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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dixxo

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    BALDUR'S GATE GUIDE by Andrew Lee (Dixxo) ver 1.0
    All rights to the game Baldur's Gate belong to Interplay and Bioware. 
    This Unofficial Guide is free for non-commercial use only. Duplication, 
    use of extracted portions of this document or partial copying is 
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    Any help in completing this guide is greatly appreciated.
    This guide is for private and personal use only. It can only be 
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    guide was created and is owned by me, Andrew Lee (Dixxo - ICQ number 
    35108285) or e-mail me at lehong@pc.jaring.my. All copyrights and 
    trademarks are acknowledged that are not specifically mentioned in this 
    FAQ. Please give credit where it is due.
    Please don't copy this guide and claim it to be yours.. it took me 
    quite some time and patient to reach this stage. Give me credits if you 
    intend to use it in your web page. Thanks !!
    For those who finished the game.. they would know where and what to do 
    to complete the game in the shortest time as possible. This short 
    walkthrough is for those who haven't completed the game or who are 
    stuck in certain chapters.
    After Gorion's Death - head to FAI to get some NPC and maybe North of 
    FAI to get Ajantis.
    This chapter starts when you reach Nashkel and you are supposed to find 
    out the mysteries behind the iron shortage.
    Starts after you killed Mulahey in the mines, head to Beregost and find 
    Tranzig or go straight to Larswood (3 Maps East of Candlekeep) and find 
    the leader of the bandits there. DO NOT ATTACK THEM!! Talk to him and 
    ask to join them. Tazok will attack you depends on your respond. When 
    you are in the bandit's camp.. head to the house eastern most and kill 
    everyone in it except the prisoner. Disarm the trap in the chest and 
    get the scrolls.
    This chapter allows you to enter Cloakwood forest. There are four maps 
    to go through until you reach the mines. Enter the mine and kill 
    Daracon in the lowest level. Flood the mine if you wish.
    At last.. Baldur's Gate!! You have to cross the bridge before you can 
    enter BG. Head to Iron Throne HQ highest level and kill everyone (I 
    find this battle tougher the first time than the final battle with 
    Sarevok) Then head to the Flaming Fist HQ and talk to Scar. Head out 
    and talk to Scar again. Then talk to the `commander'. He will give you 
    a book to enter Candlekeep.
    Enter the library and head up to find the leaders of the Iron Throne. 
    Talk to them but don't fight them (optional). Head up a few level and 
    you will be accused of murder. When underground, find the way out and 
    head back to BG.
    Go back to the Iron Throne HQ and to the highest level again. Kill 
    everyone hostile. Take the diary (important!!) and head down to the 
    entrance of the HQ. Don't go out.. there is a stairs to go down another 
    level. When down, look for the entrance to the Undercellar `hidden' 
    from view between the barrels. 
    After that, there is like a few entrance to choose. Don't panic. Choose 
    the entrance to the south-west. You will appear under Low Lantern. Kill 
    the two lovers (detect invisibility is quite important here) and get 
    the invitation to the palace.
    Head to the palace and join the meeting. Kill every doppelganger and 
    talk to the Duke. Choose the one with the diary and then attack 
    Sarevok. He will escape and you will be teleported to the Thieves' 
    Guild. Head down and get out of the maze. You will appear in a city 
    under BG.. go west and kill the party till you reach the `church'. Go 
    in and prepare for the FINAL BATTLE. All the best!!! 
    (R) - Can be recruited
    (NR) - Cannot be recruited
    KOBK - Kill or be killed
    FAI - Friendly Arms Inn
    GPs - Gold pieces
    XP - Experience points
    Location : Candlekeep Inn
    NPC : Firebead Elvenhair (NR)
    Quest : Get identity scroll from Tethtoril in the Innergrounds
    What do you get? : 50 XP, Protection from Evil (how thoughtful), Potion 
    of Healing
    Location : Barracks
    NPC : Fuller (NR)
    Quest : Get a quarrel of bolts from Winthrop in Candlekeep Inn
    What do you get? : 50 XP, Gold 10
    Location : Healing house
    NPC : Priest of Oghma (NR)
    Quest : None
    What do you get? : Potion of Healing
    Location : Near guard tower at the entrance to Candlekeep
    NPC : Hull (NR)
    Quest : Get sword from Barracks
    What do you get? : 50 XP, Gold 10
    Location : At entrance of storehouse
    NPC : Reevor (NR)
    Quest : Kill rats in his storehouse
    What do you get? : 50 XP, Gold 10
    Location : Near cows and hays
    NPC : Dreppin (NR)
    Quest I : Find a book to give to Phydia (she is a some distance away to 
    the left)
    What do you get? : 50 XP, Lynx Eye Gem, another quest
    Quest II : Get potion from Hulls chest
    What do you get? : 50 XP
    Location : Priest's Quarter and Bunkhouse
    NPC : Assassin (NR)
    Quest : Kill or be killed (KOBK)
    What do you get? : Dagger(s) and some XP
    Other places of interests :
    1. Some guy you meet on the road will instruct you how and who to 
    attack (duh!).
    2. Five Chanters in the courtyard err.. chanting.
    3. Imoen who will join you later, talks to you in the courtyard. 
    4. Obe which will create a simulation of party battle. Cheat to take 
    items off of the illusionary fighters - enter the building, take all 
    the items you want off of the illusions (some items: plate mail, good 
    clerics wand, longbow +1) export your character and quit. .go to a new 
    game and import your character back in.. he will start the game over 
    with the items in his inventory.. repeat as necessary.
    Location : Straight after you start Chapter One
    NPC : Imoen (Human - Neutral Good - Thief) will catch up and 
    automatically add her to your party (R)
    Quest : None
    What do you get? : Some GPs.
    Location : South-west of Map near waterfall
    NPC : Chase (NR)
    Quest : Prevent him from jumping or vice versa
    What do you get? : Nothing if you prevent him from jumping. Haven't 
    tried killing him (yet)
    Location : East of Map at the road sign next to road
    NPC : Montaron (Halfling - Neutral Evil - Fighter/Thief) and Xzar 
    (Human - Chaotic Evil - Necromancer) (R)
    Quest : They wanted to go to Nashkel to investigate the iron shortage 
    and to meet up with the mayor
    What do you get? : Potion of Healing and some GPs.
    Places of interest : 
    1. Binkos, a messenger is somewhere mid-East of map near the road.
    2. Kollsed, a ranger I presume will give you some advice South-East of 
    Map South of Friendly Arm Inn (FAI)
    Location : X 1004, Y 1114, Map #AR280
    NPC : None
    Quest : None
    What do you get? : Ring of Protection +1
    Places of interests :
    1. Elminster will approach you when you first visit the map
    2. Jose, a brat will give you some info on bandits who robbed the 
    caravan or not!
    3. North of Map near road sign, Aoln (NR) will give some info on 
    monsters and etc.
    Location : Staircase to FAI
    NPC : Tarnesh (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : 120 XP, some gold, scroll of Armor+Magic 
    Missile+Burning Hands
    Location : A room upstairs of FAI
    NPC : Unshey (NR)
    Quest : Wanted Girdle from Ogre in the map south of FAI
    What do you get? : 800 XP, Gold 70, Girdle of Feminity from Ogre (!)
    Location : Two floor upstairs of FAI
    NPC : Landrin (NR)
    Quest : Clear her infested house in Beregost (SE - next to Jovial 
    Juggler Inn), bring back husband's boots and wine bottle
    What do you get? : Each spider 270 XP, 200 XP and 100 GPs from her, 300 
    XP and 75 GPs for the wine, 300 XP and 120 GPs for the boots.
    Location : A house west of FAI
    NPC : Joia (NR)
    Quest : Return her Flamedance ring from Hobglobins north of FAI 
    What do you get? : 400 XP, a reputation increase
    Location : X 2552, Y 3760, Map #AR2300
    NPC : None
    Quest : None
    What do you get? : Ring of Wizardry (!!!) (won't be available if you 
    patched the game)
    Location : A room two floors upstairs of FAI
    NPC : Nobleman
    Quest : Wash his Golden Pantaloons trousers (not identified)!!
    What do you get? : 100 XP
    Places of interests :
    1. In the kitchen, there is a potion of healing in the shelf.
    Location : North of Wizard's castle
    NPC : Kivan (Elf - Chaotic Good - Ranger)
    Quest : Help him get his revenge on Tazok for murdering his beloved.
    What do you get? : A terrific NPC ranger.. keep him!
