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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Cpl. Hicks

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    1.1) building tree
    1.2) Buildings
    1.3) Officers' Training 
    1.4) Units
    1.5) Characters 
    1.6) Mission Briefings
    1.7) Cheat mode 
    1.1) building tree
    command center
                  -air control
                  -auxiliary (aux) control
                  -turret control
    air control
               -fixed artilery turret
               -landing platform
    auxiliary (aux) contro
                           -repair bay
    turret control
                   -anti air turret
                  -anti infantry turret
                  -anti vehicle turret
    command center or tr-mb
                           -anti air turret
                           -anti infantry turret
                           -anti vehicle turret
                           -technology center
                           -shield generator
    1.2) Buildings
    Imperial Buildings
    Command Center
    No prerequisite.
    The primary building of the Galactic Empire and the heart of the Imperial Base, this 
    is where reinforcements are called down to be marshaled and deployed.
    Air Control
    Command Center Needed 
    This building is a prerequisite for the Landing Platform and the Fixed Artillery 
    Turret. It monitors friendly aircraft and makes sure no midair collisions occur. This 
    building attaches itself to the command center, and thus does not need the unit 
    commander to choose a location for it.
    Auxiliary (Aux) Control
    Command Center Needed
    This is the prerequisite building a commander needs before he/she can order the 
    Hospital and Repair Bay. Besides supplying the extra power these additional buildings 
    require to run efficiently, the Aux Control also gives the player the ability to 
    upgrade units. This building attaches itself to the command center, and thus does 
    not need the unit commander to choose a location site for it. The Auxiliary control 
    can make these upgrades:
        HEALTH UPGRADE: Increases certain units' resistance to damage. 
        FIRE-RATE UPGRADE: Allows a faster fire rate for certain units.
        SPEED UPGRADE: Allows certain units a greater top speed.
    Turret Control
    Command Center Needed
    This building is necessary to order and control Imperial turrets. Without this 
    structure, turrets may not be ordered, and already present turrets require infantry 
    units to manually control them. This building attaches itself to the command center, 
    and thus does not need the unit commander to choose a location site for it.
    Fixed Artillery Turret
    Air Control Needed
    This is a large, fixed platform for powerful artillery with a very long range. This 
    weapon requires the help of a spotter. This structure can also be manually operated 
    by placed a stormtrooper within it. This is necessary when the structures controlling 
    this weapon are captured or destroyed.
    Landing Platform
    The basic landing and repair station for TIE bombers and TIE fighters. It is a 
    servicing center and storage facility for those craft.
    Repair Bay
    Auxiliary Control Needed
    A garage that quickly repairs damaged vehicles and aircraft. The Repair Bay also comes 
    with an ASP-7 mobile worker droid that it can send out to repair damaged buildings 
    and ferry shuttles.
    Auxiliary Control Needed A place to heal wounded infantry, if they're lucky enough 
    to make it back here alive.
    Anti-Air Turret
    Turret Control Needed
    Fixed defense against enemy air units such as Y-Wings and airspeeders. Used to protect 
    vulnerable bases from air attack. This structure can also be manually operated by 
    placed a stormtrooper within it. This is necessary when the structures controlling 
    this weapon are captured or destroyed. 
    Anti-Infantry Turret
    Turret Control Needed 
    Fixed defense against enemy infantry. Used to protect bases from invaders seeking 
    to capture its buildings. This structure can also be manually operated by placing 
    a stormtrooper within it. This is necessary when the structures controlling this 
    weapon are captured or destroyed.
    Anti-Vehicle Turret
    Turret Control Needed
    Fixed defense against enemy ground vehicles, such as Rebel attack tanks. A base's 
    last defense against being totally overrun. This structure can also be manually 
    operated by placed a stormtrooper within it. This is necessary when the structures 
    controlling this weapon are captured or destroyed.
    Rebel buildings
    Command (Comm) Center
    No Prerequisite. 
    This primary building is the heart of the Rebel base. From here, the player orders 
    reinforcements and buildings.
    Command Center or TR-MB Needed
    The storage, refueling and landing area for airspeeders and Y-wings.
    Anti-Air Turret
    Command Center or TR-MB Needed
    This fixed surface-to-air weapon is very effective against the flying units of the 
    enemy. Manually operated by a single trooper that comes with the turret upon delivery.
    Anti-Infantry Turret
    Command Center or TR-MB Needed
    This fixed weapon is used against enemy ground units, such as stormtroopers. Manually 
    operated by a single trooper that comes with the turret upon delivery.
    Anti-Vehicle Turret
    Command Center or TR-MB Needed
    A fixed turret designed to defend against armored enemy ground vehicles, such as 
    AT-STs and AT-ATs. Manually operated by a single trooper that comes with the turret 
    upon delivery.
    Technology Center
    Command Center or TR-MB Needed 
    This building researches upgrades that help make all Rebel units stronger. Upgrades 
    the technology center can produce are:
        HEALTH UPGRADE: Increases certain units' resistance to damage.
        FIRE-RATE UPRGRADE: Allows a faster fire rate for certain units.
        SPEED UPGRADE: Allows a greater top speed for certain units. 
        SHIELD UPGRADE: Increases the total amount of shields points for units with 
    Shield Generator
    Command Center or TR-MB Needed
    The primary Rebel defense against attack. This building emits a powerful energy field 
    that enhances the shields of all surrounding units and buildings. So powerful is this 
    field that even units that normally do not have shields slowly develop them when within 
    the shield generator's influence. The shield generator is able to either double a 
    unit's maximum amount of shields, or it will add shields equal to half an unshielded 
    unit's armor points.
    1.3) Officers' Training 
    Commanding Troops 
    Welcome to the ranks of the most elite military in the known galaxy. As an officer 
    of the Imperial Military, you will have an important task making the galaxy safe and 
    prosperous for the billions of inhabitants. You will work under the watchful eye of 
    Emperor Palpatine, always for the greater good of the worlds he holds in his benevolent 
    hand. As an officer, you will have many different duties, but none is as important 
    as that of commanding your troops and vehicles in battle against the enemies of the 
    Empire. You will spend most of your career either in battle or preparing for battle. 
    Knowing how to command your troops will make this task much easier and more pleasant. 
