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    No Medi Pack Guide by RX_Tech_Miner

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    ...................TOMB RAIDER 3 – ADVENTURES OF LARA CROFT...................
    .............................NO MEDI PACK GUIDE...............................
    1. Introduction
    2. Revisions
    3. Rules
    4. Basic Information
    5. Advanced Information
    6. Lara's Equipment
    7. Lara's Weapons
    8. The Guide
    9. Credits
    10. Copyright and Contact Information
    1. Introduction
    This is a guide that will help you beat the game Tomb Raider 3 without 
    using any medi packs. The guide will expect you to know the game pretty 
    well, giving you just brief info on the easy and linear parts and focus 
    on the parts where health loss is difficult (and sometimes impossible) to 
    avoid. If you should get stuck on something that's not mentioned here, 
    check out a walkthrough.
    This guide is made for the Playstation version of Tomb Raider 3. It can 
    also be used for the PC version, but since you can save how much you want 
    and get plenty of power-ups in the PC version it won't be much of a 
    If you want to do a quick search for a specific level, use the codes belov:
    Jungle (L01)
    Temple Ruins (L02)
    The River Ganges (L03)
    Caves of Kaliya (L04)
    Nevada Desert (L05)
    High Security Compound (L06)
    Area 51 (L07)
    Coastal Village (L08)
    Crash Site (L09)
    Madubu Gorge (L10)
    Temple of Tuna (L11)
    Thame's Wharf (L12)
    Aldwych (L13)
    Lud's Gate (L14)
    City (L15)
    Antarctica (L16)
    RX-Tech Mines (L17)
    Lost City of Tinnos (L18)
    Meteorite Cavern (L19)
    2. Revisions
    Version 1.00 (February 10 2013)
    3. Rules
    You must beat all the 19 mandatory levels without using any medi packs.
    This guide will include taking all the 60 secrets. If you decide to not 
    do this some of the levels will be a lot easier.
    You're not allowed to use any cheat codes.
    4. Basic Information
    This part contains info that I thought should be in the guide, but are so 
    obvious that anyone who has played a classic Tomb raider game will know it. 
    Just skip this part.
    When starting a new level Lara will always have full health.
    If Lara is poisoned when finishing a level she will not be poisoned when 
    the next level begins.
    If Lara is on fire when finishing a level she will not be on fire when the 
    next level begins. (Yeah, totally useless info. I just added it for fun.)
    When facing an enemy in the water it's often best to kill it when standing 
    on solid ground.
    When facing an enemy that's not shooting at Lara it's best to avoid close 
    combat by jumping backwards while shooting or from a place where the enemy 
    can't reach you.
    When facing an enemy that can poison Lara it's best to avoid close combat 
    (see above).
    When facing an enemy that's shooting at Lara, kill it quickly. In close 
    combat you can often use Lara's superior agility and run behind the enemy, 
    make a roll and shoot him in the back. Another classic strategy to lessen 
    the damage is to make side jumps, but you won't use it as much here as in 
    the two first Tomb Raider games.
    5. Advanced Information
    Here's some useful information that not even players who has played the 
    game a couple of times may know about.
    When a flare is running out Lara will throw it away. If she's holding on 
    to something when a flare runs out she will throw it as soon as her hands 
    are free. During the second this takes Lara can't grab things so make sure 
    it doesn't happen when you're about to make a grabbing jump or when you 
    need to grab after a drop.
    If you push the draw weapon button when Lara is crawling she will get up 
    into a kneeling position, but to actually make her draw the weapon you 
    must push the button one more time. In some places you must kill enemies 
    quickly from crawlspaces so remember to push that button twice then. Also 
    note that only the smaller weapons can be used in this position.
    In some places the guide will use the expression safety drop. This trick 
    is used to make Lara drop down a hole backwards and curve forward so she 
    lands under the ledge she dropped down from. To do this stand on the edge 
    with the hole behind Lara, then hold action button and press down to drop 
    and release the action button just before Lara is about to grab the edge.
    In the levels Antarctica and RX-Tech Mines you get to enjoy the 
    temperature bar when getting into the water. This bar will decrease very 
    quickly when Lara is swimming under the water surface but slower when 
    she's swimming with her head over the surface so first priority once you 
    get into the water is to swim up as soon as possible.
    To restore the temperature bar you can make a save and reload the game. 
    This trick might be considered as cheating but the guide will recommend 
    to use it one time since the RX-Tech Mines level is extremely hard to beat 
    without medi packs otherwise. (I've seen people do this on the PC version 
    but they're getting a well-needed power-up from a crystal during the 
    swimming so it's   easier than doing it on the Playstation.)
    6. Lara's Equipment
    This part describes the equipment Lara uses during her adventures.
    Medi Packs
    These comes in two sizes and restores Lara's health. They also work as an 
    antidote while in poison status. Medi Packs aren't allowed to be used in 
    this challenge.
    Save Crystals
    The blue crystals are collected throughout the levels. They are used to 
    save the game anytime you want, but you can only save one time per crystal.
    The flares are used to light up the surroundings in dark areas, and there 
    are plenty of those. Unfortunately the flares' evolution has gone 
    backwards and they don't last very long compared to the flares in Tomb 
    Raider 2, so in many areas you will have to use several flares when 
    7. Lara's Weapons
    This part describes Lara's weapons during her adventures.
    Lara's classic default weapon. They are weak and the only reason to use 
    them is to save ammunition for the other weapons.
    When firing the shotgun Lara actually fires 6 shots. The further away she 
    is from the target the harder it is to hit many of the shots. It's quite 
    slow but the biggest downside is the lack of ammunition since the packages 
    only has two shells.
    Grenade Launcher
    Makes massive damage and is a great weapon in close combat when you can 
    hit the enemies directly. But don't try to use it at long range, the 
    grenades will bounce around on the ground and often miss the target.
    The uzis are an important weapon in the two first Tomb Raider games but 
    here they're just background actors since you'll find so little ammo. 
    They remind about the pistols but fires more rapidly.
    Desert Eagle
    The most complete weapon. It fires rapidly, makes a lot of damage, is 
    easy to aim and you'll find plenty of bullets. Use it against the most 
    dangerous enemies to take them out quickly.
    Lara can use the MP5 while standing, and running/walking but if she 
    changes between these movements she will stop shooting for a second which 
    can be annoying. It takes out the enemies quickly and is especially good 
    at long distance.
    Harpoon Gun
    Pretty much useless, especially in this challenge.
    Rocket Launcher
    Makes massive damage and can hurt multiple enemies when the rockets 
    exploades. You won't use it much though since the rockets are very rare.
    8. The Guide
    This is the main part of the guide. Just a few words before we begin.
    The maximum amount of save crystals you can collect in the game are about 
    90 and I recommend you to get most of them. But not every one, some 
    aren't worth the trouble. In the beginning of each level I give you my 
    number of recommended saves, which sums up to 61. So if you collect all 
    the crystals that are easy to get you will be able to make a bunch of 
    extra saves when you find it necessary.
    I will also rate the difficulty of the levels from 1 to 6:
    1 easy
    2 average
    3 hard
    4 very hard
    5 extremely hard
    6 impossible
    Jungle (L01)..................................................................
    Recommended saves: 1
    Difficulty: 1
    Jungle is a little hard for being a first level, but nothing compared to 
    what comes later. It's also short and one save in the middle is enough.
    Get the first secret before sliding down the long slope. Jump over the 
    first spike trap. Take the shotgun ammo and the second secret before 
    sliding down to the bottom. The third secret and a crystal is to the left 
    so take them before following the monkey to the lever. The trap that 
    activates after pulling the lever in the dark room is easy to avoid by 
    jumping into the alcove behind.
    On the other side of the river a tiger attacks Lara. It's possible to jump 
    up on the block to the left and kill the tiger from there, you just need 
    to aim right because a part of the block is sloping. Then pull the lever 
    and avoid the boulder to get access to another lever. Following the 
    linear path you face three tigers that are easily killed by jumping 
    backwards. Take the shotgun ammo to the right of the first two tigers 
    and another box near the tree to the right of the hole with the sun light.
    The next area is a little harder. First go to the cliff with the spikes. 
    Walk a few steps, turn around and make a jump forward and grab the edge 
    below the save crystal. You'll get a little damage. Climb up and get the 
    crystal. Go to the other side and slide down to the cliff below. Jump over 
    to the other side and find your way into the dark tunnel above. Run to the 
    end and pull the lever. The secret above you is useless so just climb up 
    to activate it. Light a flare and make a save. Then run back out before 
    the boulder crushes you. Drop down to the cliff below and climb up the 
    other wall to slide down to where the next secret is. This one is pretty 
    lame too, but take the flares if you want to. Then drop down to the bottom 
    and kill the tiger.
    More flares in the tree to the left in the beginning of next area. Watch 
    out for the boulders here and get the last secret. When leaving be careful 
    so you don't fall on the spikes. On the right side of the water is some 
    uzi ammo.
    No need to take the long way here so just jump into the water and follow 
    the harmless path pulling the necessary levers to advance. If you should 
    be on low health you can take out the next tiger with the shotgun, 
    otherwise the pistols will do. Get the shotgun ammo before climbing the 
    ladder. Snatch the Indra key before the monkey or kill it if it beat you 
    to it. Kill the last tiger from the safety above before you go down to the 
    swamp. More shotgun ammo to the left of the gate. Then use the key and 
    finish the level.
    Temple Ruins (L02)............................................................
    Recommended saves: 4
    Difficulty: 3
    People who have never played a Tomb Raider game before might be shocked 
    over how difficult this level is. The Temple Ruins has tons of traps, 
    some hard jumps and Lara also has to fight several Shiva Statues that can 
    inflict a lot of damage. There are lots of flares to collect in this level 
    but I won't mention them. It's not a big deal if you miss some boxes.
