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    NOTE: This guide assumes that you know how to play PAYDAY, it only provides you with any additions to the game that you receive when purchasing the Gage Weapon Pack #01. This means it doesn't cover the FREE content added in by the DLC, as it has technically become main game content.


    Hi guys! Welcome to my guide for the fun, albeit small, DLC pack for PAYDAY 2, the Gage Weapon Pack #01! This pack basically adds in a few things: 4 masks, 4 materials, 4 patterns, 3 weapons, 10 achievements and numerous mods. Finally, it also automatically gives you three Grenades to use in every day of every heist! How cool! Anyway, this guide lists in detail all of the new content, and also gives some strategy advice with the weapons and weapon mods. And that'll basically cover the content for the DLC pack! I hope you enjoy and find the guide useful!

    - RedIsPoetic

    Short Note

    If you buy the DLC Pack, you'll be able to equip the Single Fire and Auto Fire mods to the majority of weapons. Doing this will either lock that weapon into being a semi-automatic or automatic weapon, making it unable to switch between the two during heists. Although this can limit the gun in what it can do, it can make it stronger in either automatic or semi-automatic mode than what it would have been without the mods, so it's up to you whether you want to use these mods.

    New Weapons

    Below you'll find the new weapons. They can all be bought, quite cheaply, in their respective weapon type inventory section.

    Eagle Heavy Rifle

    Primary Weapon

    Cost: $43,000

    Base Stats
    Total Ammo80

    Weapon Mods
    Mod NameMod TypeCostMagazineTotal AmmoDamageAccuracyStabilityConcealmentThreatDLC?
    Short BarrelBarrel$129,948+2-2+3+4Yes
    Long BarrelBarrel$177,086+4-3Yes
    Medium SuppressorBarrel Ext$62,790-8+3-2-22No
    Low Profile SuppressorBarrel Ext$92,820-13-22No
    StubbyBarrel Ext$92,820+2+7+2No
    The TankBarrel Ext$126,490+5+5-1+4No
    Fire BreatherBarrel Ext$161,980+7+3-2+12No
    The Bigger the BetterBarrel Ext$161,980-3+7-3-22No
    Single FireCustom$226,772+2-6Yes
    Auto FireCustom$391,118+2-2+5Yes
    Rail ExtensionForegrip$177,086+3-1Yes
    Assault LightGadget$92,820A very bright flashlight designed to fit most rifles. Turn it on/off by pressing [Q].No
    Tactical Laser ModuleGadget$161,980Improves hip-fire accuracy. Turn it on/off by pressing [Q].No
    Ergo GripGrip$62,790+3No
    Pro GripGrip$200,200+2+3-1No
    Straight GripGrip$87,906+2Yes
    Holographic SightSight$92,820+3-2No
    The Professional's ChoiceSight$92,820+3-1No
    Surgeon SightSight$161,980+3-1No
    Military Red DotSight$279,370+3-3No
    Milspec ScopeSight$279,370+3-3No
    See More SightSight$194,376+3-1Yes
    Sniper StockStock$177,086+5-3Yes

    Notes: This guns basically your heavy rifle. It has an average accuracy and isn't that stable, not at all stealthy and doesn't have a lot of bullets, but can pack a ridiculous amount of damage, considering it's only a rifle. It's recommended that you keep it in semi-automatic mode and even buy the Single Fire mod, otherwise you'll find yourself burning through the bullets too quickly, without doing that much damage to enemies.

    A good idea is to grab mods that raise accuracy and stability. If you focus massively on accuracy and keep it as a semi-automatic, you can even use it for quite an awesome sniper rifle!

