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    Walkthrough by MLo

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    Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 07:02:15 -0600 (MDT)
    From: Michael Lo <mlo@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca>
    I noticed that there hasn't been any help for Myth so far,  I finished the
    game recently so I'll plunk down anything I can think of to help.  Note
    that I'm not even close to the best Myth player in the world and I play
    about a mission a week so my memory isn't so fresh.  Also this is only
    for single player
    Anyways let's start with some hints and move onto the walkthru:
    1.  Unlike Command and Conquer, most of your missions don't involve killing
    everything in your path so attempting to do so can be difficult if not 
    impossible like in River of Blood.  Also while sacrificing troops is
    possible, you have a limit of how many troops to begin with and rarely able
    to increase beyond that so don't get your men slaughtered.  
    2.  Missions in Myth can be tackled in a number of ways, so do what you
    feel is right for you.
    3.  Some people feel veterans don't make much of a difference but why waste
    any advantage you can get?  If all your troops have blooded, their slightly
    increased fighting ability can make the difference between victory and
    defeat.  For me if I'm pretty much sure that the mission is won, I send
    some rookies out to kill enemy stragglers
    4.  Watch out when your troops start celebrating victory, a few of your
    guys may still get killed if enemy stragglers decide to attack.  Your band
    of partyers don't defend themselves unless you command the guys to.
    5.  Save often, Myth can get pretty random and your troops can do stupid
    things like bomb themselves or shoot each other in the back
    6.  For more help go to www.bungie.com for a list of Myth sites
    7.  You can command your units and pan the camera about while paused!!!
    1.  Short Line-useful if you wish to break up your units into tight but
    flexible teams.  Also useful for travelling through narrow areas.  It's
    weakness is that the enemy can overwhelm you if you are outnumbered.
    2.  Long Line-very good for attack, especially against sizable enemy
    formations.  The long line lets you circle your enemies and get your
    troops fighting without blocking each other up.  While all line 
    formations are good for use with missile troops this one just might be
    the best.  It's weakness is that with so many guys, turning becomes
    clumsy so watch your sides!
    3.  Loose Line-a wider spaced version of short line, has the advantage
    of giving your men space to move around.  The danger is the enemy can
    shovel troops through the spaces as well.  Loose and Staggered line
    are best used with missile troops if you fear friendly fire among your
    archers but I tend to prefer Long Line as it focuses your firepower
    more, looser lines means some of your guys may be placed out of range
    4.  Staggered Line-a variation on the Long Line, where your men are
    widely spaced and placed front and back on odd-even counts.  Similar
    advantages and disadvantages with loose line as well as advantages
    and disadvantages of small vs large grouping
    5.  Box-really good for movement in tight areas, not a good fighting
    position unless your men are surrounded but then Circle is much, much
    better for taking on the enemy surrounding you
    6.  Rabble-surprisingly effective, it's advantage is that your men
    are well-spaced.  It's weakness is that the enemy can shovel troops
    through the empty spaces but if you outnumber him, then it's his 
    funeral as he gets whacked from all sides
    7.  Shallow Encirclement-here's where we go on the offensive, it's
    strength is in getting your melee troops to surround and pummel.
    If you can lure the enemy into the middle of your formation it can
    be effective for defense as well.  It's weaknesses are in dealing
    with sneak attacks as movement can get awkward and in using missile
    troops to their best ability (especially dwarves who could accidentally
    fling a bomb into  the other side of the formation).
    8.  Deep Encirclement-a more exaggerated encircling formation, it 
    increases the advantages-disadvantages of Shallow Encirclement
    9.  Vanguard-a good offensive formation, its strength lies in getting
    your men into the fight without getting boxed in (though encirclement
    is better for this).  It's really effective if someone uses an encirclement
    or spread out lines in defence.  It's weakness is that if the enemy uses
    a tight defence formation, the first guy in the vanguard is going to
    take a bad beating before he gets some help
    0.  Circle-great for holding off an ambush and if you have to guard
    someone.  Otherwise, it's extremely cumbersome to move around and
    doesn't work that well against a one-sided attack
    The Units
    The Light
    Warrior-one advantage that the Light possesses is superior hand to hand
    fighting ability.  The Warrior can easily slaughter a Thrall in hand to
    hand and will beat a Myrmidon if all things are equal.  His advantage
    in fighting is that he's the best blocker in the game.  This especially
    useful if you're fighting a monster with slow hitting rate like a Thrall.
    One fight saw a Warrior take down a Thrall while taking no damage because
    he blocked both axe strikes.  The Warrior does medium damage at max and
    can take a fair bit of punishment and he's got a decent hitting rate so
    he's no cannonfodder.  I like using this guy to absorb attacks for more
    valuable troops or ramming him into the front of an enemy while charging
    a Berserk into the enemies' flank
    Archer-his health stinks, he can barely outrun a Thrall but this guy
    rocks especially in groups.  The reason is that he's got the best firing
    range in the game.  His arrows are as damaging as a Warrior's swordstroke.
    If you ever go hand to hand, the Archer can lash out with his fists.  The
    damage stinks and he's got poor range so about the only thing you can take
    out is a solitary Thrall or Ghol and that's if you outnumber him by about
    3-1.  He's best used to lay down some support fire against enemy skirmishers
    and to shoot down Soulless, Wights and Fetches.  Beings with good speed are
    the most deadliest foes to the Archer so watch out for Myrmidons, Ghols,
    Spiders, Trow, and Shades (especially Trow and Shades, they are devastating
    hand to hand fighters and can soak up a lot of damage).  Also watch that
    you don't shoot your own guys in the back especially if you grouped together
    a line of archers.
    Dwarves-a bit faster than the Archer and just as big a wimp.  He also can't
    do a thing in hand to hand but this guy is absolutely devastating against
    infantry.  Weaker beings will be torn apart in one bomb blast while tougher
    grunts will be near death.  Those on the edges of the blast will still
    take a good amount of damage.  The Dwarf can also lay down satchel charges
    to booby trap an area (especially good if you know where your enemey is
    coming from and the area is narrow), setting off a powerful explosion with
    his grenade.  However the Dwarf can be real unpredictable and if not careful
    can end up bombing your own troops.  Also water will put out the grenades 
    while heavy rain can do the same too.
    Journeymen-the game Myth uses a number of elements from Glen Cook's Black
    Company books and one element is that if a being uses magic, it'll be
    far tougher than a normal person as magic gives the user unnatural vitality.
