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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

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    Version 1.3 5/29/2013
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    Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall
    A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
    AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
    Copyright 2013
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    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    002.  Video Walkthrough
    003.  Characters
    004.  Walkthrough
    005.  Frequently Asked Questions
    006.  Credits
    001-General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the game called "Nancy Drew: 
    Ghost of Thornton Hall". This game is available for the PC 
    and the Mac, and it is the 28th game in the Nancy Drew 
    series of adventure games. To contact me about this guide, 
    use my email address: ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com.
    002-Video Walkthrough
    Do you want to see a video of how to solve the game's 
    puzzles, rather than read how to solve the puzzles? You're 
    in luck! I made a video walkthrough for this game, which 
    can be found here:
    The videos come complete with my live commentary.
    Nancy Drew: Our hero, Nancy Drew, is a super mystery solver 
    who has been asked to find a kidnapped girl named Jessalyn 
    Savannah Woodham: Savannah is a ghost hunter that Nancy met 
    in Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge. Savannah asked 
    Nancy to solve the current case, and you can call Savannah 
    for help during this game.
    Jessalyn Thornton: The girl who was kidnapped. She is 
    scheduled to marry Colton Birchfield.
    Wade Thornton: A gruff man who spends most of his time in 
    the Thornton cemetery. He knows a lot about the family's 
    dark history.
    Clara Thornton: The Thornton Family matriarch. Her 
    professional manner may come off as cold and detached 
    sometimes. She wants her daughter to be returned, as soon 
    as possible.
    Colton Birchfield: Jessalyn's fiancé. He sometimes has 
    issues with paranoia.
    Addison Hammond: Jessalyn's friend. She and Jessalyn were 
    at Thornton Hall for a scavenger hunt, before Jessalyn was 
    Lexie: Colton's ex-girlfriend. Nancy overhears Colton 
    calling her, at two points in this game.
    Bess Marvin: Nancy's best friend Bess is a person you can 
    Ned Nickerson: Nancy's boyfriend is currently hanging out 
    with Bess. If you call Bess, Ned will be there.
    Charlotte Thornton: Charlotte Thornton died in a fire on 
    Blackrock Island many years ago. Her ghost is rumored to 
    haunt the area.
    Harper Thornton: Charlotte's younger sister. They say that 
    she was committed to an insane asylum. 
    You can play the game on either amateur sleuth or master 
    sleuth mode. The puzzles are the same on both modes, except 
    that on master sleuth mode, they are more difficult. 
    Nancy's task list will contain hints if you play on amateur 
    sleuth mode.
    The game begins with Nancy getting a phone call from 
    Savannah Woodham, a ghost hunter she came into contact 
    with, while Nancy was in Japan. Savannah was asked to solve 
    a kidnapping case in Georgia, but she can't go. She wants 
    Nancy to go in her place.
    Nancy agrees and arrives at Blackrock Island, home to 
    Thornton Hall. The ferryman warns her about various members 
    of the Thornton family, especially Charlotte Thornton, 
    whose ghost is said to still be haunting the island.
    Go straight forward, to Thornton Hall. As you are about to 
    enter the front door, you meet Colton Birchfield. He is 
    Jessalyn's fiancée, and he gives you Jessalyn's phone. 
    After this, you can talk to Colton about the upcoming 
    wedding, and he indicates that he might have had concerns 
    about marrying Jessalyn.
    Jessalyn's Phone
    Jessalyn's phone is powered off at the moment. You need to 
    find a way to charge it. Charging her phone involves 
    finding five objects: a hammer, nails, coins, wires and 
    The hammer is on the porch. Turn around, so your back is 
    facing Colton, then go forward to the swing. Turn around 
    again, and you can see the hammer lying against one of the 
    columns on the left.
    Go inside Thornton Hall. The front door leads to three 
    places. You can go up the stairs to the left, to reach the 
    upstairs area. You can go straight down the hallway, to 
    reach the workshop. You can go right, into the parlor, to 
    meet Jessalyn's mother, Clara.
    Start by going into the parlor. Talk to Clara if you want 
    to. To the left of the doorway to this room, you can find a 
    tea set. Zoom in on the tea set, then take the oranges from 
    the bowl left of it.
    Now, go the workshop, which is the other room on the main 
    floor. In the corner, directly in front of you, is a 
    worktable. On the left side of this table, you can find 
    wires and nails. Use the hammer on the nails to pull them 
    There is also an electricity manual. Read it to learn how 
    to make a simple battery, with things like coins and fruit. 
    You should have almost all the items you need now: wires, 
    nails and oranges.
    Back away from the worktable and turn right. On a smaller 
    table to the left, you can find a projector. Zoom in on 
    this table. To the right, you can find coins.