    To know how to command your troops efficiently, you must become familiar with the 
    Battlefield Holographic Control Interface. Using the Battlefield Holographic Control 
    Interface We designed the Battlefield Holographic Control Interface (BHCI) to give 
    you a clear, superior view of the battlefield. This feature affords a number of 
    benefits. In keeping your distance from the front lines of battle, you avoid costly, 
    perhaps even fatal, distractions. Such a broad view of the battlefield allows you 
    to more accurately pinpoint weak spots in the enemy line and more rapidly assess 
    dangerous situations. This interface even allows you to view the battlefield from 
    the enemy's perspective to better estimate your best lines of attack. Viewing your 
    own positions from the enemy's vantage point allows you to spot and reinforce 
    vulnerable areas before a situation becomes critical. Your interface is equipped with 
    both a keyboard and a mouse for moving the camera around the battlefield. Personal 
    preference will determine which option works best for you. The camera moves forward 
    and backward, tilts up and down, orbits right or left around its focal point, pans 
    (spins in place), and zooms in and out. The camera's tracking feature allows you to 
    lock onto one of your units, and thus better plan unit movements across difficult 
    terrain. It provides a good view of the battlefield when you advance into enemy 
    territory. Most camera movement options function even when attached to a unit, so 
    you can scan for threats, as well. 
    Moving Units 
    The uninitiated tend to believe that only superior numbers and firepower make for 
    victory, but such is not the case. What is critical is mobility. Finding your enemy's 
    weak spots does you no good unless you can get there to strike; finding your own weak 
    spots does you no good if you cannot get units there to shore them up. With that in 
    mind, read over the following sections on troop and vehicle mobility. 
    Using Carriers 
    Our troop carriers do an excellent job of transporting stormtroopers to distant 
    locations quickly and safely, but several other vehicles can serve the same purpose. 
    It is easy to overlook the transport capacities of the AT-ST and AT-AT in the heat 
    of battle. This capacity is arguably as important as their firepower and ability to 
    cover difficult terrain. The AT-ST can carry two stormtroopers; the AT-AT can hold 
    six. Thus, these vehicles, with a complement of stormtroopers, are ideal for 
    overwhelming Rebel positions. And it guarantees your stormtroopers will arrive at 
    their destinations at the same time as the vehicles. Too often, vehicles rush in and 
    are destroyed or forced to obliterate the enemy position in self-defense as 
    stormtroopers hurry there on foot. Employ these vehicles as both attacker and troop 
    carrier to take over a Rebel position quickly and efficiently. The vehicles suppress 
    enemy fire and provide cover for the stormtroopers, who need only run a short distance 
    from the vehicle to effect a capture. Speeder bikes also have value in this capacity. 
    Although they cannot attack, speeder bikes are the fastest way to transport 
    stormtroopers from one point to another. Each speeder bike can carry two infantry 
    units. Thus, six speeder bikes carrying two stormtroopers each can reach any enemy 
    position quickly and efficiently. Your units can dismount, decimate the position, 
    remount, and return to base before the enemy can summon reinforcements. 
    Remember, you are only as mobile as your slowest unit. Counter this by using your 
    larger vehicles as troop carriers to transport reinforcements and your speeder bikes 
    to send your primary attack force of stormtroopers. 
    Using Waypoints 
    As you will learn in your BHCI training sessions, it takes only a simple click of 
    the mouse to move your units anywhere on the battlefield. Select a unit, move the 
    cursor to where you want the unit to move, and then right-click. Your infantry units 
    are only as intelligent as their orders. Tell a group to move to a distant location, 
    and it will rush there by the most direct route. Although moving troops and vehicles 
    to another position this quickly can be vital, it usually makes more sense to send 
    your units along a less direct route. Imagine the vehicle damage you might incur if 
    a Rebel encampment lay between your units and their destination. Even a large force 
    will not last long walking across an enemy camp. And if your units must set up to 
    attack that encampment, you have lost a lot of strength-and all of your surprise. 
    It is better then, to send your units slowly and painstakingly from point to point 
    to skirt the enemy position. Better yet, use "waypoints," which allow you to plot 
    your units' course and skirt rough terrain to avoid enemy units until they get into 
    position. Once you set them up, waypoints will send your units along with no 
    intervention on your part. To set your waypoints, right-click as you hold down the 
    shift key. Move the pointer cursor and, still pressing the shift key, right-click 
    again. A pair of waypoints will display on the BHCI. Your units will move to the first 
    waypoint, and then immediately head for the next without any additional command. 
    Although there is no limit to the number of waypoints you may create, you should limit 
    those you assign a given unit to simply avoid confusion. 
    The Command Point System 
    While your rank as an officer is important in knowing your position in the Imperial 
    Military, it is the earning of Command Points that will often determine your success 
    or failure on the battlefield. Command Points, in effect, represent the confidence 
    your superior officers have in you. The more Command Points you have, the more 
    comfortable they are with allowing you to call additional troops and vehicles into 
    battle. In short, the Command Points you earn by completing objectives, taking over 
    enemy positions, and destroying enemy units determine your standing within the 
    Imperial military: the more points, the more prestige. 
    Command Points translate into the units you may command on the battlefield and the 
    buildings you may order from the orbiting Star Destroyer. They represent your supply 
    line and your reinforcements: enough Command Points can increase your power; too few, 
    and you will stagnate. 
    Earning Command Points 
    Three approaches exist for earning Command Points on the battlefield. To succeed, 
    you should employ them all. One way to earn Command Points is to destroy enemy units. 
    The bounty roughly equals the difficulty you experience in doing so. Thus, killing 
    a Rebel trooper nets you only a few Command Points, while destroying a Rebel tank 
    will reap you enough to purchase several buildings or a large supplementary force. 
    Another way to earn Command Points is to complete mission objectives. Naturally, 
    accomplishing your primary goals is rewarded more generously than completing 
    secondary ones. Finally, you may earn Command Points by capturing certain enemy-held 
    structures. Most rewarding are supply bunkers and mines. Because such structures 
    generate needed materiel, you receive a continual increase in Command Points once 
    you possess them. By garrisoning several enemy-held structures with stormtroopers, 
    you can amass a great many Command Points that continue to accumulate as the mission 
    Note that you are limited to 5,000 Command Points at any one time. If you accumulate 
    more than that, the additional points are simply lost. 
    Spending Command Points 
    Command Points can work for you several ways. Use them wisely to aid you in battle 
    and bring down experienced, battle-tested units, and you will rise in rank quickly, 
    even to the coveted rank of Force Commander. First, you may spend Command Points to 
    purchase stormtroopers, vehicles, and structures. The number of units you may command 
    at one time is limited, but you may add buildings and turrets as you need or desire 
    them, as long as you have the Command Points to do so. Next, you may use Command Points 
    to upgrade your vehicles and increase their durability, speed, and rate of fire. You 
    will get more out of the vehicles you have, and thus offset the limits placed on the 
    number of units you may command. 
