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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RedIsPoetic

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    Herro, herro! This is RedIsPoetic, bringing you another guide. This guide's for Estranged: Act I, the episodic free-to-play, zombie horror, indie Half-Life 2 mod! Considering it's free (and even if it wasn't), this game's excellent. It's short, so there's no real reason not to play it. So many funs!

    Anyway, this guide gives a complete walkthrough, as well as an achievement list, control list and how to earn achievement integrated into the walkthrough. I hope you enjoy! I know I did.

    - RedIsPoetic


    wMove forward
    sMove back
    aMove left (strafe)
    dMove right (strafe)
    SHIFTSprint (Move Quickly)
    Primary Attack
    MOUSE1Primary attack
    rReload weapon
    eUse item (buttons, machines, ...)
    F5Take screen shot
    F6Quick save
    F9Quick load
    ,Toggle developer console

    Chapter One

    You'll start the game on a boat in the middle of a storm. Turn on the radio on the table by interacting with it (the 'E' button). You'll hear someone's call for help before an automated message cuts in. After, the storm becomes too strong.

    You'll find yourself underwater. Swim up to the surface. Look for the nearby ladder and press 'E' to mount it. From there, move up it to the dock above. Head over to the nearby shack and push your way inside. The wind will shut and lock the door behind you. Find the ladder in the opposite corner to the door. Move up it and you'll find a few bricks behind some boxes. Grab one by pressing 'E' and drop back down to the ground below. Use it to smash the window, then jump through.

    Now you'll find a grate by the ground in a corner, leading into a vent. Crouch by holding 'CTRL' and move into it. As the grate is weak, it'll break and you'll move into the vent. Move on through and out of the vent into the next room. In this room, open the door leading outside and head on through. Follow the path around to the fence and the two old cars. The fence gate is padlocked, so it looks like we'll have to head along the beach to your left instead. You can use 'Shift' to run and 'Space' to jump to move along the beach quickly.

    Move along the beach, going into the water and jumping over obstacles when needed. You'll then see a path leading inland over to some stairs. Head on over to the stairs and look up to see a person get shot and drop down to the beach below you. A person will then run over and call out to you. Guess you may as well head up to him and see what's up.

    Walk up the stairs and you'll see Johnathan, the guy from the radio at the top. He'll speak with you then invite you inside. Go on in. He'll explain the situation and then offer you his gun. He'll also point you in the right direction for you to eventually be able to escape. Pick up the gun!

    Achievement Notice - Water Collector

    You'll notice a red bucket with markings all over it in the shelf next to the table where John placed the gun. This is the bucket that you need to carry through the entirety of the first act to earn the Water Collector achievement. If you want to go for the achievement, pick it up.

    The rest of the guide will assume you haven't picked up the bucket for simplicity's sake (otherwise I'll constantly be writing 'place the bucket down, shoot, pick the bucket back up again). The only time it will mention things about completing the achievement is when it might not be clear where the bucket went (you'll understand what I mean by that later) or times when it's definitely not a good idea to drop the bucket (basically never when there's water around).

    The general strategy of the bucket is to drop it before you face enemies, kill those enemies, then pick up the bucket and continue on. This is because you can't carry an object and shoot at the same time. It can obviously be a little tedious, but can still be fun and is similar to a Half-Life achievement I believe. If you're going for the achieve, good luck!

    Once you're ready to, head on outside. You'll be stopped by John who will explain that he's lost his wife and kids. He asks you to look after them if you should ever come across them. Cool beans! Anyway, let's head on outside! Head across the area to the gate. Open it and head on through. Keep walking along. You'll see a little hut with a short ladder leading up into it. Inside, you'll be able to see the silhouette of what appears to be a person. Feel free to head up and investigate. You'll see it's the light from a torch on a little toy that's making the silhouette.

    Achievement Notice - Estranged in the Dark

    Now, you can take the torch and make the game a little easier to bear, or you can leave it behind. It means it'll be a little harder to navigate the game and you'll be a little more on edge, but if you don't pick this torch up, or any other one throughout the game, when you reach the end you'll receive the achievement Estranged in the Dark. It's your choice here. Grab the torch if you want.

