes available along
        with information/walkthroughs for the other games in the series.
       == CONTENTS ==
       1. Introduction
       2. Version History
       3. About This Game
       4. The Story So Far
       5. Recommended Order
       6. Weapons and Items
       7. Walkthrough
          A. Blanka's Stage
          B. Rose's Stage
          C. Rolento's Stage
          D. Urien's Stage
          E. Ryu's Stage
          F. Chun-Li's Stage
          G. C. Viper's Stage
          H. Dhalsim's Stage
          I. Balrog's Stage
          J. Vega's Stage
          K. Seth's Lab Stage
          L. M. Bison's Stage
       8. Secrets and Tips
       9. Acknowledgments
      10. Legal
    STREET FIGHTER x MEGA MAN is a freeware title released for the PC in commemor-
    ation of both the STREET FIGHTER and the MEGA MAN franchise's 25th Anniversary
    celebrations of December 2012. This fan-made game, designed by Seow Zong Hui 
    (better known as Sonic) is officially published by Capcom USA, and therefore de-
    serves a bit more attention than your typical fangame. Refer to the accompanying
    Readme.txt file for specific information on how to set up the game and its de-
    fault controller setup. This game is compatible with the standard keyboard or a 
    USB-compatible controller.
      This is just a quickly-written basic guide for completing this game. If you
      have comments or suggestions, e-mail me with tips or better strategies, and
      you'll be credited. As of right now, I am missing some attack information for
      some of the bosses (Urien, M. Bison, and Akuma). Also some Energy Tank locat-
      ions are missing, as well. If you, of course, have anything to add to this
      guide that might be beneficial, e-mail me as well. You can contact me at
      timothy.jones1982(at)yahoo.com - please don't send e-mails to Mega Man Net-
      work's inbox. I don't check that particular address, and it requires the staff
      there to forward the information to me anyway - just contact me directly.
    This walkthrough has gone through a few changes since the first draft. Below is
    a list of the major and minor updates that have been made, starting with the 
    most recent.
      VERSION 1.0 (MINOR UPDATE - 12/25/2012)
      Added a proper Acknowledgments section instead of random credits inserted at
      different points through the guide. Included new information on how to refill
      LE/WE during the fighter rematch stage as well. 
      VERSION 1.0 (MAJOR UPDATE - 12/21/2012)
      Finished polishing the walkthrough, revised the order of the first eight boss-
      es, and added the codes to Secrets and Tips, plus information on how to score
      easy Perfects and Easy Energy Tanks. Akuma strategy still missing because I
      haven't yet triggered it (even after getting five consecutive Perfects).
      VERSION 0.9 (MAJOR UPDATE - 12/20/2012)
      The structure of the walkthrough is completed, with all stages and boss infor-
      mation written (except some details for Rolento). Information for Secrets and
      Tips missing as of this draft, and Weapons/Items needs polishing.
      VERSION 0.5 (FIRST DRAFT - 12/18/2012)
      First skeleton version of the walkthrough designed after two playthroughs of
      the game. Initial boss order is present along with suggestions for how to take
      on the last three bosses of the game.
    == 3. ABOUT THIS GAME:
    STREET FIGHTER x MEGA MAN is something pretty new. The concept behind it is 
    that Mega Man goes through themed levels of multiple different challengers from 
    the Street Fighter games and then fights them as stage bosses. The game, like
    MEGA MAN 9 and MEGA MAN 10 before it, is rendered in 8-bit graphical format as
    a throwback to Mega Man's earlier days. However, one should note that this game
    started out as a fan project and later garnered official input and support from
    Capcom itself, making this the first true company/fan collaboration.
    This game plays nearly as crisply as the games before it, although it's almost
    nothing like what you'd expect from a typical MEGA MAN game. Levels populated
    with various robots are now replaced by more thematic elements native to each
    Street Fighter character (Blanka's level in particular is filled with various
    flora and fauna). Additionally, there is no saving or loading here, making this
    like the first MEGA MAN game where you had to finish it in a single sitting.
    Another thing that increases difficulty is once you get an Energy Tank, that is
    the only time you can get it - they never respawn if you get a game over and
    continue, so this game forces you to be pretty conservative with the supplies
    you find. Another interesting feature is the way in each the bosses get to use
    their "Super" attacks during the fights - as you inflict damage, they fill up a
    second meter (like the MEGA MAN X series' Giga Attacks) - once full, they can
    trigger a powerful and usually screen-wide attack. Lastly, much of the music
    seems to be a direct homage to MEGA MAN 2's soundtrack, which is a nice nod to
    the series' longevity. Overall, STREET FIGHTER x MEGA MAN is a pretty nice 
    anniversary package of sorts, even if it started as a simple fan project.
    1. Mega Man's invincibility time after taking a hit seems double than normal.
    2. Using the slide at the proper times can actually allow you to dodge some
       attacks, much like how some of the fighters can evade yours.
