Review by Zuake6561

Reviewed: 06/28/04

id Software does it again -- even better!

When Quake II, the sequel to the amazing game Quake, was released in December 1997, people had high expectations for it. To their surprise, it did even better than they had imagined. Quake II has stood the test of time and remains a first-person shooter (FPS) favorite of many gamers everywhere. Today, you can play it on the PC, the N64, or the Playstation.

Quake II is amazingly addicting. Its controls are easy to get used to. The option to use your mouse for looking both vertically and horizontally makes playing much easier than previous FPS. No matter if you're staring out or an expert, Quake II has a difficulty for you, whether it's easy, medium, or hard.
Try and beat them all!

id Software, the producer of Quake, has made many sci-fi FPS. Quake II takes place on Stroggos, an evil alien planet. The Strogg have invaded Earth on several occasions, killing countless people and using their bodies to make cyborgs that kill and kill until they die themselves. In an effort to stop the Strogg, the US Marines have launched Operation: Alien Overlord. The goal of the mission is to shut down Strogg operations in their capital city of Cerberon. However, the assault fails miserably from the start, with 95% casualties and counting. You manage to survive, but only you can destroy the war machine and kill the Makron, the Strogg leader. Your new objectives are to restore communication with the fleet, destroy the menacing Big Gun, and assassinate the Makron. If you die, it's not just the end of the game, but also of humanity.

Since they had first founded the idea of 3-D games back in 1991, id has made the best graphics ever. Quake II is truly the apex of 3-D gaming. To compliment these graphics, great sound effects have been added to make a highly realistic game. You feel as if you are the one holding the gun!

The single-player mode does not take very long to beat, but it's not a breeze either. Beating the game once is never enough. Quake II is definitely a game worth playing over and over again. You also have the option of going up against other players online.

If you haven't played Quake II yet, you're missing out! I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys FPS at all. If you liked Doom, you'll love Quake II!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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