    Places of interests :
    1. Permidion Stark (NR), a thief will talk to you.
    Location : A house eastern-most of town
    NPC : Mirianne (NR)
    Quest : Find her husband or any news of him
    What do you get? : 300 XP, Ring of Protection +1
    Location : Middle of town
    NPC : Town crier
    Quest : Find Bassilus and bring him to justice
    What do you get? : 5000 GPs!!
    Location : Burning Wizard
    NPC : Zhurlong-thief (NR)
    Quest : Find his boots of stealth which was `stolen' from him
    What do you get? : All stolen money given back plus 
    Location : Big house North-East of map
    NPC : Gerard Travenhust (NR) and two guards
    Quest : None
    What do you get? : Some info and a dagger from drawer upstairs plus a 
    locked drawer
    Location : Near Burning Wizard
    NPC : Garrick (Human - Chaotic Neutral - Bard)
    Quest : Help her mistress, Silke or helped the `thugs' Faltis, Tessilan 
    and Glayde (NR)
    What do you get? : Depends who you helped.. I killed Silke and got 900 
    XP, staff (magical), potion of invulnerability plus a potion of defense 
    from the `thugs' and get to recruit Garrick (Brave-brave Sir Garrik, 
    Sir Garrik led the way, Brave-brave Sir Garrik, Sir Garrik ran away)
    Location : Red Sheaf
    NPC : Karlat (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : 270 XP, Chainmail Armor, Battle Axe, GPs etc
    Location : Jovial Juggler Inn
    NPC : Bourjin (Paladin) (NR)
    Quest : Kill half-ogres for him
    What do you get? : A reputation increase plus ???
    Location : Jovial Juggler Inn's kitchen
    NPC : Gurke (Dwarf)
    Quest : Retrive his cloak from Tasloi in Cloakwood
    What do you get? : You get to keep his Cloak of Non-Detection
    Location : A house southwest of Burning Wizard
    NPC : Kagain (Dwarf - Lawful Evil - Fighter)
    Quest : Help him find out what happened to the caravans he is supposed 
    to protect.. but he'll stay with the party.. ?
    What do you get? : A NPC with a Constitution of 20 (!!!)
    Location : Thunder Hammer Smithy
    NPC : Taerum Fuiruim (NR)
    Quest : None (but if you come late at night, you can steal a Short 
    Sword +1 from the chests)
    What can you buy? : Shadow Armor, Light Crossbow of Speed, Mace +1, 
    Short Bow +1, Dagger +1, Dart +1, Sling +1, Quarter Staff +1, Long 
    Sword +1, Short Sword +1, Magic Arrows, Full Plate Mail, Dagger of 
    Location : A room upstairs of Fieldepost Inn (after completing Nashkel 
    NPC : Tranzig (NR)
    Quest : Important as he is needed to get location of the bandit camp!! 
    What do you get? :
    Location : Jovial Juggler Inn
    NPC : Officer Vai (NR)
    Quest : She will buy bandits scalp from you
    What do you get? : A reputation increase and 50 GPs for each bandit 
    Places of interests : 
    1. Spen Gul'meh, Paleo Windspear, Perdue and Kuchlage at Red Sheaf will 
    provide some information.
    2. Alain in a locked house will call the guards if you didn't leave - 
    bad for reputation.
    3. Oogie Wisham in a room upstair of Jovial Juggler Inn afraid of 
    coming down b'cos of the paladin.
    4. Algernons Cloak (+2 charisma and charm spell) - must be pickpocket 
    off of Algernon...he is on the second floor of Feldepos inn in Beregost
    5. Firebead Elvenhair in a house.. looking for some literate people.. 
    maybe some history books will help.
    6. Dunkin and Marl in Fieldepost Inn will try to start a fight.. Marl 
    will fight you - 650 XP!
    7. The bartender in Fieldepost Inn has a good selection of magic 
    items.. Amulet of Prot. +1, Bastard Sword +1, Chainmail +1, Bracers of 
    Defense AC 8, Composite Crossbow +1, Battle Axe +1 and etc!
    8. If you have the Ankheg shell, give to the smithy but don't sell it 
    to him.. he will make the armor instead.
    Location : Center of map
    NPC : Cattack (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : 120 XP, some gold and other usual stuffs
    Places of interest : 
    1. A drunk somewhere NW of map.
    2. Galileus (NR), some seer I think will be somewhere north of map.
    3. Ashen will provide some info.. he is around south of map.
    Location : Along the road
    NPC : Two Ogrillions
    Quest : Mirianne's husband's scroll
    What do you get? : A scroll from Mirianne's husband (Beregost) and some 
    Location : Somewhere south-west of map
    NPC : A hobgoblin wearing green-blue clothes
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Boot of Stealth (+35%)
    Places of interests : 
    1. A Flaming Fist Mercenary will stop you along the road inquiring your 
    motives.. be nice.
    2. Bub Snikt, a ranger (NR) will talk to you about some Ogres.
    3. There is a cave near the submerged house.. 5 potions of healing + 
    some gold.
    4. Shelligh, a kid (of what significant I am not sure) near the road.
    Places of interest : 
    1. Lord Foreshadow will talk to you.
    2. Portalbendarwinden (a nutcase) somewhere east of map.
    Location : Middle of town
    NPC : Berrun Gahstkill (NR)
    Quest : Find out what's wrong with the iron shortage
    What do you get? : 1000 XP, GPs 900 (could be more if you `haggled') or 
    a reputation gain if you have Khalid and Jaheira.
    Location : Near garrison
    NPC : Minsc & Boo! (Human - Neutral Good - Ranger) (R)
    Quest : Rescue her friend Dynaheir (Specialist Mage - Invoker) from the 
    Gnolls in Gnollkeep
    What do you get? : Two powerful NPCs and with attitude and a cute 
    Location : At the bridge somewhere south of map
    NPC : Edwin (Human - Lawful Evil - Conjurer) (R)
    Quest : Kill Dynaheir
    What do you get? : Some XP for killing her and able to enlist him into 
    the party
    Location : Somewhere along the main road
    NPC : Oublek (NR)
    Quest : Bounties for Prism and the Captain of the Guards
    What do you get? : A reputation increase if you didn't accept the 200 
    GPs when you first talk to him.
    Location : A lone house somewhere near east of map
    NPC : Commoner (NR)
    Quest : Find her husband, Joseph in the mine wearing a greenstone ring
    What do you get? :
    Location : X=187, Y=2747 AR4800 (Near farmer's land, under a tree near 
    the edge)
    NPC : None
    Quest : None
    What do you get? : Ankheg plate armor
    Location : Nashkel Inn
    NPC : Neira (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : 650 XP, other usual stuffs and a helmet of 
    Location : Near Nashkel Inn after solving the Nashkel Mines
    NPC : Nimbul (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : 650 XP, Ring of Infravision, Boots of Avoidance, 
    Short Sword +1, some GPs 
    Places of interest : 
    1. A guy name Noober will talk to you and bug you if he sees you - 
    heya, heya.. let him talk to you and you can get an easy 400 XP when he 
    got tired of it
    2. There is a grave eastern most of the graveyard about D'man, if you 
    disturb it three times.. he will attack you with his phoenix guards. 
    Little things to gain here `cos the battle is tough. IMHO, he alone can 
    beat Sarevok!
    Location : Across the bridge to Gnollkeep
    NPC : Two bridge toll collectors (Gnarl and Hairtooth) (NR).. ogres if 
    I remember
    Quest : Pay 200 GPs or fight
    What do you get? : Pay them and they will still fight you.. unless 
    charisma is high. Advice : Fight them `cos one of them have the 
    Gauntlet of Dexterity (!) 175 XP each, Gauntlet of Dexterity and some 
    potions etc.
    Location : In a hole furthest away to the East in the Stronghold
    NPC : Dynaheir (Human - Lawful Good - Invoker) (R)
    Quest : She will join you but you have to find Minsc if you want her to 
    stay long
    What do you get? : A specialist mage (invoker) and 800 XP
    Location : X=816, Y=2376
    NPC : None
    Quest : None
    What do you get? : The cave contains the Tome of Charisma (!!)
    Location : In a tent
    NPC : Zordhal and Bentha (NR)
    Quest : Prevent killing of Bentha
    What do you get? : Depends.. some information or an antidote, 900 XP if 
    you kill Zordhal
    Location : East of Carnival
    NPC : Zeke (NR)
    Quest : Selling scroll of Stone to Flesh for 500 GPs (!!!)