    3. Losing all of your lives takes you to a Street Fighter-esque "Continue"
    4. Charging up, then pausing and returning to the game makes you lose your 
       charged shot.
    5. Hitting a boss at the same time that they use their Super cancels out your
    == 4. THE STORY SO FAR:
    In the year 20XX... Mega Man has fought countless Robot Masters over the years
    and stopped Dr. Wily's schemes over and over again. Now with his 25th Annivers-
    ary approaching, Mega Man is ready to kick back and relax. But Ryu and his fell-
    ow Street Fighters get wind of this fact and decide they want one final matchup 
    before their own anniversary is over. Thus, the stage is set for another epic 
    battle - this time Mega Man takes on the martial arts experts from the Street 
    Fighter universe!
    Like previous MEGA MAN games, you initially start off against eight bosses that
    can be tackled in any order before advancing to the second half of the game.
    Each fighter is weak to the weapon gained from another, so the order proceeds
    in a "loop" pattern. Take out a boss, gain his/her technique, then use that one
    on another boss, and so on until the loop is complete. Of course you can take
    on the fighters in any order you wish, but this is one of the easiest orders to
         ====		========			===============
         Blanka		Mega Buster/Yoga Inferno	Tropical Hazzard
         Rose		Tropical Hazzard		Soul Satellite
         Rolento		Soul Satellite			Mine Sweeper
         Urien		Mine Sweeper			Aegis Reflector
         Ryu		Aegis Reflector			Hadoken
         Chun-Li		Hadoken				Lightning Kick
         C. Viper		Lightning Kick			Optic Laser
         Dhalsim		Optic Laser			Yoga Inferno
    There are no differences in the translation in this title, nor is there any 
    kind of different subtitle as found in the other original series installments.
    Each defeated fighter yields another weapon to your arsenal. These techniques
    are useful for more than just defeating more bosses, so experiment with them a
    bit and you might have an easier time.
      1. MEGA BUSTER
         You finally get the chargeable version again (after MEGA MAN 9 and 10 took
         it away from you). This is like MEGA MAN 4's version of the charged shot.
         The longer you hold down the button, the larger the blast will be, but if
         firing normally, you only get three bullets on the screen at one time.
         - CHARGE LEVEL 1 (flashing blue): Small white blast with a regular bullet.
         - CHARGE LEVEL 2 (flashing green): Larger white blast.
         Gained from Blanka, this technique allows you to create a watermelon that 
         you can jump on, kick, or just leave lying around as a bomb for enemies to
         run into. Jumping on it gives you a height boost so you can reach higher 
         areas (like if you had Rush Coil).
         Gained from Rose, this technique allows you to create a rotating shield of
         orbs around you that can damage enemies. Additionally, you can fire orbs
         from your Arm Cannon, and even switch weapons while leaving this shield
         temporarily active.
         Gained from Rolento, this technique allows you to fire small proximity 
         mines in an arcing pattern. If they get near an enemy, they will explode.
         Gained from Urien, this technique allows you to create an energy-based 
         shield that will reflect most attacks backwards.
      6. HADOKEN
         Gained from Ryu, this technique allows you to create fireballs by using 
         your Mega Buster. Charging it up creates larger and faster-moving fireball
         Gained from Chun-Li, this technique allows you to rapidly kick anything at
         close range. Its only limitation is its incredibly short range.
      8. OPTIC LASER
         Gained from C. Viper, this technique allows you to fire a a giant purple 
         laser in a forward direction. Unlike your Buster, this cannot penetrate 
         Gained from Dhalsim, this technique allows you to create a gigantic spread 
         of forward-traveling fireballs that go in a bit of an arc.
         These are portable LE storage units that will refill your LE meter in a 
         pinch. These seem to be somewhat glitchy in the game, as some will seeming-
         ly spawn in areas where they're not supposed to be, and I have yet to find
         a "maximum" number - I've carried up to 11 so far. These will ordinarily be
         found scattered throughout some levels, and you can use a special glitch to
         easily collect more.
      2. EXTRA LIVES
         These give you an extra chance to retry a stage if you lose all of your LE,
         fall into a pit, or otherwise expire. These respawn in a stage every time
         you die, too, so you essentially have unlimited chances to try a stage if
         one has an extra life in it.
         This is never earned through the course of the game; rather Rush Jet just
         shows up at certain times to help you through a level (just like in MEGA 
         MAN 8).
      2. BEAT
         This one really doesn't count either, as Beat never assists you during the
         game. However, he does carry you to and from the last four stages.
    == 7. WALKTHROUGH:
    The game walkthrough itself is broken into segments that comprise the "stages" 
    of the game. Each stage walkthrough will take you through that stage, past the
    Robot Master, and go over any backtracking that needs to be done through prev-
    ious levels as a result of acquiring a new item before moving onto the next 
    stage. The walkthrough will begin at the first recommended stage.
