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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

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    Walkthrough (Continued)

    Sequence 06


    Memory 01: Diving for Medicines

    Optional Objectives:

    • Loot three Treasure Chests
    • Avoid being attacked by a shark

    Fast travel to Nassau for a scene and then return to the Jackdaw and purchase a Diving Bell from the Captain's Cabin. Set sail and meet Blackbeard off the Florida Coast, his ship is the Queen Anne's Revenge, for a scene. Dock at the nearby waypoint to drop the Diving Bell.

    Start by heading to the nearby Treasure and then swim past the barrel and into the broken hull behind the three jellyfish for another Treasure. Use the barrel to get some air and then get the Animus Fragment from the mast of the ship, stopping inside the nearby hull for another Treasure. Now head for the glowing hatch and open it, stopping to get air, and enter. Interact with the chest for a scene and then swim through the tunnel to an air pocket.

    Dive back down and continue through a rough current, where you need to avoid colliding with objects, and when you exit you will meet up with a friend who is quickly devoured. Use the barrel nearby to catch some air and then hide in the seaweed. When the sharks swim away, head for the hull to the right and get the Animus Fragment. Exit into the seaweed and get the two Treasures nearby and then stop at the Diving Bell for some air. Return to the seaweed once again, to get the final Animus Fragment and Treasure you passed before leaving the area for good.


    Memory 02: Devil's Advocate

    Optional Objectives:

    • Rescue five survivors
    • Kill three guards stunned by Smoke Bombs

    Head to the pirate ship by the Salt Lagoon for a scene and then sail to the waypoint, rescuing survivors as you sail by. When you reach the waypoint you will need to find the Queen Anne's Revenge in the southeast corner of the zone. Park near land and rush to Blackbeard's aid, Smoke Bombs at the ready. Stick close to Blackbeard and stun the soldiers, taking them out for the optional objective, and make sure to focus on those closest to Blackbeard.

    After defeating all the enemies, head to the Queen Anne's Revenge and take the helm. Head straight for the man o'war and aim the ships impressive and deadly broadsides at your enemy. Once defeated you will get a scene and then be tasked with defeating the Captain. You can do this by making your way across the riggings and mast to air assassinate them or on the ground with a Smoke Bomb to kill him instantly.


    Memory 03: The Siege of Charles-Towne

    Optional Objectives:

    • Use three Sleep Darts on Crocodiles
    • Skin a Crocodile

    Head to the exclamation point to Bonnet's ship The Revenge to start this memory. You need to sail at half sail, or slower, as you stay left and out of the pools of light that indicate the watchtower's field of vision. Once the boat automatically docks, jump onto the roofs and make your way to the bell.

    There are multiple guards in the area that pose a problem. Leap of Faith into the hay cart and take out the first guard when the patrol isn't looking and then whistle the patrol over to finish him off as well. The rest of the stationary guards are facing away from the bell and can be ignored, but there is still a patrolling guard on the opposite side. Wait for him to walk away from the bell before you run in an sabotage it, returning to the ship that has now moved to your location on the docks.

    Continue to follow the ship again to the next dock and this time you'll be pursuing the ship on foot. First though, we should Sleep Dart some crocodiles and skin one to complete the optional objectives. There is three crocodiles in the location where you exit, one on the right, one on the left (sometimes hard to get and can be skipped), and one straight ahead. Sleep all three crocodiles and then skin the one straight ahead before you process forward and climb the wall.

    Shimmy across the hull of the ship and on the last beam you will need to climb up and swing to a branch, followed by running along a long. If you did need to skip one of the crocodiles from the previous area, there is a croc off to the left that you can dart as you pass by. Ignore the guard by the bell, running left, and use the crates to reach the upper level and catch up to the boat.

    Wait for the boat to pass and then hop across the columns to reach a tumbled church. Do not pull up, as a guard on the other side will see you, and shimmy right to pull up and swing to the chandelier. From here you can move right and exit the other side of the church, if you are spotted just keep going. Swing to the ground and use the crates to get up to the next level and then wait for the boat to catch up, where it will have some difficulties. Continue on after the boat passes until you swing down into some grass for cover by a bunch of guards.

    Walk toward the guards, who will begin to move, and make your way to the wall that the boat stops by. Once the eavesdrop starts you will need to climb the wall and use the beams to keep up with the men, being careful about getting ahead and having them spot you. When the men pause, wait for them to continue before you swing down and quickly hide to the right behind the wall. When the men move again get behind the barrels.

    When the alarm is sounded the Captain will run off and you will need to pursue him. You can't actually kill him until much later, so focus on running swiftly and avoiding the guards. In general, you want to stick to the top and whenever you encounter a group of guards on the ground there is usually a ramp or alternate path to avoid them. Just keep moving forward, making sure to press jump when you slide down a ramp toward a crocodile's face, until you jump through a v-shaped set of banisters and then air assassinate the target.