    Kill the two cobras in the first area and pull the lever to get access to 
    the cave below. One cobra and two monkeys are on the way to the river. 
    Take the shotgun ammo to the left before jumping over the river. Use the 
    look button to make sure that the piranhas are far away from you before 
    you jump. You need to pull another lever to open the gate to the next 
    area, the piranhas won't follow you into the tunnel.
    There are two pickups of uzi ammo in this area and a couple of monkeys. 
    Follow the path to the river and take the crystal. Take the long way 
    around the area (by the waterfall) since the shortcut will cost quite a 
    big health loss. Take the shotgun ammo that you see when shimmying before 
    you drop down to the ground. Climb up to the other side and crawl into the 
    cave. There are two cobras in here so be careful. At the end stick to the 
    right wall when sliding down the slope. You are now inside the temple 
    ruins. Take the two packages of shotgun ammo in the first room and save.
    Crawl into the next room and fight the first Shiva Statue. Because you 
    just saved you should use the pistols and don't accept any damage. This 
    requires some strategy, if you stay too close it will obviously hit you, 
    if you are too far away it will use the scimitars as a shield. Use short 
    jumps backwards to keep an avarage distance between Lara and the statue. 
    The big danger is if you get stuck against a wall so before that happens 
    make a side jump and roll immediately after landing, then continue the 
    backward jumping.
    Take the crystal and pull the two levers. Now start the hunt for two 
    Ganesha keys, first the one to the left. Kill the monkeys in the first 
    room and swim over the pool in the second. Pull the lever on the other 
    side. A dart trap will activate behind so angle Lara a little to the side 
    before jumping back into the water. Stick close to the ground to avoid the 
    darts when swimming through the tunnel. In the next room the ceiling will 
    fall down so swim to the left to avoid the blocks.
    Get up and follow the path to the tunnel on the other side. Make sure you 
    don't land too close to the cobra and don't forget the boulder trap after 
    the last jump. Crawl under the traps in here and jump over the pit. Take 
    the crystal and solve the block puzzle to fill the empty pool with water. 
    Then go back and drop down in the pit on the left side. Find the 
    crawlspace and make your way to the secret, another cobra waits at the 
    end. Take the crystal and drop down into the water. The dart trap is still 
    active so be careful when leaving. Backtrack and take the key. Then go back 
    to the room with the  statue.
    Pull the last lever in here to open the gate on the other side. Push the 
    block to register the second secret. I usually don't take the goodies in 
    here, but go ahead if you wan't them. Just watch out for all the traps. 
    Go into the tunnel on the right side and make a running jump before the 
    mud begins. Try to curve the jump to the left around the corner to avoid 
    health loss when walking through the mud. Follow the path to the next 
    tunnel. After killing the monkey, pull the lever, make a side jump to the 
    left and save.
    The next trap is dangerous. It's possible to get through it unharmed but a 
    little is acceptable. Try to start sprinting through the tunnel when you 
    hear the blade hit the wall and don't stop until you're safe on the other 
    side, if done correctly you'll lose between 0-20% of maximum health.
    In the next room, kill two monkeys and pull the lever. Then use the 
    movable block to get the secret and get down into the pool. Don't forget 
    the lever in the secret room. In the water you need to find another three 
    levers to open the way to the next room. In here, take the last secret 
    before using the invisible platforms to jump to the ledge with the next 
    lever. This one is timed so hurry to the room with the second Ganesha key.
    This trap can be tricky so if you are to make an extra save in this level 
    this is when. Pull the lever and sprint to the key, pick it up and leave 
    quickly. Take the crystal and note how the water in here has turned into 
    mud. Do a running jump out in the middle of the room and wade over to the 
    other side. The ceiling will fall down but I've never been hit by it so 
    neither should you.
    On the way back are two boulder traps. The first one comes fast after the 
    alcove with the flares so make a jump backwards to trigger it and then run 
    quickly back into the tunnel you came from. The second trap is easily 
    avoided by taking the right way at the next junction. Kill some monkeys 
    and take a crystal before dropping down to the room with  the Shiva statue. 
    Use the Ganesha keys and save.
    When entering the room behind the big gate a spike trap will activate so 
    you must climb the opposite wall quickly. In the next room are two monkeys 
    and a crystal. Use the movable block to get access to the levers and watch 
    out for another boulder trap before leaving through the gate. Crawl under 
    the fire and kill the two Shiva statues with the shotgun. Give their 
    scimitars to the third statue to open the next gate. Take the shotgun ammo 
    before leaving.
    Next is the final area of the level. You need to collect three more 
    Ganesha keys in here. Getting near the first one will activate another 
    Shiva statue and the other two are protected by traps. I recommend to 
    start with the one in the dark room with the spike trap and that you save 
    before running in there, because that one is tricky even for an 
    experienced player. When you have the keys open the last gate and finish 
    the level.
    The River Ganges (L03)........................................................
    Recommended saves: 3
    Difficulty: 2
    This level is shorter and easier than the previous one, but it has its 
    moments of frustration. There are two routes but only one will provide 
    Lara with all secrets, so it's not much of a choice. An upside is the easy 
    enemies, so you won't need to worry that much about the health bar. (Yes, 
    it's a pistol level.)
    Start with getting the first secret. I know it's easier said than done, 
    but I can't do much to help you. Either you get it or you die trying. When 
    you're back at the beginning get on the quad bike and save.
    Jump over the river and the avoid falling into the pits, not forgetting 
    the secret in the second pit. Park the quad bike in front of the locked 
    door and use the tunnel to get on the other side to open it (you should 
    know how to do this, be careful about the cobras and don't fall into the 
    first hole). Take the crystal on foot, if using the quad bike you might 
    get stuck on the wrong side. Take the bike to the left and save before 
    jumping over the next pit.
    This way is linear so you should find your way. Take the secret before 
    jumping over the river. After the jump after the next crystal you don't 
    need the bike anymore so get off it. Jump to the cliff on the left side 
    and kill the two vultures, then continue with another jump. Save again 
    here because Lara often loses her grip after the next jump. It usually 
    works fine if you stand as far to the right as possible before running. 
    Make your way to the cave. The goodies inside are worthless, so just 
    register the secret. Backtrack by first jumping on the slope to the right 
    and holding the jump button to land safely.
    When you're down on the bottom kill some monkeys and grab a crystal before 
    going to the final area at the waterfall. You have one secret left and 
    mustn't fall down in the water before taking it. On the way three vultures 
    will spawn and it's best to run back to a safer area before getting rid of 
    them. Then work your way around the pool and shimmy to the secret. After 
    grabbing the goodies drop down from there and finish the level behind the 
    Caves of Kaliya (L04).........................................................
    Recommended saves: 1
    Difficulty: 1
    Time for the boss level in India where Lara will fight Tony for the Infada 
    stone. There are two routes through the maze. I always take the right one, 
    it's a little harder because of the boulder traps, but I always get lost 
    when taking the left path...
    If you for some reason are having problems with finding the way, check out 
    a map. Don't forget to make a grabbing drop when going into the snake 
    room. Save before sliding down to the boss room. If you didn't fumble 
    around too much in the Temple Ruins you should have enough shotgun ammo to 
    kill Tony, otherwise just switch over to your pistols. As you know Tony 
    casts fire so don't stand too long on the same spot. If you want to use a 
    strategy based on side jumps or running is up to you, I prefer the first 
    one. You can pick up a grenade launcher with ammo before taking the relic.
    In the following cutscene Lara signs on the mission to find the other 
    three relics from the meteorite. Because this is a video game the relics 
    are of course spread out over the world. We do like everybody else and 
    start with the one located in Nevada.
    Nevada Desert (L05)...........................................................
    Recommended saves: 1
    Difficulty: 1
    Another easy one. Weak enemies and not many dangers to worry about. This 
    is really a pistol level but since you lose all the weapons and ammo after 
    it, feel free to use which weapons you like.
    Kill the two vultures at the beginning and run into the cave on the other 
    side. Slide down backwards on the first slope, grab the ledge and shimmy 
    to the right before letting go to avoid the barbed wire. Shoot the 
    rattlesnakes and take the crystal. Push the block to get back out and 
    continue the path. The jumps here are a little tricky and a snake is 
    hiding behind the bush. When jumping to the big block make sure you grab 
    it on the left side.
    Drop down the hole and swim to the next area. You must make many jumps 
    here on the right side, but missing one usually just make Lara fall in 
    the water. The secret here has useless goodies so just get it registred. 
    Climb up and do go the same way to the cave with the detonator, don't get 
    poisined by the rattlesnake on the way. Continue jumping to the top of the 
    waterfall and to solid ground on the other side. The last secret has the 
    uzis. If you picked upp all the uzi ammo in India you can make them your 
    weapon for the rest of the level.
    Make it over to the other side of the big structure and climb up after 
    killing the worker. Sprint along the path and shoot the vulture before 
    diving into the water. There are three levers to pull before you can push 
    the button to raise the elevator. Make your way to the elevator for the d
    etonator key and a crystal.
    Time for more backtracking and the only real danger on this level are the 
    two last jumps to the cave with the detonator, so make a save here. Or if 
    you want to you can just jump down to the bottom of the canyon and take 
    the long way back up.
    Use the key to blast out the next cave and sidejump to avoid the boulder. 
    Getting out of this cave is annoying but not dangerous so take your time.
    You're in the last easy area now. Just don't go too close to the 
    electrical fences, they will show no mercy if you touch them. Find the 
    crawl space and follow it. No need to take the lower path, it just has 
    some enemies. So jump up and get in the water on the other side. Pull both 
    levers in here and go back out to the hut you just opened. Push the button 
    there and go back to the area with the water. You can now swim through and 
    make a jump over the fence. Some workers to shoot here or you can run over 
    them with the quad bike. Get up on the roof for the key card and use it in 
    the first house to turn off the electricity. You can now take the quad 
    bike outside and finish the level.