    Return to the worktable and zoom in on the left. Put the 
    oranges down, then use the nails and coins on the oranges. 
    Then click on the wires to the left. Nancy will use these 
    things to charge the battery on Jessalyn's phone.
    It takes fifteen minutes for Jessalyn's phone to charge, so 
    in the meantime, you might as well do something else.
    The First Ghost Sighting
    Leave Thornton Hall and head towards the gate at the front 
    of the island. You see a sign, which says that the Thornton 
    Family Cemetery is to the left. Turn here and go to the 
    In this location, you meet Wade Thornton. He's one of the 
    family cousins, and when you talk to him, he mentions that 
    Savannah left a package for you. Talk to Wade about 
    whatever you want. You can also explore the cemetery for a 
    bit. Wade will tell you about some of the people buried 
    After you talk to Wade for the first time, go back to 
    Thornton Hall. This time, go upstairs. Go down the hall, to 
    the sleeping area. On a table here, you find Savannah's 
    package. Open it up. Take the EMF reader and open 
    Savannah's book to discover that people liked to sneak onto 
    the island, in hopes of seeing Charlotte's ghost.
    Now, look down the other hallway that is here, upstairs. 
    This hallway leads to Charlotte's room, only the door to 
    her room is locked. Nancy sees Charlotte's ghost in this 
    The Rhyme Note
    After Nancy sees Charlotte, she will hear eerie singing, 
    the next time she enters Thornton Hall. (If you haven't 
    talked to Clara yet, this will not happen).
    Nancy mentions that the singing is coming from upstairs, so 
    go up the stairs. There is a note for Nancy, next to the 
    package from Savannah. It says to make herself blind at a 
    dreadful place, then call Charlotte home.
    In order to solve this puzzle, you have to go back to the 
    cemetery and ask Wade about people sneaking onto the 
    island. He recites the rhyme, which is used to summon 
    Charlotte's ghost.
    Return to Thornton Hall. Grab a napkin from the tea table, 
    which is in the parlor with Clara. Nancy can use this as a 
    blindfold to make herself blind.
    All that remains is to find the scariest room in the house. 
    Go into the workshop, on the first floor of the house. See 
    the wooden doorway? Use the EMF reader here. Nancy notes 
    that it has the highest EMF reading of all the places in 
    the house.
    Click on the napkin here, to use it as a blindfold. Pick 
    the rhyme: "Fire so red, night so black, dear sweet 
    Charlotte, please come back".
    Someone grabs Nancy and takes her through a tunnel. This 
    person is revealed to be Harper, who is the cousin of Clara 
    and Wade. She is also Charlotte's younger sister, and she 
    lives in the basement of Thornton Hall.
    People believe that Harper is crazy. She will talk with 
    Nancy, then return Nancy to the workshop. Nancy has a 
    puzzle note, which explains how to reach Harper again. 
    Portrait Letter Puzzle
    Harper's note says to look to the portraits. There are 
    numerous portraits around here, and most of them have a 
    smudge on them. You have to clean them off.
    You need to get the turpentine, which is in a blue 
    container in the workshop. Also, get a napkin, from the tea 
    table in the parlor.
    Now, go to one of the portraits. Click on the napkin, then 
    click on the turpentine to soak the napkin in turpentine. 
    Now, use the cleaner-soaked napkin on the portrait to find 
    Three portraits are in the parlor. Two are above the 
    fireplace, while the portrait of Hiriam is on the wall 
    opposite of the door.
    A fourth portrait is in the downstairs hallway, above the 
    dresser. One portrait is on the right-hand side of the 
    worktable in the workshop. Pick it up, then go upstairs. 
    Put the portrait into the empty frame, so you can clean it 
    One portrait is above the covered couch. To find it, just 
    face the large windows and sleeping bag upstairs, then turn 
    around. The final portrait is in the upstairs hallway, 
    leading to Charlotte's room.
    When you get all the portraits cleaned off, look at Nancy's 
    paper. She wrote down all of the letters on the portraits, 
    and now you have to arrange them to form words. The words 
    are "cotton gin, get seeds, balance scales".
    There is a bag of cotton, on the blue dresser upstairs. 
    Pick it up, then go to the workshop. The cotton gin is 
    here. Examine it for a puzzle. In this puzzle, you must put 
    the combs on the device, in a specific order. The combs are 
    different in both amateur sleuth mode and master sleuth 
    mode, but the solution is the same in both modes. Put them 
    on, from 1 to 7. 
    3 2
    6 5
    1 4
    That fixes the cotton gin. Put the cotton in the cotton 
    gin, and seeds come out on the right. Pick them up. Then, 
    go to the wooden door. The scales to the right of the door 
    can balance the seeds.