    Present Day

    You can now hack into more computers on the same floor as your desk for the Security Systems Presentation (with an interesting Easter Egg of "ctOS", the same security system for Ubisoft's new Watch Dogs game) and the Crypto-History: Artifacts files.

    Head to the elevator and up to Olivier's office again and when John contacts you follow his instructions. After entering the Level 2 area, check the right wall under the "Acces Reserve Restricted Area" for the Sticky Note 9 and then head into the camera room and hack the camera system (7-5-2) to watch the meeting.

    After the scene, head to the waypoint and follow John's instructions to hack into Olivier's computer. After accessing the CONFIDENTIAL - Subject - RE: Potential time periods? file, wait for the receptionist to leave and then hack her computer too, getting the From the Journals of Edward James Kenway file.

    You can ignore the request to head to the lobby and return to Subject 17's floor for more stuff to hack, netting you the following:

    When you are ready head to the Lobby, where you can hack the camera room on the right and get the Sticky Note 11, and then hand over the file to Rebecca and Shaun. Grab the Sticky Note 6 from Shaun's coffee stand and then return to the Animus.


    Sequence 07


    Memory 01: We Demand a Parlay

    Optional Objectives:

    • Sabotage the alarm bell
    • Kill three guards while hanging from ledges

    In Nassau, talk to the men to start the memory and the return of Woodes Rogers. As soon as the men start to move, tag Rogers and then move further into the alley and climb the building on the left with a ladder. Instead of climbing all the way up, stop on the ledge and assassinate the scout when he walks toward you. Keep an eye on the men until a guard breaks off from the group and enters the alley and then air assassinate him. Watch the men from the large tree until they move on.

    Head up the building to the left and ledge assassinate the guard and then continue to follow Rogers and the group across the rooftops. You will likely cross another guards that you can quietly kill. When the men approach the fort, hide in the stalking zones on the cliffside until the men enter the fort. You will now need to make your way inside the fort.

    To the left of the fort entrance is the hanging platform and behind that is some trees and ledges that lead up into the fort. There are three guards on the way up that you can carefully ledge assassinate for the optional objective and then double air assassinate the men below. Run across the rampart and take out the Gunner and the look further along the path to a guard patrolling a wooden platform. Wait for the guard to turn his back and then run to the broken wall behind him and whistle him over for a kill (watch out for the Gunner in the distance and hide on the thin broken side of the wall to avoid his detection).

    Below is a bunch of guards that patrol the area below. When all guards are at their most distant positions, jump off the wooden platform and hide in the grass by the bell. Wait for the Brute to return and then walk away again and sabotage the bell (this has the added benefit of making it impossible to desynch if you are detected). You should have no problem moving from one stalking zone to the next to reach the plans.


    Memory 02: The Gunpowder Plot

    Optional Objectives:

    • Kill four guards in one kill streak
    • Use 10 Blowpipe darts on guards

    Make your way to the exclamation point in Nassau and talk to Charles Vane to start this mission. The good news is that there is no detection limitations, in fact you will need to get in open conflict to get the four kill streak for the optional objective. To complete the kill streak objective, find a large group of standard guards and throw down a smoke bomb to get at least 3 and then combo the fourth in at the end (you can create kill streaks by pressing the attack button and holding in the direction of your next target).

    Before you grab the last powder keg, make sure that you have used 10 darts on enemies. If you don't have a lot on you, you can get more through crafting or by looting defeated guards.


    Memory 03: Commodore Eighty-Sixed

    Optional Objectives:

    • Kill three guards from Stalking Zones
    • Air assassinate Chamberlaine

    Head to the exclamation point in Nassau and talk to Vane to start this memory. The game happily sets you on the way to completing the first task by having a guard standing right next to a stalking zone, so take him out. Make sure to tag the men with Eagle Vision and as the men approach the restricted zone head right, keeping just outside the restricted area. Eventually the men will turn right, heading your way, so take cover and let them pass.

    As the men head south you will want to head to the right side of the restricted zone and find some bushes, when a guard nearby that can be lured with a whistle for a kill. Kill the other guard and then follow the men along the cliffside to a Leap of Faith by a rock and join them on their level. One of the guards from the group will break off and present his back to you, so get that final stalking zone kill and then continue to carefully follow the men on the right side of the tents.

    When the objective changes to kill the Commodore, swim out to the ship and use the debris to reach the rigging. Climb the foremast and follow the rigging to the stern of the ship where you should easily be able to air assassinate the Commodore.


    Memory 04: The Fireship

    Optional Objectives:

    • Use the Mortar to sink three ships
    • Use a Fire Barrel to sink a ship

    Head back to Nassau and talk to Vane by the beach to start this memory. As you follow the Royal Phoenix you will need to protect it from incoming gunboats. Start by taking out three with Mortar shot and if one gets behind you throw out a bunch of Fire Barrels, you will likely hit a few and get the kill you need.

    When the Fireship breaks through the armada's lines you have smooth sailing all the way to the memory's end.


