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Quake 2, I could never grasp the hype around this game, I mean sure it isn't bad but its so god darn repetitive, I know most games are repetitive but this is the exact same enemies in the exact same rooms over and over, on top of all that this game is quite long. I liked quake 1 back in the day but this was just…meh.

Story: A lone marine kills a whole race of alien robots, its generic, its silly, its way to intense for a video game to handle, and its also very boring.

Graphics: They are pretty nice, for the time the game was made the graphics were excellent actually, some of the area's all look the same but that's how they wanted to do it I think, it's still very bland though, nothing feel's alive in this game its like walking through a dead world shooting half dead freaky enemies who want to make you full dead.

Audio: There is no real voice acting, monsters just scream, its pretty annoying actually. The gun's sound ok but they are not amazing, I would say the audio in this game is pretty average, there is no character in this game though, nuke nukem 3d had lots of character but this game is kind of just there being weird in a corner.

Game play: I hate the game play, your always alone, I hate being alone in shooter's it gives this feeling of isolation that is just annoying, it makes a game feel hollow and pointless. Other then that the atmosphere in this game is pretty weak. The game plays like a standard commando first person shooter, kill anything that moves, shoot first then don't bother asking questions because your enemy does not speak any English. There is a lot of back tracking through levels which also made the game very tedious and long, I could not play past the 4th level, I got to about the middle of the 4th level and said this is enough, I cant shoot anymore of these god damn cyborg strogg whatever the heck they are.

Rent or buy? If you like the style of game that I talked about, go ahead and buy it, this was a revolutionary game but it just wasn't my type of game, I like having a small team with me or at least another human to back up or back me up. A lot of people like this type of game, I am just not one of them.

Overall score: 5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/08/08

Game Release: Quake II (US, 11/30/97)

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