      This jungle-themed stage is pretty straightforward. Start off heading to the
      right and keep your Buster charged to take out the slug-like enemies on the
      ground while either avoiding the hovering enemies or shooting them for LE re-
      fills if needed. Eventually you'll reach two ladders; take them up to reach
      a large flower-type enemy. Ignore it for now since you don't need the large 
      WE refill and keep going to the right. More slug-like enemies are here, as
      well as some spike traps. Keep going to the right and you'll find another
      large flower protecting an extra life. Fire rapidly at this and jump over its
      horizontal laser attack and just avoid its arcing spores. Grab the extra life
      and head down to reach an underwater area to confront some electric eel-like
      enemies. Take them out with the charged Buster and go left and down to the
      next area. Keep taking out the eels and you'll eventually get to a series of
      narrow bamboo spike traps. Dodge them and take out the rest of the eels to
      reach a ladder leading up. Go to the right and collect the LE refills, then
      continue upwards. More slugs and floating enemies await as you continue your
      climb, and two flower enemies lie in wait at the top. Take them out and go
      to the right to face more slugs and narrow spike traps, then go down to face
      another flower. Go to the right and up another ladder and take out one more
      slug, a flower, and use the floating enemies to refill any lost LE before you
      head to the boss gate.
        Blanka is by far the easiest boss of the game. He can be toasted quickly
        with the Yoga Inferno, but for now, just use the charged Mega Buster. Know
        his attacks to make this battle easier.
        1. LIGHTNING ROLL: He'll charge his body with electricity and fly across 
           the screen at you.
        2. BACKFLIP: He will leap into the air, perform a backflip and then land.
           This is his easiest move to dodge.
        3. TROPICAL HAZZARD: He can jump on, kick, or just detonate these explosive
           watermelons. You can also destroy them with the Buster.
        4. SUPER: When the screen zooms in on him, he is about to charge the floor
           with electricity (jump right after to avoid getting shocked) and he will
           drop three to four Tropical Hazzards that he will then use.
        Defeating Blanka is very easy. Keep your Buster charged and unleash it on
        him whenever he's not doing anything. He's invincible during his Lightning
        Roll attack, but is vulnerable just about any other time. Remember to jump
        to avoid the floor charge when he uses his Super, and destroy his Tropical
        Hazzards so he doesn't use them on you. If you can beat him with your LE
        full, you'll earn a "PERFECT!" rating.
      Defeating Blanka gives you his TROPICAL HAZZARD technique. Return to the 
      Stage Select and head for Rose's stage next.
      7B: ROSE'S STAGE
      Rose's stage is fairly interesting. You start off on a Rush Jet segment like
      in MEGA MAN 8 where you freely fly up and down while the screen auto-scrolls
      behind you. This time, you can slide and jump while on the Rush Jet (oddly
      enough, but who's complaining) in case some enemies swarm you and it gets a
      bit tough to maneuver. The enemies you'll encounter here are pretty easy to
      take out, but you'll want to keep your Buster charged. The purple shields
      can be irritating, but you want to watch out for the spinning swords. What 
      benefits you here, however, is that any LE refills remain suspended in the
      air for you to collect. After a while of taking out enemy swarms, you'll end
      up back at solid ground. Head to the right and go up the ladder to find some
      spinning fireball enemies. Take them out and go up for more encounters with
      the spinning swords, then go to the right. This straightforward path takes
      you across some pitfall traps through more enemies that you've already en-
      countered in the stage. Eliminate them and make your way to the rope-like
      ladder at the end and climb up. Grab the large LE refill to the left and then
      make your way to the right across the simple platforms while taking out the
      fireball enemies. Climb up another ladder and go right while eliminating the
      swarms of floating enemies, then go right and take out another shield, a
      teleporting enemy and a fireball to reach the boss gate.
        Rose is actually pretty difficult to defeat even using her weakness. Study
        her attack pattern, though, and you can make this fight a bit easier.
        1. SLIDE: She will slide directly at you. You can just jump over this.
        2. TELEPORT: She disappears into a portal and then re-emerges somewhere 
           on the battlefield. Keep moving so she doesn't reappear right at your
        3. SOUL SATELLITE: She'll fire lasers or balls of energy at you that are
           somewhat difficult to avoid.
        4. SUPER: When the screen zooms in on her, she's about to use her special
           version of the Soul Satellite, where the orbs rotate around her.
        The key to beating her lies in carefully placing the Tropical Hazzard balls
        so that she runs into them - kicking them towards her makes them miss more
        often than not. If she directly collides with one, though, you can inflict
        a great deal of damage. Keep sliding as this more or less seems to keep you
        from being damaged by her attacks, and when you run out of Tropical Hazzard
        WE, resort to the charged Mega Buster. You may need to use an Energy Tank
        during this fight. If you can defeat her at full energy, you'll earn a 
        "PERFECT!" rating.
