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"It's okay for the most part, but has a lot of bad quirks."

Ahh yes, the AVGN. Truly one of the best when it comes to videogame reviews, specifically entertaining videogame reviews. Now he's got his own videogame, a standard run-and-gun platformer. The graphics are nice, the sounds and music are pretty good, and there are tons of references to AVGN videos and general videogame pop culture. However awesome the idea is, there are a few glaring flaws with the game. But enough with this, let's get down to the actual review.

Like I said, they're nice enough. They're a mix of 8-bit and 16-bit graphical styles, and everything is pretty appealing to the eye. Each level has a different theme based on a game that the AVGN has reviewed, or just something relating to videogames in general, (Like the “ice level”, and “future level”) and they are all visually appealing.

Just your typical “8-bit” music for the level themes. It's really catchy, and some of the songs have little references to real videogames, such as the Haunted House level having a little bit of the “Freddy” theme in it.

The controls are a little loose/slippery, and many jumps require very precise movement, but for the most part, the controls are okay. The different characters you can play as have different controls, EG Mike can jump higher, and the skeleton can run a little faster. Nice touch of variety.

And the main feature: The actual gameplay. It's your average run-and-gun platformer, just jumping around and avoiding obstacles while blasting anything that moves. The level design is nice for the most part, but there are very many instances of what I like to call "artificial difficulty". Parts of the game that are not actually *difficult*, they just require you to memorize that part of the level. These kinds of things annoy me because they're cheap in the way that there is no way to avoid them unless you know about them.

For example, an enemy just flying at you from offscreen. How are you supposed to avoid that? You can't, unless you know it's coming. Or a very tough section of platforming where lethal obstacles pop up right in front of you. There's no way to avoid them unless you memorize where all of the obstacles are. This is not really "difficult", it's just forcing the player to memorize the level design, which can be very tedious and frustrating, not fun. This type of "difficulty" should be left to games like I Wanna Be The Guy.

I mean, I see what they were going for, I really do. They were trying to make a game that's frustratingly hard, that would make you slam your controller on the floor and shout expletives. That idea is good in theory, but making a "bad game" as a just as bad as making an actual "bad game".


Overall, it's a neat little game based on the AVGN video series. I'd recommend playing it if you're a fan of the series, but try and get it discounted if you can. I managed to snag it during a Steam sale for 50% off. It's a fun game, but not worth $15.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/18/13

Game Release: Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (US, 09/20/13)

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