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    Multiplayer Guide by BluesSoul617

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/19/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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          /   //\            Assassin's Creed IV - Multiplayer Guide
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        /   / \   \                    ~ Version 1.2 ~
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     ---------- \   \  "Welcome to the Animus: Powered by Abstergo Entertainment"
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                           -= Written by BluesSoul617 =- 
              Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag    © 2013 Ubisoft
              In-Depth Multiplayer FAQ           © 2014 Johnren Barinque 
    What's interesting about Assassin's Creed Multiplayer is that it's not only
    different from other games, but many skilled players are adult players and much
    less annoying children. It appeals to girls as well. It's a nice community.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
          /  /_________________                     ____________________\  \
          ACtc_________________| TABLE OF CONTENTS |____________________ACtc
                        Welcome to the Animus Training Program. 
                        Use the sections below to get started.
             |                                                          |
             |    Table of Contents ............................ACtc    |
             |    Version History ..............................ACvh    |
             |    Basics & Controls ............................ACbc    |
             |    Ability Customization ........................ACac    |
             |    Persona Customization ........................ACpc    |
             |    Scoring System ...............................ACss    |
             |    Game Modes ...................................ACgm    |
             |    Wolfpack Guide ...............................ACwp    |
             |    General Tips .................................ACtp    |
             |    Achievements/Trophies ........................ACat    |
             |    Frequently Asked Questions ...................ACfaq   |
             |    Contact Info + Credits .......................ACcc    |
             |                                                          |
         Press CTRL+F and type the section number or keyword, then hit Enter.
              If you're using mobile, prepare for an adventure instead.
             (Consider using "ACtc" after finishing a different section)
          /  /____________                                ______________\  \
          ACvh____________| VERSION HISTORY + GUIDE INFO |______________ACvh
                 I'm in control of hosting this guide on these sites:
                          |   MAIN  www.gamefaqs.com       |
                          |                                |
                          |        www.neoseeker.com       |
                          |                                |
                          |      www.supercheats.com       |
                         | ~ Version 1.2 - April 10, 2014 ~ | 156 KB
    - Persona Section
        + "Bloody Seas" costumes are listed.
        + "Armada" costumes are listed.
        + Assassin outfits of DLC characters are listed.
    - Renamed "Kill & Action Bonuses" to "Scoring System".
    - Finished Scoring System section.
        + Covered FFA. Mostly the relevent bonuses like Variety.
    - Wolfpack Section
        + Suggested Hot Pursuit and Resistance for any difficulty not named
    - Explained how to Wall Hump, Dino Walk, and Monkey Dance in FAQ section. Yep.
                      | ~ Version 1.11 - February 27, 2014 ~ | 148 KB
                              Small changes and fixes.
        - Added walking animation similarities for The Dandy and The Duelist.
        - Fixed some lining and sentences.
                      | ~ Version 1.1 - February 24, 2014 ~ | 147 KB
    BIG Update. This covers Title Update 4. Update 1.2 may be small. We'll see.
    - Finished the Ranged Abilites' descriptions in the Ability section.
    - Finished Persona Customization section.
        + "Anarchy" costumes are listed.
        + Guild of Rogues DLC is covered. 
    - Finished Game Modes section. Originally named "Game Modes & Maps".
        + Considered Abilities for each mode are covered.
        + Game Lab: Pistolier and Silent Hunt mode listed.
        + Multiplayer Event dates are listed.
    - Added Achievements/Trophies section.
        + Blackbeard's Wrath DLC is covered.
    - Added/Fixed some additional info in Wolfpack section.
        + Specifically explained how to unlock each Persona's Templar outfit.
        + Hardcore Solo Tips are covered.
    - Made sub-sections for the General Tips section.
    - Added more questions to FAQ section.
    - Fixed some grammatical errors. 
            Links to Guide Discussion. Feel free to post in these threads.
      Sorry if there were people expecting the update a little sooner. I like to
      work on my own pace and not feel rushed. Also, I have been switching from 
      playing AC Multiplayer to other games such as Pokémon Y, Kingdom Hearts II,
              and sometimes Super Smash Bros. Brawl at my friend's house. 
        Sylveon is my baby. Drive Form is awesome. Toon Link is my Brawl main.
                       | ~ Version 1.0 - January 19, 2014 ~ | 84 KB
            Publish date. Keep a look out for updates. ACIV is still fresh. 
    I did say I was going to release this guide around later November to early
    December on the forums but I guess I wasn't quick enough. I started this guide
    around my 2nd Prestige and I've uploaded it at 10th Prestige. As I'm playing,
    there are tips I remember that I should put in this guide.
                          Here's a link of when I started:
    I'd like to keep this guide GameFAQs exclusive since the great WiNGSPANTT 
    recently uploaded a guide of his own. Go ahead and check out his guide on
    Top Tier Tactics since it's very likely that we'll have different opinions on 
    certain things like ability crafting.
          /  /_________________                     ____________________\  \
          ACbc_________________| BASICS & CONTROLS |____________________ACbc
    I would recommend new players starting the tutorial. Pay careful attention.
    After learning from that, go and play a WANTED or DEATHMATCH session. To do
    this, go to CUSTOM MATCH. The "Quick Match" option just puts you in a random 
    game mode. I'd like to say that Wanted is the main FFA mode of Assassin's 
    Creed Multiplayer while Manhunt is the main team mode.
    Heads Up Display (HUD)
    Go to Options > Interface > turn on "Target's Gamertag" and "Target's Pursuers"
    I don't know why they're switched off by default.
     |                                   (A)                                     |
     |                                 _______                                   |
     |                          ______| 05:00 |________                          |
     |                         |   |                /x2|                         |
     |                     (B) |2st|   4000 pts    /   | (D)                     |
     |                         |___|_____________ /____|                         |
     |                                                                           |
     |                                   (C)                                     |
     |                                                                           |
     |                                                                           |
     |                                                                (H)   (I)  |
     |                                                                   ______  |  
     |                                                            | | | |100|x2| |
     |     (E)                                                    |------------| |
     |     ____                         (F)                       |            | |
     |    |____|                    ____________                  |            | |
     |      ____                   /  ________  \                 |    (G)     | |
     |     |____|                 (  (________)  )                |__          | |
     |       ____                  \____________/             (J) |2x\         | |
     |      |____|                                                |___\________| |
     |                                                                           |
     |                                                        (K)  oH JohnBoyzZ  |
    (A) Session time limit
    (B) Position (1st place, 2nd place, etc.)
    (C) Your current session score
    (D) Number of your pursuers (Absent if you have no pursuers)
    (E) Your selected ability set
    (F) Compass leading to your target (Absent in Deathmatch game mode)
    (G) Your target's portrait
    (H) Your approach meter
    (I) Approach Multiplier (If any)
    (J) Number of pursuers your target has, including yourself (Absent if you're 
        their only pursuer)
    (K) Your target's Gamertag/PSN name
                          | THE BASICS OF AC MULTIPLAYER |
    The objective of Assassin's Creed Multiplayer is to remain in LOW PROFILE, 
    while scoring QUALITY kills and avoiding any pursuers (you're not the only 
    hunter). The player with the highest session score wins. The QUANTITY of your
    kills and deaths are IRRELEVANT so keep your Call of Duty playstyle away from 
    this game. This is what makes this game so unique from your usual FPS nonsense.
    When your target enters your line of sight, the PORTRAIT will light up. When
    the target is closeby, the portrait will zoom in.
    In Wanted, your COMPASS will fill up the closer your target gets. Follow the 
    direction of the filled part of your compass. The compass becomes full when
    the target is closeby; it lights up when they're in line of sight.
    Remaining in low profile while your target is in your line of sight RAISES your
    APPROACH METER. That will determine your kill score. High profile will DRAIN
    your approach meter, however.
    Running around like an idiot REVEALS you to other players. When notorious 
    targets and pursuers are in line of sight, the Animus gives the option to hit 
    the left trigger for an easy lock. Blue meaning target; Red meaning pursuer.
    Remember to use your ABILITIES. Each one has a unique way of helping you kill
    your target or stunning your pursuer. 
    Use the environment around you. Blend groups help you earn HIDDEN kills. Climb
    up or free run from above for ACROBATIC kills. Pull off those roof monkeys with
    GRAB kills. Killing from chairs or benches will reward BENCH kills. These types
    of kills are all MULTIPLIERS to your approach. Perform each kill type often and
    you'll even be rewarded for VARIETY points.
    Watch for pursuers. Do not confront them directly but SURPRISE them. If you 
    know a persona is a pursuer and he/she doesn't seem to notice you, knock em
    out. If you and your pursuer notice each other, help yourself with abilities. 
    If you cannot, you want to at least try to contest and HALVE their kill score.
    It's all about what you can get away with.
    Note that the contract system is determined by a Random Number Generator.
    However, players placed high are likely to gain multiple pursuers. Regardless,
    the contract system's RNG is somewhat terrible in ACIV at times.
    Listen to heartbeats. The louder they become, the closer your target is.
    (A gaming headset is optional)
    Listen to whispers. The louder they become, the closer your pursuer(s) is/are.
    (A gaming headset is optional)
                                | IN-GAME CONTROLS |
    I'd like to add PC Controls as well but I've never played Assassin's Creed on 
    PC, let alone Multiplayer to even know any controls. I do know you can use Xbox
    or PS3 controllers on the PC via Xpadder.
                                 XBOX 360 / XBOX ONE
    Left Stick  - Move your character.
    Right Stick - Rotate your camera. You can adjust the rotation speed in Options.
    LT - Lock onto any persona; Hold lock to switch lock around a group of personas
    RT - High profile/full-sprint; Gently hold to jog.
    LB - Activate the ability in Ability Slot 1
    RB - Activate the ability in Ability Slot 2.
    X - Kill highlighted persona. Use lock button to kill only the locked persona.
    Y - Activate the ability in Ability Slot 3. Your ranged ability.
    B - Gently push personas out of the way in low profile; Tackle personas out of 
        the way in high profile; Ground Finish; Grab/hang on a ledge/wall
    A - Fast Walk
    D-Pad Left/Right - Taunt
    D-Pad Up/Down - Switch targets in team modes.
    Back - Check the Scoreboard.
    Start - Access the Multiplayer menu. You can edit your ability sets while 
            mid-game or leave the game.
                              PLAYSTATION3 / PLAYSTATION4
    Left Stick - Move your character
    Right Stick - Rotate your camera. You can adjust the rotation speed in Options.
    L1 - Lock onto any persona; Hold lock to switch lock around a group of personas
    R1 - High profile/full-sprint
    L2 - Activate the ability in Ability Slot 1
    R2 - Activate the ability in Ability Slot 2.
    Square - Kill highlighted persona. Use lock button to kill only the locked 
    Triangle - Activate the ability in Ability Slot 3. Your ranged ability.
    Circle - Gently push personas out of the way in low profile; Tackle personas 
             out of the way in high profile; Ground Finish; Grab/hang on a 
    X - Fast Walk
    D-Pad Left/Right - Taunt
    D-Pad Up/Down - Switch targets in team modes.
    Select - Check the Scoreboard.
    Start - Access the Multiplayer menu. You can edit your ability sets while 
            mid-game or leave the game.
          /  /________________                         _________________\  \
          ACac________________| ABILITY CUSTOMIZATION |_________________ACac
                                    \ ABILITIES /
      In every game mode, you have the option to use abilities. They can make a 
      difference against targets and pursuers alike so use them when available.
      Many abilities have been buffed from ACIII for a variety of usage, meaning
      less Smoke Bomb and less successful Knife Stuns.
      Despite that, it's still important to have at least one defensive ability to
      defend yourself against pursuers. I personally run a full defensive set for 
      Deathmatch which is still Smoke, Disguise, and Knives from ACIII.
                                   Use CTRL+F. Duh.
             ||                  ABILITY 1 & 2 SLOT                    ||   
             ||                                                        ||
             ||  Disguise         [ab1]      Booby Trap *     [ab9]    ||
             ||  Money Bomb       [ab2]      Glimmer          [ab10]   ||
             ||  Time Phase *     [ab3]      Wipe             [ab11]   ||
             ||  Decoy            [ab4]      Animus Shield    [ab12]   ||
             ||  Morph            [ab5]      Teleport         [ab13]   ||
             ||  Firecrackers     [ab6]      Poison           [ab14]   ||
             ||  Tripwire Bomb    [ab7]      Smoke Bomb       [ab15]   ||
             ||  Bodyguard        [ab8]                                ||
             ||                                                        ||
             ||                    ABILITY 3 SLOT                      ||
             ||                                                        ||
             ||  Disruption       [ab16]     Pistol           [ab19]   ||
             ||  Throwing Knives  [ab17]     Poison Dart      [ab20]   ||
             ||  Sabotage *       [ab18]                               ||
             ||                                                        ||
                               * = Brand New Ability 
    | Dear Experienced Players,                                                   |
    |                                                                             |
    | I filled up as much info as I could for each ability. I know there's more   |
    | counters for some abilities so help me out via email (I may also ask via    |
    | Ubi forums). I wanted to upload this guide as soon as I could.              |
    Note that for crafting recommendations, you won't see a lot of cooldown options
    since it barely makes a difference in ACIV. You won't find an ability that can 
    be reduced for more than 10 seconds now but this gives us the option to really
    power up our abilities. Also, every time you craft, there's a random chance 
    that you'll get an extra crafting point. Use Abstergo+ to spend less credits at
    a time.
    --------------------------------| DISGUISE |------------------------------ab1--
              |                     +----------+                       |
              | Transforms your character into a civilian look-a-like. |
    Using Disguise properly: 
       Disguise is an interesting ability because its potential is only as good as
       its user.
       Activate it behind an obstacle so no one sees you change. It works well in a
       moving blend group. When walking alone, it's very important to ACT as a 
       civilian. However, it's not always good to walk alone with the increased 
       heartbeat volume for your pursuers to hear. 
       Don't run while disguised either. I've seen plenty of noobs activate the
       ability on rooftops as well... 
    Countering Disguise: 
     (With Abilities) Money Bomb, Offensive Morph, Firecrackers, Wipe
     (Without Abilities) 
       If you suspect your target of being disguised because you don't see him
       anywhere and hear heartbeats, keep your distance (possibly to avoid being
       stunned) and wait for the Disguise's duration to end. Anyone caught morphing
       into or from Disguise is a dead giveaway.
       Duration          12   >   16   >  20 Seconds
       Exposure Time   Strong > Medium >  Light
       Cooldown          60   >   57   >  54 Seconds
       I'd strongly recommend two points in Duration. ACIV's Disguise has the 
       lowest default duration time and 12 seconds is way too low in my opinion.
       I still don't know why Exposure Time is a given option...
       +2 Duration / +2 Duration, +1 Bonus Cooldown
    --------------------------------| MONEY BOMB |----------------------------ab2--
            |                       +------------+                       |
            | Attracts nearby civilians upon use, revealing any players. |
            |                Optionally, you can throw it.               |
    Using Money Bomb properly:
       I can't say there is a "proper" way of using an ability as simple as this. 
       It's a basic revealing ability for beginners which is why it's available on
       one of the default sets. It can also be used during a chase to block your 
       pursuer's path. The devs buffed the ability (and even reduced its cooldown)
       so the attracted civilians are considered strong obstacles and anyone that 
       tries to sprint through will lose balance instantly.