    After deciding whether or not to grab the torch, head back outside and follow the path through the trees until you find a fence with a boarded up gate. To the right of the gate you'll see a rock and a plank leading up to the top of the fence. You're going to use this to get over. To get up to the rock though, grab one of the nearby crates and move it over to the rock. Now jump onto the crate, then onto the rock, then over. Don't forget to bring the bucket if you have it; you can't go back and get it once over the fence.

    Once over, head right and follow the stream. When you see a makeshift bridge leading over it, follow it over. Continue on and you'll run into your first loading screen. Once it's finished loading, continue on, walking through the park. Head past the pond and continue on until you find a little house. Head on inside.

    Achievement Notice - Vendaholic

    You'll notice a vending machine in here. Interact with it by pressing 'E' and continue doing so until it's empty. When it is, you'll be notified that you're one fifth of the way to completing the Vendaholic achievement. To complete it fully, you'll need to empty four more vending machines, which you'll be able to do later on.

    Achievement Get - Power Conserver

    Now head around to the other room of the house. You'll see a lamp that's on in here. Turn it off and you'll receive the first achievement of the game, Power Conserver.

    Once you're done head back outside. You'll see two blockages on the nearby road. Head over to the right one. Make sure you're ready, because as you approach it, a zombie will appear from the nearby bushes. Take your time to make sure you get a headshot. It's best to shoot as they run directly for you as you don't need to really readjust your aim then and can slowly line up a headshot and shoot them before they reach you. Once it's dead, head through the gap in the roadblock.

    Continue along the road and head into the compound. Look in the small building near the boomgates and you'll find some ammo under the table. Grab it up then head back outside. You'll see a green storage crate near the warehouse. Head on over and head into it. Head to the back of it, turn around and shoot the zombie there. Try and get it before it even reacts to you. Once you've done that, grab the ammo that was in the crate, then head back out. Now crawl through the partially open door to the warehouse. Once you go through, the door will drop shut behind you, so make sure you have the bucket with you if you're bringing it.

    Once you're in, head up the stairs to your left, that are lit up. Once you're up, follow the catwalk around to a room with three levers. You'll notice the one for the main power is missing. Head into the connected room and grab one of the levers off the table, being careful not to grab the torch on the table if you're looking to avoid using the torch altogether. Once you have the lever, head back into the previous room and push it into the spot where the lever should go for the main power. It'll automatically join up, then pull the lever, followed by the other two. The warehouse will light up. Head on down to the main area and jump in the train. Place your bucket in there if you have it, then pull the lever at the front of the train. The doors to the train will close and it'll begin moving. Wait for it to stop.

    When it stops, leave the bucket inside if you're carrying it with you. Head on outside and through the small gap in the gate. Head up to the building and head inside. Shoot the zombie there as it's getting up and close the door behind you. Now pull the switch in the room to make the gates change directions outside. Once they've finished moving about, head back outside. You'll have to shoot your way through a few zombies to get back to your train. Once you have, pull the lever at the front of the train once more to shut the doors and continue on. Note that the zombies in this area spawn infinitely, so try and get out as soon as possible. If you run out of ammo here, you can always raid the building for more as it spawns it if you need it.

    Anyway, once the train is once more on the move, wait for it to eventually stop. Once it does, hop out and head around the wrecked train until you reach the tunnel. Make sure you're bringing the bucket with you if you have it, then head on through the tunnel. Part of it will collapse. Continue on. You'll see a streetlight with a zombie underneath it. Make sure to shoot the zombie, then head over to the house. Head around to the door to the house and head on in. You'll find a newspaper here you can read if you want to, but otherwise head on back outside.

    Continue through the broken fence and along the road past the bus. You'll see a corpse under a streetlight. When you do, continue on into the tunnel. Read your gun and continue on until you see the shadow of a zombie moving towards you. Move back and let it come to you. When you have a good shot, fire. Head on through and to your left. There'll be a room with ammo in the lockers. Grab it, then head back out to the tunnel.