    In amateur sleuth mode, you balance the scales with 1-3-1 
    on the left and 3 on the right. In master sleuth mode, you 
    balance the scales with 3-2-4 on the left and 2-2-2 on the 
    Solving the puzzle will raise the weighted bags, hanging 
    from the ceiling of this room. This opens up a passageway, 
    behind the wooden door. The passageway leads to the 
    basement where Harper stays. You can go down there and talk 
    to Harper, if you want.
    In the basement tunnel, you find a backpack. It is 
    Jessalyn's. Open it, and you can find a Thornton family 
    tree. You can also find half of the key, which unlocks 
    Charlotte's room. You can also find wedding notes, which 
    Colton and Jessalyn wrote on.
    Bottle Note
    After you talk to Harper a second time, go to Clara and 
    tell her about Harper. Clara and Wade go to investigate, 
    but Harper leaves before they find her.
    The next time Nancy enters the house, she will hear eerie 
    singing. This is her cue to go upstairs. There is a note, 
    next to the package Nancy left for Savannah. It is a bottle 
    Return to the basement. A wine rack is against one of the 
    walls here, and it contains a bunch of bottles, similar to 
    the picture on the note. What you have to do is solve the 
    puzzle on the note, to figure out the order in which you 
    push the bottles.
    In amateur sleuth mode, the solution is "bileo". In master 
    sleuth mode, the solution is "cfinbk". After you press the 
    bottles in the proper order, a hidden passageway appears. 
    Go through it, and at the end, Nancy overhears Colton on 
    the phone with someone named Lexie.
    Turn around. Jessalyn's camera is on the ground here. Pick 
    it up and look through all the pictures. Many of them 
    contain clues, as to what you should do next.
    When you go back into the house, Nancy suddenly collapses 
    from exhaustion. Maybe there's something strange in the air 
    here. Nancy cuts her phone conversation short, as she spies 
    a new note, next to the package to Savannah. Pick this note 
    up, for the flower puzzle.
    The Ruins
    Jessalyn's camera contains clues for many things. The first 
    one you should probably examine is the T-marker. This is 
    located near the gate at the front of the island.
    Nancy will recognize this location from the photo on 
    Jessalyn's camera. The camera shows that there is a hidden 
    pathway, behind the hedge. You can now go forward through 
    the hedge to reach the ruins where Charlotte died.
    There is a fountain outside of the house, but you cannot 
    solve the puzzle there yet. Instead, go into the house. You 
    see Charlotte's ghost go down the stairs. If you look in 
    that location, you find the key for the crypt. How can 
    Nancy get it?
    The only thing of interest inside the ruins is some film, 
    which is lying on the only table in the building. Pick it 
    Now it's time to get some items. Go to Wade and ask him if 
    he thinks what happened to Charlotte was an accident. He 
    gives you a piece of cloth, which tells you how to solve 
    the fountain puzzle at the ruins.
    Go back to Thornton Hall and go inside the workshop. You 
    can find a picker, to the left of the wooden door that 
    leads to the basement. You can also find an old projector, 
    on a table against the wall. Fix up the projector and use 
    the film on it.
    Nancy watches the footage of Charlotte's birthday party. 
    Someone spliced images into the film, and Clara interrupts 
    the movie.
    Return to the ruins. With Wade's clue, you can solve the 
    puzzle by the fountain. The trick to this puzzle is to not 
    have two tiles, of the same color, in adjacent spots. The 
    numbers on the edges tell you how many of a certain color 
    is in each row/column.
    Amateur Sleuth:
    -+-+- +-
    +-+   -+
    -+_  _+_
    +- +-  +
    -+    +-
    +-+   -+
    -+    +-
    +-+-  _+
    Master Sleuth:
    -  +-+
    +-+-+  -
    -  +-+-+
    +  -   -
    -  +   +
    Solving the puzzle gets you Charlotte's sketch and a snake 
    plate. Those will help you solve puzzles later on.
    Go inside the ruined house, and Nancy sees Charlotte again. 
    At the bottom of the stairs here is the crypt key. Use the 
    picker from the workshop to grab it.
    Examine the wall in the ruins. The distinctive red 
    wallpaper with a star on it was the location that was 
    spliced into the reel of film. Nancy decides to stack up 
    items, in order to reach it.
    There are multiple solutions to the puzzle. I recommend 
    starting with the wooden plank, lying horizontally across 
    the bottom/middle. Then, make a stack of the white blocks, 
    resting them vertically. Stack the small square boxes on 
    them, and you should be high enough to reach the red 
    Examine the paper, and move it aside. Nancy decides to copy 
    down the star sketch. When you do so, the ceiling starts to 
    cave in. Back away, before you get killed! Then, go back to 
    the wallpaper to read the clue.