    Sequence 08


    Memory 01: Do Not Go Gently

    Optional Objectives:

    • Use Heavy Shot to incapacitate the man o'war
    • Kill four guards

    Fast travel to Abaco Island and then make your way to the exclamation point for a scene. This mission may look familiar to those who watch a lot of the game trailers prior to its release. Start by following the man and sitting at the bench to avoid detection and then join the men by the fire when he moves on. Continue to follow him into the next area and take position into the stalking zones as you move toward them and start the eavesdrop.

    Kill both the guards quietly and then stop at the barrels until the men move on. Take the stalking zone to the left of the steps and when the men turn right follow them, killing the guard, and head through the building and into the stalking zone on the other side, where you can kill your fourth guard. Run straight across the courtyard and enter the grass on the other side of the wall and follow the men, killing another guard, and then enter the left room and go up the ramp. Wait for the men to pass and then hop down into the flowers and follow them to the camp.

    You will now need to reach the Jackdaw in the set amount of time. This is a very straightforward path, just stay out of the fire and keep going.

    Once at the Jackdaw, head into the water and loot come of the barrels to stock up on Heavy Shot. You want to get some good broadside Heavy Shots on the man o'war without letting it broadside you with their triple cannons. I suggest you go along the side of them once and then make a sharp turn with almost no power to broadside it from behind, where it has no defenses. Once defeated, board the ship and despite the objective you will just need to survive for a set period of time. Once you have lasted long enough a cutscene will occur and you will need to swim back to the Jackdaw and escape the fleet.


    Memory 02: Vainglorious Bastards

    Optional Objectives:

    • Damage the Royal African Pearl with an upgraded ram
    • Use the fort's defenses to sink a ship

    In order to complete the first optional objective you will need to conquer the Naval Fort Cabo De Cruz before starting this memory.

    Head to the exclamation point for a scene with Vane and then follow his ship to the Royal African Pearl. You will need to tail the ship, using the swivel gun to blow up the Fire Barrels and the Chain Shot or Mortars to damage it. Keep following it until you come out of the cove and Vane's skip will be seriously damaged, giving you 15 seconds to sail over to him and save him.

    Once Vane is on the ship, make sure to ram the Royal African Pearl for the optional objective and then incapacitate it however you want. Instead of boarding the ship, damage the Spanish ships, making sure to leave at least one alive, and then sail over to the Fort. The Fort should auto attack the ship(s) and sink it, satisfying the other objective.

    Return to the Royal African Pearl and complete the objectives to finish the memory.


    Memory 03: Marooned

    Optional Objectives:

    • Skin three animals
    • Air assassinate Vane

    Vane has apparently gone a little looney, as if he wasn't before, after his stay on the island without wine and women. Start by heading to the bowsprit of the sunken ship and synchronizing the viewpoint and then clear the beach of Treasure x2 and the Message in a Bottle 2. Earlie Opinions of My Condition. You can now head inland, following the waypoints, until you spot the Animus Fragment, which you can get by climbing the rock to a tree and then crossing the branches.

    The Black Jaguar is located on this island and is worth killing for the optional objective and its pelt, which is used to craft Sleep Dart I. Additionally, although there is other areas to hunt in this zone, you can actually run far away and then return to make this Black Jaguar respawn and complete the optional objective here.

    From the Jaguar's area, head south notice a stone wall with a tree branch facing it. Follow the freerun path backwards to find some stones that you can climb that leads to vines, which eventually lead you over the stone wall. This area has two Treasures and an Animus Fragment that you should get before continuing.

    Follow the waypoints for a quick scene and then climb the ruins to a Treasure. From the treasure you should be able to jump to the nearby tree for an Animus Fragment and then complete the Mayan Stela for a Mayan Stone. Now climb the ruins on the other side of the gorge and get the Treasure on a ledge before jumping to the stone effigy and climbing up to the viewpoint and synchronizing it.

    Leap of Faith off the ruins and then follow Vane for a scene. You want to head right to a tree and a ruins with a doorway and then from here straight and then left to flank Vane. When you reach Vane's previous location he will have moved and left you a little gift.

    Follow Vane until you come to the first powder keg and you will find your second Jaguar, if you still need these kills. There is also a pit with a corpse, guarded by a crocodile, and an Animus Fragment in the area. Make your way to Vane for a cutscene and then you will need to avoid Vane in the same way you did previously.

    Make your way around the right side of the ruin that Vane is on and then climb the back. You can actually get all the way up to the viewpoint and synchronize it before you air assassinate Vane and finish the memory.


    Sequence 09


    Memory 01: Imagine My Surprise

    Optional Objectives:

    • Kill four Brutes
    • Sabotage two alarm bells

    Fast travel to Kingston and head to the exclamation point to talk to a man from the Royal African Company. Head into the grass of the restricted zone and take out the three guards by the alarm bell so you can sabotage it and make this easier on you if you are detected. Exit the restricted area and follow the wall to the southeast side of the area and hop back into the stalking zones. Once again there is three men guarding a bell that you will want to kill and sabotage. Grab the Treasure inside the building and then follow the grass north and then west.