       Money Bomb can even disable Decoys and Bodyguards.
       As you progress further, you'll find yourself using Firecrackers, Morph, and 
       Wipe in place of Money Bomb.
       Attraction    6  >  8   > 10 Civilians
       Range         5  >  7.5 > 10 Meter Radius
       Cooldown     46  > 43.7 > 41.4 Seconds
       I don't use this ability but if any crafting done, I'd say probably one 
       point each in attraction and range. Any better suggestions?
       +1 Attraction, +1 Range / +2 Attraction, +1 Bonus Range
                                 +2 Range, +1 Bonus Attraction
    --------------------------------| TIME PHASE |----------------------------ab3--
                |                   +------------+                      |
                |  Slows down players to 30% speed. Players lose their  |
                |  HUD and slowly loses any locks. It can be thrown.    |
                      * Since the 3rd Title Update (12/10/13), 
                     affected players can no longer climb or jump.
    Using Time Phase properly:
       Time Phase can be used effectively while you're around civilians mainly due
       to removing players' locks, slowing them down, and possibly killing a
       civilian. It makes a good defensive ability against pursuers (an alternative
       Firecrackers). You can also use this to slow down opponents in Artifact 
       Assault after picking up their artifact.
       Time Phase breaks any active locks in 3 seconds as if a locked persona exits
       your line of sight.
    Countering Time Phase:
      (With Abilities)
       - Animus Shield ignores Time Phase's effects.
      (Without Abilities)
       You'll know who's the user of the ability when a that user moves around at
       100% speed. You can try to retaliate as they attempt to kill/stun you. Also,
       the effects against you ends as soon as you exit its range.
       Duration   4  >  6   >  8 Seconds
       Range      6  >  7.5 >  9 Meter Radius
       Cooldown  72  > 68.4 > 64.8 Seconds
       Having a point in duration is needed so your pursuer can lose his/her lock
       while waiting for the rest of duration for your pursuer to kill a civilian.
       +1 Duration, +1 Range / +2 Duration, +1 Bonus Range 
                               +2 Range, +1 Bonus Duration
    ----------------------------------| DECOY |-------------------------------ab4--
         |                            +-------+                             |
         | Creates a nearby look-a-like that runs around, possibly fooling  |
         | other players. Lock a persona for the decoy to run around that   |
         | locked persona.                                                  |
    Using Decoy properly:
       Locking a persona should have the decoy run near it. You can also run with 
       your decoy. It also helps to behave like one even when you're not using it 
       so players assume it's you (watch your approach meter). Decoys can also 
      "steal" artifacts. Anyone that kills the decoy should give you a Decoy bonus,
       and any pursuers that kill it offers an easy stun.
      Decoy is usually paired with abilities such as Disguise, Morph, or Bodyguard.
    Countering Decoy:
     (With Abilities) Money Bomb, Firecrackers
     (Without Abilities)
       If your target happens to activate decoy, pay attention to the sound FX it
       makes which notifies its activation to nearby players. Hear heartbeats when
       one runs up close? Is the target's portrait lighting up?; After locking the 
      "target", is the lock color still blue? (ACIV) However, you may not notice 
       heartbeats or the portrait light up in team modes because you may need to 
       switch your contracts...
       Duration       5 >  10  >  15 Seconds
       Score Bonus  100 >  200 > 300 Point Decoy bonus
       Cooldown      56 > 53.2 >  50.4 Seconds
       Unfortunately, you can no longer craft it on the decoy's behavior level but
       score bonus instead like Poison.
       +1 Duration, + Score Bonus / +2 Score Bonus, +1 Bonus Duration
    ----------------------------------| MORPH |-------------------------------ab5--
                |                     +-------+                        |
                | Transforms civilians in range into your look-a-like. |
                |                 Morph can be "thrown".               |
    Using Morph properly:
       While blending in a morphed crowd, make sure every persona in the group are
       lined up properly. When pursuers are close, don't get caught moving around 
       in it... Another good way is to morph a crowd and hide in a nearby haybale.
       If your target is also using morph and already blended in a crowd, you can
       reverse morph their crowd. Obviously, players aren't affected by it so the
       persona that didn't morph is the real target. When using this offensively,
       always throw it so your target cannot instantly stun you.
    Countering Morph:
     (With Abilities) Money Bomb, Offensive Morph, Firecrackers, Wipe
     (Without Abilities)
       Use the line-of-sight trick to find the read target. Use an obstacle and 
       watch your portrait light up or not. Also, if a persona moves around in
       the group, that's the real one unless it's a glitch civilian which is rare.
       Duplicates   3   >  4    >  5 Duplicates
       Range        3.5 >  4.5  >  5.5 Meter Radius
       Cooldown    65   > 61.75 > 58.5 Seconds
       Honestly, I feel as if the extra duplicates is enough so I put two points in
       cooldown. Range is pointless since Morph can be thrown.
       +2 Cooldown / +2 Cooldown, +1 Bonus Duplicate
    ------------------------------| FIRECRACKERS |----------------------------ab6--
          |                       +--------------+                         |
          | Upon use, civilians cower in fear while revealing and blinding |
          | other players. Any locks made are removed. It can be thrown.   |
    Using Firecrackers properly:
       They're great for revealing players hiding in a morphed crowd. Sometimes
       affected players will panic and kill a civilian, giving you a chance for an 
       uncontested kill.
       Blend in a packed group of civilians, wait for your pursuer and pop 
       Firecrackers while moving away for the possibility of your pursuer killing a
       civilian. If successful, go stun them. Another trick is to throw it ahead of
       an approaching pursuer and while they're blind, quickly circle behind them 
       (while staying out of their kill range) for a surprise stun. This may not 
       always work though.
    Countering Firecrackers:
       When flashed and/or revealed; attempt to stun, use a defensive ability, or 
       run away.
       Duration    4 >  4.5 >  5 Seconds
       Range       5 >  5.5 >  6 Meter Radius
       Cooldown   82 > 77.9 > 73.8 Seconds
       Two points in range to make sure your target is blinded. The duration is 
       plenty and you should be reacting quickly anyway.
       +2 Range / +2 Range, +1 Bonus Duration
    -----------------------------| TRIPWIRE BOMB |----------------------------ab7--
          |                      +---------------+                         |
          | While placed, it explodes and incapacitates other players when |
          | stepped on. Teammates can't trigger it. It can be thrown.      |
    Using Tripwire properly:
       Place it where it is difficult to see. You can decide to place them in 
       corners too. The thing about Tripwire is that ANY player in FFA can trigger
       it which is why it should be used in team modes only.
    Countering Tripwire Bomb:
      (With Abilities) 
       - Animus Shield.
       - Pistol or Poison Dart if you can't find a way around Tripwire.
      (Without Abilities)
       A poorly placed tripwire can easily be seen by sharp-eyed players. Go for
       Aerial or Acrobatic kills or have a teammate take the hit. Unfortunately, 
       Tripwire Bomb cannot be "defused" anymore by walking around its radius like
       you could in the previous games.
       Activation Time    5 >  4   >  3 Seconds
       Range              2 > 2.25 >  2.5 Meter Radius
       Cooldown          80 >  76  > 72 Seconds
       All points should go into range. Activation time can be pointless if you 
       place it before opponents reach you so I would only place tripwire while not
       in an emergency. It's really up to you though.
       +2 Range / +2 Range, +1 Bonus Activation Time
    -------------------------------| BODYGUARD |------------------------------ab8--
           |                       +-----------+                           |
           | Creates a nearby look-a-like that will stun a nearby pursuer. |
           |         Lock a persona to walk towards that persona.          |
    Using Bodyguard properly:
       Locking a persona should have the bodyguard walk towards it. Otherwise, the
       bodyguard will search for any pursuers in range.
       Activate it when a pursuer is nearby a persona. The closer the persona, the
       less time your pursuer can react to a bodyguard, unless they kill it for a
       lure bonus. Look-a-likes around you or your pursuer are more likely to 
       become the bodyguard. 
       Alternatively, you can use the movement of the bodyguard as a distraction, 
       while working your way for an actual stun. When the bodyguard successfully 
       stuns a pursuer, you get +100 points (new to ACIV).
      Bodyguard is usually paired with abilities such as Disguise, Decoy, or Morph.
    Countering Bodyguard: 
     (With Abilities) 
       - Money Bomb, Firecrackers, Morph, Bodyguard (lock theirs), Tripwire, Smoke.
       - If lucky enough, their Bodyguard can become your Bodyguard or Decoy.
       - Time Phase and Knives can slow them down.
     (Without Abilities)
       After hearing a sound FX and noticing a civilian walking towards you, run 
       away or run up a wall for the duration of the ability. A bodyguard IS a 
       civilian and civilians cannot climb.
       Duration     5  >  7.5 > 10 Seconds
       Range       7.5 >  10  > 12.5 Meters
       Cooldown    68  > 64.6 > 61.2 Seconds
       One point each in duration and range is a fairly balanced choice.
       +1 Duration, +1 Range / +2 Duration, +1 Bonus Range
                               +2 Range, +1 Bonus Duration
    -------------------------------| BOOBY TRAP |-----------------------------ab9--
                     |             +------------+               |    
                     | Plant a trap on a chase breaker or lift, |
                     | killing ANY player who triggers it.      |
    Using Booby Trap:
       I've used it once for that "All Rounder" Achievement but I put it away
       afterwards. Despite my experience for it, I can see it working against hasty
       artifact thieves. You can place them on vines in Santa Lucia as well. Booby
       Trap rewards you 100 points for a successful kill.
    Countering Booby Trap:
      (With Abilities)
       - Animus Shield ignores booby trap. It does not use up a charge either. Use
         this when you're in a hurry.
      (Without Abilities)
       You'll know when a chase breaker is rigged with booby trap when you see it
       flashing. It won't set off just walking through it. Patient and observant
       players shouldn't fall for these very often.
       Activation Time    8 >  6.5 >  5 Seconds
       Visible Range     12 >  10  >  8 Meters
       Cooldown         100 >  95  > 90 Seconds
       It's probably better to craft it in visible range so they won't notice a
       chase breaker or lift flashing. Even after crafting it in activation time,  
       it still takes too long even for emergency situations.
       +2 Visible Range / +2 Visible Range, +1 Bonus Activation Time
    ---------------------------------| GLIMMER |------------------------------ab10-
          |                          +---------+                           |
          | Become almost invisible to hide and possibly surprise players. |
    Using Glimmer properly:
       While using Glimmer, do not run. The slower you move, the more invisible you
       are. Surprisingly, its invisibility is even better than ACIII's version. 
       With that said, it's much more effective and useful (kinda overpowered).
       Like Disguise, activate it when no one sees you. They can be great for focus
       bonuses and corner stuns too. Despite this, Glimmer isn't a common ability.
    Countering Glimmer:
       You can still lock invisible players. A sharp eye is needed to find those
       hidden players. It's actually not too hard to notice.
       Duration           8   >   10   >  12 Seconds
       Exposure Time   Strong > Medium >  Light
       Cooldown          70   >  66.5  >  63 Seconds
       Like Disguise, two points in duration since its default time is very short.
       +2 Duration / +2 Duration, +1 Bonus Cooldown
    ----------------------------------| WIPE |--------------------------------ab11-
           |                          +------+                             |
           | Players that are caught in its radius are revealed, disabling |
           | their abilities temporarily, and muting their whispers and    |
           | heartbeats. It can be thrown.                                 |
    Using Wipe properly:
       It's great for countering incoming abilities and revealing players blending
       in a morphed crowd. I commonly like to use them in team modes such as
       Manhunt. It even stops a player trying to teleport. No one really cares for 
       the whisper/heartbeat muting effect so don't use it just for that.
    Countering Wipe:
       If you know a player runs Wipe often, use your abilities before they wipe.
       Once you get wiped, there are no counters, shutting you down. You can 
       attempt to stun or haul ass.
       Duration    5 >  7.5 > 10 Seconds
       Range       8 >  10  > 12 Meter Radius
       Cooldown   76 > 72.2 > 68.4 Seconds
       Full duration isn't really needed because you should react after they're 
       wiped. I don't see any reason to craft it in range since the radius is big
       enough and you can throw it. Full cooldown would be good, especially if you
       have that extra point in duration.
       +2 Cooldown / +2 Cooldown, +1 Bonus Duration
    -----------------------------| ANIMUS SHIELD |----------------------------ab12-
             |                   +---------------+                     |
             | Ignores smoke bomb, ranged abilities and poison. Animus |
             | Shield can block ranged abilities multiple times with   |
             | more charges (see crafting).                            |
    Using Animus Shield properly:
       Commonly used in Manhunt and Artifact Assault. Offensively, they're great
       against smoke, tripwire, and time phase users. Defensively, they're great 
       for blocking ranged abilities while stealing the opposing team's artifact.
    Countering Animus Shield:
     (Artifact Assault)
       If you really need to use a ranged ability on that artifact thief, simply
       wait for its duration to end. Until then, follow them while they remain in 
       your line of sight. This is something that should be kept in mind as a thief
       as well.
       Duration   4.5 >   6  >  7.5 Seconds
       Charges     1  >   2  >  3 Charges
       Cooldown   74  > 70.3 > 66.6 Seconds
       I have to agree with WiNGSPANTT: its crafting option depends on the game
       mode you're playing.
       For most modes, there's no need for extra duration and charge since you'll
       mainly use them against smoke and time phase users. ACIV's shield has a much
       lower cooldown than ACIII's which is great.
       Most modes: +2 Cooldown / +2 Cooldown, +1 Bonus Duration
       For Artifact Assault, I'd strongly recommend one point each in duration and
       charge. Without extra duration, pursuers can wait for your shield to end and
       still knife you afterwards. The number of charges mean how many ranged
       abilities you can block. Two charges = Ignores up to two ranged abilities.
       You're not likely to get hit three times so two is more than enough.
       AA: +1 Duration, +1 Charge / +2 Duration, +1 Bonus Charge (GODLY option)
    --------------------------------| TELEPORT |------------------------------ab13-
                     |              +----------+               |
                     | Warps you from one location to another. |
    Using Teleport properly:
       Commonly used in Artifact Assault.
       Upon activation, use your crosshair to select which direction you want to
       teleport to.  You may also used them to catch up to artifact thieves for 
       those teleport kills or teleport onto the enemies' artifact to surprise 
       them. Make sure you have another ability or team support. Otherwise, find a
       safe spot to teleport (recently used chase breaker or lift) since you are 
       highly vulnerable. 
       Teleport is usually paired with Smoke Bomb or Animus Shield.
    Countering Teleport:
     (With Abilities)
       Wipe and Knives stop players attempting to teleport. Pistol works too but it
       may piss off players. You can also use your own Teleport to anticipate their
     (Without Abilities)
       If you can't reach the player attempting to teleport away, anticipate their
       path and cut them off. A good tactic when all your abilities are cooling 
       Activation Time   3.5 > 3.15 > 2.8 Seconds (3rd Title Update, 12/10/13)
       Range             35  >  40  > 45 Meters
       Cooldown          90  > 85.5 > 81 Seconds
       I've tried different crafting choices in ACIII. Originally, I started with
       reducing the activation time but if you find a safe place to teleport or 
       have teammates supporting you, it doesn't mean a thing. A better option 
       would be two points in range so you can teleport even further. Since then, 
       I've gotten much more successful artifact scores.
