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"I came, I saw, I fragged."

Bring in the blood
We all know FPS games are normally bloody. As a quick warning if you are planning on buying the game be warned. This is not for the faint of heart. The creatures inhabiting the alien home world are far from inviting. Their corpses can be blown up again giving you a nice view of there... block-ish innards. This is not child's play. This is a game for those that can take a lot of blood. Now that this warning is out of the way, what psychos that are still reading this, lets get on to the reviews.

Har har my gunz shots!
Ah the fun of blasting alien thing-a-ma-bobs back to the factory they came from. This game is the basic shoot 'em up. There are jumps, switches, and stuff here and there but nothing too mind numbing. Some jumps and such though, can be highly aggravating. The gameplay is straight forward. Grab gun. Find enemy. Make shot. Enjoy. That doesn't mean there isn't a level of strategy involved. Creatures aren't deaf and they are going to hear something loud go off and come to it. It's overall enjoyable but a bit repetitive.

That's... interesting...
Considering the time it came out these graphics are good. I still enjoy them against PS2 graphics, as graphics rarely make the game itself. The corpses are nicely detailed and little flies come over them. How flies spawned on this planet we'll never know but it's a nice little touch. Also blowing open a corpse you get a nice view of their red organs. Mmm bloody. All in all these graphics are pretty great. The guns are detailed enough. The enemies have a nice amount of detail and it fits the mood. I'd rather see some chain saw freak thing than a rabbit hopping around.

Boom! Bang! Zlip!...Zlip?
The sound department is nicely done. It's not a marvel or anything but it's enjoyable. The guns don't all sound like pathetic twangs or something and the enemies don't go down with static filled scream. The music is also enjoyable. Every so often I could stop just to listen to it. The problem is it's not too noticeable. Especially when being hounded by enemies ahead.

Yeah!? Well this is my boom stick!
The challenge of the game is good. Good enough to keep you back but also a bit frustrating. Jumping isn't one of my favorite parts of the game. Though, the AI is a bit exaggerated. They can dodge shots but they really only duck. Still it's good enough. The enemies are not forgiving. They will not pause for you to pull your guard up. Once they've got you in their sights they'll rip you open like a Christmas present.

I do what now?
The story is pretty good but a bit overused. It's an assault on an alien planet after being assaulted. They aren't here because they've used up material. Not because they want slaves. Because they're hungry and they want more soldiers. During the assault against the planet you get clipped and shot of course. At first you may be pissed but trust me, when you hear the screams of your former team mates being blasted in air, you'll thank that guy. Yet before you land at the large planetary gun your auto pilot kicks in and directs you away. both a blessing and a curse. It's not Shakespeare or anything but it's a good story none the less.

I see a light... what's that noise?
It depends. Fans of all types of the FPS series would like this game. People that don't enjoy blasting aliens in the most graphic way should stray away from this game though. This is not a light game and focuses a lot of the guns and using them. If you enjoy a good FPS this game should have already been on your shelf.

Comp crash! NOOOOOOO!
Overall Quake II is a nice game for playing or wasting time. No game is perfect but this sets new standards. Even heavy Halo fans would enjoy this game. Lock and load!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/10/02, Updated 07/10/02

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