    In order to kill enough Brutes we are going to need to draw them over to the grass quietly. Wait for everyone else to be facing away and then stand up out of the grass until the Brute's detection meter is half full and he begins to move. With the Brute on his way over, you can return to the grass and kill him quietly. Wait for the coast to clear and then move toward the two-story house and kill your third Brute. With the majority of the treats taken care of, Sleep Dart the Gunner on the roof and then take him out.

    Head back to the ground and onto the roof of the opposite building and activate Eagle Vision to spot Hornigold and Rogers. With the two men tagged, backtrack and climb up the nearby tree. As the men walk south, follow them through the trees and then Leap of Faith into the hay below. There is no need to follow the men directly, since you can apparently see through walls when they are tagged, so take the east road and wait for them by a tree to the north of the restricted area.

    Wait for Hornigold and Rogers to catch up and then follow them through the stalking zones until they enter a large restricted zone and then head into the grassy farm nearby and wait for the eavesdrop to pop up.

    Enter the stalking zone just barely in the circle and then use the gap in the fence to reach a stalking zone inside the restricted zone. Start by killing the guard by the bushes and then move to the next one and kill the other when the men pass into the barn. You will need to quickly climb into the second level of the barn, kill the Gunner, and then make for the haycart on the other side. When the men pass, head into the fence and take position behind the crates until the guard turns his back to you for an easy kill and then follow along the warehouse wall for a scene.

    After the scene you will still need one Brute kill for 100%, so head out to the dock to find a Brute and drop a Smoke Bomb to kill him, escape, and finish the memory by escaping.


    Memory 02: Trust is Earned

    Optional Objectives:

    • Double assassinate Cockram and Burgess
    • Free two groups of pirates

    Sail to the exclamation point to the far southeast to start this memory and then you will need to defeat 5 ships before you can sail ashore. Once on land, synchronize the viewpoint and then grab the Treasure on the beach. As you head toward the waypoint you will cross two groups of guards that can be double assassinated with ease. Use the trees to get the Animus Fragment and then enter the camp for a Treasure and a scene.

    You don't need to be stealthy, but it doesn't help to avoid open conflict as you make your way through this area and especially when you approach the men guarding the pirates. Start by putting a waypoint on the Treasure to the north to get you close to the first set of pirates.

    Clear out the area of enemies around the treasure and then take position on the fence so you can see the Gunners and the guard nearby. Whistle over the first guard for a corner assassination and then hide behind the building on the right. You will want to ignore the Gunners and pirates for now and Sleep Dart the Gunner in the tower so you can kill the patrolling guard and then kill the Gunner above. You should now easily be able to free the first set of pirates.

    If you want the Animus Fragment x2 above the ocean you will need to dive into the water and circle your way back up the beach, twice.

    Make your way along the cliffside toward the next set of pirates and use Darts and stalking zones to keep quiet, though as long as you are far enough away from the Gunners protecting the pirates you shouldn't have a problem if you are detected. Once you have killed the guards and freed the second set of pirates, Sleep Dart the nearby Gunner in a tower and climb it to kill him and synch the viewpoint.

    Once you Leap of Faith and find Cockram and Bergess you will have limited time to double assassinate them, as they eventually break apart and never get close enough again to perform it. From the hay cart, kill the Scout between you and the house and then go behind it and follow the coast east. Kill the guards that get in your way quietly and then stop at the last house. There is a large tree here with some stalking zone at its base that you can use for cover while you wait for the two men to join up and turn their backs away from you, allowing you to sprint in and double running assassinate them.

    Wait for the lecture by the Sage to end and you will be done with Sequence 09.


    Sequence 10


    Memory 01: Black Bart's Gambit

    Optional Objectives:

    • Stay out of combat
    • Use a rope swing to kill the captain

    Head to the exclamation point to the southwest of Misteriosa to find the ship the Princess and start this memory. Sail slowly through the channel until you reach the Portuguese ship and then dive into the water and swim over, using O/B to stealth approach. Swim up to the left side of the ship, aligning yourself with the rigging that leads to the top of the main mast and when the majority of the crew is not looking climb up (you will be spotted but as long as you are not full detected you will not ruin the optional objective). When you reach the first platform with the guard, shimmy left along the platform and climb up and then make your way to the flag (you can Sleep Dart the guard on the other mast for safety if you want). Return to the Jackdaw.

    Do as instructed and make your way through the channel slowly until you find the "Nosso Senhor". Instead of following the chest on land, and running into tons of guards, swim along the coast to the opposite beach and wait for the Gunner and guards on the ground to face away and make your way to the Stalking Zone under the tower. Sleep Dart the guards near the chest, loot it, and then make your way back to the Jackdaw.

    Sail through the channel some more until you catch up to the ship again and then dive into the water and enter the beach from the far south, avoiding the two patrolling guards and entering the Stalking Zone. You can Berserk Dart the Brute near the tower to keep the guards below distracted and then use the bent tree to run to the tower and double assassinate the two lookouts.