    Continue on and you'll see another door to your left. Head on into it to find yourself on slippery sewage. When you come around the corner you'll see a zombie trying to break through a makeshift barrier. Shoot it at your leisure, then continue on. When you reach a fork in the path, take either one as they lead to the same location. Follow one around until you reach the illuminated door. Open it and head on through. Inside you'll find some ammo. Grab it, then hold 'E' on the sealed trapdoor to slowly open it. Once it's opened, drop down. Don't worry about fall damage as you won't take any. And that's Chapter One done!

    Chapter Two

    You're properly in the sewers now. Head on down the pipe until you come upon an area with quick-flowing water. Be careful not to drop the bucket in the water if you have it. Drop it on the path next to the water and shoot at the explosive barrels near the barricade at the end. The barricade will break, then head on through. Follow the path along until you reach the end where there's a door. Wait there for a moment and the floor will fall through. From there, drop down from the pipes until you're on the ground. Now follow the path along. You'll come to an intersection. When you reach it, take the left path. Follow it around to an illuminated area.

    Head into the room to your left up a few stairs. You'll see a door here that leads into a room with a pool with three boxes floating in it. Grab one of the boxes and head to the big heavy duty door that's half lowered. Place the box under the door and head back around to the window looking into the area with the heavy duty door. You'll see a button around there. Press it and the door will try to close but won't be able to because of the box. As well as that, the other door will half open. Grab the bucket if you have it and crawl through. Once you're under the first door, the box will give way and the door will shut. When that happens, head on out the other door.

    You're back in the sewers. Head on over to an illuminated ladder. Climb up it then follow the path along. You'll see a hole in the wall to your left with dirty looking water in it. Don't touch the water otherwise you'll take damage. Instead head to the end and go right, into the room there. You'll find a weak grate here. Move into it and then crawl through the shaft until you reach the other end. You'll come into a room with some power cables. One's not plugged in, so pick it up and plug it in. That'll clean the water. You'll also see a medkit on the ground nearby. Pick it up to heal, then head on over to the door. There'll be a blue barrel blocking it, so move the blue barrel then open the door.

    Head over to the hole in the wall. The water's now clean, so head into the water and swim over to the opposite corner. Lift yourself out of the water and head through the door. Follow the path along here until you reach the point where there's a yellow-y half-open door. Move under it into a large area. You'll see a nearby ladder near a light. Climb up it and follow the path around. You'll need to move over a bit of a makeshift path as you do. After a little while a man will appear and yell out for you to stop. When this happens, sprint for your life, continue along the path. Keep going until the walkway gives out from under you. You'll fall and black out.

    You'll wake up in front of a man. He'll speak with you for a bit, then leave.

    Achievement Get - Houdini

    All you need to do here is simply wait for a while now, sitting in your chair doing nothing. Eventually you'll just receive the achievement, Houdini.

    Once it shows that you have the achievement, start pressing 'A' and 'D' alternating between the two in rhythm with the chair until it finally tips. As it gets close to tipping, hold one button to get it all the way. Once it tips, you'll be freed from the chair.

    Achievement Notice - Water Collector

    If you brought the bucket with you you'll see the bucket on the table nearby. Don't forget to continue taking it with you if you're going for the achievement!

    Use one of the bricks on the ground in the room to break the window, then climb out. You'll be on a platform. Head right, then jump down to the pallet below. Land on it and not in the water so that you don't take damage. From there, follow the rusty girder over to the thin path next to the water. Follow it along. Just before the corner, you'll see a zombie trying to get at you, but just stay away from the edge and you'll be all sweet. Continue following the path around the corner and on until you reach the tunnel. You'll notice the tunnel splits in two. Take either path it doesn't matter. Follow it around to the end.

    Here, grab a rock off the ground and look up. You'll see a hammer balanced precariously on a beam above you. Throw the rock at the hammer to knock it down. If you fail, retry until you knock the hammer down. Once you have, pick the hammer up and use it to break through the boards that are stopping you from continuing on. Once you've done that, crawl through the gap and continue on. Drop down a ladder and follow the path to a bent fence. Walk up onto the edge of the fence and drop down. You'll fall into water. Resurface if needed, then continue straight ahead. When you reach the corner, turn and continue on. You'll reach a ladder towards the end. Climb up it to the top.