    What do you get? : A stoned cleric Branwen is somewhere north of him.. 
    good NPC
    Places of interests : 
    1. Lord Binky the Buffoon with her glowing clothes will comment on your 
    2. A merchant will sell you some mysterious potions.
    3. Vitiare a thief will steal 100 GPs from you when you enter the 
    gambling joint.
    4. A tent selling magic trinkets for ex. Necklace of Missiles, Shield 
    Amulet, Ring of Infravision etc.
    Location : Somewhere north of map
    NPC : Lamantha, Zeela, Telka and Maneira (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Lamantha - 1200 XP, Zeela - 900 XP, Maneira - 600 
    XP, Telka - 600 XP and Leather Armor +2
    Location : Somewhere South-East of map
    NPC : Narcillicus Harwilliger Neen (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : NHN - 1200, Mustard Jellies - 2000 XP each
    Location : In a cave South-East of map
    NPC : None
    Quest : None
    What do you get? : Wand of Monster Summoning and etc.
    Places of interest : 
    1. Hentold will give you a dagger +2 if you responded correctly.
    Location : North of map
    NPC : Casar  and Kahrk (NR)
    Quest : Take jar from her and defeat Ogre-Mage (Kahrk) (optional)
    What do you get? : Kahrk - 3500 XP
    Location : The south end of bridge
    NPC : Lendarn and Ogre Mage (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Some good scrolls (couldkill!!) and other usual 
    stuffs plus solving the kobolds problem in Gullykin Village
    Places of interest :
    1. Poe (a bard) will recite a poem for you on the bridge.
    Location : Somewhere South-East of map
    NPC : Halacan, Drakar, Morvin and Moltar (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Halacan - 650 XP, Drakar - 1200 XP, Morvin - 650 XP, 
    Moltar - 1200 XP, Morning Star +1, Chainmail +1.
    Places of interest : 
    1. The `mayor' of the village will ask for your help in the kobolds 
    Location : East of map
    NPC : Sarhedra (NR)
    Quest : Defeat Ogres for her
    What do you get? : 300 XP
    Location : Center of map
    NPC : Ioin Gallchobhair, Billy, Dribben (NR)
    Quest : KOBK (unless you want to hand over your hard-earned GPs)
    What do you get? : Ioin - 300 XP, Billy - 300 XP, Dribben - 150 XP
    Location : Near South of map
    NPC : Hulrik and cow (Arabelle) (NR)
    Quest : Rescue Arabelle!!
    What do you get? : A reputation increase, 350 XP
    Places of interest : 
    1. There is a body slumped on a tree near where you defeat the Ogres.
    2. Sprat (a messengers) will be hanging around somewhere south of map.
    Location : Somewhere middle of map
    NPC : Lena and Samuel (NR)
    Quest I : Take Samuel to FAI and to the temple
    What do you get? : Reputation increase, 500 XP
    Quest II : Turn him in to the mercenary
    What do you get? : A load off your back and 50 GPs
    Location : X=1955, Y=2372
    NPC : None
    Quest : None
    What do you get? : Ring of Fire Resistance & Iol Gem & Star Sapphire
    Places of interest : 
    1. Hafiz, somewhere West of map will give you a scroll.
    Location : Somewhere below the mines entrance
    NPC : Prism and Greywolf (NR)
    Quest : Kill Greywolf (Prism will die automatically)
    What do you get? : 1400 XP, Long Sword +2 from Greywolf, 1000 XP and 
    two Emerald for the bounty
    Location : X=169, Y=177
    NPC : None
    Quest : None
    What do you get? : Wand of Frost
    Location : 1st Level
    NPC : Miner Dink (NR)
    Quest : Return dagger to another miner Kylee
    What do you get? :
    Location : 3rd Level
    NPC : None
    Quest : Joseph's greenstone ring found near entrance (return to 
    commoner in Nashkel)
    What do you get? :
    Location : 4th Level
    NPC : Mulahey (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : 650 XP, getting to Chap. 3, Moonblade, some scrolls, 
    Mulahey Holy Symbol, Boots of Grounding, Ring of Holiness, some GPs, 
    Short Sword +1
    Places of interest : 
    1. Galtok will ask for your help from being captured by Kobolds in the 
    overland map.
    2. Dandal (Amnish Soldier) will give you some advice and info.
    Location : Somewhere middle of map
    NPC : Sendai, Alexander, Delgod (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Delgod and Alexander - 300 XP, Sendai - 600 XP and 
    Studded Leather Armor +2
    Location : Somewhere middle-west of map
    NPC : Vax and Zal (the fastest dart thrower) (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Vax - 400 XP, Zal - 600 XP and Bracers of Archery 
    Location : North-West of map
    NPC : Albert (more than he seems to be) (NR)
    Quest : Find his doggie
    What do you get? :
    Location : X=1793 Y=414
    NPC : None
    Quest : None
    What do you get? : Scrolls of Cloudkill & Chromatic Orb
    Places of interest : 
    1. Laryll, Daryll and Daryll will sign an autograph for you.
    Location : Middle of the map
    NPC : Krumm, Caldo and Dryad of the Cloudpeaks (NR)
    Quest : Protect the tree
    What do you get? : 175 XP for killing Krumm and Caldo each, a Girdle of 
    Bluntness, 500 XP for completing the quest and a reputation increase.
    Places of interest : 
    1. Ingot (a Gnoll) will inform you about Dynaheir in the Gnoll 
    2. There is a Gnoll which you challenge you one-on-one if you can't or 
    won't pay the toll. 500 XP if you win.
    3. There is a cave guarded by a Dire Wolf in the middle of the map 
    (Halbert +1).
    4. There is a dead cat in the waterfall, give to a girl and get a 
    reputation increase.
    Location : East of map
    NPC : Talking chicken (!!) (NR)
    Quest : Return the `chicken' (Melicamp) to High Hedge
    What do you get? : 2000 XP, a reputation increase and a demonstration 
    of the ANTICHICKENATOR !!!
    Location : South-East of map
    NPC : Bassillus (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : 975 XP for killing him and 1000 XP from the temple 
    east of Beregost, 5000 GPs (!!)
    Location : Middle of map
    NPC : Zargol, Malkax and Geltik (NR)
    Quest : KOBK unless you pay all your money
    What do you get? : 165 XP each, Short Sword +2 and cursed Bracers
    Places of interest : 
    1. Kissiq will tell you about the chicken.
    2. Footy will give you a clue to how to defeat Bassillus the easy way.
    Location : Center of map
    NPC : None
    Quest : None
    What do you get? : Lots of experience from killing the pesky Xvarts.
    Location : X=4277, Y=913
    NPC : None
    Quest : None
    What do you get? : A potion of fire resistance, Flail +1, Bracers of 
    Defense AC 8
    Places of interest : 
    1. Somewhere West of map, Borda (NR) will approach you and sell you 
    some stuff for a bargain. You can kill him too after buying with no 
    penalty. He might attack you if you didn't buy.
    Location : Somewhere between center and NE of map
    NPC : Charleston Nib, Gallor and DOOMSAYER (!) (NR)
    Quest : Help him complete his digging and protecting the mines
    What do you get? : If you help Gallor.. you might earn some cash (I 
    think) but if you help Charleston.. you get 1000 XP, a reputation 
    increase and the gold he promised PLUS you get to fight DOOMSAYER and 
    earn 4000 XP (!!) if you win.
    Location : Near the mine site.. somewhere south
    NPC : Commander Brage, Laryssa (NR)
    Quest I : Take him to the Temple in Nashkel if you can answer his 
    riddle or fight him if you're wrong
    What do you get? : A reputation increase, 1000 XP, GPs 1000, Sword of 
    Berserking +3
    Quest II : If you fight Laryssa and Brage or solve his riddle but 
    attack Laryssa
    What do you get? : Brage - 1400 XP, Laryssa - 600 XP, Sword of 
    Berserking +3 (body carried back to claim bounty)
    Places of interest : 
    1. Ba'ruk and some Kobold Commandos will attack you NW of the map.
    Location : Somewhere SE of map
    NPC : Jared (NR)
    Quest : Protect him from a bear
    What do you get? : 1050 XP (total) and Boots of the North (Protection 
    from Cold)
    Places of interest : 
    1. Laurel, somewhere NW of map will ask you to join her in Gibberling 
    2. An ogre NW of map said that he will fight you after he's finished 
    eating - fat-happy.