    With the exception of the Fetch, this is true too in Myth.  The Journeyman
    can soak up a bit more damage than a Berserk or Warrior.  He hits as hard
    as a Warrior with that shovel of his.   However hand to hand isn't his
    forte, healing is.  A Journeyman has six mandrake roots which he can use
    to bring an injured unit up to 80% of its full health.  He can also destroy
    true undead with the mandrake.  This is what makes him important.  As he
    only has six roots, use them wisely.  Also remember that he can only bring
    a character up to 80% of maximum health so don't use it on barely injured
    units.  If the mission doesn't require you to protect the Journeyman and
    he's used up all his mandrake and can't find anymore, than by all means
    charge him into the fray (of course he's so slow, it's more like a plod than
    a charge).
    Berserk-he's easily the best of the normal hand to hand troops.  Only beings
    like the Avatara, Shades, Trow, and Forest Giants are better in a fight.
    Sure they're alot better but they're also much much much rarer.  His health
    is no better than the Warrior but it's his speed that kills.  The guy can
    really motor and he's extremely fast with the two-handed sword.  With the
    sword he can rip apart enemies without the opponent even getting a chance
    to hit him back.  Also the two-handed sword has a bit of a reach advantage
    and it's minimum damage is equal to the maximum damage of a Warrior's broad
    sword.  Mind you his maximum damage isn't that much higher.  I like to use
    these guys to charge at an opponent's flank while sending Warrior's to their
    front, that way the opponent will have to turn to face the Berserks giving
    the Berserks the first and often last hits.
    Forest Giants-along with the Trow these are the ultimate in hand to hand.
    They're fast, they absorb incredible amounts of damage and they will kill
    any small unit save Avatara and Shade in one smack.  Against any of the
    giant type creatures, Forest Giant and Trow does reduced damage because
    they can't get their full weight on them.  The only thing to watch for
    is the slow turning rate of the Forest Giant and that if they take too
    much damage they'll turn to stone.  So avoid getting surrounded.  Note
    also that because they take up so much room, maneuvering more than two
    can be somewhat challenging.  However this is the only Light unit that
    can cross most surfaces like deep water and steep mountainsides on account
    of their size.
    Avatara-the only one you will ever encounter is Alric.  The Avatara have
    unnatural vitality and are even deadlier sword fighters than the Berserks.
    Their sword strikes does even more damage than a Thrall's axe blow.  The
    most deadly thing about Alric is his ability to blast foes into kingdom
    come with his magic.  He creates a chain of explosions that are contagious
    and does plenty of damage.  The few instances where Alric is available
    use him to the utmost ability.
    The Dark
    Thralls-these guys are cannonfodder.  They are the slowest creatures in
    Myth and have a hard time hitting the broad side of a barn, even if they
    do luck out and hit someone they're so slow the enemy gets ample oppurtunity
    to counter.   That said there are some nice things to these guys-they do
    can do even more damage than a Berserk with a single axe strike, they also
    can take a goodly sum of damage and can hide underwater.  The computer
    will send waves of these guys after you and will try to ambush you from
    underwater if given the chance
    Wights-these guys are living bombs.  They have pathetic health so it only
    takes a few shots to kill them but beware they'll explode if close enough.
    Their blast is more powerful than a Dwarf grenade and worse still is that
    units outside the blast can be spattered with Wight guts which will paralyze
    temporarily from the diseased pus.  They also like to hide in the water and
    so be cautious when crossing rivers.  The safest way to dispose of these
    guys is to shoot them with arrows, dwarf grenades are too close for comfort.
    Note that if a Journeyman manages to wither a Wight with mandrake, the Wight
    will leave a pus pack behind.
    Ghols-these guys are fast but they can't take alot of damage.  They hit
    about as hard as warrior but are easily killed by any semi-decent melee guy
    from the Light.  The real danger is that Ghols in later levels like to throw
    things like blades and Wight pus packs.  They throw with greater range than
    a Dwarf and often with greater accuracy as well.  Note too that a Ghol has
    superior agility and so can go through surfaces that most units can't.
    Soulless-the Dark answer to the Archer, it's inferior range puts it a 
    disadvantage against the Archer but because it is only semicorporeal the
    Soulless can travel any surface with ease.  Other than that it is in all
    respects an Archer.  These guys are at their most dangerous when grouped
    together as they like to concentrate their fire on one character to finish
    him off.
    Myrmidons-the closest thing the Dark has to a Berserk.  They have decent
    health, very good speed, quick attacks and decent damage however they
    will usually lose one on one against a Warrior and will get pummelled by
    a Berserk.  These guys are dangerous but the Light has the advantage unless
    Cave Spiders-these guys are push overs.  They're fast and can scale surfaces
    easily but they don't have any toughness.  The real danger is getting
    swarmed byt these creatures but with some covering fire and well placed
    skirmishers it should be no problem.  Also these creatures are neutral and
    will attack Light and Dark.  More dangerous than the Cave Spider is the
    Spider Queen, which is a huge version of the lowly spider.  She has a
    poisonous bite which paralyzes temporarily and is the fastest thing in the
    game.  The Spider Queen is also able to make more damage as well.
    Fetch-imagine an evil Dwarf but with greater range and accuracy.  These
    creatures are devastating against your troops.  Their lightning bolts
    explode on contact so they can wipe out large contingents in one or two 
    shots.  Best to take them out with Archers, also note that their lightning
    will cause high explosive things to explode so you can try to trick them
    into firing when they're over a satchel charge.  The other thing is if you
    use a Berserk, try to lure her melee support into her line of fire so that
    she fries them instead of you.
    Trow-everything about a Forest Giant applies to this guy except that the
    Forest Giant causes more damage (it is possible to survive a single hit
    from a Trow) and Trows can take less damage because of their tough skin.
    Shades-these guys are the answer to the Avatara, they float over terrain
    so they move fairly quickly but cannot cross running water.  One Shade
    can slaughter 3 Berserks at once in hand to hand but their most dangerous
    ability is to cause your guys to explode.  The Shade will however try
    to avoid using this ability if you are fairly close to it as it will
    get caught in its own magic, and also it has a limited number of usage
    so it will not waste the dream on a few guys.  The Avatara hit harder
    and can take far more damage so Alric can kill one in a one on one.  If
    you lack the really tough guys then send just enought meleers to bring
    it down.  Too many and it'll use the dream and too few the Shade can
    pummel it's way out eventually.  Shooting it with arrows is difficult
    as it moves pretty quickly and just needs to close the gap enough to
    use it's dream power on you
    The Walkthru (to the best of what I recall)
    Crow's Bridge
    You must repel the invaders from Crow's Bridge.  Note that with no
    Journeyman (he's introduced in the next level), you'll have to watch
    your health.
