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"The following is MY review for Quake 2."

Most people who see this game found it in the bargain bin. Trust me, it IS a great buy. It may be an old game, but I've been playing this one straight online for 7 1/2 years, and that is saying something.

Story: Yeah, yeah. It is on some alien world..blah blah. It is 2005, or later when you may be reading this. There are way better story lines today in modern games. Single player consists of shoot and kill strategy. This gets a 3/10.

Difficulty: The AI is very easy in today's standards, even playing under hard+, for most people anyway (which can be played using the skill 3 command in the console). The single player is just "practice mode". However online, you can download popular mods, which IMO are awesome for the most part, and learn how to use them, like the hook for instance. Bottom line on difficulty is single player is to get a feel for the game, unless if you haven't played a fps for years, but multiplayer is where it gets harder, as most people there are good:) This gets a 5/10 for single player, online is who you are playing with.(meet players like rock, way you will win.)

Gameplay: Good for single player. After a while, it gets a bit boring, but there are secrets, new weapons, and new enemies to keep you busy through your journey. Travelling back and forth may be necessary as well. Not to mention a perfect arcady player physics system. Jumping, etc feels just right, and some bugs make it feel somehow better.. maybe from just playing the game too long but it is still worth mentioning.
Multiplayer is the main reason why you are buying this game, I hope:) It is where I spent 7 1/2 years playing. This is not a war game, or strategy game. It is a game that you almost need insane aim, not some UT 2k4 ins gib crap, to become great. Lag wise, high speed connections runs this game excellent on good servers. People that are stuck without high speed are not in trouble, in modem speed standards, anyway. Ping is good and lag is not that bad, but still is not the greatest, as I had to deal with this until recently. There are tons of maps up for download, none of which will fill your hd space up too much for old pc's. There are some mods for this game, which mostly are top notch. Using the hook on some Weapons of Destruction mod servers might take some time at first to get used to, but once used to it, it may become priceless. Nowadays, there are not too many people online to play against(or with) which is sad, but you will see many people on a server on weekends occasionally, so it is not a game like UT2k4 that you can go on and play 2000 people on a server. Bottom line on multiplayer: it is great when you find big matches, and is never tiring, especially when you can rail the sh1T out of your opponents. And btw, there is no cheating online.This gets a 5/10 for single player, and 11/10 for multiplayer:)

Graphics: This is no Half-Life 2, Doom 3, Far Cry, F.E.A.R., well you get the idea. This game was made almost 10 years ago, and it shows. However, at the time, Quake 2 looked like Far Cry when it came out in 1997? Textures are washed out, and lighting is simple, and stock settings may be too dark for most users. (vid_gamma and gl_modulate is the cure to this). Still the gameplay of this game makes you think gameplay and not graphics. This gets a 5/10.

Sound: Not the best either, but not horrible. You hear rockets whirl past you and the sound of a railgun firing its swirling sound near you in decent quality. This is a 1997 game as mentioned before. Some sounds even came from the original quake also, know... Gameplay takes over the loudish grunt as your player jumps, anyway as other things. This gets a 6/10.

Bottom Line: This is an old game, but if you like shoot-kill games, you will love this one. If not, it is only 10$$. If you see it, get it. Don't eat supper at SubWay,it's worth it.laf. Many mods and people await online, as well as me.
This game gets a 10/10. Period.

meet me online on wod servers(ciphs,etc)-rate

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/08/05

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