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    Tow Cable FAQ by Jimbo

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    Rouge Squadron Tow Cable FAQ
    By Jimbo
    This is a FAQ just for the Tow Cable on Rouge Squadron for the Nintendo 
    64 and the PC. If you want help with the levels check out my full guide 
    at gamefaqs.com 
    Table Of Contents
    1. Introduction  
    2. Controls 
    3. Wrapping with the Cable
    4. Other tips
    5. The Levels 
    6. Legal Stuff
    1. Introduction 
    Ok the Tow Cable is only for the Airspeeder and it is used only for the 
    AT-AT's so whenever there's a level where you're the Airspeeder there 
    are gonna be AT-AT's the levels that you have to do this on are.
    - Defection at Correlia
    - Imperial Construction Yards
    - Escape From Fest
    On these three levels it can get really hard at sometimes so you've got 
    to just go slow and not worry about anything but going around the AT-
    AT's after a while it becomes second nature.
    3. Controls
    To release the tow cable toward the "leg" of an AT-AT you have to press 
    the secondary weapon button and that button is;
    Luke's Settings - 	C-Left
    Wedge's Settings - 	C-Left
    Janson's Settings - 	C-Left
    Hobbie's Settings - 	C-Down
    Once you know what button you have to figure the right time to push it. 
    Once thing you can do is wait until Luke says "release tow cable now" 
    you can do it then if you want or you can do it by yourself. I rather 
    do it by myself because I think it works better. 
    To get it almost every time wait until your right by the leg and you 
    started to pass it. Do this because the tow cable does come out from 
    the back of the Airspeeder and because you don't have to travel around 
    as far.
    3. Wrapping with the Cable
    Ok this is one of the hardest parts of the game. For some people this 
    can take hours to be able to do just one from many different reasons. I 
    for one have never found it hard so that's why I'm writing this guide. 
    Most people have there own reasons. 
    Some of these can be either hitting the leg from turning to sharply or 
    not turning sharp enough and just going off and losing the hook onto 
    the leg. These things can be corrected very easily just by figuring 
    that one you hook the AT-AT's leg the view will change. Once the view 
    changes you will have to go with the change so the direction controls 
    will also change. Once it does try to get use to the change and then 
    get as close to the legs as you can without hitting it. Sometimes you 
    can get into the perfect position to just hold it in one direction and 
    hold it there. If you can't do that try these solutions
    - Once you hook the AT-AT just get low to the ground but not to low as 
    to where you hit it causing you to go spiraling of into nowhere. 
    Once low enough get in close to the legs. If you can while you going 
    from front legs to back or vise-versa speed up then when you come to 
    the legs where you have to turn let go of the boost and if you have 
    to slow down with the brakes. This sometimes through will offset the 
    camera (even more) and you won't be able to see. If that little 
    glitch doesn't happen that should work very well. Also while doing 
    this if you can try to get it so when you take the turn at the end 
    of the legs you turn as the feet move forward.
    - If that solution above doesn't work try this. When you hook the AT-
    AT it might make it easier to go so your moving with the AT-AT so 
    it's on your left. This seems to work better for me. Now that you're 
    set up get low to the ground again. Getting low makes it easier 
    because you don't have to wrap as far as above and sometimes when 
    you're above the ground by a lot it will just break from being too 
    high. Once low try to look at your shadow that is on the ground. Use 
    the shadow to go around the legs. This is the most common e-mail 
    people send me when they tell me how they did it. If you can use 
    that technique that's great if not I'm not to sure what the problem 
    might be.
    After those solutions or your own that you put together from both of 
    them don't work e-mail me at jimbo@ola.com.au and I will try to help you 
    4. Tips
    Ok there are a couple of little things that just might make the 
    difference of you doing it in time or not. Here are the ones I know if 
    you think there are some more that helped you out e-mail me and I'll 
    put them and your name on this FAQ.
    - Use the brakes whenever you are going to fast and you can't see or 
    - Also use boost when you're on the straight part so it doesn't take 
    as long.
    - Make sure you can see where the leg is when you release the tow 
    cable toward the foot.
    - Get in as close to the legs as you can but never go inside the legs 
    because you wont comeback.
    - Get low to the ground so the cable doesn't have to strech as far and 
    so, if you need you can use your shadow for steering.
    - Make sure you know what direction turns which way. (You'd be 
    surprised how many people can't figure how to move left and right!)
    Wall that's all that I can really think of for now if I come u with 
    more you'll get an update. Also send in your problems and souloutsions. 
    To my E-mail address which is at the top of this FAQ.
    5. The Levels 
    There are only three levels with the tow cable but that's enough to 
    annoy you to the point where you hurl the game at the wall but DON'T! 
    If you do you'll regret it.
    - Level 4 Deflection at 	Correlia
    This level only has two of them. The first one you have to do is after 
    you have killed a couple of Tie's where Crix Madine is. The AT-AT is 
    behind the Capital Tower more by the water when you see it you have to 
    kill it pretty fast or it will blow away the building and you'll fail 
    the mission.
    The second one is after the first one. Once you kill the first AT-AT 
    and then some more Tie's you'll have to go back and protect Crix 
    Madine. This time kill the two AT-ST's then try to kill the little 
    Storm Troopers. Now head back away from the water and you should see 
    it. You have a little less time here so you gotta move quick.
    - Level 7 Imperial Construction Yards
    This level you don't even have to wrap the AT-AT's so don't worry 
    they're there but you don't have to worry about them.
    - Escape From Fest
    This level is the hardest one. There are three of them and you only 
    have one chance. If you don't do it the first time of trying you most 
    likely won't win. The first one is the left and ahead of your starting 
    point. Don't go straight away or he'll kill the walkers give him half a 
    minute then go. Wrap it as fast as you can but this time you might have 
    to dodge laser fire from the little Storm Troopers.
    After you kill that one head across the bridge that you probably saw 
    earlier then you'll see another one straight ahead. Go and kill that 
    one also having to dodge even more and stronger laser fire so watch 
    out. After that ones gone go back toward the bridge that is probably 
    blown by now and make a left you'll see the last one pretty soon. This 
    time you have to move super fast if you want all three of the walkers 
    to live. Once he's gone just watch for Tie Bombers and you got it.
    6. Legal Stuff
    This FAQ is c Copyright to Jimbo 1999. This FAQ my be used if you get 
    permission from me and also put my name and address.

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