    3. Get some experience from killing Neville and his band of Hobgoblins.
    Location : Somewhere East of map
    NPC : Zekar, Jemby and Teyngan (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Teyngan - 500 XP, Jemby - 350 XP, Zekar - 65 XP
    Places of interest : 
    1. Chelan (a commoner) is located on a small `island' in the river and 
    Torlo will be at the bank.. fishing.
    2. Drizzt will enlist your help in defeating the Gnolls.. yeah right! 
    Kill him if you can.. he has great items but if you patched the game 
    then.. too bad.
    Location : South of Map
    NPC : Ardrouine (NR)
    Quest : Find her boy somewhere in Lighthouse
    What do you get? :
    Location : North-West of Map
    NPC : Sil and a few Sirines plus Flesh Golems in the cave
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Tome of Constitution, Cloak of the Wolf, Wand of 
    Paralysis etc. (located in the cave)
    Places of interest : 
    1. Safana (Human - Chaotic Neutral - Thief) is located at the center of 
    the map.
    2. Pallonia (a seer) will approach you somewhere NW of map.
    Location : Near pirate ship
    NPC : Mad Arcand
    Quest : Get ring from ship
    What do you get? : 300 XP and a potion.. don't know what the ring does 
    Location : Somewhere North of Map
    NPC : Shoal the Nereid
    Quest : None
    What do you get? : Talk to her and you get the Kiss of Death. I 
    remember once I fought her.. she begged for mercy and another NPC came 
    into the scene. (anyone can clarify this?)
    Location : Center of Map
    NPC : Mutamin (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Mutamin - 1200 XP and other usual stuffs
    Location : Near Center of Map
    NPC : Tamah (NR) (stoned)
    Quest : None
    What do you get? : Free her and receive a reputation boost or a 
    reputation decrease if you ask for reward.
    Location : Somewhere South of Map
    NPC : Lindin, Baerin, Kirian, Peter (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Lindin - 300 XP. Baerin - 900 XP, Kirian - 600 XP, 
    Peter - 1200 XP plus Long Sword +1, Morning Star +1, Bracers of Defense 
    AC 7, Golden Girdle (+3 vs Slashing) (!!)
    Places of interest : 
    1. Korax (a friendly ghast) will ask to join you (cannot be stoned and 
    a great helper against Basilisks)
    2. Shar-Teel (Human - Chaotic Evil - Fighter) (R) is somewhere NW of 
    Location : North-East of map
    NPC : Icharyd (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : A magic helmet, Flail +1
    Location : North-East
    NPC : Ulcaster (NR)
    Quest : Get book from underground for him
    What do you get? :
    Location : North-West
    NPC : Viconia (Dark Elf - Neutral Evil - Cleric) (R)
    Quest : Save her and she will join you
    What do you get? : A good Cleric NPC
    Location : North-East
    NPC : Osmadi and Corsone (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Corsone is the real bad guy.. make him admit it and 
    you can kill him too. Osmadi - 1000 XP, Corsone - 1000 XP
    Location : The big house eastern most of map
    NPC : Raemon, Hakt, Britik, Venk (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Raemon - 750 XP, Hakt - 1200 XP, Britik - 900 XP, 
    Venk - 900 XP, Longbow of Marksmanship
    Location : Near the big house
    NPC : Taugosz Khosaan (NR)
    Quest : Kill him and his band of bandits for fun (optional)
    What do you get? : Full plate armor, Warhammer +1, some potions
    Location : North-west of Map (bridge)
    NPC : Coran (Elf - Chaotic Good - Ranger/Thief) (R)
    Quest : Wyvern's head hunting!!!  
    What do you get? : Some cash if you did and a so-so NPC
    Location : Middle of map
    NPC : Aldeth Sashenstar (NR)
    Quest : Help him repel the druids, Seniyad and company or vice versa
    What do you get? : 2000 XP, a potion of heroism and some help when you 
    are in Baldur's Gate, Seniyad - 4000 XP, Ring of Animal Charming. I 
    didn't help the druids because AS can help me in BG later in the game.
    Places of interest : 
    1. The cloak needed by Gurke in Beregost can be found here from the 
    Location : North-East
    NPC : Tiber (NR)
    Quest : Find his brother, Chelak
    What do you get? : 800 XP
    Location : West (in a hut)
    NPC : Centeol (a VERY fat woman) and her minions of spiders and 
    ettercaps (arrgghh!!)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Centeol - 1000 XP, Wand of Frost, Bane Sword, cursed 
    ring and Chelak's body.
    Location : In a cave somewhere in the middle of the map
    NPC : Peter of the North (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Some armor, arrows and GPs plus XP Points
    Location : Somewhere South-West
    NPC : Faldorn (Human - True Neutral - Druid) (R)
    Quest : Help her defeat the Iron Throne (hey, THAT'S MY JOB!!)
    What do you get? : A druid?
    Location : Middle of map
    NPC : Lashkel, Takiyah, Izrfia (NR)
    Quest : Some will attack you but if you have Faldorn in your party then 
    they will let you go
    What do you get? : Some experiences.
    Location : In the tree house west of map
    NPC : Amerande (NR)
    Quest : Will attack if you don't have Faldorn with you
    What do you get? : Usual stuffs and potions
    There is nothing much here unless you want to go Wyvern hunting.. and a 
    big dead Wyvern in a cave. I don't think that's a dragon.
    Location : Near the stables (overland map)
    NPC : Genthore, Drasus, Rezdan, Kysus (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Boots of Speed, Morning Star +1 and other usual 
    Location : 1st level
    NPC : Miner (NR)
    Quest : Flood the mines
    What do you get? : Reputation increased if you freed the miners before 
    flooding or vice versa
    Location : 2nd level
    NPC : Yeslick (Dwarf - Lawful Good - Fighter/Cleric) (R)
    Quest : None
    What do you get? : A lawful good NPC (hmm..)
    Location : 3rd level
    NPC : Natasha (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Some magic scrolls and 1200 XP
    Location : 4th level
    NPC : Davaeorn (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : 6000 XP but nothing much from a powerful wizard.
    Places of interest : 
    1. There is a knock spell in the 4th level of the mines.
    2. The miner Rill, needed to help the prisoner escape can be found 
    where Yeslick is.
    Location : Inside the Ankheg hole
    NPC : None
    Quest : Treasure hunting and location of Brun's son
    What do you get? :  Chainmail+1, Potion of Magic Protection, Wand of 
    Fire, Dagger +1, 5 Darts of Stunning, 5 Darts of Wounding, Ghost Armor 
    Spell, Dire Charm Spell, Potion of Cloud Giant Strength, Antidote.
    Location : Somewhere South-West of map
    NPC : Telmen, Jedaboh, Sonner (NR)
    Quest : Kill the priestess, Tenya north of the bridge leading to 
    Baldur's Gate
    What do you get? : 1000 XP and a potion (if I remember)
    Places of interest : 
    1. Gerde (north of map) will tell you to ration the Ankheg killing.
    Location : Along the bridge
    NPC : Scar (NR) (he can't be killed by you no matter what)
    Quest I : Help in investigation of the Seven Suns unusual activities
    What do you get? : 5000 XP and 2000 GPs plus another cleansing quest
    Quest II : Kill all doppelgangers in the Seven Suns
    What do you get? : 2000 GPs and another quest should you accept
    Quest III : Find out what's happening behind the disappearance of the 
    local commoner
    What do you get? :
    Places of interest : 
    1. The priestess the fishermen wanted is somewhere north of the map.. I 
    let you decide whom to trust.. hee hee!
    Location : North of map
    NPC : Wenric (NR)
    Quest : Kill all zombies in map
    What do you get? : 800 XP, 150 GPs
    9 8 7
    6 5 4 ?From bridge
    3 2 1
    Location : Second house in the East
    NPC : Nemphre (NR)
    Quest : Get amulet from Arkion
    What do you get? : Being call a fool, 1000 XP, one scroll of Vampiric 
    Location : A house facing south
    NPC : Taxik and Michael (NR)
    Quest : KOBK (optional)
    What do you get? : 
    Location : In a warehouse South-West of map
    NPC : Nadarin (NR)
    Quest : Kill Basilisk in another warehouse near harbor
    What do you get? : 7000 XP
    Shops and taverns : Blade and Stars, Two General Stores (selling 
    Location : In a house South-East of map
    NPC : Ghorak (NR)
    Quest : Find brother's skull in Three Old Kegs and take it to the Lady 
    What do you get? : 1000 XP, a reputation increase
    Location : In a house South-East of map
    NPC : Larriaz (NR) - Sirine
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Some gems and 30 XP and a scroll of Haste from 
    Cordyr in a house some distance away.
