The Most Beautiful 3D Game You Can Buy.
Turn off the lights. Turn up your speakers.
You're about to experience what no one has ever experienced - the totally immersive, surreal, and beautiful adventure of Myst in realtime 3D. realMYST creates a living, breathing world that will truly become your own - and one you will never forget.
NEW Features
Realtime 3D Edition
- Every graphic element has been upgraded to brilliant 32-bit color
- New sound effects and an original soundtrack enhance the sense of realism
- Digitally remastered music heightens the gameplay experience
- Larger and higher quality movies and animations
Experience first-person movement and interaction with no distracting controls or windows,
Explore eerie 3D worlds of stark and fantastic beauty.
Combine keen observation and logic to unlock the secret ages of Myst.
"An unparalleled experience for your eyes, your ears, and your brain." Multimedia World, May 1994

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