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"II ekauQ"

If you are into computers' stuff, I think you must have already heard of this game, as it was used to test lots of different graphic cards. For that reason, you could think that the graphics for this game would be great, but all the rest should just suck... Don't you think that? So, read the review in order to know the truth!

As you may have seen on screenshots or something, this game is a shoot'up, and as most of them it doesn't have much to be said about it... You start with a single weapon, and even on this first level you will notice that you have lots of different paths you can follow in order to try to fulfill your targets... Which can be seen pressing the F1 button, allowing you to see the current main and secondary objectives, being the main one the one which you have to perform in order to finish the mission you are currently in... During these missions you will always be able to find lots of items, powerups and weapons, and I guess that all of them will surely help you on your way to the end of this game. Finally, about the levels... they all seem like just a giant level, as you only will have to wait for a small time between them, and all of them are connected, meaning that the last mission that you performed with surely have something to do with the next one...

You will be in control of a certain space marine who crashed into a place full of monsters and strange creatures. Now you will have to proceed and complete lots of missions in order to help your comrades to succed in this war.

As I already said, the graphics in this game should be considered as great. However, this is not *completly* true, as they depend on the machine you are playing in. For example, last time I played it, I was on a superb Pentium 4, but I also used to play this game on my good old Pentium 133Mhz, meaning that there graphics can be adjusted to the computer you are playing in, so that your gameplay experience is better. I don't think that the music is very good, but there's an option which allows you to put a cd of your own on the drive and listen to it as you are playing across the levels. Nice, I say! :D

Play Time/Replayability
It wil take a lot of time to finish this game, even if you are a great player. However, once you finish it you can also enjoy the multiplayer mode, which is quite great if you have a LAN or internet acess...

Final Recommendation
I nice game... So, why did I gave a not very high mark? Because all the killing becomes quite boring after a while...

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/19/04

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