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"Street Fighter X Mega Man review"

Street Fighter X Mega Man Review

What's up doc? Oh yeah right, this is supposed to be a review of the newest Mega Man game. Well first of all it's the Blue Bomber's 25th anniversary so let's celebrate it. Though Keiji Inafune is out of the bill, did Capcom have a plan to celebrate it? Well capcom did plan it out. Sort of. In fact they got it all laid out and instead of just throwing a party for the Blue Bomber and its fans they prepared a double celebration. Thus the newest Cross Over game was born showing that Capcom really want World Domination.

Once upon a time (well not in Japan or China) in Singapore someone who really loves Mega Man and hates Street Fighter (just a guess but it could be the other way around since its so punishing) thought of an idea. Why not make a game where both these combined? Well like Dr. Wily he was in to something, he quickly stopped wasting quarters on the arcade and cut playing his NES all the time. He studied programming and game making having a goal that one day he can make his dream realized. Well after a few years he succeeded. He was on his way to world domination. Meanwhile at Capcom thing are not going well with the legend himself went out to his own way the Blue Bombers future seam bleak The everlasting peace that he fought for 20 years is starting to fall, only time before the revolt of maverick fans will come about and only Dr. Light knows. Fortunately a strong sense of justice is always born and was in its favor for Capcom to restore balance. The guy who develops the cross over game showed Capcom its last hope. They saw it, immediately funded it and help it see its fruition. Thus, like a Blue Knight Mega Man rise in its original form along with its new 8-bit challengers in Street Fighter X Capcom.

Well as you know this game is an 8-bit game. So if you're old enough to have experienced the NES or Famicom you'll know what I'm talking about. If not then I feel sorry for you (really). Anyway if you're a Mega Man fan (and you probably are) you basically know what type of game this is. Like the recent Mega Man 9 and 10 this game is pretty much similar. First let's talk about the gameplay. Wait but before that I'll talk about the coolest feature of this game. That's right folks I will be starting with a Bang! Ready? Well this game is free. No, you heard me right it's FREE. All you have to do is have a PC and internet connection and you can download this at Capcom Unity website without any charge. Cool.

Now those aside, let's go down to business. First I'll talk about gameplay. If you ever played any classic Mega Man game you know what to expect. This is a Mega Man game regardless the Street Fighter tag on the title. You play a shooting and platform game. You start the game with a choice of 8 stages or Street Fighter foes, the likes of Ryu, Chun-li and Blanka. They are from the entire street fighter universe though I was expecting Street Fighter II only. Once you choose one you will be playing in the Street Fighter foe's themed stage and in the end of the level you get to face the Street Fighter himself. Sounds familiar right? Well its classic Mega Man game but instead of Robot Masters the cross replaced them with the iconic warriors.

You'll be playing as Mega Man and in each level, which is themed to the Street Fighter you choice, you will have to shoot, jump and survive until you reach the end where the Street Fighter awaits to duel you. Gameplay wise the core of the game is about classic Mega Man. The street fighter label does not change how you play as the Blue Bomber. You get the limited set of abilities. You can shoot and jump…well I thought it would be like the recent 8-bit entries but this time you also get Mega Man's later staple skills which is the slide and charged shot. You really need them in this game to even the odds. You also have the ability to change weapons on the fly. Each level has a different theme, in Chun-li's stage you will be in China and in Ryu you will be in Japan. The stages are not hard though you will still get killed a few times or so but they are not that punishing. A few retries and you'll be able to get the hang of it and plow your way to the Warrior's den. They are cleverly designed sure, but I think that they were lacking in variety or just incomplete. Each level is totally different from each one but once you play the level a couple of times you will feel that it's becoming mundane. I was not able to point a finger on it for some time but each level had the right idea but the execution was lacking. There were no surprises like a mini-boss and the levels felt really short or perhaps too easy. You will be battling same enemies over and over until you reach the end. That's what the other classic games have that this game did not. But once you get to the Warrior's Den then this is the time the game really shines.