      Defeating Rose gives you her SOUL SATELLITE technique. Return to the Stage
      Select and take on Rolento's stage next.
      This extremely short stage is pretty easy to get through. From the start,
      fire upon the first enemy to release one of the robots that spins faster on
      the ground when you're in proximity. Jump over it and keep in mind that you
      can scroll certain enemies off the screen in this level. Eventually you'll
      start reaching Mettools - both of the ground-based and the flying variety.
      Take them out as you see them, and you'll reach a section where you have to
      cross on falling platform sections. Make it through here and you'll sometimes
      find an ENERGY TANK right in your path (this is one of the ones that will
      glitch into the environment). Continue navigating the falling platforms to
      reach a small gate that leads into an elevator shaft. Fend off the swarms of
      enemies as the elevator ascends. When you reach the top, the next gate will
      lead to the boss.
        Rolento is a pretty difficult boss overall, even if you use the weapon that
        damages him the most. Study his attack patterns and you will probably be
        able to have an easier time.
        1. POGO BOUNCE: He bounces around on a small pogo stick, but his jumps are
           pretty easy to slide under.
        2. DAGGER THROW: He will either throw these vertically and they'll then 
           fall down on another side of the screen or he'll just throw these at you
           horizontally or diagonally.
        3. MINE SWEEPER: He'll toss these mines out that bounce once and then blow
           up if you're too close.
        4. ROLLING ATTACK: He can curl into a ball and hurl himself at you. During
           this move, he will also deploy Mine Sweepers.
        4. SUPER: When the screen zooms in on him, he'll leap around a bit, then
           go to the center of the screen and release a spread of Mine Sweepers.
        His weakness is the Soul Satellite, but in order to effectively damage him,
        you have to strike him with the two orbs that circle you first. The best
        way to defeat him, however, is to activate the Soul Satellite and then go
        back to the Mega Buster so you can hit him with charged shots and the orbs
        if he ends up getting too close to you. If you can make it through to the
        end with full energy, you'll earn a "PERFECT!" rating.
      Defeating Rolento gives you his MINE SWEEPER technique. Return to the Stage
      Select and head for Urien's stage next.
      This stage starts off outside. Move to the right while avoiding the swooping
      bird enemies. After a few rounds of this, you'll find a knight-like robot.
      Destroy it and the rock it sits on to access a small hole. This section has
      breakable rock barriers that act as obstacles. Use them to get to the left,
      then drop down and use them to avoid the spike traps. After you get past the
      first set, you'll run into some flame enemies. Just slide past them because
      the main hazard is being dropped onto the spike traps. At the end of this is
      a rather neat set of diagonal ladder-like structures. Climb up them and just
      avoid the rotating shield enemies as you ascend to the top. Be careful when
      you fire on the shield enemies because if you hit the shield, then your shot
      will be reflected back at you. As you get to the top, take out more of these
      along with a knight robot and head into the passage. More flame enemies and
      ladders await in the next section. Climb the ladder and you'll find more of
      the rotating shields in this last area. There is an ENERGY TANK high up that
      I haven't quite figured out how to get yet, but it might require bouncing
      with the Tropical Hazzard. After this hallway, you'll face another knight and
      a rotating shield before reaching the boss gate.
        There are no two ways about this - Urien is tough. Even the weapon that
        does the most damage is pretty difficult to use. Study his attack patterns
        to make it through this fight a bit easier.
        1. JUMPING: He leaps into the air, and then rockets down at an angle toward
           your location.
        2. ENERGY ORBS: He will fire these either horizontally or at angles at you;
           they can be pretty difficult to predict.
        3. CHARGING: He will dash towards you and try to slam you into a wall.
        4. SUPER: When the screen zooms in on him, he will generate his powerful
           Aegis Reflector, which will reflect anything you fire back at you.
        Use the Mine Sweeper and try to arc your shots so that the mines hit him
        directly; letting them bounce and hoping he runs into them is pretty much
        a waste of time and WE otherwise. When he leaps around the room, this is
        the best time to rapid-fire your mines since he can't change direction once
        he's airborne. This battle is somewhat difficult without an Energy Tank, 
        but if you can finish the fight with full energy, you'll earn a "PERFECT!" 
      With Urien defeated, you gain the AEGIS REFLECTOR technique. Return to the 
      Stage Select and head for Ryu's stage next. 
