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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Marshall_X

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    State Of Decay By Marshall_X
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx \              State Of Decay               / xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx \              FAQ (X360, PC)               / xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\               Version 1.0                 / xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx \         Last Updated-8/1/14              / xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx \By Marshall_X (oneforabhik@rediffmail.com)/ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Changed my email address - oneforabhik@rediffmail.com
    So, I am sorry for all the emails left unanswered!
    | ||                Guide written and compiled by Marshall_X           || |
    1. Copyright notice
    2. Introduction
    3. Gameinfo
    4. Walkthrough
       i) Beginning Missions
      ii)Army Missions
     iii)Wilkersons Missions
      iv)Courthouse Missions
       v)Grange Missions
      vi)Ray Missions
      vii)Misc Missions
    5. Conclusion
    6. Version History
    7. Credits
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    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
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    me to ask for permission.
    I decided to write this guide because it might be useful for players that are
    trying to get through the game State of Decay. This guide contains all the 
    stuff you need to go through to complete this game. More features will be 
    added soon.
    Remember the times when we complained about World War II FPS games. Now 
    that that trend is gone, we have a new trend involving the Undead.
    I Played this game on PC. And it kinda sucks! The controls are a bit
    harsh , and sometimes during missions the Zombies (or fondly Zeds)
    are stuck in between walls or in some texture, which makes them 
    impossible to kill. And hence, WE had to restart the mission again.
    yeah, m not alone!
    Marshall_X Productions are a big crew!
    Head - Marshall_X (Me)
    Writer - Marshall_X
    Producer - Marshall_X
    Internet Source Finder - Sam
    Game Bringer - Farhaz
    My Assistant - Nidhi (My Girlfriend as well)
    Enough talk!!
    3. Game Info              /
    Unless You don't know about the game, what's the fun of playing?
    Developer 	Undead Labs
    Publisher 	Microsoft Studios
    Composer 	Jesper Kyd
    Engine   	CryEngine 3
    Platform 	Xbox 360 (XBLA), Microsoft Windows
    Release date 	
                      Xbox 360 - June 5, 2013
                            PC - November 5, 2013
    Genre 	        Open world/Stealth/Survival horror
    Mode     	Single-player
    Distribution 	Digital distribution
    (Thumbs up Wikipedia)
    4. Walkthrough            /
    State of Decay is divided into 7 mission branches
          -Beginning Missions
            -ii)Army Missions
             -iii)Wilkersons Missions
               -iv)Courthouse Missions
                  -v)Grange Missions
                    -vi)Ray Missions
                       -vii)Misc Missions
    At any time in the game, you open your map you will see atleaast 
    2 or 3 uncompleted missions. This guide doesnt provide Linear 
    mission structure, but individually branched missions are 
    written here. Pretty confusing? 
    Keep in mind some of these missions will NOT show up as soon as a 
    previous one is completed. If they do not use this time to collect
    resources and also clear out the town of infestations and help 
    survivors. If there are too many infestations and survivors in 
    need of help it will slow down new mission occurrences.
    (i) Beginning Missions
    Find Help
    The Voice On The Radio
    Home Sweet Home
    Lay of the Land
    The Vet Clinic
    Lily's Brother
    Find Help - Mission I
    The story begins with you and your friend beating off Zeds. You are Marcus
    Campbell and you are on a fishing trip with your friend Ed Jones. After
    taking out the Zombies (zeds) , make your way to the Ranger Station. Press
    the Back button to bring up your map to find your way if you get lost. On
    your minimap you may see Red Little Dots while on your way to the house.
    These are incoming Zombies. Kill em and get to the ranger station.
    There you will find a group of Survivors. They will say to go up to the
    Water Tower and survey the area. Head to the top and use LT to zoom in. 
    Focus on the question marks to identify them. Basics will include Camp Sites, 
    Cars and Zombies. Whenever you find a survey point throughout your gameplay, 
    climb up and survey the area. Those are of great help.
    Once surveying is done, you will hear gunshots. A new marker will pop up on
    your map. But before you get there, search around you to find some "cabin in
    the woods" (Reminds me of Scary Movie 5). Get inside and scout. You will find
    some loot items which will be useful later on. If you wish, you can loot
    all the locations you marked during your survey. Remember, not all items are
    useful and your backpack has a limited space. 
    Anyway get down to the stream to find Maya Torres. Kill all the Zeds that come
    about to gain Maya's trust and add her to your squad. Now the game will
    notify you that you can switch between Maya and Marcus at any point by 
    pressing Y and selecting "I'm tired and you take over" stuff. 