    High Security Compound (L06)..................................................
    Recommended saves: 5
    Difficulty: 3
    This is the level that introduced the sneaking element into the Tomb 
    Raider series.You can't play it as aggressive as you might be used to if 
    you wan't to make it through without using medi packs. Also you will save 
    some valuable desert eagle ammunition if you follow the guide. It's a long 
    level with many places where you risk health loss so this will be a wall 
    of text. There are some well-known shortcuts here, but since they mean 
    health loss I won't mention them.
    Lara is trapped in a cell equipped with only a small medi pack and the 
    save crystals. A jump into the alcove behind her will open the door and a 
    guard will enter. Before the guard reaches Lara jump over him, run out of 
    the cell, make a roll and grab the platform. The guard will run down to 
    the floor so when he is under Lara pull back up and you will have plenty 
    of time to open the other cells and let the prisoners out before the guard 
    comes back. If you don't are extremely unlucky the prisoners will kill the 
    Go to the cell with the crate and push it. Solve the puzzle to register 
    the secret. It's just a medi pack so don't bother taking it. Climb up to 
    the next path and walk to the edge of the hole. Make two short jumps 
    backwards and then a running jump forward to avoid damage. Walk through 
    the next sets of barbed  wire and push the button at the end of the path. 
    Get up to the left and climb down the ladder and into the tunnel to the 
    Jump over the first hatch and run on the second one to fall down to the 
    next area. If you're unlucky the guard will spot you and start shooting 
    but he won't follow you behind the glass wall so get in there. When you 
    are sure the guard are far away push the button in here to open the gate 
    and wait for the prisoners to do their job. Pick up the guard's key card 
    and use it to open the gate on the other side.
    Head left and follow the easy path. Take the long way to turn off the 
    flames on the stove before going down in the kitchen. In the next small 
    corridor open the door to the dining room first so you don't give the 
    guard time to hit you. Run back to the prison so the prisoners attack the 
    guard. When they're battling it out backtrack and move the grating above 
    the stove. Save before going up there.
    The next part is easy so I leave it up to you. When coming to the area 
    with the next guard let him pass by to the left before sprinting and 
    running behind his back to the right. If you're confident you will make 
    it it's possible to jump over the laser trap from the crate, otherwise 
    release the prisoners to get the guard's key card. Watch out for the hole 
    at the end, it's a long fall so use the ladder to get down safely.
    Sneak past the guard and release the prisoners. Use his security pass to 
    open the next door. Another guy is guarding in here so use the crawl 
    command until you are behind the pillar with the switch. This one will 
    open a door but also activate a deadly laser beam that you must jump over. 
    If timing it right it's possible to kill the guard with the beam so do 
    that to avoid being shot when leaving.
    After some running you enter the big room with the antenna. Move to the 
    other side and jump into the hole by the platform. Go to the next room and 
    push two buttons to move the antenna and open the door out of here. This 
    time go to the top of the structure and save before dropping down in the 
    hole where the antenna was.
    In the water fight the stream and swim up to the surface without getting 
    too close to the hole in the middle of the pool. Climb up on the platform 
    and jump over to the floor on the side with the windows. You will need to 
    get over to the other side where a crawl space is by doing some difficult 
    jumps. When you've made it follow the path and push the button at the end. 
    Go back to the water and swim into the hole on the other side. Make 
    another save in front of the crawl space because a critical moment is 
    coming up.
    A guard is patrolling on the other side and you mustn't let him spot you. 
    Get down on all four and make two crawls forward. Use the look button and 
    as soon as the guard pass to the left start crawling. Get up and 
    immediately run to the right and around the corner. Climb the ladder and 
    move to the room with the antenna. Go to the other side and enter the 
    tunnel there.
    At the junction is a guard to the left, standing with his back against 
    you. Go the other way and take the security pass. There is a little risk 
    that the guard will discover you. If so you should reload the game. Go 
    back to the other side again and use the security pass to close the hatch 
    in front of the fan in the pool. Climb up the ladder and drop down in the 
    pool. Now it's safe to swim into the hole.
    In the next room you must jump over a green laser. Jump from the middle of 
    the platform to avoid touching the laser. Soon you come to the area with a 
    prisoner, you won't get much help from him though. Climb over the cradles 
    to the left and continue on to claim the pistols and the desert eagle. 
    When going back you'll lose some health from the machine gun, but just go 
    on and it will stop shooting.
    Now you will have to go all the way back to the guard that was standing 
    with his back against Lara to get the second secret. When passing the 
    first guard do exactly as you did last time, including the save before you 
    start to crawl. (If you've messed up and got spotted by any of the two 
    guards in this area he will now be waiting for you on the other side which 
    would be a disaster for this challenge.) Sneak up on the second guard and 
    shoot him with the pistols.
    Go back to the area with the last prisoner and save. Move up the long 
    tunnel but not too fast. When you are about halfway a guard will come 
    around the corner. Kill him with the pistols while jumping backwards to 
    minimize the damage. Then switch to the desert eagle and move forward. 
    Just before you round the corner start sprinting. You will see another 
    guy trying to run away from you, so hold that sprint button and as soon as 
    Lara starts aiming end his life with two bullets. In the next room is 
    another guard to the left, kill him immediately. If you made it right the 
    guards didn't get a chance to open the door for backup from two other 
    ones. Wait for the dog that will come from behind.
    Take the security pass that the last guy dropped. Go up the ladder in the 
    previous tunnel and open the door. The guard inside the room only has a 
    stick so use the pistols against him. In the room only push the button 
    closest to the door you came from. Backtrack to the area with the 
    prisoner. You can now climb up to the floor above. Do some monkey 
    climbing to the right at the crossing. The guard here will start shooting 
    if you climb up to the floor where he is so try to find an angle where 
    Lara can finish him off (with the desert eagle) from below. Climb up and 
    take the security pass and the crystal. Be careful with the green laser 
    beam that crosses the room.
    Drop back down and use the security pass to open the gate to the final 
    area. There's one guard outside the garage and another one inside. If you 
    have low health use the desert eagle against them, if not you can get at 
    least the first one with the pistols. Pick up the desert eagle ammo 
    between the crates in the garage before jumping into the truck.
    Area 51 (L07).................................................................
    Recommended saves: 6
    Difficulty: 4
    The last level in the Nevada adventure is similar to the previous one, but 
    a little harder. Many MP's are stronger and better armed. There are plenty 
    of traps and enemies that you need to take out quickly. And on top of that 
    a big health loss that must be taken right at the end if you want the last 
    secret. Because of this don't let Lara's health bar fall too low  before 
    the last part.
    As soon as you put a bullet in the first guard he will run away and try to 
    activate a laser in front of the weapon room so kill him before that. Grab 
    the MP5 with ammo inside and go back out and push the button to open the 
    grating. Avoid the trap while crawling. It doesn't matter if the next 
    guard spots you, just ignore him. Crawl under the first set of lasers and 
    then take a right turn.
    The next guard will try to lock a door when he spots you, but the goodies 
    he protects aren't worth using desert eagle on so take him out with the 
    pistols. Continue on to the next area. Kill the guard before he closes 
    off the entrance to the first secret with the desert eagle. If you're 
    being attacked by dogs you were too slow and must reload the game to get 
    the secret. Pick up the grenades nearby and get down in the hole. Pull the 
    lever before going down to the bottom of the pit and kill the guard 
    walking around here with the desert eagle. Grab the secret and crawl 
    through the tunnel on the opposite side. Don't forget the two packages of 
    ammo in here.
    Use the look button to see the guard in the corridor below. Wait until he 
    has passed before going down and you should be able to get him with the 
    pistols before he reaches you. Open the cell and release a prisoner. Wait 
    for him to take care of another guard. Run all the way to the other side 
    and wait at the junction. The prisoner will follow you eventually and run 
    through the lasers. Don't run after him. Instead go back a little and 
    through the crawl space to the right. A shotgun is here. When you reach 
    the other side the prisoner will probably have killed yet a guard. Move to 
    the corner and you'll see another guard with a laser gun standing far away.
    It can take some time for the prisoner to see the guard but when he does 
    he will run there. Save the game and run to the middle of the corridor. 
    Jump carefully backwards into the room and when you hear the gates open 
    immediately run forward and hide in the area where the shotgun was. You 
    might get shot by the two new guards during your escape but a small health 
    loss is ok here. Note that these guys can see you from the outside so to 
    be extra safe in your hideout climb up to the upper floor (where the big 
    medi pack is). Now just stay here and wait for the prisoner to kill all 
    three guards. This can take a couple of minutes but it's worth it.
    Go back to the room with the gates and pull the lever to the left and 
    leave on the other side. The next lasers will set off an alarm and spawn a 
    guard. He just has a stick so use the pistols. Contiue on and go right at 
    the junction. A guy is guarding in the rocket room, kill him with the 
    desert eagle and take his disc. (Yeah, you can cheat here and use the 
    glitch to set off the rocket, but you wouldn't do something like that, 
    right?) Go back to the junction and take the other way. I'ts easy to mess 
    up in the next room so save before going in there. Two lasers are crossing 
    the floor and touching them activates a machine gun so jump over them. Use 
    the disc and take the secret on the other side. Use a flare in the tunnel 
    so you can see the hole.
    Now when the rocket is gone you can climb up to the top floor in this 
    room. Be careful when jumping here because you can fall down if Lara's 
    head hits the ceiling. A guy is hiding in the corner, kill him quickly and 
    take his security pass. Go back to the room with the big rocket and enter 
    the corridor on the other side, Use the security pass to open the door at 
    the end. A guard is standing with his back against Lara, kill him with the 
    MP5 before he understands what's going on.
    Go to the room in the corner to the left and push the button. Go back down 
    by the ladder and crawl to the other side. Climb up the next ladder, take 
    the shotgun shells and jump on to the train to the left. You can run over 
    the first grating but need to jump over the second, avoiding the laser. At 
    the end drop down through the hole. Jump over the electric platform with a 
    standing jump and draw the MP5. The guard in here will try and run for 
    backup, shoot him before that.
