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     =-                             Asteroids (PC)                            -=
                        Written By: Ryan "MetroidMoo" Ammerman
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                 FIRST RELEASED ..................... August 17, 2000
                 LAST UPDATED .................... September 26, 2004
                 LATEST VERSION ................................ 1.21
    <<<                            TABLE OF CONTENTS                           >>>
    1) Version History
    2) Introduction
    3) Story
    4) Controls
    5) Weapons
    6) Asteroids
    7) Enemies
    8) Zones
    9) Contact/Legal Information
     =~   1)   VERSION HISTORY                                                ~=
    VERSION 1.21 - SEPTEMBER 26, 2004
      Updated e-mail address.
    VERSION 1.2 - SEPTEMBER 13, 2003
      Revised the file's format, adjusted the number of characters per line, and
    added new sections.
    VERSION 1.1 - OCTOBER 14, 2002
      Updated contact information and made a few other changes.
    VERSION 1.06 - JULY 25, 2001
      Changed posting notice.
    VERSION 1.05 - JANUARY 17, 2001
      Updated site list at the bottom of the FAQ and made some minor changes.
    VERSION 1.0 - AUGUST 17, 2000
      First version of the guide.
     =~   2)   INTRODUCTION                                                   ~=
      Asteroids is one of those video games that has been around since the dawn
    of time, and in 1998, Activision revisited the olden days by publishing a
    enhanced version of Asteroids, complete with brand new graphics, enemies, and
    an arsenal of weaponry to blast apart those pesky space rocks.
      The classic gameplay remains the same: move from level to level by taking
    out all of the asteroids on the screen. Activision and crew has thrown in a
    few twists, such as crystal asteroids that constantly regenate and ships that
    unleash a nuclear explosion.
      All in all, this rendition of Asteroids is decent; however, once you go
    through the game, chances are you will put the game away and be done with it
     =~   3)   STORY                                                          ~=
    Asteroid's storyline, from the instruction manual...
      The galaxy is filled with valuable commodities. If a company wants to keep
    their business up-to-date, they must compete on the ground and in the heavens.
    Interstellar mining has made people rich overnight. Seizing this great oppor-
    tunity, the biggest mining corporations merged into the single mega-corpora-
    tion, the Astro-Mining Corporation. More and more, surveyors have discovered
    the most valuable deposits deep within dangerous asteroid fields. In order to
    make the big money, the corporation hires pilots to blast asteroids into a
    reasonable size, then sends in their massive mining machines to capture
    valuable minerals in the quadrant. The corporation's efforts in space support
    entire off-world societies. The rule is simple: Make the company rich, and it
    makes you rich in return.
      The bulk of the Astro-Mining Corporation contracts are from the military,
    which explains why mining has become such a dangerous, yet lucrative occupa-
    tion. The corporation realized that not only could it mine for valuable ores,
    but it also could provide a clearance service for debris-infested areas of
    space. Since the military has been engaging in wars against hostile extra-
    terrestrials, they have needed an efficient way to clear interstellar highways
    of any potential hazards...such as asteroids. One small asteroids can have a
    devastating effect on everything from a transport to a battle cruiser, par-
    ticularly since these craft normally travel at half the speed of light. An
    entire asteroid field is a deadly obstacle, indeed.
      Talented pilots from all over the plant are being recruited by Astro-Mining
    to clear areas of space for equipment to be moved in and to provide safe
    passage for military and civilian life. These pilots must be talented dog-
    fighters who can dodge and weave among the constant threats found within an
    asteroid belt. In addition, they must be skilled shooters who can pulverize
    asteroids into with a well-aimed shot and can fight fiercely against any
    enemies they might encounter.
      You have been selected. Good luck.
     =~   4)   CONTROLS                                                       ~=
    This section describes the default controls.
    A       ->  Rotate ship left
    D       ->  Rotate ship right
    V       ->  Fire weapon
    G       ->  Thrust
    W       ->  Use wildcard weapon
    E       ->  Hyperspace jump
    S       ->  Activate shield
    X       ->  Flip ship
    Escape  ->  Menu
     =~   5)   WEAPONS                                                        ~=
    This section contains information on the weapons.
    Plasma Gun
    Maximum Amount: N/A
      Your basic weapon. It has an unlimited amount of ammo, so you will be using 
    this weapon during most of the game. While it is not very strong, it gets the
    job done.