    Location : In a warehouse
    NPC : Noralee (NR)
    Quest : Find gauntlet in one of the chest in harbor
    What do you get? : Reputation increase, 1000 XP, Potions of 
    Infravision, unless you decided to keep it.
    Location : Top floor of Flaming Fist HQ
    NPC : Aasim, Diyab, Zhalimar Cloudwulfe, Naaman, Alai, Gardush, 
    Thaldorn (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Aasim - 1800 XP, Diyab - 1600 XP, ZC - 3000 XP, 
    Naaman - 2000 XP, Alai - 1800 XP, Gardush - 1800 XP, Thaldorn - 975 XP
    Location : Top floor of Flaming Fist HQ (Chapter Six)
    NPC : Cythantria, Arghh, Ughh (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Cynthatria - 2000 XP, Arghh and Ughh - 1250 XP each, 
    Diary of Sarevok and some scrolls
    Places of interest : 
    1. The greater Basilisk is in one the warehouse.
    2. There is a house consists of Ogre Mages.. good luck!!
    Location : A nameless tavern North of map
    NPC : None
    Quest : Kill all green slime
    What do you get? : Some XP
    Location : In a locked house middle of map
    NPC : Wiven, Meakin, Sath, Dirk (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Wiven - 900 XP, Meakin, Sath and Dirk - 300 each, 
    Short Sword +1, Potion of Master Thievery.
    Location : In a house South-West of map
    NPC : Sunin, Maka, Joular (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Sunin - 2000 XP, Maka and Joular - 1200 XP each, 
    some magic scrolls, Long Sword +1
    Location : Merchant's League
    NPC : Irleetree, Zorl, Brandilar, (Aldeth Sashenstar will be outside 
    the Merchant's League if you helped him earlier) (NR)
    Quest : Solve the mystery of unusual activities in the place
    What do you get? : Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs Shapeshifters, 5000 XP, 100 
    Places of interest : 
    1. Tiax can be found outside of Flaming Fist HQ
    2. Palandyr (could be a Paladin) will attack you if you have an evil 
    character in your party.
    Shops and Inns : One General Store
    Location : In a house next to the General Store
    NPC : Arkion (NR)
    Quest : Get a body from the Undercellar
    What do you get? : 1800 XP, 250 GPs
    Location : Thieves' Guild
    NPC : Narlen Darkwalk (NR)
    Quest I : Stage a robbery with a thief in your party (only one thief 
    with stealth NPC is allowed.. the rest have to `hide' elsewhere) This 
    is one quest which I like.. you will be seen by the guards and yell the 
    warning to your colleagues. Then you run from the guard and stealth.. 
    and ran back to the Thieves' Guild where the lousy reward is waiting.
    What do you get? : 100 GPs and another robbery if you are interested.
    Quest II : Steal Rogue Gem from Gantolandon in a house next to Blade 
    and Stars
    What do you get? : Three pearls (divided from the gem) and a potion 
    plus officially a part of the Thieves' Guild.
    Location : Thieves' Guild
    NPC : Alotos `Ravenscar' Thuibuld (NR)
    Quest I : Steal some components from a noble family (see Baldur's Gate 
    What do you get? : 4000 XP
    Quest II : Resar will try to kill you but if you helped Narlak earlier, 
    he will kill Resar for you but no XP gain. 
    Places of interest : 
    1. One floor above Elfsong there is a merchant selling some magic 
    2. Alyth and Cyrdemac are upstairs of Elfsong.. why, I don't know.
    3. Ordulinion in the Sorceror's Sundries will tell you about Arkion and 
    4. Husam in the Thieves' Guild will give you some info on the Iron 
    5. There is a Tome of Dexterity in the Thieves' Guild next to Black 
    Shops and Inns : Elfsong, Shop of Silence, Lucky Aello's Discount 
    Store, General Store, Sorcerer's Sundries
    Location : A pink color house North-East of map
    NPC : Ithmeera, Helshara, Delorna (NR)
    Quest : They have the components required by the Thieves' Guild
    What do you get? : Ithmeera - 600 XP, Helshara - 975 XP, Delorna - 1400 
    XP plus the 3 components
    Location : A locked house South-East of map
    NPC : Fenten (NR)
    Quest : Bring some Ankheg shell for him to buy
    What do you get? : Better prices for the oh-so-hard-to-get Ankheg armor
    Location : North-West of map
    NPC : Varci Roaringhorn, Tremen Belde'ar (NR)
    Quest : Retrieve kid's body from WaterQueen's house
    What do you get? : 5000 XP, 2000 GPs, Shield +1, +4 vs Missiles (!!!!!)
    Location : House South-Eastern most (under renovation)
    NPC : Jacil (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : 600 XP and usual stuffs
    Shops and Inns : Splurging Sturgeon, Blushing Mermaid
    Baldur's Gate #8
    Location : Near the tower
    NPC : Ramazith (NR)
    Quest I : `Save' Sirine from Ragefast 
    What do you get? : 2000 XP
    Quest II : `Save' her from Ramazith
    What do you get? : Nymph's hair, 2000 XP (sometime Ramazith will attack 
    Location : In a house North of map
    NPC : Jardak, Drelik (NR)
    Quest : KOBK (optional)
    What do you get? : Drelik - 1200 XP, Jardak - 3600 XP, Helm of Glory 
    (!!), Short Sword +1 and other usual stuffs
    Location : A house South of the map
    NPC : Brehen, Pretrine (NR)
    Quest I : Kill a cat!!
    What do you get? : 400 XP, reputation decrease
    Quest II : Get ring for girl
    What do you get? : 500 XP
    Note : Talk to the girl and don't kill the cat. If you did kill the cat 
    and talk to both NPC.. then rep. decrease by 2
    Location : A house South of map
    NPC : Rinnie (NR)
    Quest : Get Book of Unicorn for her
    What do you get? : 
    Location : Three Old Kegs
    NPC : Noblewoman (NR)
    Quest : Kill Cyrdemac in Elfsong Tavern
    What do you get? : 975 XP, 2000 GPs in installments (sheesh)
    Places of interest : 
    1. There is a Tome of Intelligent at the top floor of Ramazith's tower 
    and Ring of Protection +2 from him.
    2. The skull Ghorak needed can be found in Three Old Kegs.
    Shops and Inns : Three Old Kegs
    Location : Helm and Cloak Inn
    NPC : Wilf, Arlin, Gretek, Pargus, Nader, Caturak plus the Merry Fools 
    Quest : KOBK (optional)
    What do you get? : Wilf - 800 XP, Arlin - 850 XP, Gretek - 1200 XP, 
    Pargus - 900 XP, Nader - 750 XP, Caturak - 750 XP and the BATTLE AXE +2 
    Places of interest :
    1. If you have Eldoth in your group then Skie in Entar Silvershield's 
    Estate will join you
    There is nothing much here actually apart from meeting some sewer 
    dwellers and cleaners plus finding the bodies for Scar's 
    Places of interest :
    1. There is an Ogre-Mage with a few Carrion Crawlers. (KOBK)
    2. A group of Sewers Dwellers leaded by Schlumpsha the Sewer King. 
    (KOBK) (Total 925 XP)
    3. Ratchild and his band of kobold- an ordinary kobold which can cast 
    magic. Okay, maybe he's not that ordinary after all.
    There is nothing much here to do except finding old friends and meeting 
    new people which are irrelevant. You are supposed to head into 
    Candlekeep and then be accused of murder whether or not you did kill 
    the Iron Throne leaders.
    Location : Third floor of Candlekeep
    NPC : Tuth, Brunos, Reiltar, Kestar (NR)
    Quest : KOBK (optional)
    What do you get? : Tuth - 4000 XP, Brunos - 1400 XP, Reiltar - 975 XP, 
    Kestar - 1200 XP and other usual stuffs
    Places of interest : 
    1. A guy name Kevoras (I think) will approach you and hand you 
    `Gorion's Ring of Protection +1'. Keep it and there is a document in 
    Gorion's room which will explain everything to you.
    Again, there is nothing much here. Find the way out of the underground 
    levels (there are three levels). The only way out in the third level 
    has to go through two Greater Basilisks. 
    Location : Third level of underground
    NPC : Prat, Tam, Sakul, Bor (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Prat - 1400 XP, Tam - 1300 XP, Sakul - 1600 XP, Bor 
    - 650 XP
    Places of interest :
    1.Tome of Strength and Wisdom can be found here in the first level. 
