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"So this is what happens when a RPG meets a Facebook game..."

I have something to admit before we get too deep into this: I am NOT a puzzle game fan. And yet that's exactly what 10000000 (Ten Million) is. Well, it's a hybrid RPG / Puzzle game, but still. Not a big fan. Henry Hatsworth on the Nintendo DS may be the closest thing to a puzzle game I've played in years. And yet puzzle games do VERY well for themselves. I mean, Facebook must have dozens of "casual" games where you match three similarly colored tiles, which is basically what 10000000 is. And yet, despite all of what I just said... I literally wasted my entire Saturday (almost 9 straight hours) playing this game. Will it entrap you like it did me? Let me tell you what to expect.

First of all, the game has no story. Nothing. Nada. Zip. You get the picture. You are some nameless man who is TRAPPED in a cave or prison of some sort. You will gain your freedom once you high score reaches 10,000,000 points (thus the name of the game!). You gain points by running through the dungeon, where you will encounter various monsters, locked doors, and treasure chests. However each run you make starts your score at 0, meaning you must score 10,000,000 in a single run and in the beginning hours of the game such a task is purely impossible.

Let's get into the meat of the game play before we reflect on this impossible task. Like I mentioned, 10,000,000 is a RPG/Puzzle Hybrid. The puzzle portion of the game is extremely simple: the majority of your screen will be taken up by a box filled with puzzle pieces. These pieces are separated by color. For example blue pieces are swords and red pieces are magic. You also have keys, shields, backpacks, stone and wood. Your goal is to match three similar pieces in a row either horizontally or vertically. Very simple stuff. If you can move a mouse and can distinguish colors you are golden.

The challenge of the game comes with having your dungeon guy (a proper name if there ever was one!) continue on through the dungeon for long periods of time. Above the puzzle board will be a visual representation of your dungeon guy walking heroically to the right. But on the way you'll encounter monsters. When you do you NEED to line up Swords and Magic to defeat them! Fail to do so in a timely fashion and you're going to die. You'll also run into treasure chests and doors where you'll need to line up keys or die. So as you can see being successful in the dungeon all comes down to pairing up the right tiles when you need them.

But leaving the description like that is a tad too simplistic. You see, as you play you'll gain gold and experience points, as well as wood and stone from tiles. You'll die sooner or later but you keep these items as you return to the hub. In the hub area you can restore rooms such as the training room where you can use experience to gain new abilities or the blacksmith where you can level up your physical attacks. There's six rooms in total that all allow you to better yourself in some way which is where the game's RPG aspects come in. Leveling up your weapons, armor and training is the only true way to have a shot at getting to that magic number of 10,000,000, turning that impossible attack to a very possible one. If you were wondering, armor tiles give you a armor boost and backpacks give you a better chance to find items, which you can instantly use to help you at.

Graphics in the game are very simplistic and are done in a 8-bit style. There's very little animation in the game and well, the tiles aren't anything special. Very basic. There isn't a whole lot of music in the game, but what IS there is really catchy. The battle music while you run the dungeon consists of two different tunes repeating over and over until you die, but thankfully they are both EXTREMELY catchy. The hub music is fairly catchy as well. Not much in the was of audio here but what is here is well done. And of course it should go without saying that the game, thanks to its RPG mechanics and simple puzzle based game play is extremely re-playable. It took me nearly 9 hours to gain my freedom and that was with everything I could unlock unlocked, so I'm guessing most players out there can expect at least 8 hours of game play here.

Overall: 7/10

Overall, 10000000 is an addictive game that melds a casual game's game play with RPG's addictive qualities into one package. Puzzle fans should love it while RPG fans could easily get hooked. You can find this on Steam for 2-3 bucks (I forget which, but it's a low amount) and easily get hours of entertainment out of it, so while the production values may be low so is the price! If any of this interests you by all means go grab 10000000! Hopefully this review has helped you. Have fun and keep playing!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/22/13

Game Release: 10,000,000 (US, 01/15/13)

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