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Reviewed: 04/30/03 | Updated: 04/30/03

Not a bad mob game...

To introduce this review,you are a leader of a huge mob family or hoodz,and you face other clans or rivals or mobs.You kill,negotiate,intimidate.You are a gangstA.

The feeling of the game.....
When I first played this game...I didn't know what the hell I was doing.But after about an hours worth of playing,I was finally getting down the flow of the game play.So I'm telling you it could be hard to get used to at first..But don't back away from this game yet.

Game play.....
So your this mob boss,which you have to take over parts of the city.But thats not the only thing.Watch out for other mob leaders.They will get in your way(which calls for war)Or they will be your allys.You decide on this outcome.To gain more territory,you must use all means neccesary, and when I say that,I mean Intimidation,Glass break up,throw around the shop supplies,KidNap,Killing,Extortion, fist fights, anything that will convince this person to make his house/shop yours.
Also,once you get some territory,you start sending out collectors,which get the cash for ya.You can recruit new hoodz and turn them in whatever you want them to be.Now theres a number of options you can do with your mod dudes for one week at a time.(thats basically like a turn based system)You may Raise collection money,patrol your territory.Gaurd your stuff,Extort people,Intimidate peolple,glass smash,Throw bombs at buildings, and alot more.
You can also pack your hoodz with weapons like tommy guns,pistols,shotgun Etc.And cars.And theres no music to really get you involved with it.
So to summarize Gameplay all you do is go through a turn based system for one week at a time,and you walk around town,or send your guys on missions.

To me this story is pointless and never ending.But it is fun.Your primary objectives are usually to kill the other mob leaders.This is all you do..a major downfall in this game in my book...

This is a pretty good part bout this game.You hear cars honking, gunshots firing,people screaming and being arrested and Etc. Not too shabby :)

The music is actually pretty bad in this game...Because theres hardly any.

Well,controls fairly simple.All you do is send your guys on missions,They do the job and return to homebase.Sinchy eh?But i wish you could actually do more then just watch them do they're mission..wish you could control them..

Replay value.....
Big downfall.I have this game and I'm still playing the first game I started on it.I'd never play it again once I'd beat it.Usually the same thing each time.

Yeah.Buy it.What the heck?I mean only 9 bucks.It's pretty cool for awhile.

Game play:10/10
Replay value:6/10

Overall: 7/10

In conclusion...
I would like to say that this game is not for the type who like basically same stuff that happens every week.It does get repetitive and boring.Hoped my review helped with you're decision


Rating:   3.5 - Good

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