    Make sure that the men below are facing away from the water or still distracted and then jump down into the ocean and swim along the beach to a shipwreck. From the bowsprit of the wrecked ship, Sleep Dart the Scout that patrol between you and the tower and then climb the ladder and kill the lookout. Look at the ship nearby and wait for the Captain to walk almost on deck and then run and hop on the rope, keeping the Captain in view and spamming the assassinate button (do not hold X/A or you will jump off before the air assassination and have to start over from the beginning and kill both lookouts again).

    Once you have control of the flagship you will need to escape while defeating all the ships. The flagship is well armed with Heavy Shot and rear cannons, but the Mortars are the most deadly weapon on this baby. Use the Mortars every chance you get while you use the other weapons during reload and then sail to the waypoint for a scene.


    Memory 02: Murder and Mayhem

    Optional Objectives:

    • Stay out of combat while finding Hornigold
    • Air assassinate Hornigold

    Sail to the exclamation point to start this memory and then sail northeast toward the main island, trailing the ship. When the ship you were tailing heads south, take position behind the peninsula and wait for the patrol ship to the east to start to turn south and then continue along the coast. When you reach the southern tip of the northern island sail across to the south island and follow its coast around a small island and then north along the search zone to find Hornigold's ship to the north of the large island we started by.

    Once you spot Hornigold's ship you no longer need to worry about staying out of combat and will need to focus on sinking the fast schooner. After major damage The Benjamin will crash land on the island and you will have to follow on foot.

    There is no penalty for open conflict, as long as it is nowhere near Hornigold, so you can make a stealthy or loud approach (I will be writing this in a non-stealth way). Stop by the Mayan Stela and solve the puzzle for another Mayan Stone and then head for the Animus Fragment, killing the Gunner and men on the opposite side of the water. Head east to a beach and then find a rock the leads up into the trees for a freerun path to another Mayan Stela with a Mayan Stone. Now head southwest to another set of ruins and clear out the guards, especially the Gunner, and then grab the Treasure x2 from under the temple by falling into a gorge on the south side.

    Once you reach the final bit of island that Hornigold is on you will need to be more careful, focusing on stealth so you do not ruin your air assassination for the optional objective. Stick to the south side of the ruins and Sleep Dart the Brute and Scout that are in your way. Continue along the south ledge of the island and then enter the lower level of the temple for Treasure x2 and then climb up the pillars on the back side and air assassinate Hornigold.


    Memory 03: The Observatory

    Optional Objectives:

    • Incapacitate all Guardians while unarmed
    • Incapacitate five Guardians from Stalking Zones

    Sail to the exclamation point on Long Bay to start this memory and enter the jungle. You want to incapacitate, not kill, all Guardians so make sure that you have your fists equipped. Enter the bushes on the right and then use Eagle Vision to spot the first guardian and hug the right wall to get behind him and knock him out. Use Eagle Vision to spot the other two guardians in the zone and Sleep Dart the first, taking him out quietly, before sneaking up on the third for a Stalking Zone incapacitate to clear the zone. With the zone clear you can now get the Animus Fragment in this area and the Treasure to the north. Do not go into the next zone from this area, instead backtrack to the previous area and head along the path by the water.

    As you enter the search zone hide in the bushes to the right and make your way to the right, Sleep Darting and knocking out the three guardians to clear the zone. Once cleared, head over the swamp and into the tree platforms, where you can Sleep Dart another guardian and knock him out. Identify the guardians to the north and west and use the beam to the west to air knockout the one guardian and then sneak up and take out the other for a stalking zone knockout. Head east carefully, identifying and then knocking out the final guardian in the area.

    As you approach the caves you will come to a beach village with a viewpoint you can synch and an Animus Fragment above the poles in the ocean to the north. Enter the caves and take position in the stalking zone and identify the three guardians. The guardian sitting on the ground may look like an easy knockout, but the game is stupid and will have you punch him if he is sitting down. In order to get the nearest guardian to stand up, Sleep Dart one of the guardians in the distance and then take him out when he stands up. Now make your way over to the other two guards and take them both out.

    You will need to make your way across the upper level, Sleep Dart the guardian Gunners and knock him out. Make your way across the bridge and look out for the other Gunner on the opposite side and Sleep Dart him and then jump across the gap to finish him. With the Gunner's gone we can now take out the two guardians in this area and get the Treasure.

    Wait for the Gunner on the lower level to walk to his eastern-most position and Sleep Dart/knock him out and then head down to the water and Sleep Dart the two static guards. The third guard should come over within range and Sleep him as well to finish him off. The path will lead back to the entrance, where you can walk under where you entered the cave to find a Treasure.

    Backtrack to the south end of the cave where a guardian patrols a small cavern and take him out when he turns his back. Follow the path down and back into the jungle where you can find Animus Fragment x2. When the path splits north, use Eagle Vision to spot a guardian in the bushes and take him out before you head north. As you approach the waterfall, look to the left for another guardian that you need to take out before you get the nearby Treasure.