    That's all you can do at the ruins.
    The Crypt Puzzles
    You get the crypt key from the ruins. Go to the crypt, 
    which is part of the cemetery. Harper is in there, waiting 
    for Nancy. You can get rid of her, by talking to her and 
    saying that you want her to be found. Alternately, you can 
    leave the crypt and return to make Harper leave.
    When Harper is gone, you can solve some puzzles in the 
    crypt. On the right side of the crypt, you'll notice empty 
    spaces for coffins. One space has a newspaper article about 
    Charlotte's funeral. Another space has the bird sketch, in 
    the middle row of the second-from-left column.
    On the left side of the crypt are many coffins. Examine the 
    coffin in the middle row of the leftmost column. Jessalyn 
    took a picture of this coffin; it has a bird plate on it. 
    Zoom in on the bird plate. Nancy puts the plate and the 
    sketch together, and she figures that she has to fill up 
    the design to open the plate.
    In amateur sleuth mode, put the parallelogram as the bird's 
    beak, with a large triangle touching it. Put the other 
    large triangle at the bottom, for the bird's tail. The 
    other pieces are easy to place after that.
    In master sleuth mode, put a large triangle in the 
    lower/right, with the parallelogram left of it. Put the 
    other large triangle above that, so it sticks out as the 
    bird's wing. The square goes directly above the right large 
    triangle, so it touches both of the large triangles. 
    Solving the puzzle opens the coffin. Inside are numbers, 
    for the puzzle on Charlotte's door.
    However, you still need the rest of the key to Charlotte's 
    room. One of the pictures on Jessalyn's camera was of a 
    snake picture, on a column. Go to the porch of Thornton 
    Hall. The column is near the swing. Push the vines away, 
    click on the picture, and Nancy copies the design.
    The clue here says that it is the first of its kind, along 
    the bottom. Go back to the crypt. The coffin you're looking 
    for is on the bottom row, and it is the second from the 
    left. Put the snake plate (which you got from the tile 
    puzzle in the ruins) on this coffin, and solve this puzzle.
    In amateur sleuth mode, put the two large triangles as the 
    head and tail of the snake. In master sleuth mode, put the 
    two large triangles on the left side. There are multiple 
    solutions to the puzzle, on both modes.
    Solving the snake tile puzzle gets you half of the key to 
    Charlotte's room. The other half of the key was inside 
    Jessalyn's backpack, in the tunnel leading to the basement. 
    Nancy puts the two halves together.
    You can now go into Charlotte's room, but there are more 
    puzzles you can solve in the crypt.
    First among these puzzles is the star puzzle. In the ruins, 
    you got the star sketch. You can take the star plate from 
    the coffin in the bottom row, in the second-from-left 
    column. Simply push the red button on the coffin to remove 
    it. Then, place the plate on the coffin which is in the top 
    row, in the second-from-left column. The note you found by 
    the star sketch tells you that this is the right coffin.
    There are multiple solutions in both modes. In amateur 
    sleuth mode, I prefer to have the two large triangles 
    touching each other, while on master sleuth mode, I put one 
    large triangle on the left and one on the right. Solving 
    the puzzle gives you Charlotte's locket. Technically, it's 
    only part of the locket, as the locket connects onto a 
    Another puzzle in the crypt is the stained glass window. 
    Look at it. You can move various pieces of glass around, in 
    order to spell out a word, from left-to-right and top-to-
    bottom. The word is "Beauregard". Naturally, none of the 
    letters should be upside-down, backwards or sideways.
    Go outside and check Beauregard's gravestone (front row, 
    far left). Pull off the covers to see tiles.
    The final puzzle you can do in the crypt is the flower 
    puzzle. You can only do the first half of the puzzle, at 
    this point. Read the flower note, which you can find after 
    getting Jessalyn's camera. It says to leave petals by 
    Grab a flower from below the stained glass window, then 
    leave it by the statue of Charlotte in the cemetery. Leave 
    the cemetery and return to find a flower sketch, in place 
    of the flower. You will get the flower plate, after solving 
    the Ethel's Grave puzzle.
    Charlotte's Room
    To get into Charlotte's room, you need the numbers (which 
    you get from solving the bird tile puzzle in the crypt) and 
    both halves of the key (found in Jessalyn's backpack and by 
    solving the snake tile puzzle in the crypt).
    Go upstairs and go to the door of Charlotte's room. Use the 
    key on the lock. You get a puzzle, which is just like the 
    one at the fountain. The key to this puzzle is to make sure 
    that no tile is adjacent to a tile of the same color.