    The key benefits of this is that when your current character is low on 
    health/stamina switching to another character will allow them to rest 
    and get back up to maximum. Be careful, when a survivor dies thats 
    it theyre gone for good. This isnt your typical action/adventure 
    zombie game, survivors are just as precious as healing items and ammo, 
    so dont waste them.  It also gives you a chance to level up the skills 
    of all your playable survivors
    Go back to the Ranger Station to find out that one of the survivors has killed
    the others . Ed will get attacked by a Zed. So help him, and then collect 
    everything you can from the supply locker. Open your map and find a vehicle, 
    and then drive it towards your new objective : Escape. Eventually you will get
    to a broken bridge, which would have been possible to cross if it were GTA.
    (comeflywithme).  You can actually, but its tough. Give it a try, and if you
    fail , drop down below and kill the Zeds. Then keep going right until you see
    a stairs like thing. You will know this is the right place, when Ed will say
    we could climb using this or something like that. Continue to the next town
    and you will see a car. This point will start a new mission.
    The Voice On The Radio - Mission II
    Simple. Get in the car, drive to the marker which is a Church and your new 
    home. Over!
    Always remember that cars are a limited resource here like everything, you
    damage a car , then its gone - no ASPIRINE would work. But however, later in
    the game you can bring a car to a workshop to get it fixed.
    Home Sweet Home - Mission III
    This is a tour of your new area provided by Lily. All survivors will be here 
    unless they are out trying to clean up the zeds. You and your team will rest 
    here and all the supplies you find must be delivered to your base. You can 
    then use those resources to build up your base, add facilities, and research 
    some new items or buffs for your team, but more on that in another article. 
    are also introduced to State of Decays form of currency, Influence. You gain 
    influence by completing missions, delivering supplies, and pretty much just 
    being a stand up member of your group. You can then use your Influence to 
    purchase items at the Supply Depot. If you have a weapon that is damaged you 
    can deposit it into the Supply Depot and in 24 (real world) hours it will be 
    Also, if you have a Workshop you can park any damaged cars outside your base 
    and leave them there for some time and they will be repaired as well. 
    You can also set up outposts in nearby structures in town, four at first, more 
    later on. These outposts will provide safe areas for you to restock on items 
    and also help keep the streets clear of zeds in the general vicinity of the 
    outpost. In order to set an outpost up you need to clear it of zeds and fully 
    search the location. When those requirements are met press Down on the D-Pad 
    radio base and tell them you want this location to be an outpost.  
    **(Fully thanks to Primagames for this info)**
    Lay of the Land - Mission IV
    Later Lily will ask you to survey the area for any POIs. Get to the marked
    location and clib the cell tower. Use LT to survey the area like the one in
    the ranger station. When done, you will be told to get some medicines from the
    Vet Clinic.
    Survivors and recruiting them are critical to bolstering your base, but just 
    make sure you have enough beds for them. To recruit them simply gain trust by 
    helping a group of survivors out during optional side-quests and then using 
    radio in town to offer your base to fellow survivors. To access the radio, hit 
    Back and use LB/RB to select the Home section and then locate the radio tower 
    icon. You will have an option to look for resources or to radio for survivors. 
    Once you radio for survivors and the required amount of time has passed you 
    then recruit the survivors you have been helping.  
    (thanks Primagames)
    The Vet Clinic - Mission V
    Ed is sick and he needs some medicines which we need to retrieve from the Vet
    Clinic. Get there with two of your buddies and break in through the Window.
    Your buds will start searching for medicines, and we need to guard the place 
    killing any Zeds who come in. When they are ready to leave, Grump Face will
    say that taking cars can cause too much noise, and so we have to walk on foot.
    Midway during the journey, the girl will drop some supplies, and you are
    instructed to find a vehicle. Grump face leaves in anger and now we need to 
    find a vehicle. Do so and get home. Bum!
    The army mission will be unlocked now, but before that, wait for Lily to ask
    help from you to retrieve her Brother. It may take some time, but eventually
    she will ask.
    Lily's Brother - Mission VI
    Go to the farm and help Jacob and Eli kill the Zeds. Jacob will hand you some
    firecrackers which we need to use to create a distraction so that Eli can get
    away. Go to the blue spot and place the firecrackers and then drive home
    safely .
    OR as suggested by Primagames
    "Simply hop into a car and click LS (Left stick) to honk your horn, fill up 
    the meter and then simply take Jacob back to Lily at the church."