    There are traps abound so a good Thief would be useful here.
    2. Two Dwarfs (your old friends, I presume) will be in level 2. They 
    will follow you and help you in your fights.
    Here is where you get the invitation to the Palace.
    Location : Centre of place
    NPC : Slyth and Krystin (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Slyth - 5000 XP, Krystin - 3000 XP, Sword Short of 
    Backstabbing, Dagger +2 (Longtooth)
    Location : In a room south
    NPC : Quenash (NR)
    Quest : Get Balduran Cloak or steal it from her
    What do you get? : The best cloak so far in the game
    There are traps aplenty here.. be careful. Before reaching the Skeleton 
    Warriors, there are about 3 traps consists of Lightning Bolts and 
    Fireball. Doom Guards and a Invisible Stalker is around.
    Location : Center of map
    NPC : Rahvin, Haseo, Shaldrissa, Horf, Sarston, Wudei (NR)
    Quest : KOBK
    What do you get? : Rahvin - 1800 XP, Haseo - 1500 XP, Horf - 2000 XP, 
    Carston - 2400 XP, Shaldrissa - 2000 XP, Wudei - 1800 XP and some +1 
    magical stuffs.
    The church is where Sarevok is.. enter and you will have to deal with 
    traps, Doom Guards, Tazok (I killed him in the Bandit Camp earlier, 
    guess they raise death him huh?), Angelo (from the Flaming Fist HQ 
    ARROWS OF DETONATION, Semaj - a mage which cast CloudKill and Mr. 
    SAREVOK himself.
    Constitution - Pirates cave
    Charisma - Cave at bottom of Gnoll Fortress screen
    Strength - Catacombs below Candlekeep (Ch 6)
    Wisdom - Catacombs below Candlekeep (Ch 6)
    Intelligence - Ramzadan(?) tower, BG (Ch 5)
    Dexterity - Thieves Guild, BG (Ch 5)
    Ring of protection +2 : Ramazith has it at the top of his tower get it 
    after you tell him to set Abela free.
    Helm of Balduran : At the Helm and Cloak Inn, up the back stairs behind 
    the picture.
    Cloak of Balduran : Quenansh in the Undercellar of Baldur's Gate had 
    Gauntlets of Dexerity : An Orgrillion on the bridge at the Gnoll 
    Stronghold had them.
    Gauntlets of Ogre Power : The Ogre at the Blushing Mermaid Inn has them 
    and on the boat in BG.
    Battle Axe +2 : A guy who has it attacks you when you talk to the Merry 
    Fools at the Helm and Cloak Inn.
    Long Sword +2 (+1 cold damage) : Greywolf has it. Meet Greywolf by 
    protecting Prism, in the southwest of Nashkell Mine surface.
    War Hammer +2 : Bassilus has it. Bassilus is in the southeast corner of 
    the map southwest of Beregost.
    Short Sword +2 : A Hobgoblin on the same map as Bassilus has it.
    Short Sword +3 : Slyth in the undercellar has it. Slyth isn't there 
    until later on in the game.
    Flail +1 : Skeleton in northeast of Ulcaster has it.
    Morning Star +1 : Guy who attacks you in south of Gullykin has it.
    Halberd +1 : In cave at center of map east of Gnoll Stronghold.
    CHEAT CODES (!!!!!)
    Use any text editor (Notepad for example) and open the file Baldur.ini 
    in your Baldur's Gate directory. Add the line Cheats=1 under the [Game 
    Options] entry then save the file and run the game. 
    Once in the game, hit Ctrl-Tab to bring up the console in which you 
    type the cheats. Ctrl-Tab will also close this console. 
    Type in the cheats exactly as they appear below and hit the Enter key 
    to activate. 
    The list of cheats are as follows: 
    ? Cheats:CowKill() -- creates a CowKill spell if you're near a cow 
    (very cool) 
    ? Cheats:CriticalItems() -- spawns all the game critical items 
    ? Cheats:DrizztAttacks() -- creates a hostile Drizzt 
    ? Cheats:DrizztDefends() -- creates a friendly Drizzt 
    ? Cheats:FirstAid() -- creates 5 healing potions, 5 neutralize 
    poison potions and 1 stone to flesh scroll 
    ? Cheats:Midas() -- gives you 500 gold 
    ? Cheats:Hans()  -- if you get stuck somehow moves your characters 
    to a free adjacent area
    ? Cheats:ExploreArea() -- marks entire area explored (like 
    Clairvoyance spell)
    ? Cheats:TheGreatGonzo() -- summons 10 killer chickens who defend 
    you at all cost. This one's pretty damn funny folks...
    When starting the game in the Town of Candlekeep do all the "Quests" 
    (errands for guards, and other characters). That means anything that 
    gives experience. Once you have done this go to the Character Screen 
    and export your character. 
    End the game and start a new game and import character. This allows you 
    to start the game with the amount of experience that you had gained. 
    Repeat until satisfied. 
    If you started game as thief or strong warrior and thief has high 
    enough lockpicking skills. You may bust or unlock a chest in the 
    starting Inn on the second floor, that contains a gem that is worth 
    1,000 gold pieces. 
    Put potions in all of your quick item slots. Switch to the inventory 
    screen and replace the rightmost potion with a gem. Now return to the 
    adventure screen. Notice the picture of the potion you replaced with a 
    gem still looks like a potion. Click it multiple times and return to 
    the inventory screen. The number of gems should change from 1 to no 
    number at all. Switch back to adventure screen and repeat the 
    process...now you should have 65,000 gems. 
    This trick only works in multiplayer games. 
    Export the character that has the object(s) you wish to duplicate, 
    export said character to a vacant slot. Then, when in a game, import 
    that character to get the items in his/her inventory. The same 
    character can be imported multiple times to the same party.
    From this trick I managed to make my Paladin attributes to 25 each 
    (max) and my mage too. No external programs and it's legit.
    1. Branwen (Human - True Neutral - Cleric) (Carnival) [13-16-15-9-16-
    2. Faldorn (Human - True Neutral - Druid) (Cloakwood #?)	[12-15-11-
    3. Vicona (Drow - Neutral Evil - Cleric) (Peldvale) [10-19-8-16-15-14]
    4. Quayle (Gnome - Neutral Evil - Cleric/Illusionist) (Bridge to BG)
    5. Alora (Halfling - Chaotic Good - Thief) (Hall of Wonders in BG) [8-
    6. Eldoth Kron (Human - Neutral Evil - Bard) (Cloakwood #4) [16-12-15-
    7. Garrick (Human - Chaotic Neutral - Bard) (Beregost) [14-16-9-13-14-
    8. Imoen (Human - Neutral Good - Thief) (After Gorion's Death) [9-18-
    9. Safana (Human - Chaotic Neutral - Thief) (Lighthouse) [13-17-10-16-
    10. Skie (Human - True Neutral - Thief) (Entar Estate in BG) [11-18-
    11. Tiax (Gnome - Chaotic Neutral - Thief/Cleric) (Near Flaming Fist 
    HQ) [9-16-16-10-13-9]
    12. Ajantis (Human - Lawful Good - Paladin) (North of FAI)	[17-
    13. Coran (Elf - Chaotic Neutral - Fighter/Thief) (Cloakwood #1) [14-
    14. Jaheira (Half-Elf - True Neutral - Fighter/Druid) (FAI) [15-14-
    15. Kagain (Dwarf - Lawful Evil - Fighter) (Beregost) [16-12-20-15-
    16. Khalid (Half-Elf - Neutral Good - Fighter) (FAI) [15-16-17-15-10-
    17. Kivan (Elf - Chaotic Good - Ranger) (High Hedge) [18/12-1714-10-
    18. Minsc (Ranger - Neutral Good - Ranger) (Nashkel) [18/93-15-15-8-
    19. Montaron (Halfling - Neutral Evil - Fighter/Thief) (1 East of 
    Candlekeep) [16-17-15-12-13-9]
    20. Shar-Teel (Human - Chaotic Evil - Fighter) (1 East of Temple) 
    21. Yeslick (Dwarf - Lawful Good - Fighter/Cleric) (Cloakwood Mines - 
    Level 2) [15-12-17-7-16-10]
    22. Xzar - (Human - Chaotic Evil - Necromancer) (1 East of 
    Candlekeep) [14-17-16-16-10-10]
    23. Dynaheir - (Human - Lawful Good - Invoker) (Gnoll Stronghold) 
    24. Edwin (Human - Lawful Evil - Conjurer) (Nashkel) [9-18-9-10-16-
    Item Cheats
    Use any text editor (Notepad, Word Processor, etc.) and open the 
    BALDUR.INI file in your Baldur's Gate directory. Add the line Cheats=1 
    under the [Game Options] entry then save the file and run the game.