    Grab the medkit on top of a nearby barrel, then climb up a second ladder to the platform above. Follow the platform around to where it ends, then make a jump to a nearby platform. Open the door here and head on through. In the next room, stay to the out. Head along the left edge of the room to the stairs. Move up them and then head to the ledge. Look over to where the zombie is in the centre of the room; that's what you're trying to avoid. You'll see another platform to your left when facing out from the ledge. Clear the barrels blocking your way, then jump to it. Once you've done that, clear the wooden pallets so that you can climb up the boxes. Climb over the boxes to the platform past them. Continue on until you see an unlocked door to your right. Open it and head on through.

    Follow the path along, head up the stairs and open the door. Continue through the next room, up the stairs to yet another room. Move on through and once more up the stairs. Now at the next room, head left around the corner. Head over to the elevator. Press the button near the elevator to open it. Head on inside, making sure you have the bucket with you, then press the button inside the elevator and it'll move up. When it reaches the next floor, it'll stop, then drop down a couple of floors, reopening.

    Head on out of the elevator and head straight ahead through the door. Head right and continue on, through a gap in the fence. Keep following the path until you reach a lit area that looks nicer than usual. From there, find the only unlocked door, open it and head down the stairs. Head through the next area, following the path around until you come upon electricity arcing into water. Obviously, don't go near it and enter the nearby room instead. Here you'll find a power cable. Remove it and the electricity will stop. Head back outside and continue on. Open up the door to the next room and head on in.

    You'll see a fence separating you from a zombie here. You'll find a weak grate hidden behind some barrels. Move into the vent and crawl along it until you reach the end. It leads into the room with the zombie, so get ready to move out of the vent and kill it. To fight it with a hammer, simply run in and out, swinging when you're close enough. As long as you aren't close enough for to long, you won't get hit. It always takes three hits to kill a zombie with the hammer. Once the zombie's dead, you need to use the nearby boxes to allow yourself to climb over the gap in the fence. If you can't see where it is, just look up and around, it should quickly become clear. Stack two up, a larger one on the bottom and a smaller on top, then jump up them and jump over the fence.

    Follow the path along, through the next door and through the next room after that. Once you're past it, look up to find a platform that you can't reach. You need to get up there to earn an achievement.

    Achievement Get - Evening News

    Stack some of the nearby boxes up, then jump up to the platform that you can't reach. Once you're on it, head on through to a room with a turned-on tv and a dead zombie. Grab the tv and pull it out of its plug to earn the achievement Evening News. Head back to the platform and drop down to the ground below.

    Once you're right to, continue on. In the next area, you'll come upon a sitting zombie. Try and quickly kill him before he gets up. If not, then move in and out of range, hitting him when you can to kill him, as before. Once dead, open up the next door and head through and up the steps. Follow the path on and on until you eventually reach a dark area connected to a room by windows. Break the windows, then climb through. There's a zombie inside, so kill it quickly. You'll see a key on the desk. Pick it up and carry it over to the wire gate. Press it against the lock and it'll unlock. Open the door and head on through.

    You'll enter a large area. Find your way through it until you reach a door that opens up into an area with running water. Ready your hammer, walk through the door and look to your left to find a zombie. Kill it quickly. Now continue following the path along. Going up the stairs to the platform above has no purpose, so simply head on through the next door. Continue on until you see an area with an illuminated room to your right. Open the door to the room and head on in. Kill the zombie getting up here, then be ready for the zombie that will run in through the door. Once both are taken care of, continue on. In the next area, you'll find an out of order elevator. Explore around and you'll find a window. Break it open with a nearby brick and jump through.

    Head up the stairs to the end and open the door. You're back in the area with the running water, but higher up. Continue into the next area, and kill the zombie sitting near the light. Continue on to the next zombie standing up and facing away from you and kill him too. Keep going until you reach a pipe leading down. Follow it down then continue on. When you see steam erupting from a pipe, blocking your way, search for a nearby medkit and grab it. Also search for a nearby red wheel. Hold 'E' on the wheel when you find it and the steam will eventually be shut off. When it is, head on through.

    Keep going until just before the pipe starts to lead up again. Look left and you'll see a medkit behind the bars. Crouch and move up to it and pick it up, then head up the pipe. Keep going until you're finally outside. That's the end of Chapter Two. Time for the final chapter of the first act!

