Review by CZAR

"Ever wanted to be king of the underground and strike fear into people's hearts?"

Gameplay - 8
I think this game is very fun. It is however a very hard game to learn. It took me forever to even make break even on my debts. I did have a fun time hiring alot of gangster and have them set bombs and stuff on the FBI. Only to find it covered by police and a gun war break out. There are so many options you can do. From doing charity, to minor crimes, to major crimes. You must compete with other Gangsters. There are alot of options and you want to recruit people if they have high abilities.

Story - 10
It's the 1930's, the era of bootlegging, illegal gambling, etc. You are in a city in Illinois, but not Chicago. The buildings, cars, and people walking the street fit this era very well.

Audio/Video - 8
I would say the graphics are great, but they could have been better. Sometimes it looks as if the guns they carry just appear. Also, wish the gun fights were more real to life. The sound isn't great at all. In fact the only sound is the sound of the streets. No music, but its better to have no music than have bad music. So I guess they couldn't find any good music.

Replayability - 7
I have played it over a few times, but after a while you want a long break from it. I mean long. But eventually you will have the urge to play it once again.

To buy or to rent? - buy= 8, rent= 10
I think it would be a fun game to rent, but of course that depends how fast you can learn it. If it looks like a game you will enjoy, read more about it and then make your decision. This game at this time will not be very expensive and if you see it for $19.99 and can spare that much money then I would tell you to get this.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/01/00, Updated 04/01/00

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