    Amateur sleuth:
    + -+-+-+
    - +-+ +-
    +  +- -+
    - +-+-+-
    +   -+-+
    - -  -
    + +    -
    Master sleuth:
    -+-   -+
    + +-+ +-
       -+ +-
    +-+ - -+
    -+- +-+-
    +      +
    -+-  -+-
    Solving the puzzle gives you access to Charlotte's room. 
    There are clocks above the fireplace in the room, and 
    Charlotte's desk is on the left, by her bed.
    Read the diary on Charlotte's desk. It contains the clue 
    for a puzzle in the basement.
    Open Charlotte's jewelry box. Inside is an invitation to 
    her masquerade party, at which she died. Also inside is a 
    key, which opens the box for the Ethel's grave puzzle.
    At the bottom of the jewelry box is a tile puzzle. The 
    tiles for this puzzle are found in the basement, in the 
    bottom/right corner of the wine rack with the bottles. Put 
    the tiles on the jewelry box.
    To solve this puzzle, you must first solve the stained 
    glass puzzle in the crypt. This leads Nancy to look at 
    Beauregard's tombstone. The color sequence on his tombstone 
    is the one you want to follow here.
    In amateur sleuth mode, the sequence you want to follow is 
    purple, green, dark blue and light blue. You can go 
    down/right, down/left, down, down/right, up/right, right, 
    up/right, up/right, down, down/left, down/right, down/left, 
    down/right, up, down/right, up/right, up, up/right, up, 
    up/left and up/right to beat the challenge.
    In master sleuth mode, the sequence you want to follow is 
    purple, light green, dark green, dark blue and light blue. 
    You can go down, down/right, right, up, down/right, 
    down/right, down/left, down/left, up/left, down/left, 
    down/right, right, right, up/right, right, down/right, 
    up/right, up, up/right, down, up/left, up/left, right, 
    up/right and up.
    There are multiple solutions for both modes.
    Solving the puzzle gets you a note about the clocks. They 
    must all strike twelve at the same time! To get this to 
    happen, you must solve the first part of the flower note. 
    Do this by getting a flower from the crypt, then leaving it 
    by Charlotte's statue in the cemetery. Leave and return to 
    get a flower sketch.
    Once you have the flower sketch, Nancy hears eerie singing 
    when she enters the house. Go upstairs to find a new note, 
    next to Savannah's package. It says you must spy on 
    Go to the basement. There is a hidden passageway behind the 
    barrels. The picture on Jessalyn's phone is the clue that 
    leads you to this passage. Go through the passage, then 
    look through the cracks in the wall to see Wade. Something 
    scares him away, and he drops a key.
    Go to the hallway and get the key. Now, go to Charlotte's 
    room. Use the key on the slot, under the fireplace mantle. 
    If you pull the large switch under the mantle, you see how 
    quickly the clocks move.
    Clocks 3 and 5 move slowly. Clocks 1 and 4 move twice as 
    fast as them, and clock 2 moves twice as fast as clocks 1 
    and 4.
    There are multiple ways you could solve the puzzle. One is 
    10:00, 8:00, 11:00, 10:00 and 11:00. Another is 11:00, 
    10:00, 11:30, 11:00 and 11:30. Set the clocks to those 
    times, then let them go.
    A hidden passageway opens, behind the portrait in the room. 
    Go through it. You end up near the parlor with Clara. Look 
    through the eyeholes to spy on Clara's phone conversation.
    Jessalyn's Phone
    Jessalyn's phone turns out, fifteen minutes after you start 
    charging it. Pick up her phone to learn that it has a 
    Ask Clara if Jessalyn was here with anyone. Clara gives 
    Nancy the phone number of Addison Hammond. Call Addison and 
    ask her about Jessalyn's phone password. Addison says the 
    epitaph hunt hides the password.
    Go to the T marker, near the gate by the front of the 
    island. If you haven't already, pick up the scavenger hunt 
    list from this location. The scavenger hunt list has 
    several tombstones, along with (W, L). W is for word, and L 
    is for letter. For example, if Charlotte's tombstone is 
    listed as (3, 5), you want to find the fifth letter of the 
    third word.
    To solve this puzzle, you will have to look at all the 
    gravestones. You may need the help of the family tree in 
    Jessalyn's backpack. Two books inside Thornton Hall (one on 
    the mantle in the parlor, one on the couch upstairs) give 
    you information about the nicknames of certain people.
    In both amateur sleuth mode and master sleuth mode, you 
    need to find a particular gravestone. To find it, you must 
    go upstairs and clean off the portrait of Clara (near 
    Charlotte's room) with the cleanser-soaked napkin. If you 
    don't have the cleanser-soaked napkin already, what you 
    have to do is get a napkin from the tea set, as well as 
    turpentine from the workshop. Use the napkin by the 
    portrait and use the turpentine on the napkin.
