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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by RedIsPoetic

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    Hey guys, it's RedIsPoetic with yet another guide, this time for the most epic of epic games, Hearthstone! This game's got me quite addicted, I can't deny it. I was one of the latecomers to the closed beta, getting in late December, but since then I've gotten right into the game. For those of you who don't know, Hearthstone is a collectible card game made by Blizzard. The game itself is based entirely on Warcraft lore, most prominently from World of Warcraft. It's simple, but surprisingly complex at the same time. It's also quite competitive and ridiculously fun to play. Because of that, I'm writing this guide for you!

    This guide aims to be comprehensive and hopefully relatively up-to-date. It aims to include a multitude of strategy information, a card list, deck lists and anything else you might be curious about when it comes to Hearthstone. Obviously, this won't be a small process, so be patient! Now good luck and get battling!

    - RedIsPoetic

    What's To Come

    Obviously, this guide's a little bare at the moment. Over the next few days though, much content will be added. This will hopefully include the following:

    • Full basics sections
    • Basic strategy and advanced strategy
    • Card write-ups (or at least start on them)
    • A few example deck lists
    • Guides to Naxxramas and Blackrock Mountain
    • Random bits of information, like the ranking system, list of quests, dischanting/enchanting costs and more!

    Look forward to it!

    How Rank Mode Works

    In Ranked Mode, you begin at Rank 25, One Star and attempt to level all the way to Rank 1, then into Legendary Rank. Each game you win, you earn one star. Every game you lose, you lose a star. When you have full stars for a rank and you win a game, you move up to the next rank. When you have no stars and lose a game, you fall down a rank. When you move up a rank, you start the next rank with one star. When you lose a rank, you start that rank with all but one star for that rank. This is so that there is a buffer created between going between ranks, so that you can't switch between two ranks every game. Different ranks have different amounts of stars. The number of stars are as follows:

    RanksNumber of Stars Per Rank
    25 - 21Two
    20 - 16Three
    15 - 11Four
    10 - 1Five

    So as an example, if you're at Rank 16, Three Stars and win a game, you'll then be at Rank 15, One Star. If you win two games, lose one and win two more, that'll put you up to Rank 15, Four Stars. If you win one more, you'll progress to Rank 14, One Star. Instead, it turns out you lose four games, putting you back to Rank 15, No Stars. You then lose one more and drop back to Rank 16, Two Stars. Hopefully that all makes sense. When you actually start using the ranking system, you'll quickly figure it out.

    It's worth noting that from Rank 25 until you hit Rank 20, you can't actually lose stars from losing. It's basically there to allow you to set up a win streak going into the actual Rank system, which is Rank 20 onwards, or to at least aquaint you to how the system works and allow you to have a few casual games before having to get serious.

    Win Streaks

    If you win three games in a row, you'll receive a bonus star for win streaking. This means that you can level much quicker and is designed so that you can quickly skip through lower ranks if you're a better player and award those who are playing well. Once you start streaking, every game you win after the third you'll receive two stars for. Once you lose a game, the streak will be broken and you'll have to start again.

    If you're at full stars and streaking and you win a game, instead of progressing to one star of the next rank, you'll instead progress to two stars.

    Also note, you can't 'Lose Streak'. Whenever you lose, you only lose one star, ever, with the exception of dropping a rank. Also note that at high ranks you can't win streak so it becomes more based on skill and not just having a good run.

    What You Can Easily Earn

    In a few hours after completing the tutorial in Hearthstone you can earn a decent amount of stuff. You should fairly easily be able to earn the following:

    • 2 Classic Packs
    • 400 Gold
    • 1 Arena Run
    • 100 Arcane Dust
    • Access to all Classes
    • A complete Basic Set of cards

    This is from completing the following Quests:

    • First Blood (Classic Pack)
    • The Duelist (100 Gold)
    • Level Up (Classic Pack)
    • Crafting Time (95 Arcane Dust + whatever you disenchanted)
    • Enter The Arena (1 Arena Run)
    • Ready to Go! (100 Gold)
    • Crushed Them All! (100 Gold)
    • Got the Basics! (100 Gold)

    You can also earn up to 4 Classic Packs depending on what you have access to. You can earn one Classic Pack for each access to each of the following devices:

    • iPad
    • Android Tablet
    • iPhone
    • Android Phone

    Simply play a game on each one that you can to grab a Classic Pack. A good Quest you can also complete fairly early on is:

    • Chicken Dinner (300 Gold)

    You get this from winning 100 games in any mode. This will take a number of hours, but you'll eventually achieve it and the 300 Gold will be nice when you do.

    How To Get Started

    You begin the game with only the Mage class unlocked, an at Level 1. The first thing to do is to unlock every class and from their, level each one up to level 10. This is the easiest way to earn cards and gives you access to an okay pool of them. To unlock a class, simply beat that class in Play Mode or Practice (I recommend Practice as it's easier and much faster). Once you've unlocked all classes, you will earn 100 Gold for doing so. From here, simply pick one of the nine classes and begin playing with it. You can continue against Normal AI bots, but I recommend upgrading to the Expert AI bots fairly quickly, as you won't improve very quickly if you don't.