    The 2 guys in the cut scene are going to be in deep shit if they stick
    around so retreat.  Send our hapless twosome to the gang of Warriors
    in the middle of the road.  The enemy won't attack at this point, so
    you're fairly safe.  Now move to the town and get the Dwarf, Archers
    and Warriors to meet up with the rest.  About this time the enemy will
    send 4 Ghols to harass you.  Destroy them if you wish, but remember
    that they're there to distract you (I killed them by luring them to
    their deaths with my Dwarf).  If the Ghols are out of range, they'll
    go after the civillians of Crow's Bridge but don't worry civillian
    casualties mean nothing unless you feel obligated to save them.
    The enemy will advance from the river to slightly separated waves.
    The first wave consists solely of Thrall so a Dwarf with a well placed
    satchel charge can wreak havoc.  The second wave is a mix of Soulless
    and Thrall, use the Archers to kill the Soulless and the Dwarf and Warriors
    to decimate the Thrall.  When the enemy takes enought casualties, it'll
    try to retreat so now's a good time to rack up some experience.  If you
    killed the Ghols and Soulless, there should be no survivors among the
    enemy as the Thrall are way too slow to escape (just remember they can flee
    into the deep part of the river).
    A Traitor's Grave
    You must kill the traitorous mayor and will be given a lot of Archers,
    a Dwarf and a Journeyman.  The only guy with some real ability in hand
    to hand is the Journeyman so keep this in mind.  You will meet a guide
    who will lead you north but if you like to take a pause he'll wait albeit
    impatiently.  Send your Dwarf to southeast corner if you hate country music
    and wish to inflict bodily harm on a peasant yokel.  Too bad you can't
    take out his trailer as well.  As for the rest of your group, be on the
    lookout for a gang of Ghols that'll try to get you from the back.  But
    between the Journeyman's inhuman vitality and big shovel and the Archers
    firing arrows, the Ghols should be no problem.  Follow the guide with all
    your team and as you go north get ready to fight.  The guide will retreat
    to you guys when he spots the Soulless and Thrall coming, hopefully you're
    in a good formation atop a hill.  Since the enemy should be below you,
    the high ground advantage should see you through with little damage.
    There'll be another wave of Thrall and Soulless but deal with them the
    same way and you're fine.  Eventually the guide spots the mayor and calls
    for his death.  I recommend that you hurry west to ambush him along the
    path, the guide has served his purpose and will gladly die a martyr by
    distracting the Ghols coming for you.  The mayor is guarded by an entourage
    of Thrall.  The easiest way is just shoot the mayor with arrows or a grenade
    as the Thrall only cover his sides.  But I felt he deserved an ignomious
    death so I charged my Journeyman to beat him over the head with a shovel.
    The mayor will try to retreat and so he separates from his escort while
    the Journeyman gladly beats him to a pulp.  Meanwhile the Archers rack up
    some experience by killing the escorts who try to rescue the traitor.
    The mayor finally collapses from a caved-in skull which is good because
    the Ghols are about to rush the Archers.  The enemy will retreat at this
    The Siege of Madrigal
    Your object is to lure the enemy up north to the bridge.
    You have no Journeyman so watch your health!!
    You have alot of Warriors and fair number of Archers, go in and slaughter
    the Ghols that are in your path, be aware that before you cross the bridge
    Thrall (or is it Ghols?) will try to take you from the sides.  So counter
    this effort by splitting your Warriors and Archers in two groups and tear
    into them.  Hopefully you take no damage,  next we send some Archers to
    the bridge where you'll see three groups of Thralls and Soulless.  The
    big threat here are the Soulless, so try to assassinate them by getting
    your Archers to fire a few arrows into the closest Soulless and retreating.
    The Soulless will come after you but will return to their original position
    if you move back quickly enough.  With enough of these small raids the
    Soulless should be dead and the Thrall are vulnerable, send your Warriors
    in to smash them while having the Archers soften them up.  When you win
    that bout quickly move everyone to a large open space and have the Archers
    ready for action.  Because Wights make their first appearance popping in
    from out of the village and the river.  Destroy as many as you can and
    then send most of your troops back over the bridge leaving about 3 Archers
    and 3 Warriors (hopefully these six will be in top health).  Having a large
    party will just be cumbersome as you cross that narrow bridge and not to
    mention that you have to fear Wight sneak attacks.  Well once your main
    body of troops are over get the Archers in that bunch to be in good position
    to protect them as Wights will also appear in the area though not to the
    same degree as the other side.  With your decoy party of six make your way
    north but kill as many Wights and Ghols as you can  as you want your way
    clear when you retreat.  As soon as you see the main enemy force, get ready
    to run if they follow you.  If they don't, fire an arrow or two to get their
    attention.  Luckily they're slow because you'll need any speed advantage you
    can get to clear the bridge and surrounding waters of Wights who decide to
    take up residency there.  When you make it over the bridge, the Dark should
    also be coming over to so you win!
    This mission requires that you keep your Journeyman alive as he's the one
    who carries the Total Codex.
    When you first appear, the large group of Warriors appear first but they
    realize it's an ambush by Soulless so retreat from the World Knot you came
    from.  You shouldn't take any damage as you retreat but more importantly
    when you retreat the Archers appear and will scare away the Soulless.  When
    they move away, two Dwarves and a Journeyman appear.  First get rid of
    any foe in your way as you push south to the Codex.  With such a large
    force this will be easy.  When you see the cathedral where the Codex is
    held, you have a choice.  You see the party sent earlier is not dead yet,
    when you approach close enough though the Dark will send hordes of Soulless
    and Thrall to overwhelm them.  They 'll get slaughtered unless you take
    control of them, to do so you must send someone in quickly and quickly take
    control of the first party.  Get into good defensive formation and counter
    the siege.  Send the second party to destroy the foes from behind.  By
    rescuing the earlier party you can have negative casualties and now you have
    two Journeymen so one guy can be expendable.  If you get a hold of the
    survivors of the first party, you'll be in good shape because as soon as
    you get the Codex you must push further south into more danger.  You see
    the World Knot you used has been destroyed so you must find another way out.
    I can't remember whether a large gang of Thralls and Soulless meet you at
    this point but the big danger lies with a big gang of Ghols, what makes
    these guys more dangerous is that they're armed with pus packs lying on the
    ground.  Send your Dwarves to clear the ground of remaining pus packs with
    some Archers and Warriors to support them.  The Ghols will do their best
    to waylay you but your superior forces should see you through with little
    or no casualties.
