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First-Person Shooter. This is perhaps the most popular video game genre ever. We have some of the most beloved PC classics, like Wolfenstein and Doom. We also have some of the best sagas ever! Well, ID Software, the lords of FPS, have released the second game in their popular Quake saga, which is the best Quake yet! While some will complain this is too much like Doom, Quake does have some very noticable differences, and sports addictive gameplay. I'm not saying this is the best FPS ever, but it is perhaps the game that all future FPS will be judged by. Why? The answers lie beneath...

Story 9/10- Quake II is based a little bit on the Doom series. In other words, it is the same story with a different premise. In a nutshell, you're on a mission to the planet Stroggos, where the Strogg must be stopped. Obviously, if you don't, they'll take over Earth, and that's a big no-no. While flying to Stroggos, you crash land on a hangar, and must re-establish your communications... all in all, this story is involved.

Graphics 10/10- WOW!! These graphics are absolutely amazing! FPS has never looked so good! The areas of Stroggos are richly detailed and they left me in awe!! In a word, these graphics are beautiful!

Gameplay 10/10- Quake II features absolutely flawless gameplay!! It features an extensive arsenal, ranging from blasters to railguns, and also features an unheard of amount of levels!

Each weapon in the game uses different types of ammo. For example, the HyperGun requires plasma cells, while the Railgun will only operate with slugs. One of the indirect challenges of Quake II is to preserve your ammo and use the correct weapon on the correct enemies. For example, don't just use the most powerful gun on the weak enemies; save them for the powerful enemies.

Speaking of the levels, Stroggos is divided into several different areas. The first area, Command Center, features about 5 sub-levels, while the second area, Detention Center, features about four levels. However, each area has secret levels, and in some cases, you can skip some levels! That's because Quake II features different ways of playing through the game. For maximum points, you can complete the main objective and the secondary objectives, or you can skip levels and just go for the primary goal!

Quake II features perhaps the most intelligent enemies ever seen in a FPS! Unlike Doom, the enemies tend to be quick and strong, and sometimes, they'll even miss a shot or two. And, of course, the enemies vary in difficulty. The Light Soldiers won't give you too much trouble, but try taking down a Gladiator! I rest my case.

So, an extensive single-player is nice, but where Quake II really shines is the Deathmatch Mode. In this mode, you stay up late killing your friends. Playing over the internet, you can choose from a uniform color, several ''skins'', and your weapons and health start-off. Then the rest is up to your instincts! You either die or kill; whatever you decide, is what goes!

Quake II even features a cooperative mode, where you and a friend can tackle Quake II's extensive levels. Co-op is plain and simple. 'Nuff said!

Sound 9/10- The sound of Quake II features everything from bullets in the air to your radio crackling off! There really isn't big complaints to say about the sound; other than the fact that it is almost a carbon copy of Doom.

Music 10/10- HARD ROCKERS UNITE!! The music of Quake II is really awesome! Hard rock, techno, even silence is all present in the music of this wonderful FPS. Most other FPS can't compare musically speaking!!


Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Gameplay 10/10
Sound 9/10
Music 10/10
Multiplayer 10/10
Replay Value 10/10

Excellent replay due to the extensive amount of options!
Weapons, weapons, weapons!
Levels, levels, levels!

Some parts are just too much like Doom.

Final Word- Quake II is based heavily on Doom, but Quake II adds so much new gameplay, you really don't notice. (Or care!) If you're a fan of any FPS, I highly recommend this game. You won't be disappointed!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/31/02, Updated 10/31/02

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