How do I get past Zerg Mission 9, To Slay the Beast?

  1. Simple... I can't beat it. I've tried using the guides, but I can't do it. What I do, is get tons of drones gathering minerals and 3 or 4 gathering Gas, and then set up defenses. I put Sunken colonies near the 3 entrances and spore colonies behind them, near my drones, and around. As soon as I get Guardians (which I got the Greater Spire while building defenses) I send 7 up to the White base above me. I destroy it, but every time, during this attack, my base gets destroyed. Orange AND White send strong attacks. They send attacks consisiting of some Guardians, Devourers, and Valkrayies. Any Hydralisks I have get destroyed, because as soon as I think I can win the attack, the other color comes in with just as strong of a force. I have tried building Scourges, but they fail horribly, on account of Valkraies. Any help?

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    mysterydungeon0 - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Yeah... sorry... I I meant to put 8.

    Thanks... I'm trying that now... :)

    Its slightly difficult for me, because that goes against my style of play. My style is to get resources and defenses going, and then climb the tech tree to the top before starting offenses.

    User Info: mysterydungeon0

    mysterydungeon0 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. (For anyone else who answers and may be confused, To Slay the Beast is mission 8, not 9).

    What I did was first use a small-medium sized group of Dark Templars and hydralisks to kill the land bases around you. Then I massed drones for a bit before massing mutalisks and guardians. I then moved to the top of the map and hugged the top as I moved to the right towards the overmind. I brought in more Dark Templars when the defense around it is clear, finishing the mission.

    This mission gets more difficult if you take too long, so it's best to try and clear it as fast as possible. Waiting until you have guardians (a tier 3 unit) to destroy the Terran base above you is an error and will make the rest of the mission significantly more difficult to clear.

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    LordOfDabu - 8 years ago 0 0

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