    Cleaning off the portrait a few times reveals graves. Go to 
    the cemetery. Near the fountain, you can find these graves. 
    One is for fifty four souls. Wade can tell you more about 
    them, if you're interested.
    Once you've seen all the tombstones, including the one for 
    fifty four souls, you should be able to unlock the password 
    on Jessalyn's phone (provided that you have the scavenger 
    hunt list and you talked to Addison about the password). In 
    amateur sleuth mode, the password is VWRMYFITS. In master 
    sleuth mode, the password is PRDRYRIW.
    In both modes, Nana is Sarah, Grandma is Rosalie, Ghost is 
    Charlotte, Dodge is Roger, HT is Harper, VT is Virginia, 
    Karenina is Marianna, LA is Luther, RN is Ruby, and the 
    victims are the 54 souls.
    On Jessalyn's phone, you can read her text messages and 
    listen to her audio messages. Audio message #3 indicates 
    that something dropped under floorboards. Go to the parlor 
    and check the loose floorboard by the tea set to find a 
    The first part of the puzzle requires you to spell out a 
    color. Do this by going right, up, right, right, right, 
    right, down, down, left, left, down, left, down and down. 
    The color you spell is yellow.
    The second part of the puzzle requires you to go over all 
    the yellow spaces. Do this by going down, left, left, down, 
    down, down, up, up, right, down, right, right, up, left, 
    up, up, right, right, down, left, left, down, right, down 
    and right. You spell out "Ethel's Grave".
    Ethel's Grave
    To solve the Ethel's grave puzzle, you must solve the note 
    which you get, after looking in the floorboards by the tea 
    set (which you can only do, after hearing the third audio 
    message on Jessalyn's phone).
    You must also go to Charlotte's room and get a key from her 
    jewelry box.
    Jessalyn's camera indicates that there is something in the 
    passageway, behind the bottles. Go there to learn that you 
    need to dig. You can get a spade from the workshop. If you 
    are facing the entrance to the basement, the spade is on 
    your right. If you are just exiting from the basement, the 
    spade is on your left.
    Go to the passageway behind the bottles and dig to find a 
    box. Open it with the key from Charlotte's room. This box 
    is the one that is picture, on the Ethel's Grave note. 
    Ethel's grave is partially covered in the cemetery, but 
    there's only one grave it can be. You want to move the 
    tiles here, to spell out the date of Ethel's death.
    In amateur sleuth mode, you want to spell out 1 13 1933. Do 
    this by clicking left, right, left, right, left, right, 
    left and right. In master sleuth mode, you want to spell 
    out 3 14 1933. Do this by clicking right, right, right, 
    left, right, left, left.
    Solving the puzzle gets you the flower plate. You can use 
    this in the crypt. If you haven't already, read the flower 
    note. It says that you can get the flower design, by 
    placing a flower from the crypt in front of Charlotte's 
    statue in the cemetery. The next time you visit the statue, 
    the flower is replaced with a design.
    Go to the crypt and put the flower plate on the coffin in 
    the middle row, in the second-from-the-right column. You 
    can solve the flower puzzle. In amateur sleuth mode, stack 
    the two large triangles so one is above the other (as 
    opposed to putting them side by side), and in master sleuth 
    mode, put the two large triangles in the triangular petal 
    Solve the puzzle gets you a #6 button.
    Finding Jessalyn
    Solving the flower tile puzzle in the crypt (which must be 
    done after the Ethel's grave puzzle) results in you getting 
    a button. Go to the basement. There is a tunnel, left of 
    the generator and right of Harper. The door is locked with 
    a puzzle, and you can put the #6 button on the slot here.
    The journal on the desk in Charlotte's room explains how to 
    open this door. In amateur sleuth mode, all four sides 
    equal eighteen. In master sleuth mode, the long sides equal 
    twenty five, while the short sides equal fifteen.
    Amateur sleuth:
    2 5 3 8
    10    9
    6 4 7 1
    Master sleuth:
    9 8 1  7
    2      3
    4 10 6 5
    Solving the puzzle opens the door. Go inside to meet 
    Helping Jessalyn
    Agree to help Jessalyn, and she explains what happened. 
    Jessalyn met Harper, and Harper has convinced Jessalyn that 
    Clara killed Charlotte. Now, both Harper and Jessalyn are 
    working together to find evidence to confirm Clara's guilt.
    Their newest plan is to use Harper to distract Clara. That 
    way, you can break into Clara's briefcase and get 
    Charlotte's necklace. In order to do this, you have to 
    enter the parlor, by means of the hidden passageway in 
    Charlotte's room. When you do this, you overhear Clara 
    leaving the room.
