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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Psychopulse75

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    FAQ #20
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             %%    %%  %%% %%  %%   %%   %%%%%% %%  %%% %%%%%%
           ######  ##   ## ###### ###### ##  ## ##   ## ##  ##
           ######  ##   ## #####  ###### ##  ## ##   ## ##  ##
                       ##  ####  ##   ## ##### #####
                       ## ##  ## ###  ## ##    ##
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                   ^^  ^^ ^^  ^^ ^^   ^^ ^^       ^^
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                 / \   / \   / \         / \   / \   / \
                ( A ) ( N ) ( D )       ( T ) ( H ) ( E )
                 \ /   \ /   \ /         \ /   \ /   \ /
              / \   / \   / \   / \   / \   / \   / \   / \
             ( I ) ( N ) ( F ) ( E ) ( R ) ( N ) ( A ) ( L )
              \ /   \ /   \ /   \ /   \ /   \ /   \ /   \ /
                 / \   / \   / \   / \   / \   / \   / \
                ( M ) ( A ) ( C ) ( H ) ( I ) ( N ) ( E )
                 \ /   \ /   \ /   \ /   \ /   \ /   \ /
                              For the N64
                             The Walkthrough!
                  Author: Cedric Cooks/Oda (The Jiggyman)
                   E-mail address: cedric60914@yahoo.com
    Welcome to the Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Walkthrough.  Here, you'll
    of course have all of the treasure loacations, weapons, and all of the other
    junk you'll find in here.  I've only played the N64 version, though.  Plus,
    since I've wrote mainly small guides, I think it's time for something BIG for a
    change, so that's why I'm writing this.
    Just ignore the glitches if you can and you'll have a blast.  =)
    First release
    Table of Contents
    1. Story
    2. Characters
    3. Gameplay Basics
    4. Weapons
    5. Items
    6. Walkthrough
    7. Glitches
    8. Credits
    9. Disclaimer
                                ( 1. Story )
    Picture it-1947.  World War II has ended and the Cold War just started.  Famous
    archeologist Indiana Jones has been basically doing some work in the Canyonlands
    in the American Southwest, until he comes across an old friend of his-Sophia
    Hapgood, part of the newly established Central Intellienge Agency (Or CIA).
    Coming to Indy for help, she tells him of Soviets trying to dig up something
    from Babylon.  The only thing Sophia found so far was a piece of machinery.
    It's looks like it's around the late 1800's, but it was dated back to nearly
    2,600 years ago, during the time the Tower of Babel was being built.  According
    to the Bible, they stopped work on the project for reasons that were never
    mentioned, according to the Bible.
    It's a machine inside the Tower of Babylon, which might just be the gateway to
    another Dimension.  The person trying to find this dimesional Gateway is a
    Russian Scientist named Gennadi Voldinkov.  To find it, they are currently
    digging up the site where the Tower of Babel is, but they need four parts of
    something called the "Infernal Machine" first.  So Indy must find all four parts
    before Voldinkov does.
                             (2. Characters)
    Henry "Indiana" Jones: The hero of the story and a famous archeologist, who must
    find all four of the Infernal Machine parts before Voldinkov does.
    Sophia Hapgood: An old friend of Indy's who now works for the CIA, she requests
    Indy's help on the current situation involving the Communists attempt to find
    the Infernal Machine secret.
    Gennadi Voldinkov: His interest in the Infernal machine astounds him, but he
    needs to find all four parts first.  Indiana Jones in the only one standing in
    the way.
    Simon Turner: Sophia works for this agent of the CIA.
                           (3. Gameplay basics)
                                /      \
                                \      /
    People who played the PC version had an unfortunate luxury of pressing buttons
    to preform certain actions in the game.  Here, you're given one of the best
    control setups in gaming history-the setup used in Zelda: Ocarina of Time is
    used here in this game.  If you've played the game or Majora's Mask, it
    shouldn't take long to get used to the control setup, other than the fact that
    Indy can jump on his own unlike Link.  And if you haven't played it, for
    shame...anyway, this section is for those who are new to the system.  Everyone
    else, well...read anyway, since some things have been altered from the setup.
    Control Stick: This allows Indy to move freely in a 3-d world (For obivous
    reasons.).  Move the control stick a little to walk, and a lot to run.  But I'm
    sure this would've been a no-brainer to you.
    A button: Jump.  Hold the button to help him jump higher.  He can also climb up
    on top of certain blocks or ledges this way.  Plus, he can move while jumping as
    well, which is helpful for jumping from platform to platform (Which Indy can do
    with ease if the jump is far enough.).
    B button: Replacing the A button in Ocarina of time, this is the "Action"
    button.  When Indy doesn't have anything in his hands, this will perform
    miscellaneous actions, such as opening doors, grabbing blocks, pushing and
    pulling blocks, hanging from ledges, etc.  The action he performs depends on
    what the green circle says at the top (Resembles the B button).  If he's
    equipped with a certain object, the button will be used for that particular
    object-for example, if Indy has his revolver out, he can fire it by pressing B.
    The left, right, and bottom C buttons: They store items, weapons, and other
    inventory (some of it anyway).  One object is assigned to a particular button.
    In the beginning, his revovler will be in one button, his whip in another, and
    the other one will have his lighter.  As Indy gets more weapons and items
    (Mainly weapons) he can take them from area to another, and he can switch
    between them.
    To pick whatever you want to use, press that particular button that item has
    (The whip, for example, can be selected by pressing the bottom C button.).  To
    switch, pause, and you'll see some weapons on the far left colmun.  To select
    your weapon, press any of the three C-buttons.  Some items like the lighter and
    whip can be equipped as well.
    Top C button: Zelda fans, don't worry, this doesn't call for a fairy who shouts
    "Hey! Listen!" every five seconds.  This instead, let's Indy see from a first-
    person view to see the surroundings around him, keeping in mind that you must
    hold the button to do this.  Simply look around using the control stick.
    Start: Pauses the game and brings up a menu.  The far left column has weapons
    for Indy to select from.   The second one has health recovery items, such as
    Anti-Venom kits and medicines.  The third one has miscellaneous items he's
    found, and the are usually used at the pause screen, such as keys.
    The final column on the far right has options, which consists of a camera to
    save your game in the middle of a stage (So you won't redo the entire thing all
    over again), game progress of your money, IQ points, and whether you want to
    quit your game with or without saving, restart the stage from where you last
    saved, or start the stage over from the beginning.  Left or right selects a
    colmun.  To scroll through them, press up or down.  To get out, simply press
    Z button: When holding this button, you'll walk instead of run.  This also keeps
    the camera behind Indy and allows him to slowly walk backwards, as well as
    strafe slowly.  With a gun out, he'll lock onto enemies by pressing this button
    ("Z" targeting as Zelda: OoT fans would say).  This button helps him aim better,
    as well.
    He'll lock on automatically sometimes, and sometimes when you release the
    button, the lock won't break-if he's close enough, that is.  Keep in mind that
    not all enemies can be locked on.
    Control Pad: Not used in gameplay, but can navigate the menus for you if you
    don't feel like using the control stick.
    L button- It puts away whatever Indy has equipped currently.
    R button- it allows Indy to crawl, which is useful for avoiding some traps or
    crawling through small areas.
                                   /    \
                                   \    /
    Your health meter appears as a green circle.  As you take Damage, part of the
    circle dissappears, and you'll see part of the circle in another color.  The
    circle will change from green to yellow, to red, to zip.  If it's in red, or
    part of the circle is red and the other part is yellow, use health recovery
    items (More later) to replenish your health.  Each color circle is like 1/3 of
    Indy's health.  If Indy has full health, they won't be used.  Once Indy hits
    zip, you're dead.
    Apart from losing health, if Indy gets poisoned, take an Anti Venom kit.  Until
    then, a skull and crossbones appears in the center of the health circle.  The
    quicker you use an anti venom kit, the less health you lose over time in
    poisioned condition.
    And then there's instant deaths, such as Indy falling too far, going into
    freezing water or lava, certain traps planted in the temples, etc.  Be very
                               /            \
                              (Getting Around)
                               \            /
    It's easy for Dr. Jones to get into the water, just jump inside and Indy will be
    in.  To swim above water, use the control stick.  Next, press B to dive
    underwater, and A to swim fater while underwater.  The machete (When Indy gets
    it) is the only weapon you can use underwater.  You'll see another meter on the
    right in a blue color, and this indicates how much oxygen Indy has when he's
    underwater.  Once it's out, the health meter will drain rapidly.  If he doesn't
    get to the surface in time, he'll drown and die.
    There are many ways to use it, mainly to use it to swing it across gaps and
    dangerous obstacles, climb it like a rope, and activate switches too far for
    Indy to reach.
    First, look for something that the whip can wrap around.  Next, approach it,
    until the camera will focus on the object that you'll use the whip on, but you
    must have the whip out first.  Once that's done, you can use it.
    Swinging with the rope is easy-just use your whip on whatever you're aiming at
    (A pole usually), and you'll automatically swing to the other side.  The same
    applies for activating switches, minus the swinging part, of course.
    To use it like a rope, stand under something that the whip can wrap around, then
    Indy will whip upwards.  Climb it by pressing up or down (Though you'll be going
    up in many cases), and left or right lets you change the direction you face.
    Once you're at the top, press A to jump.
    Indy's cigarette lighter won't be used for smoking cigarettes (It's not like
    he's Solid Snake.), but it can be used to light your way through dark areas and
    light candles or torches (If the situation requires it, of course.).  To light
    objects, stand next to a candle or torch and press B when you have it out.
    Stand in front of a block and press B to grab it.  Push forward on the the
    control stick to push it, and backwards to pull it.  But pushing and pulling is
    unusual in the game-he takes two big pushes and one little push, which is done
    automatically for you.  The same applies to when he's pulling it.  And once he
    goes into pushing/pulling it this way, he won't stop until the little push
    (Unless you continue pushing or pulling it).
    Also, there are times when he can't grab blocks and move them-either because the
    block is in a dead end, or you're out of room to push or pull it.  And if that's
    the case, you'll have to find another way to get the block to where you want it
    to go.  There are also other things besides blocks you can push in here.
    In the Tian Shan River and Return to Peru, Indy will navigate a river with
    Dangerous rapids.  After finding the raft, go to the edge of the water, but make
    it close enough so you don't fall in on accident.  If he doesn't pull it out,
    you're not close enough.  Once you're close enough, he'll set it up and you'll
    automatically get in.
    A paddles the raft forward, and B paddles it backward, but it can be used to
    slow the raft down, as well, since the rapids go by pretty fast.  A meter
    similar to the air meter when Indy's underwater will appear on the right side,
    except it's yellow instead of blue.  Once you poke the raft on a jagged rock,
    air will leak out and the meter will go down.  Having it poked again during this
    time will only further continue the leakage of air and lose a little more that
    time.  Use a Raft Repair kit to seal up the holes and and bring the meter to
    full health.
    THIS.  IS.  FUN.  First, press B to get in.  A accelerates it, B hits the
    brakes, and Z puts it into reverse.  You run over over people and hyenas with
    it, and it has unlimited fuel, too.  Sweet...the only way you can get hit is if
    you get shot in the driver's seat, and apart from that, the jeep can can blow up
    if you don't make a jump good enough or it tips over and falls upside down (And
    it stays like that).  By the way, you have to get into the driver's seat to get
    In King Solomon's Mines, you'll ride a mine cart to naviagate them.  Unlike the
    jeep, you can enter from either side (Unless it's near a wall).  The A button
    accelerates, the B button slows it down and exit when it comes to a stop, R
    button puts it into reverse, and Z lets you duck any obstacles low enough to hit
    Indy in the head.
    It helps to pay attention to your surroundings.  In temples, some traps have
    been planted-many to kill any trespassers (You for instance).  First, if Indy is
    on the verge of approaching one, he might say something like, "Something's wrong
    here."  This means a trap isn't too far behind, and the skull and crossbones
    (Usually on floor tiles) only furthermore indicates that you must watch what
    you're doing.  All traps have a way of being avoided, and some usually guard
    treasures you're after.  Some just plain get in the way, and other times, they
    may take you by surprize.  Pay attention to what you're doing.
    Indy can climb ladders, certain walls and other rough surfaces.  Go start
    climbing, walk up to surface or a ladder.  Press up to move up and down to move
    down.  Left and right makes him move along the climbing surface horizontally.
    To drop down, simply press B to let go.
    He can also climb up onto anything small enough for him to get on top of (Blocks
    and boxes come to mind).  Simply enough, press A and he'll climb it.
    Hanging from ledges is easy.  Stand on the edge of a surface, and press B.
    Another way is to grab the edge of a platform or long, horizontal notches in the
    walls.  Press B to drop down or A to pull yourself up.  Left and right has him
    moving around on the ledges.
    Treasures are hidden in stages, too.  Coins, relics, diamonds, idols, treasure
    boxes, you name it.  Each treasure has it's own value in money, and that can be
    used for the Trading post (See below).  Also, they add 10 IQ points to Indy.
    These IQ points will unlock a secret for him if he finds all of the treasures
    hidden in the game.  The are 10 treasures in each stage.  Treasures vary, but
    there will ALWAYS be two idols (One gold and one silver) in the set of 10.
    Some stages in this game are very long, so it helps to use this option
    frequently.  Go to the column on the far right and select the camera.  If you
    want to save your game, say yes.  Now, the option "Restart from last save"
    appears, and also you'll be able pick the the stage from where you left off
    after you stopped playing.  It can also be helpful for accidently screwing up in
    a stage, or if you're trapped, this is so you won't restart the entire stage
    Please note, however, if you just saved in the middle of one stage, and you save
    on another, the previous save will be deleted.  You can also restart a stage and
    still have the "Restart from last save" Option in there as well.
    I'll often tell you at certain times when to save thoroughout this guide.  Look
    for *SAVE* between the paragraphs.
    When Indy has a piece of the Infernal Machine, A red meter, similar to the raft
    air and oxygen meters, will appear.  Pressing B will cause some of the meter to
    drain, but it can replenish on it's own.  Each piece of the Infernal Machine is
    used in different ways.  Each time you get a new piece, see what it can do.
    Keep in mind that once the meter is drained, you'll be sacrificing some health
    until you stop using it.  Always let the meter recharge so you can use it
                           /                 \
                          (Indy's Trading Post)
                           \                 /
    After completing every stage, the treasure you find will be traded for items
    here.  Use the control stick to navigate through the items and press A to
    purchase.  The items here mainly consist of ammo and health recovery items.  To
    discard the items you purchased, go to reset and hit a to start over.
    Otherwise, hit done to finish.  Keep in mind that you don't have to purchase
    something from this place anytime.  You can buy nothing at all if you wish and
    save your money for the next one (Which is a good idea to do sometimes).
    One thing I need to say, however.  You can replay a stage you've already beaten,
    but the trading post won't appear the next time, even if you got some treasures
    you didn't find eariler.  The trading post only appears after you've cleared a
    stage you didn't beat already on your file.
                              (4. Weapons)
    Indy's main weapon has unlimted ammo.  It's great for killing any dangerous
    wildlife so you can save your weapons with ammo for something more threating,
    like, say, the Russians Indy will fight throughout the game.
    9mm Semi-Automatic
    The most common weapon the Communists carry, they fire faster than Indy's
    revolver, and give out 10 bullets per clip you pick up.
    Machine Pistol
    I rarely find this weapon, or use it, for that matter, but it fires faster than
    the 50 Semi-Automatic and the Revolver.  However, it has 5 bullets per clip you
    pick up.  It's also a little weaker.
    Combat Rifle
    It fires slow, but has great range for sniping.  It will prove to be very
    helpful thanks to the Zelda 64 setup.  You get 5 bullets per clip you pick up.
    Submachine Gun
    This assualt rifle is great for mowing down those Russians Indy encounters with
    ease.  For every clip you pick up, it's 20 bullets.
    Pump Shotgun
    Well, it's a shotgun, and it's pretty darn powerful at close range.  Of course,
    pumping it after every shot means you're open for hits for a few seconds.  For
    every gun you pick up, you get 5 shells.
    Once thrown, the 4-second timer will start.  After that, BOOM!  It might be me,
    but Indy (Or the guards in this game) doesn't throw grenades that good.  Listen
    for ticking sounds to indicate that it's about to explode.
    Rocket Launcher
    Fires a rocket which creates a HUGE blast once it hits.  Very powerful, too.
    You get 3 rockets for each extra one you pick up.
    Close Combat isn't bad, but since the Commies are armed, and there are other
    weapons to use, I don't bother with it much.
    A knife of sorts you can use to cut down webs, ivy, and anything else that gets
    in your way.  It can be used as a weapon as well, but I don't recommend it.
                    (5. Items and Infernal Machine Parts)
    NOTE: This only only consists of items you can use from one stage to the next.
    It lights torches and candles for Dr. Jones, and helps him see in dark areas
    His trademark whip can help Indy cross wide spaces, climb it like a rope, and
    activate certain switches.
    Anti-Venom Kit
    If you get poisioned, simply take one to stop the poisonous venom.  The quicker
    you take it, the less damage the venom will do to you.
    Recovers 1/3 of Indy's health.  Remeber, a full color circle is like 1/3 of his
    health, so if all of his health circle is yellow, this will bring back up to
    green, for example.
    First-Aid Kit
    Same thing, but it recovers all of Indy's health.
    Medicinal Herbs
    It acts similar to the Medicine.  See above.
    Healing Herbs
    Behaves similar to the First-Aid Kit.  See above.
    And the Infernal Machine Parts...
    Urgon's Part
    Creates a small shockwave, destroying weak walls and certain enemies that
    bullets can't harm.  Each time you use it, about half of the meter is drained.
    Taklit's Part
    Makes Indy invisible.  The meter is gradually drained over time as he continues
    to use it.  To stop being invisible, put it away or press B again.
    Azerim's Part
    Makes Indy float.  It can only be used in certain spots where there is a  blue
    jewel, however.  You'll know there's one above when you see a with a fairy on it
    (It's a fairy to me, at least).  Press B when standing on the tile and you'll be
    surrounded by a blue light.  Push the control stick forward to move up.  And for
    getting down safely, simply face the jewel and press B.  Then push the control
    stick backwards to move down.
    Nub's Part
    Oh, goodie!  An electric generator!  This generates electricity and can be used
    on special switches.  Like Urgon's part, it uses about half the meter, so use it
                              /            \
                             (5. Walkthrough)
                              \            /
    Okay, are you ready?  This assumes you're going for all of the treasures found
    in the area for the first time.  The treasures you found will be numbered in
    parentheses.  And you see *Save* throughout the walkthroughs between paragraphs,
    it's obivious you should save here.
                                Stage 1
                             /////// \\\\\\\
                            (THE CANYONLANDS)
                             \\\\\\\ ///////
    You'll start off sliding down a small slope.  Go forward and climb the the large
    rocky steps.  Drop down into the gap or climb down the ladder (Doesn't matter)
    and walk up to the block.  Grab it and pull it back,  and climb up on top of it,
    then look to the right.  There is an alcove with a treasure inside (1).  Drop
    down and go through the opening you pulled the block out of.  Drop and and crawl
    through the small opening.  Jump over the gaps and Indy will stare up at a pole
    of sorts in the cut-scene, saying that it looks whippable.
    After pulling out the whip, go up to the wall and with your whip out, Indy will
    look up at the pole.  Use it, then climb it like you would a rope.  Go forward
    and you'll eventually encounter a snake.  Pull out your revolver and blast it
    silly with the Z-targeting method.  Enter the doorway next to where the snake
    was and to the right is an alcove with a treasure (2).  Next, you'll need to
    reach the square-pillared platform.  No problem, simply go back to where you
    just grappled the pole (Dont go down though) and simply jump to the platform
    once you see it.  You'll grab the ledge, so pull yourself up.
    Indy says he might be able to whip that pole.  Take it out and do so, you'll
    swing across.  Upon doing that, Indy will fall into a room into a dead corpse,
    and then fall into a river.  And all of that happened in just 5
    seconds...regardless, swim to the ledge and pull yourself up.  Climb up the
    ladder and you're in the room with that skelton.  Next to it is a treasure (3).