    Once in the game, hit Ctrl-Tab to bring up the console in which you 
    type the cheats. Ctrl-Tab will also close this console. Type in the 
    cheats exactly as they appear below and hit the Enter key to activate.
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("xxx") where xxx is the code for an item:
    AMUL01 - Necklace of Missiles
    AMUL02 - Necklace
    AMUL04 - Studded Necklace with Zios Gems
    AMUL05 - Bluestone Necklace
    AMUL06 - Agni Mani Necklace
    AMUL07 - Rainbow Obsidian Necklace
    AMUL08 - Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace
    AMUL09 - Silver Necklace
    AMUL10 - Gold Necklace
    AMUL11 - Pearl Necklace
    AMUL12 - Laeral's Tear Necklace (3000 gp)
    AMUL13 - Bloodstone Amulet
    AMUL14 - Amulet of Protection +1
    AMUL15 - Shield Amulet
    AMUL16 - Amulet of Metaspell Influence (+1 2nd level spell)
    AROW01 - Arrow
    AROW02 - Arrow +1
    AROW03 - Arrow of Slaying
    AROW04 - Acid Arrow
    AROW05 - Arrow of Biting
    AROW06 - Arrow of Detonation
    AROW07 - Arrow or Dispelling
    AROW08 - Arrow of Fire
    AROW09 - Arrow of Ice
    AROW10 - Arrow of Piercing
    AROW11 - Arrow +2
    AROW1A - Arrow +2 (different picture)
    AX1H01 - Battle Axe
    AX1H02 - Battle Axe +1
    AX1H03 - Battle Axe +2
    AX1H04 - Throwing Axe
    AX1H05 - Throwing Axe +2
    BELT01 - Girdle
    BELT02 - Golden Girdle
    BELT03 - Girdle of Bluntness
    BELT04 - Girdle of Piercing
    BELT05 - Girdle of Sex Change
    BLUN01 - Club
    BLUN02 - Flail
    BLUN03 - Flail +1
    BLUN04 - Mace
    BLUN05 - Mace +1
    BLUN06 - Morning Star
    BLUN07 - Morning Star +1
    BOLT01 - Bolt
    BOLT02 - Bolt +1
    BOLT03 - Bolt of Lightning
    BOLT04 - Bolt of Biting
    BOLT05 - Bolt of Polymorphing
    BOLT06 - Bolt +2
    BOOK01 - Magical Book
    BOOK02 - Spell Book
    BOOK03 - +1 Con
    BOOK04 - +1 Str
    BOOK05 - +1 Dex
    BOOK06 - +1 Int
    BOOK07 - +1 Chr
    BOOK08 - +1 Wis
    BOOK09 - Normal Book
    BOOT01 - Boots of Speed
    BOOT02 - Boots of Stealth
    BOOT03 - Boots of the North
    BOOT04 - Boots of Avoidance
    BOOT05 - Boots of Grounding
    BOW01 - Composite Long Bow
    BOW02 - Composite Long Bow +1
    BOW03 - Long Bow
    BOW04 - Long Bow +1
    BOW05 - Short Bow
    BOW06 - Short Bow +1
    BOW07 - Long Bow of Marksmanship
    BOW08 - Eagle Bow
    BRAC01 - Bracers of Defense AC 8
    BRAC02 - Bracers of Defense AC 7
    BRAC03 - Bracers of Defense AC 6
    BRAC04 - Bracers of Archery
    BRAC05 - Bracers
    BRAC06 - Gauntlets of Ogre Power
    BRAC07 - Gauntlets of Dexterity
    BRAC08 - Gauntlets of Fumbling
    BRAC09 - Gauntlets of Weapon Skill
    BRAC10 - Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise
    BULL01 - Bullet
    BULL02 - Bullet +1
    BULL03 - Bullet +2
    CHAN01 - Chainmail
    CHAN02 - Chainmail +1
    CHAN03 - Chainmail +2
    CHAN04 - Splint Mail
    CHAN05 - Splint Mail +1
    CHAN06 - Mithril Chain Mail +4
    CLCK01 - Cloak of Protection +1
    CLCK02 - Cloak of Protection +2
    CLCK03 - Cloak of Displacement
    CLCK04 - Cloak of the Wolf
    CLCK05 - Cloak of Balduran
    CLCK06 - Cloak of Non-Detection
    CLCK07 - Nymph Cloak
    DAGG01 - Dagger
    DAGG02 - Dagger +1
    DAGG03 - Dagger +2
    DAGG04 - Dagger +2, Longtooth
    DAGG05 - Throwing Dagger
    DART01 - Dart
    DART02 - Dart +1
    DART03 - Dart of Stunning
    DART04 - Dart of Wounding
    HALB01 - Halberd
    HALB02 - Halberd +1
    HALB03 - Halberd +2
    HAMM01 - War Hammer
    HAMM02 - War Hammer +1
    HAMM03 - War hammer +2
    HELM01 - Helmet
    HELM02 - Helm of Opposite Alignment
    HELM03 - Helm of Glory
    HELM04 - Helm of Defense
    HELM05 - Helm of Infravision
    HELM06 - Helm of Charm Protection
    HELM07 - Helm of Balduran
    LEAT01 - Leather Armor
    LEAT02 - Leather Armor +1
    LEAT03 - Leather Armor +2
    LEAT04 - Studded Leather Armor
    LEAT05 - Studded Leather Armor +1
    LEAT06 - Studded Leather Armor +2, missile attraction
    LEAT07 - Studded Leather Armor +2
    LEAT08 - Shadow Armor
    MISC01 - Winter Wolf Pelt
    MISC07 - Gold Piece
    MISC12 - Ankheg Shell
    MISC13 - Samuel (body)
    MISC16 - Fire Agate Gem
    MISC17 - Lynx Eye Gem
    MISC18 - Sunstone Gem
    MISC19 - Turquoise Gem
    MISC20 - Bloodstone Gem
    MISC21 - Skydrop Gem
    MISC22 - Andar Gem
    MISC23 - Jasper Gem
    MISC24 - Tchazar Gem
    MISC25 - Zircon Gem
    MISC26 - Iol Gem
    MISC27 - Moonstone Gem
    MISC28 - Waterstar Gem
    MISC29 - Ziose Gem
    MISC30 - Chrysoberyl Gem
    MISC31 - Star Diopside Gem
    MISC32 - Shandon Gem
    MISC33 - Aquamarine Gem
    MISC34 - Garnet Gem
    MISC35 - Horn Coral Gem
    MISC36 - Pearl
    MISC37 - Sphene Gem
    MISC38 - Black Opal
    MISC39 - Water Opal
    MISC40 - Moonbar Gem
    MISC41 - Star Sapphire
    MISC42 - Diamond
    MISC43 - Emerald
    MISC44 - Kings Tears
    MISC45 - Rogue Stone
    MISC47 - Golden Pantaloons
    MISC48 - Idol
    MISC49 - Melicamp the Chicken
    MISC50 - Skull
    MISC51 - Lock of Nymph's Hair
    MISC52 - Wyvern Head
    MISC53 - Bowl of Water Elemental Control
    MISC54 - Child's Body
    MISC55 - Duke Eltan's Body
    MISC56 - Broken Weapon
    MISC57 - Broken Shield
    MISC58 - Broken Armor
    MISC59 - Broken Miscellaneous
    MISC60 - Spider Body
    MISC61 - Bottle of Wine
    MISC62 - Dead Cat
    MISC63 - Chew Toy
    MISC64 - Telescope
    MISC69 - Helshara's Artifact Fragment
    MISC70 - Delorna's Statue
    MISC72 - The Claw of Kazgaroth
    MISC73 - The Horn of Kazgaroth
    MISC74 - The Candle
    MISC79 - Female Body
    MISC80 - Male Body
    MISC83 - Key to River Plug
    MISC84 - Boo
    MISC85 - Mulahey's Holy Symbol
    MISC86 - Bandit Scalp
    MISC87 - Contaminated Iron
    MISC88 - Rabbit's Foot
    PLAT01 - Plate Mail Armor
    PLAT02 - Plate Mail +1
    PLAT04 - Full Plate Mail
    PLAT05 - Full Plate Mail +1
    PLAT06 - Ankheg Plate Mail
    POTN02 - Potion of Fire Resistance
    POTN03 - Potion of Hill Giant Strength
    POTN04 - Potion of Frost Giant Strength
    POTN05 - Potion of Fire Giant Strength
    POTN06 - Potion of Cloud Giant Strength
    POTN07 - Potion of Storm Giant Strength
    POTN08 - Potion of Healing