    Go to Clara's briefcase. The briefcase clue Jessalyn gave 
    you says how to open the briefcase. Go through all the 
    clues to get your solution.
    Amateur sleuth:
    |_   |
    | | _|
    Master sleuth:
    |_| |_
    |    _|
    Nancy finds the necklace inside the briefcase. Go to 
    Jessalyn and give it to her. Jessalyn says that she needs 
    the locket to open the necklace. You can get this locket, 
    from solving the star puzzle in the cemetery.
    Give the locket to Jessalyn. She wants you to open it. The 
    key to the puzzle was found in the fountain by the ruins. 
    Charlotte's key gives a letter to each button and three 
    clues: Mom, 1867 and Wright. Jessalyn's family tree says 
    those people are named Marianna, Hiriam and Emeline. Enter 
    those names onto the locket.
    Jessalyn reads the note inside, then leaves to confront 
    Clara. Pick up the note and read it. Charlotte believed 
    that Clara could not be trusted.
    At this point, you can go to the front porch and talk to 
    Colton for a clue to a puzzle in the tunnel where you found 
    Jessalyn. Go to the tunnel to notice that it's dark. Leave, 
    then go to the generator (which Jessalyn was standing by).
    To solve this puzzle, move the ball bearing into the hole. 
    The trick is that when you go past a wall, it moves along 
    with the ball. There is a reset button, which lets you 
    start the puzzle over again.
    Go right all the way, then down all the way. Go left, then 
    down twice, right, down twice, left, up and right twice.
    Now just follow along the tunnel by going down all the way, 
    left all the way, up all the way, left all the way, up all 
    the way, and right twice. Go left to open up the gate, 
    where the ball bearing goes. Now go back through the tunnel 
    by going left, down all the way, right all the way, down 
    all the way and up all the way.
    Here, you want to go to the hole. This time, you go left, 
    up, left, up twice, right, up, left three times and down.
    Solving the puzzle gives you light in the tunnels. Colton's 
    note indicates that something is hidden behind a particular 
    symbol. The sequence of symbols are numbers, combined with 
    their mirror images. The sixth number is 6, so look for the 
    symbol which is a 6 next to a backwards 6.
    This symbol is on the wall, near the handholds that lead 
    out of the tunnel. Use the spade here to find a safe. To 
    open the safe, you must move the tiles around to the 
    correct spots, then move the levers according to 
    Charlotte's note (found in the locket).
    Amateur sleuth:
    In amateur sleuth mode, the bottom row pieces are similar 
    to the top row pieces, which can throw you off. The way to 
    work around this potential problem is to work from the 
    bottom up. Get the bottom row in place, then lock those 
    pieces into place so you can't move them. Then, with the 
    two top rows, you can work either from left to right or 
    right to left.
    I did this strategy:
    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9
    I found the piece for 9 and put it into place. I then found 
    7 and 8. I put 8 on 7, and 7 on 4. That way, I was able to 
    slide 7 and 8 into place, and complete the bottom row.
    Then, I found pieces 1 and 4. I put 4 on 1, and 1 on 2. 
    That way, I was able to slide 1 and 4 into place. I rotated 
    the three remaining pieces, until they were in place.
    When the pieces are in place, you want set the levers. 
    Charlotte's note describes them in clockwise order. 
    Top/left to top/right is 1, 3, 4, and 5. Top/right to 
    bottom/right is 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7. Bottom/right to 
    bottom/left is 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7. Bottom/left to top/left is 
    1, 3, 4 and 5.
    Master sleuth:
     1  2  3  4
     5  6  7  8
     9 10 11 12
    13 14 15 16
    This is much more difficult. Start by putting pieces 1 and 
    13 into place. There is only one piece which can fit into 
    those two spots. When you find the pieces, lock them into 
    place so you can't move them again.
    Now, find piece 14 and put it into place. (This is easier 
    to do with Piece 1 already in place, because pieces 14 and 
    1 are very similar). Find Piece 4 and put it into place.
    Here's where things get a bit tricky. Only one remaining 
    piece can fit in spot 5, but two pieces can fit into spot 
    9. Find both of these pieces. The piece you want is the one 
    WITHOUT a line on the bottom of the piece. Once you have 
    pieces 5 and 9 identified, get them into place.
    With all the pieces you have in place already, there is 
    only one piece that can go in spot 15. There are two pieces 
    which can go in spot 16. The piece you're looking for has 
    two lines, touching each other, on the top side. When you 
    have pieces 15 and 16 identified, put them into place.
    Now, find pieces 8 and 12. Slide them into place. Finish, 
    by sliding pieces 2 and 3 into place. The entire slider 
    puzzle should be done now, as it doesn't matter where the 
    three middle pieces are.