    Follow the tunnel and the corridor and jump over the three sets of laser 
    beams on the way. The guard in the next room will also try to call for 
    backup but he's easy to get with the pistols. In this room be careful so 
    you don't fire at the machine gun. There are two buttons to push in here 
    and both will spawn a guard. With the desert eagle you should be able to 
    take them out without losing any health. Then you need to push the two 
    buttons again. They are timed and you should start with the one to the 
    right (when facing the tunnel you came from).
    Run through the gate before it closes and pull the second, fourth and 
    fifth lever from the left to open the gate to the ufo room. A guard is in 
    here but if you stay on the side with the levers he won't notice you until 
    you leave. Go to the ufo room and push the button. Climb the ladder and 
    backflip after you have passed the grating. Jump to the platform over the 
    ufo and drop down. Take the launch code pass and leave. Save before the 
    Head back toward the rocket and go down the hole. Use the pass to set off 
    the rocket and take shelter in the next room. Now you can climb up the 
    second ladder in the rocket room. A guard will attack when getting off the 
    ladder. You can make a side jump to trick him so you get more time to kill 
    him. Open the door and save before the laser trap.
    Take the grenades and continue on. Before going outside kill the guard in 
    the tower with the MP5. Another one is on the ground outside so take him 
    out too. Inside the room to the right is a more dangerous guard, use the 
    desert eagle or the greanade launcher. Take the disc and push the button. 
    Go down the now opened hatch outside. The next laser trap is easy to avoid 
    but don't underestimate it. Be careful when going down the hole because 
    it's a long fall.
    Go back to the ufo and use the disc to open some doors and hatches. Start 
    with collecting the goodies in the two rooms. Climb back up the long 
    ladder and jump all the way around the room. Before doing the last jump 
    make a save. Do a running jump and grab in the air to land safely in the 
    tunnel. Avoid the lasers and take the secret. Then go back. Now you can 
    drop down to the floor and lose about 50% health or make a difficult curve 
    jump on to the top of the ufo, which costs about 25%. You should have 
    enough health to do the easy first choice.
    Climb into the ufo. It has three floors and you must get up to the third. 
    On the second floor is a guard, since you probably are on low health use a 
    strong weapon. Get up on the third floor and take the Element 115 before 
    the guards in here start shooting. You are now finished with Nevada. How 
    Lara managed to leave this place is another story.
    Back to the select adventure screen. It doesn't make any big difference 
    which one you choose next, so go with any one you like. This guide will 
    start with South Pacific.
    Coastal Village (L08).........................................................
    Recommended saves: 3
    Difficulty: 3
    Another level with quite easy enemies. There are lots of tribesmen and accept 
    for the ones that use dart guns I won't tell you which weapons to use in the 
    guide. Basically I recommend pistols when fighting in open areas and grenades 
    in narrow places. You can get four secrets if you explore both routs to the 
    village so that's what we're going to do.
    First get the smuggler's key and the secret before going into the hut. To 
    minimize the fall damage drop down from the right side of the hole (seen from 
    where you entered the hut). Jump over the trap and head to the cave. From the 
    first platform kill the two crocodiles and the tribesman with the pisols. 
    This guy is aiming badly from this distance so I doubt he will hit you with 
    the poison darts. The harpoon gun with ammo are on the bottom but don't waste 
    time taking that crap.
    I expect you to know the way through the cave. Before jumping on to the slope 
    make a save. You can slide down backwards and grab the edge to avoid the 
    risk of falling into the water. Another tribesman will spawn up where the 
    save crystal is so take him out quickly with the MP5. If he manage to poison 
    you just reload the game. Make your way to the wooden bridge and take the 
    secret to the right. You can drop down from the bridge now or if you want a 
    save crystal follow the bridge into the temple, I'll describe it in the next 
    After killing the next guy crawl under the trap and turn off the light. Jump 
    over to the other side. When you come near the crystal dart traps will 
    activate so use the crawl command to take it. Then jump into the water and 
    let the stream take you to the platform in front of the waterfall. Make two 
    running jumps to the crystal and climb up.
    A tribesman is lurking around here, kill him before climbing up in the trees. 
    Note that you must make a running and grabbing jump to reach the ledge with 
    the serpent stone. Also take the secret up here before sliding back down. 
    Make another save.
    Jump back to the platform. The second jump should be a standing jump so you 
    don't pass the platform. Get another serpent stone behind the waterfall and 
    jump to the ladder on the other side.  Take the last serpent stone and use 
    the three stones to get access to the village. A dart shooter might spawn 
    here if you run around too much so just go down to the lower level and run 
    to the left. Make your way to the house and use the wheel to get access to 
    the other part of the village, killing a whole bunch of tribesmen on the way.
    Go back to the village and find a save crystal to the left. Run around the 
    nearby hut to find your way to the next area. Run forward and kill two more 
    guys. The last secret is to the right and will spawn another foe. Climb up to 
    the two huts behind the wood house and turn the wheel in the closest hut. 
    Kill the tribesman. Don't go around the other hut since a dart shooter will 
    spawn then.
    Make a save and climb into the wood house by the ladder. Jump to the platform 
    and kill the tribesman to the right. Jump and run to the other side of the 
    village. Get up on the hut and use the ladder to monkey climb over the sharp 
    blades. Get into the hut and turn another wheel. After taking care of the 
    next guy go back to the tunnel with the fires. You can now go to the left. 
    Start a running jump from two blocks' distance in front of the fire and 
    you'll land on the grating. Turn the wheel and kill yet a guy. Run past the 
    trap and turn the last wheel.
    You can slide down the slope backwards and grab the ledge to avoid fall 
    damage. Get into the water. A crocodile is in here. You can either swim past 
    it (it will probably bite you but you should have enough health to survive) 
    or swim back and shoot it. Follow the path and finish the level with a 
    standing and grabbing jump.
    Crash Site (L09)..............................................................
    Recommended saves: 3
    Difficulty: 3
    Time for one of the most popular levels. It's a short but intence one. The 
    dinosaurs from the first Tomb Raider game make a comeback and they are a lot 
    tougher this time, luckily Lara is better equipped than in the Lost Valley. 
    Around the level are four soldiers trying to survive and if you start 
    shooting at them he will shoot back. If they die they'll drop MP5 ammo.
    When leaving the house just sprint to land on the slope below and avoid fall 
    damage. Make it over the swamp (use the map if you've forgotten the way) and 
    take the secret in the corner. The first raptor is far away so you can take 
    it out with the MP5. When you reach the area with the plane don't go left, it 
    will just make another raptor spot you. Go forward and find the tunnel on the 
    right side near the plane's nose.
    In this area is a soldier and a lot of dinosaurs, including the T-rex. There 
    are many different strategies to get through here, but the one mentioned 
    here should be the best for this challenge. If Lara pass a certain line in 
    the first part two raptors will come and attack her and the soldier. There 
    is a small advantage to gain in avoiding this so let's try. After taking the 
    hard to spot MP5 ammo to the right go down the ledge and go immediately to 
    the right. Get up on the ledge and go around the tree in the corner. Don't 
    walk too far now. To the left you can see a branch, jump and grab it. Jump 
    over to the branch with the secret flares, take them and drop down. If you 
    made it right the raptors didn't come. If the soldier is standing, fire a 
    shot in the air to make him start walking, this will increase his chances of 
    surviving later.
    Slide down the slope and kill the green dinosaurs (yeah, I know they have 
    some weird latin sounding name) with the pistols. You can pick up a box of 
    flares in front of both gratings in here. Then take the key in the nest and 
    save. The T-rex will come, sprint past her all the way to the safety behind 
    the grating near the slope. Pull the lever and kill the beast. It will take 
    a little more than 200 MP5 bullets. You can also use the pistols to save 
    ammunition but it will take forever.
    Run over to the other side and pull the lever there. A raptor will spawn in 
    the first area and attack the soldier. You can run to the slope and watch 
    them fight or help the soldier. If the raptor wins it will come for you, so 
    be ready to kill it if so. Now you should go back to the plane. On the way 
    the two raptors that didn't come before will, but it shouldn't be any problem 
    to jump into safety before they reach you.
    Go on the right side of the plane. As soon as you get up on the sloping block 
    a raptor will attack two soldiers on the other side. These guys are pretty 
    much doomed but it'll help out if you keep them alive until the end of the 
    level. This is easy, just hold the MP5 when jumping over the slope and Lara 
    will aim at the raptor so start shooting immediately. Go into the tunnel to 
    the right to reach the lake. Another raptor vs soldier battle is going on 
    here. You can climb up the block to the right to kill the raptor from safety.
    Climb up the wall until you have about one block's distance left to the top. 
    You will need to make a trick jump here. Behind Lara is a slope and just 
    making an ordinary backflip will make her slide down forward, which is no 
    good. Instead hold the roll button when flipping to make Lara turn around in 
    the air. When doing this press and hold the left button to curve the jump. 
    Also hold the action button to grab the edge of the slope. Shimmy to the 
    right until you reach the flat ground and get up. Jump up the platforms to 
    get the crystal.
    Kill the two raptors with the pistols and then shoot the one hanging in the 
    rope to make it drop down to the piranhas. Take the secret before dropping 
    down in the lake. Pull the lever and surface. Save before going up on the 
    There are two raptors inside the room now and one of them will attack Lara 
    when she gets out of the water. As soon as you put a bullet in it it will 
    turn around and try to run back, this should be prevented because you don't 
    want to fight two of these at the same time. The trick is to start shooting 
    it (with the MP5) when it's close to Lara. Alternatively you can start 
    shooting if it stops and roars before attacking. The second raptor will 
    attack when you enter the room and the gate will close if you walk too far 
    inside. Make some backward jumps back outside and kill it with the desert 
    eagle when Lara starts aiming and you should receive very little health 
    loss, if any. (If you want to take it really carefully and save ammunition 
    you can lure these raptors outside, jump into the water and close the gate 
    with the lever so you can shoot them with the pistols from the other side of 
    the lake. A safe but time consuming strategy.)