      7E: RYU'S STAGE
      This stage is pretty straightforward, and you won't encounter too many enem-
      ies overall. Start out heading up the ladders and taking out the stationary
      enemies in your path. These will fire energy waves forward, so wait until
      they fire and shoot them with the charged Mega Buster. At the top, head to
      the right to reach an open space and drop down. There is a large LE and WE
      refill to your left if you need it. Go to the right and you'll proceed across
      a straightforward area with flame-dropping birds - get them to drop their
      fireballs and then bypass them or shoot them down. As you near the end, you
      will find an ENERGY TANK right in your path, so collect it and take one of 
      the two paths available. One is in the pit to your left and leads to a few
      more enemies; the other drops straight down at the right, but both lead to
      the same place. Take out the next enemy here by shooting at it right before
      it is about to teleport, then fire upon the wooden barrier blocking access to
      the right. This next short section is simple platforming; cross the pits that
      have fireballs jumping out of them and defeat the wave enemies to reach the
      ladder at the end. Keep going up the next ladder and head to the left while
      defeating the teleporter enemies and destroying wooden obstacles to reach
      a ladder that goes back up to the outer area of this stage. Collect the LE
      refills to your left if you need them, then head through one last section 
      with fire-dropping birds to reach a pit at the end. Take out one last wave
      and teleporter enemy, then destroy the wooden barrier to reach the boss gate.
        Ryu is pretty difficult unless you can counter his rapid repertoire of 
        moves. Study his attacks and learn to avoid them in order to make this 
        fight easier.
        1. HADOKEN: He fires a steady stream of Hadoken fireballs. Blue ones you
           can destroy with the Buster, but orange ones are fast-moving and have to
           be jumped over.
        2. HURRICANE KICK: He slowly flies across the screen while executing this
           spinning kick. He can't be hurt during this move.
        3. SHORYUKEN: He uses this uppercut move only if you're at close range, but
           it can easily be avoided.
        4. SUPER: When the screen zooms in, he is about to create a large purple
           Hadoken move. This travels slowly and he usually Hurricane Kicks at the
           same time, so use fancy jumps to avoid both the fireball and him.
        You can destroy his Hadokens with the Mega Buster, but it's easier to just
        set up opposing Aegis Reflectors so that no matter where he is when he 
        fires Hadokens, they'll just reflect back and damage him. Otherwise, jump 
        over his Hurricane Kicks and stay far away so that he can't use his Shory-
        uken move. Try to defeat him while keeping yourself at full energy to earn 
        a "PERFECT!" rating.
      Defeating Ryu rewards you with his HADOKEN technique. Return to the Stage
      Select and go to Chun-Li's stage next.
      This stage is pretty short and more or less devoid of enemies, but the trick
      lies in the split pathways and maze-like structure. From the start, head up
      the first ladder, then drop down when the path ends. Go to the right while
      taking out any Mettool enemies, then go back up at the next ladder. Go to 
      the right and keep eliminating enemies to advance to the next part of the
      stage. Here, head through the open space and take out the Mettool carts, then
      you will find three paths. The bottom one leads to an extra life, but you
      should take the middle one to proceed. Avoid the skiing enemeis and the two
      cannons at the top, and keep going to the right to reach another open-ended
      area. Head to the top and into the next area where you'll fight another var-
      iety of enemies. The teleporting ones from Ryu's stage are also here, except
      now they disappear and reappear over you, spreading a wave of fire when they
      land. Take them out and stick to the upper path (use the Tropical Hazzard to
      bounce up if you get knocked down) and you can claim another ENERGY TANK as
      you go. Keep heading right and just slide past all of the enemies you see.
      In the next area, Mettools and the skiing enemies will constantly respawn
      from the left and the right, so you have plenty of time to refill any LE you
      might have lost during the previous enemy gauntlet. Refill and keep heading
      to the right, then go up to take out two cannons. Take this path to the final
      area, where you have to eliminate one more teleporting enemy and a cannon. 
      More skiiers will respawn from the left, so you can again refill any lost LE
      before heading to the boss gate.
        Chun-Li falls easily to the Hadoken, especially if you charge it up. Watch 
        out for her assortment of attacks and you'll have an easier time.
        1. HADOKEN: She has her own fireball attack, but it's very weak and can be
           countered by your own Hadokens.
        2. LIGHTNING KICK: If you're up close, she lets one leg fly in a blurring
           continuous kicking move.
        3. HURRICANE KICK: She flies across the screen upside down, executing a
           spinning kick while doing so.
        4. SUPER: When the screen zooms in her, she's about to execute a Hurricane
           and a Lightning Kick combined in an upwards arc.
        Of all the bosses, Chun-Li is the easiest. Keep your distance and charge up
        your Hadoken for extra damage, and use regular ones if she uses fireballs
        of her own. Slide under her Hurricane Kicks, and if she uses her Super,
        then also slide under it. She'll go down very quickly, and is extremely 
        easy to get a "PERFECT!" rating on.
      Defeating Chun-Li earns you her LIGHTNING KICK technique. Return to the Stage
      Select and go to C. Viper's stage next.