    Flight from Covenant
    Your mission is to get the Codex out safely
    This is the first instance, where you get a special character the Warrior
    Captain.  He fights better than your normal Warrior and since that's the
    first and last time you'll ever see him, try to get maximum usage from him.
    When you first appear you're going to be attacked from the front by Thralls.
    Just send your Dwarves to tear them up, but when that's over you'll be hit
    from the left and right by big contingent of Thralls with a Wight.  To make
    things even hairier, Wights will come out of the ruins as well.  Weaken
    the Thralls with your Archers and Dwarve but kill the Wight with your
    Archers as soon as the oppurtunity comes up.  The pus explosion will kill
    some Thralls and paralyze others.  Slaughter everyone until nothing remains.
    This level introduces the Myrmidons and you will see two of them standing
    a bit north of the ruins, fire some arrows at them and they'll runaway. Now
    you have a choice to make, you can go directly north and face a huge army
    of Myrmidons and Thralls or you can go west to avoid them.  If you go decide
    to go around you will face some Thrall and a number of Wights in the lake,
    you also get to meet SoulBlighter one of the Fallen but don't worry he's
    just an observer and will disappear.  If you want the road to glory, you're
    going to have do some planning, lay some satchel charges in the indentation
    between the ruins.  Place Dwarves in front.  Behind them lineup the Archers.
    Flanking the Dwarves, in a distance that puts them far away enough to not
    get bombed will the Warriors.  Now send a lone Warrior north to find the 
    enemy, as soon as he's spotted run like hell because the Myrmidons are much
    faster.  With the big lead he has he should make it just time.   The
    Myrmidons should follow into the indentation and so now's a good time to
    start bombing.  Myrmidons can withstand two grenades but if any that's
    caught in a single blast will be near death so cause as much havok with the
    Archers and Dwarves as you safely can before charging the Warriors into
    their flanks.  Beware that some Myrmidons may go around the ruins rather
    than through it.  Your Warriors have a slight combat advantage over the
    Myrmidons so you should win it (but you'll at least be badly hurt if you
    haven't taken heavy casualties, the best I can do is come out with 4 dead
    including the decoy man who I leave in the indenatation so that Myrmidon
    are delayed.  But there's much better players than me so maybe they have
    a way).  When the Myrmidons are finished, the Thrall shall have arrived
    at this time.  Unfortunately your Warriors should be badly hurt so get
    them to runaway leaving the Archers and Dwarves to kill them.  Because
    of their slowness, the Thrall should be destroyed without causing any
    damage.  With the way clear, you'll only meet the odd enemy who you'll
    cleave through.  You can either pay SoulBlighter a visit or go to the
    Force Ten from Stoneheim
    Your job here is to destroy a World Knot, so make sure you have at least
    7 satchel charges for it.
    This will be the stunning premiere of the Berserk, you also get an
    bunch of Dwarves and Archers.  However you have no Journeyman.  
    Anyways in the beginning, a Berserk will try to talk the pilgrims out of
    going to their pilgrimage.  Now you can either let them get slaughtered
    which will buy you time and lessen your likelihood of getting hurt or
    you can go with them and be a hero (not that you get anything out of it
    other than job satisfaction).  I let them get massacred, and here's how
    things went for me.  The pilgrims will push off to the side to reach their
    holy site while I went north.  By the time I reached the channel of ice,
    the pilgrims are quite south of me.  To my front is a large band of Thralls,
    Soulless and some Ghols.  Because of the treacherous ice, the Thralls must
    cross via a narrow pass and so they get torn apart by the Dwarves I lined
    up.  The Ghols and Soulless can cross the ice but I had the Berserks repel
    the Ghols and I would keep sending Archers forward to potshot the Soulless
    and retreat.  Since there's so many of them, it'll be a long battle.  By
    this time Soulless and some Thrall will have finished off the Pilgrims
    to the south and push upwards.  But with a forest behind me to slow their
    progress, I was able to pick them off.  When all is clear, you go north
    where you'll meet some opposition from a bunch of Thrall and a few Soulless
    but you'll carve right through them.  However while you are busy destroying
    them, some Ghols will try to hack down your Archers and Dwarves so get
    your Berserks to stand by.  When this group is dead, push north further
    and you'll meet a larger wave of Thrall and Soulless behind them you'll
    see the World Knot, destroy the Soulless with your Archers first and then
    devastate the Thrall with you Dwarves and Berserks.  With the way clear,
    go forward but be wary of stragglers.  Place as many satchel charges as
    you can on one of the outcroppings of the World Knot and ignite it.
    Something has destroyed your scouting party, find it and kill it!!!
    You are armed with a mighty band of Berserks, Archers, Dwarves and a
    Journeyman.  This level has quite a few Myrmidons to sink your teeth into.
    In fact you meet a wave of them as you press forward.  No problem as you
    should have a hang of the game long ago.  After them will be a groundswell
    of Soulless, destroy them and you are fairly set.  There will be another
    token force of Myrmidons trying to lure you so that a somewhat bigger force
    can hit you from behind.  However the enemy is charging almost single file
    so it'll be a massacre for them.  Also take out Soulless you see hanging
    in the mountains.  They're there to sporadically fire a few shots at your
    melee guys who can't climb the mountain.  When this is done, press further
    Northeast and you will hear the welcome words of new units have arrived.
    You will get a bunch of Warriors, a Journeyman and I believe a few Archers.
    Join up and press further until you see a pair of Myrmidons.  To the left
    of them is a ledge you can climb so send the Archers along with maybe 2-3 
    Berserks or Warriors along with a Dwarf.  As you climb the ledge you'll
    see a few Soulless to kill, when they're dead push further up the ledge
    with the Archers, they'll spot a groupd of Soulless with a number of Thrall.
    From your height advantage, you should decimate the Soulless.  Meanwhile
    back on the bottom, you probably killed the two Myrmidons and will soon
    encounter the Thrall.  Send a Dwarf or Two to soften them up and retreat
    quickly so your Berserks and Warriors can go after them safely.  Make sure
    when you attack the Thralls that they've advanced a fair distance because
    you'll be hearing loud thumps.  Behold!!  This is the first appearance of
    the Trow.  There's only one of him but that's more than enough.  Your
    Archers will hopefully start peppering him with arrows, while your melee
    squad should have toasted the Thrall with little or no injury.  Charge
    your fighters at the Trow but make sure you hit him with an encirclement
    formation or something similar because he'll tear through you like nothing
    if you go single-file.   Soon enough the Trow will be nothing but rubble
    Ambush at Devil's Overlook
    There are 100 Soulless trapped in a pass, kill'em
    You don't actually have to kill all 100, depending on the difficulty setting
    you need to kill a certain percentage.