    Head south to a new area where a guardian patrols across the smooth stone walkway and Sleep Dart him and take him out. Climb the structure to synch the viewpoint and then spot the guardian below with an air knockout. His buddy is in the stalking zone nearby and should be taken out before you climb the Mayan Stela and complete it for the Mayan Stone.

    Follow Roberts through the Observatory and drop the crate where the waypoint identifies. After the long scene climb your way back up to the upper level. The path back is sealed, so approach the wall to the north and climb the structure up and then shimmy left. As the camera indicates you will want to climb you the structure more, shimmy across, back jump, and then shimmy left. You will automatically get an Animus Fragment as you make your way out and slide down the cliff. Make your way toward the pirates on the beach to end this memory.


    Present Day

    After the communication from Lemay and John from IT you can roam the area, hacking the computer for the Great Minds in Histroy, Commission 1 and grabbing the Sticky Note 14. Head for the waypoint, getting the Sticky Note 18 under the "Securite Security" writing, and access the camera to solve the puzzle (3-5-7-7).

    You can now head to the server room and approach the server, hacking it (3-7-7-7) to initiate the remote hack, getting the Age of Cutthroats video. After the scene, return to the Animus.


    Sequence 11


    Memory 01: To Suffer Without Dying

    Optional Objectives:

    • Sabotage three alarm bells
    • Visit two old friends

    When the scene starts you can choose to rattle the cage to help in your escape or simply wait for events to unfold naturally. Once you have control, head left up the crates and into the trees to a Leap of Faith into a hay cart and then assassinate the guard that walks by. Wait for the Captain and nearby guards to turn away and then sabotage the bell and head into the stalking zone nearby. A guard may come to investigate, so kill him if he does and then cross to the other side, killing the other two guards quietly when possible.

    If the guards spot the body of their buddies they will run for the alarm, so if you are going for stealth you don't want to kill anyone in the open or you want to use the corpses to lure more guards in the area to make sure that you clear it out before moving on.

    There is actually no reason to stay quiet, but it does make the mission easier. If you don't care you can just go in and kill all the men and focus on any enemy that is running for a bell to kill them so they don't trigger it.

    Follow the wall southwest to a fence and then wait for the nearby patrol to walk by and assassinate him. Look to make sure all guards are facing away and then rush to the well and hop inside and carefully shimmy around to kill the guard standing by it. Wait for a clear path to the crates across the way and take position on a corner so you can whistle and corner assassinate the final patrol in this area. The final static guard should be no problem for you, so take him out and then sabotage the bell.

    Follow the stalking zone to two guards and wait for the patrolling guards to look away and move to the bushes behind the single guard to the north. Wait for his buddy who stops right in front of him to start walking away and then stealth kill the single guard from the bushes. Wait for his buddy to return and whistle him over for another stealth kill and then return to the area behind the pair of guards. Wait for the patrolling guard to walk away so you can double assassinate the guards and then rush over and finish off the last one.

    If you head south a bit you can find the body of Rackham in a cage and interact with him for the optional objective and then climb the wall and jump to Rackham's position and then over to the Animus Fragment. Head along the wall with the scaffolding toward the bell and look above the north gate where a Gunner patrols and either wait for him to look away or Sleep Dart him and then sabotage the bell.

    The guard near the cart will come to investigate, so get back in the stalking zone and kill him and then head up the scaffolding and then hop down to some crates. With the Gunner still asleep, wait for the guard to walk north and then run along the south wall to some bushes. Watch for the guard who walks in the ditch below and make sure he can't see you and continue along the south wall to the next corner.

    Wait for the guard that patrols the sunken ditch to return and when he turns his back run down and kill him and then return to the bushes on the inner side of the corner. Look to the east wall and wait for the patrolling guard to turn and walk away and then double assassinate the guards by the cannon and return to the bushes you came from. Wait for the patrol to return and investigate his friends death and then jump the gap to get behind him and finish him off as well. Using the inner wall, head for the the roof of the house to the north and then turn and hop into the hay on the corner of the area below.

    In the courtyard there is a lot of guards you can ignore, so wait for the guards to walk away and then whistle over the guard blocking your exit and kill him from the hay. When clear and all guards are not looking, head inside the prison (you must be anonymous).

    Follow the corridor until it bends right and use the wall to whistle the guard over and corner assassinate him. Since there is no penalty for open conflict, enter the main room and kill the guards and then check the cell in the corner to complete the optional objective. The rest of the memory is a straight shot to the girls with only a few guards in your way.


    Memory 02: Delirium

    This memory starts directly after the the previous and is a story focused memory with all you needing to do is head for the waypoints. After a bunch of scenes where you have minor control you will complete this memory.


    Memory 03: ...Everything is Permitted

    Optional Objectives:

    • Use the Rope Dart to hang two guards
    • Use the Rope Dart to pull three guards

    Fast travel to Tulum to start this memory with Adewale and then follow Ah Tabai for another scene and get the Rope Dart.

