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"An old favourate with an eternal value."

After we were used to kill demons and monsters in a hellish environment, why not start to attack cybronic aliens in a freakish planet such as Stroggos? After Doom and Quake's great success, we now enter a world where aliens of all forms live and where true combat exists. Setting aside the demons and monsters from Quake we now have Quake II, a different theme that takes us to the future and to the next generation of cybronic aliens and hi-tech equipment. Quake II is still a frag fest but is has instead Stroggified aliens that can drive you totally insane, not the boring old demons that 'scare' the hell out of you. You have to complete objectives and use your brain on how to eliminate your enemies. New and improved tactics are included including using your field computer to view your objectives, throw hand grenades, avoid being mutated by radioactive slime and jump over lazers and also crouching is a new feature to Quake II. The BFG is back, this time eliminating any alien scum hiding behind corners and it is 10k, one thousand cooler than the BFG 9000 of Doom. Besides running around shooting off your gun, you can also find a number of secrets filled with goodies that enhance your game play. Okay now its time to see a quick rating of what this game's got:

GAME PLAY (10/10)

The game play is fun and most of all replayable because it is filled with tons of secrets that one can easily miss and go back to the game to find them. Enemies are also hardcore and react withe their surroundings such as triggering an alarm to alert other enemies. If an enemy accidently hits another alien then the poor suckers will fight each other until one of them dies and you can watch them until one of them dies and kill the other one easily. Environmental hazards and traps are also cool because you can lead the enemy to it and if you are not careful you can end up six feet underground.


Overall the graphics are nice and almost realistic. I gave it an 8 because the lightning is dark and sometimes you cannot see properly when being ambushed by the enemy.


The sound effects are realistic and great. Sounds for lava burning, enemies shouting and gunshots are good. The music is killer and gives you adrenaline when you are in a fast-paced situation.

OVERALL (10/10)

Overall, Quake II is a great game that never dies!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/09/09

Game Release: Quake II (EU, 12/31/97)

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