    As you play games, you will fairly quickly level up with a class and receive new cards every two levels until level 10. When this happens, you'll earn a Classic Pack as a reward. This happens only the first time you reach level 10 with a class. Once you've hit level 10 with a class you will have all of its basic class cards and you should then switch to another class. Play that to level 10, then keep switching classes until they're all level 10. This will take a few hours, but it will get you used to the game. When you have all nine classes to Level 10, you will earn 100 Gold (as you'll now have all Basic Cards).

    It's also recommended that when you switch to Expert AI bots, you play each one until you beat it once, then continue down the list, until you've beaten all of them once. This will earn you 100 Gold. Once you've earned your 100 Gold for doing this and once you feel the Expert AI are too easy (which should happen fairly soon), it might be a good time to switch to Play Mode. Play Mode pits you against real opponents, but ones that will have a similar amount of experience and a similar-sized pool of cards to you. Don't be afraid to play against real opponents; it's the fastest and most rewarding way to improve and starts you off in the 'real' part of Hearthstone.

    For your first game in Play Mode (win or lose), you will a Classic Pack. After three games, you will earn an extra 100 Gold. Once you've gotten all heroes to Level 10 and played three games in Play Mode, you've basically earnt all you can easily earn. Now make sure you open up your card packs and then start creating some starter decks from the cards you just earnt and already have. The Basic Decks are pretty much all horrible and you shouldn't play with them for too long.

    Also, once you've opened your Classic Packs, you should enter Crafting Mode in 'Your Collection' and disenchant one of the crappy Common cards you get (you will probably get at least one). This earns you 95 Dust from a Quest and an extra 5 from disenchanting a Common. You'll now have 100 Dust which can get you 2.5 Commons (which isn't recommended as you should get these fairly quickly anyway) or 1 Rare (which I recommend getting). If you craft a Rare, do some research and either craft one that's going to be good for all classes, or one specifically for a class or deck that you want to play.

    When you're ready, you can also enter the Arena and do your free Arena Run that you receive. Now, I don't recommend playing it straight away as you will probably end up wasting it and feeding away any potential wins you could have earned. This will happen because you won't have the game knowledge to make a good draft or play well. At the same time however, don't be too afraid to do the run because you're worried you might waste it. In the end, it's only 150 Gold and you always receive a card pack for doing it. That and the only way to learn how to do well in the arena is to play it. I recommend playing a couple of hours in Play Mode (potentially even doing Ranked) before you attempt your run. This will give you at least a semi-reasonable basis of knowledge to go off of.

    Beyond that, this is really all you can do to get yourself started in Hearthstone. From here, you will need to grind Daily Quests for Gold to do a number of things. What you can aim for now will be covered below, but there is a wide variety of things to do. And don't forget to get the extra card packs for playing on phones and tablets!

    Where To Now?

    So, you've completed all the basic stuff in Hearthstone and you're unsure of what you should be trying to do. There's a wide number of things you can start doing. You can focus on one or two, or keep doing different things to keep you occupied.

    Daily Quests

    Coming Soon!

    Ranked Mode

    Coming Soon!


    Coming Soon!

    The Arena

    Coming Soon!

    Spending Gold

    Currently there are five things you can spend your Gold on:

    Classic Packs100 GoldFive cards from the Classic Set, with one guaranteed to be a Rare or better
    Goblins vs Gnomes Packs100 GoldFive cards from the GvG Set, with one guaranteed to be a Rare or better
    Arena Runs150 GoldOne GvG Card Pack + Gold and/or Dust and/or one card depending on performance
    The Curse of Naxxramas Adventure700 Gold per Wing, five WingsBetween 4 and 8 cards + Doubles depending on the Wing with one guaranteed to be a Legendary
    Blackrock Mountain Adventure700 Gold per Wing, five WingsBetween 6 and 7 cards + Doubles depending on the Wing with one guaranteed to be a Legendary

    Hero Levelling Rewards

    Levelling heroes is a more minor part of the game, but is mostly designed to allow you to see how much experience you've gained with each class. The most important part of levelling heroes is getting each one to level 10, as gaining levels up until level 10 will grant you the basic cards for the class which are very important and useful. From that point on you'll just be earning gold versions of all the basic cards for that hero and at very high levels (levels 50 to 60), gold versions of some of the basic neutral cards. Obviously the gold cards are nice and pretty, but they don't do anything for actual gameplay. Once you reach level 60, you won't earn any more gold cards, at least until expansions and the like are introduced. The charts below show you what you'll earn at what level with each hero.

    All credit goes to the guys over at Hearthpwn for this info!


    2Starfire x2
    4Savage Roar x2
    6Moonfire x2
    8Swipe x2
    10Ironbark Protector x2
    15Golden Healing Touch x1
    20Golden Healing Touch x1
    23Golden Wild Growth x1
    26Golden Wild Growth x1
    28Golden Mark of the Wild x1
    30Golden Mark of the Wild x1
    32Golden Claw x1
    34Golden Claw x1
    36Golden Innervate x1
    38Golden Innervate x1
    40Golden Moonfire x1
    42Golden Moonfire x1
    43Golden Savage Roar x1
    44Golden Savage Roar x1
    45Golden Starfire x1
    46Golden Starfire x1
    47Golden Swipe x1
    48Golden Swipe x1
    49Golden Ironbark Protector x1
    50Golden Ironbark Protector x1
    51Golden Oasis Snapjaw x1
    52Golden Oasis Snapjaw x1
    53Golden Nightblade x1
    54Golden Nightblade x1
    55Golden River Crocolisk x1
    56Golden River Crocolisk x1
    57Golden Elven Archer x1
    58Golden Elven Archer x1
    59Golden Novice Engineer x1
    60Golden Novice Engineer x1