    In the room are two levers on the left wall. Pulling the left one will spawn 
    a raptor so immediately roll, draw the desert eagle and fire five shots into 
    the darkness and it will hopefully die before it reaches you. Pull the other 
    lever on this wall and move to the last one. This lever will spawn two 
    raptors. After pulling it, make a roll and move quickly up on the block, 
    take a step forward and stick close to the wall. You should be safe on that 
    point so start shooting. The raptors will try to escape to the outside so 
    this might take some time if you use the pistols. I recommend the MP5 instead.
    Climb up to the upper floor and take the crystal. When taking the key back in 
    the corner another raptor will attack so before you take it position Lara so 
    that you can sprint to the hole quickly. Now move back to the area with the 
    plane and over to the other side of that slope. Find the tunnel to the left, 
    light a flare and take the MP5 ammo in there. There is another clip at the 
    other side of the grating if you think it's worth the trouble.
    Climb up on the plane and make a safety drop down into the plane facing its 
    nose. This will prevent a raptor from spawning. Use the keys and go down 
    below. That raptor might come now, if so just drop into the hole immediately, 
    if not you can grab the MP5 ammo before leaving. Make a late save here, 
    because you never know with the last bit.
    Push the button behind the cannon and run out. Three raptors will attack but 
    don't bother killing them, because they will just keep coming (at least 30 of 
    them). Use the cannon to blast out the two walls to the left and jump over 
    there. If you've kept the soldiers alive they will draw the raptors' 
    attention, making your escape easier. Take the crystal and finish the level.
    Madubu Gorge (L10)............................................................
    Recommended saves: 6
    Difficulty: 5
    Time for a very beautiful level. It has a big mandatory fall damage at the 
    end so you shouldn't let the health bar go lower than 60% before that. And 
    that is easier said than done, especially if you like me are hopeless at 
    stearing the kayak. Luckily the kayak part is short. Another upside is that 
    the enemies are weak, but you must be careful with the lizards since they 
    will try to breathe poison gas in that cute face of Lara. A few of the 
    lizards can be killed by the pistols from safe places but for most ones go 
    with the MP5. You should have plenty of ammo left for it and it isn't that 
    useful after the South Pacific adventure. For two lizards I recommend the 
    desert eagle, I tell you when they come. Even though I'm saving six times 
    there will be two quite long segments, the first and the second last, use an 
    extra crystal in these if you're having trouble.
    There's some ammo in the cave before the first kayak, nothing major though. 
    Kill the two lizards before dropping down to the lowest cliff. Make a 
    standing jump to the block in the stream and make your way to the cave. Go to 
    the right The second slope ends with some  razor blades so drop backwards and 
    grab the ledge over the slope and then let go while holding the jump button 
    to flip over the trap without damage. Go through the crawlspace to the right 
    if you want another crystal but beware of the lizard. It will come as soon as 
    you enter the crawlspace so immediately get up and draw the desert eagle. 
    After taking the crystal another lizard will come and then another one before 
    the lever that opens the door, so be prepared for them too.
    On the way back you must take some damage when jumping up to grab the 
    climable wall. (Ok, I've heard that it's avoidable but extremely hard if so.) 
    When back at the entrance of the cave jump to the waterfall, kill the lizard 
    and take the first secret. You can take a little shortcut on the outside but 
    it means taking fall damage and missing a crystal so we go inside the cave 
    instead. Monkey climb to the other side and save when there. Do the tricky 
    jump after the slope and do a running jump over the next pillar to avoid the 
    fire. Don't bother about the lizard down there. In the tunnel go right and 
    crawl under the dart trap. In the next room take the crystal and monkey 
    climb to the other side.
    Jump over the hole and register the second secret. It's just a medi pack and 
    a rocket and not really worth picking up. Save on the grating before you jump 
    back because that is a really difficult jump. Go into the next room and make 
    sure you have killed both crocodiles before jumping down in the water to pull 
    the lever. Board the kayak and start paddling.
    I'm only going to tell you this once: always try to go down the waterfalls 
    as slowly you can by paddling against the stream. Otherwise you will 
    guaranteed receive damage, it's not easy to avoid even if you try hard. Also, 
    try not to bump into walls since that will push you backwards.
    There is a save crystal after the first fall, bur it's very hard to get. 
    Instad focus on getting down the next fall unharmed. Try to go a little to 
    the left of the middle to bump into the rock so you lose speed. Don't worry 
    about the red rope, if you paddle slowly the trap will activate before you 
    are under it. Paddle to the left and cross the green rope to inactivate 
    another more dangerous trap. Before going down the next fall, make a save.
    In the first junction you must go right or some traps will ruin your chances 
    of compleating this level without a medi pack. Then comes another junction 
    where you should go left. Another trap will set off when you cross the red 
    rope but it's harmless. The green rope after that will spawn a crystal that 
    you can take by foot later. Next a red rope will be on the left side, just 
    cross it at high speed to minimize the damage from the trap. (Yeah, it's 
    possible to avoid this totally but you risk ending up on another route full 
    of traps which means a reload.) Then there is just one more waterfall left 
    to go down.Try to stay in the middle to get another crystal but don't worry 
    if you miss it. First priority is to get down unhurt.
    In the next cave you can make a health bar check. You should be able to get 
    to right before the end of the level with almost no more damage so if you 
    are above 60% now it's ok to go on. Go up the stream to the left to reach 
    the area with the huge plug. Take the very annoying secret to the right and 
    when you're back go up the stream on the other side. When you reach the calm 
    cave make a save before leaving the kayak. Unfortunately Lara can't shoot 
    the crocodile from the kayak, nor can she jump directly to the ground so you 
    must get into the water and reach the safety without getting hurt. This can 
    take a couple of tries, I find it easier to make by swimming to the bottom 
    first and then stick to the wall when going up. Note that a lizard will come 
    from the left so kill it before you take care of the crocodile.
    Now a very linear part will follow and besides when jumping over the stream 
    with the blades you shouldn't get any damage at all (and that one should be 
    just a tiny bit) so I leave you on your own. I recommend saving before the 
    second monkey climbing part because after the fire there are many areas where 
    Lara can lose the grip. When you hear the bats turn to the right and move 
    straight forward and you should be fine. Also don't forget the rocket 
    launcher on the way.
    When doing the ropeway try to land just in front of the opening to avoid fall 
    damage. Climb up, draw the desert eagle, turn right and wait for the lizard 
    that comes around the corner. Pull the lever and teach the last lizard a 
    lesson. Before that drop to the last area you should save. Here you will get 
    that fall damage, it can pretty much be anything between 50-100%. When you 
    land in the pool you should get to safety and kill the crocodile from there. 
    Pull the lever to open the last door. Two crocodiles will spawn but if you 
    don't fumble it's no problem to get up the ledge before they reach you. Go 
    into the tunnel and you're done with this level.
    Temple of Puna (L11)..........................................................
    Recommended saves: 1
    Difficulty: 2
    This is the boss level in South Pacific. After making it around this (with 
    Tomb Raider measures) tiny temple Lara will open the door to Puna's throne 
    room. This weird creature must be defeated to claim the Ora Dagger.
    First you need to avoid being poisoned by four tribesmen. When the level 
    starts draw your MP5 and turn Lara so she looks into the tunnel to the right. 
    Just stand there and wait for her to aim at the first guy. When he's down do 
    the exact same thing with the next one. The third tribesman is the one who 
    can cause some trouble here, he's hiding in the tunnel on the right side. 
    Equip the rocket launcher and move up there, jump while running to lessen 
    the chance for his darts to hit you, and take him out with one rocket blast. 
    Move up and reequip the MP5. About halfway up the first stair, just stop and 
    wait for the fourth guy.
    Get through the trap rooms, it doesn't matter that much if you lose some 
    health. After getting past the second mega boulder stop and move forward 
    carefully with the MP5 ready. One more tribesman is to the right and two are 
    to the left. Hopefully they will show themselves one at the time so you can 
    kill them all without getting poisoned. Go get the best secret in the game 
    and then slide down to the boss room and save.
    Puna will show his ugly face when you get close to the throne. This boss 
    follows the exact same pattern: first he fires off four turquose beams which 
    will kill you if they hit, then he shots a green beam that spawns a lizard in 
    one of the edges of the room. When you have killed the lizard this process 
    will start over with four new turquoise beams and so on. Note that the boss 
    will only be vulnerable during the short periods while he shoots the beams, 
    so just bashing in there with the desert eagle holding the fire button down 
    is a huge waste of ammo.
    The basic strategy is to stand in front of Puna and do side jumps to avoid 
    the beams. After killing the lizards you must be quick to get back into 
    position. Using the pistols is not recommended since the lizards will 
    probably poison you and they can also push you around which will complicate 
    things. Most people seem to prefer the desert eagle here but the MP5 works 
    surprisingly good. Just press the fire button during the whole turquoise 
    beam sequence, you'll waste some bullets but it's not that much. When you've 
    won, take the Ora Dagger.
    Thame's Wharf (L12)...........................................................
    Recommended saves: 1
    Difficulty: 2
    Now it's time for the London adventue where Lara hunts down Sophia Leigh for 
    the Eye of Isis. If you're playing this before South Pacific you'll find some 
    weapons here, like the rocket launcher in Aldwych. Thames Wharf is a little 
    special level because of all the shortcuts. It can be divided into two areas 
    and a fun fact is that all secrets are in the same one, so use this to your 
    advantage and skip the other area. That way you'll not fight many enemies but
     be careful anyway, there are some other parts where health loss can't be 
    escaped. During my test play I used the MP5 for the whole level. I had about 
    150 bullets left when I started and it was barely enough.