    Finally, any Command Points left at the end of a mission remain until you begin your 
    next one. Before the next mission starts, then, you may use these leftover Command 
    Points to garrison the vehicles and stormtroopers you commanded earlier, to use later 
    on. And because you will have access to an additional landing craft and Lambda class 
    shuttles at the beginning of your next mission, you can fill both with these 
    experienced units. In effect, then, you are using the Command Points you collected 
    in one mission to purchase additional units and send them to the site of your next 
    one. Once you begin a new mission, you lose any Command Points remaining from your 
    previous one. 
    Having read the foregoing paragraphs, you should have a handle on how to use your 
    BHCI, troop carriers, waypoints, and ways you may earn and spend Command Points. 
    1.4) Units
    Imperial Units 
    "To understand exactly what you can accomplish in battle, you must be familiar with 
    your units' capabilities. Although each unit has its strengths, each also has 
    weaknesses your enemy can exploit, if permitted."
    AT-AA (All-Terrain Anti-Aircraft)
    AT-AT (All-Terrain-Armored Transport)
    AT-AT Barge
    AT-PT (All-Terrain Personal Transport)
    AT-ST (All-Terrain Scout Transport)
    Builder Shuttle
    Dewback Trooper
    Heavy Artillery Platform
    Landing Craft
    Mobile Artillery
    Probe Droid (Probot)
    Speeder Bike
    Tie Craft
    Tie Fighter
    Tie Bomber
    TR-MB (Tracked-Mobile Base)
    Tydirium Ferry Shuttle
    Troop Carrier
    AT-AA (All-Terrain Anti-Aircraft)
    A fast-moving mobile anti-aircraft weapon that's the scourge of Rebel flying units. 
    The AT-AA has a flak pod that sits on a walking shell. It's an indispensable unit 
    used to protect units and structures from air attack.
    If any one Rebel unit matches a comparable Imperial one, it is the small, single-man 
    fighter craft. Many Imperial vehicles cannot fire accurately on this unit- hence, 
    the All Terrain Anti-Aircraft walker (AT-AA).This unit was designed specifically to 
    deal with airborne threats, so include them in your force wherever you suspect the 
    presence of a Rebel air force. Even the most sophisticated Rebel aircraft cannot 
    withstand the powerful barrage of this vehicle's anti-air weaponry.Keep in mind two 
    significant problems, however. First, this unit is fragile. A concerted attack by 
    Rebel aircraft will destroy it. To prevent this, group your AT-AAs in pairs or threes 
    for mutual support. Second, these units are vulnerable to ground-based enemies. The 
    solution here is to use other units, particularly AT-STs and AT-PTs, to protect your 
    AT-AAs from enemy infantry.
    AT-AT (All-Terrain-Armored Transport)
    The Galactic Empire's heaviest weapon, this four-legged behemoth is equipped with 
    anti-armor guns, plus a chin gun which produces a powerful, concentrated burst of 
    fire that can eliminate just about anything. Finally, its heavy feet spell doom to 
    the unlucky enemy trooper caught underneath its heavy step.
    The pride of the Imperial military's ground forces is the massive All Terrain Armored 
    Transport (AT-AT). These four-legged walkers tower over everything on the battlefield, 
    including many structures. For sheer size, nothing in a mobile unit comes close; and 
    given its sheer power, little can stand in its way.
    A single AT-AT walker can level a Rebel installation or destroy wave after wave of 
    oncoming enemy vehicles. Each AT-AT can carry six stormtroopers safely into to the 
    heart of battle.If the AT-AT has a weakness, it is its difficulty in hitting enemy 
    infantry with its main weapon. It is also slow compared to other AT vehicles. These 
    are small prices to pay for such power, however, and for the numbing fear its presence 
    bestows on the enemy. Unlike the other AT vehicles, AT-AT walkers are designed almost 
    solely for offensive maneuvers. It can aid in defense, but it is not designed to do 
    so. Therefore, purchase it only if you plan a massive assault.
    AT-AT Barge
    A flying craft capable of carrying large units down to the planet from the bay of 
    the Star Destroyer. An AT-AT barge lands on the battlefield, deploys the units, and 
    quickly ascends back to orbit.
    AT-PT (All-Terrain Personal Transport)
    One of the most effective anti-infantry units, this walking armored vehicle is agile 
    on the battlefield, but is vulnerable when attacked by anti-vehicle weapons. Paired 
    with AT-STs, they make a deadly force.The All Terrain Personal Transport (AT-PT) is 
    the smallest walker currently in use by the Imperial military. Not much of an attacker 
    on its own, the AT-PT functions best as support. Enemies intent on destroying larger 
    vehicles often overlook this small unit; this allows the AT-PT to carve up Rebel 
    infantry while the enemy concentrates its fire elsewhere. Left on its own, it is no 
    match for even a small group of Rebel ground troops. In a balanced force, however, 
    a few AT-PTs can burn through Rebel ranks and prevent serious damage to your larger 
    vehicles. Remember, though, these units are not particularly durable (although they 
    can withstand more damage than a stormtrooper, dewback trooper, or speeder bike). 
    They should rarely, if ever, form the mainstay of an attack group or defensive position. 
    On the other hand, you should rarely attack or defend without employing these units 
    to target and destroy enemy infantry.
    AT-ST (All-Terrain Scout Transport)
    This walking, medium-range, armored transport is deadliest when deployed in groups 
    of other AT-STs, AT-PTs and AT-AAs. After the stormtrooper, the All Terrain Scout 
    Transport (AT-ST) is the workhorse of the Imperial military. The AT-ST is quick, 
    durable, capable of crossing difficult terrain carrying a pair of stormtroopers, and 
    able to destroy Rebel vehicles and installations quickly. Sturdier than the AT-PT, 
    a group of unsupported AT-STs can blunt an attack of Rebel vehicles or turn a Rebel 
    base to rubble. With AT-PT support, there is little this dependable, versatile unit 
    cannot accomplish.Its versatility comes at a price, however. The AT-ST does many 
    things very well, but excels at none of them. Although mobile, it is not as fast as 
    the AT-PT or speeder bike. Although capable of transporting troops to the front, it 
    carries fewer than the troop carrier or AT-AT. Still, this jack-of-all-trades can 
    come in handy in any battlefield situation. It is perfect for attacking the enemy 
    and suppressing enemy fire as your troopers take over. It serves equally well at home 
    defending against enemy incursions. As soon as you can purchase these vehicles, do 
    so. Any attack-and-defense force should include a healthy contingent of AT-STs, a 
    marvel of Imperial military design.