      7G: C. VIPER'S STAGE
      This stage introduces a few familiar enemies and a new mechanic in the form
      of elevators. Start off going to the right and take out the cannons that come
      from the ceiling. As you reach the elevators, they travel up and down by
      themselves, but stop when you get in them. Use Up or Down to navigate and go
      to the next area where you'll find a new variety of Joe robot. These Laser
      Joes fire a powerful laser beam when they drop their shield, but are easily
      defeated. Keep going to the right to find more elevators and Laser Joes. One
      of them in one room protects an ENERGY TANK, so grab it and move on. After
      you get past the three in a row, go to the next area and ride an elevator up
      while dodging cannon fire. In the next area, move to the right to find a
      path leading down. Go down and you'll have to deal with some Force Beam-like
      security structures. Here don't worry about the enemies; just take out the
      gates before you get caught by the instant-kill beams and climb up the ladder
      at the end. Here you'll start running into large ceiling cannons that fire
      much larger blasts. Either destroy or ignore them and keep going along the
      main path while taking out cannons and Laser Joes. At the end is another ele-
      vator that leads up. Take it up to find the boss gate, but first you have to
      navigate another short elevator with a ceiling cannon and a Laser Joe. Take
      them out to reach the boss gate.
        C. Viper is pretty easy to take out with the Lightning Kick, although the
        Soul Satellite seems to inflict decent damage as well. Watch out for her
        attacks to make this fight a bit easier.
        1. OPTIC LASER: She fires a giant laser forward that can be jumped over.
        2. FLAME BLAST: She'll generate a powerful wave of flames that comes up
           from the floor. Keep moving to avoid this.
        3. DASHING: She'll accelerate quickly across the screen and crash into you.
        4. FIRE WAVE: She can generate aerial fire slashes during her jumps.
        4. SUPER: When the screen zooms in on her, she'll use a combination of her
           Fire attacks and her dash, finishing with a leaping attack into the cen-
           ter of the screen, after which she'll crash to the ground.
        You can use the Lightning Kick to easily whittle her LE down, almost to the
        halfway point before she gains enough power to use her Super move. Try to
        hit her during her spinning aerial kick for maximum effectiveness. If she
        stays grounded at any point, just spam the Lightning Kick to quickly drain
        her LE, and you can supplement with the Soul Satellite if you run out of
        WE. The ferocity of her attacks can make this fight a bit tough, but if you
        have full energy at the end, you'll earn a "PERFECT!" rating.
      With C. Viper defeated, you'll earn the OPTIC LASER technique. Return to the 
      Stage Select and head for Dhalsim's stage next.
      This stage starts off going to the left. You can go to the right, but it 
      dead-ends. Go left and take out the enemy, then go up the ladder. Here there
      will another spinning sword variety of robot. Eliminate it when it's not 
      spinning, then use the platforms to go up and left for some large LE and WE 
      refills before proceeding to the right. Go past another teleporting enemy to
      the right and you'll find the boss gate! But you can't reach it yet, because
      you have to go down first and thread a maze. Navigate some floating carpets
      and you'll reach a path split. Go up and past some more spinning sword enem-
      ies to grab an ENERGY TANK, then go back down and continue to the right. You
      have to get past a few more floating carpet sections over spike traps while
      working your way up and to the left. As you go, you'll encounter more spinn-
      ing swords and teleport enemies. When you reach a small branch to the right,
      don't take it - there's nothing in this room. Keep going left and then thread
      your way down to a sliding maze which will eventually drop you by the boss
        Dhalsim isn't terribly difficult to defeat, especially with the Optic Laser
        on hand. Watch out for his attacks, though, just to be prepared.
        1. YOGA INFERNO: He creates steady streams of fireballs that trace around
           the room a bit.
        2. STRETCH LIMBS: Like in the SF games, he'll attack by stretching his arms
           out trying to punch you.
        3. TELEPORT: He will disappear and reappear elsewhere in the room.
        4. FIREBALLS: He will throw slow-moving fireballs towards you.
        5. SUPER: When the screen zooms in on him, he is about to create a super-
           sized fireball that travels slowly.
        Firing the Optic Laser at him when he appears inflicts a great deal of dam-
        age, leaving the only thing for you to do is avoid his attacks. When he 
        uses his Super Attack, which is a larger Yoga Inferno, you can just jump
        over the larger of the fireballs. He tends to disappear and reappear in the
        open space of the room, but keep moving just to be safe and keep pounding
        him with the Optic Laser when you get the chance. Defeat him with your LE
        still full and you'll earn a "PERFECT!" rating.
      Dhalsim's defeat gives you his YOGA INFERNO technique and completes the first
      set of eight challengers. Afterwards, you'll immediately begin the next set 
      of levels against the Shadaloo leaders. As a cute homage to games past, Beat 
      arrives to take you between levels.
      This stage is interesting because it takes place at the same time as the boss
      fight. Your main goal here is to escape from Balrog as he chases you across
      the entire stage. The environment auto-scrolls to the right, and you're best
      bet is to stay around the right-side of the stage so you can defeat any of
      the stage enemies while avoiding Balrog himself. Not much you can do will
      damage him, although there are specific times you can hit him to cause min-
      imal damage. Focus more on moving to the right, defeating the enemies, and
      grabbing any refills they drop. After a while, you'll encounter some of the
      platforms that drop under your weight. Trigger it and quickly slide to the
      right to grab an ENERGY TANK, then wait for Balrog to follow you. He appar-
      ently doesn't know how to jump, and will simply run into the pit that you
      just created, thus ending the fight and the stage.