    Signature .40 Pistol

    Secondary Weapon

    Cost: $43,000

    Base Stats
    Total Ammo84

    Weapon Mods
    Mod NameMod TypeCostMagazineTotal AmmoDamageAccuracyStabilityConcealmentThreatDLC?
    Standard Issue SuppressorBarrel Ext$39,130-5+2-2-9No
    Size Doesn't MatterBarrel Ext$92,820-8-9No
    MonolithBarrel Ext$161,980-3+3-3-9No
    Ventilated .40Barrel Ext$177,086+5-2-1+5Yes
    Velocity .40Barrel Ext$226,772+4+3-1Yes
    Tactical Pistol LightGadget$62,790A compact handgun flashlight. Turn it on/off by pressing [Q].No
    Pocket LaserGadget$161,980Improves hip-fire accuracy. Turn the laser on/off by pressing [Q].No
    Ergo GripGrip$54,782+2-1Yes
    Extended MagMagazine$54,782+8Yes
    Two ToneSlide$177,086+5+2+2Yes
    Long SlideSlide$280,280+2+4+2-3Yes

    Note: Another fairly inaccurate gun, again without a lot of bullets. It can basically go two ways, damage-focused or accuracy-focused, depending on the mods you choose. It doesn't really make a good stealth pistol either way, but eh. Whichever way you decide to go though, this can be a fairly good gone. Once it has its extended mag upgrade, it'll even have a nice-sized magazine, especially for a gun that packs so much punch, assuming you decided to go that way.

    SpecOps Submachine Gun

    Secondary Weapon

    Cost: $43,000

    Base Stats
    Total Ammo80

    Notes: The third DLC gun, and yet another lower accuracy and lower total ammo size weapon. For a SMG though, it has some nice damage, so if you spray enemies in close range with it, you'll be doing some good damage, but running out of bullets quickly. At least it has a nice sized mag once it's extended. You can use it as a weird, accurate-ish silent weapon too, but I'm unsure what real value this has when you could be grabbing many better silent secondary weapons, mainly pistols.

    All that taken into account, this gun doesn't really have any clear strength that pairs nicely with its SMG-type however, so it's a bit of an outcast. It can be a bit of fun though.

    New Weapon Mods

    The following DLC weapon mods are now available for non-DLC guns.

    Mod NameMod TypeCostMagazineTotal AmmoDamageAccuracyStabilityConcealmentThreat
    Single FireCustom$226,772+-
    Auto FireCustom$391,118+-+
    Rubber GripGrip$87,906++
    Straight GripGrip$87,906+
    See More SightSight$194,376+-

    Single Fires and Auto Fires are generally found on rifles and submachine guns, but not on shotguns or pistols. Rubber Grips are generally just found on shotguns and the occasional rifle. Straight Grips are found on basically any gun that has a grip, meaning most rifles and shotguns. See More Sight is basically found on any gun with a decent number of available sights, so basically any rifle, shotgun or submachine gun.

    Note that because stat increases for the same mod differ for different guns, only a plus or minus sign has been used to denote whether the mod increases or decreases that particular stat. If blank, it doesn't affect that stat.

    Other New Content

    This content can be found through card drops once you've bought the DLC.


    Note that just for buying the DLC pack, you receive one of these four masks for free. The rest can be found as card drops.


    Cost: $10,500

    Description: Arnold the Bulldog has always been a doge of great ambition.

    He wanted to build much body - and he did. He became the biggest doge in his little mountain town and received such a prize.

    He then moved States, got into office, starred in a couple of weird doge movies called "The Dogenator" and "The Dogenator II - such judgement".


    Cost: $10,500

    Description: Chuck the Eagle represents everything that is righteous, good and true.

    A famous Martial Artist found this huge eagle while he was doing karate in the mountains of Alaska.

    They had a fight for several hours but eventually the Martial Artist won. He took the head, made it into a mask and named it after himself.


    Cost: $10,500

    Description: Dolph the Goat represents natural strength and stone.

    It was found by a group of adventurers in a mountain cave in the most northern parts of Sweden.

    Legend has it that the god of thunder, Thor, had a chariot that was pulled by two goats. This mask probably has nothing to do with that legend though. That would be crazy.


    Cost: $10,500

    Description: Jean-Claude the Panda used to be really cool and star in all sorts of crazy stuff.

    Sadly, he later became a drug addict and stopped being cool. Because of training however, he managed to get back on track.

    Most recently, you could see him do this weird things with two trucks. That shit was fucked up. You should check it out if you haven't.