    Builder Shuttle
    The way that buildings are brought down to a planet from orbit. The builder shuttle 
    descends from space and drops off completely manufactured buildings.
    Dewback Trooper
    This heavy infantry unit is capable of firing anti-infantry bursts at enemy units. 
    It can only be used on arid, desert planets and can carry a maximum of one 
    stormtrooper.Dewback-mounted troopers are not much faster than an unmounted 
    stormtrooper, and far slower than a speeder bike. Thus, the main advantage to 
    employing this large desert lizard lies in the ability it affords a trooper to attack 
    from a mounted position.Dewback troopers are excellent for protecting your 
    installations from attack by enemy infantry. Their mounted gun can rip through Rebel 
    ranks, and the dewback itself can sustain more damage than an individual trooper. 
    You may use these units to attack enemy positions, but their slow speed makes 
    coordinating such an attack somewhat difficult. Unless you can purchase faster 
    vehicles, such as speeder bikes, keep this unit at your own base and use it 
    Heavy Artillery Platform
    An upgraded mobile artillery piece, this hovering platform carries a large weapon 
    capable of raining down destruction on a Rebel base. A hit from the heavy artillery 
    platform can severely damage all units within its blast radius, making it a hazard 
    to both Imperials and Rebels.
    Landing Craft
    A modified Lambda-class shuttle capable of carrying troops and medium armor weapons, 
    such as the AT-PT and mobile artillery platform, to the battlefield.
    Mobile Artillery
    Once this hovering platform is deployed, it becomes a medium-range artillery launcher 
    capable of firing deadly bursts of energy in a parabolic arc. Blasts from any artillery 
    unit can affect both friendly and enemy units, so always deploy them wisely.
    Probe Droid (Probot)
    The chief detector of the Imperial forces, this automaton drops from the sky like 
    a meteor to investigate planets. However, probots are very fragile, and are easily 
    destroyed by even the weakest of enemies.
    Speeder Bike
    This anti-infantry weapon is one of the fastest units on the battlefield. Used mainly 
    as a scouting unit, its main weakness is a lack of armored protection for the rider.
    TIE Craft
    The Imperial Military takes a lot of pride in its small, one-man fighter crafts. 
    The largest drawback to both of these units is their relative fragility. Both the 
    TIE Bomber and especially the TIE Fighter are not designed to take much punishment. 
    The TIE Fighter's agility should keep it fairly safe, while the TIE Bombers rely on 
    the escort of the TIE Fighters to avoid damage. When using these units, attack with 
    large groups or destroy any Rebel antiaircraft turrets and units before bringing in 
    the TIE craft.
    Tie Fighter
    The workhorse of the Imperial space fleet, this little powerhouse is designed for 
    strafing runs and anti-armor strikes. Although not designed for effective operation 
    inside an atmosphere, they are employed as scouts and are deadly against units with 
    no air protection. The TIE Fighter is a marvel of engineering, combining speed, 
    maneuverability, and raw power in one compact package. They rely on their incredible 
    agility to avoid damage. TIE Fighters are capable of battle both in space and in an 
    atmosphere, making them versatile as well as dependable and powerful.
    Tie Bomber
    The big brother of the TIE Fighter is the TIE Bomber. A twin-ion engine craft designed 
    to knock out enemy ground units with high-yield bombs that must be reloaded at a 
    landing platform between missions. This unit is very powerful offensively, but is 
    generally fragile and defenseless against other flying units. Much larger, and 
    proportionally slower, the TIE Bomber is not designed to hold its own in a straight 
    fight. Its job is to deliver massive payloads of powerful bombs to the enemy position, 
    a job that the TIE Bomber is nearly perfectly suited for. It is slow and vulnerable 
    on its own, but with support from TIE Fighters, the TIE Bomber can cause incredible 
    TR-MB (Tracked-Mobile Base)
    An Imperial prototype designed to transport a command center commander into the midst 
    of a conflict. The TR-MB does not possess any weapons but can summon mobile units 
    to its location away from the command center.
    These soldiers (also known as scout troopers, snowtroopers or sandtroopers) carry 
    blaster rifles that have the secondary ability to stun other infantry units, rendering 
    them immobile for future capture and interrogation.Some battlefield commanders make 
    the critical mistake of overlooking stormtroopers in their quest for faster, more 
    powerful units. This is a mistake. Stormtroopers are among your most effective units, 
    combining good firepower and versatility in one inexpensive package. Admittedly, a 
    lone stormtrooper cannot withstand much abuse, but a large group can bring a lot of 
    firepower at once to any given location. And because stormtroopers are difficult for 
    enemy vehicles to target and hit, they have a good chance of surviving.Use 
    stormtroopers for quick strikes against an enemy position, particularly if you wish 
    to capture and garrison it. Stormtroopers are slightly more effective than their Rebel 
    counterparts inside buildings- far more so, when you factor in their ability to stun 
    enemies and end the conflict immediately. Stormtroopers also are useful for 
    garrisoning your own buildings and preventing capture by Rebel agents. Speeder 
    bike-mounted stormtroopers can reach distant enemy locations to take them over 
    Tydirium Ferry Shuttle
    An unarmed flying troop transport, the ferry shuttle can land almost anywhere and 
    transport up to six stormtroopers to their destination without having to worry about 
    difficult terrain.
    TR-SD (Tracked-Shield-Disabler)
    A single-purpose vehicle whose function is to eliminate the shield protection of Rebel 
    units (like the attack tank), and buildings (such as the shield generator). This unit 
    also has a secondary ion cannon, which allows it to disable unshielded vehicles, 
    rendering them immobile.
    Troop Carrier
    This agile, wheeled troop transport has a top-mounted, anti-vehicle gun, and can hold 
    up to six stormtroopers.
    Rebel Units 
    "Just as vital as knowing your units' capabilities is understanding those of Rebel 
    units. Familiarity with their strengths and limitations allows you to attack 
    efficiently, destroy quickly, and preserve your units' strength."
    Rebel Trooper
    Heavy Trooper
    Air Units
    Air speeders  
     Rebel Trooper
    The Rebel trooper compares best to an unarmored stormtrooper, but it is far weaker. 