      Defeating Balrog advances you to the next stage. Remember, try to keep your 
      Energy Tanks as a last option. There aren't too many scattered through these 
      7J: VEGA'S STAGE
      This stage is very straightforward, although you will run into just about
      every single enemy you've faced in the game so far. Start off by taking out 
      the spinning swords, then climb up to the next area. The next room has some
      spinning fireballs, the next room up has some of the wave-firing enemies you 
      saw in Ryu's stage, and the fourth one up has the rotating shields. Further 
      up are the knight enemies, and finally at the top is another wave enemy with 
      three spinning fireballs. Once you get off of the long fence, go to the right
      and you'll face a battery of falling orb enemies that you can get refills 
      from. As you keep advancing to the right, you'll face some more spinning 
      swords, fire-dropping birds, and the large flowers from Blanka's stage. Keep 
      advancing to fight more flowers and rotating shield robots, then finally 
      after surviving this gauntlet, you'll find large WE and LE refills and an 
      extra life right before the boss gate.
        Vega can be a bit of a pain. He mostly sticks to hanging on his background
        fence (which is another feature new to a MEGA MAN game). Study his patterns
        and you should have an easier time.
        1. HORIZONTAL DASH: He will fly across the screen, blade extended, for a
           quick attack.
        2. SLASHING: If you get too close, he'll uppercut you with his blades.
        3. JUMPING: He likes to climb on his fence, then make a leap straight at you
           with a crashing move.
        4. SUPER: When the screen zooms in on him, he'll fly at diagonal angles 
           across the screen (like Sigma's leaping attack in the first MEGA MAN X).
        Vega's speed is the key thing you need to watch out for in this fight. He
        attacks quickly, and you can find yourself losing energy quickly. Keep in
        mind that you can also scale the wall in the background, although this has
        very little benefit to you. If you can back him into a corner, the Lightning
        Kick works best for rapid damage (and as a cute side effect, it knocks his 
        mask and blades off), but he will keep using his other aerial attacks. Supp-
        lement with the charged Mega Buster if you have to, and you may have to use
        an Energy Tank to win here. Defeat him with full LE to earn a "PERFECT!" 
      Defeating Vega advances you to the next stage. Remember, try to keep your En-
      ergy Tanks as a last option. There aren't too many scattered through these 
      This stage is very, very short, but since it leads to the eight rematches with
      the first eight fighters, it isn't much of a "stage". Start off heading to the
      right and you'll encounter a few ceiling cannons and Laser Joes. There is an
      ENERGY TANK high above you; first curve your Yoga Inferno upwards by holding
      Up, then once the enemy has been destroyed, use the Tropical Hazzard to bounce
      your way to the high ledge to grab the Tank. Once you have it, proceed to the
      right to reach the group of eight portals. Below is the approximate layout of 
      the room. Each portal is marked, the [H]'s indicate the ladder, and the [] 
      indicate ledges.
      	      |					  	  |
      	      |			      C. VIPER     CHUN-LI|
      	      |			        ____     H    ____|
      	      |			       [][][]    H        |
      	      |				         H   URIEN|
      	      |				         H    ____|
      	      |				         H	  |
      	      |				         H   ROSE |
      	      |	 []	   []	    []	         H   ____ |
      	      |				         H	  |	
      	      | RYU   DHALSIM   BLANKA ROLENTO   H  	  |
      	      | ____   ____      ____   ____     H	  |
      After every rematch, you can refill LE by shooting the glowing balls in the
      spinning hands. Initially, I thought it was just background animation, but
      this certainly beats using Energy Tanks to refill your LE between fights. Once
      you have defeated all eight fighters for the second time, you'll move onto
      the final stage.
      7K: M. BISON'S STAGE
      The shortest stage of all takes you right to the final boss battle. You will
      teleport into a grassy area with a thunderstorm in the background. Just head 
      to the right to reach the final boss. During this next fight, if you met the
      criteria for the hidden boss, you'll see the words "HERE COMES A NEW CHALL-
      ENGER!" at some point during the fight.
        M. Bison has a number of attacks that can quickly whittle down your LE meter
        if you're not careful. Study his moves and learn how to dodge them to ensure
        more success in this fight.
        1. DASHING: He runs back and forth off and on the screen trying to crash
           into you.
        2. ROCKET JUMP: He'll leap into the air and zoom to your location.
        3. FIREBALLS: He won't use these often, but his fists will be encased in 
           fire and he can attack you at close range.
        4. SUPER: When the screen zooms in on him, he's about to use the Body Fire-
           ball and rocket across the screen encased in energy.
