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December 17 2012 marks the end and beginning of an anniversary... It's time to say good bye to the Street Fighters as they step down from their anniversary but... A NEW CHALLENGER APPEARS! Before the Fighters can go... They go to Mega Man and challenge him to one last birthday fight! TIME TO DUST OFF YOUR BUSTERS AND POSE FOR A HADOUKEN! This is Street Fighter X Mega Man, Mega Man's introduction to his 25th Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Mega Man!

See text above.

Gameplay wise, it's same as the MM Games on the NES. Look, they imported his whole sprite from Mega Man 4! So I gotta explain how this game works. First, you can jump and shoot. That's the basic steps. But, if you hold the shoot button for 4 seconds, MegaM will flash and if you let go of the button, you fire a more potent shot. If you press the jump button while pressing down, you can slide. If you combine all these techniques, you can survive in this game.

There are 8 bosses in this game and you need to beat them all to enter the final stages of the whole game, which are very hard, by the way. The bosses are Ryu, Chun-li, Blanka, C. Viper, Rolento, Rose, Dhalsim, and Urien (From Street Fighter III.). If you defeat one of them, you get their weapon for Mega Man to use. If you use the Fighter's weapon, you can only use it in limited quantities so use it wisely.

SOUND: 10\10
Seriously, WHO EVER CAME UP WITH THIS SOUNDTRACK?! The soundtrack is a mix of old tunes and the themes of the Fighters. For example, Ryu's stage is a mix of his theme and Flash Man. Be sure to download the soundtrack from A_Rival's website, if you want.

First, while this game IS a throwback to the old Mega Man games, it's is noticeably easier than it's NES counterpart. Hell, I heard that it's easier than Mega Man 10. But, there is an uneven difficulty spike near the end, AND IT WILL GIVE YOU NIGHTMARES.

Also, this game moves SLOWLY on this laptop. This laptop is an Intel Celeron model so maybe you won't have the same problem as me.

So, is this game worth getting? Yes. You should go get it, Mega Man fan or not. But be sure to get a fast computer so you'll encounter no slowdowns at all. All in all, this is one nice package. So, Happy Birthday Mega Man and welcome back after your 1 year disappearance. (Well, Zero in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 counts, RIGHT?!)

- Soundtrack is awesome.
- 8-Bit Ryu and Hadouken. 'Nuff said.
- It's free now.

- 2 hours only.
- Quite easy first but gets hard in an instant.
- Some technical glitches.

Note: You can use your gamepads if you want! Who would want to play a precision platformer with a keyboard?

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/11/13

Game Release: Street Fighter X Mega Man (US, 12/17/12)

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