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    Dark Archon Mind Control FAQ by hades451

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/01/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Hades451's Guide to Dark Archon Mind Control
    A Starcraft: Brood War FAQ
    Version 1.0
    Mind control was originally in the original starcraft beta.  Us beta testers 
    found that mind control was too powerful and it was taken out, to be put into 
    the expansion.  Although mind control seems straightforward, it has great hidden 
    How to get a Dark Archon: 
    pylon -> gateway -> Citadel of Adun -> Templar Archives -> Two Dark Templars -> 
    Dark Archon
    Dark Templars cost 125/100 and are built at gateways.  After you have two, merge 
    them much in the same way as you would 2 templars.  Merging takes about as long 
    as a normal archon, and costs nothing.  You should have researched mind control 
    while building the two templars.
    The first and best MC strategy involves MCing the opponents peons (SCVs/Drones).  
    By doing this, you can then create buildings and units from that race!!!  Don't 
    try to start up a race as you would normally, there is no need to pump out 
    zerglings and firebats when you already have a protoss army.  However, you can 
    use the other race to fill in the weaknesses the protoss have.  When capturing 
    zergs, create guardians and ultralisks.  The protoss have weak air attackers 
    except for carriers, and the ultralisks will complement your normal archons.  
    Magic users are useful as well, but you might find yourself running out of gas 
    if you create too many magic users from both races.  When capturing terrans, 
    create ghosts, medics, and nuke silos.  The medics will keep you zealots and 
    dragoons healed, the ghosts are good for nuking your enemy when he's too 
    entrenched.  Siege tanks can complement reavers as well.  Terran Science Vessels 
    will give you race specific spells like the EMP pulse and irradiate, useful if 
    you're playing against other protoss players.  Ignore the wraiths and battle 
    cruisers unless you've already maxed out of psi on protoss carriers.  There is 
    no point in MCing Probes as you can already build protoss.  By MCing the other 
    races, you can double or triple your unit limit!!!  This gives you the ability 
    to ravage your opponents, IF you have enough resources.  Be careful not to 
    divide your resources too heavily between the two.  Stick to upgrading your 
    protoss units already in existence before upgrading other races.  This strategy 
    works best in long term games when you end up having lots of resources to burn.
    The second MC strategy involves MCing troop transports.  If your opponent tries 
    reaver drops, just MC his shuttles and you'll control the shuttles as well as 
    the reavers inside!!!   Careful timing is essential here, you'll have to pull 
    off the MC before he sees your dark archon coming, otherwise he'll just drop a 
    reaver which will fire and kill at your dark archon once it drains all its 
    shields MCing the now empty carrier.
    MC can also be used to go beyond your unit limit even if you are playing another 
    protoss opponent.  You can MC his carriers (or archons, or any other unit) into 
    your own army.  You can even MC past the 200 psi limit.  Theoretically, you 
    could just create a whole army of dark archons (with the 200 psi limit, minus 
    about 12 for peons, that's 47 dark archons) and just MC whatever comes your way.  
    Anyone have the balls to try this strategy!?!
    Carrying out successful MCs:
    There's no point in MCing a drone only to have it killed by your opponent's 
    sunken colony.  Try to take out wandering drones/SCVs that are scouting/building 
    expansions.  If the drone is currently making itself into a building, send a 
    zealot in to attack the building, chances are this will make your opponent 
    cancel the building.  Then send the zealots away, MC it, and send in a shuttle 
    to pick it up.  Also, you can shuttle drop ONE Dark Archon, then pick it back up 
    as well as the now MCed drone/SCV.  This works best if you have the shuttle 
    speed upgrade.  
    Side Notes:
    The amulet upgrade for Dark Archons is essential if you'll be doing mass Mind 
    Control.  Shield Generators are also necessary to keep your Dark Archons alive 
    as casting MC drains all shields.
    The MC strategy should be applied with caution.  Early in the game, you won't 
    have enough resources to support having 2 races at one time.  Also, you 
    shouldn't rely on it, as an undefended early rush will take you out before you 
    even have a chance to build the templar archives.
    If you have Dark Templars that have been heavily damaged (less than 40 armor 
    left), go ahead and Dark Archon them, they're worth more to you that way.  The 
    Dark Archon created will not have full armor, but will have full shields 

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