    2Animal Companion x2
    4Starving Buzzard x2
    6Hunter's Mark x2
    8Tundra Rhino x2
    10Kill Command x2
    15Golden Tracking x1
    20Golden Tracking x1
    23Golden Timber Wolf x1
    26Golden Timber Wolf x1
    28Golden Houndmaster x1
    30Golden Houndmaster x1
    32Golden Arcane Shot x1
    34Golden Arcane Shot x1
    36Golden Multi-Shot x1
    38Golden Multi-Shot x1
    40Golden Hunter's Mark x1
    42Golden Hunter's Mark x1
    43Golden Tundra Rhino x1
    44Golden Tundra Rhino x1
    45Golden Animal Companion x1
    46Golden Animal Companion x1
    47Golden Starving Buzzard x1
    48Golden Starving Buzzard x1
    49Golden Kill Command x1
    50Golden Kill Command x1
    51Golden Core Hound x1
    52Golden Core Hound x1
    53Golden Stonetusk Boar x1
    54Golden Stonetusk Boar x1
    55Golden Razorfen Hunter x1
    56Golden Razorfen Hunter x1
    57Golden Bloodfen Raptor x1
    58Golden Bloodfen Raptor x1
    59Golden Ironfur Grizzly x1
    60Golden Ironfur Grizzly x1


    2Frostbolt x2
    4Mirror Image x2
    6Frost Nova x2
    8Water Elemental x2
    10Flamestrike x2
    15Golden Arcane Intellect x1
    20Golden Arcane Intellect x1
    23Golden Frost Nova x1
    26Golden Frost Nova x1
    28Golden Arcane Explosion x1
    30Golden Arcane Explosion x1
    32Golden Arcane Missiles x1
    34Golden Arcane Missiles x1
    36Golden Mirror Image x1
    38Golden Mirror Image x1
    40Golden Frostbolt x1
    42Golden Frostbolt x1
    44Golden Fireball x1
    46Golden Fireball x1
    47Golden Polymorph x1
    48Golden Polymorph x1
    49Golden Water Elemental x1
    50Golden Water Elemental x1
    51Golden Flamestrike x1
    52Golden Flamestrike x1
    53Golden Dragonling Mechanic x1
    54Golden Dragonling Mechanic x1
    55Golden Ironforge Rifleman x1
    56Golden Ironforge Rifleman x1
    57Golden Archmage x1
    58Golden Archmage x1
    59Golden Dalaran Mage x1
    60Golden Dalaran Mage x1


    2Truesilver Champion x2
    4Consecration x2
    6Humility x2
    8Guardian of Kings x2
    10Blessing of Kings x2
    15Golden Holy Light x1
    20Golden Holy Light x1
    23Golden Hand of Protection x1
    26Golden Hand of Protection x1
    28Golden Humility x1
    30Golden Humility x1
    32Golden Hammer of Wrath x1
    34Golden Hammer of Wrath x1
    36Golden Light's Justice x1
    38Golden Light's Justice x1
    40Golden Truesilver Champion x1
    42Golden Truesilver Champion x1
    43Golden Consecration x1
    44Golden Consecration x1
    45Golden Blessing of Might x1
    46Golden Blessing of Might x1
    47Golden Guardian of Kings x1
    48Golden Guardian of Kings x1
    49Golden Blessing of Kings x1
    50Golden Blessing of Kings x1
    51Golden Stormpike Commando x1
    52Golden Stormpike Commando x1
    53Golden Bluegill Warrior x1
    54Golden Bluegill Warrior x1
    55Golden Stormwind Knight x1
    56Golden Stormwind Knight x1
    57Golden Goldshire Footman x1
    58Golden Goldshire Footman x1
    59Golden Stormwind Champion x1
    60Golden Stormwind Champion x1


    2Divine Spirit x2
    4Mind Vision x2
    6Holy Nova x2
    8Shadow Word: Death x2
    10Mind Control x2
    15Golden Mind Blast x1
    20Golden Mind Blast x1
    23Golden Holy Smite x1
    26Golden Holy Smite x1
    28Golden Divine Spirit x1
    30Golden Divine Spirit x1
    32Golden Mind Vision x1
    34Golden Mind Vision x1
    36Golden Shadow Word: Pain x1
    38Golden Shadow Word: Pain x1
    40Golden Northshire Cleric x1
    42Golden Northshire Cleric x1
    43Golden Shadow Word: Death x1
    44Golden Shadow Word: Death x1
    45Golden Holy Nova x1
    46Golden Holy Nova x1
    47Golden Power Word: Shield x1
    48Golden Power Word: Shield x1
    49Golden Mind Control x1
    50Golden Mind Control x1
    51Golden Murloc Raider x1
    52Golden Murloc Raider x1
    53Golden Shattered Sun Cleric x1
    54Golden Shattered Sun Cleric x1
    55Golden Darkscale Healer x1
    56Golden Darkscale Healer x1
    57Golden Gnomish Inventor x1
    58Golden Gnomish Inventor x1
    59Golden Lord of the Arena x1
    60Golden Lord of the Arena x1