    Go back into the river and follow the current to a waterfall.  Don't climb of
    the pool, though.  Instead, look for an underwater passage (Simply turn around
    180 degrees) and swim through, then climb out.
    You'll see a huge hole of sorts, go down, using the huge, rocky steps like you
    would a staircase.  In the middle is a treasure (4).  Climb out via the steps,
    and to get out, you'll need to climb the ladders and jump from ledge to ledge.
    In one instance, you'll have to jump up to another one above you, simply stand
    back some, then jump.  You'll also want to do that when climbing ledges, as
    Once your out, go towards the hole, but before doing so, you'll see in an alcove
    on the left another treasure (5).  Drop down and you're back at the ruins.
    First things first, the pole just broke off, so you can't whip it again.
    However, a piece of rubble fell off, climb up on it, then jump up to grab the
    ledge.  Pull yourself up and drop into the hole and back into the river.
    You'll go down the waterfall and eventually find yourself in the same pool
    again.  This time, climb out.  After the cut-scene, go to the left.  You'll get
    to a dead end, but you'll find a treasure there (6).  Go back to the pool area
    and go down the middle.  As before, it's a dead end, but you'll get a treasure
    (7).  Go back to the pool once more and you'll eventually see a path.  After
    climbing the first two steps, DON'T JUMP TO THE NEXT BIG STEP!  Instead, drop
    down, and you should see a hole ahead.  Crawl inside and you'll see it's dark.
    You can use the lighter, but it's unnesscessary as the treasure (8) can be seen
    clearly on a platform with light shining on it.
    Crawl back out of the hole, and go forward to the next dead end.  Next to a
    skeleton is a treasure (9).  Go back some and go up on the big step again.  Look
    for a ledge to climb up on and pull yourself up to it.  Look for another ledge
    engraved onto the wall (It should be above you), and jump up to it.  Shimmy
    across to the right, and pull yourself up to the ledge.  Turn around and jump to
    the next ledge on the other side, then climb up the ladder.  Jump to the next
    ledge on the other side (Yet again, and after that, grab the ledge and pull up.
    Pull out your revolver, and you'll see a snake, but it isn't a problem to you.
    After killing it, climb up the ladder and you'll find the last treasure in an
    alcove (10).  Climb back down and jump across to the last ledge on the other
    side, and it's all home free from here...
    Upon meeting your old friend Sophia, you'll get info on Voldinkov, the Babylon
    dig site, and a cogwheel from her. And before you know it, you're off to
                            INDY'S TRADING POST
    Anti Venom Kit-50 dollars
    Medicine-100 dollars
    First aid-300 dollars
    Healing Herb- 300 dollars
    Medicinal Herb- 100 dollars
    So what do you buy?  Nothing.  Not yet, at least.  Save your money for the next
    one.  Even if you have all the treasures, you have little money at this point in
                                 Stage 2
                                 /// \\\
                                 \\\ ///
    Upon arrival, you'll have to climb some mud brick pillars and jump across them,
    it shouldn't be hard to do.  Keep going until you see a building.  It's
    Voldinkov's HQ, but you can't get inside.  If you go to the right, a gate in
    front of the doorway has blocked your path.  On the left side of the buliding,
    you'll see a box.  Pull, than push it toward the wall.  Climb up on the box,
    then climb the wall.  Jump across to the rooftop, and you'll listen on Voldinkov
    and a radio operator.  Enjoy their conversation below.
    After that, jump to the doorway and look on the wall to the left.  Here, you'll
    see a ledge.  Grab it and shimmy on over to the right until you drop on the next
    doorway.  Indy will spot the dig site, but it has guards everywhere, so stay
    away.  If you want to, though, you can drop down and go to the left and pull the
    switch to open the gate that blocked you eariler (This can also be done if you
    messed up).
    In any event, turn around to the other wall on top of the second doorway to face
    a passageway and jump on in.  Go forward until you enter a large room with
    water.  Go to the left and hang from the ledge.  Shimmy over to the right and
    climb in the alcove, then take a few steps back and jump across to the next one.
    After grabbing the ledge, pull yourself up, because the only reason for that is
    to pick up the treasure lying there in wait (1).  Hang from the ledge again and
    drop, then press up while falling to grab the one below you.  It's tricky to
    pull off, at first, but if you can do this here, you should hopefully have no
    problems with similar obstacles like this in the future.
    Here, pull yourself inside and go to the left.  Jump once more to the other side
    (Once again) and take out your revolver.  Go to the right and kill the spider,
    then go into the tunnel on your left.  Aim at the barrel and fire. It'll blow up
    the Russian guard nearby.  Next to him is an Anti Venom Kit.  Go to the left and
    get the next two guards attention, and hide in the tunnel.  When they come
    toward you, let them have it.  Pick up their 9mm Automatics, and if you wish,
    use them, but you have very little ammo to work with.
    On the other side at the bottom, take out the other two guards in the distance
    and fire at the one hanging around the tent below.  Pick their the ammo and the
    Machine Pistol, but don't use it.  The 9mm is far more common as far as ammo is
    concerned.  Enter the tent to get a First Aid Kit.  There's nohting else of
    interest here, so exit and go to where the bottom of the hill is.  You should
    see a slope you can slide down, do it.  Upon entering the area, go left and
    search the pillar next to you for a Anti Venom Kit.  Then go to where you see
    the ladder (It shouldn't be hard to find) and climb up it.
    Go up the stairs and crawl under the windows so a lone guard won't spot you and
    snipe through them.  After exiting the linear passageway, go out and kill the
    guard (The same one who's probably sniping at you through the windows), and drop
    down to collect his gun.  Before entering the tent, a scorpion is inside, shoot
    it and search it for another Anti Venom Kit.  Go out and go to the right, and go
    through the doorway.  Pull the switch to open the gate.  Go left and push the
    box as far as you can.  Climb up on it, then grab a ledge and pull yourself up.
    You'll see a cinema with a truck going through a checkpoint.  You guessed it-you
    have to jump on the truck to sneak inside.  Before doing that, though, climb
    down the ladder to your left and run across.  Pick up the Anti-Venom Kit on the
    box to your right and go to the left to climb up on the box (You don't need to
    push it).  Here, grab a ledge, and go all the way to the left and wait for the
    next truck to come.  Once it stops jump on it quickly and you'll be inside...
    In the presence of the Commies.  (Gulp)
    IMMEDIATELY after the cinema ends, run off the right side of the truck (You
    might take damage for this) and to the right to get a medicine and another Anti
    Venom Kit (Getting a lot of these, aren't we?).  The fence is blocking you off,
    so go to the left.  Carefully go up the stairs and take out your 9mm Automatic.
    Snipe at the barrel and fire.  It should hit the barrel, taking out the lone
    guard.  If you miss, don't fire another one right away.  Instead, wait a few
    seconds (Take off the lock on in nesscessary), then try again.  Do the same for
    the guard on the right by firing at the barrel.  The guard with a rifle may give
    you trouble, I usually aim at him while moving to avoid hs shots.  The last
    guard ahead is easy to kill.  Pick up their ammo (A medicine may appear if you
    got hurt badly) and climb up on the box.
    Look to the right and you'll see an alcove with a treasure inside (2).  Go
    forward and go to where the the guard tried to snipe from you.  Pick up his
    rifle and continue into the passageway until you reach a gap.  Take out your
    whip, and it'll focus on a U-shaped...uh...object hanging on the ceiling.  Swing
    across the gap and climb down the ladder.  Don't drop down or you'll take
    damage.  Look to the left and climb into the room.  Go into the main hallway and
    go into the far left room ahead of you.  Inside look to the right to find a
    switch in the room.  Pull it to open the gates.
    However, two commies will out.  They must have informed Voldinkov.  *Cringes*
    Thankfully, upon coming out, one will stand next to a barrel that explodes.
    Shoot that to take him out.  The guard next to him will run and hide for a bit ,
    but if you've locked onto him, he shouldn't be hard to find.  After killing him,
    go into the room on the other side (From where you just pulled the switch).
    Here, you'll find a box which you can pull out from and reveal a hole.  Crawl
    into it and you're in a series of underwater passages.
    There is a another section of this area, as indicated by the holes.  There is an
    exit to find, as well as two treasures.  Also, rest areas are there to let you
    return to the surface for air.  I can't give out the exact details, but here's
    what you'll find through descriptions of each underwater passage.
    1. The third treasure can be found by swimming immediately into the next to you.
    The passageway is shaped like a "L", and at the end of the L (The right side, I
    believe) there is a treasure (3).  It's easy wind up in that spot, however,
    since there is more than one way to get in.
    2. The fourth one is found by swimming into a passageway at the other side in
    the middle where you'll swim down for a bit, then swim straight ahead into a
    dead end.  Boom (4).
    3. The exit is found by swimming into a passageway in the far-left corner.
    You'll swim straight for a little while, then swim up some, then straight into a
    pool.  Climb out.
    Here, go forward and then to the right are a set of stairs going down.  You'll
    find a door, but it's locked (Doh!).  Go back up and a guard will hold you up
    and try to shoot you, but another shot will be fired and the guard will die.
    You'll meet Simon Turner, who was responsible for stealing the cogwheel.  He'll
    give you a key and say he's interested in the Mardok statue.
    Go back to the locked door after he leaves and use the key.  It'll open and a
    room of explosives will appear before your eyes.  Take out your revolver,
    because we won't be fighting anymore commies in this stage.  Aim at the
    explosive barrel and stand far away so the explosions won't hurt you.  When
    you're far enough (In the middle of the stairs will do just fine), fire.  It'll
    blow all the explosives up, and a hole will appear, drop down.
    After landing in the water, swim to the very bottom of the pool for a treasure
    (5).  Swim on up and climb on the rocky step.  You'll ascend up several of these
    like a staircase, making the occasional jump across.  Go forward and pull the
    block out, and an elevator of sorts will be triggered, taking you down.  Enter
    the new room and save here.
    Inside, you'll see three things of interest.  The first one to the left has a
    contraption of sorts, but it needs equipment to move.  No problem!  Use the
    cogwheel Sophia gave you and put it in there.
    In the middle, Indy will say it's like a door, but it won't open.  To the right
    are some golden outlines.  He'll say that this will be important soon, and it
    For now, climb on the box and look towards the room and up.  Grab the ledge,
    pull yourself up, and enter the the room.  Drop down onto the stair below you,
    but don't go all the way down to the next floor.  There are spiders below, so
    snipe the ones near you with the revolver.  Any others you'll need to go to the
    other side.  There should be about 4 of them.
    Climb the stair on the right and into the room.  Go all the way to the left and
    grab the treasure next to the skeleton (6).  Go back to where you just climbed
    the step, except climb the ladder next to it, an god to the right some.  Go into
    the room to find another treasure (7) and push the box with markings as far as
    it can go.  Go back to where you entered, and hang down so you're on the ladders
    again.  Move to the left some, then climb up to the top.  Get on top of the box,
    take out your whip, then after it goes around the pole above you, move up.
    Swing into the next room and take the piece of text you see ahead.  Look to the
    left some broken stone bridge.  Run and jump across into the alcove for another
    text fragment.  Shortly after that, part of the bridge will fall.  Then turn
    around and look to the left and fall onto the platform below with a treasure
    inside (8).  It's a little tricky to make the leap, however.  After grabbing it,
    jump on the pillar with a switch ahead of you.  You'll land on it, and a door
    will rise from one of the steps (Near where you just climbed the ladder).
    Crawl inside and you'll find the Mardok statue.  Crawl back out and you'll see
    those pieces from the stone bridge that just fell landed in front of a doorway.
    Get the last text fragment and leave the room.
    Drop back down into the room where you used the cogwheel for the elevator.
    Remember those golden outlines eariler?  That's where you put the fragment
    pieces, keeping in mind that they do NOT have to be placed in any particular
    order.  This info concerns the legend of the Infernal Machine and where to find
    the first of the four parts.  After Indy translates the hieroglyphics, that
    "door" in the middle will turn around and reveal a picture of a map of Central
    Asia.  As the hieroglyphics state, the first part, Urgon's part, can be found in
    the Shambala Sanctuary at the Tian Shan Mountain Range.
    The elevator will finally lower, and a door will open.  Go inside the new room
    and get the last two treasures (9 & 10), then push the block into the room and
    off the elevator.  Hit the button and climb on out to finish.
                            INDY'S TRADING POST
    Anti Venom Kit-50 dollars
    Medicine-100 dollars
    First aid-300 dollars
    Healing Herb- 300 dollars
    Medicinal Herb- 100 dollars
    Combat Rifle ammo (5 bullets)- 50 dollars
    Machine Pistol Ammo (5 bullets)- 50 dollars
    9mm Semi Automatic Ammo (5 bullets)- 50 dollars
    Shopping time!  Buy 2-4 clips of the Combat Rifle and the Machine Pistol, since
    the 9mm Semi Automatic is common to find.  One or two healing items are needed.
    Unless you're a novice, don't bother buying any of the expensive healing items.
                                  Stage 3
                              /////// \\\\\\\
                             (TIAN SHAN RIVER)
                              \\\\\\\ ///////
    After Indy takes off his parachute, go into the cave behind you.  Here, you'll
    find a skeleton with a treasure (1) and a single herb.  Next, go forward down
    the path until you encounter a wolf.  For some dumb reason, you can't kill them.
    Animal conservation act in progess, maybe?  Or maybe it's an endangered species.
    Regardless, they can't be killed.  Shooting at one will make it run away,
    though, but it's better to stay out of their way if possible.
    After scaring it, keep going until you see a path below you.  Don't drop down to
    it yet, jump across and grab the treasure ahead in the alcove.  Drop down and go
    to the left, then jump to grab the bridge.  Go to the left until you see a split
    in the path.  You'll want to go left, as the gate blocks your path if you go
    straight.  Scare the wolf nearby as you ascend the hill and grab the ledge.
    Take out your Combat Rifle and fire at the guard on the tower.  You'll wind up
    at the Soviet border.
    Jump across the tower and ignore the guards below.  Climb down the ladder and
    you'll be inside.  You can open the next door to go outside, but there's nothing
    important to do out there, plus, the door will close after a few seconds.  Not
    only that, but while you can open the gate to easily pass in and out, you'll
    have to go back and enter the base again as explained above.
    Climb down another ladder and kill the guard nearby.  Go forward and to the
    right and open the door.  Kill the next guard inside and save.  Both doors on
    the sides are locked, but there's still a way to get in.  How?  By using the
    vents above you.  To get in, climb up on the crates to your right and look up to
    see the enterance.  Jump forward and grab the edge, and climb on in.
    There are two ways to go here-left or right.  Go to the left first.  You'll drop
    out through a hole eventually and wind up in the room to the left.  Grab the
    treasure inside and open the door.  Re-enter the vents, and go to the right this
    time.  You'll drop down and see a set of lockers, three to be precise.
    Behind locker door #1:  A raft.  This is required to navigate the dangerous
    Behind locker door #2:  A raft repair kit.  You only get one, so be careful.
    Behind locker door #3:  A Zonk prize!  Actually, you get a First Aid Kit.  Fair
    Now open all of the doors.  Two switches open the doors in the room you're in.
    The other opens the gate next to the pool of water.  Stand close to the edge
    (But not so close so you'll fall in) and set up the raft.
    The path down the rapids is linear, but you need to be on the lookout for rocks.
    Unless you're near out of air or near the end of the course, DO NOT use your
    Raft repair kit, because you might run into another one and pop the raft,
    leaving you bitter and angry.  Try to slow down and do go so fast during the
    rapids.  It won't prevent you from truly avoiding the rocks, but you'll at the
    very least be able to an easier time trying to.
    Throughout the middle of this route, you'll enocounter a cave behind a waterfall
    one the left.  If you've slowed down good enough, paddle towards it.  Once
    inside, go towards the piece of land and get out of your raft for a moment.
    Inside is a treasure (4).  Now hop back in and finish the remainder of the trip.
    Once you find dry land, get out of your raft.
    Continue onward, past the rocks.  Look behind you and you'll see a treasure (5).
    Keep going until you see a fork in the road.  If you wish, you can go forward
    and you'll encounter a candle holder, but you can't do anything there right now.
    Go to the right and you'll eventually encounter two guards as you approach the
    buliding.  One's inside the building, the other outside.  Use your 9mm Semi
    Automatic and step inside for a moment.   Search both lockers and in one locker,
    you'll find an endless supply of Raft Repair Kits.  But you can only have three
    at a time.  The other locker has a First Aid Kit.  Be sure to come back here if
    you've used up all of your repair kits, and look out for the wolf on the way
    out.  Follow the path to a river.
    Follow my advice, and in two trips, you'll get all four candles, one for each
    trip.  First off, set up your raft anywhere along the river, and follow the
    rapids downward, but the rock in the center has a tendency to get you stuck and
    not move, puncturing many holes in your raft if you're careless.  The first
    chance you get to take a path, ALWAYS GO LEFT.  Follow some more tricky rapids
    until you see another choice to make.  From here, where you go is up to you, but
    go to the left first.  Eventually, after more nasty rapids, you'll get to house
    with a dock.  Get your raft near it.
    Inside the house is a candle.  To get it, simply go up the steps.  Leave the
    house immediately after this, because two spiders will drop down to greet you.
    Kill them, and deploy the raft again.
    More navigation of treachrous rapids, I see.  When you see another split path,
    go to the right.  If you messed up, restart the last save from where you got the
    candle (This is why I told you to save here before doing this).  Once you take
    the path to the right, and you'll eventually be carried into a calm pond for a
    while.  Go to where you see the huge building and dock on the piece of land.
    Go forward and up the stairs, and you'll eventually see a cave above (You may
    need your lighter to see this).  Grab the ledge and climb on in for a treasure
    (6) and another herb inside.  Go into the factory and go to the right to where
    there is no small fence blocking you.  You'll see pistons (At least that's what
    I think they are) will a platform slightly above them.  When it is low enough
    for you to reach, jump across and you'll land on the platform.  Turn around 180
    degrees and face the platform above you.  Jump across when the piston is at it's
    highest point and jump.
    Upon landing, follow the linear path.  Turn around and hang from the ledge.
    Shimmy to the right, pull yourself up, and grab the medical kit nearby.  Jump
    across and grab the treasure in the alcove (7), then follow the platform and go
    up the stairs.  Somewhere in the middle of the stairs is a log above, but you'll
    need to take out your whip and walk around some until you find the spot.  Once
    you do, whip upwards, and climb it up to the top.  Jump in and a treasure will
    be found right here (8).  Go back down and continue up the stairs to the second
    Since there's nothing else of interest here, it's time to leave.  Work your way
    to the spot where you docked your raft, then take it out and follow the path
    ahead.  It'll carry you into the building you were in a little while ago, but on
    the water route.  During this time, paddle towards the left.  See that alcove
    over there?  That's what you're aiming for.  If you miss, try and go into the
    wall, this way, you can turn around and go towards the alcove.  If you miss,
    restart from the last save (The factory exit after collecting the candle, the
    Medical Kit, and the 2 treasures).
    Once inside, dock your raft and grab the treasure in the alcove (9).  Now deploy
    the raft again, and finish the rest of the path.  You'll wind up in an
    underground cave.  There's nowhere to go but up.  How?  First off, look for two
    herbs you can pick up.  Now pull the switch to activate the elevator and step
    inside.  Time for the last two candles!
    How do you get there?  Same as before, the first time you choose a path, go to
    the left, but this time, we're going to the right on the second fork in the
    road.  You'll eventually spot a tower, paddle towards it and go up the stairs.
    The door is locked, and Indy will assume there's a candle inside (Which there
    is).  Go down the stairs and somewhere on the tower is a window, shoot that with
    your gun and jump inside.  Pull the switch and jump out.  It's tricky to make
    the jump, but don't feel bad if you don't make it-you'll be back at the bottom
    of the stairs outside and the door will be open if you die.
    Go up the stairs into the room you just opened and get the third candle.  Go
    back down and pull out the raft to continue.  You'll find yourself at a big tree
    after going through more rapids, dock your raft there and go inside for the the
    final candle.  Before leaving, go behind the tree for the final treasure lying
    on a tree stump (10).