       +2 Range / +2 Range, +1 Bonus Activation Time
    ---------------------------------| POISON |-------------------------------ab14-
              |                      +--------+                        |
              |      Injects poison that slowly kills the target.      |
              | Be sure to make contact on your target in low profile. |
    Using Poison properly:
       The purpose of Poison is to kill in low profile. While acting like a 
       civilian and injecting poison, at the same time you can shift your 
       attention to your pursuer while the Poison slowly does its job for you. When
       using Poison, try to use a blend group and/or go for the focus bonus while 
       approaching STEALTHILY (it's easy to get stunned when you don't). It's even
       better when you find your target stunned next to a blend group. Poison 
       should be used to add with other bonuses for those beautiful 1000+ point 
       kills. Furthermore, I'd only recommend poisoning your target if they don't
       have multiple pursuers. 
       Please don't be those idiotic players that run towards their target and use 
       Poison. You look stupid as hell, you deserve to be stunned, and you're 
       wasting such a great ability. Those players get the poorest poison kills and
       they're better off just hitting the kill button.
       Poison and Disguise make a great pair in Deathmatch and I'd recommend using
       them together. Consider Score x2 as your loss streak on any Poison setup.
    Countering Poison:
       You can't really see poison coming so when you know you're poisoned, attempt
       a quick stun and/or taunt. Animus Shield can prevent being poisoned but 
       again, you can't guess when you're about to be poisoned.
       Delay         6.5 >   5  > 3.5 Seconds
       Score Bonus   200 >  250 > 300 Point Poison bonus
       Cooldown       94 > 89.3 > 84.6 Seconds
       As long as you're poisoning targets with only you as their pursuer, there's
       no reason to craft it in delay. Two points in score bonus.
      +2 Score Bonus / +2 Score Bonus, +1 Bonus Delay
    -------------------------------| SMOKE BOMB |-----------------------------ab15-
           |                       +------------+                          |
           |   Upon use, it incapacitates players caught in the smoke.     |
           | There is now a noticable delay before the smoke is deployed.  |
           |                 Smoke bomb can be thrown.                     |
    Using Smoke Bomb properly:
       Use it ahead of your opponent and they may not have time to avoid it. When
       timed correctly, it's great against impatient pursuers because they usually
       aren't ready for it. With the longer delay, longer cooldown, and a late 
       unlockable, smoke bomb is now nerfed as ever due to its controversy in the
       previous games. Experienced players won't mind this at all.
       You could use it for targets too but keep in mind that OSB is frowned upon
       by the community.
    Countering Smoke Bomb:
     (With Abilities) 
       - Animus Shield before smoke deploys.
       - Wipe a player that uses smoke often so they can't use it.
       - Pistol or Poison Dart a player that uses smoke often.
       - Knife, sprint and fake attempt to kill/stun, then turn away to force them
         to waste smoke. Attempt this on players that rely on smoke.
     (Without Abilities)
       Go for Aerial or Acrobatic kills; Avoid its range as soon as its deployed. 
       It's easier now since smoke now has a longer delay. 
       Duration   2.8 >   3   >  3.2 Seconds
       Range       3  >  3.25 >  3.5 Meter Radius
       Cooldown   105 > 99.75 > 94.5 Seconds
       Two points in range so you're more likely to catch opponents. If you're fine
       without extra range, two points in cooldown instead. The delayed deployment 
       of smoke and the small gain from crafting duration won't help much.
       +2 Range / +2 Range, +1 Bonus Cooldown OR +2 Cooldown, +1 Bonus Range
    -------------------------------| DISRUPTION |-----------------------------ab16-
            |                      +------------+                        |
            |  Scrambles the vision of a selected player while breaking  |
            |       their locks and depleting their approach meter.      |
    Lock the player you want to disrupt and hit the range button. 
    Using Disruption properly:
    Whether it's a target or pursuer, you should move from your location. You can
    circle around them for an uncontested kill/stun. With added disturbance, this 
    can be very effective. Even if your pursuer gets you, at least you succeeded in
    draining their approach meter.
    Countering Disruption:
    If you can still see, you should probably be fine but otherwise just find a 
    spot to climb if you can remember your view before being disrupted.
       Disturbance   Light > Medium > Strong
       Duration        5   >   7.5  > 10 Seconds
       Cooldown       52   >  49.4  > 46.8 Seconds
       With strong disturbance, affected players cannot see ANYTHING. If they're
       still able to see, they can still run away safely and/or interact with you,
       making it as pointless as ACIII's version.
       +2 Disturbance / +2 Disturbance, +1 Bonus Duration
    -----------------------------| THROWING KNIVES |-------------------------ab17-
            |                    +-----------------+                      |
            |  Slows down affected players, limiting their action range.  |
            |         They also cannot climb during the duration.         |
    Lock the player you want to knife and hit the range button. 
    Using Knives properly:
    For targets: They're great for positioning targets for an Aerial, Acrobatic,
                 and Grab kill. With enough time, you can even build up a Focus.
                 You can use them for Hidden and Bench kills also, but only after
                 your target killed a civilian so they can't contest you.
    For pursuers: Knife stuns. ACIV's way of knife stuns are much harder but still
                  very possible. Close the gap between you and your pursuer but not
                  too close to where they can still kill you. Throw your knife,
                  walk diagonally to the side while they're still crippled, and
                  stun. Fast walking or sprinting usually messes this up entirely.
                  Keep in mind that even with this knowledge, it's not 100% 
                  guaranteed but knife stuns can still be reliable.
    Countering Knives:
     (With Abilities)
       - Animus Shield blocks knives and uses up a charge.
       - Smoke Bomb to defend yourself.
       - Sabatoge blocks the ability.
     (Without Abilities)
       Just because you're crippled, doesn't mean you shouldn't be mashing the 
       action button. If someone attempts to kill from above, try to move out of 
       their range. These tactics aren't guaranteed to work but it's worth a try.
       Duration        2 >  2.5  >  3 Seconds
       Target Speed   90 >  80   > 70 ???
       Cooldown       85 > 80.75 > 76.5 Seconds
       With knife stuns nerfed, duration is the way to go so you'll have enough
       time to properly stun or get a Focus bonus from above. Target speed is a 
       pointless choice and I'm clueless on why it's still a crafting option.
       +2 Duration / +2 Duration, +1 Bonus Cooldown
    --------------------------------| SABOTAGE |------------------------------ab18-
                       |            +----------+              |
                       |  Counteract and disable the ability  |
                       |     that an opponent may throw.      |
    Lock the player you want to sabotage and hit the range button. 
    Using Sabotage properly
    This is an ability that you can't expect to work all the time because it 
    depends on the situation. During the duration of the ability, an affected 
    player that attempts to throw an ability or uses their third ability will have
    that ability canceled and will go into a fixed cooldoon time (see counteract in
    I used this only for the "Preemptive Strike" Achievement and it was a terrible
    experience for me. The ability is situational and you had to play as a certain 
    persona... What were you thinking, Ubisoft??
    Countering Sabotage
    Don't throw or use range abilities for 7-12 seconds. You know when a player
    uses Sabotage on you when he/she seems to be taking a shit and does nothing.
    ...I wonder if you can sabotage another sabotage??
       Duration     7.5 >  10  > 12.5 Seconds
       Counteract   30  >  40  > 50 Seconds
       Cooldown     64  > 60.8 > 57.6 Seconds
       +1 Duration, +1 Counteract / +2 Duration, +1 Bonus Counteract
    ---------------------------------| PISTOL |-------------------------------ab19-
                       |             +--------+               |
                       |  Shoot and kill a target from afar.  |
    Using Pistol properly
    Hold the range button to build up accuracy; release the button to fire. When
    fully charged, it will always hit unless the selected target is behind an 
    obstacle. Because the target hears the warning sound, they're likely to run so
    if the +50 points makes a difference, go for it. Pistol should only be used on
    annoying targets in Wanted so you can get a new contract. Other than that, this
    tends to be the most hated ability so remember that when you decide to use it.
    Because Pistol is a non-stealth ability, it only rewards 100 points.
    FUN FACT: 
    In ACB and ACR, this ability was named the Hidden Gun and was fired from their
    left wrist like the Singleplayer. It looked much cooler but Ubisoft decided to
    use flintlocks to fit the historical setting.
    Countering Pistol
     (With Abilities)
       - Animus Shield blocks shots and uses up a charge.
       - Knives cancel a pursuer aiming with the Pistol, buying you the time to 
         either escape or stun.
       - Sabatoge blocks the ability.
     (Without Abilities)
       After hearing the warning, act natural and they may cancel the shot. Running
       or jumping will just give them more points. If an obstacle is close enough,
       walk behind it. You can taunt if they know it's you and can't do anything
       about it. Even if you die, remember that they killed you for very little 
       Aiming Time   2 >  1.5 >  1 Second(s)
       Accuracy     30 >  45  > 60 Percent
       Cooldown    100 >  95  > 90 Seconds
       Always craft in aiming time in any AC Multiplayer. Because the accuracy 
       rises to 100% when fully charged, accuracy time is a pointless option.
       +2 Aiming Time / +2 Aiming Time, +1 Bonus Cooldown
    -------------------------------| POISON DART |----------------------------ab20-
                         |         +-------------+         |
                         |  Poison your target from afar.  |
    Using Darts properly
    Hold the range button to build up accuracy; release the button to shoot. When
    fully charged, it will always hit unless they're out of range or behind an 
    obstacle. Because the aiming time is terribly slow, you're very vulnerable to
    stuns. I would recommend darting from an elevated position. Otherwise, you're
    better off with Pistol since it's much quicker to use.
    It's pretty ridiculous how common this ability is now compared to ACIII.
    Countering Darts
     (With Abilities)
       - Animus Shield blocks darts and uses up a charge.
       - Knives cancel a pursuer aiming the blowpipe, buying you the time to either
         escape or stun.
       - Sabatoge blocks the ability.
     (Without Abilities)
       If he/she is not on a rooftop, rush and stun them. If an obstacle is close
       enough, walk behind it. If you do get hit and you know you can't reach them,
       just taunt repeatedly because it's funny.
       There was one game where all three of my pursuers were using dart and I 
       stunned ALL of them. Unfortunately, the third pursuer managed to poison me
       but this shows how vulnerable you are when using the ability.
       Delay       8 >   6  >  4 Seconds
       Range      15 >  20  > 25 Meters
       Cooldown   96 > 91.2 > 86.4 Seconds
       +1 Delay, +1 Range / +2 Delay, +1 Bonus Range
                                      \ PERKS /
    / Sixth Sense /
    Reveals notorious pursuers AND targets. Good for Wanted and teammodes.
    / Copycat /
    Lets you copy the Ability set of the last player that killed you. Seriously, 
    don't use this perk. Chances are, they have a set that you're unfamiliar with,
    or it just plain sucks.
    / Fast Recovery /
    When you die shortly after using an ability, that ability's cooldown is halved
    after respawning. Great for abilities like smoke bomb.
    / Sentry /
    Increases the duration of your lock that exits your line of sight. 
    / Hot Pursuit /
    Increases your speed when you run after your target; Slows down the depletion 
    of your Approach meter. Good for AA defense and Wolfpack.
    / Blender /
    Whenever you enter a blend group, one civilian morphs into your lookalike.
    A perk commonly used in FFA by new and experienced players alike. 
    This perk can either help or hurt you. A morphing civilian can be seen by other
    / Determined /
    Ignore the score divider on your Contested kills. You'll still lose any 
    multipliers. A perk commonly used by experienced players.
    / Resilience /
    Decreases the duration of Abilities used against you. Firecrackers, Smoke Bomb,
    Knives, etc. Good for Manhunt offense and AA.
    Keep in mind that when the perk triggers, the perk's icon will be shown above 
    you which can be seen by other players around you. 
    / Resitance /
    Reduces the time suffered from a stun or Contested kill. Good for AA defense, 
    Domination defense, and Wolfpack.
    Keep in mind that when the perk triggers, the perk's icon will be shown above 
    you which can be seen by other players around you. 
    / Survival /
    Become almost invisible (like Glimmer) for 10 seconds after being stunned or 
    while your contract is suspended (killing a civilian). A better player wouldn't
    really need this but by killing a civilian, you can take advantage of that 
    glimmer effect in certain game modes...
    / Overall Cooldowns /
    Reduces the cooldown time of your Abilities. Unfortunately, it's not as good as
    it was before. It only reduces them by 5 seconds now, which is not worth using
    anymore, in my opinion.
    / Unstoppable /
    Allows you to charge through personas without losing your balance; Opens
    recently closed chase breakers. Good for AA defense. 
    Since the 3rd Title Update, there is now a 1-second delay after the chase 
    breaker closes. 
    / Kill Buffer /
    Decreases your kill streak by 1 instead of resetting your killstreak entirely,
    after death. Good for Streak +550 and Animus Hack kill streaks.
                                   \ KILL STREAKS /
                              +1 Kill streak for a kill.
                              +1 Kill streak for a stun.
                              +2 Kill streak for a Silent kill
                                 or above (Approach meter 3/4 full)
                              +2 Kill streak for completing a 
                                 team mode objective.
                  - Your Kill Streak count resets when killed or stunned.
    / Revelation /     5 Kill Streak
    Highlights all pursuers in your line of sight until you are killed or stunned.  
    Originally a loss streak in ACR and ACIII.
    / Mass Morph /     7 Kill Streak 
    Morphs up to 15 surrounding civilians into your lookalike. Good for Deathmatch.
    Another description can be "Obtain multiple Lure bonuses in noob lobbies."
    / Streak +250 /    9 Kill Streak
    Earn an additional score of +250 points. 
    The streak bonus no longer adds up with your kill/stun score.
    / Daze /           5 Kill Streak
    Reduces surrounding players' action range. A brand new Kill streak.
    I wouldn't rely on this ability but it seems good for team modes. I'd just use
    it to complete its challenge since it's easy to earn. It also may not come in
    the right situation since it only triggers for each streak.
    / Streak +550 /   13 Kill Streak
    Earn an additional score of +550 points. 
    The streak bonus no longer adds up with your kill/stun score.
    / Animus Hack /   15 Kill Streak
    For 30 seconds, you can kill any player in line of sight. Each kill adds up an
    additional 100 points. Godly in Deathmatch; sometimes used for AA offense.
    Keep in mind the Hack streak persists even while dying or stunned.
                                   \ LOSS STREAKS /
                        -1 Loss streak when a contract is lost.
                        -2 Loss streak when you have died.
                        -2 Loss streak when you have been stunned.
                  - Your Loss Streak count resets when you kill or stun.
                  - An active Loss Streak remains until you kill or stun.
    / Ability Switch /     2 Loss Streak
    Lets you change your ability set. 
    You can just hold Back+A/Select+X to switch abilities in exchange of very 
    little credits, making this loss streak useless. However this is impossible in
    ACIV's version of Wolfpack, making Ability Switch useful there.
    / Scavenger /          4 Loss Streak
    Earn 200 points per Ground Finish; Speeds up your approach meter. Good for 
    / Vision /             6 Loss Streak
    Reveals targets on your screen through walls.
    / Minor Hack /         8 Loss Streak
    Kill your next target in line of sight. The kill only gives you 100 points. 