    This sequence is short and action packed with limited opportunities to get the optional objectives filled. In the first fight I suggest you hang at least one man and get the three pulls. In the second fight, get the second hang and finish off the enemies. If for any reason you find you need to hang more guards, when you reach the beach get up into the trees and find a target quickly.

    The Rope Dart is great for getting Captains and Brutes off their feet for easier kills, so use this to your advantage.

    Once you reach the beach get the required kills and then rush over to the Spanish ship and kill the Captain.


    Sequence 12


    Memory 01: A Governor No Longer

    Optional Objectives:

    • Kill the diplomat from a haystack
    • Kill Rogers from a bench

    Fast travel to Kingston and head to the exclamation point to start this memory. Head toward the markets and identify your target and then climb the buildings to the north. Locate the white tower to the north and the restricted zone north of that; this is your destination. Stay within 40m of your target but make your way to the roof of the building just south of the restricted and Leap of Faith into the hay below. Wait for the diplomat to stop there and the guard to walk by and grab him before he moves on.

    After a scene head for the waypoint and hug the left wall, using the veranda to hide from Rogers. Sit on the bench here and wait for Rogers to walk by and you can easily kill him. You can now escape the area quickly and then head for the waypoint.


    Memory 02: Royal Misfortune

    Optional Objectives:

    • Kill eight guards by destroying powder kegs
    • Use a Rope Dart to kill Roberts

    Sail to the exclamation point to enter Principe and start this memory. Swim ashore by the Animus Fragment on the left, which you can get, and then enter the stalking zone on the left. There are 2 powder kegs on the slope to your left that will cause a chain reaction when hit, so target them with free aim and when the large patrol walks by and stops hit it. Use Berserk Darts on the remaining guards and finish off anyone left.

    Head behind the house, between it and the ramp to the upper level, and follow this to a large area of stalking zones with a Brute. Take out the Brute and then spot the powder keg in the street and wait for another patrol to finish off your optional objective. You can then distract the searching guards with a few Berserk Darts and backtrack to the ramp.

    Though there is no need for stealth the less enemies you have on your tail the better when you find Roberts. For this reason, I suggest you kill all the guards in your way before approaching the coast and spotting Roberts. Once spotted, Roberts will jump onto his ship and leave you to fight his minions. You don't want to kill them all, as a clock is ticking down, so throw a Smoke Bomb down and kill two and then head for the tree and jump into the water. You will need to reach the Jackdaw's helm in the alloted time or fail.

    You can't follow Roberts directly at first, so sail around the cover and dwindle his life with Mortar and Chain Shot while avoiding the Fire Barrels. Even if you manage to get the ship almost sunk the life will not deplete until you get to open water so save your ammunition. Once the British ships arrive, finish of the Royal Fortune.

    Use the lift to get to the top of the Jackdaw's mast and make your way to the main mast above Roberts and target him with the Rope Dart and hang his ass.


    Memory 03: Tainted Blood

    Optional Objectives:

    • Stay out of combat
    • Use two guards as a human shield

    Fast travel to Havana and quietly make your way to the assassin to start this memory. Although you don't need to stay out of combat, it is a good idea to anyways to avoid wasted time. Start by making your way across the roofs, Sleep Darting the Gunner, and then knock out the Gunner and follow the roofs along the wall of the main area to finally spot El Tiburon.

    Backtrack the way you came and when the men turn east just stay on the roofs and follow them quietly. When they stop to kill a few men in the open wait for them to pass and then head to the building across the way so that you are now on the right side of the men and continue to follow them over the roofs. Kill the first Gunner you come across and then Sleep Dart his friend to the northeast and kill him as well. Continue north and Sleep Dart a Scout on the roof and a Gunner just a little further ahead and El Tiburon will enter the fort.

    The objective to stay out of combat will officially begin and you should take it slowly and carefully from here on out. Free run through the trees to the outer wall and climb up, being careful that the Gunner is facing away when you pull up and assassinate him. Sleep Dart the Scout on the south side of the fort before you take him out and then do the same for the one to the north of where you jumped into the fort. You can now go out onto the rope above the courtyard and air assassinate Torres.

    In the fight with El Tiburon that follows, you will want to focus on the optional objective of using the plain soldiers and human shields against Tiburon's pistol. Once you have the objective filled, you can go to work defeating El Tiburon. If for any reason you run out of bullets and the game bugs (as it did for me) so that you can't open the chests for more ammo, lose El Tiburon and loot some of the bodies for more ammo.

    After the scene you will need to escape the area and hide. This can be done easily by jumping into the ocean and swimming south and then make your way to the waypoint.


    Memory 04: Ever a Splinter

    Optional Objectives:

    • Free seven Guardian hostages
    • Use the Observatory's defenses to kill four guards

    Sail to Long Bay and take out one of the two man o'war's blocking your way to the beach so you can start the memory. Swim to the beach and synch the viewpoint and grab the Treasure to the south before you follow the waypoints into the jungle.

    If you are out of ammunition of any kind, you can loot the corpses for more ammo, this save you having to buy them before starting the memory.