    Follow the rapids to the cave again.  Activate the switch to trigger the
    elevator and go on up.  Save, then go back up the hill and through the doorway.
    If you haven't been here eariler, this is the spot where the candle holder is.
    In no particular order (Color and location doesn't matter), set the candles
    down.  Then light all four to make the bridge come down.  Walk across and you're
                            INDY'S TRADING POST
    Anti Venom Kit-50 dollars
    Medicine-100 dollars
    First aid-300 dollars
    Healing Herb- 300 dollars
    Medicinal Herb- 100 dollars
    Combat Rifle ammo (5 bullets)- 50 dollars
    Machine Pistol Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    9mm Semi Automatic Ammo (5 bullets) -50 dollars
    While it's a long level, don't bother going out of your way to purchase ammo,
    you won't be facing that many commies until near the end.  One or two healing
    items may be needed, though.
                                  Stage 4
                             ///////// \\\\\\\\\
                            (SHAMBALA  SANCTUARY)
                             \\\\\\\\\ /////////
    Immediately go forward as soon as you enter.  Walk back some and you'll see a
    spider coming down.  After shooting it, climb up the wooden platform.  As you
    can see, the elevator is broke.  Go up on it, and jump up high enough so that
    you grab the next floor above you.  Push the switch to lower the ladder and
    climb on up.  Go forward and you'll reach the main enterance at the courtyard,
    but the door is locked.
    No problem, go to the left (Scaring away the wolf if it follows you), and grab
    the ledge.  Pull yourself up and to the other end of the small roof and hang
    from the ledge.  Drop down, and grab the next ledge below you.  If you miss, you
    can always jump up to grab it and pull yourself in.  A treasure is in a small
    alcove (1).
    Next, use the path of bricks as a rough surface to climb all the way up to the
    top.  Next, run forward until you see a ladder aligned horizontally and it falls
    down due to your weight.  Once inside the new room, work your way down VERY
    safely,  dropping onto any platforms and walkways on the way down.  And don't
    bother pressing any switches, they don't work.  Not yet, at least.
    After going down safely, you'll be in a room with a clock face on the bottom.
    Look for where some skeletons are (You'll know because Indy will make a comment
    on the monks losing faith).  Here, the passageway will lead to a ladder you can
    climb down.  Go go forward and you'll see a small ice monster, but it's a cut
    scene, so you can't fight them yet.  Rest assured, however, that you'll
    encounter them very shortly...
    Inside you'll find a room full of gears, just like the inside of a clock.  You
    should spot a block with a cone-shaped gear (It's wide, though).  Push it toward
    the pencil-shaped gear pointing downward.  You'll see the point of doing it
    later, but for now, continue into the next room.  Upon entering, you'll see a
    some slopes on the right to slide down safely without getting hurt.
    You'll encounter those ice creatures in combat for the first time.  They shoot
    icicles at you, but that's nothing compared to them exploding, which is what
    they do after you shoot them 2 or three times.  That does MAJOR Damage if you're
    close, so keep your distance at all times.  Having one land on you also kills
    you.  You'll encounter three of them down here.
    Once they are all dead, grab the block and push it towards the river, it's like
    a switch of sorts.  This will start the waterwheel and at the same time cause
    the gears in the room you were in eariler to turn, getting the clock to work.
    Turn around and look upward.  Here, you'll see a series of platforms you have to
    scale on different sides.  Walls are there to seperate the two from each other.
    Start on the left side first, and grab the platforms to climb on, keeping in
    mind that you have to turn around 180 degrees every so often to grab the next
    one.  Also, if a platform is out of reach, you'll need to whip the pole above
    you to get to its level.
    You'll keep doing this until you're at the level with the first moving platform.
    When it approaches, jump, and you'll land on it.  Next, turn around and jump
    into the right half of the wall with platforms.  You'll go through more of the
    same here.  Remeber to use your whip to snag a pole if a platform is out of
    reach!  After that, you'll be with the second moving platform's level.  Jump
    across when it comes, then do a 180 again.  Jump into the left side to find an
    alcove with a treasure inside (2).  Jump back to the platform and face the
    enterance to the room.  Jump across, grab the ledge, and pull yourself on up.
    Now work your way back to the area with the clock face on the bottom.  With the
    clock working prefectly, you're all set.  The switches are in full operation
    again and the first one you should press is the one next to the door.  Go
    outside and here, you'll see a broken bridge.  Drop down to land on some ground
    below you.  Inside is a treasure lying in wait (3).  Pull yourself up and go
    back inside.  Start climbing up, using the platforms and walkways and poles (So
    your whip can reach them and you can climb on up).  Here, underneath the statue
    is a walkway with a button, press that to trigger two walkways.  One of the two
    walkways has a treasure (4) you can reach, but you'll have to search both
    walkways for it, I can't give out the exact location right now.  I can hint
    though-it's on the second set of walkways above the first floor.
    At the very top is a switch you can pull to open the gates.  It's shortly after
    you climb down the ladder from where the statue is.  Go through and look to the
    right for a broken window.  Jump to it and fire your gun to break it and go
    inside.  To safely get down, you'll need to make use of the narrow planks so you
    can hang from them and drop down safely without losing health.  You'll also
    encounter ice creatures, so be ready.
    Once you reach the bottom, pull the switch to let the ladders come down.  Now
    you can safely go up and down the floors using them!  Anyway, climb the ladders
    all the way up to the top.  Then push the switch to raise the bell.  Go all the
    way back down to where the bell was, and you'll find a treasure (5).
    Go back up to where the bell currently is, and run across the walkway.  Climb
    down to the first set of walkways (It's just above the first floor) and you'll
    find a switch.  The first time you press it, it's just a demonstration of how
    the clock works.  The next time you press it, you're timed.  Here, you must ring
    the bell before the small hand reaches the big hand.  You pretty much know how
    to get back up, so I won't spoil it for you.  Once you reach the top, run across
    the bridge and look to the left after you enter the room with the bell.  There's
    another switch, pull it.  And the rest is history, as they say...
    The master will open the door, but first, you need to get something for her
    (Yes, it's a woman) to recover her strength.  She'll give you a key to unlock a
    door.  And we know where that door is...
    Go back to the room with the clock face, and cafefully work your way down.
    Next, look for a door blocked off by bars.  You'll see a keyhole to the right.
    That's where you put it in.  The door will open, and you'll be inside a new
    Kill the ice creatures inside and you'll see a statue at the top.  Climb up and
    get behind it from the left side.  Push the switch and water will flow out.
    Push it again to open a passageway on the right side that was blocked off.
    Don't go through it yet, though.  Instead, go into the hallway next to the door
    you unlocked with a key.  Go to the right in thid small set of hallways, killing
    the occasional ice creature you'll encounter.  Here, you'll stumble into a room
    with a bed.  First off, go to where the beds are and you should see a ladder for
    you to climb.  After going up, press the button to lower the bridge, find a
    single herb next to a skeleton, and go to where the shelf is and pick up the
    treasure (6).
    Go back down the ladder and look to your left for a block for you to climb.
    After doing that, climb the ladder and go on the bed, then grab the ledge.  Walk
    until your reach a hole for you to crawl through, pick up the herb, and drop
    down.  Inside, you'll find a Seal Key.
    "Commies again.  I'm beginning to hate these guys."  THEY'RE BACK!!!
    First, open the door and follow the small path until you're back to the area
    witht the bunk beds, and equip your 9mm automatic.  Eventually, a guard will see
    you and alert his friends.  It's possible to shoot him before he does that, but
    I wouldn't be too concerned about it.  Only two guards back him up when you
    enter the fountain room (The room with the statue I told you to push).  Once
    they're dead, my guide has already assumed you pushed the statue, but if not, do
    Next, go to the right side of the statue from the bottom, and you should see a
    door.  It was blocked off by bas eariler, but since you pushed the statue twice
    (You DID do it, right?), it's open now.  Upon entering, you'll see an idol, but
    Indy will comment that something's not right about this.  That tile is a trap,
    due to the fact that there's a skull below.  Go forward and take it (7), then
    IMMEDIATELY run off the tile quickly or you'll fall to your death.
    Go down the nearby ladder and kill the spider that drops down.  Go forward until
    you see several skull tiles lined up.  There's no way to avoid stepping on one,
    so you have no other choice.  Here, a HUGE hammer will swing back and forth, and
    getting hit by it will kill you instantly, no matter how healthy you are.  So
    crawl along the ground until you're off the last skull tile.  Kill the two ice
    creatures, keeping in mind that you need to be at a distance when they explode
    after you kill them.
    Climb up the ladder, and take out your whip.  See that pole over there?  You
    guessed it-you need to whip across.  Inside, walk slowly and you'll see another
    idol, but Indy will sense a trap.  Take several steps back until you're on the
    second golden tile away from the treasure.  Use your whip to "snatch" the idol,
    and a barrel will come down and crash.  This would've killed you if you took it
    normally.  But since the trap is avoided, pick it up off the ground (8).
    Exit, then board the elevator.  It'll reach the very top.  Insert the Seal Key
    and save here after you open the new door.
    This room is weird...very weird...you'll see huge wooden peg-like platforms for
    you to jump on.  First, hang from the ledge and shimmy all the way over to the
    left and drop down.  Then jump across the pegs, one at a time.  As you approach
    the third one, Indy will say "Danger!"  He's right.  Jump on it, then QUICKLY
    jump off.  It'll break off due to your weight, and if you weren't quick enough,
    you'll fall to your death.  After doing that, go into the hole in the wall.
    Inside, climb up into the alcove and pick up the key.
    Kill the spider below and exit.  The peg may be broken off now, but you can
    still reach the second one, since you can jump far enough.  However, once you're
    on it, climb up on top of the part pointing upward and jump to the next one,
    also with it pointing up (You'll grab the ledge, pull yourself up).  From there,
    you'll see a ledge in the ceiling, grab it and go across to the right until you
    drop onto another peg below you.
    Now, go down to the bottom of the peg you're on, and jump across to the next
    one.  Hang down from the peg on the right side (Facing away from the peg you
    just jumped from), and drop down.  You should land on one below you.  Now do the
    same thing, except hang from the left side.  After that, jump to the peg ahead
    (Next to the wall) and face the next one.  Take out your whip and whip the pole
    ahead so that you'll swing across to the peg on the other side of the room.
    After jumping about two more pegs, you'll see another pole which you can whip
    and swing across.
    The next peg is on the other side of the room, but it's within jumping distance,
    so jump across again.  To left, there's another one you can grab and climb up
    on, then turn around and grab the next one and climb up on it.  The part of the
    peg sticking upwards is too high for you to reach, so push the block as far as
    you can into the secret room with a treasure inside (9).  Pull it back out as
    far as you can and climb up on it, then jump to the high part of the peg you
    couldn't reach before.
    You'll finally reach the room on the other side after this.  A gate will close
    in front of you, preventing you from going inside (It'll take you by surprise at
    first).  Thankfully, the key you picked up eariler will make this gate open
    shortly after it closed.  Here, a small plant is inside, and by this time the
    commies have arrvied again.  *Groan*
    Thankfully, they can be avoided simply by jumping into the water below you.
    HA!!  Swim forward, but don't go down any of the two water routes.  Instead, go
    through the middle and climb up on the platform.  Go forward carefully and hang
    down from the ledge, then grab the one below you.  Inside is the last treasure
    (10)!  Drop down from the ledge and you're right back in the room where the
    elevator was.  Go back through the hallway where you encountered the huge hammer
    (Be sure to duck down) and climb back in the ladder into the fountain room.
    Climb the ladder up onto the platform and jump across to the plank above the
    fountain, then walk to the other side.  Here, jump to the platform to the switch
    and press it.  The ladder will rise upwards.  Jump back to the plank and jump
    back to the platform where you just climbed the ladder.  You'll climb into a new
    area of the Sanctuary.  Go into the door ahead after you push the switch, and
    you'll encounter the last two ice creatures inside.  In the library, there's a
    book or Aristotle.  Don't go out of your way to look at it one too many times-
    you'll be poisioned.  Continue until you see a window you can break with your
    gun.  After shooting it out, kill the Commie sniping at you, and carefully step
    out and hang from the ledge.
    Shimmy over to the right until you reach the window.  To help you out, do a 20
    second count-you'll reach the window by then.  Break it and go into a room you
    couldn't access before-obviously, the door switch is inside the room.  Pick up
    the herbs on the table and press the switch.  Next, set the plant inside the
    golden mantle next to the window.  Here, It'll lower into the water and grow.
    Exit the room and go back down to the fountain room.
    The plant needs light, so you're not done yet.  Go up onto the plank and go to
    where you see two tiles together.  Take out your whip and swing onto the
    platform.  It doubles as a switch to open the blinds in the window.  The plant
    will grow bigger, and that's all you can do for it.  Take it out of the holder
    and head back to the master.
    As you re-enter the room with the clock face on the floor, you'll see some
    commies have been waiting for you.  Take care of them on the way up.  Once you
    reach the master, give her the plant (Press B when standing next to her) and
    it'll blossom in her hands.  Then she'll become young and throw away the cane.
    Her strength will further amaze you as she opens the door for you.  Wow.  Go
    down with full health and slide down the chute.
                           <GIANT ICE CREATURE>
    This is the first boss, and it's a weird one.  First off, this boss, and all the
    others you'll face, are not harmed by bullets.  Instead, you'll need to find
    alternative methods for them.  Once it loses interest, it'll climb the walls.
    It's attacks when on the ground are biting and slashing at you, as well as
    rolling toward you.  They do HUGE damage, so don't get close.  While climbing
    the walls, it fires icicles.  They do minor damage, but their deadly accuracy
    makes up for it, so don't take it lightly.  If you die, you will HAVE TO REDO
    THE WHOLE THING ALL OVER AGAIN, so don't screw up.
    You'll need to avoid this creature first before you can figure out a way to hurt
    it.  This chamber has four towers, so to make it easier for you, I'll list them
    by the color squares they are marked with (Also has a symbol).  The colors are
    red, blue, green, and purple.
    Now, when you meet him, go into the nearby doorway on the right.  Inside, you'll
    find a hebr lying on the table (You're in the green tower, BTW).  Once it's
    away, exit and head towards the blue tower.  Go up the path and go to the right,
    you'll see a block.  Pull it back as far as you can go, and slide down the
    nearby snow chute.
    Head to the red tower next.  Here, climb up on the pillar and run across the
    walkway.  It'll break apart piece by piece, so don't stop.
    An alternative way to get up there is to get on the pillar, as before, but jump
    to the one on the opposite side instead (It's next to a wall).  From there, it
    can easily reach the exit, and thus, you'll be able to get out of the tower.
    The only reason for this is if you want to save the path for later, or you used
    it and messed up, and you need to find another way up.
    You'll head into the purple tower shortly afterwards.  The walkway to the exit
    is on the left side, and it breaks apart as you run across it just like last
    time, so keep running.
    And the alternative methor is to jump to the pillar to the right, then jump to
    the next one.  Next, slide down the small slope nearbu and jump across before
    you reach the bottom.  If you do that, you'll grab the ledge to the exit-pull
    yourself up!
    Now jump across and enter the blue tower.  Push the block to your right-that was
    the same block you pulled eariler.  Now, you've made a shortcut, so you won't
    have to take the paths over again.  Go to the left and go across the walkway to
    enter the green tower.  Jump to the platform to the right, then it's basically
    jumping from platform to the next, there's not many of them.  Once you reach the
    top, take out your whip and swing across after you snag the pole.  Jump into the
    next room and push the switch.
    Inside, look to your right, and here you'll finally have a piece of the Infernal
    Machine, Urgon's part!  (Homer's voice)  Woo hoo!  (/Homer's voice).  To exit,
    go down the small series of snow chutes.
    Now, go down and wait for the creature to come down.  Once it does, run forward
    and use Urgon's part on it.  It'll harm the creature, so it's obivous that it
    doesn't handle it's power very well.  Run away and hide for a while (In a
    building is a nice spot to camp, just make sure your under a walkway or
    something, as it'll tear the roof off and look in to see where you are) while
    the meter recharges, then do it to him again.  Repeat and use it on him one more
    BOOM!  He's a goner.  And part of the ice will crack apart, too.  Use Urgon's
    Part on it and it'll break.  Open the door by pressing the button.
    And we are finally done here!!!  (Faints)
                            INDY'S TRADING POST
    Anti Venom Kit-50 dollars
    Medicine-100 dollars
    First aid-300 dollars
    Healing Herb- 300 dollars
    Medicinal Herb- 100 dollars
    Combat Rifle ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Machine Pistol Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    9mm Semi Automatic Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Don't go out of your way to buy any ammo, you'll only encounter wildlife.  A
    couple of healing items may come in handy, though.
                                  Stage 5
                               //////  \\\\\\
                              (PALAWAN LAGOON)
                               \\\\\\  //////
    Okay, start this level off by going into the cavern behind you.  You should
    notice it in the opening cut-scene.  Inside, you'll come across a spiked pit
    that you'll have to swing across with your whip.  Here, You'll encounter lizards
    for the first time, and while they aren't poisonous, their bites still do
    damage, so kill them them quickly.  Next to the wrecked cargo plane, you'll see
    three things of interest:  To your left of the plane is a First Aid kit.  A
    machete is lying next to a skeleton (How many of them are there in this game?)
    leaning against a crate next to the plane.  To the the right of the crate is a
    treasure (1).
    Go back to the beginning, but don't jump in the water yet, to the right is a
    sandy path of sorts, and a web will block that path with a spider web.  No
    problem!  Take out your machete and slash the thing, then step back, because a
    spider will come down.  Here's a cheap trick I discovered-when the spider hangs
    from a rope, and it's next to your machete, you can slash it and it'll instanly
    Of any event, kill the spider and go to the right, you'll see a cracked wall.
    Smash it open with Urgon's Part, and inside is a treasure (2).  Continue forward
    by grabbing the ledge and pulling yourself up.  Next, kill the lizard, and
    you'll see green ivy hanging in front of a cave enterance.  Cut it with your
    machete, and you'll find a shovel (The game calls it entrenching tool).
    Continue forward and you'll come across a suspicious piece of land.  Here, use
    your shovel to dig and...you've found buried treasure (3)!  Behind the big rock
    at the dead end is an herb.
    Go back to the beginning of the level, and jump in the lagoon. You'll see an
    airplane underwater, but ignore it for now.  Here, swim to the left, avoiding
    the sharks and piranhas.  Remember that you can swim faster by pressing A
    repeatedly!  Eventually, you'll see a hole to swim through.  Once inside, swim
    through the path until you get to a point to where you can swim upward.  Climb
    up once you surface, and get the treasure (4).  If the shark followed you (95%
    of the time he does), simply use your revolver to take him out.
    Swim back to where the plane was, and go to the other shore.  Kill the lizard
    nearby and go behind the big rock for a treasure (5).  Cut the nearby web with
    your machete and step back-two spiders will drop down.  Kill those and cut the
    next web.  After the cut-scene of Indy looking at the wrecked Japanese ship,
    swim towards it.  Go to the left side of it so you can climb up on it.  Go to
    the other side and look in the box for a Japanese torpedo arming device.  Jump
    off and swim around the ship until you see a hole.  Inside is another treasure
    Next, swim back towards the shore.  You'll see the torpedo lying on the shore.
    Look for a hole and walk next to it, and insert the device in.  With a little
    aiming on Indy's part (He'll adjust the torpedo's direction before inserting it
    in), it'll hit the weak hole inside.
    Swim into the hole you just made.  Swim to the left first and you'll enter a
    dead end with a box inside.  Get the rusty hammer from it and swim to the other
    door.  Before going into the passageway from the right, go straight first and
    get a treasure (7).  Now swim through the passageway and go straight until you
    see a door on the left.  Go through and swim ahead until you see another door on
    the right, go through those and swim up.  You'll see a closed hatch, but the
    rusty hammer will unlock it for you.  After that, swim up for some air, then
    swim down.  Go straight through the door and turn into the door on the right
    until you see a hole with piranhas.  Ignore them, they aren't potential threats,
    even if they are numerous.  Grab the key inside the chest and swim back towards
    the shaft and climb out.
    Go along the ship until you find a door with a padlock.  Use the key on it and
    the door will open and break down.  Hmmm...the war really hasn't been kind to
    that ship, huh?