    This Chapter is Closed.
    ii)Army Missions
    Army Sighting
    Army Activity
    Eyes In The Sky
    Sgt. Erik Tan
    Lone Soldier
    Exit Strategy
    The Armory
    The Wall
    Army Sighting - Mission VII
    Simple. Get to the Army House where Sgt. Erik will tell you to go away and
    stay indoors. They did not come here to evacuate the survivors, but to 
    actually seal off the valley to contain the zombie presence. 
    Army Activity - Mission VIII
    You will get a call on the radio from a survivor called Karen. Lily tells you
    to go check it out. Karen and the other survivor run away, and you are tasked
    to go after them and search the blue marked buildings. When you find them, 
    bring them back to the Church to add them to the survivors list. 
    Eyes In The Sky - Mission IX
    Simple. Army will ask you to climb the tower and mark two Zombie hordes. 
    After you have marked two Zombie Hordes, the army will bomb them and the
    mission is completed.
    Insubordination - Mission X
    Erik wants to evacuate the survivors to some safe place, but his request is
    denied. Head to the location marked on the map and meet with Erik. Then go to
    the nearby house and kill all the zeds in there. Erik provides you with a
    feature to your radio, you can now call Air Strikes via your radio.
    Sgt. Erik Tan - Mission XI
    Go to the bridge marked on your map. Erik is trying to get to the army base 
    just past the gate. But, no one wants to get him in. Erik blows off the gate.
    Once you are past the gate, search the houses for Items. After that, go to
    the survey point above the Ferris Wheel. Go to Erik, and he will find that the
    army left the area entirely.  The Western Brige is available now.
    Lone Soldier - Mission XII
    Go to the Military Base where you see Erik and a soldier who is infected with 
    Zombie Infection (Black Fever)
    Black Fever - If a person is bitten by a zombie, he/she is said to be
                  infected with Black Fever. Occupants of this disease 
                  slowly transform into a zombie and dont remember anything
                  about their past.
    (Thanks to my Girlfriend Nidhi about the Black Fever)
    You learn that the Army has left this area leaving Erik and all the survivors
    behind (A Black Mark on US Army).  When you leave the building, you will 
    hear a gunshot, indicating that Erik killed the soldier so that he doesnt
    turn into a zombie.
    Once you go to the location with Erik , you will see a horde of dead bodies in
    the water. Since the water is unfit for drinking, the desire to get out of 
    this Allan Trumbull valley is increased.
    Exit Strategy - Mission XIII
    Meet Erik at the marked location where you will find a huge wall blocking your
    escape route. Lily wants to blow it up, which Erik agrees. 
    The Armory - Mission XIV
    The explosives required for the blowup are in the Fairgrounds. This is one of
    the toughest Zed Battle yet, so be prepared. You will get Assistance from Erik
    and his team. Battle through Zeds and Special Zeds and make your way into the
    warehouse. The Explosives are in the back left corner, but to get there you
    have to fight more Zeds. Retrieve the exploives and be ready for the finale
    The Wall - Mission XV
    This is literally the last mission of State of Decay. Stock up on everything 
    you've got and head to the location. We need to kill lots of Zeds and Special
    Zeds , and we should keep doing it until the C4 is placed. Once its done, you
    realize the explosion is not gonna happen due to some problem. One of them
    will have to detonate it manually, and since Erik is aware of the fact that he
    has caught Black Fever decides to sacrifice himself. The wall blows up and the
    screen goes black. 
    The Game is Completed.! Congrats! But since I didnt cover the other parts, I 
    will have to continue.
    iii)Wilkersons Missions
    The Wilkerson family farm is located just south of the Church of the 
    Its hard to find a reason to want to help the Wilkersons out once you get to 
    know them, but the missions do give you another perspective of the story, so 
    theyre worth checking out.
    The Old Farmhouse
    A Helping Hand
    Nervous Survivor
    Unwelcome Guest
    The Old Farmhouse - Mission XVI
    Go to the farmhouse marked to get Doc Hansen to come to the church. When you
    reach, you see Eli is sick and Doc is busy on him. Job and Mickey wont let
    Doc go until Eli is cured. 
    Now you will see some Zombies making their way to the home, a very
    strategy provided by primagames is as follows :--
    With the Wilkersons help, board up all the window openings. The icons on the 
    screen will flash, indicating which barricades are under attack. Constantly 
    focus on repairing all but one of the damaged barricades in order to control 
    the zeds point of entry. When they break through it and shamble inside, 
    eliminate them. Then, re-board this opening and repair all the damaged ones. 
    Repeat this process until...
    Eventually, a very large zed, a Juggernaut, will make his way to the house. 
    Whenever the Juggernaut attacks the house, every single barricade will be 
    damaged. Try to maintain some sort of barricade at each window to limit the 
    number of zeds for as long as possible. Ignore the Juggernaut and focus on the 
    minor zeds. Doing so will allow you to focus on the Juggernaut without being 
    attacked from behind. 