    Although the weaponry is similar, the average Rebel trooper lacks our troops' training 
    and battlefield experience.Do not let this lull you into complacency, however. Rebel 
    troopers in large groups can pose a serious threat. Although they are less capable 
    than our troops within the confines of a structure, they are nonetheless capable of 
    creating problems for our larger vehicles; their small size and agility makes them 
    difficult to hit.When attacking, the AT-PT affords you the best way to eliminate Rebel 
    troopers. When you must defend, rely on both AT-PTs and anti-infantry turrets.
    Heavy Trooper
    Rebel heavy troopers are another story. With their powerful weaponry, these units 
    can be a significant nuisance, particularly in large numbers. Like basic Rebel 
    troopers, heavy troopers are difficult for our larger vehicles to target and destroy. 
    These units' heavy weaponry can inflict significant damage to our machinery. A single 
    heavy trooper makes an even match for a single AT-PT; a straight fight between the 
    two often goes to the heavy trooper.Rely on your stormtroopers when you confront these 
    enemies. Because they are geared to attack vehicles, they find it difficult to target 
    stormtroopers effectively. Your attacking stormtroopers not actively engaged in 
    taking over enemy structures should hunt down and eliminate these units as quickly 
    as possible. This is an excellent reason to take over Rebel anti-infantry turrets: 
    turn them against Rebel heavy troopers. At your own installations, rely on your own 
    anti-infantry turrets, supported by stormtroopers and AT-PTs.
    Without question, the most insidious Rebel infantry unit is the Infiltrator. This 
    unit will latch onto an Imperial vehicle, enter it, kill the pilot, and take over.This 
    capability can pose a serious problem, especially when infiltrators capture some of 
    our larger and more powerful battlefield equipment. Infiltrators are trained 
    especially for this mission and are equipped to take over any of Imperial units they 
    can reach. Naturally, you must be on guard against them.Vigilance is the best defense 
    against Rebel infiltrators. Because your net of anti-infantry turrets should cut them 
    down before they can reach defensive units, you will encounter infiltrators most when 
    you attack. Use supporting AT-PTs and stormtroopers to keep infiltrators away from 
    your main attack vehicles, making them primary targets. Although Rebel heavy troopers 
    certainly can inflict tremendous damage, nothing can blunt your attack faster than 
    your own vehicles turned against you. Spare no expense to eliminate these units before 
    anything else.
    Like our speeder bikes, swoops provide Rebels a quick, efficient means for bringing 
    their troops into position to attack. And as with our speeder bikes, swoop-mounted 
    Rebel units must dismount to attack.You will encounter these units most often during 
    Rebel attacks on your base. An effective set of anti-vehicle turrets (to destroy the 
    swoops before the Rebel troopers dismount) and anti-infantry turrets (to kill the 
    unmounted troopers) should prevent these units from inflicting much damage. Just be 
    aware that they are remarkably fast and can attack without warning.
    Unlike our own military, which relies on mobile, agile walker units, the Rebel 
    military employs more traditional tanks. These are protected by both armor and shields 
    that begin recharging the moment they take damage. Thus, these units can be difficult 
    to destroy. The reliance on shields in lieu of additional armor also makes Rebel tanks 
    relatively light and fast and they can strike and move away quickly.Meet Rebel tanks 
    with force. AT-ATs and AT-STs, particularly in groups, can drive through a contingent 
    of Rebel tanks quickly. A few solid hits will destroy the tanks' shielding and expose 
    their feeble armor.When defending, a net of antivehicle turrets will make short work 
    of oncoming tanks, particularly if AT-STs back them up.
    Air Units
    If the Rebel military has a true strength, it is in their small air- and spacecraft. 
    Rebel tanks are often older and in poor repair, their troops untrained and without 
    standard equipment. Even their capital ships show signs of neglect. But their fighter 
    craft are always kept in top working condition. If the Rebels are to show significant 
    resistance to us, it will usually be because of the presence of a good number of Rebel 
    Air speeders 
    Rebel airspeeders are a two-man craft frequently seen in planetary battles. Generally, 
    one of the occupants pilots the craft while the other controls the airspeeder's 
    weaponry. These craft are not capable of flight without an atmosphere, and in fact 
    have a relatively low ceiling for how high they can travel in an atmosphere. These 
    craft are small and maneuverable, and come with shields, making them tough to destroy.
    Rebel Y-Wing starfighters are a single-occupant craft. These form the backbone of 
    the Rebel air/space arm. Capable of operation both in an atmosphere and in space, 
    the Y-Wing is a powerful craft suffering mainly from a low top speed. While slow and 
    not very agile in flight, the Y-Wing has powerful shields and thick armor, allowing 
    it to take a beating.While these two types of craft are quite different, your defenses 
    against them will be quite similar. Any time you suspect that the Rebels may have 
    an airfield, any attacking group you create should include AT-AAs. Additionally, 
    until you can create antiaircraft turrets at your own base, ring your perimeter with 
    stormtroopers to fend off the Rebel air attack.
    1.5) Characters 
    Brenn & Dellis Tantor
    Brenn and Dellis Tantor were born in a small village on Garos IV, an idyllic world 
    that had been afflicted by a bloody civil war. Under the Emperor's New Order, the 
    Empire brought an end to the conflict and installed a government designed to maintain 
    peace on the planet. The boys' own father joined the Imperial military as a transport 
    pilot and taught his sons to respect the stormtroopers who protected Garos 
    IV.Unfortunately, a small underground resistance movement formed on Garos IV. 
    Imperial and anarchist factions clashed with increasing regularity, and eventually 
    the Tantors' own village was caught in the crossfire. When their homestead was 
    destroyed in an explosion, the brothers were buried beneath the rubble. Brenn regained 
    consciousness as a stormtrooper pulled him and Dellis from the wreckage. Brenn and 
    Dellis vowed to join the Imperial military in the hopes of becoming stormtroopers. 
    Brenn traveled to the Imperial Academy immediately; Dellis followed him a year later. 
    Soon after, their father undertook a dangerous mission to deliver medical supplies 
    to the planet Graal'diin. His transport was caught in Rebel attack and he was slain, 
    but his sons continued to pursue their dream. While at the Academy, Brenn focused 
    all of his energies on combat training and developed a keen tactical mind. Dellis, 
    in contrast, proved far more intellectual and specialized in the computer sciences, 
    encryption, security systems, and communications. Both Brenn and Dellis petitioned 
    for active stormtrooper duty, only to have their requests rejected. Their superiors 
    explained that the stormtrooper selection process was controlled by "higher powers" 
    within the Imperial ranks.