    Anyway, upon entering, go to the left to get a crank, then go to the right and
    down the hole.  Inside these two small rooms, you'll find another treasure (8)
    and a first aid kit.  Exit and head back to where the crane is on the ship.
    Insert the crank and use it to swing it next to the island.  Stand on top of the
    box and whip across.  You'll come across a suspicious piece of land, and this is
    the last time the shovel will be used.  Oh goody!  A switch!  Step on it and see
    what happens...
    A door will be revealed under water!  Hooray!
    Now, swim back to the shore, and go back to the beginning of the stage.  Remeber
    that plane I told you to ignore?  Go to it and use the hammer on it while next
    to the propeller.  You'll have the propeller in no time.  There is one part of
    the lagoon you haven't explored, so swim to the left until you see an area with
    two poles.  Go towards the door and use the propeller on it to open the door.
    Next off, swim inside and kill the shark with your machete, because it'll be
    very annoying if you leave it alone.  Go to the left and grab the treasure, than
    head to the right and swim towards the switch.  You'll pull it, and the door
    above will open.  Swim through and go up for air.  Keep swimming until you reach
    land.  The left door is closed and locked, so you'll need to go to the right,
    which leads to a cave.  Kill any piranhas while you're above water with the
    revovler, they follwo you pretty good.  Lying next to some pillars as you go up
    the stairs entering the cave is the final treasure (10).
    Horryfing chants, huh?  Kill the lizard, go up the stairs, and grab a ledge.
    Shimmy to the right and climb up.  Jump up to grab the next ledge, and do the
    same thing.  Once you're outside, go through the passageway until you see a
    totem pole.  Press the button and the door opposite of the cave will open.  Head
    back through the caves, and grab the ledge, drop and you should land on a sloped
    surface with no damage.  Head through the door to exit.
                            INDY'S TRADING POST
    Anti Venom Kit-50 dollars
    Medicine-100 dollars
    First aid-300 dollars
    Healing Herb- 300 dollars
    Medicinal Herb- 100 dollars
    Combat Rifle ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Machine Pistol Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    9mm Semi Automatic Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    If you have to buy ammo, do that only for the Combat Rifle and the Machine
    Pistol.  50 rounds is enough for me.  A couple of medicines/herbs wouldn't hurt
                                  Stage 6
                              /////// \\\\\\\
                             (PALAWAN VOLCANO)
                              \\\\\\\ ///////
    The volcano appers to be active...be happy it doesn't erupt in this stage!  Now
    that I've cleared this garbage up...
    Go to the pool on the right and collect the Anti Venom Kit, then head into the
    pool on the left and dive down for a treasure (1).  Climb out and pull the block
    nearby toward the wall, then go around to the other side and push it.  Go to
    right side of the block and pull it.  Climb up on it and grab the ledge above
    you and climb up.  Take out your whip and swing across via the pole hanging up
    there.  This cracked wall will need Urgon's part in order for it to be broken
    Climb up the ladder and go to the left.  You may need to see with your lighter-
    it's pretty dark.  At the end, you'll find a treasure (2).  Go to the right and
    slide down the chutes, then whip out your revolver and kill the scorpion.  Look
    out the window and Indy will comment on the barge.  Next, continue downward and
    you'll see a beautiful pool.  Save, and jump in.  Swim to the far left and climb
    up on the ledge.  Jump across and go into the hole.
    After swimming through a small passage, climb up and you're inside a VERY hot
    part of the volcano.  It's active all right!  Wait for the lava spout to settle
    down, then jump, grab the ledge, and quickly pull yourself up.  Next, run across
    the bridge, keeping in mind that if you die here, you'll have to jump across the
    next time, since the bridge doesn't regenerate.  Huh?!
    Anyway, after running across the platform bridge, it'll fall into the lava.
    Wait for the next lava spout to settle down, and jump across.  Take out your
    whip and swing across with the pole hanging.  Once you reach the other side, a
    boulder will run down.  Run into the alcove ahead before it hits you, then go
    into where it just came from.  Inside is another treasure (3).  Go through where
    the boulder made a path, and go into the next room.  Take the treasure (4), than
    move around for a bit, since a scorpion will sneak up from behind you, hiding in
    an alcove.  Shoot it quickly and hang from the ledge.  You'll drop into another
    room with a switch.  Press it to release the barge...
    ...and two scorpions coming out of a door to your left.  Two sharks have also
    entered the pool as well.  Drat...
    Kill them, and go through the door they came from.  If you can, shoot the
    scorpion from the other side of the lava pool, then jump across.  Before you
    know it, you're out on the dock where you just released the boat.  Here, jump
    inside and take out your machete,  the sharks are easier to kill with this
    weapon because there's not as much room as in Palawan Lagoon for them to swim
    in.  Swim through the hole in the water.
    Swim forward until you finally come across a split path, take the path to the
    right and climb out of the pool.  Kill the scorpion and go down the stairs.
    When you slide down, jump across to grab the ledge on the rock pillar or you'll
    fall to your death.  Drop down onto the path to your left and pull the block as
    far as you can go.  Go up on the huge rocky step behind you and jump across to
    grab the pillar. and jump up to grab the pillar above you.  Go forward, hang
    down the block, and drop down.  Push it to the end and go forward once more
    until you come across another one.  Pull that as far as you can, as well.  It
    should be under the pillar.
    Climb up on the block again, grab the pillar, and drop down.  You're now behind
    both blocks.  Go forward and and run to the end, but don't go into the hole and
    climb up the ladder, a block will be in your way at the top of the platform, and
    there's no way to push it.  Instead, go forward, and grab the ledge to the huge
    stone step.  Turn around and jump up to grab the platform above you, then push
    the block as far as you can go.  Climb up on it, and jump to the pillar.  You'll
    grab the ledge, so pull yourself up.
    Take out your 9mm Semi Automatic and kill the 4 spiders.  Two are near you, and
    you don't want to be poisoned.  Slash the web ahead with your machete and push
    the button to open the gate.  Go around the switch you just pushed and drop back
    into the water.  Swim towards the far left again, as if you were going to launch
    the barge (Which you did just now, I hope). Don't go in the hole this time, go
    on up to the boat and you'll get a key lying inside the coffin with the corpse
    Go through the gate you just opened, and to your left is a keyhole.  Insert the
    key inside and enter the next room.  The door will close behind you, however.
    You'll see a block, and not too far from it is a green tile.  Manuever it onto
    the green tile, and climb up onto the block.  Next off, jump across and you'll
    get on a plank of sorts, run across and you'll be on the other side, where you
    must do the same thing.
    Next off, return to where you just entered, and climb up the ladders to the top.
    Run across the plank to the end until you enter a small room.  Pushing the
    switch will open the door, but it'll also cause the lava to rise up, and adding
    insult to injury, the remainder of the bridge breaks down.  Dang...
    Go to the bridge was, and you'll side down and hopefully stop on a platform.
    Next off, turn around and you'll encouter a platform above you, jump onto it,
    and take out your whip to swing across.  Drop down the next platform below you
    and jump across to the next one.  From there, you'll grab a ladder.  Using the
    ladder paths, go down into the round alcove below to get a treasure (5).  Go
    back up and head to the left, then go down.  Two ledges are right below you, so
    let go of the ladder, then grab the ledge below you, and do the same thing for
    the next one.  Let go and grab the ledge in the alcove below you and climb on
    in.  Turn around and (This is tricky) jump out of the alcove and land on the
    block.  Jump to the plank and run across, then jump to the next block.  From
    there jump inside the alcove and climb up the ladder inside.
    Once you're at the top, jump to the ledge ahead and you're finally at the door!
    Upon entering, it'll shut.  Don't be in there after it shuts, scorpions will
    drop in, one by one.  You have to kill about 7 or 8 of these, too.  Stand in the
    hallway and pick them off from there.
    There's a catch, though...the hallway has black tiles in the center.  Step on
    one and a dart will hit you (It's fired from those heads) for some damage.
    Thankfully, if you stay to the far left or right of these tiles, you're safe.
    After killing the scorpions, go through the hallway, taking care not to step on
    the black tiles.  Indy will comment on the commies setting up shop here as you
    enter the new room, and Sophia will provide you with a ladder for you to climb
    Before doing that, though, look on the boxes-you'll get some grenades, a First
    Aid Kit, and...oh, sweetness!  A Submachine gun!!!  Once you have those, save,
    then climb on up and watch the cut scene...and Sophia getting captured as she
    opens the door.
    Kill the soldier IMMEDIATELY with your Semi-Automatic, then quickly kill the
    next one that's running by if you can.  If you killed him, he won't be able to
    call for help.  The next one's coming from the nearby Radio room to the right.
    After he's dead, enter the room and climb the box to get some Submachine Gun
    ammo.  Pick the medicine in there, too.
    Go to the left and carefully step out.  A guard with a rifle will take pot
    shots, so have your gun ready and run to where he is, the open fire.  Go to the
    gong nearby and climb through the left or right hole and pull the block out.
    Inside is a room with another treasure (6).  Go back out and kill the guards to
    your left.
    Equip your machine gun and head to the left.  Press the button to lower an
    elevator, and four guards will come down with it.  You'll run away a short
    distance, but no worry, just pull out your machine gun and mow them down.  Pick
    up their ammo and push the button again (Becuase it went back up while you where
    fighting the commies) and board the elevator.
    Next, pull out your Semi-Automatic and kill all off the guards ahead.  GO
    forward and junp over the small lava river and go to where there are cracks in
    the wall.  Break it with Urgon's part and enter inside.  Take out your whip and
    you should look up at the pole above you.  Whip it and climb up, then look to
    your left and go inside the alcove.  A treasure is inside (7).  Go back towards
    the elevator.
    Jump across the small lava river again and look down.  A path to your left
    should be here.  Hang from the ledge and climb down the ladder.  Carefully walk
    along the path and you'll see several commies at th end.  If they are near any
    explosive barrels, shoot them and they'll explode.  You can also get their
    attention and run away a bit, then take them down one by one.  Whichever works
    for you.
    Now, pick up the ammo they've dropped and look along the table, you'll see
    grenades and a key hanging on the left side of it.  Next, go to the left and cut
    the ivy with your machete and pull the block out once.  Climb up on it, then
    climb the rocky portions of the wall.  Work your way to the alcove on the right
    and once inside, push the button to open the huge doors.  Inside is another
    treasure (8).
    Go back to the elevator and to the room where the gong is.  Go up to the statue
    in the center of the lava pool and take the path on the right side.  Indy will
    sense something suspcious.  Take out your whip and snag the arm, it'll pull the
    arm to open a door.  Kill the two scorpions and go forward.  Look to your left
    and push the switch.  It'll open the door, then close it quickly.  You'll need
    some help for this.
    For now, whip across the pole and go to the left.   Grab the ledge and shimmy
    across to the left and climb on up.  Jump from platform to platform, taking care
    not fall into the lava.  Go through the doorway and drop down the hole, then
    kill the guard nearby.  Go to the left and open the door, the then head to the
    cell where Sophia is (It's not hard to find).  Use the key to open and she'll
    wander off for a bit.
    Head back to that one switch where the gate opens up and closes on you quickly.
    To your right you'll see Sophia.  Tell about the gate ahead and she'll push it
    for you once you whip across.  The cut scene will take care of the rest from
    here.  Make sure you have 8 treasures before you do this, because you'll won't
    be able to go back once you're through the gate.
    Go to the left and jump to the platform.  Jump to the next ledge and climb up to
    a platform with a First Aid Kit.  Behind it is a weak wall you'll need to break
    with Urgon's part.  Inside is a room of crates.  Go over the first crate, then
    turn around and push it toward the wall.  Grab the next one and pull it, then
    climb over it and push it toward the wall again.  Repeat for the third one, as
    well.  A part of the big crate will open, and you'll be able to collect a spare
    part for a pulley.
    Now, go back to where you just entered (Through the gate) and go down the path.
    Next to it you'll find a dead corpse and a treasure nearby (9).  Up ahead,
    you'll see a weak wall.  Break it with Urgon's part and enter the tunnel.  Don't
    go down the other path, because it has the same trap tiles that shoot darts at
    you, but the tiles are bigger, so it's basically impossible to go through
    without taking damage.  Just go through the tunnel you just made.
    Drop down into an new area and quickly run across the path to the nearby pillar,
    because it'll break apart once you set foot on it.  Once you're on top of the
    pillar, jump across to the next one and collect the final treasure (10).  Jump
    back to the pillar and drop down (You'll take damage from the fall, just bear
    with it) and look around the sides of it for a button.  Push once you do and
    blocks will come of the wall.  Then jump to the lowest one and jump from one to
    the next towards the exit.
    After going through the small tunnel, take out your whip and swing across the
    hallway with the huge trap tiles (The place I told you not to go to eariler).
    Drop down and go to the right first and kill the guard for more machine gun
    ammo.  Then go to the left and Indy will say this rope elevator needs a new
    pulley.  Push the box toward it and do so.
    This you can skip.  If you don't want to do this, skip this paragraph.  First,
    kill the guards that come out with the machine gun and go through the tunnel
    they just made.  Inside, you'll deal with an infinite amount of guards with a
    variety of weapons-Machine Pistols, Grenades, Combat Rifles, and Semi
    Automatics.  You can hang around here for as much as you want and collect lots
    of ammo without having to go to the next trading post.  However, you'll also
    take damage due to the huge amount of guards, and if you don't want to waste you
    healing items, I wouldn't go there.
    In either case, head to the elevator and press the button.  Then push the doors
    and go through them at the end.
                            INDY'S TRADING POST
    Anti Venom Kit-50 dollars
    Medicine-100 dollars
    First aid-300 dollars
    Healing Herb- 300 dollars
    Medicinal Herb- 100 dollars
    Combat Rifle ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Machine Pistol Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    9mm Semi Automatic Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Grenades (a set of 3) - 20 dollars
    Submachine Gun Ammo (20 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Absolutely nothing.  You won't be dealing with much resistance, save for an
    enemy unique to this level.  If you have to buy something, maybe a couple of
    health items.
                                 Stage 7
                             (PALAWAN TEMPLE)
    After Indy enters and rants, go forward and go jump across the various lava pits
    you'll encounter on the path.  Here, you'll come across a rock monster shortly
    after turning the corner to the right.  There are two ways to beat it:
    1: Use Urgon's part on it twice, or...
    2: Get it to do the hand clap attack (When it claps its hands toward you).  When
    far enough, it'll damage itself.
    Option #2 is safer because you'll get more time away to run from it, and when it
    explodes, you'll take less damage from a distance instead of up close.  Yes, as
    with the small ice creatures, they'll explode upon dying.
    So, either defeat it or avoid it, and jump into the next room above the lava.
    You'll see a huge lava pool ahead with various platforms, some which sink into
    the ground.  First, to your left is a wall which can be broken with Urgon's
    part.  For now, ignore this.  To your right is a huge door which requires a
    special key.  As with the leftmost path, don't go there yet.  In the center is a
    wall you can climb.  Go there first.
    But, one thing you'll need to take note of here-you'll die multiple times trying
    to get from platform to platform.  You need to take into account as to how far
    Indy jumps.  So, every time you land on a platform, take a few steps back, get a
    good running start, and jump to the next one.  Practice, practice, practice...
    Once you get there, climb up to the top.  Carefully go downward by dropping down
    from rock platform to rock platform and you'll reach the bottom.  Ignore the
    Rockman on the right side and go to the left.  Kill the two spiders and lying
    next to a dead corpse is a Shark Key.  Go back up to the lava room with the
    platforms, and go to the left side (Where you smash the wall with the Urgon's
    Go down and jump across the small lava river.  Pick up the herbs if you wish,
    but be sure to avoid the rock monsters.  Go forward until you you see a
    crawlspace to your right and go through it.  Next, go left to a door and use the
    shark key on the keyhole.  Go to the right and pick up the Brown Tiki Key, but
    wait...a rumbling sound...
    INCOMING BOULDER!!!  QUICKLY climb the platform you took it off of and take out
    your whip.  There's a pole up there you can whip to.  Once that's done, climb up
    to the top before the boulder hits you and swing into the nearby alcove to
    collect the First treasure (1).  Head back to the lava room with the platforms
    and go to the right.  Indy will use the key, the door will open, and he'll take
    the key out (You'll have to use it again near the end).
    Take out your revolver and fire at the numerous spiders, and on the right side
    of the stairs ahead is another treasure (2).  Go up the stairs, and another
    treasure is beside a skeleton (3).  You'll kill some spiders along the way as
    well, and when you reach the exit, you're outside.
    Grab the nearby herb and jump to the platform on the left.  Climb up the ladder
    and fire at the nearby lizard, then go across the bridge and hang down.  Drop
    down to the bridge below you, and go across it to the other side and go up hill
    while killing lizards.  Go into the water and let the current carry you to the
    very bottom.  Swim toward the the surface and climb the wall ahead.  Then climb
    the next one nearby (Of course).
    Now, equip your machete, kill the lizard, and walk to the bridge.  You should
    see a rope which looks like it's ready to break (It's very thin).  Cut it so
    that the bridge falls and becomes a ladder of sorts for you to use...later.
    Climb down the wall and go across the bridge and cut the ivy with your machete
    to enter a cave.  Go straight and climb the ladder to get a treasure in an
    alcove (4).  Go back down the ladder and go further into the caves until you see
    another one.  Go up that and turn around to see a cave.  Jump to it and grab the
    treasure (5).  But a spider may be there in wait, and if it's moving, shoot it
    from a distance first before you make the leap to it.
    Go back to where you climbed the ladder and go forward until you see a web.
    Slash it with the machete, then kill the spider and grab the treasure (6).
    Follow the rest of the path, slash the webs, and kill the spiders.  Oh, and
    light the nearby torch.  Stop when Indy senses something wrong, because if you
    continue, you'll fall into some spikes, killing you.  OUCH!!!  Take a few steps
    back, then jump to the right and you should reach the other side.  Now, be very
    careful here, as there are holes resembling mouths.  Step on one and a spike
    will pierce Indy.  Painful, painful...
    Carefully walk around them to the best of your ability, and have your lighter
    out so you can see better.  Once that's done, follow the path outside.  Whip the
    pole to the other side and enter the next cave, taking care to avoid those
    holes.  This next part's tricky, you have to slide down and jump at the very end
    across to reach the alcove with a treasure inside (7).  If you screw up, there's
    an alternative way to get it.
    Take a few steps back (Remember to watch out for holes!), and jump onto the
    rock.  It may take a few tries.  Kill the spider awaiting at the edge and jump
    from the rock onto the ledge.  You might do the default way for getting the
    treasure, but that's how I got it.  In any event, once inside the alcove, get
    your seventh treasure.
    Carefully step around the holes and kill the lizard, and bridge you cut eariler
    will be a makeshift ladder of sorts.  Climb down it and enter the cave here.
    Grab the monkey key.  Get out at once, because rocks will rain on you.  Go to
    the hut (It's where you cut the bridge) and use the monkey key on the door.
    Inside, you'll encounter a puzzle, which I got on my first try.  You need to get
    the key to your level.  Simply push the switches in this order: southeast,
    northwest, southwest, northwest, and northeast.  This is basically how I got the
    key.  Pick it up once you're done and an elevator will be triggered.  Go
    forward, ignoring the rock creatures and enter the new room.  A boulder will
    seal the way you came through.  Uh oh...
    Jump to the next platform and run IMMEDIATELY!!!  A boulder will come down and
    try to crush you.  Jump to the next platform and don't panic.  Just get ready to
    move again, because you'll have to do the same thing as before!  If you're
    having trouble, trigger the trap and go back some-it'll roll past you, and you
    can basically go ahead and jump without the fear of getting crushed.
    Once you reach the end, take out your whip and aim at the pole.  Climb up to the
    top and continue.  Here, go forward, avoiding more rockmen.  One of them guards
    a herb.  Continue towards the bridge, and fall down onto the platform.  Jump to
    the platform on the left and kill the Rockman (See the beginning of this stage
    walkthrough for details), and grab the treasure nearby (8).  Climb up the ladder
    and continue toward the door.  Use both Tiki Keys (I don't think they need to be
    done in a particular order), and the door will open.  Go down the path as the
    torches light up (Eerie, eh?), and pick the the treasure along the way and save.