        As the last boss in the game (well, almost), M. Bison is your toughest opp-
        onent yet. For the most part, only the charged Mega Buster, the Optic Laser,
        and the Yoga Inferno seem to be worth anything. Try to dodge most of his
        attacks and stay in the air if you can to get away from his Body Fireball
        and dashing moves. Hit him as much as you can with the Optic Laser first,
        then switch to the Yoga Inferno since it can cancel out some of his attacks
        as well. Keep a couple of Energy Tanks left for this fight and you should
        come out on top. If you're at full LE when you finish this fight, you'll 
        get a "PERFECT!" rating.
      If you met the criteria for unlocking Akuma (at least four "PERFECT!" ratings
      during the game, you'll now be treated to a brief cutscene where the hidden
      boss appears.
      After the final bosses have been defeated, Mega Man and Ryu walk off into the
      sunset since their battle has been concluded. One can only assume that after 
      all of the fighting that's gone on, they're on their way to a Starbucks for 
      some good coffee.
    STREET FIGHTER x MEGA MAN has a few interesting things present besides just the
    novelty of the gameplay. There aren't a whole lot, but what is here is still
    worth checking out.
         Energy Tanks seem a bit glitchy in this game anyhow, with some appearing
         inside walls at times or spawning out of nowhere. And of course, everyone
         "knows" that Energy Tanks don't return once collected. Or do they? Collect
         an Energy Tank, then kill off all your extra lives. Wait for the Continue
         Screen to tick down to 0, then restart the game from the Title Screen, and
         you will retain the Energy Tank. Keep doing this until you get however
         many you need. Best place to use this trick is Ryu's stage before taking 
         out any bosses, because the Tank is very easy to get.
         While it may be difficult to defeat bosses without taking any damage, you
         can take advantage of a minor glitch in the game. Use the Easy Energy Tank
         trick until you have quite a few, then during the boss rematch stage (or
         whenever you want, really), fight some bosses. Right before firing your
         final shot, use an Energy Tank to fill your LE to max, then kill the boss.
         Having full energy now makes the game give you a "PERFECT!" rating for the
         boss fight. Do this three more times to fight the secret boss at the end.
         Upon beating the game, you will be given a series of codes during the 
         credits sequence that you can use for some interesting stuff while playing
         the game. These include:
         - GUILE'S THEME: Pause the game at any point, hold the Jump button, and
           press Up-Down-Down-Down to change all background music to an 8-bit ver-
           sion of Guile's them from STREET FIGHTER II. Input the code again to
           change the music back.
         - HELMETLESS MEGA MAN: From the Stage Select, highlight Ryu's icon, then
           hold the Attack button. Now press Right-Right-Right-Left to change the
           Mega Man icon in the center to one of Rock without his helmet. Entering
           any stage will allow you to play as Mega Man without the helmet on.
         - EARLY HADOKEN: At the Title Screen, hold Attack and Jump for 5 seconds
           (or until you hear the chime). When you start the game, you'll notice 
           that the Mega Buster now has a WE meter. Perform Hadokens by quickly
           tapping Down-Down-Forward and Attack for a regular one; hold Attack down
           to charge it for a faster-moving one.
         If you get four or more "PERFECT!" ratings against bosses, Akuma will show
         up after the M. Bison fight for a bonus fight. Refer to the walkthrough 
         for information on how to beat this hidden boss.
         * Needs confirmation on the number of "PERFECT!"s needed; on my fifth run
           through, I got five consecutively and didn't trigger the Akuma fight.
    This guide, overall, is my work. I wrote it, from start to finish, but by no
    means is the information contained within it entirely mine. Multiple people 
    have contributed to this final product, either directly or indirectly. This is
    where I'd like to thank those who helped this along.
    - DARK_RESONANCE:    The Guile's Theme code.
    - METROID00700:      The Helmetless Mega Man code.
    - DELTA ATTACK,	     For giving me information about how you can refill LE and
    - BADASS_OVERLORD:   WE in between boss rematches in Seth Lab's stage.
    - MEGA MAN NETWORK:  The entire community, but specifically those who I worked
    		     with on the website in the past and that may or may not
    	    	     still be contributing.
    - CAPCOM:	     For publishing this game for the 25th Anniversary and for
    		     still keeping it a free product.
    Thanks to everyone else who may not be mentioned here, and of course, my family
    and friends. 
    == 10. LEGAL:
    This walkthrough must always be shown in full form, unaltered, with credit giv-
    en to the author, and a link to Mega Man Network (http://www.themmnetwork.com/)
    must be provided. You are free to use this for personal use, but if you wish
    to host it on another website, you must e-mail me first with a request for per-
    mission. Copyright (C) 2012 Timothy Jones (NeoChozo). Some rights reserved.
    All rights, including the copyrights of game, scenario, music and program are 
    Copyright (C) Capcom Co., Ltd.

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