    Go forward and drop down to the next block. Turn left and jump over to the 
    other side. The more to the right you land the less damage you get, but the 
    jump gets harder. Go up and jump over the hole with flames at the bottom and 
    take the secret. Then go back, jump, shimmy and backflip to return to below 
    the level's starting point. Kill the raven and turn the lever to raise a 
    platform. Jump to the other side again, aim for the medi pack on that roof. 
    Slide down backwards, grab the edge, drop and grab again and climb up. 
    (Don't use the ropeway to get here, it will spawn a guard.) Turn the lever 
    to lower the platform so you can continue down. When you grab the wall a 
    raven will come so drop back down and kill it. Then jump up again and shimmy 
    to the right. There are two boxes with shotgun shells in the alcovs here, 
    the second one is a secret. After taking it shimmy back a little and go down 
    to the bottom by dropping on the roof below, grab and drop again.
    Take the goodies in the corner. When you go over to the other side a guard 
    will come near where you landed before so make short backward jumps and be 
    prepared to shoot him (he comes when the music starts). Climb up to the 
    beginning of the level. Now do the jump over the slope to the right. Take 
    the goodies and jump over to the big yellow structure. Go to its other side 
    and drop down to the right. Drop down again at the end of this block, shimmy 
    to the left before dropping to avoid fall damage. Make a standing jump to 
    the slope over the hole in the centre of this area, remember to grab the 
    edge before dropping down or you'll risk a barbed wire death. Go into the 
    tunnel, kill two rats and take the secret. Then save.
    When you return out go left and climb your way up to the yellow structure 
    again. This time make a running jump over to the ledges on the side where 
    you started. Go toward the beginning of the level and find the lowest ledge, 
    be careful because it's easy to fall to your death here. Now you should do a 
    standing jump down on the platform on the right side of the yellow structure. 
    I hope you have a lot of health left because this will bite off a good 
    portion. Jump over to the other side and get a little damage. On the other 
    side is desert eagle ammo, avoid the barbed wire with a safety drop on the 
    right side. Move up to the tower. Kill the two guards, take the two 
    (worthless) secrets and finish the level. You should get a time between 10-12 
    minutes, which can be nice because now two long levels lies in front of you.
    Aldwych (L13).................................................................
    Recommended saves: 3
    Difficulty: 2
    This is a very confusing level with lots of doors, tunnels, escalators and 
    different places that looks kind of the same. The enemies are easy but should 
    be treated with care, the huge amount of them can be a burden if you try to 
    use the pisols too much. I prefer to go with the shotgun and uzis in the 
    close combats here.
    First there's some shotgun ammo on the way down. Make your way to the first 
    room, picking up the crystal on the way. Stop at the entrance and kill the 
    first thug with the pistols. Get up on the ticket booth and pull the block 
    in the room above. There's some goodies on the other side, taking them will 
    spawn a thug, no problem with this one either. Get down and use the block to 
    get to the maintenance key. Drop down in that small room after grabbing the 
    edge to avoid fall damage. Open the door and leave.
    Take the right escalator and jump over the hole. Kill the thug and the dog 
    and use the key to turn on the lamps. Take the old penny. Drop down into the 
    hole you jumped over before and run into the tunnel before the train hits 
    you. There are two guys in here, but if you kill the first one quickly the 
    other one will not show up. I will refer to this as the red room, you will 
    come back here many times. Taking the save crystal in the corner spawns a 
    dog, but it can't reach you from the crate so kill it before jumping down. 
    From the opposite corner you can do a running jump to the left and get the 
    uzis. Then jump and climb up to the top of the room and kill the thug.
    Do the monkey climbing and take the rocket. Save before sliding down that 
    slope. I hope you know how to get down to the secret, the fall damage on the 
    way is big but you should have more than enough health left so don't worry. 
    Climb up to the top and take the save crystal on the way. If you want the 
    uzi ammo you must take it before pushing the button. From there just run to 
    drop down safely to the alcove with the button. Back in the station, go back 
    to the red room and climb to the top. The hatch in the corner is now open so 
    go up there, take the ammo in the window and kill the guy and his dog. Do the 
    little puzzle in here to get to the big puzzle with the three doors. I leave 
    this one for you, the only danger is when going back after the room behind 
    the middle door which has a big fall so grab the edge of the floor before 
    dropping down.
    When you have the Solomon's key, go back to the red room and monkey climb to 
    come to the other Solomon's key.. Now go back to the first room and buy a 
    ticket. Then take the left escalator, kill the thug down here and take the 
    secret. Shoot the rats on the rails before going down there. More dangers are 
    ahead so save the game.
    Run to the right with a powerful weapon ready. A guy will run out in front of 
    you and if you take too long to kill him a train will come, you can still 
    survive but it's better to not take the risk. Open the door and take the 
    crystal before going in to the maze. I let you solve this one by yourself. I 
    don't know what spike traps are doing in a place like this but be careful 
    with them. Use the Solomon's keys, take the goodies including the Ornate 
    star and the Masonic mallet. After taking the mallet a dog will come from 
    the left so wait for it. Swim to the next area and get into the crawlspace. 
    There are two rats running around here so be prepared if they should come 
    while crawling. Make sure they're both dead before using the ticket. On the 
    other side a thug is to the left, he should be no problem to take out with 
    the pistols. Use the Ornate star to open the door to the next secret. You 
    can get the thug in there with the pisols if you start jumping backwards 
    immediately after the door opens.
    When you're back go down the escalator and use the Masonic mallet to open 
    another door. Push the button in there and take the secret before leaving. 
    Continue left and when you hear a door open kill the thug that comes from 
    the right tunnel. Don't go there now, this will be a shortcut that you can 
    use later. Go down into the holes. (There are some goodies if you go the 
    other way but also enemies, I recommend to skip it.) Get into the train and 
    take a ride. Follow the path on the other side. This is a good time to make 
    a last save.
    Follow the thug that comes out in front of you, but don't shoot him until 
    you hear a door open. The guy will be accompanied by another one, kill them 
    both. Don't go forward after the corner, it will end the level before you 
    have the last secret. Go into the room, take the rocket and push both buttons.
    Now go back to the area above the red room by the train and the shortcut 
    mentioned earlier. The secret is behind the door nearby the hole you came 
    from. A thug is in here and another one might spawn outside if the door on 
    the other side of the room is still closed After collocting the goodies push 
    the button to open the hatch to the train again. Then go back and finish the 
    Lud's Gate (L14)..............................................................
    Recommended saves: 7
    Difficulty: 4
    Lara makes a deal with the leader of the damned and now we don't have to 
    worry about those guys anymore. There's no big unavoidable damages in this 
    level but lots of small ones so you'll probably finish it with a blinking 
    health bar. You don't need to kill many enemies here, use the grenade 
    launcher against the museum guards and the desert eagle if you run out of 
    Don't shoot at your new friends. In the second room take the left tunnel. 
    When sliding down the slope you need to time the jump perfectly to avoid 
    damage from the trap: jump at the edge of the slope and curve to the right 
    to jump directly into the next tunnel. Be careful about the barbed wire in 
    the next room, drop down on the safe spot in the right corner and walk to the 
    other side. There's another safe spot you can use to move up without damage. 
    Get the secret. On the way back you must do a tricky jump so make sure you 
    position Lara in an angle so she can grab the ledge of the sloping block, if 
    you miss it means fall damage.
    Save when you're at the bottom of the long ladder that leads to the museum. 
    Get the secret here. There's also a hard to get save crystal above the secret 
    but skip that one. Climb up and crawl to the middle of the long tunnel. Go 
    right and drop down in the small room. Usually the guard doesn't notice you 
    but kill him quickly anyway. Open the door and kill the next one before he 
    starts shooting. Move the block to open the way to the huge Egyptian room.
    Do all the lever pulling in this room on your own. Boring but easy. Take the 
    goodies too and save before the two slopes before reaching the cave with the 
    embalming fluid. After the next crawl space is a guard. If you're unlucky he 
    will see you so do the last crawling backwards so you can go down quickly. 
    The next guard will almost guaranteed spot you early so just accept a little 
    damage from his pistol. Above the sphinx you can monkey climb to the other 
    side for a crystal, then climb back and drop down on the sphinx' head and save.
    There's a way of getting the next secret with very little damage, it's 
    complicated but I try to explain. Go to the corner so you see the pillar 
    down below on the left side and angle Lara so she faces its closest corner. 
    Make a short backward jump and a standing jump forward, turn around in the 
    air and grab the slope you land on. Shimmy to the right, get up, backflip, 
    turn in the air and curve to the left. If you made it right you'll land 
    safely on the pillar. Use the slope between the pillar and the ledge with 
    the secret to get over there. To get down without health loss make a running 
    jump on the sphinx' shoulder and grab both slopes before dropping down. A 
    guard might come here so be prepared. Go over to the other side and kill the 
    guard that's walking down the stairs. Take the secret and solve the block 
    puzzle to get back to the beginning of the level.
    Now you have two paths to choose between and since I've told you to ignore 
    all harpoons in the previous levels it's not hard to guess which one I 
    recommend. Go back to the museum (make an extra save on the way if you're 
    getting worried that you'll mess up) and drop down into the hole before the 
    ledge with the embalming fluid. Let the stream take you to the next area. 
    Pick up two sets of harpoons and swim into the tunnel. Do the lever 
    turning/button pushing in here and save before swimming into the next area. 
    Big excitement coming up now.
    If the diver or the guard spot you they'll lock the door to the last secret 
    so stay low. Swim to the right and take the second last secret inside the 
    small room there. You can surface for air just outside that tunnel. Then go 
    to the left side of the tunnel and pull the lever inside there. Swim back to 
    the entrance of the area and go the other way. Sneak and crawl around here 
    until you reach saftety in the area with the blue ground. Take the goodies in 
    the corner and save.