    You'll then encounter the next boss...
                              <LAVA MONSTER>
    Okay, you'll have to jump from platform to platform to avoid it.  It'll shoot
    flames at you, and for obvious reasons, don't touch it.  You need to cross that
    bridge, but it'll block your path.  You'll need to find something to get around
    First, as you're jumping from platform to platform, be sure to go for the final
    treasure on one of the platforms first (10).  Keep jumping along the path until
    you reach solid ground.  Don't panic if it's near you.  If it's in your way,
    simply go back some.  Once you reach the end, take Taklit's part and run back to
    the bridge.  Equip it and use it to turn invisible.  It'll go away, and you can
    cross the bridge.  Stay invisible until you reach the end.
    Jump across the gap, step around the holes, and kill the lizard.  Once outside,
    push the switch, and it'll pour into the lava.  The creature will solilfy and
    you can pass.  Exit simply by dropping to where it is and going through the
                            INDY'S TRADING POST
    Anti Venom Kit-50 dollars
    Medicine-100 dollars
    First aid-300 dollars
    Healing Herb- 300 dollars
    Medicinal Herb- 100 dollars
    Combat Rifle ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Machine Pistol Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    9mm Semi Automatic Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Grenades (a set of 3) - 20 dollars
    Submachine Gun Ammo (20 bullets) - 50 dollars
    If you're low on health items, buy them.  Otherwise, don't purchase anything.
    This next stage won't have you using your gun much, and it's pretty short.
                                  Stage 8
                                 //// \\\\
                                (JEEP TREK)
                                 \\\\ ////
    This next stage is fun.  First off, head into the nearby tent for a first aid
    kit and a treasure (1).  Next. get into the Jeep and drive up the hill.  Enter
    the cave, step out of your Jeep for a moment, and pick the second treasure (2).
    Get back in and drive toward the bridge.  They'll explode it, but you can still
    go up it like a ramp, flying across the small chasm and to the other side.  This
    may take a few tries, especially if you're new to this level.
    Continue driving and go up the hill to the left.  The reason for this is because
    by taking the path to the right, the bridge will be broken.  So go up the hill
    instead and use it like a ramp to reach the other side.  Inside the cave, pick
    up the next treasure (3).  Go outside, run over the unlucky Commie, and exit
    your Jeep for a moment.  Kill the guards near the bridge with your rifle from a
    distance (It'll pay off here, and go to where the boxes are.  Not only will you
    find a treasure here (4), but you'll also find a Two Meter Plank.  Use that on
    the nearby bridge and head back to the Jeep.  Drive it up like a ramp to...well,
    you get the picture.
    Continue until you reach a split path, go to the right first.  Run over the 3
    guards, leave your Jeep, and enter the crawlspace.  Inside is a room with a
    treasure (5).  Get back in and take the left path.  You'll have to use it like a
    ramp to enter the cave (It's hard to make the jump however).  Drive down the
    path until you reach the bottom.  Take out Urgon's part, and use it on the
    cracked wall to uncover another treasure behind it (6).
    Now, get back in and drive until you enter a maze-like area.  Along the way,
    you'll encounter a enemy jeep.  Just avoid it, there's no way to kill it. Go
    back to the beginning of the level and take the farthest path to the right
    (Without stairs) every time.  That way, you'll reach the exit, but first, we
    need four more treasure first.
    By constantly taking rightmost path, you should be at a waterfall.  Go left, and
    up the hill to a hut, where you'll find a treasure inside it (7).  Go to the
    right and drive until you see a totem pole alongside a tree.  That's where your
    next treasure is (8).  Drive and you'll be at the exit, because there are three
    soldiers there and a hill is up ahead.  But we have two more treasures to look
    for, so ignore it for now and head left.
    You'll come across a wrecked Japanese WWII plane.  Under it is a treasure (9).
    Continue until you reach a bunker with sandbags.  Kill the guard and pick up the
    last treasure inside.  Work your way back to the exit and drive over the hill
    (Go back and start over from the beginning to find it if you're lost).
                            INDY'S TRADING POST
    Anti Venom Kit-50 dollars
    Medicine-100 dollars
    First aid-300 dollars
    Healing Herb- 300 dollars
    Medicinal Herb- 100 dollars
    Combat Rifle ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Machine Pistol Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    9mm Semi Automatic Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Grenades (a set of 3) - 20 dollars
    Submachine Gun Ammo (20 bullets) - 50 dollars
    You're probably stocked up on healing items, but if not, simply buy some more,
    and keep them even so you'll have plenty at hand.  Ammo for the Combat Rifle and
    Machine Pistol will help, too.
                                  Stage 9
    As Indy slides into the new level, go forward to the door on the left and enter
    for a first aid kit.  Next, go to the right and push the button.  Go through the
    door, and for while, you'll slash cobwebs (Or you can burn them with your
    lighter, walk up to one and press B while you have it out) and kill spiders.
    Keep going until you see a key.  Then run away, because the floor will move away
    and a reveal a pit with two scorpions.  One is already moving around, shoot it
    from above.  You'll have to go in and quickly exit the pit to coax the second
    scorpion into coming out. Drop back down into the pit to pick up the lone
    treasure (1).
    Now, continue going down until you see another switch.  Step on it, then quickly
    step back, because a spike wall will come out and smash the wall.  While it goes
    back, run through until you get blocked between two doors.  Fire at the spider
    before you cut the web (Yes, you can fire through it), and push the switch.
    Collect the treasure in here as well (2).
    Go through the door then fall down to the floor below you and look for a doorway
    below.  Hang from the ledge above it, then drop and grab the ledge below the
    doorway and climb on up.  Now go forward and jump across the hole to grab the
    treasure (3).  Drop down and you'll be in a new room.  You'll see statues that
    can be pulled like switches.  There are three of them in here, one on each wall.
    Pull those to raise the platform with the stone goddess up to the room with the
    As for getting out, climb up to the top by getting up on of the statues.  The
    exit is on the higher floor, so it shouldn't be hard to find.  Go up the walkway
    until you come across a pit.  You'll step on a switch.  Immediately step away or
    a block will smash you from a above.  Once it's in the pit, go across for
    another treasure (4).  The block will rise up during this time, so jump back and
    step on the switch again and step back.  Go on the block and ride it up like an
    elevator, you'll be in a small hallway.  Open the door by pressing the nearby
    switch and take the treasure from the alcove (5).
    Here's how the puzzle works-you have to align three gears to open a door.  View
    this ASCII Map made below...
    Map Legend
    D: Door
    S: Statue
    G: Gear
    --->, =, <--- and : Path the gears travel
                            .                .
                            .    <---G----   .
                            .   .         .  .
                            .   .  --G->  .  .
                           D.   . .  S  . .  .D
                            .   .  -----  .  .
                            .   .         .  .
                            .    ----G----   .
                            .                .
    So the map was sloppy, big deal.
    Three out of the four gears must be placed on the path.  Take note of how they
    travel.  Then you'll notice two switches that you couldn't push eariler (Until
    now).  The switch on the left rotates the gears.  The switch on the right spins
    the gears and the statue.
    This will be done in a step-by step format. It's easier this way, trust me.
    Although there is no wrong way to do this, here's how I did it.
    1. Drop down to the gears below and push the gear next to the bird door towards
    the statue.
    2. Push the gear near the jaguar door away from the statue.
    3. Access the elevator nearby by pressing the button to come to your level, than
    ride it up.  Then push the button to the left to rotate the gears.  Three of the
    four should be lined up.
    4. Press the button to the right to start up the gears.  If done correctly, all
    three gears will turn and open the door.
    5. Press the left button twice to rotate the gears.
    6. Press the button on the right to get the gears going in motion.  Another door
    should open.
    7. Push the left switch one more time, then drop down and push the gear by the
    fish door towards the statue.
    8. Pull the gear next to the jaguar door and push it so it's between the door
    and statue.
    9. Push the gears next to the bird door and the tri-symbol door.
    10. Go back up and push the switch on the left first, then push the switch on
    the right to open another door.
    11. Push the left button twice, then the one on the right again.  All of the
    doors are now open!
    Push the left button one more time and pull the gears away from the doors so you
    won't be blocked off.
    Go through the fish door you opened.  Jump into the pool and you'll see some
    tougher piranhas, but still not as threating.  Use your machete or climb out of
    the water and kill them with your gun, then head to the right.  Behind the
    statue is a keyhole.  Use the water key you picked up earlier and put it inside.
    The underwater gate is now open to you.
    Now, swim through the small tunnel and surface, and you'll see an animal we
    haven't seen in a while...snakes!!!  Don't worry, they're still easy to
    dispatch.  Once they're taken care of, jump back into the water for a minute and
    look for a switch underwater on the nearby pillar.  Pull it and a pillar will
    rise.  Swim back up and go toward the ladder.
    Take a running leap to the pillar to reach the other side.  Hop to the other
    side and go forward until you reach the edge.  Carefully hang down from the
    bottom and shimmy all the way to the right until you can climb into an alcove.
    Turn around and make a running leap to the doorway on the other side (You'll
    probably grab the ledge, pull yourself up if you do) and go through the tunnel.
    Climb the ladder and when you reach the other side, stop.
    There's a tricky treasure to reach.  You have to jump to the left through the
    opening and go behind the statue to get the treasure (6).  Jump back to the
    platform, then use your whip to get to the platform on the other side.  Climb up
    the wall (There should be engravements in them, giving them a rough surface.)
    and once you reach the top, watch the cut-scene again.
    Once it's over, take the Fish Idol, and light will shine in the room.  Take out
    Taklit's part and use it to avoid the guards, then you'll see a mirror in an
    alcove.  Take it (The guards won't see you, don't worry), then use Taklit's part
    again.  Jump across the small gap and snatch the treasure in the alcove (7).
    Hide behind a pillar, let Taklit's part recharge to full, then use it again, but
    don't drop to the bottom.  Head back to where you got the Fish Idol, put it
    away, and climb down the ladder.  Then simply fall into the water.
    If, on the other hand, you decide to go down, kill the commies, then open the
    door and head through the area as normal.  Inside the pit with the scorpions,
    throw a grenade inside.  A russian with a shotgun is hiding in there.  Take it,
    but save it for later.
    Regardless of which path you take, head into the gear room and use Taklit's part
    to avoid the guards (Or kill them).  Head into the door with the bird symbol
    You'll see a small pool, jump in and swim down first.  The linear path holds a
    treasure (8).  Swim out and head to the right.  Carefully go up the hill,
    because you'll see decorated tiles which will send a spike through your body if
    you step on one (You may need your lighter to see better).  Jump to avoid them,
    then when you reach the top, kill the spider ahead and step on the tile, then
    step back, as a spike wall will come out.  While it retracts, head to the wall
    and pick up the lone treasure (9).  Look for ugly looking bricks and use Urgon's
    part to smash it. Head up the ladder and jump to the other side to get the last
    treasure (10).  Next, climb either of the two ladders, then jump to the other
    side.  Kill the spiders from afar, then slash through the web on the right for a
    medical kit.
    Go to the middle web, kill the spider and scorpion, then slash the web.  Go
    through the door, and fall down to the bottom and turn around.  Grab the bird
    idol, and light will once again shine in this room of the pyramid. Go out this
    room and go back to where you climbed the two ladders.  Fall into the water and
    climb out, then head to where the gears are again.  Head through the door with
    the jaguar head.
    Go left and cut the web, then kill the guard ahead.  Step on the tile and step
    back, because a wall of spikes will shoot out.  While they retract, run through
    and kill the any guards in the room, then go up the large series of steps to
    reach the jaguar idol.  Here, you'll encounter another ray of light, this time
    shining on the statue.  Head back into the gear room and head through the only
    other door we haven't been through...
    Inside, set the idols at their appropriate places (Look for pictures, of
    course), then the statue will go down again.  Here, you'll have to go back to
    the room where you first met it, I'm sure you know how to, right?  Once you're
    at the bottom, you'll encounter some guards.  Use Taklit's part to hide from
    their shots, then return fire at them.  Pick up their ammo, including the
    shotgun if you haven't got one eariler.  Here, Climb up on the block and set the
    mirror in the statue's hands.  It'll reflect off of the mirror and open the
    door.  Exit.
                            INDY'S TRADING POST
    Anti Venom Kit-50 dollars
    Medicine-100 dollars
    First aid-300 dollars
    Healing Herb- 300 dollars
    Medicinal Herb- 100 dollars
    Combat Rifle ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Machine Pistol Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    9mm Semi Automatic Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Grenades (a set of 3) - 20 dollars
    Submachine Gun Ammo (20 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Shotgun Ammo (5 shells) - 50 dollars
    Buy ammo for the shotgun, 50 shells seem good enough.  And maybe a few healing
    items you're low on.
                                  Stage 10
                               (OLMEC VALLEY)
    First off, turn around and you should see a opening behind you.  Go down until
    you see some ivy, cut that with your machete and kill the snake nearby.  You'll
    see a leopard ahead, and as with the wolves, they can't be killed, shooting them
    will make them go away for a while.  Use Taklit's part to avoid it or fire your
    revolver at it.  Go all the way down the river.  You really shouldn't be going
    this far yet, but we want to get our first treasure right away.  Once you reach
    the end, go into the pond and swim next to the wall, you should see a hole.
    Inside is your first treasure (1).  Surface, and kill any piranhas that followed
    you during that time.
    Now, head all the way back to the beginning of the stage where you'll see a
    pressure plate.  As you've noticed, there are three of them.  Right to it is
    some ivy, cut it with your machete and head through.  Go all the way up into a
    temple and cut the ivy blocking the enterance.  Try to avoid the nearby leopard
    inside, simply shoot it if it sees you.  Look for a weak wall to your left and
    smash it with Urgon's part.  Inside is another treasure (2).  Go up the stairs,
    and take out the whip and swing to the statue.  Jump to the other side and go up
    the stairs.  Here, you'll find a block, so push it.  You'll fall through.
    You're now in a narrow tunnel.  Here, look for a gap in the wall.  See it?
    Good.  For the moment, you'll need to use it.  But first, go up to the pressure
    plate.  Once you step on it, head to the gap and hide inside it, because it'll
    come down shortly. Once you hide in the gap, the block will slide past you and
    it'll land next to the pressure plate.  Before going down though, head up to
    where the head was and pick up the treasure (3).  Then go down and push the
    block onto the plate.  A bridge will be activated, and you can cross now.
    Head back up through the stairs as normal, but instead, go left (You should see
    a path going this way).  Go through the tunnel and over the bridge.  Go forward
    until you see some stairs to climb (Be sure to kill any snakes you see).
    Instead of going up those, go down to the bottom first.  Before heading through
    the nearby doorway, head to the other side to pick up a treasure (4).  Go
    through the doorway and fall to a platform below you.  Go through the opening
    and kill all of the snakes inside, then go into the pool.
    Inside the pool is an underwater switch.  Pull it and a door will open.  Go
    through it and you'll see more snakes.  Kill those and you'll find a block in
    the wall.  Push it as far as you can and climb the block, and  you're in another
    corridor with the same situtaion, except a cracked wall is there.  Use Urgon's
    part on the cracked wall nearby, then step on the pressure plate and run down
    the corridor and head up to a safe platform above where the block won't get you.
    But now you're blocked off, so go back to the hole you made with Urgon's part
    and upon going through the hole, drop down to a platform and find the cave to
    return back to the pool.
    Push the block out the hole and it'll fall next to the second pressure plate.
    But an annoying leopard is there, so shoot it to make it rub away for a while,
    then push it on to the switch.
    By this time, the commies have followed you here. *Groans*
    Okay, use Taklit's part and head all the way back to where the pressure plate
    was, and I'm sure you know where to go from there.  By this time, Taklit's part
    is near empty, so take out a deadly weapon (Machine gun of shotgun will do
    nicely, and kill any Russians in sight on your way to the second bridge you
    Go across until you see a huge gap, and take out your whip and whip across.
    Once you reach the other side, two soldiers will follow you, ignore them and
    head down through the steps.  Hop to the next ledge and jump toward the next
    room until you enter the room with a snake below.  Kill it and head down the
    path to the right to obtain another treasure (5).  Go back up and grab the
    ledge, then shimmy as far as you can to the right and pull yourself up.
    Now, head in a room with a pool, and kill the snake and hop in the water.  Swim
    through an opening at the bottom of the statue and you'll emerge from the water.
    Climb out and jump from side to side via the platforms to reach the top.  Push
    the button to drain the water and slide down the side and jump down to reach the
    bottom.  Manuever (Push and pull) the Olmec head towards the opening on the
    other side and it'll get stuck.  Pull an block out from the statue's base.
    Manuever it to the opening where you jumped from platform to platform to reach
    the top.  Climb it up and push the button again to have the water flowing and
    the head will fly out.  It'll automatically land on the head, so you won't have
    to push it.  Whoopee!
    With that settled, slide down the other side and climb the up the ladder.  Keep
    straight after going across the bridge until you see a variety of small steps
    below. Go down those and at the bottom is a alcove with a treasure (6).  Climb
    back up and keep going until you see a gap.  Swing across and keep going down
    through the steps until you enter another room.  Save and kill the snakes below
    the area.  Next, go to the door on the far left and push the button.  Surprise!
    The door opens.  You'll see a pillar you need to push, but you'll need to get
    higher first before you make even more progress.
    Inside the nearby building on the bottom floor, look near a lit torch to find a
    treasure (7).  Then head to the doorway, but go a little more to the left of it
    this time.  You'll see a button to press.  This will open the door above you,
    but there's a time limit.  They don't show it, but you need to get moving.
    Simply go across the rooftops of buildings and platforms until your reach the
    doorway (It may take a try or two) and head through the door.  Then push the top
    of the pillar to form a bridge.  Before heading down, look around on the rooftop
    of a buidling with a hole for a treasure (8).
    Head down and go across the newly made bridge and go on up.  From there, head to
    a pole and whip it to go across the gap and clinb the platforms.  Before going
    any further, turn around and go across a couple of platforms and look for a
    platform with some more treasure (9). Head through the grassy area, towards the
    building, and up the steps, and step inside to claim this stage's final treasure
    Whoa!  An elevator!  Keep in mind that if you die during the boss, you have to
    take the treasure so you go down the elevator again.
                             <GIANT SNAKE>
    Before dealing with this next boss, go to the door behind you and open it.
    You'll find a switch, but don't step on it yet.  Instead, go to the  other door
    to unleash the boss.  Yikes!
    First off, use Taklit's part to avoid having the boss see you and scramble
    toward the switch.  Apart from running into you, it'll also spit out snakes for
    you to fight.  Step on the switch and stay there for a while and put the part
    away, then after a couple of seconds, run to the room where the boss came out
    of.  Climb the block to claim Aserim's part.  Oooh...
    Now, down to business.  In order to harm it, you need to find a tile with a
    fairy on it, and levitate up.  Take the ones on the left and right sides,
    they'll let you go up one floor.  Next, in the corners of the room on this floor
    is a switch that'll activate when you stand on it.  A nearby spike will pop out
    of a hole in the ground.  When that big snake's body is above it, step on it and
    it'll be impaled.  You need to do this 6 times before it dies.
    Now, take the fairy tile next to the boss's room, and take it to the second
    floor and exit.  The commies will then capture you...crap...
                            INDY'S TRADING POST
    Anti Venom Kit-50 dollars
    Medicine-100 dollars
    First aid-300 dollars
    Healing Herb- 300 dollars
    Medicinal Herb- 100 dollars
    Combat Rifle ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Machine Pistol Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    9mm Semi Automatic Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Grenades (a set of 3) - 20 dollars
    Submachine Gun Ammo (20 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Shotgun Ammo (5 shells) - 50 dollars
    Isn't it weird?  You can buy junk for this stage, and yet you're stripped of
    your weaponary?  Just buy any health and ammo you're low on.
                                   Stage 11
                               (V. I. PUDOVKIN)
    Right, you're captured, you're stripped of your weaponary (After buying junk at
    the Trading Post too...weird) and all you have is your lighter.  First things
    first...knock on the door and a russian guard will answer.  Indy will pull the
    seasick routine, but the guard won't fall for it.  Drat....