    Gun Satellite
    Maximum Amount: 4
      When you use it, a small satellite rotates around your ship. This satellite
    fires at nearby asteroids and enemies. You can also use it as a shield.
    Maximum Amount: 5
      A small mine drops out the back of your ship. Whenever an object gets near
    the mine, it explodes and damages the object. Remember that mines self-
    destruct if nothing comes by it after a certain length of time.
    Maximum Amount: 1
      A useful weapon. When you activate it, your ship spins around while firing
    lasers all over the screen. Any nearby objects take a lot of damage.
    Homing Missiles
    Maximum Amount: 6
      The name says it all. Fire it towards a target, and the missile takes care
    of the rest.
    Plasma Drill
    Maximum Amount: 3
      This weapon fires a powerful laser in front of you. Make sure you aim
    correctly because the beam disappears quickly!
    Trigger Bombs
    Maximum Amount: 5
      A fun weapon to play around with. Hold the Special key, and the bomb moves
    forward. Once you let go of the key, the bomb creates an explosion. 
    Maximum Amount: 10
      This weapon simply fires a laser. This laser is powerful and can go through
    just about anything.
    Ramming Shield
    Maximum Amount: 2
      This is very useful for clearing out the level. Activate it to create a
    fiery shield around your ship. Whenever you run into an object, it takes a
    ton of damage. This shield doesn't last very long, so make use of it!
    Robo Wall
    Maximum Amount: 5
      The Robo Wall isn't too useful. It creates a barrier that rotates in one
    spot. This barrier damages an enemy that attempts to go through it.
    Missile Armageddon
    Maximum Amount: 1
      A rare and powerful weapon. Like the normal Armageddon, your ship spins
    around. But this time it fires several plasma missiles instead of lasers.
    Maximum Amount: 2
      I would consider the Smartbomb to be the best weapon in the entire game.
    When you use it, it creates a huge explosion that severly damages any object
    in it.
    Wide Shot
    Maximum Amount: 50
      The Wide Shot fires three plasma shots at once. Since it comes with a plen-
    tiful ammo supply, it is useful for destroying things, especially asteroids.
    Plasma Sword
    Maximum Amount: 3
      This weapon creates a large beam of plasma behind your ship. It comes in
    handy for destroying any enemies that are following you. It is also useful
    for eliminating asteroids.
     =~   6)   ASTEROIDS                                                      ~=
    This section contains descriptions of the asteroids.
    Classic Asteroid
      This is the asteroid you'll run into the most. If you shoot them, they
    splits up into smaller rocks. You won't have a problem destroying them.
    Mined Asteroid
      This asteroid is contained in a cage that has explosives. Shooting the cage
    results in a large explosion, which can take out your ship. So, try attacking
    them from a safe distance!
    Space Debris
      The debris you encounter comes in a wide assortment, but each chunk is
    difficult to destroy. Instead of using your ship's gun, try using a wildcard
    Indestructible Asteroid
      As the name implies, no weapon can even damage this special asteroid. While
    you can't destroy it, you can move around by just shooting at it.
    Fireball Comet
      When you blow up some Classic Asteroids, they turn into this. A Fireball
    Comet moves very quickly but eventually slows down.
    Crystal Asteroid
      Possibly the most annoying asteroid in the entire game. When you shoot at
    one, it splits up into smaller shards. If you don't completely defeat these
    shards, they grow back to full-size.
    Alien Egg Asteroid
      You'll only encounter these in the Worm Zone. Whenever you attack an egg,
    small worms come out and follow you. They move slowly, so you can take them
    out without a problem.
    Ancient Energy Asteroid
      This one looks a lot like the Crystal Asteroid but orange. If you shoot it
    a couple times, it absorbs the weapon and fires it back at you. This asteroid
    does not split up like its crystal cousin, so it makes things a lot less
     =~   7)   ENEMIES                                                        ~=
    This section contains information about the enemies.
    Standard Saucer
      Your typical big UFO. This enemy fires small red bolts. While it's large,
    only one shot is required to destroy it. 
    Asteroid Tug
      An Asteroid Tug captures asteroids, which prevents you from destroying them.
    Its shield is always activated except when it is capturing an asteroid. So,
    destroy the Asteroid Tug when that happens.
    Crystal Ice Ship
      You can find this annoying alien craft towards the end of the game. It fires
    small bolts of plasma that can freeze your ship for a few seconds. But these
    bolts are quite easy to avoid since they move only in one direction.