    POTN09 - Potion of Heroism
    POTN10 - Potion of Invisibility
    POTN11 - Potion of Invulnerability
    POTN12 - Potion of Stone Giant Strength
    POTN13 - Oil of Firey Burning
    POTN14 - Oil of Speed
    POTN15 - Red Potion
    POTN16 - Violet Potion
    POTN17 - Elixir of Health
    POTN18 - Potion of Absorption
    POTN19 - Potion of Agility
    POTN20 - Antidote
    POTN21 - Potion of Clarity
    POTN22 - Potion of Cold Resistance
    POTN23 - Oil of Speed
    POTN24 - Potion of Defense
    POTN25 - Potion of Healing
    POTN26 - Potion of Explosions
    POTN27 - Potion of Firebreath
    POTN28 - Potion of Fortitude
    POTN29 - Potion of Genius
    POTN30 - Potion of Infravision
    POTN31 - Potion of Insulation
    POTN32 - Antidote
    POTN33 - Potion of Magic Blocking
    POTN34 - Potion of Magic Protection
    POTN35 - Potion of Magic Shielding
    POTN36 - Potion of Master Thievery
    POTN37 - Potion of Mind Focusing
    POTN38 - Potion of Mirrored Eyes
    POTN39 - Potion of Perception
    POTN40 - Potion of Invulnerability
    POTN41 - Potion of Power
    POTN42 - Potion of Regeneration
    POTN43 - Potion of Insight
    POTN44 - Potion of Strength
    POTN45 - Potion of Freedom
    POTN46 - Potion of Stone Form
    RING01 - Ring
    RING02 - Ring of Fire Resistance
    RING03 - Ring of Animal Friendship
    RING04 - Ring of Clumsiness
    RING05 - Ring of Invisibility
    RING06 - Ring of Protection +1
    RING07 - Ring of Protection +2
    RING08 - Ring of Wizardry
    RING09 - Ring of Free Action
    RING10 - Gold Ring
    RING11 - Silver Ring
    RING12 - Onyx Ring
    RING13 - Jade Ring
    RING14 - Greenstone Ring
    RING15 - Bloodstone Ring
    RING16 - Angel Skin Ring
    RING17 - Flamedance Ring
    RING18 - Fire Opal Ring
    RING19 - Ruby Ring
    RING20 - Ring of Energy
    RING21 - Ring of Infravision
    RING22 - Ring of Holiness
    RING23 - Ring of Folly
    SCRL02 - Spell Scroll
    SCRL03 - Protection from Acid
    SCRL04 - Protection from Cold
    SCRL05 - Protection from Electricity
    SCRL06 - Protection from Fire
    SCRL07 - Protection from Magic
    SCRL08 - Protection from Poison
    SCRL09 - Protection from Undead
    SCRL10 - Cursed Scroll of Weakness
    SCRL15 - Protection from Petrification
    SCRL18 - Cursed Scroll of Stupidity
    SCRL1B - Agannazar's Scorcher
    SCRL1C - Ghoul Touch
    SCRL1D - Clairvoyance
    SCRL1E - Dispel Magic
    SCRL1F - Flame Arrow
    SCRL1G - Fireball
    SCRL1H - Haste
    SCRL1I - Hold Person
    SCRL1K - Lightning Bolt
    SCRL1L - Monster Summoning I
    SCRL1M - Non-Detection
    SCRL1N - Protection from Normal Missiles
    SCRL1O - Slow
    SCRL1P - Skull Trap
    SCRL1Q - Vampiric Touch
    SCRL1R - Wraith Form
    SCRL1S - Dire Charm
    SCRL1T - Ghost Armor
    SCRL1U - Confusion
    SCRL1V - Dimension Door
    SCRL1Y - Improved Invisibility
    SCRL1Z - Minor Globe of Invulnerability
    SCRL2A - Monster Summoning II
    SCRL2D - Animate Dead
    SCRL2E - Cloudkill
    SCRL2F - Cone of Cold
    SCRL2G - Monster Summoning III
    SCRL2H - Shadow Door
    SCRL2I - Letter
    SCRL2J - Letter
    SCRL3D - Letter
    SCRL56 - Cure Serious Wounds
    SCRL58 - Free Action
    SCRL59 - Neutralize Poison
    SCRL61 - Cure Critical Wounds
    SCRL62 - Flame Strike
    SCRL63 - Raise Dead
    SCRL66 - Grease
    SCRL67 - Armor
    SCRL68 - Burning Hands
    SCRL69 - Charm Person
    SCRL70 - Color Spray
    SCRL71 - Blindness
    SCRL72 - Friends
    SCRL73 - Protection from Petrification
    SCRL75 - Identify
    SCRL76 - Infravision
    SCRL77 - Magic Missile
    SCRL78 - Protection from Evil
    SCRL79 - Shield
    SCRL80 - Shocking Grasp
    SCRL81 - Sleep
    SCRL82 - Chill Touch
    SCRL83 - Chromatic Orb
    SCRL84 - Larloch's Minor Drain
    SCRL85 - Blur
    SCRL86 - Detect Evil
    SCRL87 - Detect Invisibility
    SCRL89 - Horror
    SCRL90 - Invisibility
    SCRL91 - Knock
    SCRL92 - Know Alignment
    SCRL93 - Luck
    SCRL94 - Resist Fear
    SCRL95 - Melf's Acid Arrow
    SCRL96 - Mirror Image
    SCRL97 - Stinking Cloud
    SCRL98 - Strength
    SCRL99 - Web
    SHLD01 - Small Shield
    SHLD02 - Small Shield +1
    SHLD03 - Medium Shield
    SHLD04 - Medium Shield +1
    SHLD05 - Large Shield
    SHLD06 - Large Shield +1
    SHLD07 - Large Shield +1, +4 vs Missiles
    SHLD08 - Buckler
    SHLD09 - Buckler
    SHLD10 - Buckler
    SHLD11 - Small Shield
    SHLD12 - Small Shield
    SHLD13 - Medium Shield
    SHLD14 - Medium Shield
    SHLD15 - Large Shield
    SHLD16 - Large Shield
    SLNG01 - Sling
    SLNG02 - Sling +1
    SPER01 - Spear
    SPER02 - Spear +1
    SPER03 - Spear +3, Backbiter
    STAF01 - Quarterstaff
    STAF02 - Quarterstaff +1
    SW1H01 - Bastard Sword
    SW1H02 - Bastard Sword +1
    SW1H03 - Bastard Sword +1, Shapeshifters
    SW1H04 - Long Sword
    SW1H05 - Long Sword +1
    SW1H06 - Long Sword +2
    SW1H07 - Short Sword
    SW1H08 - Short Sword +1
    SW1H09 - Short Sword +2
    SW1H10 - Short Sword of Backstabbing
    SW1H13 - Moonblade
    SW1H15 - Scimitar +3, Frostbrand
    SW2H01 - Two Handed Sword
    SW2H02 - Two Handed Sword +1
    SW2H03 - Two Handed Sword, Berserking
    SW2H06 - Spider's Bane
    WAND02 - Wand of Fear
    WAND03 - Wand of Magic Missiles
    WAND04 - Wand of Paralyzation
    WAND05 - Wand of Fire
    WAND06 - Wand of Frost
    WAND07 - Wand of Lightning
    WAND08 - Wand of Sleep
    WAND09 - Wand of Polymorphing
    WAND10 - Wand of Monster Summoning
    WAND11 - Wand of the Heavens
    XBOW01 - Heavy Crossbow
    XBOW02 - Heavy Crossbow +1
    XBOW03 - Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy
    XBOW04 - Light Crossbow
    XBOW05 - Light Crossbow +1
    XBOW06 - Light Crossbow of Speed
    Baldur's Gate (sub-quests)
    Some quest listed here are not complete (anyone?)
    Any help is greatly appreciated. Send mails to Andrew at 
    lehong@pop15.jaring.my. Or ICQ me (35108285) Thanks!!
    For updates and other info plus guide to Tales of the Sword Coast, 
    visit my homepage at http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Subway/4141/
    Unpublished Work Copyright 1999 Andrew Lee

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