    Before you knock on the door again, climb up on the bunk bed and go to the
    nearby vent.  You'll see a padlock, but it's not locked, so open it.  But don't
    think you'll get very far-a dead end is ahead, but it can still be put to use.
    Climb down from the bed and knock on the door again.  The guard will take longer
    to answer the door, so climb up the bed and into the vent and hide for a moment.
    The guard will enter and inspect the back part of the room.  Quickly!  Drop down
    from the bed and head through the door, sealing him inside.  HA!  And since this
    door cannot be opened from the inside,  he's trapped!
    You're not out of the woods yet, though.  Being caught will send you to the cell
    to do the whole process all over again.  Head through the hallway.  On the right
    side, open the farthest door.  You should be in a black room with a switch.
    Pull it and leave the room.  On the same side, open the door you walked past.
    You should see Taklit's part by it's lonesome on the table.  A guard was
    watching it, but he's distracted by the machine in the other room and he'll try
    to stop it.  Take it and leave the room.
    Now, head through the other room.  You should see oodles of crates, but there
    are guards there as well.  Take out Taklit's part and turn yourself invisible.
    Run straight across to the other side of the room and don't stop until you reach
    the end.  Go to towards the door behind the crates and put it away.  Enter the
    room to reclaim your goodies:  Your revolver, your whip, and machete.
    By this time, the commies have learned of your escape, so first off, you'll have
    to kill a guard to reclaim one of their weapons you previously used.  So take
    out your revolver and leave the room.  Manuver the red crate and push it toward
    the blue one, then climb on up, take the unpainted crate and pull it on top of
    the first red one.  Climb up over it on the other side and push it towards the
    other red crate.
    Climb up on top of it and take out your whip.  Look for a light fixture and
    swing across.  Climb that crate, up on onto the catwalk, and save.  Kill any
    commies and you'll reclaim the Combat Rifle, 9mm Semi-Automatic, and the Machine
    Pistol.  There is a single door so open it.  Run through the doors on both sides
    wipe out the guards.  The left door has a treasure (1), so take it and go to the
    other end of the hallway and up the ladder.  Open the door and kill the lone
    guard enter.  Inside you'll find Urgon's part!  Sweetness!
    Now, head back to the room with all of those crates, and you'll see two doors.
    Take the one on the right and keep straight through two compartments until you
    see a guard, kill him and grab the treasure inside (2).  Go back out through the
    door you went and look for a cracked wall to break with Urgon's part.  Pop
    another commie on the right and open the door across from the red banner.  Wipe
    out another Russian and grab the treasure (3).  Head back through the hole you
    just made and climb up the ladder.  Keep straight, and inside the next room
    you'll find (Gasp) more treasure (4)!
    Note: Because commies are frequent from here, you'll just have to kill one if
    you encounter them.  There's only a few areas I'll otherwise mention (I'll tell
    you in advance, too.).
    Through the hallway, go through the first door on the right for another treasure
    (5).  Head through the wooden door for another treasure (6) and a medical kit.
    Across from that room is another one with a treasure as well (7).   Climb up the
    ladder ahead to reach the deck and save here.  Before breaking the weak wall,
    you'll have to deal with some commies first.  By this time the Submachine gun
    and Shotgun should be in your hands.  The Combat Rifle is a big help here too.
    Head to the front of the ship for another treasure (8)  Now take out Urgon's
    part and, well, you know the rest.  Use any health items you have, too.
    Head through the kitchen and up the ladder, and listen in on a conversation in
    the next room. You'll find (Surprise) Voldinkov talking about the last Infernal
    Machine part.  Thanks!  Grab Azerim's part behind you and leave to the hole you
    made, but don't go through it.  Instead, Look for a ladder to climb down and
    you'll be in a room with a crane.  Once you're at the bottom, use the controls
    to make the crane go above the box with the jewel inside.  Press the button on
    the right to lower it some, then press it again to make it rise.  Behind the
    truck are some crates, and behind those are another treasure (9).
    Use Azerim's part on the jewel and rise to the top.  Once on the catwalk go to
    the door on right (Ignore the Russians).  Kill the two soilders inside the room,
    one of them is a big buff version of Arnold Schwarenegger.  Head to the bottom
    to find two things: The last treasure (10), and a lever to have a ladder appear
    on the walkway at the top.  Go on up and gun down the lone guard and take the
    wheel.  Head through the door and look for a boat.  Use the wheel to help lower
    the boat and exit.  FREEDOM!!!!
                            INDY'S TRADING POST
    Anti Venom Kit-50 dollars
    Medicine-100 dollars
    First aid-300 dollars
    Healing Herb- 300 dollars
    Medicinal Herb- 100 dollars
    Combat Rifle ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Machine Pistol Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    9mm Semi Automatic Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Grenades (a set of 3) - 20 dollars
    Submachine Gun Ammo (20 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Shotgun (5 shells) 50 dollars
    The usual junk, especially since many of the treasures were big bucks.  *yawn*
                                  Stage 12
                               (MEROE PYRAMIDS)
    You'll start this off in your jeep.  After Indy exits it in cinema,   Run
    towards the pyramid with the open hole.  A boy will take cover, but he isn't
    running away because of you, it's the hyenas that are freaking him out.
    Solution?  Use the jeep.  By picking up speed, you'll run them over in one hit.
    You can also do this the normal way with your weapons, but it's dangerous.  In
    fact, I don't recommend doing it with weapons as they will overwhelm you. If
    he's still taking shelter in the pyramid, they're not dead.  Otherwise, the Indy
    theme will play when you kill them all.
    Once all of them are killed, get out of your jeep and go to the back of it.
    Take the gas can from the back, you'll need it for the end of the stage.  Head
    to the small shack and look for a window you can fire through.  Open fire and
    something inside (Probably a barrel) will explode, allowing enterance to it.
    You'll find a Rocket Launcher (Oooh!) some ammo (Double Oooh!), a medical kit, a
    chain, and a bucket.  Go to your jeep and drive towards the hole and stop there.
    Go towards that weird contraption with a switch and use the chain on it, then
    pull the switch.  It's one of those huge automatic mining shovels people use,
    and it can be rode like an elevator of sorts.
    So hop on it and ride it down to the bottom.  You'll spot a broken down mine
    cart.  Take the wheel off of it and head to the other side.  The scorpions are
    easy pickings, and after killing them, you'll spot a pocketwatch with the name
    "Henrich Horner" on them.  Since there's nothing else of interest, you may as
    well head back up.
    With that out of the way, head to where the ruined mine cart tracks are.  You'll
    see something flashing ahead in the cave there, but it's dangerous for Indy to
    cross.  You'll then encounter that kid you was scared of the hyenas earlier.  He
    says he wants something civilised like the English.  By now, you should've
    gotten the pocketwatch, but if not, you'll have to go back down and get it.
    Otherwise, you'll give him the watch, but only after he balances across the
    broken tracks to get the object, the Eye of Meroe.  And the kid will be
    industrialized...to start...
    Before you do anything else, you'll need to head back to the start of the level
    and kill the scorpion, and manuever the blocks until you see a strange marking
    on one of the tiles.  And take the gas can off of your jeep.  What's the point
    of this, you're asking?  You'll see near the end.  Trust me.
    Now, you'll have to start inside one of those pyramids.  One of them has bars,
    so you'll have to remove them.  First off, head to where the shack is and look
    for a climbable wall.  Start climbing up to the top until you get into a hole.
    Save, and start going carefully, using your lighter to light the passageway.
    Oh, there's a spike pit you'll come across, too.  Be sure to jump over it.
    Eventually you'll come across a cracked wall so use Urgon's part.
    This will cause a block to fall to the bottom of the temple.  Fall down and
    manuever it to line it up with holes in the temple.  Climb up on it and use the
    engraved holes to climb on up.  There's an alcove with a button on the top, push
    it and it'll open a door below you.  Carefully go down, and look to your right
    for a pillar you can climb with your first treasure (1).
    Enter and you'll see a block in the wall, pull it from behind, then push to the
    left and climb up for another treasure (2).  Climb down and go to the left,
    shooting any spiders with your revolver.  Continue until you see a room with
    water and a strange contraption.  Take the bucket and put it on there-you'll see
    it take some water, pour it out of the pyramid, and continuously do it.  Go back
    and go through the other path you didn't head through.
    Go straight and jog left until you see a web covered door, but instead of going
    through it, look to your right to see some ledges.    Go up the first ledge,
    then turn around and jump to the next one ahead.  Proceed until you see a
    ladder.  Ignore it for now, kill the 2 snakes, and continue until you see a
    treasure in a sarcophagus (3).  Jump backwards to get out if you're having
    Go up the ladder I told you to ignore earlier, then when approach a ledge, hang
    and drop from it. Use Urgon's part on a cracked wall and you'll see two buttons.
    Press the one on the right and a block should fall down.  Jump towards it and
    grab it, because if you touch the floor, another one will fall on you. Ouch.  If
    you did grab it, pull yourself up and follow the path to an opening (Be sure to
    shoot the scorpion on the way there.
    Crawl through the opening and grab the herbs by the skeleton, and kill the two
    scorpions guarding the treasure (4).  Crawl back through the opening and go up
    the wall on the left, then climb the ladder, jump to a ledge opposite, then turn
    right and climb the wall to where you see a face.  You should now be in a room
    with a triangular piece of firewood.  light it and a beam should go out into the
    Exit and go right, go down the ledge and you should see a chute to go down.  You
    should be in a somewhat familiar area now...head to the web covered door I told
    you to ignore a while back.  Step inside and soon you'll see a spider on the a
    ledge on the left.  You'll then go down a series of wide steps you need to go
    down.  Be ready to kill those two snakes at the bottom.
    Inside the next room, turn left and you'll a button with a eye you can push.
    Lots of snakes will come out, so kill them all before you crawl through.
    Inside, go to the right and climb the ledge.  Two spiders will come at you from
    a room, so take care of them.  When you reach a ledge, drop down to the floor
    below you.  See that black block on the left?  You'll need to raise it.
    Here's how to do it.  Jump to the platform up ahead and you should activate a
    switch.  That block will be raised for a while, but be quick-it won't stay up
    there.  Jump bacn and go under the now raised block and pull another one out
    from under it.    By the time this timed sequence ends, the black block should
    fall on top of the one you just pulled out.  Climb back up, then grab the ledge
    and shimmy across to the other side.
    Follow the hallway and turn left, then when you reach an intersection, turn
    right and you'll see four sarcophogai.  Climb up the second one from the right,
    then turn around and climb into the hole above it.  Press the button nearby
    ...crud...snakes...and there's a lot of them in the room ahead.  Pick them off
    safely so you won't get poisoned (And use an anti venom kit).  Once they're all
    dealt with, head to the right and you'll find a crypt.  Climb on top of it, then
    turn to the right and jump to the top of the doorway you came through.  Walk
    along it and you'll eventually see a wall to climb to a celiing hole.  Upon
    reaching the top, a spider will come down.  Kill it and head up the slope for a
    treasure (5).  Head down and you'll see a crack to use Urgon's part on.  It
    won't break it, but it will dislodge a stone and smash one of the crypts.
    Head back to the previous room and go on top of the building where the boulder
    smashed it.  You should see a hole to fall down through and get your treasure
    (6).  To get out, just push the door.
    Head back to where you blew the hole with Urgon's part, and you should see a
    ledge to your left.  Climb up and head to the end of the hallway and climb up
    another ledge.  Inside the room is another firewood for you to light.
    Head back to the room where the four sarcophagi are and head to a corridor with
    an eye.  The moment you get close, the passage will be locked and you have to go
    away from it to open again, so use Taklit's part to avoid being seen and head
    into the passage.  Head down the stairs and you'll see a room with a pillar.
    Shoot the snakes from either side of the room and head to the back of the
    central column and use Urgon's part near the skelton.  Ah, another treasure! (7)
    Those racks of skeltons can be used as ladders to climb up, so take either one
    you desire, the climb up the central pillar to a ledge  The moment you go up the
    three steps ahead, a spider will come from the left.  Shoot it quickly.  At the
    edge of the room there's a hole, in where you can pick off a spider. Leave
    through the door to the right and go up the stairs.
    Now, at the top there is a button on the left side.  Ahead is a pit with snakes!
    You may want to kill them all safely in case you mess up.  Press the button and
    a ledge will slide out covering it up.  Quickly get on it and turn around and
    jump to grab the ledge.  Press the button at the end of the hall to start a
    timed sequence.  A crystal for Azerim's part will appear, and if you're not
    quick enough, it'll go away.
    Here's how to get there:  After pushing the button, run to the end of the hall
    and step on the stone, which is an elevator.  Next, turn to the left and step on
    the next elevator stone.  Stay the way you're facing and run into room once it
    stops.  Climb the ledge, step on the fairy tile and use Azerim's part to get
    there.  Guess what's in the next room...firewood!  Light it to have another beam
    Go back down using Azerim's part.  Head back where you climbed the skelton racks
    and go to the door with the eye.  It'll slam shut, but were done here anyway.
    Turn right before you get to the room with the four sarcophagi and you'll be
    back at where you had to shimmy across that long crack in the wall.  Shimmy to
    the other side and enter the first room on the right.  A treasure (8) is there.
    There's another cracked room in the wall, break it with Urgon's part that for
    some herbs.  One more crack is in there, blow it away and shoot the scorpion
    Look to your left and go down one step.  Then do a running jump to the ledge so
    that you grab it.  Inside is another treasure (9).  Jump back to the step you
    made and go down the stairs for herbs.  Head down more stairs and do a running
    jump to the ledge and shimmy to the left.  Pull yourself up, kill the spiders,
    and go into the left doorway and you're in a skelton pit.  You'll then find your
    last treasure (10) and two herbs.  Get out of the pit and head up the stairs,
    shooting spiders along the way.
    Now, you'll see a block that needs to be moved when you reach the top.  Go to
    the far side and pull it once so it's away from the stairs.  Go back behind it
    and push it once against the wall.  Climb it, and face left and jump toward the
    ledge to grab it.  Pull up and shoot a spider.  Go up the ladder and at the top
    look to your left.  You'll see a firewood on a ledge.  To get it, do a running
    to the ledge above it, then drop down and grab the one below.  Pull yourself
    into the room and pick it up.
    Head back to the block you pushed, and jump back to the ledge with the ladder.
    Climb it all the way up, and hang from the ledge, drop down and grab the one
    below.  Shimmy to the left and pull up into the next room.  Climb the ledge,
    shoot the spider, then go up another ledge to thel left and use your whip on the
    pole above you.  Climb the right wall into a familiar room, the one where you
    light the firewood.  This time, you must set it down on the platform first, then
    light it.
    Hang and drop from the room.  There's a dead end passage with a crack that you
    can break with Urgon's part.  Then...
    The Russians are back!  No worries, you can easily run them over with your jeep
    with little effort.  The only time you shouldn't do this is if they are near the
    pit where you got the wheel and watch.  Once they're all gone, it's time to look
    for the 4 beams from the firewood you lit.
    Now, here are their locations.
    1. Purple Beam - Look at the pyramids and you should see them.  From there,
    follow it and it'll be in the desert.
    2. Yellow Beam - Remember where those three blocks were at the beginning?  You
    should've moved the blocks until you see a marking.  If not, do so, because
    that's where the beam hits.
    3. Green Beam - Near the mine pit, you'll see a green marked vertical column.
    Here, you should see the beam and follow it from there.  It's not far.
    4. Red Beam - This reflects off of a pool of water you made earlier.  Follow it
    to it's location.
    Each time you stand under one, you'll need to put the Eye of Meroe into the
    slot, then it'll release one of the four locks from the giant door of a pyramid.
    Once that's done, you're pretty much finished.  You just need to ride the mine
    cart into the next level.  If you followed my advice, you should already have
    both the wheel and gas, but if not, here they are again...
    The wheel is found in the mine pit.  You'll see a broken mine cart, stand next
    to the wheels and Indy will take it off.
    The gas can is found on the back of your jeep.
    Now just enter the pyramid with the door you opened, put the wheel and gas in
    the cart, and you're done here!  *Sighs a breath of relief*
                            INDY'S TRADING POST
    Anti Venom Kit-50 dollars
    Medicine-100 dollars
    First aid-300 dollars
    Healing Herb- 300 dollars
    Medicinal Herb- 100 dollars
    Combat Rifle ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Machine Pistol Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    9mm Semi Automatic Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Grenades (a set of 3) - 20 dollars
    Submachine Gun Ammo (20 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Shotgun Ammo (5 shells) - 50 dollars
    Rocket Launcher (3 rockets) 100 dollars
    Besides the usual junk you're low on, some ammo for the Rocket Launher isn't a
    bad idea.  About 30 rockets should last you the whole game.
                                    Stage 13
                               ////////// \\\\\\\\\
                              (King Solomon's Mines)
                               \\\\\\\\\\ /////////
    Ride the mire cart until you see a cabin on the left.  This is the switch house.
    Hop out and step inside. You'll see a map, 5 switches, and a fuse box that's
    blown.  You'll need power to activate the switches.  Study the map carefully,
    because I don't feel like making ASCII for it.  Be sure to take the medical kit
    and get used to returning to this place often.
    Go back in the cart and head through two more doors.  You'll see an excavation
    site on the right.  Hop out and through the stone door to go inside.  Turn left
    and you'll see a crate of TNT, shoot it from afar to make it explode.  Then pick
    up the first treasure (1).  Exit and look to find a pushcart near the track.  Go
    to it and pick up the fuse from the crate on top of it.  Go to where you see a
    two bug crates and two small ones that are on the right side of the dock.  Climb
    up to the dock a the second treasure is behind the two small crates (2).
    Head back to the switchouse (That cabin you visited) and head inside to put the
    fuse in the fuse box, but you'll be electorcuted for minor damage, and to my
    knowledge, it's unavoidable, so bear the pain.  All levers except for 4 will
    work.  Pull levers 1 and 3 and head into the cart.
    Eventually while you're riding, you'll see Voldinkov and his men enter.
    Persistant little nuts, aren't they?
    Ride the car until you see switch 4.  #4 will need some grease, so come back
    here later.  In the meantime, pick up the third treasure on the right side of
    the door (3).  Go back in the car and continue riding.  Eventualy, after a few
    cobwebs, you'll see two pipes you need to duck under.  Please note that due to
    laziness, I will not list where the pipes are, so just duck under them if you
    see one coming your way.
    After those two you'll see a skelton with a first aid kit.  Just be wary of the
    spider guarding it and you'll be fine.  Continue to switch #2, exit the car, and
    go the way you came from.  You'll see treasure #4 along the tracks (4).
    Continue past switch #3, and as you come across another door, slow down and
    reverse the car.  You'll go on another set of tracks past the lumber and into a
    new room with water falls.
    Exit the car and jump from crate to crate into the left waterfall.  If you miss,
    you'll have to swim back to the dock, because you can't climb the crates.  Don't
    jump to the last crate, though, you'll jump over it too easily.  Instead, take
    out your whip and he'll aim a pole in which he can swing in right through the
    waterfall.  You'll now have the Eye of Horus.  Jump in the pool and swim down
    until you see a tunnel.  Once you see a fork in the road, go to the right first
    and you'll see three crates.  Swim up and surface in a pool and get Treasure #5
    Go back in the pool and head to the left next and you'll see the sitxh treasure
    (6).  It may be hard to see it, since it's among all these stones.  But if you
    pick something up, it's definitely the treasure. Now, go back to the main pool,
    and swim to the right side of the falls for the seventh treasure on the floor of
    the pool (7).  Climb out of the pool and go to the far stack of crates and climb
    one of the for a medical kit.  Head back to the car and exit.
    Drive through the doors, and if you want, exit and climb the blocks on the right
    for an Anti-Venom Kit.  Head through another door, and keep moving, you're being
    pursued.  As you head down the hill and proceed to turn into the next door,
    stop.  The commies in the car ahead will try to blow you up with a grenade.
    Follow them and continue until you get to another set of doors.  A cut scene
    will the commies throw a grenade.  When you regain control, stop.  Get out of
    the car and kill both commies.  Avoid the electrical discharge from the lamp if
    you can.  Go through the hole from the blasted grating and you'll get a brass
    key, and go back to the car.