    2Assassin's Blade x2
    4Fan of Knives x2
    6Shiv x2
    8Vanish x2
    10Sprint x2
    15Golden Sinister Strike x1
    20Golden Sinister Strike x1
    23Golden Vanish x1
    26Golden Vanish x1
    28Golden Fan of Knives x1
    30Golden Fan of Knives x1
    32Golden Assassin's Blade x1
    34Golden Assassin's Blade x1
    36Golden Backstab x1
    38Golden Backstab x1
    40Golden Sap x1
    42Golden Sap x1
    43Golden Deadly Poison x1
    44Golden Deadly Poison x1
    45Golden Shiv x1
    46Golden Shiv x1
    47Golden Assassinate x1
    48Golden Assassinate x1
    49Golden Sprint x1
    50Golden Sprint x1
    51Golden War Golem x1
    52Golden War Golem x1
    53Golden Murloc Tidehunter x1
    54Golden Murloc Tidehunter x1
    55Golden Voodoo Doctor x1
    56Golden Voodoo Doctor x1
    57Golden Acidic Swamp Ooze x1
    58Golden Acidic Swamp Ooze x1
    59Golden Sen'jin Shieldmasta x1
    60Golden Sen'jin Shieldmasta x1


    2Bloodlust x2
    4Flametongue Totem x2
    6Totemic Might x2
    8Windspeaker x2
    10Fire Elemental x2
    15Golden Ancestral Healing x1
    20Golden Ancestral Healing x1
    23Golden Windfury x1
    26Golden Windfury x1
    28Golden Totemic Might x1
    30Golden Totemic Might x1
    32Golden Frost Shock x1
    34Golden Frost Shock x1
    36Golden Rockbiter Weapon x1
    38Golden Rockbiter Weapon x1
    40Golden Bloodlust x1
    42Golden Bloodlust x1
    43Golden Flametongue Totem x1
    44Golden Flametongue Totem x1
    45Golden Windspeaker x1
    46Golden Windspeaker x1
    47Golden Hex x1
    48Golden Hex x1
    49Golden Fire Elemental x1
    50Golden Fire Elemental x1
    51Golden Magma Rager x1
    52Golden Magma Rager x1
    53Golden Frostwolf Warlord x1
    54Golden Frostwolf Warlord x1
    55Golden Booty Bay Bodyguard x1
    56Golden Booty Bay Bodyguard x1
    57Golden Frostwolf Grunt x1
    58Golden Frostwolf Grunt x1
    59Golden Reckless Rocketeer x1
    60Golden Reckless Rocketeer x1


    2Corruption x2
    4Mortal Coil x2
    6Soulfire x2
    8Sacrificial Pact x2
    10Dread Infernal x2
    15Golden Sacrificial Pact x1
    20Golden Sacrificial Pact x1
    23Golden Dread Infernal x1
    26Golden Dread Infernal x1
    28Golden Soulfire x1
    30Golden Soulfire x1
    32Golden Corruption x1
    34Golden Corruption x1
    36Golden Voidwalker x1
    38Golden Voidwalker x1
    40Golden Succubus x1
    42Golden Succubus x1
    43Golden Mortal Coil x1
    44Golden Mortal Coil x1
    45Golden Drain Life x1
    46Golden Drain Life x1
    47Golden Shadow Bolt x1
    48Golden Shadow Bolt x1
    49Golden Hellfire x1
    50Golden Hellfire x1
    51Golden Boulderfist Ogre x1
    52Golden Boulderfist Ogre x1
    53Golden Grimscale Oracle x1
    54Golden Grimscale Oracle x1
    55Golden Ogre Magi x1
    56Golden Ogre Magi x1
    57Golden Gurubashi Berserker x1
    58Golden Gurubashi Berserker x1
    59Golden Kobold Geomancer x1
    60Golden Kobold Geomancer x1


    2Cleave x2
    4Kor'kron Elite x2
    6Whirlwind x2
    8Shield Block x2
    10Arcanite Reaper x2
    15Golden Heroic Strike x1
    20Golden Heroic Strike x1
    23Golden Charge x1
    26Golden Charge x1
    28Golden Shield Block x1
    30Golden Shield Block x1
    32Golden Whirlwind x1
    34Golden Whirlwind x1
    36Golden Warsong Commander x1
    38Golden Warsong Commander x1
    40Golden Cleave x1
    42Golden Cleave x1
    44Golden Kor'kron Elite x1
    46Golden Kor'kron Elite x1
    47Golden Execute x1
    48Golden Execute x1
    49Golden Fiery War Axe x1
    50Golden Fiery War Axe x1
    51Golden Arcanite Reaper x1
    52Golden Arcanite Reaper x1
    53Golden Silverback Patriarch x1
    54Golden Silverback Patriarch x1
    55Golden Chillwind Yeti x1
    56Golden Chillwind Yeti x1
    57Golden Raid Leader x1
    58Golden Raid Leader x1
    59Golden Wolfrider x1
    60Golden Wolfrider x1

    Rank Mode Ranks

    Each rank matches up with a minion in Hearthstone, from Rank 25 to Rank 2. Rank 1 isn't based off of a minion, but the Innkeeper himself. The minions that each Rank corresponds to are as follows:

    25Angry Chicken
    24Leper Gnome
    23Argent Squire
    22Murloc Raider
    21Southsea Deckhand
    19Novice Engineer
    18Sorcerer's Apprentice
    17Tauren Warrior
    16Questing Adventurer
    15Silvermoon Guardian
    14Raid Leader
    13Dread Corsair
    12Warsong Commander
    11Big Game Hunter
    10Ogre Magi
    9Silver Hand Knight
    8Frostwolf Warlord
    6Ancient of War
    5Sea Giant
    4Mountain Giant
    3Molten Giant
    2The Black Knight
    1The Innkeeper

    Card Backs

    Card BackHow To ObtainObtainable?
    ClassicYou own this automaticallyYes
    LegendComplete the 'You are Legend' questYes
    FiresideComplete the 'Fireside Friends' questYes
    WarlordsBuy the Digital Deluxe Edition of Warlords of DraenorYes
    Dalaran FlameJoin a TeSPA Chapter at least 25 people largeYes
    Heroic NaxxramasComplete 'The Fall of Naxxramas' questYes
    Heroic BlackrockComplete 'The Fall of Blackrock' questNot Yet
    Golden CelebrationPlace in the top 128 in some Chinese TournamentsNot Yet
    BlizzCon 2014Attend/buy virtual ticket for BlizzCon 2014No
    BRM Pre-orderPre-order all wings of Blackrock MountainNo
    PandariaAchieve Rank 20 in Season 1 - April 2014No
    Black TempleAchieve Rank 20 in Season 2 - May 2014No
    Rainbow!Achieve Rank 20 in Season 3 - June 2014No
    NaxxramasAchieve Rank 20 in Season 4 - July 2014No
    IcecrownAchieve Rank 20 in Season 5 - August 2014No
    Plundering PiratesAchieve Rank 20 in Season 6 - September 2014No
    Hallow's EndAchieve Rank 20 in Season 7 - October 2014No
    GoblinAchieve Rank 20 in Season 8 - November 2014No
    GnomeAchieve Rank 20 in Season 9 - December 2014No
    Maurading MaraadAchieve Rank 20 in Season 10 - January 2015No
    Lunar New YearAchieve Rank 20 in Season 11 - February 2015No
    Raging RagnarosAchieve Rank 20 in Season 12 - March 2015No
    CupcakeAchieve Rank 20 in Season 13 - April 2015Yes
    NinjaUnknownNot Yet
    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Battlecry: Deal 1 damage.

    Analysis: Basically a stronger version of Stonetusk Boar. Instead of attacking into something for one damage, you instead deal 1 damage to something. It can be used to pick off larger minions that only have 1 health remaining, but its weak stats mean that it's a pretty mediocre 1 Drop.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Taunt

    Analysis: The fact that it's so weak stat-wise basically means that's it's Taunt becomes useless. Pretty average card. Only real time to use it is for a one-for-one trade to try and slow a hyper aggro deck, but even then it's not that useful.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: ALL other Murlocs have +1 Attack.

    Analysis: This card's wonderful for Murloc decks, but obviously crappy otherwise. If it is a Murloc deck, it'll be included for sure. It's often better to build up a board of Murlocs first, then play this card and attack, rather than playing it then trying to build up the board. If you play it first, it's quite likely to be picked off quite early and wasted.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType


    Analysis: Just a basic Murloc card. Useful for Murloc decks, but crappy otherwise.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Charge

    Analysis: Pretty terrible card. It has charge, but Elven Archer's one damage means that it can instead deal that one damage without dying if attacking an enemy with it. Stonetusk Boar can deal one damage, but if it's into an enemy, it dies immediately.

    The only thing this card does well with is buffs. Something like Blessing of Might played on the Boar can be pretty decent, although you'll be playing two cards just to deal four damage and the Boar can be picked off quite easily.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Battlecry: Restore 2 Health.

    Analysis: Can be okay if you need a little healing, but means that if you play it Turn 1, it will unlikely be able to heal anything. Probably better than Murloc Raider and Goldshire Footman though. Later on, it can be used to heal up a minion before running it into another minion, possibly keeping it from dying, which is probably its best use. That said, Earthern Ring Farseer is almost always a better option, healing for one more and having better stats, compared to its mana cost. A 3-Drop is also generally more useful than a 1-Drop. As long as it has a very specific purpose in a deck, it can do alright.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Battlecry: Destroy your opponent's weapon.

    Analysis: Great card, especially when the metagame changes so that a lot of weapons are being played. Destroying a weapon, especially something like an Arcane Reaper or Truesilver Champion can be wonderful. It'll mean less damage to your hero or lowering their ability to take out your minions. If they don't attack with a weapon the turn they play it, you're getting even more value out of the Ooze. Often a good idea to keep one of these in your deck.

