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    NPC List by Wrambler

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    Subject: [BG]: Complete NPC List (Attribute/Location/Specials)
    From: Wrambler <Death@Pandemonium.org>
    Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 23:56:00 +0800
    Newsgroups: comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.rpg
    Hail and well met,
    Some travellers have been asking for the attributes of the NPCs as
    well as asking for classes to join them. This is a list of the NPCs
    and their attributes as well as personal special abilities if any.
    Personal special abilities are not class abilities just to note.
    Class abilities (Paladin's detect evil, Protection from evil, etc,
    Ranger's charm animal) are not mentioned here.
    The format is as follow. Note: the list might look misaligned.
    Using a fixed width font should help.
    Name      Sex Align Race     Class               Attributes
                  Personal Special Ability           Map which they join
    Known NPCs
    Ajantis,    M  LG  Human     Paladin             17,12,13,13,16,17
                   Nil                               Farm map north of FAI
    Alora,      F  CG  Halfling  Thief               8,14,7,19,12,10
                   Nil                               Hall of Wonders, BG
    Dynaheir,   F  LG  Human     Invoker             11,17,15,13,16,12
                   Slow Poison                       Gnoll's Stronghold
    Yeslick,    M  LG  Dwarf     Fighter/Cleric      15,7,16,12,17,10
                   Dispel Magic                      Level 2, Cloakwood
    Imoen,      F  NG  Human     Thief               9,17,11,18,16,16
                   Nil                               King's Way
    Minsc,      M  NG  Human     Ranger              18/93,8,6,15,15,9
                   Berserk                           Nashkel
    Khalid,     M  NG  Half-Elf  Fighter             15,15,10,16,17,9
                   Nil                               Inn, Friendly Arms Inn
    Coran,      M  CG  Elf       Fighter/Thief       14,14,9,20,12,16
                   Cheats by having 3 Bow Profs :P   1st Cloakwood map
    Kivan,      M  CG  Elf       Ranger              18/12,10,14,17,14,8
                   Nil                               High Hedge
    Xan,        M  LN  Elf       Enchanter           13,17,14,16,7,16
                   Able to wield Moonblade           Level 4, Nashkel Mines
                   Only one able to cast Wraithform
                   Cheats also by casting it as a
                   Level 1 spell instead of Level 3.
    Jaheira,    F  TN  Half-Elf  Fighter/Druid       15,10,14,14,17,15
                   Nil                               Inn, Friendly Arms Inn
    Branwen,    F  TN  Human     Cleric              13,9,16,16,15,13
                   Spiritual Hammer                  Carnival
    Faldorn,    F  TN  Human     Druid               12,10,16,15,11,15
                   Summon Dread Wolf                 3rd Cloakwood map
    Skie,       F  TN  Human     Thief               11,15,8,18,15,13
                   Nil                               Entar Silvershield's
    Garrick,    M  CN  Human     Bard                14,13,14,16,9,15
                   Nil                               Beregost
    Quayle,     M  CN  Gnome     Cleric/Illusionist  8,17,10,15,11,6
                   Invisibility                      Drawbridge, BG
    Safana,     F  CN  Human     Thief               13,16,9,17,10,17
                   Charm Animal                      Lighthouse
    Edwin,      M  LE  Human     Conjurer            9,18,9,10,16,10
                   Nil                               Nashkel
    Kagain      M  LE  Dwarf     Fighter             16,15,11,12,20,8
                   Nil                               Shop north of
    Feldpost's Inn,
    Eldoth,     M  NE  Human     Bard                16,13,10,12,15,16
                   Create Poisoned Arrows(5)         3rd Cloakwood map
    Montaron,   M  NE  Halfling  Fighter/Thief       16,12,13,17,15,9
                   Nil                               King's Way
    Viconia,    F  NE  Elf       Cleric              10,16,15,19,8,14
                   Magic Resistance 50%              Peldvale
    Shar-Teel,  F  CE  Human     Fighter             18/58,14,7,17,9,11
                   Nil                               Map east of Beregost's
    Tiax,       M  CE  Gnome     Cleric/Thief        9,10,13,16,16,9
                   Summon Ghast                      West end of Lower City,
    Xzar,       M  CE  Human     Necromancer         14,17,16,16,10,10
                   Nil                               King's Way
    NPCs in Training Battle at Candlekeep (these only temporarily join you)
    Arkanis,    M  NG  Dwarf     Fighter             18/53,15,11,12,19,8
    Canderous,  M  LG  Human     Cleric              16,12,18,13,13,14
    Deder,      M  TN  Halfling  Fighter/Thief       11,12,14,18,16,9
    Mordaine,   F  LG  Human     Invoker             11,18,15,17,15,12
                   Slow Poison
    Osprey,     F  LG  Half-Elf  Cleric/Mage         16,15,10,9,13,6
    NB: Only Eldoth can use his poisoned arrows.
        Jaheira & Khalid are a pair.
        Dynaheir & Minsc are a pair.
        Skie & Eldoth are a pair.
        Minsc has only two quick item slots usable (Boo!!)
        Alora has only one ring slot available (Lucky Rabbit's Foot)
    Tips: Generally get your NPCs as low level as possible. If you first
          talk to them at a high level, their choices for proficiencies
          might not be what you would like and the computer rolled hit
          points might be very low. Also class special abilities are
          gained at a delayed pace too.
          If you are however willing to trade HP for spells however, get
          mages at a higher level. When I got Dynaheir at level 5/5, she
          was level 6, 31 HP but had Fireball scribed in her book. If you
          got her at a lower level, you can level her to level 6 with round
          36 HP but you would have to find Fireball for her to scribe on
          your own.
          Thieves are also to be gained at a lower level if possible. NPC
          thieves at high levels generally specialise in two skills,
          the other two.
    Comments and contributions welcomed.

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