    Continue to switch #1 and you'll see a first aid kit nearby.  Get out and grab
    it, then go down the tracks the way you came and go up an elevated section of
    track and through the next opening.  It should be a section of a wall with
    blocks removed.  Inside, you'll see two snakes on the tracks.  Kill them and
    drop down for a treasure (8).  Go back to the cart and pass switch #2.
    Another cut scene will happen, as the commies will blow up blow up the tracks
    behind Indy with a rocket launcher.  Go through one more set of doors and get
    out of the car.  There are 3 guards here.  Two below on the set of tracks ahead,
    and one more from from the left throwing grenades above a ledge on top (He may
    be hard to see.).  Kill them all and enter the supply depot they were guarding.
    Inside you'll find satchel charges, a medical kit, and a door you can unlock
    with the brass key you just got.  Here, you'll find an oil can.
    Drive all the way back to switch #4, keeping in mind that you're passing the
    switch house and the broken light.  Once there, get out and kill the two guards,
    then oil the switch.  Back to the switch house!  Once there, it seems you'll
    encouter some commies.  A tough one inside the switchhouse, several ones from a
    rooftop, throwing grenades, and the usual grunts await there.  The usual
    soliders aren't a problem, but you'll need the rifle and a high enough spot to
    hit the two commies on the rooftop, and the sub-machine gun or shotgun should be
    for the big one inside.
    After they're all gone, head inside.  Pull switch #4.  The cart with commies
    will go to switch #5 is, crash through a dead end, and plunge into the gap,
    taking them out.  YAHOO!!!  Indy will flip the fifth switch automatically.
    Don't ever flip this again, okay?
    Now, back in the cart.  Once you pass switch #5 you'll see bundles of tracks.
    Stop here and head to the platform on the right.  Climb it and push the crate
    away for a secret enterance.  Inside are explosive barrels, shoot them from afar
    to open another room and a spider for you to kill.  Go in and grab the Anti-
    Venom Kit.  Climb the ladder a little, then climb down quickly.  You'll see a
    spider drop down.  Kill it when it gets down, and fire at it.  Resume climbing
    the ladder.
    At the top is a hole overlooking the tracks, and two web covered enterances.
    You should see a platform ahead.  Do a running jump to it and grab it, then pull
    up and slash the web with your machete (Or burn it with the lighter).  After a
    couple of webs and spiders, you'll come to a room with Solomon's red gem.
    Behind where the red gem is, you'll see a pit with two snakes at the bottom.
    Throw a grenade down there, yell "Fire in the hole!"  And the two snakes will
    die from the explosion.  Grab the gem and move into the hole quickly, as blocks
    will rain down and try to smash you.
    Crawl through the tunnel and climb the low ledge.  Kill the two spiders and
    follow the hallway cutting webs until you can see the platform you used below to
    jump to the first white webbed door.  Jump down to it, then turn left and do a
    running jump to the edge of the hole to grab it and pull yourself up.  Hop back
    in the car and drive it until you see the tracks cross over a pool.  Stop on the
    far side of the door and get out of the cart.  A medical kit in nearby on a
    crate to the left of the door.
    Jump in the pool and look for an underwater tunnel.  Swim through it, but ce
    careful, it's dark and hard to see. When the path splits, turn right and you'll
    see another treasure ahead (9).  Return to the pool to surface for more air,
    then to the split path and go left.  Swim until you see some boxes, that's your
    cue to head to the surface.
    You'll find yourself in a Z-shaped pool. There's a ledge across the pool, and
    you'll have to jump up to it.  When you pull yourself up, the Russians are here.
    Snipe from below with the Combat Rifle.  If you want, drop down and collect the
    ammo.  To get back to where you where, the easy way is to look for a pool
    underneath the wrecked tracks and hop in.  Swim through a tunnel and a grated
    enterance, and you should surface back into to Z-shaped pool.
    Otherwise, turn to the right and jump to the ledge to grab it.  Pull up and
    continue until you see another block to climb on.  Turn to the right and jump
    towards the pillar so you can grab it.  Then jump towards the doorway ahead.
    Cross the room and climb up to get Solomon's green gem.  Jump into the water
    below and you're back in the pool where you left the mine cart.
    Now hop back in and ride to Switch #5.  Get out and kill any guards around, and
    then go up the tunnel with red lights on the left.  Keep your eyes peeled for
    spiders and kill them if you see them.  When you reach the dead end, use your
    whip and swing across the gap.  Go past the damaged doors and there should be a
    cracked wall on the left.  After blowing it up with Urgon's part, you'll see two
    things:  A room with sarcophagi, and Indy's snake fear hitting an all time high.
    But you're on a ledge, so you can safely kill them with your revolver, or you
    can use a grenade or two.  Inside, go left and you'll see Solomon's blue gem,
    but be ready to move back quickly, or you just said hello to the spike pit
    you'll have fallen into.  Exit and follow the tracks to the end of the tunnel
    for the last treasure (10).
    Work your way back to the mine cart and head to the dock where you found the
    fuse at the beginning.  Kill any guards around and climb on the dock and follow
    the path to a ramp.  Head down and turn left into a greenish corridor.  There
    may be a guard there, kill him if you see him.  Turn to the right at the end to
    find the Horus shrine and several guards.  Kill them all and place the Eye of
    Horus into the pyramid in the center.  This will start a timed sequence, but I
    forgot what it affects...
    After the platform rises, jump to the scaffolding on the left and then turn
    right and run to the red shrine.  Insert the red gem into it.  It'll rise some
    more, so jump back across it to the scaffolding on the other side.  Do a running
    jump to grab the ledge, which should take you to the green shrine.  Insert the
    green gem into it and a statue's arm to swing a blue jewel out over the room.
    Equip Azerim's part and look for the fairy tile, and use it to float up to the
    blue shrine.  Insert the blue gem there and the platform will rise one more
    Below it is a doorway.  Go to the jewel and use Azerim's part to descend to the
    floor safely.  Walk into the doorway in the pillar and pull the lever to open a
    door, and whip the pole to swing across and end this level.  Whew...
                            INDY'S TRADING POST
    Anti Venom Kit-50 dollars
    Medicine-100 dollars
    First aid-300 dollars
    Healing Herb- 300 dollars
    Medicinal Herb- 100 dollars
    Combat Rifle ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Machine Pistol Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    9mm Semi Automatic Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Grenades (a set of 3) - 20 dollars
    Submachine Gun Ammo (20 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Shotgun Ammo (5 shells) - 50 dollars
    Rocket Launcher (3 rockets) 100 dollars
    Stock up on whatever you're low on, as usual.  This next level is huge.  Really.
    From here on out this game hits whole new levels of weird in ways you can't
                                   Stage 14
                                 (NUB'S TOMB)
    After Indy slides in, do a running jump over the gap to avoid the snakes and
    climb the series of ledges to the top.  Grab the decorated ledge, and then
    shimmy all the way to the right until you see a passageway.  Past it, you'll see
    a ledge below release and grab the ledge below and pull up into the niche, then
    hang from the ledge on the left and drop into the corridor below.
    Follow it to a room with columns and kill the lone snake there.  Head up the
    incline in the center and turn right.  You'll be in a hallway, which will take
    you to a room with three pools on the left side.  A grated exit is up ahead.  A
    few spiders may come out, so be ready.  Enter the room next to the grated exit
    and get your first treasure from the pool(1).
    Now, return to the column room and go down the incline into the next room.  Go
    left between the pillars and climb both ledges to see a slope going down.  Slide
    down it and follow the passage to a crawl space.  Crawl through it, and climb up
    the ledge for the second treasure (2).  Drop down and go through the remainder
    of the crawl space.  The next room has two scorpions, and after you kill those,
    look at the robot statue to the left of door.  An arm is missing. For now, don't
    worry about it.
    Head to the statue at the bottom left of the stairs.  Push it away from the
    tapestry and cut it with your machete to reveal a passage, follow it and jump
    the gap.  Slide down the slope, then turn right and pull the nearby lever to
    make a section of wall slide up.  Go through the new opening and there should be
    two ledges below to hang drop from.  Head down the steps to a room with a grated
    Step on the edge of the grating and it'll swing down and drop you into the area
    below you. Look for a crawl space and head through it.  After killing a few
    snakes, get your third treasure (3).  Head back to the crawl space and climb up
    jump to grab the other side of the hole.  Walk through it again without going to
    the edge this time and slash the tapestry to reveal another passageway.
    There's a block plugging the tunnel.  Pull it three times and then jump to grab
    grab them, climb them up one and you'll see a ladder with some missing rungs
    ahead of you.  Look for floor panels going towards it and run through them (You
    may need to back up a bit first before you start running).  Don't stop, because
    they'll tilt as you go along and you'll fall.  Once you make it to the ladder,
    climb the ledge next to it, then turn around and do a running jump to the ledge
    opposite the ladder.  You'll see a ledge you can climb, and then there's a
    another ladder, except you can move left and right as well as up and down.  Go
    up, then left, then up again.
    Turn left and you're in an ampitheater of sorts.  Stop near the bottom level and
    kill the two snakes.  Behind the structure in the center is a button, push it to
    make a statue on a ledge come out above you. Behind you is a doorway, head
    through there and kill another two easy snakes for your fourth treasure (4).
    Now for some nasty swinging, climbing and jumping here, folks.  At the far end
    of the room, enter the last alcove and use your whip to grab and pole and climb
    it up to one of four platforms.  Jump from one to the next and on the last one,
    jump to the right and climb up two ledges, then go to the right (Yes, again) to
    the other side and climb two more ledges.
    Go left and do a running jump to a ledge opposite, and walk to the far right
    corner of it.  Do a 180 and catch the ledge below, then drop and catch the ledge
    below that.  Let go and and you'll land on a block.  Walk towards the statue and
    equip your whip.  You'll need to knock off the statue's arm, but you'll need to
    aim manually for this.  Once you hit it, drop down the floor and you'll safely
    get it.
    Exit this area and head to hallway on the left.  As you enter the next room,
    you'll find the Russians.  The right and head down the hallway, whip and swing
    across the gap and push a button to lower a sarcophagus.  Behind it is your
    fifth treasure (5).  Walk over it into the hallway and turn left to kill a
    Remember that one-armed robot?  We need to work our way back to it.  Turn around
    and head straight down the hallway until you're back in the column room.  Kill
    any guards and go down the incline.  You should be able to find the robot from
    there, and when you do, insert the arm and pull down a nearby lever to open a
    door.  Enter this next room and...is that a small robot in there?  Wha?
    Regardless, it'll quickly float towards you, use the Semi Automatic or Machine
    Pistol for this.
    Stand in the center and look upwards to the left for a crystal.  Run to it and
    float up there with Azerim's part.  Once you're on the top, look towards the
    central pillar and do a running jump to it.  Run along it to the end and do a
    running jump to the walkway on the other side of the room.  If you go down the
    ramp on the right side, you'll find a medical kit.  The other side has a button
    you can push.  This shows a scene with Voldinkov going down the stairs.  After
    they close, you'll need to push the button to bring them back again.
    Jump back to the pillar you jumped from to get there and kill all the guards
    from below with the combat rifle.  To get down safely, hang and drop to the
    floor below, and then head down the stairs and press the button.  Continue down
    and you'll see Volodinkov pull out the gear and run away.  You can shoot at him
    if you want, but you can't kill him.  You need to trap him to make him surrender
    the gear.
    There are two sets of stairs, both leading you to a block that you can pull out
    to block the passage.  After doing that, head through the unblocked end of the
    tunnel, and you'll need to pull the same block until it's in the center of the
    decorated tile.  Now, head upstairs and you'll find a statue.  Pull it towards
    you once, then go behind it and push it once.  Next, go to either side and push
    it to line up with one one of the two exits, then go behind it and push it into
    that exit, making a dead end.
    Now for Volodinkov.  Find him and chase him and he'll be trapped in the dead end
    you made.  And thus, the cat corners the helpless little mouse...he'll give you
    the bronze gear he had and run away.  On your way out, a sniper will try to kill
    you, beat him at his own game with the combat rifle.  Push the button and head
    back up the stairs, killing the three guards that appear.
    There's a torn tapestry in this room.  Find it and slash it with the machete,
    then go in and pull the block from it three times.  Climb on it and grab the
    ledge under the tapestry, and then turn around and grab the ladder and climb
    down into a corridor.  At the end is a lever you can pull.  Head back and climb
    the ladder, then drop down into the room and go to the tunnel where you pulled
    the block from.
    Climb down another ladder and proceed through the hallway while killing snakes,
    and at the end, you'll see a niche in the wall where you can retrieve the bronze
    key from.  Head back to the block you pulled, to return to the room.  Look for a
    bronze gate and use the bronze key to access the elevator.  Enter and use the
    bronze gear on the bronze turtle inside, then head back to the block again.
    Push it until it goes into the elevator, and it'll go down.
    Now, do a 180 and go to the right side of the room and look for a fairy tile.
    Use Azerim's part to reach the top and head to the ramp.  Use your whip to swing
    to the counterweight which will lower you down into a new area.  There are two
    hoverbots below.  Be careful, you may need to use the Rocket Launcher, since
    they're bigger.
    Drop down and go to the corner behind the counterweight and climb the pillar.
    Face the room and go along the left wall, then jump to grab a platform under the
    arch.  Stand on it and jump up, and shimmy to the right until your below a
    ledge.  Drop down and catch the ledge below you, and pull up.  Jump to the two
    platforms ahead, on the last one there's a blue relflection.  Jump to that area
    and get the treasure (6), than jump back to the previous platform.
    Just up ahead is a pool of water you can jump into.  Kill all five piranhas and
    swim to the pile of rubble at the bottom.  Behind it is a treasure (7).  Surface
    if you need to and swim down to the coffin opening and pull the lever inside.
    It'll raise a bull head statue from the water.  To the right of the bull's face
    and platforms there's a section you can climb out on.  Kill the robot there and
    then the to the platforms across from the bull's face.  It's looking at a
    cracked wall that can be destroyed with Urgon's part.  Inside is another
    treasure (8).
    Jump to platforms next to the bull's head again, and this time head to the other
    side by jumping on the statue, then to the platform.  Stick to wall and exit
    through the door.
    Go up the ladder and a scene will be shown with a lightning generator.  Run back
    into the corridor to avoid taking nasty damage.  Once it discharges, head to the
    left and go into the next opening.  A cracked wall is on the left, destroy with
    Urgon's part and get the next treasure (9).  Leave and go left and you'll see a
    skelton with a medkit.  Behind it are some steps.  When you're at the top, use
    the whip to climb up and go into the hallway.  Follow it and you'll need to whip
    across to proceed.  Turn left when you see the grating and then turn left again
    at the end and jump to a ledge below.  Go right, jumping across two more
    platforms, and then go down the slope.  When you're at the bottom, jump to grab
    the ledge.
    Turn left, climb up into the doorway and head to the fairy tile.  After using
    Azerim's part to reach the top, you'll be in a room with three statues.  Avoid
    going near the hole or you'll be zapped.  Pull the statues until you can go
    behind them and push them.  Then go to the hole from the enterance and push the
    button.  It'll rise into the room and the Russians will come out.  If you're
    feeling evil enough, press it again to lower it and have one of them die from
    the lightning.  But you'll need to bring it back up afterwards.
    Once it's in the same room, hide behind the statues so you're not zapped.  Head
    to the one that has golden button and push it once.  The one across from it has
    a silver button, push it three times and the water level will lower and shut off
    the generator.
    Now you need to go back down.  Head to the crystal and use Azerim's part to go
    down, then at the end of the hallway you'll see some ledges.
    Use those to get down safely and kill the guards.  Hop and pool and swim to the
    pillar, and then climb up and walk around the edge until you reach the doorway.
    Ignore the panel for the moment and head up the ladder.  Walk to the triangular
    step above, and jump to grab it.  Turn around and grab the next step, then do a
    running jump to the last one for Nub's part!  YES!
    Jump into the water and head to the panel I told you to ignore.  This is where
    you use Nub's part, of course.  It'll open up a bridge to the pillar you're on.
    Climb the ladder and cross the bridge until you see another panel to use Nub's
    part on.  After the door opens, go the the hallway, shooting at snakes.  You'll
    drop down into the room where the counterweight dropped you off at.  Head to
    where you got off the counterweight and use Nub's part on the panel there.
    After going back up, there's another slot for Nub's part.  It's above the tile
    where you need Azerim's part.  Use it to power it back up and float up to the
    walkway with Azerim's part.  Follow the grated walkway to the elevator.  Pull it
    until it's out of the elevator, then climb on it and push the button.
    We're almost there!  Just a little further...after getting out of the elevator,
    there's a set of steps behind the shaft.  Climb up there to the very top for the
    last treasure (10)!  Climb down and straight from the elevator doors, there's a
    door.  A skelton nearby has a medkit if you want it, and to the right is a slot
    for Nub's part.  Be warned though, a huge robot comes toward you, so use the
    rocket launcher.
    Enter this small building in the center to find a sarcophagus.  Stand on the
    strange tile and then open it to get Nub's eye.  In this huge room are four
    tiles.  Each time you light one up with Nub's part (Look for the slot), it'll
    activate, and anyone who steps on it will be electrocuted.  This sounds insane
    but you'll need to light all four of them.  As long as you don't step on one,
    you're okay.  But if you feel as if you'll accidently step on one, activate at
    least three.  Leave one alone so you can enter the doorway.  Head to the emblem
    on the floor at the end of the chamber and then insert Nub's eye to release the
                                <ANCIENT ROBOT>
    Piece of cake.  I whipped it on my very first try.  Remember those tiles you lit
    up with Nub's part?  Lure it to them and it'll be electrocuted!  To do this,
    stay under the small building where you got Nub's eye and stand near an electric
    tile.  It'll step on it as it comes to you and it'll be damaged.  Don't worry,
    as long as you're under the building, it won't attack you.  You need to do this
    6 times.  If you activated up three or better yet, four panels, it's about
    halfway finished!  Now, since you need to reactivate two or three of them, I
    suggest doing this when you and robot are opposite sides of the room.  You can
    safely light one and get back to your hiding spot without much hassle.  Repeat
    the same tactic until it's blown to bits.  Yay!
    Now, to get out of here, both doorways on the building has a ledge above.  Jump
    and grab it, then go up the walkway, climb to the top, and jump to the robot's
    head.  Jump to the walkway circling the room and keep going until you see a
    button to push.  Follow the passage to the glorious light at the end of the
    Just watch the next scene here.  Turner used you the whole time and demands that
    you hand over the parts.  After doing so, head back to Babylon-it's payback
                            INDY'S TRADING POST
    Anti Venom Kit-50 dollars
    Medicine-100 dollars
    First aid-300 dollars
    Healing Herb- 300 dollars
    Medicinal Herb- 100 dollars
    Combat Rifle ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Machine Pistol Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    9mm Semi Automatic Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Grenades (a set of 3) - 20 dollars
    Submachine Gun Ammo (20 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Shotgun Ammo (5 shells) - 50 dollars
    Rocket Launcher (3 rockets) 100 dollars
    Go all out, or save your money for the last trading post.  Because you're facing
    machines instead of guards, having ammo is vital for the last two stages.
                                    Stage 15
                              (The Infernal Machine)
    Remember this place?  It's the end of the Babylon level!  That huge door that we
    couldn't go through has been opened, or shall I say busted through, courtesy of
    Turner.  Step in, and on the left, you'll get some rockets, a first aid, and a
    medkit.  Climb down the long shaft via the ladder and equip the rocket launcher
    to blow away the three robots from a distance.  It's possible to do this with
    one rocket.
    Go up the stairs going toward the giant face and press the button let an
    elevator come to you, then push the button inside.  Climb out of pit and go down
    the ramp you just lowered.  As soon as you enter the room, Indy and Turner will
    chat with each other, then pushes Sophia into the bubble.  After he gets away
    with Taklit's part, you'll see a new enemy, a small robot which shoots you with
    electricity.  They're weak, but they keep appearing from various spots
    throughout the level.