    Good for Domination defense and AA defense.
    / Score x2 /          10 Loss Streak
    Doubles your next kill or stun score. Good for Poison.
    / Boost Cooldowns /   12 Loss Streak
    Resets and halves your ability cooldowns. Good for abilities that have an
    already high cooldown.
          /  /________________                         _________________\  \
          ACpc________________| PERSONA CUSTOMIZATION |_________________ACpc
                                    \ PERSONAS /
    You can't be an AC player without having a favorite persona to play as. Even
    though different characters don't change gameplay, it's important to know their 
    names, their faces, and character designs for each one so you know who you're
    hunting down.
    NAMES will help know what you're talking about to other teammates. Even if you
          play FFA, it's still good to learn each name like knowing each Pokémon :P
          You don't wanna say, "where's the guy with the hat" because every persona
          is customizable.
          "She's disguised as the Night Stalker" is very accurate.
    FACES will help you recognize them on the target portrait.
    CHARACTER DESIGNS will help you see them from a distance and recognize them by
                      walking animations. With this in mind, it won't matter how 
                      they're customized.
      (For a visual guide on outfits and costumes, see Alex68's YouTube channel)
    | The Rebel |
    The daughter of Alejandro Estrada de Ortega, Ferreira comes from a long line of
    Spanish Templars. But, unlike her brothers who were groomed for the Order from
    a young age, she and her sisters were excluded. Disinterested in the domestic
    life scripted for her by her parents, she left home at seventeen to pursue a
    life of adventure.
    Notes: My baby <3 ; Her facial features seem similar to the wonderful Red Coat 
           from ACIII and the Red Coat is my favorite out of any AC persona. I love
           her Bloody Seas costume (Wild Beast) <3
           Her character design is based off the Independent from ACIII. This would
           explain why the Rebel can wear her outfit.
    Exclusive Costumes:
     o Independent costume ~ Loyalty reward for playing Assassin's Creed III 
                             Multiplayer. Be sure to link your games to uPlay.
     o The Wild Beast ~ 6990 Abstergo credits / 99 Erudito credits
    | The Stowaway | (Guild of Rogues DLC)
    Running from his parents at the age of ten, Charlie Oliver, calling himself
    "Charlie the Great", hid aboard a ship headed for the New World, in a barrel 
    full of apples. His endless chattering was what led him to Comte de Marigot,
    who, not knowing what else to do with him, introduced him to the Templar Order.
    Notes: Another "Bieber" character, though not as cool as ACIII's Robber, imo. 
           As the bio says, he's a Templar. Ubisoft could've done better with his 
           A certain someone would get mad at me for calling him Bieber, hehe...
    Exclusive Costumes:
     o The Orient Illusion ~ 6990 Abstergo credits / 99 Erudito credits
    | The Wayfarer |
    Manuel Mendoza wandered the globe, trying on many identities and professions
    before settling down as a humble coffee farmer, keeping his true affiliations
    private. Known to disappear for months at a time, his neighbors always assume
    he is simply assisting the plantation owner and his merchant friends with their
    Notes: I hate it when people equip the tricorn hat on him. He's looks stupid.
           Give him that black cowboy hat. A Templar.
           His walking animation is based off the Sharpshooter from ACIII.
    Exclusive Costumes:
     o The Sea Devil ~ Reward for finishing the Singleplayer.
     o The Skull-Hearted ~ 6990 Abstergo credits / 99 Erudito credits
    | The Jaguar | (Blackbeard's Wrath DLC)
    Cuali is an Aztec warrior from Mexico, who took to the sea, joining any mission
    that would allow him to combat the Spanish conquest of central America. A
    fighter, he survived the destruction of his community and went on to join
    forces with a growing society of native men who sought renewed justice and
    Notes: An Assassin. His walking animation is based off the Robber from ACIII.
           He's one of my favorite characters. His Prestige and Champion outfits
           are quite impressive. His Armada costume isn't bad either.
    Exclusive Costumes:
     o The Master Jaguar ~ 6990 Abstergo credits / 99 Erudito credits
    | The Huntsman | A returning character from ACIII
    A man of privilege, William de Saint-Prix was born to an aristocratic French
    family and received the best education. He was particularly adept at science
    and literature, and learned enough to design his own weapons and create a
    signature fighting style. Shunned by revolutionaries for his noble beginnings,
    his wit and courage earned him the respect of his companions.
    Notes: I heard he's the father of the Huntsman of ACIII but they seem to be 
           the same person instead. Also, he's an Assassin! I much prefer his 
           ACIII's Champion outfit because of the colors and the scarf. Btw, why
           do people give him those ugly white gloves? His Anarchy costume (French
           Flair) looks like they attached his head on a bulky body. Too weird.
    Exclusive Costumes:
     o Ratonhnhaké:ton outfit ~ Link to the AC Initiates website. You may need to
                                refresh your Initiates level.
     o The French Flair ~ 6990 Abstergo credits / 99 Erudito credits
    | Blackbeard | (Blackbeard's Wrath DLC)
    Gruff and short-tempered, Blackbeard uses fear rather than violence to get his
    way, avoiding killing whenever possible. Although little is known of his early
    life, he is believed to have been born between 1680 and 1685 in Bristol, and
    took to the sea from as young as sixteen years of age. By 1717, he had become
    a pirate icon.
    Notes: Blackbeard was badass in the Singleplayer. However, he looks so stupid
           and fat in the Multiplayer. His customization sucks. Whenever he does 
           that "growl" on the main menu, I can't help but laugh because it looks
           like he's mentally retarded. Ubisoft could've done better with him...
           His Armada outfit actually makes him look decent.
    Exclusive Costumes:
     o The Turncoat ~ 6990 Abstergo credits / 99 Erudito credits
    | The Lady Black |
    Fending for herself from the age of 12, Lucia Márquez took to the streets, 
    using any means necessary to survive. Apprehended stealing a horse from an
    individual of notable power in her 17th year, she accepted training instead of
    jail, and in time developed a taste for comfort and order.
    Notes: Definitely a Templar, especially when you've played the Singleplayer. 
           Because many people choose her, I tend to avoid her. Don't get me wrong,
           she's pretty hot but still. I do love her uPlay outfit for sure.
    Exclusive Costumes:
     o The Vengeful Daughter ~ Redeem from uPlay for 40 units.
     o The Marooned One ~ 6990 Abstergo credits / 99 Erudito credits
    | The Mercenary |
    The son of an Ashanti Empire chief, Kumi Berko knew wealth and power early on
    his life. Following a territorial dispute, he was captured, sold into slavery,
    and transported to Jamaica. He joined the maroons after being freed by the
    warrior, Cudjoe, in a plantation raid.
    Notes: He had a relationship with the Firebrand. Pretty interesting.
           His walking animation is based off the Carpenter from ACIII; the 
           Bombardier from ACR.
    Exclusive Costumes:
     o Stede Bonnet outfit ~ Amazon Pre-Order bonus; Illustrious Pirates Pack DLC
     o The Ivory Warrior ~ 6990 Abstergo credits / 99 Erudito credits
    | The Buccaneer |
    A pirate's pirate, Parry Crowther embraces the gentlemanly connotations of the
    somewhat antiquated term "buccaneer", using his multifaceted personality to
    mask and facilitate his true business. Imposing and heavyset, he has a strong,
    extroverted nature, and despite his tendency to drink, has a gentle manner
    among friends.
    Notes: I love his 3rd taunt because it's hilarious. He shares it with the 
           Privateer from ACR. His walking animation seems based off the Privateer
           as well.
    Exclusive Costumes:
     o The Gentleman ~ 6990 Abstergo credits / 99 Erudito credits
    | The Physician |
    Doctor Edmund Judge takes a calculating and sometimes brutal approach to
    medicine. An expert in poisons, he is always in search of something to test
    them on. He appears philanthropic, but always expects something in return. He
    demands order, but operates outside of legal structures.
    Notes: In each AC Multiplayer, we gotta have a character based off the Doctor
           from ACB, right? He's also a Templar, which can be seen in the PS3/PS4 
           exclusive singleplayer mission while playing as Aveline.
          His walking animation is obviously based off the Doctor from ACB and ACR.
    Exclusive Costumes:
     o The False Monarch ~ 6990 Abstergo credits / 99 Erudito credits
    | The Navigator |
    Born the third son to an aristocratic family, Hillary Flint spend a happy
    childhood immersed in the study of math and science, taking a particular
    extracurricular interest in things that go "boom". His parents sent him to
    military school as a teenager to help shape his potentially delinquent
    interests into a socially acceptable form. Easygoing and likeable, he soon
    found a home within the school's many clubs, and even a secret society or two.
    Notes: With his champion outfit customized, he becomes my favorite character
           for ACIV. His kill animations with the pistols are cool. His voice actor
           is the same guy that does the tutorials. Sadly, all his taunts are 
           recycled from ACIII's Mountebank... Also, he's a Templar and he's from
           the singleplayer but I don't remember which mission ._.
           Personally, my customization for him are the Metallic hand, Single 
           Epaulette, Bruin Leather Shirt for his gear; Red clothing dye and Full
           Beard; Black Powder Pistols since the crossbows look like silly toys.
    Exclusive Costumes:
     o The Treasure Hunter ~ GameStop Pre-Order bonus; Illustrious Pirates Pack DLC
     o The Traveler ~ 6990 Abstergo credits / 99 Erudito credits
    | The Night Stalker | A returning character from ACIII
    (To unlock this character, you must activate your uPlay passport)
    Stalking the streets of New York by night, this mercenary was known only as
    Joe. The legends that surround him paint him as a brutal killer motivated only
    by coin, but closer investigation reveals that his alleged victims are linked
    by a history of violence against women. Might his motivations be different than
    what his historical records claim?
    Notes: He's an overrated character from ACIII... but he's an Assassin! I much
           prefer his ACIII's Champion outfit because of the Assassin hood. Also,
           they should've had a new character like the Silent Shadow was in ACIII
           when activating the uPlay passport.
           His character design is based off the Renegade from ACR. This would
           explain why the Night Stalker can wear his outfit. I personally think
           the outfit looks stupid on him since the hat ruins the appearance. A
           robot cowboy? Tha fuck?
    Exclusive Costumes:
     o Renegade costume ~ Loyalty reward for playing Assassin's Creed Revelations 
                          Multiplayer. Be sure to link your games to uPlay.
     o The Dockhand ~ 6990 Abstergo credits / 99 Erudito credits
    | The Orchid | (Blackbeard's Wrath DLC)
    The daughter of a rebel, Jing Lang grew up fighting. As a young woman, she
    developed a talent for negotiation, and knack for languages. She broke ties 
    with her family to serve as a military advisor for a Qing dynasty general her
    father opposed, and ultimately performed so well, she was granted a diplomatic
    post. Using piracy as a cover for her political activities she traveled the
    world, banding with any who might serve her ultimate desire for negotiated 
    Notes: Normally I would've liked her as a favorite character, especially since
           I'm Asian but they made her way too chinky. She's much prettier on her
           official artwork. She's a Templar that was in the singleplayer too.
           Her walking animation is based off the Red Coat from ACIII; the Thespian
           from ACR.
    Exclusive Costumes:
     o Dragon's mouth ~ 6990 Abstergo credits / 99 Erudito credits
    | The Puppeteer |
    Born to a family of thieves, Felicia Moreno became a master of disguise and
    sleight-of-hand almost before she could walk: crying on cue to help her older
    sisters beg, and batting her eyelashes to distract old women while her brothers
    stole their groceries. As a young lady, she teamed up with Lucia Márquez (Lady
    Black) and set her sights on larger prey, robbing stagecoaches, infiltrating
    balls and theatres, and pilfering jewels from young princesses and nobles.
    Notes: A Templar that also a relationship with the Duelist. For some reason, I
           like the goggles equipped on her. Also, I dislike puffy shoulder tops so
           it's either her Prestige or Champion outfit for her. 
    Exclusive Costumes:
     o Lady Nero ~ 6990 Abstergo credits / 99 Erudito credits
    | The Adventurer |
    Father to Lucia Márquez (Lady Black), Alejandro Ortega de Márquez was a
    privateer, who led the Spanish charges through the colonies, and personally
    seized several smaller West Indie islands in the name of King Philip V of
    Spain. He is rumored to have spend a year or more living among the Taino, 
    though the exact location is not clear. Unbeknownst to his wife and children in
    Spain, he may even have take a Taino bride and fathered one or more children.
    Notes: A Templar and the father of the Lady Black. Change his stache because he
           looks silly in my opinion. His Bloody Seas costume (El Poncho) looks 
           great imo and becomes playable to me. 
    Exclusive Costumes:
     o Henry Morgan outfit ~ GameStop Pre-Order bonus; Illustrious Pirates Pack DLC
     o El Poncho ~ 6990 Abstergo credits / 99 Erudito credits
    | The Cutthroat |
    Born in Ireland and abandoned at an orphanage in Cork, Adrien Flood escaped at
    the age of eight, and stowed away on a ship bound for the West Indies, which
    was subsequently seized by Kumi Berko's (Mercenary) pirates. He quickly earned
    a place for himself as a deckhand, then a spy, being fast and small and able to
    fit into tight spaces, get at hard-to-reach spots and tough-to-hear info. As he
    grew older his obnoxious personality began to emerge. Sarcastic and 
    impertinent, he also began to display a sadistic side, and was put to work as
    torturer and disciplinarian.
    Notes: The first character I chose to play as when I started up Multiplayer.
           I equipped his Harlequin costume. I'm glad he has one of the Robber's
           taunts which is the backflip. His 1st taunt is hilarious after stunning.
           His walking animation is based off the Coyote Man from ACIII. The
           Cutthroat, Coyote Man, and Harlequin have the same psychotic kill 
           animation which also makes sense for the Cutthroat to wear the Harlequin
    Exclusive Costumes:
     o Harlequin costume ~ Loyalty reward for playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 
                           Multiplayer. Be sure to link your games to uPlay.
    o Spy of Persia ~ 6990 Abstergo credits / 99 Erudito credits
    | The Dandy |
    Born Alfie Gardner, to common parents in England, Comte Alphonse de Marigot
    quickly outgrew his humble background. At 15, he found a job at the newly
    established Comédie Francaise in Paris, and took advantage of every opportunity
    to meet men of power and influence. In his 18th year he accepted a job aboard a
    merchant brigantine and sailed for the West Indies. On the patron's death, he
    inherited the business, and established the de Marigot plantation in 
    Notes: In my opinion, he looks much better with the bicorn hat, long hair and
           either the Prestige or Champion outfit.
           His walking animation is based off the Governor from ACIII; the Engineer
           from ACB.
    Exclusive Costumes:
     o The Incognito ~ 6990 Abstergo credits / 99 Erudito credits
    | The Duelist |
    Born in Spain, to an influential family branched from the bourbon dynasty.
    Renardo Aguilar became a master swordsman in the Verdadera Destreza school, and
    a lover of strategy games. Not satisfied with the competition available at 
    home, he embarked on a journey to bring his technique to the Spanish colonies
    in Central and South America. He never forgot his roots or lost his taste for
    fine Madeira wine. He's been romantically linked to Felicia Moreno (Puppeteer).
    Notes: A Templar. Sadly, all his taunts have been recycled from ACIII's 
           Governor. Cool character nonetheless.