    You get a lot of Dwarves and some Berserks too, not to mention that there's
    a big supply of satchel charges for you.  Your scout will lure the first
    wave of Soulless for you to bomb so get ready.  Set some satchel charges
    for them and let them have it!  Hopefully you've positioned yourself so
    that you can bomb them from different points so that they won't be able
    to focus their firepower on one group of yours.  Stragglers can quickly
    be mopped up with the Berserks.  Refill your satchel supply and set up
    another trap, there'll be two more small rushes by the Soulless before
    the real huge group comes.  Whatever you don't go too forward or you'll
    incite the Soulless to rush en masse with all their forces!!!  Also you
    will see some Soulless crossing through the snowy hills instead of the
    ice river.  That's okay you don't have to go after them, it's better not
    to either as you want your Berserks handy instead of running ragged chasing
    a few stragglers.  Bomb enough so that the level ends and hopefully you
    take few or no casualties (the Dwarves have the stupid tendency of having
    grenades deflected back at them from the force of the previous explosion). 
    The Five Champions
    Alric has been captured and so a group of mighty heroes are coming to save
    the day!!!
    With the exception of the Journeyman who is just a normal guy, the heroes
    are mighty indeed.  Especially Ki'Angsi the Archer and the Dwarf guy.  With
    Turgeis and his pal (both Berserks among Berserks) you should see heroic
    carnage among the foes.  You see the heroes have much better health and 
    better accuracy and range, the Warrior Captain you had earlier only fights
    a bit better than you're normal guy but these heroes are much better.  
    I hear that there's some extra mandrake lying about somewhere when I snuck
    a peek at the official Myth guide in a bookstore.  Anyway when you first
    start off there'll be some Soulless trying to potshot you from the mountain
    send Ki'Angsi to teach them manners andgo forth.  Next will be a gang of
    Ghols but unfortunately for them, you actually outnumber them.  With the
    incredible accuracy and range of the Dwarf (I forget his name along with
    the name of the other Berserk hero) and Ki'Angsi, I doubt they'll even
    reach your guys.  With them out of the way, there'll be some Soulless to
    kill, then there'll be a horde of Thrall coming down a ledge.  La de da.
    Your biggest threat in this level will come from the Soulless as you only
    have one Archer to fight with.  So you'll have to potshot with care.
    Basically coral any group of Thrall for your Dwarf and Archer to mow down.
    The badly weakened survivors will be fodder for the Berserks.  Heal your
    heroes only when they're badly hurt as they do have greater health than
    normal.  Ki'Angsi has even better range than a normal Archer so use this
    to your advantage against the Soulless (remember Soulless are even slower
    than Archers).  Basically you will traverse a number of gullys and canyons
    so you can go southeast.  There you will be meet a line of Soulless, these
    guys are your last opposition this level so be tricky and lead them to their
    second deaths.  With them out of the way, you will see Alric suspended in
    the air by four magic generators.  Destroy the generators by pummelling them
    with your guys and Alric is free.
    Out of the Barrier
    The Heroes must lead Alric to safety.  This area is fairly open so watch
    for attacks from various sides as well as Soulless firing from the mountain
    tops.  Your object here is to guid Alric to a mountainside to east so he
    can teleport your guys out.  But before that I recommend you slaughter
    yourselves a path to the southwest, you'll see a small shrine-like opening
    in the mountainside and floating in midair is a glowing bow.  This is the
    Bow of Stoning which will turn corporeal creatures into stone (extremely
    useful when Myrmidons try to take you from all sides).  However don't 
    immediately send Ki'Angsi to pick it up.  Rather send the Berserks and
    the Journeyman to the area, also try to manipulate the grouping so that
    Alric follows these three.  Alric is under computer control, he'll follow
    someone (usually the Journeyman) and he'll protect himself.  What we want
    is to get Alric to take the brunt of the attack that happens when you near
    the bow.  A gang of Ghols rush out, but your mighty foursome should pummel
    them.  Especially if most of them go after Alric, who'll tear large chunks
    of Ghol out of them.  Now you should push west and smash down the groups
    of monsters that come after you.  When this is finished, heal up everyone
    who needs it.  As you proceed check your radar for an extremely large group
    of foes.  Then pan the camera and you will see a guy floating in the air
    with a huge group of Myrmidons and Soulless.  Alric will tell you to let
    him handle it.  He'll start talking with the Shade Sinis and will bomb
    the enemy with his magic, killing all the enemy except Sinis.  One on one
    Sinis and Alric will engage in a swordfight, Alric will trounce him good
    but to speed things up send the Berserks, the Journeyman and even Ki'Angsi
    to belt Sinis with his fists.  When the heroes gang up on Sinis, he won't
    last long.  Now you must make your way to the mountain top as enemy
    reinforcement are arriving.  When Scaripant died he dropped his magic 
    on the ground, you can ignite it with a bomb and this will kill your foes
    but take the Dwarf out with it.  Maybe if you make a string of 9 satchel
    charges and ignite it from a distance it'll work safely.  Anyhow, bring
    your guys with Alric and escape
    Find the Watcher's arm and escape via the graveyard.
    You get an assortment of Berserks, Dwarves, Archers, and a Journeyman
    The arm is in random locations to look about.  I found mine near the big
    mine entrance where a large number of bats fly out.  The thing to watch
    for is that this level introduces the Fetch.  There will be several
    patrols lurking about, each has a Fetch surrounded with Soulless, Thrall
    and a few Myrmidons (not too sure about the Myrmidons).  As soon as the
    Journeyman picks up the arm go north where the graveyard is.  Destroy
    patrols in your path by shooting down the Fetches first with arrows, then
    systematically destroy her guards.
    Shadow of the Mountain
    Some of the Legion have been corrupted and you must protect the arm
    Actually this level is fairly easy, you get a big band of Berserks, Archers,
    Dwarves and a Journeyman.  There'll be four or so waves that come at you
    from random points on the map.  It'll be 2 waves of Thrall plus Dwarves
    and 2 waves of Thrall plus Archers, these waves will have a sprinkling of
    Myrmidon as well.  There's alot of them but you have a major height
    advantage.  The enemey has to go up the mountain so they're missile bait.
