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"Oohh the blood it just turns my poor tummy"

Pre-Review: Before I played this game for the first time I had never even HEARD of it. One Christmas a few years back my mother bought it for me. Score one for her! Since playing this game I have been a devout Thief fan. It is the father of- and the single greatest Stealth based game/series -EVER- Others may be more sophisticated, like Splinter Cell, but for some reason, they just don't stack up. Not even close. Garrett is the man and will always be the man. That being said, moving on with the review.

Graphics: 8/10
Graphics are great (considering the game's time of release) Character models are a bit lacking but the vivid environments and the lighting qualities more than make up for that small shortcoming. Shadows blend with the ground nicely and add more to the appeal of the game.

Sound: 9/10
The ambient sound effects do a lot to enhance the Thief experience from the sounds of the night and the dull hum of machinery as you creep through an alleyway in a mechanical city to the sound of a guard whistling a tune as he unsuspectingly walks his patrol, not noticing the shadowy figure behind him about to bring a raised blackjack above his head down to the base of his skull.

Music: N/A

Overall: The gameplay itself is what makes Thief the grandaddy of the stealth genre, especially the ability to manipulate your environment to suit your needs for example, getting the upper hand on a vigilant guard by throwing a plate or some other random object into the far corner of the room, drawing the guard away from his route just long enough for you to sneak by while picking his pocket. If that isn't enough, you are armed with an arsenal of weapons and equipment to aid you. For example possibly the most useful tool, water arrows for putting out that pesky torch that keeps the hallway so well lit. And moss arrows, for when the floor beneath you just makes too much noise. These weapons and more well make things a whole lot easier. This gameplay is matched only by other Thief titles.

Misc Factors:
Addiction Factor: 4/5
This game will hook you if youre not careful. Playing through levels is like eating Lays potato chips. You cant stop with just one.

Replay Value: 4/5 While there are no bonuses to replay the game, the game does not lose anything on multiple times through. You WILL play this one over and over again and love every minute of it.

Controls: 5/5
The controls are solid by default but just in case you dont like them, you can change them all you want.

Buy this game? yes, yes and YES. It is readily available at any EBGames as part of the Thief Gold pack. 10$ for this and Thief II. Not a bad buy at all.

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Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/10/04

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