           His walking animation is based off the Preacher from ACIII.
    Exclusive Costumes:
     o The Death Coat ~ 6990 Abstergo credits / 99 Erudito credits
    | The Firebrand |
    Born in Saint-Domingue, Dominique Jean is the niece of a voodoo houngan and
    grew up under his doting tutelage. A clear and creative thinker with an open
    heart, she prefers to lead through her action. A generous collaborator, she is
    nevertheless deadly if crossed. At 16, she met Kumi Berko (Mercenary). They
    shared a brief relationship that was cut short by his departure from the 
    Notes: Immediately customize her hair because those cornrows are just ugly AF.
           Once you do that, she becomes beautiful. Gotta look pretty on your 
           pursuers' portrait ;) ; Also, if you want her to have shoes, get the 
           Warrior outfit.
    Exclusive Costumes:
     o The Voodoo Dancer ~ 6990 Abstergo credits / 99 Erudito credits
    | The Shaman | (Guild of Rogues DLC)
    Sold into slavery at the age of fourteen, Dakodonou kept his beliefs and his
    desires to establish a better life for his people a secret. Escaping captivity
    years later, Dakodonou trained with the Assassins, leaving only to educate
    himself in Haitian Vodou and carry on his true calling: to create a new world.
    Notes: He is one ugly mofo... His prestige outfit improves his appearance
           though. An Assassin. If he were in the Singleplayer, maybe he would join
           up with Adewale.
    Exclusive Costumes:
     o The Free Man ~ 6990 Abstergo credits / 99 Erudito credits
    | The Siren | (Guild of Rogues DLC)
    The daughter of a goods trader, Sylvia Seabrooke spend more time dreaming about
    the sea than husbands. When she lost her brothers to the New World, Sly
    disguised herself as her brother and went to work on the ships. Noticing her
    navigational skills, she was persuaded to join and recruited into the Templar
    Notes: Pretty but kinda flamboyant lol, especially with that first taunt. 
           Totally not my type. Lots of females favor her though... A Templar.
    Exclusive Costumes:
     o The Mountain Snake ~ 6990 Abstergo credits / 99 Erudito credits
                                  \ OTHER OUTFITS /
    o Assassin outfit ~ Community Rewards from multiplayer events.
     -Under Control-   -Flying Dutchman-   -Uncertain Alliances-   -Ultimate Army-
       o Huntsman        o Wayfarer           o Rebel               o Jaguar
       o Puppeteer       o Mercenary          o Lady Black          o Blackbeard
       o Dandy           o Buccaneer          o Night Stalker       o Orchid
       o Duelist         o Physician          o Cutthroat           o Stowaway
                         o Navigator          o Firebrand           o Shaman
                         o Adventurer                               o Siren
        Each of these events have released Assassin outfits for these characters.
        Since these events have finished on X360 and PS3, it should be equippable
        without having to spend credits. Other platforms may have "catch up" events
        and if they're not out already, keep track of the "News and Annoucements"
        section on the Ubisoft forums. If these events have already passed, chances
        are, you may have to buy them. Ubi would make you spend money for a 
        community reward.
    o Templar outfit ~ Unlocked when finishing a session of Wolfpack with the 
      --------------   character you played as AND/OR finishing a session of
                       Wolfpack on a certain map.
    o Warrior outfit ~ 9,990 Abstergo credits / 319 Erudito credits; During events,
      --------------   they may sometimes be 50% off.
    o Prestige outfit ~ Reach Prestige 5. Like ability crafting, you have to reach 
      ---------------   a certain level before they are available to purchase. 
                        9,990 Abstergo credits / 399 Erudito credits.
    o Champion outfit ~ Each week in the Abstergo Store, only four champion packs
      ---------------   are 50% off. Otherwise, they are 30,000 Abstergo credits / 
                        639 Erudito credits.
        In my opinion, I liked ACIII champion outfits better because each outfit 
        had their own variety of design and color. ACIV is mostly tricorn hats and
        all black colors...
        Like ACIII's, Champion Packs come with the outfit, superior main weapon, 
        patron picture, title, and emblem.
    o Luxurious outfit ~ 60,000 Abstergo credits / 1699 Erudito credits. They're
      ----------------   not much different from the default outfits other than 
                         color and jewelry. TOO damn expensive. I will say the
                         Night Stalker's outfit looks pretty cool.
          /  /____________________                  ____________________\  \
          ACss____________________| SCORING SYSTEM |____________________ACss
    Probably the most interesting thing about this Multiplayer is the brand new 
    scoring system. It gives you a good reason to use the environment and to pay 
    attention to your Variety. 
    Please note that the scoring can be modified via Game Lab parameters.
                                 \ KILL MULTIPLIERS /
    In ACIV, most environmental kills are now multipliers. Earning a multiplier
    applies to your current approach before any other bonus(es) for the total kill
    score. See if the multiplier icon is present next to your approach meter so you
    know it will apply.
              [(Approach x Multiplier) + other Bonuses] = Kill Score
     Example: [(450 Kill x Hidden x2 ) +  Focus +150  ] = 1050
                              | Acrobatic Kill | x1.5 |
    Kill your target from above while hanging on a wall, crouching on a beam, or 
    getting an Aerial kill shortly after landing on an elevated position. An easy
    Acro kill can be done when climbing up a wall and hitting kill.
    Using knives can help position targets for an Acro kill.
                                | Hidden Kill | x2 |
    Kill your target while hiding in a blend group or haybale. You can now blend
    with single civilians so you should be getting lots of Hidden kills since
    they're very rewarding in ACIV.
                                 | Grab Kill | x3 |
    Pull your target off an elevated position such as a rooftop. You may need to 
    wait 1-full second after hanging, otherwise it will convert into an Acro kill.
    You know this as a Ledge Assassination from Singleplayer.
    Because Grab kills aren't so common, if you see your target standing next to a
    ledge, use knifes to keep them in place.
                                 | Bench Kill | x3 |
    Kill your target while sitting on a bench. A new bonus in ACIV Multiplayer. At
    least now we have a big bonus that's more common than Grab kills.
                               | Contested Kill | /2 |
                 This isn't a Multiplier, but I've added it anyway.
    This happens when you and your target simultaneously press the action button 
    (X/Square). With the Determined Perk equipped, your score won't be divided but
    any multipliers are removed. In this case, Determined would be a x1 Multiplier.
                                   Things to note:
    If you know your bonuses and the math, I'd suggest changing your kill score 
    setting to "TOTAL" so you don't have to keep seeing points flying on your 
    screen. The point is, it tells you your kill score right away.
    Acrobatic kill scores usually have "5" in the last digit. Otherwise, it's a 
    contested kill if you're not using the Determined perk.
    Hidden kills are usually kill scores of 500, 700, 900 plus any extra bonuses.
    Grab and Bench kills are usually kill scores of 750, 1050, 1350 plus any extra
    bonuses. If your approach is good, expect at least 1000 points.
    Stuns are always 200 points plus any of these earned bonus(es) which are Chain,
    Focus, and/or Variety.
    Contested stuns are always 100 points.
    When hearing "Variety Completed", subtract 400 to see what your kill score 
    would have been. Probably not needed to know but whatever.
                               \ EARNING VARIETY /
    In Assassin's Creed IV Multiplayer, there is a new way of earning Variety.
    It can be earned multiple times now with each Variety bonus resetting the 
    checklist. Also, there is no more Greater or Extreme Variety from the previous
    There are six bonuses that count towards Variety:
    The four Kill Multipliers: ACROBATIC, HIDDEN, BENCH, & GRAB kill.
    The rest are: FOCUS and CHAIN bonus.
       FOCUS always counts, whether it's a half for +50 or full for +150.
       Only go for the full focus when it isn't risky such as a stunned target or
       perhaps while disguised in a packed blend group.
       CHAIN bonuses are achieved when getting either two kills, two stuns, or one
       kill & one stun within ten seconds. Somewhat situational.
    Because BENCH and GRAB are uncommon, focus on getting HIDDEN, ACRO, FOCUS, and
    CHAIN. Then repeat the process afterwards.
    For some reason, BENCH still counts towards variety while being contested from
    a bench. Don't be surprised when this is fixed later.
                             \ ADDITIONAL BONUSES / 
                      Bonuses that involve the approach meter. 
    / Kill /
    The kill score depends on your approach meter. Any multipliers will apply 
    before any bonuses stack.
    / Aerial Kill / 
    Kill your target from an elevated position such as a rooftop. The kill score 
    depends on your approach meter. Even though this no longer counts towards
    variety, it's still great for flanking targets. 
    Any other bonuses (besides Poison and Variety) will stack.
    / Focus / +50/150 
    While standing close to your target, wait for the kill button to load. Whether
    half or full, it still counts towards your Variety bonus.
    / Chain / +50
    Perform 2 main actions (kill or stun) within 10 seconds. Counts towards your 
    Variety bonus.
    / Variety / +400
    Earn 4 of any of these bonuses: Acrobatic, Hidden, Grab, Bench, Focus, Chain.
    Afterwards, this can be done multiple times.
    / First Blood / +50
    Get the first kill in the game session. Exempt from Manhunt and Wolfpack.
    / Revenge / +50
    Kill the player that killed you last before another player does. Exempt from 
    / Savior / +50
    Kill a target who is less than 10 meters away from his own target in FFA modes.
    / Poacher / +50
    Kill a target who is less than 10 meters away from his other pursuers in FFA 
    / Poison / +200/250/300
    Use Poison instead of X/Square to kill your target. Points earned can be
    modified by crafting.
                                 \ STRAY BONUSES /
                     Bonuses that do not stack with your approach.
    / Stun / +200
    Stun your pursuer. Focus, Chain, and Variety bonuses can stack.
    / Lure / +100
    Earned when another player kills a civilian lookalike nearby.
    / Decoy / +100/200/300
    Earned when another player kills your active Decoy. Decoy is now its own bonus
    and does not stack with Lure. Points earned can be modified by crafting.
    / Bodyguard / +100
    Earned when your Bodyguard stuns a pursuer.
    / Booby Trap / +100
    Have your Booby Trap kill any player. Multipliers aren't applied.
    / Pistol / +100
    Kill your target with the Pistol. Multipliers aren't applied.
    / Execution / +50 (Originally +100 from previous games)
    Kill your target while they are running or in mid-air with the Pistol. Stacks 
    with your Pistol bonus. Mid-Air and Execution are all one bonus now.
    Mid-Air kills are hilarious.
    / Poison Dart / +300 
    Kill your target with the Poison Dart. Multipliers aren't applied.
    / Ground Finish / +50 
    Perform a ground finish (B/Circle) after your target is killed by an another
    player. In ACIV, it's almost never worth going for these anymore since they no
    longer count towards your variety bonuses.
    / Intercepted / +50
    Received when another player kills your poisoned target before the Poison takes
          /  /______________________              ______________________\  \
          ACgm______________________| GAME MODES |______________________ACgm
    ||                              CUSTOM   MATCH                               ||
    || Session Type  =     Adversarial    |   Game Lab   |  Wolfpack  |  Events  ||
    ||               =       Wanted       |              |    ----    |   (See   ||
    ||               =     Deathmatch     | (Adversarial |    ----    |  Ubisoft ||
    ||     Game      =     Assassinate    |     with     |    ----    |  Forums  ||
    ||     Mode      =      Manhunt       |   modified   |    ----    |    for   ||
    ||               =   Artifact Assault |  parameters) |    ----    |  Monthly ||
    ||               =     Domination     |              |    ----    |  Events) ||
    | Wanted | FFA
    The main game mode of Assassin's Creed Multiplayer since Brotherhood. The
    objective is to reach your target while dealing with look-a-likes. Quality 
    kills are important. Because the map is full-size, you may find players 
    sprinting to reduce the distance to their target.
    Default Parameters
         Session Time: 10 minutes
         Look-a-likes: On
              Compass: On
             Map Size: Large
    Abilities to consider using
    1) Defensive ability such as Firecrackers, Time Phase, Smoke.
    2) Revealing ability such as Firecrackers or Wipe.
    3) - Any ranged ability of your choice.
       - Pistol (for targets that constantly run away from you rather 
                 than fighting back)
    Perks to consider using
    - Sixth Sense: High profile players are common. I can't play Wanted w/out this.
    - Fast Recovery: For when a defensive ability fails.
    - Resistance: Unless you already have two good ones, why not?
    - Determined: Quality kills are important for this mode.
    - Revelation: Easiest to get and extremely helpful.
    - Boost Cooldowns: Great for abilities with high cooldowns.
    | Deathmatch | FFA
    Another game mode that was introduced in ACR. The objective is to reach your 
    target but with no look-a-likes. This means whichever persona is selected to 
    play as has no look-a-likes, unless they're using Blender (Perk), or the 
    Abilities Decoy, Bodyguard or Morph. A very popular FFA mode among skilled 
    players mainly due to the small map size, stealth level, and big scoring. 
    Quality kills are important.
    Default Parameters
         Session Time: 10 minutes
         Look-a-likes: Off
              Compass: Off
             Map Size: Small
    Abilities to consider using
    1) Defensive ability such as Firecrackers, Time Phase, Smoke.
    2) Disguise. It is godly for Deathmatch.
    3) Any ranged ability. Let's avoid using Pistol though...
    Perks to consider using
    - Determined: DM is a high scoring mode, and every point counts; Staple perk.
    - Blender: No look-a-likes make this perk useful. It can give you away though.
    - Kill Buffer: For Streak+550 or Animus Hack.
    - Fast Recovery: Probably a good choice if you're not using Blender or Buffer.
                     I often fail to time Smoke/FC and Knives properly.
    - Revelation: Easiest to get and extremely helpful.
    - Mass Morph: For the lolz. You'd be amazed how well it works in noob lobbies.
    - Streak +250/550: You may want to run Kill Buffer too.
    - Animus Hack: Godly in Deathmatch because no look-a-likes, but only if you're
                   already good. Kill Buffer is a must.
    - Score x2: Because you're a point whore.
    - Boost Cooldowns: Great for abilities with high cooldowns.
    | Assassinate | FFA
    The one thing that makes this mode unique is that the game does not decide who
    you're going to kill. The objective is to find players, acquire them as targets
    by locking them, then kill them. The one who locks first becomes the pursuer. 
    Because your approach isn't used until you lock, you can run without any point 
    penalty but that doesn't mean other players won't see you. Because having a 
    lock is crucial, abilities like Firecrackers are very useful.
    In ACIV, you now respawn after getting stunned. This means no more smoke 
    baiting for Focus + Enviromental kills. This mode was not played properly in
    ACIII and it has improved since.
    Default Parameters
         Session Time: 10 minutes
         Look-a-likes: On
              Compass: On, but altered. Compass for each opponent closeby.
             Map Size: Large
    Abilities to consider using
    1) Lock removal ability such as Firecrackers and Time Phase.
    2) Any defensive ability or another lock removal ability.
    3) - Any ranged ability of your choice.
       - Disruption can help remove locks. Leave that player's line-of-sight after
         disrupting his/her vision.
    Please note that Disguise is pointless in this mode since you won't know who
    your target looks like anyway.
    | Manhunt | Team 
    The main team mode of Assassin's Creed Multiplayer since Brotherhood and a team
    variant of Wanted. There are 2 teams of four: One pursuer team and one target
    team. Being the pursuers is practically a team Wanted but without any purusers.