    First take out the Dwarves, it's more preferable to kill them with Archers
    but even your Dwarves have an advantage.  You see the enemy Dwarf has to
    throw upwards which shortens his range, as well there's a chance the bomb
    will roll back blowing him up.  When a Dwarf dies sometimes his satchel
    charges explode so that should take out an extra foe too.  Also if an
    enemy Dwarf dies and leaves his charges intact, bomb 'em if an enemy is
    near it.  Archer waves should have your own Archers counter them with
    their height advantage, then send the Dwarves for some quick hit and run
    before charging down the Berserks.  Also in this level you will see a
    stationary group of traitor Archers, if you don't bug them they won't
    bug you (they are easy pickings though but it does use up valuable time
    when you absolutely need your Archers).
    Seven Gates
    The Deceiver and the Watcher are fighting each other, kill Scaripant
    Scaripant is a Shade aligned with the Deceiver.  The Watcher and the
    Deceiver are fighting each other so if you ever encounter a group, lure
    them to an opposing faction and watch 'em go.  To aid you, you get a
    a group of Archers, Warriors, and a Journeyman.  Scout around with a
    Warrior so you can know where the enemy is, and then lure the enemy
    into each other.  The Dark is composed of Thralls, Soulless and Fetches
    so beware of the Fetches.  If a Fetch survives fill it with arrows.
    Scaripant is in the northeast on island surrounded by water, send 3 or
    4 Warriors to kill him as he is badly hurt (note that Archers tend to
    miss him and sending too many guys will result in Scaripant using his
    magic.  Too few Warriors and Scaripant will mow 'em down with his superior
    Forest Heart
    There are 4 Trow Generals, kill 'em
    You get a large number of Berserks and Archers plus 3 Forest Giants.
    Too bad there is no Journeyman.  When you first start off, it is a scene
    of mayhem.  A scouting party of a few Berserks and Archers are ambushed by
    Myrmidons and coming fast is a Trow.  I hear it's possible to save a few
    of the party and I heard that on Timid you can actually kill all the
    Myrmidons and the Trow with no casualty.  I let 'em die trying to inflict
    as much damage on the Trow as I could.  Next the scene changes to your
    main forces where a few Berserks run up to say the scouts are dead.  They're
    followed by some Myrmidons.  Kill them and get close to the bridge, there
    a bunch of Soulless will attack.  You could use the Forest Giants but why
    waste some health, just arrow them to death.  Do not cross the bridge yet,
    instead group your Archers to the north bank along with the Giants, a Trow
    will cross the river to get you.  The Archers should be able to reduce his
    health to half before the Giants get him.  When you go to the bridge,
    there'll be Myrmidons waiting, so set them off with some arrows and retreat.
    Repeat until they're gone.  Cross the Giants over the bridge but make room
    for some Archers because a Trow is coming, and a few arrows will help.
    When the Trow is dead, go back across the bridge and head east, then go
    north.  There'll be some opposition in the form of Thrall and Soulless,
    then get ready to cross the bridge.  There are some Soulless lined up on
    a mountain so shoot them down.  Myrmidons will charge after your Archers
    but your Giants and Berserks will make quick work of them.  Go further and
    you will see a gang of Thrall with a few Soulless, shoot them a few times
    before breaking off your Archers, then send your Beserks and Giants to
    mop up.  Then send the Giants near the Archers because a Trow is coming.
    The Archers should fire on the Trow but they have to work fast as he has
    plenty of room to move.  Send the Giants in for the kill.  After that push
    up to meet the murderers of the scouts.  Lineup your Archers and Giants
    against the Trow while you send the Beserks to prevent the Myrmidons from
    helping the Trow.  As the Beserks outnumber the Myrmidons, they probably
    won't take any casualties so just worry about the Trow.  When he goes down,
    your forces celebrate but the jubilation is short-lived, SoulBlighter
    appears and he's got the Tain.  He sucks everyone but the Giants into the
    Tain, leaving the Giants to futilely batter away at him to no avail
    Heart of Stone
    You are trapped in the Tain and must find a passage out
    You get a Journeyman, Beserks, Archers, and Dwarves
    This level introduces you to the Cave Spiders, actually this level
    is fairly easy as the Spiders like to fight with the Dark.  You must
    activate four pylons on each corner of the map.  I heard that there's
    a way to do it without stranding the Beserks but I don't know it.  The
    reason you have to activate the pylons is that they create a bridge 
    segment over the lava to the exit.  The fights are easy as Spiders are
    wimps and your main opposition here, plus the Dark you meet will be
    badly hurt from spider bites.  This level is a field day for your 
    Archers and Beserks, not just that you get reinforcements teleporting in
    The Smiths of Muirthemne
    You find out a possible way to destroy the Tain, releasing everyone
    When you appear you get the same thing more or less as above.  You'll
    pop in firing a few arrows at nearby Cave Spiders.  As you move further
    you'll see teleportation activity.  There are two Beserks in desparate
    battle against a big gang of Myrmidons, so crush 'em with your Beserks.
    Now collect yourself and explore a bit and you'll notice that there are
    four pylons.  These pylons fire lightning that will instantly kill any
    of your troops, however the pylons will give off a warning noise and
    glow if you approach just close enough.  It won't fire unless you move
    closer, the other pylons are now safe to approach so go in and clear
    out the Spiders so you can get the glowing orbs to dump in a gate to
    the north.  Each of the four corners has a Spider Queen who is far more
    dangerous than the smaller Spiders but if you have a gang of Dwarves,
    followed by a line of Archers and flanked by Beserks you are in good 
    formation to come out relatively unscathed.  Also one of these corners
    will teleport a gang of Myrmidons who are battling 2 Bezerks and an Archer.
    When you have placed all four orbs at the gate you will be free
    Sons of Myrgard
    The Dwarves want to liberate Myrgard from the Ghols
    You get Balin and will be reinforced with Dwarves.  This level has a secret
    level too.  No Journeyman here or in the secret level just Dwarves.
    You start with the pathfinder Balin.  Balin is alot like the Dwarf hero
    from Five Champions except he uses artillery charges instead of satchels.
    Balin starts the level off invisible, he remains invisible until he throws
    something.  So guide him past the Soulless at the gates, taking care not
    to let the enemy hear you.  Once through look for a pen full of pus packs.
    Throw a bomb into the pus packs so the Ghols can't use them.  You are no
    longer invisible so cause as much damage as you safely can and call for
    reinforcements with your flare grenade.  The Soulless will come for you but
    with your reinforcement you can clear them out along with the Ghols.  When
    finished go south, you'll see 4 Ghols practice fighting and a pen full of
    Wights.  Kill the Ghols and Wights.  Now go east, you'll find a gate of
    wooden stakes so bomb it apart and go forward a bit.  Word of warning, you
    now enter to the Ghols' living quarters.  Each cave has 2 waves of Ghols,
    not just that but there are Ghol patrols and a few Wights as well.  Here's
    where Balin's artillery charges come in handy.  When you use it, he throws
    a flare on the target area, when the flare runs out a heap of satchel
    charges fall from the sky which explodes on contact.  Anyway, if you want
    to go to the secret level DO NOT KILL EVERYONE!!!  In fact leave some of
    the caves intact, you just have to take care of the caves that are close by.
