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"Great first person shooter, and a good series"

Quake II, by far, is the best Quake game they have made so far. It is a lot like Quake I, but nothing like Quake III. It is a story based first person shooter with lots of gore and violence; Quake III on the other hand, is an arena based game.
To let you know my experience and bias with Quake, I have played Quake I, and all its mission packs; Quake II, and all its mission packs; and Quake III.

Gameplay 9/10
Controls: You can customize your controls to fit the keyboard the best. (always a good option to have.)
In game fighting: You have a large variety of weapons that you must use strategically. The weapons are easily aimed and are fun to experiment with. The enemy does not “pickup weapons”, because there weapons are “attached” already. You can easily move around and attack enemies using the keyboard. (a mouse or a joystick is an option)

Graphics 9/10
This games graphics are great. (Not the best today, but are still pretty good.)
Enemies: The enemies are highly detailed, and will receive body damage when shot in certain regions; they also die accordingly to where you shoot them. You can also “pulp their bodies by hitting them with high powered guns.
Your body is not seen, only your hand/hands and the weapon that you are holding.
Scenery/environment: The scenery is highly defined, but there are not too many interactive items.

Sound 8/10
The guns sound great, but the music can sometimes overpower it. So the best choice is to turn off the music in the option menu. They also add in a “pulp” sound affect. There are also a lot of sound affects for different areas.

Story 8/10
The story is that you are in the System of Stroggos and have just flown off the famous space ship Phobos. You crash-land on an enemy planet and you are in a middle of a mission to destroy the race of the evil Stroggs. You must single handedly take down the Strogg race (seeing how you never run into any other normal solders that are also fighting the Stroggs). You are given missions from Phobos for each new level, and an overall mission for each new area. I feel that they should have made it where you can run into other human fighters who will follow you around as a team; instead of taking everything on by yourself. (It would make the game a little more believable.)

Lifespan 10/10
This game has a long life span. It is pretty long, and you will probably want to play it more than once. There are a lot of cheats that can also keep the game interesting. If you want to, you can buy expansion packs that extend the fun of the first game. (Quake II Mission pack: Ground Zero and Quake II mission pack: The Reckoning.) This game also has online fighting, which increases the lifespan of the game.

Overall 9/10
With a long lifespan, great graphics, easy gameplay, and a decent story, I give this game a nine out of ten. This game is definitely one of the best out of its genre.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/23/04

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