Cant locate game save file folder??

  1. I just got lego marvel super heroes.. and i realy want a backupp because my laptop is not the best so if i run into a glitch i can use it.. But where is the save file folder???? im not running on steam so i ask it here. Im running Windows 7.

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  1. OK here is what I was able to find for ya...
    I didn't write any of the following paragraphs. I only collected and condensed a few post that I found. I take no credit for any part of the following. PS.. this came from multiple sources. The quoted text is below! Oh and of course you are doing this is at your own risk.


    The *NAME* IS Your Computer Name

    For me, on Windows 7 it is found at:


    Where as OWNER is the name of my computer (so replace it with whatever your pc is named)

    The file itself is in the Slot 1 folder, or if you have more slots saved then there should be more folders. The name of my file specifically is: game1.legomarvelsuperheroessavegamedata
    It is 96kb in size, very small... But that is normal for game saves.

    You might need to have "Hide protected files" turned off. So just find the folder options & uncheck anything that says hide, such as extensions as well.

    A quick method to get to this location is to open RUN command and type . then press enter. In case you didn't see that, it is a PERIOD you type. It will take you to the PC user main area, this speeds up the process a tiny bit. Also you can hold the windows key & press R to make RUN appear, if it isn't under your start menu.

    If You Wanna Download A New Slot For Your Game Create A New Folder And Name it slot2 and place the Saved Data File
    Here For You 100% Saved Slot : 2

    This Is The Link:


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  1. Try this:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\183626232\249130\remote\savedgames

    I hope you run Win. 10 64-bit. I run Win. 10 64-bit and I have a 100% gamesave.

    Be careful, all gamesaves give you all achievements, so you may be VAC-Banned. But you get 100% gamesave.

    (This is for Steam)

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