    Hang and drop into the water from the right side of the platform, and climb into
    the doorway on the left.  Drop down onto the bottom of the elevator shaft. and
    climb into the other hallway.  Up ahead, you'll see electricity being discharged
    at various points throughout the hallway.  Look for the pattern, and pass
    through them, keeping in mind that getting zapped instantly kills you.  Jump
    across the gap (Another elevator shaft, to be precise) and at the end, you'll
    see Nub's part which will turn off the electricity.  Turner stuck the wrong part
    in there, Urgon's part is supposed to be at this spot.  Come back when you have
    Treasures are in the alcoves (1 and 2) in this room.  Head back to the round
    room you were in, and go back into the water and climb into the doorway on the
    other side.  Shoot the bugs that can poison you, then  walk until you see a
    button to push.  When the door opens, shoot the next bug you see and you'll see
    beam of light.  Jump in and swim up, it's like swimming in water.  Strange, but
    work with me here.  Avoid the platforms and stay in the center.  Near the top
    you'll see a silver statue.  Land on the platform left of it, and climb the
    ladder and walk to the hole and climb down the ladder.  Here you'll find
    Azerim's part.  Again, it's in the wrong place.
    Do a 180 and walk to the end of the hallway, then turn right.  Go up the ladder
    then go left and down to the bottom of the shaft for your third treasure (3).
    Go back up and climb the ladder next to where you got Azerim's part back.  When
    you're at the top, carefully walk onto the narrow doorsill.  Take out your whip
    and swing across.  Push the button and the door will open, and you're back at
    the room where you met Turner, just in a higher spot.  But be quick and jump to
    the walkway, because the door will close on you shortly.
    Turn left and jump to the next walkway, being wary of the floating robots.  Some
    of those jumps are short, remember to take a few steps back and then jump (Not
    at the edge).  Do a running jump to the next door.  It'll open as you approach
    it.  Dive into the water, swim out and then climb the ladder.  You'll enter the
    next room, and...man, Turner seriously is fouling up.  Urgon's part is inside,
    and in the wrong place...again.  Take it out and you'll see Nub's part is
    needed.  Since you have it, put it there to start the power up.  Don't forget to
    take the two treasures from the alcoves (4 and 5)!
    You need to get through the exit via the rotating platforms, so take your time
    and study how they move.  After reaching the doorway, you'll see two huge gears.
    Stand between them and you'll see it's a elevator (Of course) that'll take you
    to the lowest level. You're back at where you got Urgon's part, so enter the
    room and insert it in there.
    Press the button until you're back in the room where you faced Turner on the top
    level.  Jump to the platform, then to the walkway.  While walking along it,
    you'll see two more alcoves with treasures (6 and 7).  Jump to the narrow
    platform.  Face the doorway and shoot the bug that comes out, and follow the
    hallway to a button.  When the elevator comes, push the button to go up one
    You'll face Turner, and he's a wuss.  Go through the doorway and break out the
    Shotgun or Sub-Machine gun when he appears.  He'll hide with Taklit's part, and
    when he appears, he'll fire at you.  He'll hide again, but in all honesty, he's
    usually not really far away when he re-appears.  When he dies, he'll leave
    behind his ammo for the Semi-Auto, first aid, and most importantly, Taklit's
    Look for a fairy tile and use Azerim's Part to float up.  Kill any bugs and
    floating robots you see, and then use Taklit's part.  There's a lightning ball
    that generates lightning which kills you instantly.  It can't hit you if you're
    invisible.  Jump in the doorway and hop from platform to platform and push the
    button to turn off the lightning ball, but be quick or you'll be zapped to
    death.  While you're still near the button, use Azerim's part to float up to the
    top, and then jump out of the beam and walk around the room which will lead to a
    pedestal with Marduk's head on it.  It'll talk to you.
    Er...okay...anyway, pick it up and place Azerim's part in it's place.
    Turn around and head through the door.  There's a crawl space near the door on
    the right (You may need Indy's lighter for this) and crawl through it for the
    next two treasures (8 and 9), then crawl back out and head through the door.
    The next room is really an elevator.  Step on it, and it'll stop in front of
    that silver robot.  Head in the door on the right side and climb up the ladder,
    then follow the hallway to a ladder you can climb down.  You're back at where
    you got Azerim's part.  Place Marduk's head there.  Head back to the elevator in
    the center and go to where the robot was and pick up the last treasure (10).
    Walk behind the silver robot and grab the ledge on the right.  Head to the
    engine control panel.  It's next to the walkway going out to where Sophia is.
    Insert Taklit's part and then move the levers, and we're going to the final
                            INDY'S TRADING POST
    Anti Venom Kit-50 dollars
    Medicine-100 dollars
    First aid-300 dollars
    Healing Herb- 300 dollars
    Medicinal Herb- 100 dollars
    Combat Rifle ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Machine Pistol Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    9mm Semi Automatic Ammo (5 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Grenades (a set of 3) - 20 dollars
    Submachine Gun Ammo (20 bullets) - 50 dollars
    Shotgun Ammo (5 shells) - 50 dollars
    Rocket Launcher (3 rockets) 100 dollars
    This is the last trading post.  If you need to buy anything, do it now.
    Otherwise, you'll just have to keep playing other stages and beating them to get
    health and ammo.
                                   Stage 16
                                   //// \\\\
                                   \\\\ ////
    Okay, the last level is strange and very weird.  You'll fall into some strange
    energy you can swim into.  You'll see a meter which is reddish-purple.  Like
    water, if you're in it for too long, you'll take damage.  So come out every once
    in a while by stepping out of the energy.  Also, beware of electricity in
    between some of the tunnels.
    Swim downward until you reach the bottom and exit.  Kill the bugs at the bottom
    and enter the crawlspace in the center for the first treasure (1).  Climb out
    and jump back in the energy.  Swim up to where the path splits four ways, then
    swim out of the main pool and fall into one of the pools.  First, take the
    tunnel with green squares and swim to the end, and jump and grab one of the blue
    ledges.  Take the Tool from Beyond and head back to the tunnel with the four
    Head to the tunnel with purple sqaures and swim to the end.  A strange energy
    shield covers the portal, use the Tool to open it.  Inside you'll see a first
    aid kit and the second treasure near the mine cart (2).  Head back and go to
    where you see the orange markings.  Again, use the Tool to remove the barrier
    when you reach the end.  Inside is a tiki pole.  One on side is a medical herb,
    on the other is a treasure (3).  Across from it is another portal, enter inside
    and get an idol from the chest on the table (4).  Return to the split path and
    then take the last route, which has blue squares.  Once again, use the Tool on
    the shield.  Near the altar in the center is a ledge below with a first aid kit
    and a treasure (5).  Use the tool on the shield ahead.
    Head through the hallway and at the end you'll enter a room.  Jump into the
    energy and swim into a huge room with a hole in the center.  Kill the enemies
    and head to where you see a crystal on the bottom and swim on in.  Another
    treasure will be yours (6).  Return to the huge room look for a column with red
    marks on them with energy flowing through it and swim upward.  You'll eventually
    reach Marduk.
                              (MARDUK, PART 1)
    Impressive looking, isn't he?  After the cut scene ends, run.  None of your
    weapons can harm him.  Look for a doorway with blue pillars and run inside and
    turn to the left.  Jump into the energy and swim down into the hallway.  Kill
    anyone you see and then you'll eventually see a portal, use the tool and before
    going in, you'll see a treasure on the right side (7). Enter and get the mirror
    from the statue and go follow the rest of the hallway and you'll see another
    treasure (8).  Head to the blue bordered door on the right side and you'll be
    back in Marduk's room.  Equip the mirror and reflect the shots back at him.  He
    does move though, so be weary of that.
    If he goes upward, leave the doorway and look for one of two green ramps.
    You'll then be at his level and you can continue from there.  Kill the annoying
    bugs and machines at the top while you're at it, too.  Eventually, he'll go back
    down.  It's going to be like this for while, I'm afraid.  Eventually, he'll drop
    the medallion and retreat.
    Pick it and head into the center and insert it into the slot.  An electric ball
    will drop down.  Use your whip and keep hitting it until you have 25 charges.
    Head to the hallway where you went to get the mirror and you'll see a ball above
    a blue floor plate.  Use your electric whip on it to open a door on the right
    side.  Jump in the energy and swim towards the first opening and exit to where
    you see no blue plate on the floor.
    Go down and turn left to find Sophia waiting for you.  After the conversation,
    turn around and walk towards the gear.  On the wall on the right is a sphere,
    whip it to open a new portal.  Turn left after passing the nearby gear and swim
    through more energy to find a portal.  Open it with the Tool and step in to get
    King Sol's green gem.  Go back to where you whipped the sphere and continue
    through the hallway until you see another gear.  Step on the walkway and whip
    the sphere to rotate the walkway, then go back to the gear and into the new
    portal.  Swim into the energy and keep going until you see another barrier to
    open with the tool, where you'll find King Sol's Blue gem.
    Head back to the rotating walkway with the gears and continue around the walkway
    until you find the last gear near an extended ramp.  Whip the sphere and the
    platform will retract, releasing Sophia.
    And then she gets caught by Marduk...*Groans*
    Enter the nearby energy and swim into it.  When you see an interesection, take
    the path to the right first.  You'll see a barrier to shut off with the tool,
    where you'll find King Sol's red gem.  Swim back to the intersection and take
    the other path.  Swim down to the arena's floor level, then look for a door with
    a green stripe on it and use the Green Gem to open it.  This causes a structure
    to rise from the center.  Use the tool on the barrier, and enter to find a your
    9th treasure (9).  There's also a medkit and a Anti-Venom kit too.
    Go to the arena and head towards the door with the red stripe.  Use the Red Gem
    on it to open the door and make another structure appear. Remove the barrier and
    step in to find a First-Aid Kit.  Head back to the arena and look for a door
    with a blue stripe.  This should be a no-brainer to you now.  The last structure
    will appear in the arena.
                              (MARDUK, PART 2)
    Climb to the very top of the structure in the center of the arena.  Marduk will
    fire blasts at you, as well as swoop at you.  Keep moving he fires his blasts,
    but if he dives toward you, use your electric whip on him (Swing it when he
    screams).  Time them right, because you need to be careful not to waste so many
    electric attacks.  After several attacks (About 10), he'll drop Sophia and the
    place will fall apart.  Typical...
    You'll have to escape.  Head to the blue door and...well, it's pretty linear
    near the end.  After the falling pillars, you'll see an archway with a block on
    the left.  Climb it to find the last treasure here (10th).  Go back and run
    towards the light...the light at the end of the tunnel...
    End of game.  Go home.  Or not...there's one more stage we need to play, and
    it's unlocked after you beat the game.
                                 Stage 17
                              (RETURN TO PERU)
    Once Indy arrives in the jeep, use your revolver to scare off the jaguar while
    you get the raft and gas can from the jeep.  To the right is a blue snake, shoot
    from a distance and grab the medicinal herbs it was wrapped around.  Launch the
    raft near the river and hop in, unless you like being piranha food.
    After naviagating the treachrous rapids, dock at on the left side once the river
    is more calm.  Walk into the stream and go towards the waterfall.  Look for a
    hole and swim into it, and at the end you'll surface in a pool.  Climb the wall
    in front of you and you'll be on a ledge above where you docked the raft.  Walk
    toward the slope and jump off at the last moment to get to a ledge with more
    Step down and go to the left to find two more snakes near a cave enterance and
    kill them.  Slash the vines for your first treasure (1).  Walk to the ledge then
    hang and drop down into the stream.  Return to the dock and launch the raft
    After more nasty rapids, you'll need to dock on the left side.  Go up the hill
    and pick up the herbs you see along the way.  Go back to the water and near the
    falls are two caves.  Go to the left cave first by slashing the vines, then kill
    the two piranhas and enter.  Swim to the right slightly and surface into another
    pool to climb out of.  Walk to a ledge over the water, and do a running jump to
    the ledge on the other side straight ahead.  Grab it and pull yourself up.  Go
    up the ramp and to the left and climb down to find a second treasure in the wall
    Retrace to the two caves and enter the one on the right side this time.  Swim
    down and you'll be swept into a waterfall, dumping you into a pool with some
    piranhas.  You'll see two exits, take the left one, and stay left when you see
    another fork in the road.  Swim up to surface in pool and climb out.  Kill the
    lizard and get a first aid kit near the skeleton.
    Hop back into the water and take the other path.  Swim through the hole in the
    wall and surface and climb out of the pool.  Walk up to the peg and whip across
    to the other side of the pool.  You're now in a big room.  Look for a torch
    (It's bowl shaped) and light it with the lighter.  To the left of the entrance
    is a idol you can't reach.  Whip it so it falls in the water (You'll need to aim
    manually for this), then swim in and pick it up (3).  Look for a cave with vines
    covering the entrance.
    You'll find yourself swept into a current which will spit you out into a
    whirlpool.  Climb out of it and look for a block on a ledge near it.
    Push it into the water and it'll block the whirlpool, causing the water to rise.
    While swimming toward the surface, you'll find a treasure in the wall halfway up
    (4).  After surfacing, exit to the where you see a beam of light through a
    Go down the hallway and run you'll past some spiders dropping down.  Once you
    see a boulder at the end, turn around and shoot them all dead, then to the left
    of the boulder is a hole you can crawl through for a stone key.
    Head back to the pool and swim to the other side.  After turning right at the
    hallway, you'll see a pedestal at the end of the room.  Avoid stepping on the
    blue diamonds-they'll fire darts.  In the center of the room there's some
    rubble, head to the left to find some stairs.  Climb the pedestal and jump to
    the platform and insert the stone key in the keyhole on the left.  Fall inside
    the hole a take a right to find a dark room with scorpions.  I suggest trying
    your best to avoid them while you work your way to the end of the room to light
    the torch, then pick them off.  Hey, you may waste an anti-venom kit, but if
    it's worth using one to see clearly...
    Anyway, after they're all dead, look for ledge in the room to climb up on.
    Inside the small room is another treasure.  Drop back down and continue through
    the doorway.  Head to the left and climb the ledge, then walk to the center and
    whip the pole above you. Climb to the top and repeat for the next ledge above
    you, keeping in mind you'll need to turn around on it first to face the ledge.
    Do a running jump to the next ledge on the wall.  Shimmy left until you're below
    the next ledge below you, release and grab that one.  Drop and grab the last
    ledge below you and shimmy to the right and pull up into the next room.  Inside
    is a bamboo spike.  Do a running jump to the platform, hang from it and safely
    drop down to the floor.  Work your way back to where you inserted the stone key.
    Once you're back, look for a triangular hole and insert the bamboo spike in
    there.  Walk to the ledge, facing the pedestal in the room with the dart booby
    traps, and hang and drop down.  Turn right and crawl through the hole in the
    rubble.  You'll need to use your whip on that bamboo you inserted and climb on
    up.  Jump to a ledge and enter the hallway.  Run past the black tiles as quickly
    as possible and climb the ledges.  At the top, do a running jump to the ledge,
    and look of the left for another treasure (6).
    Head back to the hallway with the three tiles and drop down the one closest to
    you.  You'll be in a snake pit that endlessly spawns snakes for Indy to do
    battle with.  Kill as many as you can before more appear to harass you and look
    for a nearby skeleton where there's a medkit waiting.  Go to the end of the room
    and turn right and grab a ledge and climb up.  Whip to the next ledge and climb
    the ladder.  Climb to the right, then up.  There's a ledge with a block that
    needs to be pulled.  After pulling it, climb the ladders on the wall by moving
    up, then right, then down.  Drop and grab the crack below and shimmy to the
    right and pull up into a room with a treasure (7).  Hang and drop into the snake
    pit.  Head back to the boulder and climb the ladder on the right side life
    before, only this time, climb the ladders all the way to the top.  A ledge is
    across from where you are, get a running start and jump to it.  Now, shimmy left
    until you can climb up.
    Now, go to the far end of the ledge, turn and hang until you're lined with a
    passageway.  Drop down and you'll go down a chute.  Before you slide off, jump
    near the end and you should grab the edge of the passageway.  This may take a
    few tries.
    A big boulder is in front of you, so turn around and do a running jump to grab
    the ledge on the opposite side.  Release and grab the ledge below you.  Shimmy
    to the left until the blocks change color and drop down to a niche below.  Indy
    will say there's a whippable block nearby.  You'll have to aim manually, though.
    Once you hit it, it'll fall.  Now, hang and drop to the floor.  Turn left and
    climb a ledge into a tunnel.  You'll enter a shaft with ledges.
    Okay, hang from the right side of the ledge, then drop and grab the ledge below
    you.  Pull up into the next room and climb the ladder and you'll see a treasure
    (8).  Turn around and jump to the ledge across and drop back into the shaft
    entrance.  Jump to the block and a switch will trigger causing some blocks to
    emerge from walls and push you off.  Time your jumps until you reach the doorway
    at the end.
    Now you'll have to jump on those blocks that were trying to push you off so you
    can reach the other side.  Once you make it, slash the vines in front of the
    cave and jump to a ledge for your ninth treasure (9).  Turn around and jump
    forward, then turn right and grab the entrance to the tunnel ahead.  Follow it
    to the last treasure (10)!  Yes!
    Now start running.  As fast as you possibly can.  Head through the door and
    soon, a boulder will come down.  To make matters worse, the floor will collapse.
    Just great.  Slide down the slope and keep running until you come to dead end.
    Quickly take our your whip and whip the peg above you.  Climb up to the top and
    hopefully the boulder will pass under you, smashing the wall.  Whew...what a
                                 (7. Glitches)
    Curious as to what sort of mishaps can mess the game up?  Read here.  Some
    glitches are caused by certain actions you preform, other times, they are for no
    reason.  But they can mess the game up and more often than not, cause it to
    crash sometimes.
    E-mail me for any more you come across.
    -In the canyonlands, grab the block and press the crouch button.  Indy will get
    stuck in the block and the game will freeze.
    -In Tian Shan river, in the room with all those boxes, try climb up somewhere on
    them and push one of the blocks.  It'll freeze up.
    -In the Tian Shan River, Shambala Sancutary, and Palawan Lagoon, the video will
    sometimes warp out.  It sometimes happens when you swim inside the pirate ship.
    -In the Palawan Voclcano level, near the end, push the crate near the lift.
    It'll most likely freeze up.
    -Also, in Palawan Volcano, when you swing across the gap (And have to hide in an
    alcove to avoid being smashed by a boulder), hold the Control Stick while you
    swing across.  The video will mess up and you'll be smashed by the boulder.
    It'll return to normal once you die.
    - Indy will sometimes "bounce" off of platforms or ledges he is on the verge of
    grabbing.  Very annoying in jumping parts sometimes.
    More later.  It seems to be less glitchy near the end, though...
                                 (8. Credits)
    Myself- The author of this fine guide.
    LucasArts- For making this game, Craploads of Star Wars games, and many
    CJayC- Webmaster of GameFAQs
                              (9. Disclaimer)
    This guide is copyrighted by Cedric Cooks/Oda (Cedoda).  I have nothing to do
    with Nintendo, LucasArts, or any other parties involved in the making of this
    game.  It can be printed out, but not for money.  Also, make sure you give me
    credit if you wish to put this one your site.  If you say this is yours you will
    be in serious trouble (Not to mention the CJayC (Gamefaqs webmaster) will send
    out powerful lawyers afterwards.  The latest verison of the guide is always at
    www.gamefaqs.com, and I'd appreciate it if you update it when I update it,
    unless you like the previous one better.
    FOR THE COMMONFOLK (Normal people)
    So you want to print this guide out?  Well, first you need my permission, and
    you must promise not to sell it.  You will the guide as the thing it's intended
    to be-a guide.  Either that, or out of entertainment (Reading it just for fun).
    If you must send me E-mail, send me informative E-mail, which includes hints,
    secrets, and thank oyu's for the guide.  Don't send me idiotic E-mail, which
    includes job applications for the site, complaints, insults, stuff already
    mentioned in the guide, etc.  Trust me, it won't make it.
    Both of you people must follow these rules.  If breaking the rules are your
    intentions, do not read the guide whatsoever.
    Until the next guide, everyone...
    Copyright 2005 Cedric Cooks/Oda
    All rights reserved
                           -"And that's the end of that chapter!"-

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