    Fuel Transport
      The Fuel Transport has three different sections. Two of them are heavily
    armored and cannot be destroyed. The front section (shaped like an arrow) is
    the weakpoint. Shoot it to defeat the entire thing.
      The Hex is capable of splitting into smaller ships. When you hit the first
    time, it splits into two smaller stations. Hit one of them, and it splits
    into three fighters. Be careful around this craft.
    Super Saucer
      A much more powerful version of the Standard Saucer. It's faster and also
    has more armor.
    Repulser Beam
      This enemy can be very annoying. It has a yellow beam in the front that can
    send your ship flying in the wrong direction. Destroy these as soon as you
    Nuke Driver
      A Nuke Driver is operated by nuclear power (obviously!). When it moves, it
    leaves behind an exhaust trail that can destroy your ship. But a Nuke Driver
    is easy to defeat since it moves so slow.
      A quick and agile craft. The Vulturoid comes after you if you just stay in
    one spot. So, make them leave you alone by flying after them.
      A ship with four rotating blades. If you destroy one of its blade, it can be
    regenerated. So eliminate them as soon as possible.
     =~   8)   ZONES                                                          ~=
    This section contains descriptions and some tips for the zones.
    Zone 1 - Sigma Delta
      Since this is the first zone, you won't find many obstacles to make things
    difficult. Most of the asteroids in this zone are the basic kind but there are
    some Crystal Asteroids, which can really bug you. Try to destroy them as soon
    as possible so they don't grow back to full-size.
    Zone 2 - Black Hole
      Like the name says, there is a black hole in this zone. The black hole sucks
    in your ship if it stays in the same spot for too long. If your craft stays in
    the center of the black hole, it eventually explodes. So keep moving! This zone
    introduces Space Debris. Try destroying them with Wildcard Weapons to make it
    easier on you.
    Zone 3 - Sun
      This zone has a sun in the lower-right corner. At different times during
    the level, the sun fires a solar flare. This flare always explodes in the
    upper-left corner. You'll also find the Ancient Energy Asteroid in this zone.
    Destroy them from a safe distance so their shot doesn't hit you.
    Zone 4 - Worm Zone
      This zone is the breeding ground for a group of alien worms. Instead of the
    usual asteroid, you also have to destroy all alien eggs. Each time you destroy
    an egg, little worms pop out. Destroy those too! Remember that the alien queen
    comes out of the hole in the lower-left corner of the screen, and she always
    moves in the same pattern when she exits.
    Zone 5 - Save the Earth!
      After invading their territory, the aliens are a bit ticked off...to say the
    least! The aliens have now sent a large group of asteroids to Earth, so your
    objective is to destroy the asteroids before they hit the planet.
      Try to move your craft a little bit below the Earth. This helps you to
    destroy the asteroids more easily. Remember that you only have to hit a large
    asteroid once to prevent it from hitting Earth. The only enemy you'll
    encounter is the Crystal Ice Ship. Try to destroy it as soon as possible so it
    doesn't freeze you.
    The Final Battle
      Before you can celebrate, you have one final level to complete. In the first
    part of the level there are several asteroids floating around, so destroy all
    of them. Picking up an Armageddon weapon helps to make things less difficult.
      Once you clear out all the asteroids, a large crystal ship comes in from the
    upper-left. That is the aliens' mothership. To eliminate the first form,
    destroy the small crystals that fire at you. Then the mothership changes to
    another form. Just keep firing at it, and you'll eventually finish it off.
     =~   9)   CONTACT / LEGAL INFORMATION                                    ~=
    Copyright Information
    (c) Copyright 2000-2004 Ryan "MetroidMoo" Ammerman
      This FAQ cannot be distributed in books, magazines, etc. or in any other
    form of printed or electronic media (CDs, etc.) in any way. It may not be
    given away as some sort of prize or bonus with a purchase, and it may not be
    used for promotional or profitable purposes.
      Any characters, names, or other objects are copyright their respective
    companies. This document and its author are in no way affiliated with any
    company involved with this game.
    E-mail Information
    E-mail Address: ryanammerman[at]gmail[dot]com
      Before you e-mail me a question, make sure you've looked through the FAQ to
    see if your question is answered. If you send me a question that is answered
    in the FAQ, it WILL be ignored.
    Posting Notice
      If you wish to use this guide on your site, you may post it without my
    permission as long as this document is **NOT** changed in any way, shape, or
    form. The latest version of this guide can always be found at GameFAQs
                                                             --End of Transmission

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