    General Malcor Brashin
    A career military man, Malcor Brashin entered the Academy as a very early age. Although 
    his superiors did not consider him particularly ambitious, Brashin was viewed as 
    competent and intelligent. Brashin would have probably remained an unspectacular 
    Imperial officer if not for a tragic and defining moment in his life: while he was 
    away from home on military maneuvers, Brashin's wife and daughter were murdered by 
    Rodian thieves. The loss of his family transformed Brashin and he became one of the 
    New Order's most outspoken zealots. He drove his forces mercilessly in the hopes of 
    stopping the lawlessness and misery caused by "unchecked anarchists and aliens." With 
    numerous military victories to his credit, Brashin has become one of the most 
    respected - and feared - generals in the Imperial Army.
      General Taskeen
    Unlike many Rebel officers, Tyr Taskeen did not attend the Academy nor was he ever 
    a member of the Imperial military machine. After earning an education on Alderaan, 
    Taskeen left home to start his own business. He honed his piloting and negotiation 
    skills as a freelance starship dealer, selling advanced vehicles to spaceports and 
    wealthy individuals throughout the galaxy. His business grew quickly and he became 
    a very wealthy man. Although he and his employees had occasional run-ins with the 
    Hutts and pirates, Taskeen continued to profit until the Emperor's New Order took 
    hold of the galaxy. The Empire nationalized Taskeen's company, taking control of his 
    wealth and facilities. Many of his alien employees were also taken into slavery. 
    Enraged, Taskeen returned to Alderaan and joined the nascent Rebellion. Using his 
    knowledge of the Outer Rim, he led many early Rebels to safe havens far from the Core. 
    He also secured supplies and vehicles from former contacts sympathetic to the 
    Rebellion. In recognition of all he had done for the Rebellion, Taskeen was 
    continually promoted, until finally attaining the rank of General. Even among the 
    dedicated Rebels, Taskeen is considered exceptionally driven and passionate; he would 
    do virtually anything to ensure that the Alliance topples the Empire.
    Captain Beri Tulon
    Beri Tulon is descended from a long line of military officers. In fact, according 
    to family legends, Tulon's ancestors fought alongside Empress Teta in the Great 
    Hyperspace War. Beri himself never questioned his future and entered the Academy as 
    soon as possible. Tulon truly enjoyed the camaraderie of the Imperial Army and he 
    excelled at following orders. Like his ancestors, he eventually became an officer. 
    As an officer, Tulon made every attempt to earn the friendship and respect of his 
    troops. Because of this, Tulon was derided by his peers and chastised by his superiors, 
    but the end results were phenomenal: Tulon's troops seemed to fight harder and live 
    longer. Unfortunately, one of his jealous commanding officers conspired to have Tulon 
    killed. He sent Tulon and his troops to Khomm for a "routine recon mission." The unit 
    expected a short vacation on the relatively peaceful world, but instead found a group 
    of Barabel mercenaries waiting. The Imperials were slaughtered, and only Tulon and 
    a handful of soldiers escaped. Tulon quickly uncovered the treachery and had his 
    superior officer executed, but the deaths on Khomm weighed heavily on the captain. 
    He requested that he be allowed to train fellow officers rather than serve as an active 
    commander. Because of his sterling record, Tulon's wish was granted and he is now 
    one of the Empire's most decorated instructors.
    1.6) Mission Briefings 
    "Every Imperial Army Officer is expected to be able to survive in the field along 
    with the men under his command, and to gain their respect by doing so. There is no 
    room for students who have taken the army life in hopes of a cushy career."
    Excerpt from "The Imperial Army - A Guide to Army Training for New Recruits"
    Name: Desert Training
    Objective: Follow Captain Tulon's Orders, Dellis Must Live
    Resources: Zeta Squadron
    The first three missions are training missions that take place on the planet Tatooine. 
    They will teach you how to operate the Battlefield Holographic Control Interface (BHCI) 
    and allow you to control the movements of some troopers. Overall, play with the 
    controls as much as you can. The hardest thing about becoming an expert at the BHCI 
    is learning how to control the camera instinctively. You won't have time elsewhere. 
    In this first mission, you learn camera controls and how to move your units from place 
    to place. Things heat up, however, when you become the spearhead in a search for two 
    renegade droids.
    Hint: Follow the tracks. 
    Mission: 2
    Name: Desert Training 2
    Objective: Follow Captain Tulon's Orders, Dellis Must Live
    Resources: Zeta Squadron
    Training continues, as you become familiar with controlling your units in combat. 
    Once again, make sure to practice with the camera controls when you can. In this 
    mission, your continuing search for the errant droids leads you past dangerous Tusken 
    Raiders to a huge Jawa Sandcrawler.
    Tip: Keep your forces together to better fight off the Tusken Raiders.
    Mission: 3
    Name: Desert Training 3
    Objective: Follow Captain Tulon's Orders, Dellis Must Live.
    Resources: Zeta Squadron
    In this final training mission, you will learn how to summon reinforcements and how 
    to build an imperial base. However, the droids have still evaded the empire's grasp, 
    and you are ordered to follow a lead deep into the desert to the dwelling of a 
    mysterious desert hermit named Ben Kenobi...
    Tip: Kenobi's house is located on the north side of the map.
    Mission: 4
    Name: Assault on Ruul
    Objective: Capture the computer complex. Get Dellis inside the computer complex, 
    Dellis must survive.
    Resources: Probot, AT-STs, AT-PTs, Transports, Speederbikes, Stormtroopers, Dellis.
    This is your first mission without the safety net of Captain Tulon. It is also one 
    of the hardest missions to use the BHCI in, given the confined quarters of the canyon 
    you find yourself in. Take your time and reinforce your base before venturing forth 
    to complete your objectives. Remember to take over rebel buildings when you see them, 
    instead of destroying them. Not only will this give you a flow of extra command points, 
    but also it's easier to invade a rebel turret than obliterate it.
    Mission: 5
    Name: Assault on Ruul 2
    Objective: Establish a continuous line of beacons connecting the computer complex 
    to the communications tower. Dellis Must Survive.
    Resources: Probot, AT-STs, AT-PTs, Transports, AT-AAs, Speederbikes, Stormtroopers, 
    Your battles on Ruul continue in this mission, where you have to place a line of beacons 
    across the map while defending yourself from Rebel attack. Once again, prepare your 
    base for sneak attacks before sending out units to destroy or capture enemy units 
    and buildings. Dellis is very important in this operation, as it is his ability to 
    lay beacons that makes this mission possible, so protect him well!