    Chapter Three

    Okay, now that you're outside, head right and follow the path around. As you're on a cliff, you have to be careful. Keep the bucket from hitting the cliff, if you have it. Keep following the path until you reach a gap in a building. Jump across it carefully, then keep going to the ladder. Climb the ladder, then continue through the dark until you reach a door. It can be hard to tell where you're going, so walk backwards so that you can see where you're coming from. Look around occasionally until you finally see the door. When you do, head over to it and try to open it. It'll simply fall inwards.

    Inside, head left, over the table and into the next room. From there, follow the path around up to the next level. Through the door you'll come upon a scientist trapped in a room. His name's George. He'll tell you to look in the security office, the small nearby room with computers. Head in, then head back out. He'll tell you to now try searching the body. Push the body around a bit and grab the keycard from underneath him. Now move the keycard up against the keycard reader by the door and slide it up and down quickly against it. The door should open. George will come out and open the next door. Head on through. In the next room you'll find the entrance to the shooting range. Yay! A gun once again, and a better one at that!

    Walk on in and grab the rifle as well as ammo until it's maxed out. Now feel free to test yourself at the shooting range.

    Achievement Get - Marksman

    To get this achievement, you just need 15 points in the shooting range, which isn't that hard. Shoot the front targets to start the test, then just shoot targets as they pop up. They're fairly quick, so you need to keep alert. Keep going until the timer runs out and if you get 15 points, you earn the achievement Marksman, if not you can retry until you do.

    Once you're ready, grab up any ammo refills you might need, then head over to where George is. He'll open up the next door, then head up the flight of stairs. You'll be in a cafeteria.

    Achievement Notice - Vendaholic

    There are two more vending machines here, so make sure to empty both out before moving on.

    Once you're done in the cafeteria, head on through until you see more electricity arcing into water. To get by this one, look up to the pipes above you. You'll see some explosive near the pipe. Shoot them to blow them up and the pipe will drop down. Now climb onto the pipe and use it to bypass the electric water. At the other side you'll be able to flick a switch to turn the electricity off. Goerge will then be able to continue on.

    Walk into the research area and wait for George to check a computer. Looks like you need to head upstairs. Follow the path through the research area until you come upon the elevator. Press the button to call the elevator and then wait for it. When it comes, head on in, not forgetting the bucket if you have it, then press the button to head up one floor. You'll come upon a floor with two zombies. Head on out and cautiously kill both zombies.

    Achievement Get - Cat Lover

    Now check the computer that's logged in here and click on the file that ends with a .MP4 attachment. A video will start playing and you'll earn the achievement, Cat Lover. Once you're done, exit out of the video and exit the computer.

    Achievement Get - Vendaholic

    From there, look for the final two vending machines. Empty both of them and you'll receive the Vendaholic achievement, assuming you emptied all previous ones. Once you've done that, head back to the elevator and click on the button to head up to the next floor.

    At the next floor, head on in. Follow the only path around to where the computer terminal is. Access it, then click on the 'Generator Console'. From there, enter 'Alex' as the secret question answer then log out of the generator console. Once that's done, all the doors will open up. Head back into the hallway. Be careful as you can run into a zombie that's now appeared. As you enter the hallway, head left, then right through a doorway. When you come upon where the two paths split, head right then head through a room to the next doorway. Here you'll find a small door to your left. Open it and head inside. Be careful, there's a zombie behind the crates. Shoot it, then head to the door at the back of the room. Head on through and continue on until you eventually reach George once more. Follow him into the room.

    He'll shut the door and then will try and broadcast a message. After a bit, he'll get cut off and then after he works out what's going on, the bad guys will start knocking on the door. Oh noes! Anyway, George will suggest the vent. Try and move through the grate and it'll open. Make sure you have the bucket, then head in and drop down. Follow it around and drop down the next part of the vent. Follow it around until you reach a weak grate at the end. Break through it and drop into the next room.

