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"A classic game that will live on forever."

This is a perfect example of a classic game, that is brought on to different systems, which means, people are trying to keep this game alive, and since this was a great game, I can't blame them for not wanting this game to die off. This game is fun, it has great graphics, good sound, and a bunch of other great stuff that is alot of fun, and is great, even though this game is old.

Graphics: 8
The graphics in this game, are your typical 70's-80's Arcade graphics, that most people older than me, grew up playing on Atari and Intelivision. This is a very good game, and the graphics are awesome. Even though they are edited for the computer, so they look better and they don't look like, their twenty-five years, old, but I know what they actually look like, because I have seen old graphics, and I always picture the new ones, as the old ones, they are still great.

Gameplay: 10
The gameplay is great! It's alot of fun, the asteroids, are fun to shoot, and it's alot of fun, to try and beat, all though, it gets boring after about an hour or two, the game is still alot of fun, and I will always play it, as long, as it doesn't change completly, and they change the whole purpose, I will keep playing it.

Sound: 8
The sound is great too. Everything is clear, nothing is blured out, and all the noises sound almost like they are real. But, they can use a little touching up on. This is the only feature, that I would fix in the game. Even though it wasn't the best sound, it was still really good.

Fun Factor: 9
This game is FUN!!!! I could play this game for two days straight, but you would keep winning too easy, and that would get boaring after about an hour or two, so if the game was a little harder, it would be alot more fun, and I would have given the Fun Factor a 10, but it was way too easy and shot so a nine is just right.

Overall: 9
Overall the game was awsome. I could play it for hours, but like I said, it's too damn short. This game should be remade with all the same features, but a little longer, and a little more dificult, so it's at least a little challanging.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/25/01, Updated 09/25/01

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