    A guard is at the end of this tunnel but ignore that guy, just sprint past 
    him and run out in the middle of the opening. You'll land safely on the 
    ground below. The alarm goes off and the guard and diver down here attack so 
    kill them with the desert eagle. Take the boiler room key that the guard 
    drops. There are tons of goodies in this area but nothing that's important, 
    just take the ones in the secret area and board the underwater jet. Note that 
    this one is moved forward with the swim button while the action button makes 
    it shoot harpoons.
    Go outside and get some air. Go through the tunnel to the left and kill the 
    diver inside. In the next big room are sixteen tunnels including the one you 
    came from. Go to the tunnel with the air pocket and stop near it so you don't 
    lose orientation when fighting the crocodile. (It's the upper left tunnel on 
    the right side from where you entered.)  For some reason the crocodile can't 
    hurt you while on the underwater jet, but I'm not complaining. If the battle 
    takes too long time just go get some air and continue the fight.
    Park the underwater jet in front of the upper left tunnel on the side where 
    you entered the area from (it has red walls). Take the save crystal and swim 
    back for air. The first lever you need to pull is under the tunnel where you 
    parked the underwater jet. After that go back to the air pocket and save. The 
    next lever is in the tunnel above the one you entered from. This one is 
    really hard to make before you run out of air, so it might take some tries 
    before you nail it. The next lever is in the tunnel opposite to the one with 
    the air pocket. After pulling it two divers will come. Just ignore them and 
    go back to the air pocket, they'll hit you with some harpoons but not many. 
    When you have a full air bar go back and outside take the first tunnel to 
    the right and swim the long way to the next area. The divers usually don't 
    follow you all the way up.
    Get into the water on the other side and pull the lever to turn off the fire. 
    Get up and jump to the other side. There's some goodies on the way but 
    nothing major. Be careful with those pounding machines (whatever they are), 
    use the shadows to see how close you are to them. When you've passed them 
    monkey climb to the other side for desert eagle ammo. Climb back to the crawl 
    space and use the boiler room key and open another hatch. Get back into the 
    water and save. Swim back all the way to the room with the sixteen tunnels 
    and board the underwater jet. Go through this tunnel and move up, use the 
    directinal button to move the jet away from the walls so you don't lose speed.
    There are some strategies to get over to the other side without getting hurt 
    by the pendulums. Note that they won't hit you if you're standing on the 
    edge of the platforms. The safest way should be to stay on the left side and 
    make a forward jump when the pendulum has passed, roll and grab the platform 
    and pull back up.  In the next tunnel go up into the crawlspace to the left. 
    Follow the path with two risky jumps and you're done with the level.
    City (L15)....................................................................
    Recommended saves: 0
    Difficulty: 1
    After turning down Sophia's offer Lara must now fight her. When entering the 
    main area Sophia will be on the other side. Don't jump over there before 
    she's grilled. Don't worry about Sophia, just move up as quickly as you can, 
    shoot the fuse box, turn off the electricity and take the relic to finish the 
    level. If you're good at this it's not hard to take the secret the first time 
    you pass it, otherwise you can kill Sophia first and then backtrack to get it.
    Antarctica (L16)..............................................................
    Recommended saves: 3
    Difficulty: 3
    Time to deliver the relics to Willard. For some reason his lackeys try to 
    kill Lara when she shows up, very suspicious. In this level (and the next) 
    you need to handle the temperature bar. There are some goodies in the water 
    but skip those, you'll soon be tired of this feature anyway. There are just 
    two types of enemies here. You've already met dogs in previous levels. For 
    the gunmen, try to stay behind them to avoid being shot. Use the little uzi 
    ammo you have left in the beginning and then go with the desert eagle for 
    the rest of the level. There are three difficult/dangerous things to do, 
    we'll save before each one.
    Move over to the other side and monkey climb from the corner to the ledge 
    near the ship. To minimize fall damage you can drop a bit before you reach 
    the end, but not too long because you can miss the pillar then. Kill the two 
    first guys in here and pull the lever in the corner. Go down the hole and 
    kill two more guys hiding in the alcoves along the corridor. Climb up to the 
    upper floor and go outside. Get the secret and position Lara in front of the 
    slope with the boat on the other side. If you make a standing jump over the 
    slope you'll land safely in the boat and continue toward the main area.
    The way to the second secret is in a tunnel on the left side. Park the boat 
    just outside it and jump in. Save before the slope, if you miss the next 
    jump it's game over. Use flares here to see the tunnels. When you're in the 
    crawlspace, go right and register the secret, it's just a medi pack. Then 
    crawl back and take the other way. Now you must drop down in the water. Turn 
    Lara to the left and immediately go up to the surface and swim straight to 
    the boat before you start losing health. (If you're having trouble there is 
    a safe spot in the corner on the other side of the secret that you can use.) 
    Continue and leave the boat behind the hut and monkey climb to the other 
    side. A guy will spot you and run away, climb all the way to the edge before 
    dropping down so you don't land on the slope below and slide into the water. 
    Kill the guy and be prepared for a dog after the tunnel.
    Go into the next tunnel, stop halfway and wait for a dog to come around the 
    corner. A gunman might come to, if not continue to the next area and take 
    care of him there. He drops desert eagle ammo, be sure to collect it. Drop 
    down into the hole with the pipe, try to avoid the water, if you land in it 
    quickly swim to the other side under the platform. Turn the second and fourth 
    valve to open a door above. Enter there and pull the lever. Go outside and 
    follow the path to the kennel, kill the three dogs outside the house and 
    another one inside. Take the gate control key and leave. There's another guy 
    outside and another one on the way to the next area. If you want you can kill 
    the dog in the hole and get some grenades down there, use the ladder to avoid 
    fall damage when you go down. You'll come back to the area with the pipe, 
    now pass it and go throgh the tunnel to the left. Two more dogs will attack 
    after the tunnel. Save before entering the house.
    These doors are a little tricky to avoid but just reset if they hurt you. 
    Inside are two guys and two more will come after you've taken the crowbar. 
    Then go back to the hut where you parked the boat and use your findings to 
    open the gate. Another guy will come when you use the key, just turn aroind 
    and wait for him. Now you need the key for the last secret and this is the 
    hardest part of the level so save before you jump into the water. If you fail 
    try to move the boat a little before you try again, othervise it's just a 
    matter of timing, it's possible to make it without health loss if you manage 
    to get Lara in such a position so she grabs the key immediately. There are 
    some enemies left so don't continue if you have less than 10% health left 
    when returning to the boat.
    Go back to the beginning of the level and get the secret. After using the 
    key a dog will come so jump up on the hut's roof and kill it from there. 
    Then go to the end of the level, kill the last two guys and run around the 
    house to confront Willard.
    RX-Tech Mines (L17)...........................................................
    Recommended saves: 7
    Difficulty if using the save trick once: 5
    Difficulty if not using the save trick: 6
    This level is inspired by the movie John Carpenter's The Thing. Lara does 
    some mine carting too, not as cool as in Temple of Doom, but still pretty 
    entertaining. It's one of those levels where it gets really hard at the end 
    so you should't let yourself take any unnecessary damage at all on the way 
    there. There's a quite big fall damage on the way to the crowbar and that 
    one really sucks – without it I actually think this level would be beatable 
    (even though extremely hard) without the save trick. You have only two 
    different enemies here, two kinds of mutants but these shouldn't cause much 
    trouble. You'll also meet the flamethrower guys, their job is to barbecue 
    mutants, they're not hostile if left alone but make sure you don't get 
    between them and the mutants. They won't wait for you to get out of the way.
    There are many drills in the mine's tunnels, avoid these easily by just 
    crawling under them. About the carts it's mostly about using the break so 
    you don't lose control in the curves if going too fast, but sometimes you 
    need speed to jump over gaps too. In some tunnels you'll need to duck under 
    obstacles to avoid damage, use the crawl button for this. Whenever you see a 
    switch on the right side you should use the action button to hit it with the 
    First solve the door puzzle and go down the hole carefully. Take the ammo 
    and open the door. Wait for the flamethrower guy to kill the mutants outside 
    and head for what we might call the main area. A mutant is crawling at the 
    bottom, kill it from up here so it doesn't cause you any trouble later. 
    You'll need to use all three carts eventually but let's start with the middle 
    When you're in the next area take the crystal and enter the tunnel. Beware of 
    the slope, you should go down it backwards. Shimmy to the left before you 
    drop to minimize the damage. Drop down to the next part and then jump to the 
    corner which looks like a slope to come further down safely. Here you must 
    shimmy left, drop and grab, and shimmy back to reach another ledge. Kill the 
    mutant from here and shimmy again to the left until you can get up in the 
    crawlspace. Save and be ready with the desert eagle. When you've crawled some 
    steps a mutant will come around the corner and you don't have much time to 
    kill it.
    In the next area it's safest to kill the flamethrower guy first. There are 
    three mutants to find here, kill them all with the MP5 before using the 
    invisible ledge to find a button which opens the door to the second secret. 
    Then take the crowbar and do the jumps to leave the area. You shouldn't have 
    any problems avoiding the machines if being careful. Toward the end is a 
    mutant. It can't poison you if you stay on the ledge belov so shoot it from 
    there. Go back to the cart and save before using it to get back to the main 
    Go to the top (don't enter the building) and take the two first secrets. Take 
    out the mutant on a safe distance before grabbing the goodies in the second 
    area. Go back and take the lower cart, save before the tricky stuff begins on 
    the ride. Take the crystal and follow the path until you reach the dark 
    tunnels. When you get close to the junction a running mutant will come out in 
    front of you. Backflip while killing it with five desert eagle shots. Follow 
    the path until you come to the room. Another running mutant is outside and 
    will enter when it spots you so be prepared with the MP5. There's some desert 
    eagle ammo in here.