    The secret level is in the southeast cave which is to the south of the big
    stone gate (ignore the Ghols at the stone gate, they're not looking for a 
    A Long Awaited Party
    This is the secret level where you must destroy the Godhead of the Ghols.
    The Godhead is a big near indestructible rock, you'll need at least 24
    satchel charges and these must be placed on the weak spot as well.  
    Any way you get Balin (if he survived earlier) and some Dwarves.  Go in
    and clear out the caves and the patrol that comes for you.  When you go
    north, you'll see a gang of Ghols standing by a narrow pass.  They are
    armed with throwing blades and pus packs so ready a good formation and
    get Balin to toss an artillery in front of them, with luck they'll walk
    into it and take heavy losses.  With them out of the way press south,
    you'll encounter a gang of Ghols near some ruins, like wise they are
    armed with pus and blades but there are still some pus pack lying near
    the Ghols, get Balin to bomb the closest pus pack which will spatter
    and kill some Ghols.  Run away, and go back to finish the job.  With
    the Ghols dead some Soulless will come to.  Carefully take cover and
    bomb away.  Go further south where you will an arsenal of pus, blades
    and yummy satchel charges.  Load up the charges, as you do so 3 Dwarves
    will parachute down as reinforcements.  To the east lies a ledge which
    leads to the godhead but there is also a gang of Soulless.  They'll
    ignore you unless attacked, so get Balin to use a well-placed satchel
    charge or two.  This will severely whittle their numbers.  If you let
    some go they'll come after you later but they should be so hurt that
    they can't muster much offense.  Go further east where you see another
    arsenal and a Ghol.  Do him in and go further east then go north where
    you spot a Ghol or two, kill him.  Now you have a choice to make, you
    can finish the level the easy way or take the road to glorious Ghol
    devastation.  The first has you go around till you reach the back
    of the stone.  The Ghols are too busy praying to notice you so you can
    blow it up which pisses them off to no end so they come after you (though
    it's too late for them to do a thing).  The second way has you going to
    the ledge that the Soulless were trying to go down.  Arrange your Dwarves
    in a long line and  move up planting charges (make sure that the arsenal
    to your back is untouched, you'll need the charges).  Once you a long
    and fairly narrow line of charges, move your Dwarves back keeping them in
    the long line formation.  Then get Balin to throw an artillery charge at
    a reasonably close target but optimize its placement so that it will take
    out at least 3 Ghols.  As soon as you throw it, run like hell (there may
    be a possibility you can toss a second charge as soon as you throw the
    first but that's cutting it close).  As soon as the artillery hits, the
    Ghols will come rushing for blood.  However, if you hold steady and don't
    get any grenades deflected at yourself, you will see a spectacular chain
    reaction which will completely wipe out the Ghols and leave you unharmed.
    By the way the stone's weakspot is that section where you can walk under
    the stone.
    The Road North
    An Archer hero is ambushed and killed.  Recover his magic bow.
    At first glance, you looke woefully undermanned.  You have 3 Archers and
    4 Warriors, however there won't be much fighting until you get the bow.
    The bow is in a small circular body of water to your north, just follow
    the trail of blood.  The one fight you really get is when you reach the
    branch that leads to north to the bow.  You see the Thrall have dug 
    themselves into the soil (as seen in the cut scene) so they can ambush 
    you.  So send a scout to set them off, retreat and regroup then destroy.
    When you get to the body of water, I should warn you that as soon as an
    Archer gets the bow, 4 Thrall rise to attack.  For me, I placed 4 Warriors
    in position for a quick run, I had the Archer grab the bow and evade the
    Thrall while my Warriors attacked each individual Thrall.
    Once you get the bow, things look up for you greatly.  The bow is the
    Bow of Furious Incandescence, meaning it shoots lightning.  This lightning
    bolt has the same range as an Archer's arrow but is even more powerful than
    a Fetch's bolt, it will kill anything in this level in one shot.  What's
    more just like a Fetch's lightning it causes explosion type damage, so that
    one shot from the Bow of Furious Incandescence will take out a whole group
    of foes.  Soon enough small groups of Soulless with a Fetch each will come
    for you, but they're no threat.  You must return to the same place you came
    from, but you can also hang around to rack up some more experience.  On the
    way back, a big gang of Thrall will come to perish at your hands.  Also 
    there are still gangs of Thrall lurking in the mud (mind you, they're not
    even close to being near you).
    Across the Gjol
    Repel the enemey from river Gjol
    You get a Warrior Captain, Warriors, Archers, Dwarves and a Journeyman.
    This is going to be a harder version of Shadow of the Mountain.  You
    have the height advantage and the first few waves are easily defeated.
    Later they will send a huge horde of Soulless giving them great firepower,
    to make things worse, heavy rain will tend to put out your grenades.  
    I heard that if you kill a Wight down by the river, reinforcements come.
    I never tried as I was too busy at the time and didn't think of it.  Any how
    before the Soulless arrive get the Dwarves to lay down charges.  As soon as
    one grenade escapes being put out, you'll destroy the hordes of Thrall that
    come after you.  Good formation management is a must here.
    The Watcher
    The Watcher has been turned to stone, smash him to bits
    This is one tough level, you start off with 18 Beserks.  You have nothing
    else but Beserks.  The two occurences of reinforcements gives you only some
    more Beserks.  As you cross east through the swamp kill any opposing Thrall.
    Once on dry land, get a single Bezerk to go forth.  There's a Shade with
    a gang of projectile tossing Ghols.  Get the Bezerk to get their attention
    and run about trying to get the Ghols to accidentally throw their weapons
    into the Shade, meanwhile send a small gang to kill the Shade and his Ghols.
    Once that's done, you will go east where you meet more Ghols with throwing
    weapons and Soulless, try to go around them as confrontation will seriously
    hurt.  As you go further, a Shade teleports in.  Quickly rush in and kill
    him, he's too surprised to use his magic so he dies fast.  Meanwhile go
    up and down till you get both sets of reinforcements.  The way to the
    Watcher is blocked by a gate of Soulless, kill them to break through.