    Being the targets mean you will be hiding and stunning the whole round. You'll
    slowly build up points while hiding and you'll earn more when hiding together. 
    Because each round is different, you may probably want to have an ability 
    set(s) for each round.
    Default Parameters
         Session Time: 10 minutes (5 min each of Defense and Offense)
         Look-a-likes: On
              Compass: On, with multiple contracts (Offense)
             Map Size: Large
    Abilities to consider using
    1) Defensive ability. Consider Tripwire and Bodyguard as well.
    2) Another defensive ability or concealing ability like Disguise or Morph.
    3) Any ranged ability that doesn't start with "P".
    1) Animus Shield. Be prepared for abilities like Smoke and Tripwire.
    2) Revealing abilities. Wipe is a strong choice due to ability shutdown.
    3) Any ranged ability of your choice.
    Perks to consider using
    - Sixth Sense: Expect players to high profile. (Defense)
    - Fast Recovery: For when a defensive ability fails. (Defense)
    - Determined: Quality kills are important for this mode. (Offense)
    - Resilience: Expect lots of defensive abilities. (Offense)
    - Kill Buffer: If you're running Streak+ bonuses. (Offense)
    - Revelation: Easiest to get and extremely helpful. (Defense)
    - Mass Morph: For the lolz. (Defense)
    - Streak +250/550: You may want to run Kill Buffer too.
    - Daze: Easy to earn and cripples nearby pursuers. (Defense)
    - Scavenger: Ground finish option will be common. (Offense)
    - Score x2: Because you're a point whore. (Offense)
    - Boost Cooldowns: Great for abilities with high cooldowns.
    | Artifact Assault | Team
    A game mode that was introduced in ACR. AC's Capture the Flag. Each team has
    their own side and they are pursuers. When invading the opposing team's 
    territory, you become a target. You must steal the opposing team's artifact and
    bring it back to your base. Have your teammates support you because you remain 
    a target for as long as you hold the artifact. Quality kills are entirely
    irrelevant for victory; You just need to score the most artifacts before the 
    time limit. The Teleport ability is common in this mode and it is very helpful.
    Default Parameters
         Session Time: 10 minutes
         Look-a-likes: On
              Compass: Off, On when artifact thief is in high profile
             Map Size: Large
    Abilities to consider using
    1) - Animus Shield to avoid defensive/ranged abilities. Craft an extra charge.
       - Time Phase or Smoke to slow down pursuers.
       - Tripwire near your artifact to stop incoming thieves.
       - Wipe shutdowns Teleport. Thieves will shit in their pants.
       - Booby Trap will surprise escaping thieves and it's funny.
       - Decoy can pretend to steal an artifact, hench the name Decoy.
    2) Teleport after stealing the artifact; cut off a thief's path.
    3) - Knives slow down players, whether a thief or pursuer.
       - Sabotage will prevent a pursuer from using any ranged abilities.
    I'd strongly advise against using Pistol because you're likely to get hate 
    mail. I'm not saying don't use it but...
    Perks to consider using
    - Sixth Sense: Gives an idea where pursuers/targets are.
    - Hot Pursuit: Helps against thieves when your abilities are cooling down.
    - Resilience: Expect lots of knives flying at you.
    - Resistance: For when you get stunned while defending your artifact.
    - Unstoppable: Great for escaping to bash through civilians; Great for thieves
                   since chase breakers are very useful. Keep note of its now added 
    - Revelation: Easiest to get and extremely helpful. (Thief)
    - Mass Morph: This may actually help. Still funny. (Defense)
    - Animus Hack: After Defense, carefully escort your thief without fear.
    - Vision: Useful before a thief steals an artifact.
    - Minor Hack: Instantly kill an artifact thief. It's also funny.
    - Boost Cooldowns: Great for abilities with high cooldowns.
    | Domination | Team
    A game mode that was introduced in ACIII. Similar to Call of Duty's Domination,
    the objective is to defend territories. During the beginning of the game, each 
    territory starts off neutral until a player walks onto them. Afterwards, it is
    immediately captured along with 1/3 of the map, also making that team the
    pursuers of that map section. Recapturing takes time so you may need teammates
    for support. The team that can hold down more territories the longest wins.
    Quality kills are entirely irrelevant for victory.
    Default Parameters
         Session Time: 10 minutes max; Ends when the winning team holds down 
                       territories long enough
         Look-a-likes: On
              Compass: Off
             Map Size: Large
    Abilities to consider using
    - Smoke for defending against incoming pursuers.
    - Disguise to sneak in/capture a territory.
    - Tripwire for defending a territory.
    - Glimmer to sneak in/capture a territory. (Otherwise, use Survival perk)
    - Teleport to quickly reach a territory. Great during the start of the game.
    3) Knives since territories will constantly change and knives affect both
       targets and pursuers.
    Perks to consider using
    - Sixth Sense: Tells where your pursuers are while attempting to capture.
    - Resistance: You may get stunned a lot while defending. Expect stun locks.
    - Survival: Not for making mistakes, but to purposely capture invisibly.
    - Revelation: Easiest to get and extremely helpful while capturing.
    - Mass Morph: This may actually help. Still funny. (Defense)
    - Daze: Useful when capturing.
    - Animus Hack: Strike fear.
    - Vision: Useful since there isn't a compass in this mode.
    - Minor Hack: Unleash your rage.
    - Boost Cooldowns: Great for abilities with high cooldowns.
    | Game Lab |
    New to Assassin's Creed Multiplayer. You can now change the parameters of an
    existing game mode to how you'd like. Scoring, ability availability/forced 
    ability set, removal of heartbeats and whispers, etc. See for yourself on the 
    menu. You may end up changing it into a completely different mode. If a certain
    mode becomes popular in private matches, they may go public for a limited time.
    See "News and annoucements" on the Ubisoft forums to see the current public 
    game lab mode. You can see what's modified when joining a session.
    In the past, we had two great modes and I'm hoping they return on public game 
    lab or possibly its own mode. Consider setting up these modes with friends if 
    you don't have them saved already:
    PISTOLIER (Created by Ubisoft)
    This mode isn't a stealth mode but very fun. You can only kill with the Pistol.
    Each kill was +500 points. You were given a Forced Ability Set: Animus Shield, 
    Disguise, Pistol. Cooldowns were only 15 seconds (very short). It becomes 
    frightening to get stunned because you can rush your pursuer with or without 
    Animus Shield. The only thing that ruins it is when your Pistol is randomly put
    away, and that's a known glitch for charging ranged weapons.
                                / Template: Wanted \
                      ~ GENERAL ~                  ~ SCORING ~
                  Melee Kills: Off                    Stun = 350
                 Look-a-Likes: Off           Ground Finish = 150
               Lock Awareness: On                   Pistol = 500
                Lock Duration: 6 seconds         Execution = 100
                     Aim Time: Fast          
                     ~ ABILITIES ~                ~ INTERFACE ~
                Forced Ability Sets (1)
                  1) Animus Shield             Approach Meter: Off
                  2) Disguise
                  3) Pistol
                 Cooldown: Very Short
    SILENT HUNT (Created by RaininStormwake)
    This mode is easily the best mode in any AC mode I've ever played. Being 
    stealthy & observant rewarded players and there are NO heartbeats or whispers!
    Because there isn't a target portrait, you had to rely on line-of-sight alone 
    with your compass. Lastly, Variety rewarded 1000 points! I've earned so many
    Variety + Grab/Bench kills on this mode and laughed so hard.
                                / Template: Wanted \
                      ~ GENERAL ~                     ~ SCORING ~
                     Allow Whispers: Off         Failed Approach = 50
                   Allow Heartbeats: Off           Poor Approach = 100
          Approach Meter Start Zone: Full          Good Approach = 150
             Ranged Weapon Aim Time: Instant      Great Approach = 300
                                                Perfect Approach = 400
                                                            Stun = 300
                                                   Ground Finish = 50
                                                           Focus = 300
                                                           Chain = 100
                                                         Variety = 1000
                 ~ SCORING MULTIPLIERS ~          ~ INTERFACE ~
                    Acrobatic = x2            Target's Portrait: Off
                       Hidden = x3                Target's Info: Off
                        Bench = x4               Approach Meter: Off
                  ~ BANNED ABILITIES ~          ~ BANNED STREAKS ~
                       Pistol                      Animus Hack
                       Poison Dart                  Minor Hack
    To get an idea of how the modes work, see loomer979's E3 gameplay for Pistolier
    (Saba Island map); RSW's gameplay for Silent Hunt (Santa Lucia map).
    | Wolfpack | Team/Co-Op
    A game mode that was introduced in ACIII.
    See the Wolfpack Guide since it had to get its own section. Scroll a bit to
    find it or CTRL+F "ACwp" if you're lazy for some reason.
    | Events | (Varies)
    Every month, Ubisoft hosts an event that players can participate in and you can
    get community rewards, participation rewards, and earn individual rewards. The
    mode uses Game Lab and always occurs during a weekend. For in-depth details, 
    see "News and Annoucements" on the Ubisoft Forums for past or incoming events.
    The past community rewards were Assassin outfits, new maps, etc. You can
    help complete the challenge, or wait for it to finish itself.
    Participation rewards are usually titles. I guess that's cool? Nah.
    The past individual rewards were patron pictures, emblems, etc. These can be 
    done by yourself. Because Events are a limited time, it's a good idea to 
    complete them while they're still going on. There may be no other way to obtain
        Here lists the Multiplayer Events that have happened or yet to happen. 
                              Dates are Xbox 360 and PS3
               1st Event:       Under Control - 11/1/13 through 11/3/13
               2nd Event: The Flying Dutchman - 11/29/13 through 12/2/13
               3rd Event:            Takeover - 12/13/13 through 12/15/13
               4th Event:     Miserly Shadows - 12/27/13 through 12/29/13
               5th Event: Uncertain Alliances - 1/17 through 1/29
               6th Event:       The Renegades - 2/14 through 2/16
               7th Event:           Bloodbath - 3/7 through 3/9          
               8th Event:   The Ultimate Army - 4/4 through 4/6       
               9th Event:           Suspicion - 5/9 through 5/11
              10th Event:    Abilities Hacked - 6/20 through 6/22
                                Individual Challenges
                  9th Event: Chain 2 Kills including Poison/Poison Dart.
                 10th Event: Kill 5 players with Booby Trap.
    Just remember that I've updated this guide sometime after the 8th Event.
    Incoming event dates may change. The Renegades Event was originally scheduled
    on 2/7. The dates and challenges were posted by a user on the Ubisoft forums.
          /  /___________________                  _____________________\  \
          ACwp___________________| WOLFPACK GUIDE |_____________________ACwp
                               \ WHAT IS WOLFPACK? /
    A different game mode from the usual competitive modes. No player is playing
    against each other, but rather teaming up to kill AI targets in a certain time 
    limit. Quality kills are important in this game mode, so stealth and variety
    help to progress through sequences. It's also an alternative way of leveling up
    as well. The music in this mode is beautiful too. That violin... 
    Before starting an actual Wolfpack session, start "Discovery" to learn how the
    game mode works. Completing all eight tutorial levels gives you an Achievement
    The difficulties available are Standard for 25 sequences, Difficult for 30, and
    Hardcore for 35. A higher difficulty means targets detect you more easily and
    you have less time.
                                 \ GENERAL TIPS /
    - Lol play Solo. Seriously. For a full-sync team, you would need clones of 
      yourself that can read each others' minds. Solo Hardcore is much easier than 
      Team Hardcore. No joke. The only reasons you would play team is just for fun
      or getting a team high score. Most of all, NEVER play Wolfpack with randoms. 
      Team modes on Assassin's Creed is NOT the same as Team modes on Call of Duty
      or Halo. I wonder if any lobby of randoms ever completed a session at all?
     ~The rest of the tips will be for Solo but some can still be done for Co-op~
    - Assuming you have "Target's Gamertag" switched on in Options, watch for the
      type and level of targets you're hunting down. (CTRL+F Target Archetypes)
      Switch your contracts with Up/Down if needed.
    - While targets are far, go ahead and run at full speed. Slow down a few steps
      before turning a corner and fast walk if you want. 
    - Approach a target(s) from behind. If it cannot be done without being fully 
      detected, use Disguise, Glimmer, or Disruption. You'll be needing these 
      abilities against Elite targets and targets in Hardcore.
    - Focus + Hidden kills will be the easiest and most common kill earned and you
      should always be getting them.
    - Because Hidden kills are so common, go for Acrobatic kills whenever possible.
      The easiest way is to lock your target, quickly climb up and hit kill. You
      can even Focus before climbing. Variety bonuses are the reason for this.
    - Since TU4, performing an Acrobatic Kill after standing in a blend group will
      reward both Hidden and Acrobatic bonuses. Hidden will be applied on the score
      while Acrobatic will be applied on the optional objectives and variety. Keep
      in mind this only happens in Wolfpack.
    - Don't rely on Bench kills and Grab kills often since they're not common but
      when given the opportunity, go for them. I can't help but grin when getting
      these kill types, even in Wolfpack.
    - Defense Sequences = Multiple Variety bonuses. Hidden, Acro, Focus, Chain.
    - During a silent-kill animation, you should be switching locks to your other
      target if there is one, especially when that target attempts to stun or flee.
      You're also getting a Chain bonus when successful.
    - If a Fighter target is not alone, take him out first.
    - If you decide to use Poison, it should only be used for MULTI-kills in Solo. 
      The delay is usually bad, unless you're taking advantage of it. Use the delay
     time to load a Focus on your other target. Very useful for a pair of Fighters.
      If the second kill is an Acro-kill, that should give you an instant Variety 
    - Targets with Blender: Gently push the morphed civilian away from the crowd. 
      The real one cannot be pushed away. Revealing abilities aren't needed unless
      for challenge completion and Co-Op.
    - A good Perk setup would probably be Hot Pursuit for the slower approach 
      depletion and Resistance. You may not get stunned often or at all but you can
      still get contested. There's not much other choices either.
    - Consider using Kill Buffer + Streak +550 for Hardcore Wolfpack. I personally
      would replace Resistance for Kill Buffer. It's up to you though.
    - It helps to complete the Extra Objectives so do them for faster sequence
      completion. In a way, it gives you a personal variety playthrough.
    - You will never get a loss streak activated unless you're very terrible. 
      In fact, I left my loss streak blank for my Wolfpack set. If you have to have
      one, just equip Ability Switch if you're running multiple sets. One stun is
      all it takes to get it.
    - Extra targets that offer extra time only spawn when you're somewhat low on
      time. Your approach doesn't matter when killing them so go ahead and rush 
      them. Also you may not always need to kill them, especially when they're not
      on the way towards your actual targets. Extra targets count as civilians if 
      that matters.
    - If you already know the basics, the "Difficult" setting should be your 
     "Standard" difficulty. It's not hard at all and you'll forget Standard even
      exists. With the already good skills you have, use the opportunity to try
      other abilities, perks, and kill streaks for challenge completion.
      (While messing around with Daze, it actually helped stopped Fighters in 
       Defense and Infection Sequences, HA)
      (While equipping Animus Hack, it actually eliminates Infected targets without
       needing Healthy Packets, MWAHAHA!)