    Once all the regular zeds are dealt with, allow the Juggernaut to now enter 
    house. This guy is no pushover and can deal a ton of damage so be careful and 
    keep your distance. When he charges at you, move out of the way and sidestep 
    behind it. Go on the offensive until it recovers. Repeat this process until he 
    is down, then go back to defending the house just like before. 
    Once all the zeds are gone, Doc will inform you that Eli is no longer with us 
    and the Black Fever has claimed yet another victim. When they leave it up to 
    you to prevent Eli from becoming a zed, you can either shoot in the head or 
    attack him with the Y button to end the mission.
    Accusations - Mission XVII
    Lily will tell you that a lot of survivors have been robbed, and they suspect
    the Wilkersons are behind this. Just go to the farm and interrogate both Job
    and Micky , who say they are innocent, to finish the mission.
    Helping hand - Mission XVIII
    Step - 1) Go to Wilkersons
    Step - 2)Get the Stranger
    Step - 3)Drive to the Marked Location
    Nervous Survivor - Mission XIX
    Have atleast 5 crates of ammunition in your backpack. Go to the mission marker
    and pay the debt. Then head to the Wilkerson's and deliver the stuff. They
    will give you a radio ability to bring in sharpshooters. However, the game 
    wont tell you about it.
    Unwanted Guest - Mission XX
    Someone from the Wilkerson's will knock on your door and he asks you to watch
    over a deal between the Wilkersons and some other Faction.
    Go to the marker and then you will have a chance to talk with Faction and
    either help them in trading or persuade them to cancel.
    If you cancel, the mission is over.
    If you continue, some time later you are told to leave the area. Soon, you get
    a call that the Faction guys have been killed by Zeds. Its over, but you can
    still visit the deal location to find three rucksacks. There are no living
    souls nor any body in sight. The fate of this remains unknown . . . 
    iv)Courthouse Missions
    While there are only two Courthouse missions, they really flesh out the story 
    of the town itself. It gives you insight into how a small town would react 
    when a biological outbreak occurs and the town is cut off from the outside 
    world. What would you do if your town was under martial law? Would you rebel 
    or would you fall in line because you believe your government knows best? I 
    dont know what Id do, but lets find out what some of the people of Trumbull 
    Valley decide.  
    The Law
    Trouble at the Courthouse
    The Law - Mission XXI
    You will hear a broadcats on the Radio that all survivors are welcomed at the
    Courthouse. Go to the courthouse where Lawton will give you a tour of the 
    place. After that, the sheriff asks you to help out with an infestation with
    another member of the community.
    Go the location, and clear it out. Head towards the second one, bit midway you
    will hear cries for help. Head to the new target and take out the zeds there 
    to ensure the safety of these survivors.
    Trouble at the Courthouse - Mission XXII
    You will hear on the Radio that the courthouse is under attack by the Zeds.
    Get to the courthouse and take out all the Zeds out there. A man will tell you
    that both the Sheriff and Judge didnt make it.
    v)Grange Missions
    Located on the west side of the map is an enclave of survivors who will 
    periodically need help. Seeing as how were practically neighbors, especially 
    if you relocated your Home to the Snyder Trucking Warehouse, we should do 
    the neighborly thing and help them out. Plus, we'll need to have some 
    neighbors if we ever need to borrow a cup of sugar after this is all over.
    Stranger in Trouble
    Helping with the Fortifications
    A Discreet Request
    Stranger In Trouble - Mission XXIII
    Lily will tell you someone is in need of help. Head to the location to find
    a group of survivors have set up a base of their own. 
    Head to the indicated buildings and kill the zeds. Go through each of the
    buildings until you find a survivor hiding. Take the survivor back to complete
    the mission.
    Helping With The Fortifications - Mission XXIV
    It seems Becca is not pleased with their defenses and requests your help in 
    bringing them up to snuff. Before heading over, make sure you stock up on 
    healing items and weapons as there will be a large fight very soon.
    When you arrive, your duty is to protect the builders who are constructing the
    watchtower. Kill all the Zeds that attack, and at some point you need to go
    rescue the survivor who is bringing in goods. If he is killed, the mission
    doesnt fail but you will lose one living soul in Trumbull Valley. 
    Once its done, you need to take care of the Zeds again while the tower is 
    being built. Keep repeating until the mission is over.
    A Discreet Request - Mission XXV
    Quentin has a crush on Becca and he wants you to find out about her past. Go
    to the courthouse to ask the sheriff about it, but you are informed that the
    Sheriff went out on a hunt. 