    On the other hand, if you're playing against a class that doesn't use weapons, or the metagame changes so there aren't a lot of weapons around, it can be a bit of a wasted card, but it's still a 3/2 even if it doesn't destroy a weapon, so it's still decent. Lastly, if you need to get something out on the board and you have no other decent options, don't be afraid to play the Ooze. It can sometimes be a worse idea to hold onto it for ages until they play a weapon, especially if you find out the enemy doesn't run any weapons in their deck. Again, it still has okay stats.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType


    Analysis: Acidic Swamp Ooze is better in every regard. The only real place for this is in Hunter decks that are based around Beasts, especially aggro decks. Other than that, it's pretty average.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Charge

    Analysis: Great in aggro decks as it deal a bit of extra damage to the enemy hero early on. Can also be used to pick off a minion that can be quite devastating to your board. In Murloc decks, it's obviously wonderful and can easily come onto the board with four or five attack to attack straight away, which is just brutal.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Taunt

    Analysis: Another pretty average Taunt. Taunts need a lot of Health and a decent amount of damage to be effective, otherwise they just end up as walls that just delay your opponent for a couple of attacks. This one doesn't have enough health to really be that great as a taunt. It might be able to force a trade with a 3/2 2-Drop, but more than likely it'll get taken out by a 2/1 1-Drop or a 2/3 2-Drop, which is less than ideal. The Taunt just doesn't end up being worth it.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Spell Damage +1

    Analysis: Basically a poor man's Bloodmage Thalnos, the Geomancer is mainly used before playing a damage spell of some sort, ideally allowing a full clear of the opponent's board. So your Swipe now deals five damage to one enemy and two damage to all other enemies, which is huge! Only costing 2 Mana to buff a spell massively, it's quite cost effective. Obviously it doesn't draw a card on death like Bloodmage Thalnos does, but it's still nothing to gawk at. Also gets a 2/2 minion out on the board, which is certainly better than nothing.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Battlecry: Summon a 1/1 Murloc Scout.

    Analysis: A decent card. If you're playing a Murloc deck, it can be pretty brutal as it's placing another body on the board that can get buffed by other Murlocs. In normal decks it's okay too. Assuming the minions don't get picked off, it can also force two trades with enemy minions if you're lucky. It also plays nicely with Knife Juggler as it gets two pings out of the Juggler for only 2 mana. Stat wise, both are pretty crappy and can get picked off easily, but it certainly has its uses.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Battlecry: Draw a card.

    Analysis: Before the nerf, back when the Engineer used to be a 1/2, this card was much better. Even now it's still a useful card, paying 2 mana to draw a card immediately, allowing you to cycle through your deck at a faster rate, allowing you to quickly get to the 'good cards'. It gets a body on the board too, although it's not nearly as useful now that it only has 1 Health. Even so, it's a good card. The Loot Hoarder has become a better option nowadays though, at least as long as you don't require an immediate draw from it.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType


    Analysis: Poor card. Bloodsail Raider, Amani Berserker and Sunfury Protector all have the same stats and also have other benefits. The only place for it, like the Bloodfen Raptor, is in a Beast-orientated Hunter deck, where it could be buffed and the like. Otherwise, don't bother with it.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Spell Damage +1

    Analysis: Basically designed to be an early Spell Damage drop that should stay on the board for a little longer than other Spell Damage minions, it's not overly useful, except maybe against rush decks, where it'll get annoyed and be able to pick off a one health minion. Other than that, something like a Kobold Geomancer or Bloodmage Thalnos is still a far superior choice.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Battlecry: Deal 1 damage.

    Analysis: The one additional damage is nice, generally to finish something off, but the Ironforge Rifleman's stats are just too low to warrant being a good 3-Drop.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Taunt

    Analysis: Not a bad taunt, although it can often get picked off by 3/2 2-Drops. That said, it trades nicely with 2/3 2-Drops and can normally slow aggro down a little. It's stats aren't too bad either.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType


    Analysis: Way too fragile. The only time this minion is useful is if you can buff its health up a little. It can too easily be taken out by many of the hero powers, although it might force a little damage. Anything can basically trade with it too.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Your other minions have +1 Attack.

    Analysis: Generally considered to be a bit of an average card mostly because of its stats. If it had more health then it'd be useful, but it just gets picked off to easily.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Battlecry: Summon a 1/1 Boar.

    Analysis: A decent 3-Drop. Getting more bodies on the field can be nice for stuff like Defender of Argus and Knife Juggler and the card's stats are decent, a 2/3 and 1/1. Only downside is, because they're both a little more fragile, they're more susceptible to AoE. Tends to be replaced by Shattered Sun Cleric though, which is a similar but more useful card.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Battlecry: Give a friendly minion +1/+1.

    Analysis: Considered a pretty decent 3-Drop, think of it as a 3/2 and a 1/1 with Charge as the buff you give can be taken advantage of straight away. Probably better than a Razorfen Hunter for a similar sort of thing and can buff something up so that it can trade with something and still survive, or simply trade with something bigger than it normally would be able to. Can be fairly versatile, and the 3/2 body on the board isn't too bad either.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Taunt

    Analysis: Pretty useless Taunt. It'll stop at most two hits and often only a single one, whilst barely ever actually trading with those minions. Its stats are just too crappy to warrant ever adding to your deck. The only upside is that it can be buffed pretty easily in a Hunter deck, but even then it's not amazing.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Charge

    Analysis: Think of this as 'Deal 3 Damage'. It'll almost always get picked off the following turn, so use it to deal a little more damage to the enemy hero if you're playing aggro, or to take out a three health minion (ideally something like Spellbreaker). Can be fairly useful if you need a little something to control meatier enemy minions. Often though, it just doesn't have a situation that makes it worth it and can normally be replaced by a card that has more use.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType


    Analysis: A ridiculously solid 4-Drop. Its stats mean that it very regularly trades with two minions, plus the 4 Attack is great to just be using to hit to the face with. 4 Attack also means it's out of range of Priest's Shadow Words, which is always nice. Can be justified in almost any deck as it's strong and not situational at all.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Battlecry: Summon a 2/1 Mechanical Dragonling.

