Review by Tenshi No Shi

"Now you can play X-wing and Tie Fighter on Win 95/98!"

The original X-Wing was the very first computer game I bought when my parents got a computer way back in 1992. I had played Wing Commander and I couldn't wait to see what the Star Wars universe had to offer. I even bout a flight stick just for this game! Now we have the Win 95/98 compatible version of not one, but three of the X-Wing games.

The story varies from game to game. Basically, you fly for either the Rebellion or for the Empire in various missions. There are several special missions to fly, including a run against the Death Star.

Well, to be honest, I used to think the graphics were pretty good. But as their series continues into X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter (Flight School is included in the package), it becomes apparent that graphics aren't much of a priority. Still, its not that bad, just not as good as Wing Commander Prophecy or Descent Freespace.

The usual fare if midis and sounds common in most Star Wars games are found here. Still, when you have the Battle of Yavin blaring while you're bearing down on the Death Star is still kinda cool.

The controls are very responsive and easy to manage. Word of advice, get a good flight stick for this, or any type of flight simulator. It makes life much, much easier.

There are a wide variety of levels and missions to be found here between the three games, but for the most part, they break down into four types of missions: seek, protect, destroy, and recon. But then again, that's what all flight games provide.

Every add-on is included in this collection. That's about it though. Of course, you are getting three games, so what more could you want?

I really think this one is worth the money. It might not be the best flight game, but it isn't all that bad, and you get three games for a great price.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 07/05/02

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