At the end of each level your Street Fighter of your choice will be waiting. Here you will have the chance to test your skill is you have what it takes to become the World's Strongest Robot. This is where the games separate itself from being a regular Mega Man game. Each Fighter has his own special moves to use against you. If you're fighting against Ryu, he will use his signature special move like Hadouken, Dragon Fist and the Cyclone Kick. If you're a street fighter fan you should have the idea. No, they don't punch, kick or grab. They basically stick to they're special moves. You'll find the matches actually range from medium to hard; in fact this is where you will be spending most of your extra lives. The battle or rather the Street Fighter's are very fast and they have a wide array of moves. Each of the have two or three special moves and each one has a variety. Ryu has a slow and fast variation of his Hadouken and Cyclone Kick. That makes the battle hard. So many their moves are that you will almost find them unpredictable. Though after a while you will notice a pattern but that does not make the easier. Also the street fighter has another bar aside from his life bar. As the fight goes on and you damage your foe his extra bar fills up, and once it does he/she will be able to use his Super Move which is really cool to watch but annoying if you get hit as it takes a huge chunk of you life. And they can use this multiple times on the fight as the fill up so fast. Mega Man does not have his own Super Move which is disappointing. So you really are at a disadvantage from the beginning, but good thing that E-tanks are back to help you survive the fight much longer though E-tanks are extra lives are scarce on this game so I recommend using them if only necessary. Also if you manage to defeat one, then you will learn or get a special move from that fighter like Ryu's Hadouken to Chun-li's Lightning Kick. It will you navigate levels with ease and defeat one of the fighters which is weak to that skill. Though the skills you get varies from usefulness throughout the game, I most of them very helpful except from the bombs and watermelons. And if you are able to exploit the Street Fighter is weak to a certain skill you will make Boss Battles relatively easy. The rock, paper, Scissor is still at play here where each Fighter is weak to another's skill and the fun part is discovering that pattern and one of the most rewarding aspects of the game. Also as a bonus if you get to defeat your opponent without a scratch (which mostly never happens unless you use an E-tank to make the game think you did) you'll get the Perfect screen and if you get defeated by a Super Move you also get the yellow background, which is a nice touch for Street Fighter fans. All in all the Boss Battles are the real highlight of this game.

Here where I would like to make a comparison of Robot Masters to the Street Fighters. The former are challenging while the latter are to the point of punishing. Robot Masters has 2-3 moves only and has a certain pattern that you need to discover and it works. It's not easy, it's challenging. Street Fighters on the other hand were given almost all their moves making them unpredictable thus making the encounters as chaotic and punishing as possible. Should they stick with the old format I think it could have also worked, or perhaps better. Less is more. I f you are not a fan I doubt you will be enjoying this game for its difficulty. Also I was expecting a slow Fighter like Zangief or E. Honda on the mix for the standard Guts Man representation but it never happened. On a lighter note the fights are still enjoyable and beating the street fighters are cool as ever.

Now for the difficulty setting, like all Megaman games are known for their difficulty this is no exception or perhaps kick it one up a notch. You'll have to master it by rinse and repeat unless you are that talented. Extra lives and E-tank are scarce on the game. Lastly, there is no save or password system on the game so you have to beat it in one sitting. You get infinite continues, yes. Talk about your classic 8-bit games. Overall I'll say this game is hard generally for gamers. And after beating the game once or twice you will be probably done with it. Though capcom put up some cheat codes and a secret boss after meeting a certain criteria that could increase the replayability of the game. There are no extra modes like speed runs or endless mode so that's a bit of a bummer.

Music and presentation are what everyone would expect since the first view of the trailer back in December. You get the 8-bit treatment with graphics and music. There are some great remixes of 8 bit tunes but they are not that memorable or catchy. The graphics are great but some textures are bland leaving you sometime wondering if it's actually a block on your path or just a background. Enemy designs varies form good to just meh. It's still great but there is still room for improvement here. The contols are tight on this game and you will be playing with no complaints on it. There were also some known issues about the controls on the gamepad and some minor glitches on the game. I have not encountered them, except for the time the game was slow but I was using a slow computer too, back then or it could be a Windows XP issue since the game run fine on other OS. Although Capcom stated a re-release of a new version that will patchs up this issues on the future and add a password system which we all look forward for. Lastly there was no actual story which is kinda disappointing since most crossover games at least gives us a basic premise.

Overall Street Fighter X Megaman is a great tribute to the 25th birthday of the Blue Bomber. If you love Megaman or both franchises you'll definitely enjoy this. If you love classic games, platforming or shooting games this is also for you if you can get pass through the difficulty the game provides. It's a great game, especially knowing it's a fan game. And it's free. So go and download it now and relive the past of gaming's golden age. Let's just hope this peace is not everlasting and that Dr. Wily is ready for his next plan for world domination soon.

Story: N/A, Gameplay: 8/10, Controls: 10/10, Presentation: 8/10.

Overall: 8/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/22/13

Game Release: Street Fighter X Mega Man (US, 12/17/12)

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