• Steam Achievements

    Another Zombie Bites the Dust50 Kills: AN94
    Army of DarknessComplete All maps once with 2 or more players: Medium
    AvengerAvenge your last death
    Base JumpingFall at least 500 feet
    Big AirJump over 100 feet in the air with a vehicle
    BoomstickKill 3 or more zombies with a soda bomb or mortar round
    Capture KingGet the Resource to 10 Checkpoints
    Crackin Skulls100 Kills: Crowbar
    Death from AboveKill an enemy from the gyrocopter or little bird
    DogfightKill an enemy from the gyrocopter or little bird
    Double-KillKill two enemies at once
    Early ExitFirst death of the match
    Escaped AsylumEscaped Asylum
    Escaped CanyonEscaped Canyon
    Escaped ChasmEscaped Chasm
    Escaped DustbowlEscaped Dustbowl
    Escaped LibertyEscaped Liberty
    ExecutionerAt least 30 kills in a match
    FrenzyKill 10 enemies in a row without dying
    Fresh MeatFirst kill of the match
    GasManCollect 50 Gas Cans
    Hail MaryKill an enemy with an explosive from 400 yards or more
    Hardcore AsylumFinished Asylum on Hard
    Hardcore CanyonFinished Canyon on Hard
    Hardcore ChasmFinished Chasm on Hard
    Hardcore DustbowlFinished Dustbowl on Hard
    Hardcore LibertyFinished Liberty on Hard
    Heavy Metal100 Kills: Sledgehammer
    Hit StreakKill 5 enemies in a row with the spiked bat
    Hittin' DingersKill an enemy with the spiked bat
    HoarderSave 5 resources in one round
    Holy Head Shot500 Zombie Headshots
    JunkerDestroy 5 enemy vehicles
    Master BlasterHave the highest KDR in the match
    Medic!!!25 Revives
    Middle ManComplete all maps once solo: Medium
    MVPHighest point total in the match
    NutshotShoot an enemy where it counts
    Organ Donor200 Kills: 50cal HMG
    Paint and Spray50 Kills: Uzi
    Piece of CakeComplete all maps once solo: Easy
    PointManMost assists in the match
    Quadruple-KillKill four enemies at once
    RampageKill 25 enemies in a row without dying
    Ravaged Chainsaw Massacre50 Kills: Chainsaw
    Ravaged of the DeadFinish each map 5 times
    Resource RunnerGet the Resource to Final Checkpoint
    Road RageRun someone down with the vehicle
    Run For Your LifeComplete all maps once solo: Hard
    Scar Tissue50 Kills: SCAR- L
    Skull CollectorMost headhsots in a match
    SlaughterKill five enemies at once
    Sterilization10 nut shots in one match
    The Impaler100 Kills: Harpoon Gun
    Til Death Do Us PartComplete All maps once with 2 or more players: Easy
    Time to Nut up or Shut Up!Complete All maps once with 2 or more players: Hard
    Tragic Accident100 Zombies Ran Over
    Triple-KillKill three enemies at once
    TycoonCapture the resource 3 times in one match
    VictoryWinning always feels good
    What the... ?Kill an enemy with the soda bomb
    Zombie Pacifier50 Kills: MP5

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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