    Analysis: Bit of an interesting card. The 2/4 can sometimes trade with two smaller minions, but can be picked off without much repercussion by larger minions. The 2/1 can also be used to pick off a smaller minion, but can be taken down much too easily itself. Fairly decent for aggro, but probably not too solid otherwise. Can be justified in some decks though.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Battlecry: Draw a card.

    Analysis: Basically a bigger Novice Engineer, the Gnomish Inventor can trade with smaller minions, but can be picked off by larger minions easily without trading with the minion (there are too many commonly used minions with four attack and at least three health). Most of the time it's just paying 4 Mana for a card and a body on the field that should soak up a bit of damage that would otherwise be directed at your hero. Generally only included if you already have Novice Engineer or Loot Hoarder in your deck and you want even more card draw with a slightly stronger minion. Generally not that great an option though.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType


    Analysis: Probably a little underrated, this card can actually be quite decent in some decks. Obviously, it's a beast, and with its 2/7 stats, it can quickly get buffed to 3 Attack and start trading ridiculously well, especially with smaller minions (even without the buff it's still pretty good). Probably works best in Priest decks though, where you can make its attack equal to health, heal it up and a variety of other combos. Using Sunfury Protector or preferably Defender of Argus on it can make it ridiculously useful too, turning it into a very scary wall. So yes, used well it's actually quite a cool card.

    Gurubashi Berserker only costs one mana more and tends to be a better option however.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Spell Damage +1

    Analysis: An average card. It has average stats and can raise Spell Damage a little. Cheaper Spell Damage is usually better though. Azure Drake, comparatively, is only one mana more, does exactly the same thing, but draws you a card to, almost always making it a better choice. Generally it can't be justified in a deck.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Taunt

    Analysis: Probably one of the best taunts in the game, for only four mana, it can soak up all of those 4 Attack minions attacks and has enough Attack itself so that if you force your opponent to throw smaller minions at it, it'll trade brilliantly with them. It'll quite often weaken a bigger minion enough that you can pick it off fairly easily too. That said, it's often a good target for Priest's Shadow Word: Pain, but at least it's drawn the card out. If you want a fairly strong general taunt, this is your go to guy. Tazdingo!

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Charge

    Analysis: I believe the idea behind the card is to be used to try and clear smaller minions, or to help finish off larger minions and hopefully stay on the board. That said, there are better ways to do this, with something like Stormpike Commando being a better card in every way. It honestly just doesn't have the Attack to be of any real use.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Taunt

    Analysis: A pretty awful taunt. With 4 Health, it has less than Sen'jin Shieldmasta and can easily get picked off by all of the minions with 4 Attack, which is a lot. That said, although it only trades with one enemy, it almost always kills it, so it can be useful there. The Shieldmasta just tends to be a much better taunt though, putting up a better wall for cheaper.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Battlecry: Restore 2 Health to all friendly characters.

    Analysis: A 5-Drop with the stats of a 4-Drop, it's actually not too bad, although it's pretty situational. The best time to play it is when you've traded your minions with theirs quite well so that your minions are still on the board, but damaged. Playing this will heal them right back up, both putting them out of range of AoE and getting them ready to trade with more minions if need be. The extra 4/5 body on the board is excellent. The only argument is whether the situation arises often enough that this card's Battlecry actually gets effectively used.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Battlecry: Gain +1/+1 for each other friendly minion on the battlefield.

    Analysis: In decks with a decent number of smaller minions, this thing can be crazy, being a 5-Drop with some insane stats. It's usually not too hard to get three minions onto the board before playing this, making it a nice 7/7. It'll generally get picked off by removal if it ends up being strong enough, which is okay considering it's a fairly low-cost card. If they're forced to trade with it though, it can be great!

    If you're playing against control, this usually doesn't work quite as nicely as it tends to have much lower stats because the enemy's making sure no minions stay on the board. Still, it can works well fairly regularly.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Whenever this minion takes damage, gain +3 Attack.

    Analysis: Definitely one of the more interesting cards, this can be a part of many combos, considering its stats. It's also only one mana more than the Oasis Snapjaw for the same stats and a brutal effect. It can be used in similar ways to the Snapjaw, but ramps up its damage as it trades (check the entry for that card to see more ways this card can be used).

    The main idea behind the card is to trade with one or two smaller minions, then go for the enemy's face. You can also ping the Berserker with your hero power if you're a Mage, making it very powerful very quickly. It does tend to draw out removal though (which isn't a bad thing considering it's only a five drop) and is very susceptible to Priest's Shadow Word: Pain. If it does manage to trade a few times, if you can heal it up to keep it alive, it can be crazy.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Battlecry: Deal 3 damage to the enemy hero.

    Analysis: A pretty poor card. Basically five mana for a card halfway between a three and four drop in stats. It's Battlecry is pretty awful considering how much you're paying for it. The only real place it has in a deck is in an aggro deck where you just want to get a bit more damage in.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Battlecry: Deal 2 damage.