    In this room, open the door and walk into the next one. You'll find some barrels in the corner there. Grab one then take it to the fan and try and jam it in until it stops the fan completely. When that happens, the fan will break. Crawl through, find the next vent and break into it. The next area's very dark, so simply try and find your way through. Keep going until you find light to crawl towards. Do so and you'll come upon another grate. Break out and you'll find yourself in a large warehouse. You'll see another grate that leads down into the room you're standing on. Break it and drop down, with the bucket if you have it. In this room you won't find much. You can access the two PCs and read the messages if you want. Once you're ready, open the door leading outside and start heading down the stairs.

    Here comes the big shootout! Follow the path as it snakes around. Whenever you come upon an enemy, shoot them before they shoot you. Be cautious and you should be okay. Make sure to scout ahead first, then go back and grab your bucket and carry it forward, assuming you have it. Keep doing this to get through the area.

    When you come upon a spot with boxes leading up as steps, you'll find a medkit, so make sure to use it to heal up. Now, make sure you bring the bucket with you up the stairs. If you drop down past them, you can't get back up. Once you're ready, drop down and continue on. Stay along the ground and keep shooting enemies. If they are using the rifle, make sure to pick up the ammo from their guns as you go. Keep going until you've cleared the rest of the warehouse out. Once you have, go back to where you dropped down from the box steps and grab your bucket. You'll find steps nearby.

    Head up the steps, then jump over onto a red crate to your right. Now jump to a blue platform, then to another red crate with barely any space to land. Walk over the plank, then keep jumping from crate to platform to crate until you reach the end. When you do, drop down. You'll see an open door leading outside. Head out. You'll see a large crane here. Head on over to it.

    As you walk up the first steps you'll see an enemy. Shoot him, then climb the ladder up to the top. Now before you start using the crane, look over to the right corner of the warehouse, up at the platform there. Three enemies should walk around. As they do, shoot them all. If you miss any and they hide around the side, make sure to head around and shoot them later, to avoid any unwanted suprises. Once you're done there, grab the ammo by the nearby seat, then try and climb up the next ladder. You'll notice that you can't. Instead, press 'E' and you'll enter the crane.

    The crane's pretty fun. Feel free to play around with it. The objective with it, is to break open the gate. The easiest way to do it, is to swing it toward the gate, then drop it down so that it hits the gate. It'll break it open and once it has, simply head on through. Now follow the road around until you reach another building. Move next to the side of the building and slowly walk past it. The roller doors will open. Now creep your way around and take out the two enemies inside that were waiting there for you. Once you've done that, continue on to the open wire gate.

    Head through the gate. You can head right here, over to a small room where you'll find ammo and a medkit inside. There's not much point grabbing it, but feel free to. Once you have, head back to the open gate, then head down to the water. Swim to your left until you see a path leading right. When you see that, follow it up to dry land. Walk on through the trees until you come upon a house. Enter it by the door and walk inside, but make sure you're holding the bucket as you do. The floor will collapse from underneath you.

    Achievement Get - More than Shipwrecked

    You'll get the More than Shipwrecked achievement for simply finishing the game. Well done!

    Achievement Get - Estranged in the Dark

    Assuming you didn't pick up the flashlight at all through the game, you'll receive the Estranged in the Dark achievement when you finish the game!

    Achievement Get - Water Collector

    Assuming you were holding the bucket as you fell through the floor, you'll receive the Water Collector achievement!

    And that's it! Hope you enjoyed Act I of Estranged. Get keen for Act II!

    Description: Watch the video of the cat.

    Description: Finish the game without picking up the flashlight.

    Description: Rudely interrupt the evening news.

    Description: Don't escape the chair.

    Description: Score 15 or more points in the shooting gallery.

    Description: Finish the game.

    Description: Turn off the lamp in Redton Nature Reserve.

    Description: Empty all vending machines.

    Note: There are five vending machines to empty.

    Description: Take John's bucket to the end of the game.

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    Loses watermelon; cries

               ___         _____   ___
            | |   / __    |  |   _|   /_   __ _|_' __  |
            | |__/ /  \__/|  |  / |__/  \ /  \ | ||    |
            | |  \/___/   |  |  \ | /    \___/ | ||    |
            | |   \___\__/|__|__/ | \____/___  |/||__/ |
            |                                          |

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