    When you get to the sheriff, he seeks your help in Finding a Feral Zed.
    When the hunt is over, Sheriff will tell you that becca was a prostitute(hmm,
    wonder if i could f*** her, how much does she charge?) and tells him that she
    is also a good girl and the past should be forgotten.
    Go back to Quentin, you can either tell him the truth or tell him nothing at 
    all. Well I withholded the information so I dont know what happens if you
    tell the truth.! Good Luck!
    vi)Ray Missions
    In these few missions, we are introduced to Ray Santos, the son of the former 
    mayor of Marshall. It seems his father instilled in him high moral values, and
    he offers you and the other survivors any help he can. Sadly, there are only 
    two missions that involve Ray and I personally felt a lot was left unknown 
    about him; I wish it was fleshed out a bit more.  
    An Elevated Perspective
    Sweet Ride
    An Elevated Perspective - Mission XXVI
    Lily will advise you to go meet Ray. 
    Go to the marked building and all the way to the south and immediately jump
    on the ladder to the top. Beware, there is an infestation going on.
    When you are at the top, it seems Ray is a nice guy and tells you about his
    past. He says is always ready to help you and your team and provide 
    Sweet Ride - Mission XXVII
    Ray will contact you and ask you to meet in the east of Marshall. He will
    provide you with a very fast Car. Get in, and drive Ray to a place where
    the survivors are staying. This car is easily damaged compared to the other
    ones, so control your speed. 
    Once at the destination, you are tasked with cleaning the area of Zeds. 
    Simply churn them over with your car and then head to the marker to deliver
    the supplies. 
    Ray gives you a vehicle delivery radio feature. Congrats!
    vii)Misc Missions
    Some gameplay missions which do not fall under any category
    Home Away From Home
    Help Doc Hanson
    Sam Hoffman
    Trade opportunity
    Home Away From Home
    At one point in the game after "Lily's Brother" , Jacob asks you to find
    another home base since this is not good enough. Accept the mission and then
    move to Marshall. 
    When you get to the location marked, the game will tell you to move further
    down the road to a warehouse. Press Down when in the location to relocate. 
    However, be aware, when you do relocate your home, you will lose all your 
    facilities AND you do not reacquire the resources you originally used to 
    create them.  
    Help Doc Hanson
    Lily tells you about a problem at the cemetery. As a reward you will receive
    Dr Hanson's radio frequency. 
    Get to the point marked on the map and help Doc clear the Zombie Horde. As a 
    reward, you can contact Hanson on the radio to remove the maximum live limit 
    (Medical Advice).At the beginning you have 2 usees of this option per day, 
    (every two hours in game day-night cycle), next uses will add up once a week.
    This side quest requires you to find a watch of Lily's dad as a souvenir. 
    Remember the ranger station from which we started, we need to go back there 
    but the difference is its a source of infestation now. 
    Clear the station of the Zeds and pick up the watch from the middle of the
    room and go back to Lily.
    Sam Hoffman
    Another Zombie Hunt.
    Go to Sam's location and he will seek your help in finding a friend called
    Andy. Go to all the blue marked locations and search for her. 
    When you find her, it seems she is already a Zombie. Kill her and its done.
    Now Sam can be played as an active character.
    Trade opportunity
    This mission occurs when Lily gets in touch with survivors willing to exchange
    resources. You set off from your base in the company of someone carrying a 
    rucksack for the exchange. Get close to the mission marker on the map, in 
    order to exchange and watch back of traders because some zombies will attack 
    After a successful exchange get back with a companion and new resources to 
    your home base.
    (Thanks to gamepressure.com)
    5. Conclusion            /
    This is the end of the guide. It was real fun playing this game and also 
    writing a game guide for it. Thanks for reading.
    Any contributions, mistakes or tips are welcome. Even a Hi will feel good.
    IF you dont include a proper subject, then I'm not gonna reply
    Also all mails should be in _PROPER_ English.
    6. Version History       /
    What VersioN? There's only one!
    Ver 1.0
    ->Covered all missions
    ->Game info
    ->Changed email address
    ->Guide Submitted
    7. Credits               /
    all of Marshall_X Productions.
    ->Sam, Farhaz, Nidhi, Abhik (me)
    ->Specially My Girlfriend Nidhi
    ->Eminem - For letting us use his birth name for our group
    ->Primagames and Gamepressure for Mission Helps
    ->Wikipedia for game info.
    ->Gamefaqs and Neoseeker for hosting this guide.
    ->You, for reading this guide till this point.
    (c) Marshall_X

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