                                   \ SEQUENCES /
    | Sync-Kill Sequence |
    Learning from ACIII, this is one of the reasons why you never play with randoms
    because 9 times out of 10, they will just hit the kill button. 
    To properly Sync kill, each player must lock their own target while standing 
    close to their target. The last player doesn't need to lock as long as he/she 
    enters close proximity to his/her target. The screen should then dim and 
    everyone must hit kill before the kill timer runs out.
    It's also useful to know that while waiting for the last player(s) to arrive
    for the sync-kill, stand in the blend group with the target(s) for the Hidden 
    bonus. In Solo, just lock onto a civilian next to the target, then unlock to
    begin the Sync kill. I learned that trick from Alex68 on YouTube.
    You'll then get a cool kill scene...which was recycled from ACIII's Wolfpack...
    | Defense Sequence |
    A new sequence for Wolfpack. The objective is to prevent targets from looting
    the chests to 0%. In Solo, you'll have to defend two chests; In Co-Op, it's two 
    chests plus one for each additional player. There are no compasses in this 
    sequence and they will have unique target types with tricky abilities like 
    Glimmer. Looters will never run away during this sequence so don't fall for 
    Decoy. Some looters may have fighters defending them as well. Variety is easy 
    to get in these sequences, so use the environment around you. The sequence is 
    completed when all targets are eliminated or you've scored enough points for 
    the next sequence. 
    | Infection Sequence |
    Another new sequence for Wolfpack and possibly the most annoying depending on
    difficulty. You're required to pickup healthy packets to gain the temporary
    ability to kill infected targets. 
    (I don't even want to know how many targets there are in Co-Op...)
    Without healthy packets, infected targets will aggro-stun you when detected and
    you can't do anything to them. There are three healthy packets to use but when 
    timed properly, you will only need one. The sequence is completed when all 
    infected targets are eliminated or you've scored enough points for the next 
    Solo Tip: With proper timing, pick up a packet while all three targets are 
              coming towards you. Poison the first target, silent-kill the second,
              and you should have time for the last target. This is especially 
              important for Hardcore Solo. If things get ugly, climb up to prevent
              getting stunned.
                               \ TARGET ARCHETYPES /
                           | Regular Sequences - Cowards |
    Cowards are targets that will flee when they detect you. After detection, they 
    are likely to use abilities, if any. Their character design is somewhat slim.
                 o--------------o              o------------------o
                / Basic Coward /              / Basic Coward alt /
               o--------------o              o------------------o
              Abilities    Perks            Abilities        Perks
              - none       - none           - Firecrackers   - none
              o-----------------o              o---------------------o
             / Advanced Coward /              / Advanced Coward alt /
            o-----------------o              o---------------------o
           Abilities       Perks               Abilities     Perks
           - Firecrackers  - none              - Disguise    - Resilience
                                               - Decoy
                 o--------------o              o------------------o
                / Elite Coward /              / Elite Coward alt /
               o--------------o              o------------------o
             Abilities     Perks             Abilities      Perks
             - Smoke Bomb  - Blender         - Time Phase   - Unstoppable
             - Teleport    - Sixth Sense     - Decoy        - Sixth Sense
                           | Regular Sequences - Fighters |
    Fighters are targets that will stun you when they detect you. After detection,
    they are likely to use abilities, if any. After they land a stun, they switch 
    into Coward status and flee. Their character design is somewhat bulky.
                o---------------o              o-------------------o
               / Basic Fighter /              / Basic Fighter alt /
              o---------------o              o-------------------o
             Abilities     Perks             Abilities     Perks
             - none        - none            - Bodyguard   - none
             o------------------o              o----------------------o
            / Advanced Fighter /              / Advanced Fighter alt /
           o------------------o              o----------------------o
            Abilities   Perks                Abilities        Perks
            - Disguise  - Unstoppable        - Time Phase     - Blender
            - Wipe                           - Glimmer
                o---------------o               o-------------------o
               / Elite Fighter /               / Elite Fighter alt /
              o---------------o               o-------------------o
             Abilities       Perks            Abilities         Perks
             - Firecrackers  - Resilience     - Smoke Bomb      - Blender
             - Bodyguard     - Sixth Sense    - Animus Shield   - Sixth Sense
                                | Defense Sequences |
    These targets are exclusive to these sequences only. They have their own 
    unique abilities. Cowards are harmless and will just loot. Fighters may loot
    too but will defend cowards already looting so take out the fighters first.
    Keep in mind that these sequences can reward easy Variety bonuses use the pick
    up multipliers via environment.
              o-----------------o               o----------------o
             / Looter (Coward) /               / Thief (Coward) /
            o-----------------o               o----------------o
                 Abilities                        Abilities
                 - Glimmer                        - Disguise
                                                  - Decoy
            o-------------------o               o-----------------o
           / Striker (Fighter) /               / Brute (Fighter) /
          o-------------------o               o-----------------o
                Abilities                         Abilities
               - Disguise                         - Firecrackers
                               | Infection Sequences |
    These targets are exclusive to these sequences only. Infected targets are all
    Fighters. On higher difficulties, they can be total douchebags if you're not 
    careful. Time your healthy packets properly and you may not need to use up 
    every packet.
    *Every Infected target has the Unstoppable Perk.
            o-------------------o               o------------------o
           / Infected Scrapper /               / Infected Striker /
          o-------------------o               o------------------o
               Abilities                           Abilities
               - Animus Shield                     - Bodyguard 
             o------------------o               o----------------o
            / Infected Brawler /               / Infected Brute /
           o------------------o               o----------------o
                Abilities                         Abilities
                - Smoke Bomb                      - Time Phase
                               \ EXTRA OBJECTIVES /
    All game long, the session gives you optional objectives to complete for extra 
    points. Completing these will make progressing through sequences easier so it 
    shouldn't be an option to not do them. Do them.
    | The usual objectives... |
    _ Kill a locked Target.
    _ Perform a Hidden kill.
    _ Earn an approach of 350 or above.
    _ Perform an Aerial or Acrobatic kill.
    _ Earn a Focus bonus.
    _ Perform a kill worth at least 500 pts.
    _ Perform a kill worth at least 800 pts.
    _ Earn a Perfect approach (450 pts).
    _ Perform an Acrobatic kill.
    _ Earn a Focus + Hidden bonus in one kill.
    _ Earn a Focus + Acrobatic bonus in one kill.
    _ Use an Ability before killing your Target.
    _ Kill your next Target in less than 20 seconds.
    _ Activate a Kill streak.
    _ Use a Ranged weapon to kill your Target.
    _ Earn a Variety bonus.
    "New objective synchronized" is said by the Animus lady when all of them are 
    done and then it recycles them.
    | Objectives present for 2-4 Players |
    _ Perform a Ground finish.
    _ Earn an Assist bonus.
    _ Revive an Ally.
    _ Obtain a Chain bonus.
    | Info on some objectives |
    "Use an Ability before killing your target."
      - Despite being simple, some abilities don't apply to this objective (PISTOL)
        Technically, you can't kill the target before killing that target (Does 
        that make sense??)
      - Oddly enough, POISON DART doesn't work either and I've tested it myself. I
        think it's because as soon as the dart lands, it's considered a kill. This
        is not the case for normal POISON which is why it's odd.
    "Use a Ranged weapon to kill your target."
      - KNIVES work for as long as they are crippled.
      - PISTOL would probably be the best choice because it's quick.
      - POISON DART is an alternative choice but only for challenge completion.
      - DISRUPTION works as long as the target is killed while disrupted.
      - SABOTAGE does not count towards this objective or any objective at all.
    "Perform an Aerial or Acrobatic kill."
    "Perform an Acrobatic kill."
    "Earn a Focus + Acrobatic bonus in one kill."
      - Playing on Portobelo or Prison? Prepare to point-starve.
                           \ MAP RECOMMENDATIONS FOR SOLO /
    Each map in Wolfpack can be easier and more fun than other maps right? 
    Actually, there are two maps you should probably avoid if you're playing just
    for the easy XP. Those maps are Portobelo and Prison. Why?
    Portobelo has lots of benches (ooh x3), yep. However, there are very few places
    to get Aerial and Acrobatic kills. Because of this, you won't be able to do the
    optional objective right away and you will be missing out on lots of points. I
    actually failed a Hardcore Portobelo session a few times because of this. 
    Prison has this problem too and without the extra benches so that's even
    The easiest map (in my opinion) would be La Havana mainly because it can be
    completed under 14 minutes (Difficult). It's also my favorite map for Wolfpack.
    I haven't completed Hardcore maps more than once each and I managed to get 7 
    minutes on the timer (7:01 exactly) in Tampa Bay. It's either the easiest 
    Hardcore map or I just happened to do good on that particular map?
    After MP Compatibility Pack 2 arrived, turns out that Charlestown and Kingston
    are nice. Defense on Charlestown gives you access to a Focus+Bench; Defense on
    Kingston gives you access to a Focus+Grab Kill. I'm not saying these maps are
    good because of those little things but the maps aren't bad either.
                                 \ TEMPLAR OUTFITS /
             Templar Outfits are the ACIV's version of the Dark Costumes.
    When completing a session of Wolfpack, you unlock the Templar outfit for the
    persona you've played as during that session AND a second Templar outfit for 
    completing the session on a certain map. 
    Each map rewards a Templar outfit for a specific character. You can see their
    portrait on each map on the Wolfpack Unleashed checklist.
                             Palenque      The Adventurer
                             Portobelo     The Puppeteer
                             Santa Lucia   The Mercenary
                             Saint-Pierre  The Firebrand
                             Saba Island   The Dandy
                             Tampa Bay     The Duelist
                             La Havana     The Lady Black
                             Prison        The Cutthroat
    Note that while playing on each map, you cannot select that persona to play as
    and you will be killing him/her on the final sequence. This applies to the 
    extra maps as well.
    While keeping track of that list, avoid playing as any of them at all while 
    playing as any other persona (besides the additional characters) and you should
    be able to unlock all the Templar outfits.
                                 The Rebel
                                 The Wayfarer
                                 The Huntsman
                                 The Buccaneer
                                 The Physician
                                 The Navigator
                                 The Night Stalker
    8 maps; 7 characters to play as. On your 8th map, play as whoever you like.
    Feel free to wear your Templar outfit too. 
    By completing all Wolfpack sessions on each map (Most likely on Standard 
    difficulty), you should obtain the Wolfpack relic. Whether you like it or not,
    this tells that you've completed all the Templar Persona challenges.
    Notice that I didn't bother covering the Templar Outfits for the additional
    characters. Why? Their outfits are immediately available. I'd still play the 
    additional maps to complete the checklist.
                                \ HARDCORE SOLO TIPS /
    I've decided to add this section because I've talked to someone who needed help
    on it. I expected her to handle Hardcore without a problem but it IS Hardcore
    after all. Even I had trouble when I was working on the newest additional maps.
    I would not recommend completing challenges on this difficulty. I failed a 
    session because I forgot to remove Mass Morph...
    Some of these may already apply on the easier difficulties and some are obvious
    to do but I will cover them anyway. Good luck on Portobelo and Prison.
    Ability Set
    Disguise - Targets are more likely to detect you. Obviously, you want to use it
               out of sight... Great against Elite targets.
    Poison - For Multi-Kills ONLY (You do not want to spend time because of the 
             delay). If a pair of targets have one Fighter, Focus+Poison the coward
             first. If pair has two, Focus+Poison the lower-leveled target first.
    Disruption - To reset the target's detection level. Just tap the button after 
                 locking them. Great against Elite targets. Fast walk dammit.
    Perk Set
    Hot Pursuit - Chase after cowards that have already detected you; Slows down 
                  the approach meter's depletion.
    Kill Buffer - You WILL get stunned a few times. Streak +550 is important since
                  the extra time gained from each new sequence is somewhat low.
     Resistance may not be needed if you can avoid getting stunned. It's up to you.
    Streak +550 - You need to gather points as quickly as possible.
    - ALWAYS apply a Multiplier before killing your target. HIDDEN HIDDEN HIDDEN.
    - Complete the optional objectives as much as possible.
    - When Disguise and/or Disruption are cooling down, DO NOT approach an easily-
      wary target from afront. Flank them.
    - Keep track of your Variety. Defense Sequences will help. Some maps will offer
      benches for Defense. Kingston can offer a Grab kill x_x
    - Defense Sequence: Because the percentage drains much faster, it doesn't mean
      you should rush. Stand in the very middle between the chests and as a target
      spawns, fast walk towards them while building up a focus. Use the environment
      when possible.
    - You will have extra targets spawn for extra time but ask yourself if it's 
      worth going the opposite direction from your actual targets to get a small 
      time bonus. Of course if they're on the way, rush kill them.
    - For targets with the Blender perk, walk in their group and gently push each 
      one out. The fake morphs back while a new fake morphs. If abilities are
      cooling down, line-of-sight em.
    - Elite target is wary, your abilities are cooling down, and you can't really
      flank? You still have time to build up a half-focus if that matters. Of
      course, fast walk.
    - Infection Sequences. Don't be surprised when you rage. These dicks detect you
      quite easily. You'll need Disguise. Time your packets right and be sure that
      the infected are walking towards you. Poison the first target, silent-kill 
      the second, and tear apart the third if you have to. If abilities are cooling
      down, approach from behind while the infected are walking away from you. You
      may or may not need multiple packets. 
    - Keep your cool. Yes, timed games tend to make you feel uneasy but worrying
      may actually mess you up more often than not.
    - If you're playing Co-Op Hardcore, just stop now. Seriously.
          /  /____________________                ______________________\  \
          ACtp____________________| GENERAL TIPS |______________________ACtp
                             \ LOCATING OTHER PLAYERS /
    When a target is in line of sight, be aware they may be behind you as well. 
    Rotate your camera often. Raising the camera sensitivity helps.
    When you see other players running around, the Animus points them out with a
    lock prompt above their heads for an easy lock. The theme of Assassin's Creed 
    is STEALTH. Keep a low profile and watch your approach meter.
    Neutral players cannot be killed or stunned so you won't get a kill/stun prompt
    above them. This is useful to know in Deathmatch when you're disguised because
    when you do see it while whispers are present, you better fucking stun them 
    (unless it's a lookalike from Morph or Blender).
    You can differentiate players from civilians. Civilians do not:
    - Use Abilities
    - Kill a player/civilian
    - Stun (Unless it's a Bodyguard)
    - Sprint (Unless it's a Decoy)
    - Climb/travel/free-run on rooftop or beams
    - Trigger chase breakers, let alone walk through them
    - Cut paths (like walking across a sidewalk)
    - Walk through blend groups
    - Hug walls and while turning a corner
    - Taunt or Ground Finish
    There are also areas in maps that civilians never travel on. On rare occasions,
    civilians can be glitchy and break a few of these rules. A funny example would
    be a civilian standing on a rooftop in one of RaininStormwake's vids xD
    When you know your pursuer(s) is close and you don't know who it is, find a 
    spot with a wide area of view while blending and point out who is acting 
    strangely while judging the whisper level. If you're not blending, walk like a
    civilian. I like to act oblivious when I'm really about to surprise them.
    You can tell when you're the host of the lobby when you're the only player on
    the roster with a green NAT. Also, every civilians' appearances will have the
    customizations of your personas. This is very helpful in Deathmatch and it's a
    good reason to customize many of your personas because if you see an unfamiliar
    customized persona, you know that's a player. Keep in mind when a player leaves
    the session, whichever persona they played as will become the civilians with
    their customization.