    Hint: The straight path is probably not the best way to go when laying beacons.
    Mission: 6
    Name: Crisis on Sarapin
    Objective: Garrison all energy collection facilities. Dellis must survive.
    Resources: Probot, Dewback Riders, AT-STs, AT-PTs, Transports, AT-AAs, Speederbikes, 
    Stormtroopers, Dellis.
    Welcome to the planet Sarapin, where the magma is free for all! This is a lengthy 
    mission that takes you over some of the most hellish terrain in the galaxy. Really 
    concentrate on defense while building up a sizable force, as the rebels have sunk 
    their roots deep into this hot world. Remember, lava can kill your units if they walk 
    or drive on the ground, but hover units, such as speeder bikes and probots aren't 
    subject to that limitation.
    Hint: Take care of your enemy before occupying the collectors. Also, remember that 
    when you occupy an enemy command center, you can then summon reinforcements to that 
    location as if it were your own base.
    Mission: 7
    Name: Crisis on Sarapin 2
    Objective: Capture the drilling platform. Get Dellis into the drilling platform. 
    Dellis must survive.
    Resources: Probot, Dewback Riders, AT-STs, AT-PTs, Mobile Artillery, Transports, 
    AT-AAs, TIE Fighters, Speederbikes, Stormtroopers, Dellis.
    This is your first timed mission. The rebels have set up a drilling platform on full, 
    and soon it will burrow to the planet's molten core, causing a massive explosion that 
    will tear asunder the entire planet surface. To succeed, you should once again spend 
    some time reinforcing your base before sending a convoy with Dellis up to the platform 
    in the middle of the map. You are now able to summon TIE fighters as reinforcements. 
    Although pretty frail, they make excellent scouts and are deadly against unprotected 
    targets, like lone artillery or attack tanks. Remember to give your convoy lots of 
    anti-air protection, as well. Those rebel airspeeders can be a big nuisance.
    Mission: 8
    Name: The Trap at Yavin IV
    Objective: Neutralize any rebels on Yavin IV. Capture the Pyramid.
    Resources: Probot, Dewback Riders, AT-STs, AT-PTs, Mobile Artillery, TR-SD, 
    Transports, AT-AAs, TIE Fighters, Speederbikes, Stormtroopers.
    Watch out, it's a trap! Rebels are hiding in the hills like Rodian Cockroaches in 
    a greasy cantina, waiting for you to look away so they can strike! Use the canyons 
    surrounding your base for defense by creating choke points. A good way to do this 
    is to line up some AT-STs or some Mobile Artillery by a narrow pass to create a kill 
    zone. Watch out for the Mobile Artillery, however. Their blasts can kill your units 
    just as easily as your enemy's. Another unit you have available in this mission is 
    the TR-SD, which takes out Rebel shields in a snap. Once bereft of their shields, 
    the TR-SD can then use its disable ability to freeze the unit so the rest of your 
    forces can clean it up without danger to themselves.
    Mission: 9
    Name: The Battle of Hoth
    Objective: Destroy the shield generator. Capture the Rebel Hangar Bay. Get Darth Vader 
    into the Rebel Hangar Bay. Darth Vader must survive.
    Resources: Probot, AT-STs, AT-PTs, AT-ATs, Transports, AT-AAs, Speederbikes, 
    Stormtroopers. Darth Vader
    Talk about pressure! Lord Vader is sitting in a Star Destroyer, waiting for you to 
    disable the Rebel shield generator so he can come down and teach that pesky Skywalker 
    a lesson about the Dark Side. Although this mission isn't timed, if you delay too 
    long, Vader will strip command from you, so keep on task! You don't get any 
    reinforcements, so try to get to your goals as quickly as possible. Try to keep all 
    of your units undamaged by grouping all of your units closely and destroying enemy 
    units quickly with the liberal use of your AT-AT's chin guns. You can also use your 
    Probot's extended sensory ability to see your enemies coming well before they know 
    you're there. Finally, Darth comes down with a squad of stormtroopers right after 
    you destroy the shield generator, so make sure the battleground is clear before you 
    summon him.
    Mission: 10
    Name: Surprise at Endor
    Objective: Scout locations for a possible shield generator base.
    Resources: AT-STs, Speederbikes, Stormtroopers.
    A familiar story for the Empire. You acquire some perfectly good land, but end up 
    having to battle all the indigenous life for miles in order to keep your claim. Well, 
    no matter, your AT-STs and speederbikes are more than a match for these primitive 
    rodents. Remember that your stormtroopers can kill flying units, so keep them close 
    together to defend against aerial attacks. One final thing: watch out for traps. A 
    falling tree can really ruin an AT-ST's day.
    Mission: 11
    Name:  The Massacre on Abridon
    Objective: Retake the Imperial base from the Rebels. Capture the Abridon Government 
    Center. Clear Rebel forces from the Government garden area.
    Resources: Probot, AT-STs, AT-PTs, Mobile Artillery, TR-SD, Transports, AT-AAs, TIE 
    Fighters, TIE bombers, Tyderium Shuttle, Speederbikes, Stormtroopers.
    The planet Abridon has defected over to the rebel side, and it's up to you to reaffirm 
    their loyalties to the Empire! Because of the vast array of forces deployed against 
    you, the first thing you might want to do is retake the captured Imperial Command 
    Center, so that you can call down more reinforcements. Once that is done, use TIE 
    fighters and TIE bombers to scout the terrain and find where your opposition is lying 
    in wait. Move slowly and decimate everything in your way.
    Mission: 12
    Name:  The Massacre on Abridon 2
    Objective: Capture the 5 rebel dignitaries. Hold dignitaries in prison platform until 
    the prison ship leaves.
    Resources: Probot, AT-STs, AT-PTs, Mobile Artillery, TR-SD, Transports, Heavy 
    Artillery, AT-AAs, TIE Fighters, TIE bombers, Tyderium Shuttle, Speederbikes, 
    This mission is going to be difficult. In the last mission, you stirred the Rebels 
    up like a room full of divviks, and now they're calling for your blood. Luckily, you 
    now have access to both heavy and fixed artillery, so you can bomb them from a good 
    distance away. Unfortunately, there are those annoying dignitaries you are supposed 
    to capture, which will die the instant one of your artillery barrages or TIE bomber 
    runs gets close to them. What to do? Once again, defend your base, take it slow, and 
    use your AT-ATs and TR-SDs to full effect, which includes using your AT-ATs as troop 
    carriers for captured dignitaries.
