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    FAQ by Dosferra

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 07/29/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 03:52:27 -0800
    Baldur´s Gate guide version 0.1
    By Dosferra
    email dosferra@fcmail.com
    1. New in this version
    2. Intruduction
    3. Starting a game
    4. Walkthrough
    1. New in this version: Everything in this version is new because this is the 
    first version of this guide.
    2. Intrudution: Welcome to my Baldur´s Gate guide. In this guide you will find 
    everything you need to complet Baldur´s Gate. So lets get right to it, shall we.
    3. When you start a new game you will get full freedome to what your character 
    should be good at and to be bad at. This part of the guide will guide you 
    through your creation of your character.
    Gender:			This one is up to you
    Race:			I would choose half elf if I was you, because they have 
    infravision and 				good race bonuses. But this one does not 
    make such a big matter.
    Class:			This one makes alot of matter. I think my self that the 
    multiclasses are 				the best, choose the Fighter/Mage/ Thief 
    because the character is 				strong from fighter, can do 
    spells from mage and can steal, pick locks, 				hide in 
    shadows and have special back stab damage from thief.
    Alignment:		This one reprecents how good or bad your character is. Choose 
    true 				neutral because they get well along with both good and 
    evil characters.
    Abilites:			This depends on what class you took strenght is for 
    fighters, dexterity 				for thief, constitution for rangers, 
    intelligence for mage, wisdom and 				charisma for paladin, bard 
    and druid. Try to get 18 on the one/s that 				you have, but 
    be shoure that none of the abilites get too low.
    Skills: 			If you have a thief or a multiclass with thief you will 
    get a special skill 				window for thief skills. Stealth is 
    for how good your character will be to 				hide in shadows, 
    find traps is simple how good you character will be at 			
    	finding and disabling traps, pick pocket is how good your character will 
    				be at pick pocketing and stealing from stores and open 
    locks for how 				good your character will be at picking 
    locks. After that ther will pop up 				a screen where you will 
    choose at witch weapon your character will be 				best at using. 
    After that if you have mage or a cleric a screen for spells 			
    	will then come.
    Appearance:		Does not matter a bit.
    Name.			Its up to you.
    There now you will have your self a character.
    4. Walkthrough
    You begine your adventure in nice city Candelkeep. From the position that you 
    begine, you can go to your left and enter the inn. Go talk to the in keeper and 
    buy anything you like. If you have a thief you could steal instead of buying. 
    But if you are going to steal, you better save first. If you like you can go and 
    talk to every one in town so you will get lots of small quest, but that is not 
    needed right now. Go around the castle that is in the mittle untile you find 
    some fountains. If you have gone to the right place a girl will come and speak 
    with you. It does not matter what your answer. Go up the stairs and talk to the 
    man there, it is Gorion, your stepfather. Say that you are ready to go, if you 
    are. After that it will be a long sequence where Gorion will be killed by a 
    armed figure.
    This faq is copyrighted to Promtech and Michael Tofer.
    This faq may not be shanged in any way with out asking me or any other member of 
    Promtech inc.

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