    When you reach the restricted zone and the burning village ignore the cave and make your way across the water and Sleep Dart the three guards to free the first set of guardians. You can now enter the cave and stop at the stalking zone just above the Gunner and two Scouts, sleeping them and then taking the right path down and releasing the guardians. Head back up and cross the first small bridge and then Sleep Dart the final set of guards to free the guardians. With the optional objective cleared, head for the Observatory.

    When you reach the Observatory you will need to run up the moving platforms as they appear and then jump to the middle platform moving side to side with the Spanish soldiers. Kill the men and then jump on either side of the vertical platforms moving up and down. You need to mak your way up to one of the platforms sticking out here so you can get on the stone walkway high above and then traverse to the ledge above the doorway deeper into the cave.

    As you enter the circular area with man soldiers stay on the outside of the circle until you can see where the defensive beams appear. Once you know where they are, you can use them to defeat the guards and complete the second optional objective. If you find yourself in a stick situation use a Smoke Bomb and once you have all four kills from the defenses go ahead and defeat the rest of the enemies.

    Your final approach is a platforming section across the moving platforms, along a wall and eventually up above Torres for a nice air assassination.



    After a face to face encounter with John from IT you will get the "Devils of the Caribbean" Teaser and a communication from Shaun and Rebecca. You can now access all the areas with Level 3 clearance, let's start at the bottom floor (Servers) and work our way up:

    Fl. B - Servers

    Fl. 1 - Lobby

    Fl. 2 - Sample 17

    Fl. 15 - CCO

    If you have collected all the Notes you will get the MANIFESTO OF THE INSTRUMENTS OF THE FIRST WILL.

    Return to the Animus for a trophy/achievement and the final conclusion of the story (Make sure to watch until the "reveal" for another trophy/achievement).





    All swords are rated by three categories that define their effectiveness in battle: Damage, Speed, and Combo.


    The strength of each successful attack. This stats isn't too important as the majority of kills achieved through counterattacks.


    The higher the speed, the faster and more frequent Kenway can attack.


    This indicates the number of hits required before Kenway can deliver a finishing blow. The higher the number, the fewer hits are needed.
    Officer's Smallswords121--
    British Cutlasses232800General Store
    Spanish Cup-hilt Rapiers2321200General Store
    French Dress Swords3313000General Store
    Espada Ancha2335000General Store
    Privateer's Cutlasses3336500General Store
    British Colonial Cutlasses2438000General Store
    Pirate Scimitars23510000General Store
    French Court Swords43412500General Store
    Officer's Rapiers54314000General Store
    Pistol Swords543-Find 3 Social Chests
    Scottish Broadswords353-Community Challenge Reward
    Persian Scimitars223-Complete all Assassin Contracts
    The Blades of Toledo433-Uplay Reward



    All pistols are rated by three categories that define their effectiveness in battle: Damage, Stun, and Range.


    The damage dealt by non-lethal shots. Note that headshots from manual aim are always a one-hit kill


    The length of time a target is stunned if not killed by the shot.


    The range at which the pistol if effective up to.
    Common Flintlock Pistols113--
    Pirate Blunderbusses331800General Store
    Standard Wheellock Pistols1152500General Store
    Spanish Officer Pistols3337000General Store
    Cannon-Barrel Pistols3539000General Store
    Golden Flintlock553-Complete all Naval Contracts
    Captain's Wheellock Pistols313-Community Challenge Reward



    Outfits are the appearance of Edward Kenway on screen and can be changed by accessing the Captain's Cabin on the Jackdaw.

    NameCost/Crafting IngredientsAvailableBonus
    Edward Kenway's Robes-Default-
    Brown Cloak1500General Store-
    Pirate Cloak6000General Store-
    Crimson Captain Cloak3000General Store-
    Privateer Outfit5000General Store-
    Pirate Captain Outfit8000General Store-
    Merchant Outfit10000General Store-
    Politician's Outfit12000General Store-
    Explorer Outfit-Community Challenge Reward-
    Governor's Outfit-Find a Social Chest-
    Officer's Outfit-Complete the Gibraltar mission in Kenway's Fleet-
    Templar Armor-Complete all Templar HuntsReduces damage by 25%
    Stealth Outfit-Complete half of the Assassin ContractsReduces detection rate
    Mayan Outfit-Complete all Mayan Stela puzzlesDeflects bullets
    Edward the Legend Outfit-Uplay Reward-
    Hunter OutfitRed Howler Monkey Skin + White Jaguar Pelt-Reduce detection by animals
    Feline Pelt OutfitOcelot Pelt + Jaguar Pelt--
    Shark Hunter OutfitBull Shark Skin + Hammerhead Shark Bone--
    Whaler OutfitWhite Whale Skin x3--
    Altair Ibn-La'Ahad Robes-Have Uplay data for one of the Assassin's Creed games-
    Ezio Auditore's Robes-Have Uplay data for two of the Assassin's Creed games-
    Connor's Outfit-Have Uplay data for three of the Assassin's Creed games-