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"This classic game should be in everyone's collection."

Myth, while released about 6 years ago, is a very well developed and fun game that should be in your collection.

Story - 8/10 The story of this RTS (real time strategy) game is rather impressive. The game takes place on a far off fantasy world with a medieval theme. Lots of cut scenes in this game which bring the whole story to life. The evil (dark forces) are invading the land of the good (light forces). You have to command the light forces to victory by using a variety of different units.

Graphics - 9/10 The graphics are very well done in this game especially considering when this game was released. Even by today's standards, the graphics are not too shabby. Everything is crisp and clean looking in Myth.

Sound - 8/10 Not really too many sound effects in this game but for the ones that are in there, it is done well.

Control - 8/10 The most important part of any game is the control. Myth does a good job in this area. Using the number keys on the keyboard, you can choose different formations in which your troops will assemble. The mouse is used to select units and to attack enemy units. Orbiting (circling the battlefield around your men) may take a bit to get used to. You can also zoom in and zoom out which is fun when you want to look up close at the bloody mess that the enemy army was reduced to. The controls should only take thirty minutes to one hour to master. All the keys are customizable so you can change them to whatever you like.

Replay value - 8/10 Due to the different units you get on each map, there are many different ways to complete a level. You may want to set a small mine field up and detonate it using the dwarf to cripple the enemy or send in troops to fight in hand to hand combat. Archers are also fun to use from a distance to pick off the bad guys. I still enjoy playing this game to this day and you should as well.

Single player - 10/10 This is what Myth was designed for. The single player campaign should take anywhere from 15-20 hours to complete depending on the difficulty setting. There are 24 levels to complete with a variety of different units at your disposal. Some levels take 10 minutes to beat, while others take more than a hour.

Multiplayer game - 9/10 The multiplayer aspect of Myth is great as well. You can choose which units you will have (light or dark side) and there are many different maps to play on. You can play on or just by using TCP/IP. 16 players are supported at one time. Some of the game types include deathmatch, CTF, king of the hill, and many more.

Overall - 9/10 If you are looking for a fun, action packed strategy game with great graphics and sweet gameplay, you should definitely pick this game up. With the different difficulty settings, this game will bring a challenge even to the most experienced gamer. Once you start playing this game, you will not want to put it down until you beat it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/09/03, Updated 02/09/03

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