    The new materials are:

    • Fur
    • Galvanized Metal
    • Heavy Metal
    • Oily Metal


    The new patterns are:

    • The Commando
    • The Digital Camo
    • The Hunter
    • The Vet

    New Achievements

    While not all of the new achievements require you to have the DLC Pack to complete them, all will be completed, just for simplicity. That said, the achievements will be divided into two sections, achievements that do need the DLC pack and those that don't.

    All of the achievements are pretty straightforward obviously, so I won't worry about providing explanations. The only thing to note is that you should be aware that anyone, not just the heist host, can buy assets, so if you have the money, buy the Grenade Case asset every opportunity you get if you want the achievement. As well as that, obviously you want to be grabbing and throwing every grenade you can if you want the grenade throwing achievement. Just spam them if you're not going to be using them legitimately throughout the mission for whatever reason.


    Description: While wearing the "Dolph" mask, kill 100 law enforcers using only the AK5 rifle.

    Public Enemies

    Description: While wearing the "Chuck" mask, kill 100 law enforcers using only the Crosskill pistol.

    3000 Miles to the Safe House

    Description: While wearing the "Jean-Claude" mask, kill 100 law enforcers using only the Kobus 90 submachine gun.


    Description: While wearing the "Arnold" mask, kill 100 law enforcers using only the UAR rifle.

    Above the Law

    Description: Kill 100 law enforcers using only the Signature .40 pistol.

    Hard Corps

    Description: Kill 100 law enforcers using only the SpecOps submachine gun.


    Description: Kill 100 law enforcers using only the Eagle Heavy rifle.

    Share the Love

    Description: Buy the Grenade case asset 100 times.

    Fire in the Hole!

    Description: Throw 100 grenades.

    Guns are Like Shoes

    Description: Fill up all of the weapon slots.

    Version History

    Version 1.00

    Dates: 16/12/13 - 17/12/13

    Change Log:

    • Everything added in! Yay!

    Notes: Enjoy the guide!

    Legal Notice

    Copyright © 2013 Jesse Paech (aka. RedIsPoetic). This guide is the property of Jesse Paech (aka. RedIsPoetic) and is protected under copyright laws. It cannot be reproduced or edited in any form, except with explicit permission. It is for personal use only, unless I grant permission to do otherwise. No profit is to be made from this guide, directly or indirectly, without my permission. Unless clearly stated otherwise, it is totally free. I take no responsibility for any error or mistake found within this guide.

    The following sites have my permission to host this guide:


    The last two sites have special permissions, which differ between the two. If you're finding that my work has been edited slightly (or a lot in the case of GamerGuides.com), it's not a Copyright violation.

    If you want this placed on your site, ask permission. It is illegal to host this on an unauthorized site.

    If you would like the guide placed on your site, email me:


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    Make the subject of your email something related to the guide and I'll eventually end up reading it.

    If you are hosting this guide, make sure that you're updating the file on your site soon after the guide is officially updated on GameFAQs.

    Contact Me

    If you have any additions, constructive criticism, want to say thanks or anything relating to the guide in general feel free to contact me at:


    [Remove the asterisks. Spam Bot avoidance FTW.]

    Make the subject 'PAYDAY 2: Gage Weapon Pack #01' or something like that.

    No spam or any other crap though please.

    I'm happy to hear about almost anything including but not limited to:

    • typos
    • corrections on information
    • any missing information
    • formatting feedback
    • overall feel of guide
    • etc. etc.

    Of course, you will be credited for any help you give me (if it is actually helpful). Credit for major things will not only be given in the devoted 'Credits' section but also where the information is directly placed within the guide.


    A massive thank you goes to:

    • OVERKILL, for making such a mega cool game. I've wasted too many hours on it!
    • CJayC, SBAllen and Devin, for running GameFAQs.
    • Danni, for being genuinely awesome. You're definitely adequate!
    • Most importantly, You, the reader, for reading this guide. You're the reason that I write!

    Final Word

    All done! Woot! Woot! Hope you found the guide helpful and be ready to look out for more guides for PAYDAY 2 DLC in the future, and maybe even a guide for the main game if you're lucky! Anyway, RedIsPoetic out!

    Screams like a child whilst running away from venomous snake

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