    When you hear a player's/players' mic, that means they are your target(s)/
    pursuer(s) and they're in close proximity. This means you shouldn't even have
    your mic plugged in if you're not in an Xbox Live party.
                              \ USING THE ENVIRONMENT /
    It's important to notice any environmental location such as a rooftop, blend
    group, or bench when a target(s) is close to them. Consider using them when
    given the opportunity, EVEN in Wolfpack.
    To be sure you earn that multiplier, just look at your approach meter. It helps
    big and you should always pay attention to it, especially since Hidden kills
    are so common.
    Since TU4, Hidden kill multipliers remain for a short time after touching the 
    high profile trigger. However, this will still drain your Approach. (Confirmed
    by redka243.)
    You see your target walking by and you fear of being contested. If there is a
    climbable (this a word?) obstacle or wall, climb up for an Acrobatic Kill. This
    may drain your approach, but you'll make up the points with the x1.5 Multiplier
    and possibly a Variety bonus as well.
    Aerial kills don't count towards your Variety anymore, but they're still great
    for flanking targets. If you're quick enough; lock onto them, climb and sprint,
    and kill from above when in range. You also can't get contested. It helps when
    your persona is not in line-of-sight so the approach doesn't drain.
    When going for Bench kills, don't spend half the game waiting for your target 
    to come. Yes, we really want that x3 Multiplier, but you're using up game time
    and that time would've been used to build up more points with Hidden kills 
    (another words, you're throwing away any possible points). Use the bench when
    they're already in close proximity. Lots of players like to sit on that 
    particular bench in La Havana Deathmatch.
    For Grab kills, if targets are on rooftops you can try to lure them from a 
    ledge if they're not experienced players. To quickly go into grab position, 
    hold fast walk from the edge and quickly hold the grab button while moving
    forward. This trick can help hang on spots you normally can't hang by just 
    using the grab button. You may have to practice this a bit to pull it off
    smoothly in any situation.
    Knives are GREAT for positioning targets for environmental kills, mainly 
    Aerial/Acro and Grab Kills and they are very satisfying. If you have extra 
    time, you can even build up a Focus. For Hidden and Bench kills, you may still
    get contested so only use knives when your target kills a civilian. Feel free 
    to make an evil laugh afterwards >:D 
                              \ SITUATIONAL AWARENESS /
    Your target is stunned. Do you have pursuers? If yes, either kill him quick 
    before you die or stun your pursuer first. If not, see if you can use the 
    environment around you for possible multipliers. Otherwise, just go for the 
    focus kill. Gotta love those full focus+bench kills.
    FFA: When getting a Savior bonus, it'll point out whoever you saved from death.
    If whispers are currently present, immediately assume he/she is your pursuer.
    Sometimes you have to decide whether it's worth the Focus, Multiplier, or both
    because your opponent may already see you. Scoring too early may cause you to
    miss out on points; Wait too long and you may get stunned or killed. Some 
    points are better than no points at all. The skill level of the opponent should
    help you decide.
    During the last 10 seconds of the game, keep your cool. You may end up giving
    a player enough points to win. Many players tend to break stealth this time, 
    including experienced players.
                                      \ OTHER /
    Message "GG" (good game) to players that came close to winning/losing to you.
    They deserve the respect and you'll get some in return.
    Avoid using Pistol, unless you have an annoying target constantly running away
    from you. Pistol no longer counts towards your Variety bonuses like it did 
    Turn your mic off/unplug your mic when playing by yourself. No one wants to
    hear you rage when you have those moments.
    Never EVER play Wolfpack with randoms. Don't do it. No.
    Play Singleplayer. It's fun. It isn't frustrating. It's amazing. I've ran into 
    someone who didn't know Ezio's story. Are you fucking serious? How do you call
    yourself an Assassin's Creed fan and have never played singleplayer?
          /  /________________                         _________________\  \
          ACat________________| ACHIEVEMENTS/TROPHIES |_________________ACat
    The worst thing about being an Achievement hunter is multiplayer trophies. Ugh.
                                    \ VANILLA /
                      | Personal Bag Of Tricks | 20G | Bronze |
     Finish a game session with an ability set that you customized in Multiplayer.
                     | Master Of The Caribbean | 20G | Bronze |
                Complete the Discovery Mode of Wolfpack in Multiplayer.
                          | Lab Technician | 10G | Bronze |
                       Play and complete a game session of Game 
                       Lab in the Multiplayer Public playlist.
                            | All Rounder | 20G | Bronze |
                        Play on every game mode, and use every 
                    ability and ranged weapon once in Multiplayer.
           If your memory isn't very good, just buy an ability one at a time 
        and whatever ability hasn't been bought yet should be on your to-do list. 
          Abilities used from Default & Forced Ability Sets will count as well
             so make sure to keep track of them or just buy them afterwards.
                       | Committed To The Cause | 20G | Bronze |
                            Reach level 55 in Multiplayer.
         Yep, another equivalent to Level 50 in AC Brotherhood. Luckily, this 
      one is much easier to get. If you're already good at the Multiplayer, this
      should be no problem, especially if you're planning to prestiges numerous 
        times. Otherwise, you may want to use Daily XP Boost and/or Abstergo+. 
      It's not as sluggish as ACB's leveling, especially with high-scoring game
       modes like Deathmatch and Solo Wolfpack. While ACIV Black Flag is still 
          the current AC Multiplayer, take advantage of Double XP events.
                                       \ DLC /
        Achievements/Trophies obtainable with Blackbeard's Wrath DLC installed.
                      | Elevator to the Gallows | 20G | Bronze |
          Kill a player using a lift that has been trapped with Booby Trap.
           Any fast-paced game mode makes it more likely to obtain this.
                       | Queen Anne's Revenge | 20G | Silver |
                    Playing as Blackbeard, perform an Acrobatic 
                    kill and a Gun kill in less than 10 seconds.
                 Wolfpack Solo; Defense Sequence. Easy. Chain bonus. 
                  My first Achievement for this DLC, personally.
                          | Sacred Land | 20G | Silver |
                      Playing as The Jaguar, be the highest 
                   scoring player of a Domination game session.
     Whether you're a decent player or not, you may want to party up with players. 
     It can be annoying when you're not team leader and not play as the Jaguar.
                       | Preemptive Strike | 20G | Silver |
        Playing as The Orchid, block 10 abilities from opponents with Sabotage.
    I hated this Achievement. I had to fight for the Orchid AND hoped players used
      ranged abilities because it ONLY counted when they did WHILE counteracted.
          /  / ____________                              ______________ \  \
          ACfaq____________| FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS |______________ACfaq
    Multiplayer FAQs
    Q: What happened to chases?
    A: They have been removed from the game entirely. Apparently, Ubi thought it
       was too confusing for newer players. Pretty stupid since they should be
       learning from the tutorial AND it's much more difficult to get stuns.
    Q: I'm always dying even when I attempt to stun. WHAT THE FACK?
    A: There's no guaranteed way to stun for sure, but you can try the use of 
       abilities to hinder your pursuers. It's also possible to surprise your 
       pursuers while they're oblivious. Remember that pursuers are other players 
       as well so imagine how they're thinking and decide what you can do to 
       outsmart them.
    Q: While crafting an ability, I seemed to have gotten an extra point. How?
    A: Every time you craft, there's a chance that one point is added at random.
    Q: Is the Closure ability still in the game?
    A: Nope because it wasn't used enough. Instead, we have a new toy for chase
       breakers: the Booby Trap.
    Q: Why does everyone say Money Bomb sucks?
    A: Whatever Money Bomb does, another ability has an additional effect or usage. 
       While the following abilities reveal players, Firecrackers also blinds 
       players and removes their locks, Morph is also used to conceal yourself in
       a crowd, Wipe also disables players' abilities and mutes heartbeats & 
       whispers. Money Bomb was introduced in ACIII while the other abilities 
       existed since AC Brotherhood (Wipe is a modified Mute).
    Q: Why does my ranged ability sometimes cancel when I hold it down?
    A: I honestly don't know and it's fucking annoying. It can make a difference
       from getting the kill, being stunned, or missing points you should've 
       earned and possibly costing the match. Ubisoft needs to fix this.
    Q: How do I leave a pre-game session from the character screen?
    A: Go to Abstergo Store and pretend you are buying Erudito credits. Kinda dumb
       how we have to use an exploit to leave rather than giving a normal option.
    Q: How do I switch Ability Sets mid-game without dying?
    A: Hold Back+A (X360) / Select+X (PS3). It costs 80 Abstergo Credits and adds
       up each additional switch.
    Q: Can I use the Ability Set switch to exploit the ability cooldowns?
    A: No. Even if possible, why be a noob and rely on that?
    Q: How fast can you level up and prestige?
    A: It depends on your skill level. A decent player should have no trouble 
       leveling up, especially with Abstergo+ active. Completing challenges also
       add up to your XP and so does finishing Wolfpack sessions. It's also
       important to play high-scoring game modes like Deathmatch or Manhunt.
       Assassinate can count too if you're one of those crazy Assassinate players
       from the previous games.
    Q: After reaching prestige, do you lose all your abilities and perks?
    A: I hate this question. This is not COD. Prestige in this game just means 
       how many times you've reached level 55 and nothing more. Also, you keep on 
       leveling up and you can't stop optionally like you would in COD.
    Q: What's the difference between Abstergo and Erudito credits?
    A: Abstergo credits are earned from finishing sessions; Erudito credits is an 
       alternative currency and are received by paying actual money. If you have
       patience, you may not need to spend money. If you don't mind spending
       money, go for them. Ubisoft made it so you earn less Abstergo credits than
       ever before, making it more likely to spend your money. Furthermore, there
       is no more Credit Loyalty for playing daily or weekly like the past games.
       It really sucks and it's stupid.
    Q: How do you weird moves that I see other players do?
    A: Players do these when they want to mess around. It's stupidly funny.
          Wall Hump - Hang on a ledge. When you can't move any further down, 
                      constantly move down with left stick.
          Dino Walk - Hold sprint button when not moving. Repeatly move to the
                      desired direction with left stick with proper timing.
            Certain players in the community (such as loomer979 and WiNGSPANTT) 
            have the exclusive title "The Dino Walker" lol.
       Monkey Dance - Stand on a beam and constantly move up and down.
       Join them when they do it. Don't be surprised when a full lobby does it xD
    Other FAQs
    Q: Why did you write this guide?
    A: GameFAQs was lacking one and I figured I would write one myself. I was 
       confident I could do a decent job and I wanted to show everyone how well I
       can do that. Also, I enjoy helping others when I have good knowledge of it.
       That's my main aim, really. I'm also aware there are other guides out there
       but why do I care? It's also not a competition to me and it shouldn't be.
    Q: Do you play on PS3 as often as Xbox 360?
    A: Unfortunately, no. It's mainly because Xbox 360 is my preferred console and
       I have all my DLC and Achievements on that console. Also, the PS3 I use
       isn't even mine but I'm allowed to use it whenever I want. It's for games
       like Kingdom Hearts I.5/II.5 Remix and The Last of Us.
    Q: Do you play any of the AC singleplayer games?
    A: If I didn't, I shouldn't call myself an AC fan. Also, I've obtained every 
       single Achievement obtained in each game (including DLC) and if not, I'll 
       get them eventually. I've spend so much hours into each one and I've 
       replayed some of them multiple times. ACIV's singleplayer is just amazing
       too and if you haven't played that yet, you're out of your mind.
    Q: Which is your favorite AC Singleplayer and in which order?
    A: ACII or ACIV (undecided), ACB, ACIII, ACR, ACI. Gameplay wise. ACII has no
       Full-Sync objectives with solid gameplay and a beautiful soundtrack. ACIV is
       a true sandbox, has fun naval gameplay, and has the best stealth in the 
       series. Ashraf Ismail did an amazing job that I had to tell him myself on 
    Q: Who's your favorite playable protagonist out of all the AC games?
    A: Ezio Auditore da Firenze, despite being flamboyant, overrated by fans, and 
       having three games. Ratonhnhaké:ton is a close 2nd because he's a lot like 
       me. I'm somewhat offended when people say they dislike his "boring" 
    Q: Which AC Multiplayer do you enjoy the most?
    A: ACB, which is probably the most balanced (I started late too) because:
       - Approach meter starts at full (Incognito).
       - No contested kills or stuns.
       - Whisper volume was very quiet.
       - No credit currency. You immediately unlock abilities, perks, streaks AND
         persona customization once you reached the required level.
       - Smoke Bomb has a fair delay: not too long or short; It couldn't be thrown.
       - Extreme Variety was earned by pro players.
       As for historical setting and personas, ACIII for sure. 
       - American Revolution setting: Red Coats, Muskets, Native Americans, Spears.
       - All my favorite personas are here and their Champion Packs are awesome.
       - Red Coat, Robber, Silent Shadow, Lady Maverick, Bear. I wasn't kidding.
       Assassin's Creed III would be my favorite if I could choose one. Wanted, 
       Deathmatch, Manhunt, and AA run well on this game.
    Q: Who's your favorite Assassin's Creed YouTuber?
    A: loomer979 easily. He uploads Single and Multiplayer content and is a huge 
       fan of the series. He even interviews the developers and voice actors & 
       actresses. Check him out or die :)
          /  /_______________                          _________________\  \
          ACcc_______________| CONTACT INFO + CREDITS |_________________ACcc
    For e-mails, title it "ACIV Multiplayer". I like appropriate titles. Regardless
    of the contact option, I usually reply right away since I check through mobile.
    E-mail when you could use some help, you've spotted errors in this guide, or 
    you'd like to add some additional info here. 
    If this guide has helped, go ahead and thank me. It's cool that there are new
    players willing to learn more about this multiplayer and wanting to play it 
    correctly. With the FAQ recommendation added to guides, go ahead and recommend
    it. That option never existed when I published my older guides.
    E-mail Address -  JohnBoyJB617(at)gmail(dot)com 
    If you have a GameFAQs account, you can PM me.
    Thank you very much Ubisoft for creating a multiplayer game that's different
    from most competitive multiplayers out there which is just generally shooter 
    games and I'm sick of them. It's a game that takes much more skill to learn 
    and the most important kills are not the quantity but the quality and variety 
    of your kills. I've spend so many hours on the multiplayer in general. It's so
    much less stressful than the overrated series we know as Call of Duty 
    Multiplayer. I've been playing it since COD4 to BOII and I'm just fed up with
    the series altogether.
    Credits to...
     - Ubisoft, for creating the concept of AC Multiplayer.
     - The AC Community and the Ubisoft forums, for helping me improve on the
       multiplayer and answering questions I've asked.
     - YouTubers Alex68, loomer979, RaininStormwake, TheLadyTrickster, and 
       WiNGSPANTT; for hosting Assassin's Creed videos. Listed alphabetically.
       I'd definitely recommend checking them out.
     - HakeemTheDream, for listing additional tips for some abilities. Keep a 
       lookout for him as he occasionally posts info about the Multiplayer in the
     - Myself, for writing this useful guide. Well... I think it's useful.
                "History is our Playground." - Abstergo Entertainment
             / ACIV Multiplayer In-Depth Guide © 2014 Johnren Barinque \

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