    Analysis: This cards battlecry can be pretty awesome as dealing 2 Damage as opposed to one is actually quite a bit better as it tends to always give you a way to favorably trade with enemy minions. It's stats are where it gets let down. Two health is way too susceptible to 2- or even 1-Drops, as well as a number of spells. Occasionally you might get lucky and it'll survive the next turn, but it doesn't happen often. Against aggro it will usually get a two-for-one trade because of its Battlecry, but it's just a little too weak otherwise.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Spell Damage +1

    Analysis: A pretty poor card. You most certainly don't add it in for its Spell Damage as it just ends up being too expensive to really be worth it. It's stats are quite interesting, but you're basically sacrificing 2 Attack for the Spell Damage, which just doesn't end up being worth it overall. There are also a number of good five health or above minions that will trade nicely with this. The upside is that most of the time it'll take two hits to die. Really though, something like a Boulderfist Ogre is just a better option.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType


    Analysis: Quite a strong card. Assuming it doesn't get removed by a spell, it'll usually trade with two minions before dying because it has such high health. The six attack means it almost always kills its enemy though and if it doesn't it still weakens it enough to pick off some other way. A pretty solid card overall.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Taunt

    Analysis: A fairly average taunt, you can look it in two ways. You're either sacrificing two health for the effect (comparing it to a Boulderfist Ogre), or you're paying two mana more for something with three more attack (comparing it to a Sen'jin Shieldmasta). Neither of these are very useful differences.

    It'll usually get picked off in a hit because of the lower health, but will usually trade with whatever it is, usually something decently big. That said, it's never really helping to actually swing the game back in your favour, just to stall. It's too much mana for too little use. If it had more health, even if it was sacrificing some attack, it could be a lot better. It's also very susceptible to The Black Knight.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Charge

    Analysis: Basically an upgraded Wolfrider, although a little more expensive when comparing mana cost to attack. Similar to the Wolfrider, it's basically 'Deal 5 Damage' and can be used to take out minions, the five damage usually able to take out some fairly large things, or to deal five damage to the face and hope they can't take it out next turn. It's fairly versatile overall and not too bad a card at all.

    Leeroy Jenkins does tend to be better, dealing one more damage for two less mana, so it tends to be a better option, especially if you can deal with the two whelps it summons.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType


    Analysis: A pretty poor card, basically because five health tends to be way too little for late game, so it ends up getting picked off without doing anything much. For seven mana, it ends up not being worth it. The only time this card's good is when it's used in conjunction with the Warrior card, Charge, allowing it to attack the turn it's played for a devastating 11 damage. Obviously it can sometimes be protected by Taunts, but this happens less successfully than is ideal.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType

    Notes: Your other minions have +1/+1.

    Analysis: Stat-wise, this card's actually not too terrible, only having one less attack and health than the War Golem, the generic 7-Drop. The Champion's effect on the other hand, is pretty awesome. Having one other minion on the board makes up for that one less attack and health and any more than that is a bonus. This will also allow you to trade minions way more efficiently.

    The only issue with the minion is that by the time you can play it, you'll quite often not have a very strong board, especially if you're losing. That said, it's still a fairly good 7-Drop.

    Mana CostAttackHealthType


    Analysis: A 7/7 for 7 mana isn't too bad, but the Boulderfist Ogre tends to be much better, with only one less attack for one less mana. Even if you have no other suitable 7-Drops, it's better to just ignore this card entirely and take Boulderfist instead and just wait until you have some great late game cards.

    Mana CostAttackHealthRarityType


    Analysis: Quite bad. Sure it's for free, but it's one less card that you could have played. You could argue that you could use it as a target for buffing, making it a little cheaper overall, but it's not really worth it in the end. The only other option is to use it in aggro, using it to proc Knife Juggler's effect. Even then, it's not really that amazing.

    The only real use for this card is for miracle rogue decks as a way to buff up Edwin VanCleef a little more before playing him.

    Mana CostAttackHealthRarityType

    Notes: Battlecry: Give a minion +2 Attack this turn.

    Analysis: Not too bad, especially in aggro decks. Obviously it's a bit of a waste if it's played turn one when there's no other minions out, but if it is used on a minion, it basically does two charge damage, which is great for a 1-Drop.

    Mana CostAttackHealthRarityType

    Notes: Enrage: +5 Attack.

    Analysis: Basically made for 'lulz', this is a massively gimmicky card. If you can somehow manage to buff its health then have it take damage, it can suddenly become quite scary, but its still going to be very easy to pick off. Way too hard to pull off the combo to actually make it worth it.

    Mana CostAttackHealthRarityType

    Notes: Divine Shield

    Analysis: Not too bad a card in general and can be argued to be useful in quite a few types of decks, including aggro and control. This is basically because it's such a cheap Divine Shield.

    For aggro, something like playing Argent Squire turn one, then either coining into Cold Blood and attacking for five next turn, or playing Blessing of Might on turn two and attacking then works extremely well. This is mostly because the Divine Shield protects it brilliantly so that it will often get two or three attacks in, which is amazing value for aggro decks. If it forces the enemy to use its Hero Power to finish it off, all the better. Even combined with Defender of Argus, it's quite nice, for both aggro and control.