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"Totally Outstanding"

Quake II is the ''sequal'' to the award winning Quake. If you don't know already, Quake and Quake II are FPS's (First-Person-Shooters.) Quake II brings Quake to a new level... and BOY... does it hit hard!!!

W/out 3D Accelorater: These graphics are top notch compared to the original Quake. Even though they seem pixelated, the frame-rate is as smooth as can be (for back then) and the lighting is incredible.
W/3D Accelorater: With a 3D accelorater... Quake II looks like a whole new game. It even stands up to the newer games of the genre like Soldier of Fortune. With a 3D accelorater, the graphics are drasticly buffered (smoothed) to the point that there are no pixels to be seen at all. Even the lighting effects are MUCH better with a 3D accerlorater then without one.
Two words: TOP NOTCH. Even today, Quake II beats some games sound quality. There's everything from your character grunting when he gets hit... to a machine gun blazing in the still air... to the weird language of the Strogg monsters... to your intercom sending messages and so forth and so on.
As with basically all FPS's... the stories aren't really all that developed. But I was suprised on the depth of the story compared to Quake. Quake II is considered a ''sequel'' to the original Quake... but in reality... they have NOTHING in common story wise. In Quake II you are a space marine who's space craft mysteriously crashed INTO the planet Stroggos. Through out the game, you face plentyfull Strogg enemies to frag. (But watch out, because the hardest ones will most likely frag you!.) Ok... so the story isn't really that complex at all... but it's a big leap from the original Quake.
Just like the origial Quake... this gameplay is FUN FUN FUN!!! You get plenty weapons to kill a variety of enemies... plus you can download more weapons or mapas via the internet! If you think single player is a blast... you have to try the multiplayer!!!! Another three words... FUN FUN FUN!!!
All the computers that came out that year and after runs Quake II perfectly with no errors. How ever... I have found out thata computer with 200 MHz or less will tend to run this gameery sluggish.

Final Statement:

If you enjoyed the origial Quake... then BUY this game! If you are a fan of FPS's... then BUY this game! If you haven't even played a FPS in your life... BUY this game and take it for a spin, I'm sure it will convert you to like FPS's.

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Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/31/01, Updated 10/31/01

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