Review by Diamond Dragon

"The sight of your newest victim being mutilated by your Railgun never gets old"

With my terribly old and weak computer, I've tried many games that would work well and fun to play, but it's usually one or the other. That's when I finally decided to play Quake II, I'm definitely glad I used the ten dollars for that game.


To keep it short, the story isn't the greatest around, basically you're trying to get out of an abandoned military base...okay, maybe not so abandoned, after all, there are those giant monsters trying to rip you apart. Maybe not the greatest story, but who cares? The game has many other strong points.



I usually don't play shooters for the single player, I always try out the multiplayer or death matches first, so I'll just skip the single player gameplay and go to multiplayer.

Now this is where the fun begins. Pretty much like any other first-person shooter, but this is probably one of the first shooters that created the FPS genre, this game defines what multiplayer should be like, assuming you're not the person that likes realism or likes to strategize every move you make because Quake II is pretty much the opposite of that, you just run into a level and mindlessly kill anything that breathes (or that doesn't breathe if you like mutilating the already mutilated corpses).

And if your skills don't rise up to those online, you can always download bots and such to practice because, unlike Counter-Strike, the bots are great because all they do is run around firing whatever they can get their hands on.

Plus, this game does not need a super computer that can do everything but cook your breakfast to work well, my computer just down right sucks, but this game plays very smoothly.

All in all, online or offline (bots), this game is great in all aspects.



Okay, maybe not the greatest graphics compared to most games now where you start to doubt the non-reality of the game, but the graphics are far from terrible. Like I previously said, my computer sucks, so the graphics of this game seem very good for a game my computer can play.

Regardless, the bloody entrails of the victims of your rocket launcher still look good...until you see your own character explode into bite-size chunks that fly into the next continent because you were busy congratulating yourself.



The sounds aren't anything to drool over, just explosions, gunshots, and screams from your dying enemies. Not amazing, but not horrible.



There is no reason for you not to play this game again after you buy it. Even if you manage to beat single player, you've got multiplayer where you will find people who can mow everyone down with a puny blaster with their eyes closed, then you have to push yourself to be able to beat that person. Your opponents are endless on multiplayer, just look on the internet for some IP addresses where everyone goes to to play. And, even if you've beaten everyone on every server you still have mods, they are modifications to the game that may include new weapons, levels, etc. Quake II has boundless ways to play the game, you'll never get tired of it.


Buy, Rent, Trash?

Buy, this game now is only ten to fifteen bucks now, just look for Quake II in discount bins or used games stores, you're bound to find it somewhere, it may take a while, but it's worth it. Do not let this game pass you, just give it a try, you won't be sorry.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/28/03, Updated 06/28/03

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