    Go outside and position Lara on the right side of the crane so she faces the 
    pool and save. From this position you can dive into the pool and land near 
    the Winch starter, take it and turn left to climb up before the temperature 
    bar falls to nothing. Go back outside and use the cart again. In the main 
    area, use the crowbar at the door to get the battery and do the last cart 
    ride. This is the easiest ride, just stay down and you'll be fine.
    In the next area use the battery and the Winch starter to lower the diving 
    bell. Then save bacuse one of the hardest parts of this challenge is about 
    to come. This swimming adventure can be divided into four parts, the two 
    first are possible to do without health loss so repeat them until you nail 
    them. The first safe area is on the right side of the green lamp a bit down 
    in the water. Wait for the temperature bar to fill up. Position Lara on the 
    right side and turn her a bit to the left so you face the diving bell when 
    you enter the water. You can swim close to the bell without getting stuck so 
    do that and when under it stop swimming for a second and use the down button 
    to turn Lara so she can swim upwards to the hole. In the bell, wait for the 
    temperature bar to fill up and save again.
    The two last parts are as good as impossible to get through without health 
    losses so you must do the save trick in one of them. Since I always lose 
    more health in the second part I recommend doing the trick there. When 
    jumping out of the bell it's possible to find an angle from which you can 
    dive, but I don't think you can gain a lot from this so just do an ordinary 
    jump. Also light a flare because it's hard to spot the hole. You can try to 
    aim for the hatch over the hole, sometimes swimming into it will make Lara 
    kind of bump down in the front of the hole so you gain a little time. 
    Otherwise it's just to repeat this part until you make it with at least 20% 
    health left.
    While waiting for Lara to get warm position her on the left side and angle 
    her about 45 degree to the right. If done correctly you can just go into the 
    water and immediately start to swim upwards into  the hole. When the 
    temperature bar is almost empty, save and reload. The bar will be filled 
    again and you can swim up and leave this dreadful area behind you. In the 
    next one is a flamethrower guy, but I doubt that you'll get any help from 
    him. Two mutants will spawn when you go to the other side but they can't 
    follow you if you go back on the bridge so kill them safely from there. If 
    you followed my advise and got here with at least 20% health left you can 
    take a shortcut to the last secret by dropping down a ledge on the right side 
    from where you entered. Minimize the damage by dropping on its left side. If 
    not having enough health to survive this fall you'll have to take the long 
    way around. After collecting the secret finish the level.
    Lost City of Tinnos (L18).....................................................
    Recommended saves: 5
    Difficulty: 4
    This is pretty much a complete Tomb Raider level with all the ingredients 
    one can ask for: big lonely areas, strong enemies, annoying enemies, puzzles, 
    an ancient arena, a maze and tons of levers and traps. Since you have to 
    fight the final boss right after this level you should try to keep your 
    desert eagle ammo above 50, shouldn't be so hard because there aren't that 
    many of the strong enemies here and you'll find some ammo on your way.
    The first area has no enemies or dangers so it doesn't need much description 
    in this guide. You can keep the Uli key and save some time later if you do a 
    curve jump to the lever outside of the ruin, but if you miss you'll lose 
    health and need to reload. The goodies are easier to get if you do a long 
    running jump from the window left to the first lever to the pillar in the 
    garden. Once you're done here solve the food chain puzzle (first, second and 
    fifth button from the left) and go to the broken bridge.
    Jump over the ledge and take the crystal. Kill the two wasps and climb up the 
    blocks to jump to the structure over the second part of the bridge. It's easy 
    to fall down here so stay on the first flat area. The wasps will start to 
    spawn and the safest way is to just stand here and kill them with the pistols 
    or MP5. Up to 21 will come from this nest but you may stop them from spawning 
    earlier by using grenades or rockets, this can also prevent wasps from coming 
    from the next nest but I don't know exactly how this works. When you're ready 
    save your game and jump to the nest and take the secret, use flares to see 
    the invisible platforms. Then jump back and drop down on the bridge after 
    grabbing to avoid fall damage.
    Before the entrance to the city you face two monsters and here the side jump 
    strategy works fine. They're strong so use rockets or the desert eagle. After 
    the flaming pots is another wasp nest and if they activate you can either 
    kill them all or just leave the area and kill the one that follows. Now you 
    need to face the power of the elements to claim four oceanic masks and solve 
    the lever puzzle after being victorious on the arena. You can do these tasks 
    in any order you like. There are also two secrets, but these are not 
    available now.
    Let's start with the wind quest. It begins with a maze, some goodies to find 
    in here but nothing major so don't bother. I'm not guiding you through here. 
    If we pretend that Lara faces north when entering the maze the exit is to the 
    northeast so just go in any of these directions at the junctions and you'll 
    find your way soon enough. Also note that this is actually two separeted 
    mazes, if you go to the left at the first junction you won't find the exit 
    until you've returned to the start and taken the other way. In the trap room 
    with the spiked barrels, start on the left side and trigger the barrels on at 
    the time and escape them with side jumps. Take the mask and exit through the 
    Take a save before you start the fire quest. In these areas you won't get 
    scratched, either you make it through unharmed or you make a mistake and 
    recive a gruesome instant death. So I leave this one up to you.
    Next up is the earth quest. Before jumping into the mud make sure that no 
    wasp has followed you. Take the right path, it's longer but you won't risk 
    getting air damage. When you reach solid ground, do the jumps on the rocks 
    to reach and pull the hidden lever. Then work your way to the mask. When 
    going out from here, be careful so you don't run into the falling blocks. 
    Either take the long way back or the little shortcut. Save the game before 
    the hard part begins when you must jump over the gaps. Don't forget to pick 
    up the desert eagle ammo on the way through the corridor with the flaming 
    Go back to the entrance of the city and head for the arena. In here are three 
    monsters that are easiest to kill with the desert eagle and side jumps. You 
    need to kill them quickly so you can fight one at the time. If you climb the 
    ladder to the right immediately you can do a trick jump and get out from the 
    arena without fighting. This one is extremely difficult but you might want to 
    try it anyway because sometimes a failed jump makes one or two of the 
    monsters disappear.
    In the lever room either do the curve jump or solve the puzzle normally. Note 
    that the platform you're standing on when pulling the fourth lever will go 
    down so immediately side jump to the left to avoid fall damage. Also try to 
    not go on the ground near the exit since this will activate more wasps. The 
    last jump before the monkey climbing bridge is risky so save before that one. 
    After pulling the lever to open the door use the now raised platform to get 
    to the lever that opens the door to the next secret. As you know this one is 
    timed so you must hurry. To get down to the floor unhurt run toward the pool 
    from the bridge and pull the action button to land in the water. Then run all 
    the way to outside the city and drop down the right side of the bridge to 
    reach the secret. It's possible to do this unhurt if you jump backwards after 
    landing on the tallest block. You might want to do an extra save before the 
    pots. When you're back in the city take the remaining secret as well.
    Sava before starting the water quest. Grab the first ledge and drop down, you 
    usually don't get any damage from the two first traps but if you do reload 
    and try again. Swim down the hole and out in the big area. First you need to 
    pull a lever (it's timed so take air before pulling it if you need) in the 
    left tunnel and then swim into the right to the next area before the hatch 
    closes. To avoid the blades you need to start swimming quite a bit in front 
    of them so you get enough speed to pass between them when swimming through 
    the holes. It's hard to describe a strategy for this since the point you 
    should start to swim depends of how far from the tunnels you are. Practice 
    it if you find it hard.
    In the next area are many blades but with these it's easier to at least avoid 
    big chunks of health loss by swimming as close to the ground you can. Find 
    the lever to open the door to the mask. After getting it pull the lever and 
    swim back to the first big area and take the lower tunnel to exit.
    If you have an Uli key use it in the key hole on the way back to the statue 
    room. If not you need to go down to the room with the pools and collect it. 
    It's a little tricky to jump onto the long ladder so you might want to save 
    before or take the arena route. There are monsters in two alcovs here so 
    don't explore the area more than necessary. Then insert the oceanic masks and 
    finish the level.
    Meteorite Cavern (L19)........................................................
    Recommended saves: 1
    Difficulty: 1
    The final level begins with the battle against spider Willard and then you 
    need to escape this place. The low difficulty rate is if you have enough 
    desert eagle ammo for this battle. You need to stun the boss four times and 
    then kill him, each time you need ten hits so it takes fifty bullets in 
    total. One good thing with this weapon is that it's easy to count the shots 
    so you can get a little head start by running for the relics immediately 
    after the tenth shot.
    Save after killing Willard. Then follow the linear path out from the cave. In 
    the base are the six last enemies so just give them all you got and be 
    careful with the ones who have flamethrowers. Then wait for the heliccopter, 
    enjoy the ending and feel proud over that health pack used zero in the 
    9. Credits
    Here I will thank the ones who have helped me (even though most of them 
    aren't aware of it) to make this guide.
    Core Design and Eidos Interactive (former Eidos plc) for giving us this great 
    The people behind Gamefaqs for providing this great service for gamers. Thank 
    you also to the user donar who helped me in the topic I created when I 
    started writing the guide and to the user DarkkefkaFFX who held the topic 
    alive with a comment.
    The Gamefaqs user Auron402 who wrote the No health pack guides for Tomb 
    Raider 1 and 2 which inspired me to write this one.
    GreenApple968 and badassgamez whose youtube videos have showed me some 
    tricks and strategies.
    Stella's Tomb Raider Site (tombraiders.net) for the excellent walkthroughs 
    for the Tomb Raider games.
    10. Copyright and Contact Information
    This guide is copyright 2013 by Mikael Bergqvist. It's made for personal use 
    and you can post it on your site as long as you mention its origin and don't 
    charge anyone for using it.
    If you want to contact me for comments regarding this guide you can send a 
    mail to mikbe@yahoo.com. It's my old address but it's still active and I try 
    to check it a couple of times per month.

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