    Hit the "reset levers" button, then start with the levers. 
    Charlotte's note, found in the locket, tells you how to 
    solve this puzzle. From top/left to top/right, use levers 
    1, 4, 5, 6 and 8. From top/right to bottom/right, it's 1, 
    3, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 11. From bottom/right to bottom/left, 
    it's 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6. From bottom/left to top/left, it's 
    1, 4, 5, 7 and 8.
    Solving the puzzle opens the safe! Inside, you find 
    Charlotte's codicil. She changed her will so Harper, not 
    Clara, inherits everything, including the Thornton family 
    Endgame Sequence
    After you read the codicil, a fire breaks out. Go back to 
    the basement to find that Harper is injured. Jessalyn asks 
    you to help.
    You can finish the game, by choosing not to help Harper.
    If you choose to help Harper, Nancy decides to make a 
    wheelbarrow. One wheel is on a brick shelf, while the other 
    wheel is on the blue armchair. Bolts are on the shelf 
    behind Harper, and a bicycle handle is on the ground, right 
    of the generator.
    Use the handle and wheels on the cart, then use the bolts 
    to tighten them. Jessalyn will use the wheelbarrow to save 
    At this point, Jessalyn asks you to save Clara. You can end 
    the game, by choosing not to save Clara.
    If you choose to help Clara, Nancy goes upstairs to 
    Charlotte's bedroom. Take the antique key from the mantle, 
    then use it on the hole under the mantle. The clocks in 
    here have been reset, and for some reason, they are moving 
    at different speeds now.
    Set the clocks at 11:50, 11:35, 11:45, 11:40 and 11:20. 
    Another solution is 11:00, 9:30, 10:30, 10:00 and 8:00.
    When you solve the puzzle, the door to the passageway 
    opens. Nancy and Clara then escape together.
    005-Frequently Asked Question
    Q: Where do I find the things needed for the bird tile 
    A: The bird sketch is found in a hole, on the right side of 
    the crypt. The bird plate is on the coffin in the middle 
    row on the leftmost column. Solving this puzzle gets you 
    numbers for Charlotte's door.
    Q: Where do I find the things needed for the snake tile 
    A: The snake sketch is found on a column, as seen in a 
    picture on Jessalyn's camera. The snake plate is found by 
    solving the tile puzzle at the ruins. The plate is used on 
    the coffin in the bottom row, the second from the left 
    column. Solving this puzzle gets you half of the key to 
    Charlotte's room.
    Q: Where do I find the things needed for the star tile 
    A: The star sketch can be found in the ruins, after you 
    watch the film (also found in the ruins). The star plate is 
    on the coffin in the bottom row, in the second-from-right 
    column. The plate is used on the coffin in the topmost row, 
    and the second-from-left column. Solving the puzzle gives 
    you half of Charlotte's locket.
    Q: Where do I find the things needed for the flower tile 
    A: The flower sketch is found, by leaving a flower from the 
    crypt at the base of Charlotte's statue. The flower plate 
    is found, after solving the Ethel's grave puzzle. The plate 
    is used on the coffin in the middle row, in the second-
    from-right column. Solving the puzzle gets you a button for 
    the door in the basement.
    Q: How do I get the key for the clocks in Charlotte's room?
    A: Solve the flower note puzzle to get a new note. This 
    note tells you to go through the secret passage behind the 
    barrels in the basement, in order to see Wade in the house. 
    Wade drops the key you need.
    Q: What are the achievements in this game?
    A: You get achievements for pressing 20 bottles, making 7 
    cups of tea,  using the cotton gin 11 times, learning all 
    about the Thornton family history through conversations, 
    examining all the graveyard epitaphs, finding an easter 
    egg, using the EMF reader 30 times, saving Clara at the end 
    of the game, using the incomplete key to Charlotte's room 
    on her door five times, not using any hints, seeing 15 
    ghostly encounters, and correctly answering the trivia 
    question at the end of the game.
    Q: What are the easter eggs in this game?
    A: One is found in the tunnel leading to the basement. Stop 
    at the screen with the high EMF reading, then look in the 
    wall there to get an egg. Another egg is found, by opening 
    and closing the bird tile coffin five times. The final egg 
    is found at the tile puzzle in Charlotte's room. From the 
    starting point, go down all the way, right all the way, 
    then up all the way. You can use the easter eggs in the 
    easter egg holder, in Charlotte's room, in order to get a 
    Q: What about the bonus edition of the game?
    A: Everyone who preordered the game got the bonus edition, 
    which comes with seven phone charms. Collect them all for 
    another achievement.
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2013.  If you want 
    to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
    under general information).

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