    Once through you will see the Watcher guarded by Ghols and Thrall.  Rush
    everyone in to start hacking away.  Those who are blocked off from the
    Watcher should attack anyone attacking your guys.  Believe me there's going
    to be plenty of bloodshed not to mention pus and spears thrown around.
    I only survived with 6 Bezerks left.
    River of Blood
    Cross the bridge over the River of Blood.
    You are in the city of the Trow, that tells you something.
    You get 3 Forest Giants, Dwarves, Archers and Bezerks.  You first start
    at a gate fenced off by wooden stakes, destroy the stakes with your Dwarves.
    Lineup your Archers past the gates, then send out the Giants and Bezerks
    to flank.  You will see a Trow flanked by Myrmidons, get the Archers to
    shoot the Trow when he's down to half health.  He'll attack,  send the
    Giants to kill him while the Bezerks should tackle the Myrmidon.  As
    the instructions tell you going through the center is suicide because
    there's a ton of Fetchs, Soulless, Myrmidons and Trow.  Pick a side and
    go there taking care to kill any opposition without taking much harm.  Keep
    going forward till you reach the bridge, there you will see a Trow who has
    three Fetchs at his right and he is flanked by Myrmidons, soften the Trow
    with arrows and send the Giants to kill the Fetchs.  They'll do it before
     the Trow gets an oppurtunity to attack so get him.  Note that the Myrmidon
    will still stand around.  With the Trow dead, get Giants to kill the
    Myrmidons and send the Bezerks to help.  I heard that if you lose all your
    troops a second powerful party appears after to try and cross
    Pools of Iron
    Alric must make it to the site of the final battle
    This is your one chance to control the great Alric.  He really is great.
    He has powerful magic (only 4 uses though) and incredible physical power.
    He's so tough he can withstand several hits from a Trow.  Take Alric
    and send him south.  Along the way solitary Myrmidons will try to attack
    you.  Let them come close, then attack.  If you rush them too soon they
    run away, easily outdistancing you.  Once Alric starts hacking a Myrmidon
    it won't get the chance to hit back.  As you go further south, a large
    gang of Myrmidons rushes forward so use the dream on them.  If anyone
    survives, they're easy pickings.  Continue until you see a World Knot
    that is broken.  Alric will activate it by standing over the missing
    outcropping but before you do so kill the 2nd major Myrmidon force with
    the dream and kill any stragglers.  Activate the World Knot places Alric
    into temporary computer control, leaving him helpless.  But help arrives
    as a big battalion of Berserks, Archers and a Journeyman (was it 1 or 2?)
    comes through.  Go east where you will see a shrine, there are 2 Trow
    lurking there so you might not want to go straight east, rather take a
    slight detour so the Trow will fight you one at a time.  Shoot the Trow
    as much as possible before surrounding it with Bezerks and Alric.  Make
    sure Alric is one of the guys hitting the Trow as he causes greater
    damage.  There are only two major groups of Myrmidons remaining, so dream
    them both.  As you go to cross the blood lake, large contingents of Thrall
    will attack but Alric and Bezerks can easily slaughter them especially with
    some Archer support
    The Last Battle
    Find and destroy Balor
    This actually isn't the last battle, but that one is anticlimatic compared
    to this.  You get Bezerks, Archers, and will later get Dwarves (I forget
    whether there'll be a Journeyman.)
    You must go north to meet Alric, but as you do kill all the Fetchs that
    are in the river and approaching.  When you get to Alric, move everyone away
    from the Standard of the Myrkridia.  Alric will engage Balor in dialogue and
    then Balor will use his lightning dream to destroy the Standard, killing 
    anyone nearby.  At this you will be attacked by large groups of Myrmidons
    and Thralls.  Coming to reinforce them are two Fetchs.  So kill your foes
    quick so you can deal with the Fetchs.  With the way clear, follow Alric
    but not too closely.  Balor will stand at temple surrounded with Myrmidons
    and Thralls and two Fetchs.  Balor taunts you with the destruction of the
    Legion, and causes a shower of decapitated Dwarf heads.  Then Alric
    retaliates with a dream.  This instance can be fatal if your guys are too
    close.  Soon the survivors of the dream come and attack.  They are also
    backed by a host of Thrall and two Fetchs.  As usual the Fetchs take
    priority.  Hopefully you go through the experience relatively unhurt because
    there's more bloodshed to come.  You meet Balor once more surrounded by
    a lot of Fetchs.  Get your Archers to start weakening the Fetchs, as later
    Balor will get the Fetchs to fire on Alric, who bravely shields you with his
    body.  He can't last forever and will need his strength to face Balor, so
    charge in the Berzerks to kill all the Fetchs.  When it's over, Alric goes
    and faces Balor for the last time.  Balor zaps Alric with his dream but
    Alric has a nifty up of his sleeve.  With the Eblis Stones he paralyzes
    Balor, now he'll command you to kill him.  Better do as he says, when it's
    over Balor will be a head shorter
    The Great Devoid
    When Balor has been killed before, he returned more powerful each time so
    the remnants of the Legion must throw his head into the bottomless pit of
    the Great Devoid.
    You get some Bezerks, Archers, Dwarves and a Journeyman.  A Dwarf must carry
    Balor's head.  Note that your force is not in perfect health either.  You
    must now cross the river to the east to reach the Devoid.  In the river
    lurks Wights.  Above you will be Fetchs and Soulless who try to blast you
    from the cliffs.  Your Archers will be your only defence right now.  Once
    you get close to the shore you will notice a two forces of Soulless and
    some Fetchs.  Lure the Soulless to you and destroy them but be wary of 
    Wights lurking about.  With the Soulless dead, shoot the Fetchs.  With the
    way clear, create a beachhead and take a small breather, you'll need it.
    You see there are patrols of Fetchs with Myrmidons (I forget whether it was
    Myrmidons, Thralls or Ghos).  To make matters much worse, SoulBlighter is
    here.  He can tear your troops apart with ease, but he has a weakness.
    Send 4 Bezerks with the Journeyman (you must have at least 1 mandrake too).
    Hold position with the Bezerks and let SoulBlighter come to you.  When 
    SoulBlighter is busy killing the Bezerks, use your healing on him.  As an
    undead it hurts him bad, forcing him to turn into a pack of crows and fly
    away.  Now hold off the patrols and march the Dwarf with the head to the
    Devoid.  Your celebration will be cut short with the Dwarf saying "Uh Oh"
    and a huge geyser of energy pours from the Devoid.  This leads to the
    cinematic ending which is ambiguous to say the least, and sets the tone
    for Myth 2!!!

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