    Mission: 13
    Name: The Massacre on Abridon 3
    Objective: Destroy the Rebel Base. TR-MB must survive.
    Resources: Probot, AT-STs, AT-PTs, Mobile Artillery, TR-SD, TR-MB, Transports, Heavy 
    Artillery, AT-AAs, TIE Fighters, TIE bombers, Tyderium Shuttle, Speederbikes, 
    This mission seems straight forward, find the rebel base and blow it up. However, 
    things go awry when an AT-AT commander turns traitor and forces you to chase him down 
    and destroy his AT-AT before he can defect to the other side. Luckily, you now have 
    the TR-MB, a mobile command center, to help you out. With this vehicle, you can set 
    down units (no buildings, though!) anywhere it happens to go. Remember, however, to 
    only summon big units once you are out of the twisty hill roads, otherwise, they might 
    have difficulty getting where you want to go quickly.
    Mission: 14
    Name: Escape From Kalaan
    Objective: Get Brenn inside the TR-MB. Get the TR-MB to the Rebel evacuation point. 
    Free Luke Skywalker from the Imperial command center. Get Luke Skywalker to the Rebel 
    destination point.
    Resources: Stormtroopers, TR-MB, Brenn, Luke Skywalker, Kalaanite rebels.
    This is the first Rebel mission, but don't expect it to be easy. You have to escape 
    from prison, convert some stormtroopers to your side, free Luke Skywalker from an 
    Imperial command center, steal a valuable piece of equipment (that, incidentally, 
    has no offensive weaponry on it) and get the heck off the planet! If you want to succeed, 
    you'll have to be sneaky. An alarm will sound if you fire at anything, or move the 
    TR-MB, but it won't sound if you take over buildings or turrets. Finally, you can 
    use Luke's force powers to check out the surrounding area, making sure you don't step 
    into a trap!
    Mission: 15
    Name: Return To Ruul
    Objective: Rescue Beri Tulon from the Imperial forces before they get to the prison. 
    Get Beri Tulon to the evacuation area. TR-MB must survive.
    Resources: Trooper, Heavy Trooper, Hover Transport, TR-MB, Ruulian rebels.
    Welcome back to Ruul, the newest prison colony in the Empire. You'll land here without 
    much but your TR-MB and a very limited selection of Rebel troops, so, once again, 
    stealth will be your friend. In this mission, you'll be trying to intercept Beri Tulon 
    as he's being taken from a holding facility to an actual prison. He's heavily guarded, 
    so you might want to find the Ruulian rebels before taking the guarding units out. 
    Finally, remember that heavy troopers carry anti-vehicle weapons, so, if you use them 
    against infantry, remember to use their grenades instead of their guns.
    Mission: 16
    Name: Return to Ruul 2
    Objective: Capture the computer complex. Get Beri Tulon into the computer complex. 
    The TR-MB must survive.
    Resources: Trooper, Heavy Trooper, Hover Transport, TR-MB, Medical Droid. Guerrilla.
    In this mission, you'll be trying to get some top-secret information from the Empire. 
    Outnumbered once again, you can find help in the form of Ruulian Guerillas, stolen 
    Imperial walkers and stolen Imperial speederbikes. Make sure to take over the Imperial 
    command centers you pass by, or they'll cause you trouble, later. Try going around 
    the northern portion of the map to avoid trouble. 
    Mission: 17
    Name: The Walker Gambit
    Objective: Capture at least 1 AT-AT. Get at least one AT-AT back to the Rebel Base.
    Resources: Trooper, Heavy Trooper, Infiltrator, Hover Transport, TR-MB, Medical 
    Droid, Swoop Bike, Y-Wing.
    This mission introduces you to the Rebel infiltrator. This unit is able to take over 
    Imperial AT-ATs and AT-STs to use for your own purposes. Note: It can take up to 4 
    infiltrators to take over an enemy unit, so have plenty. One good strategy in this 
    level is to use your Y-wing's disable ability to freeze an AT-AT before you infiltrate 
    it, so take out any anti-air turrets you may come across while scouting out the area.
    Mission: 18
    Name: The Walker Gambit 2
    Objective: Capture the Ion Cannon. Get Beri Tulon inside the Ion Cannon. At least 
    one captured AT-AT must survive.
    Resources: Trooper, Heavy Trooper, Infiltrator, Hover Transport, TR-MB, Medical 
    Droid, Repair Droid, Swoop Bike, Y-Wing.
    This level is fairly straight forward, and a liberal use of Y-wings bombing and 
    disabling might clear a path that a quick convoy can rush through to get to the ion 
    cannon. Remember that repair droids can fix your captured AT-ATs when they get damaged, 
    but it costs command points to do so...
    Mission: 19
    Name: Redemption at Abridon
    Objective: Retake the government center. Destroy or capture the North West Imperial 
    Resources: Trooper, Heavy Trooper, Infiltrator, Hover Transport, Hover Tank, Attack 
    Tank, TR-MB, Medical Droid, Repair Droid, Swoop Bike, Airspeeder, Y-Wing.
    In this level, you'll eventually traverse almost every inch of the map to accomplish 
    your goals. To help you, you now have the Rebel Attack Tank, whose secondary ability, 
    the proton missile, can be launched from nearly half way across the map to strike 
    at enemy units. Use these to safely take out turrets before rushing in to capture 
    enemy bases. A good method to do this is to group all the tanks together and use the 
    "F" and "T" keys to change the group leader and prime his missile for launch. An 
    experienced player can use this method to send an almost constant stream of missiles 
    at a single target until it is destroyed.
    Mission: 20
    Name: Redemption at Abridon 2
    Objective: Capture the shipyard. TR-MB, 4 pilots and 4 A-Wings must survive.
    Resources: Trooper, Heavy Trooper, Infiltrator, Hover Transport, Hover Tank, Attack 
    Tank, Scanner Jammer, TR-MB, Medical Droid, Repair Droid, Swoop Bike, Airspeeder, 
    Stealth is once again your friend when you start this mission. The secret to success 
    is to find a path through your enemies to reach the shipyard. Luckily, you now have 
    the best scout in the game, the scanner jammer unit. Not only does this unit cloak 
    your forces from being detected by radar, but also their secondary ability allows 
    you to spot sections of the map without having to be near them. Using this unit, in 
    conjunction with some well-placed tank shots will help you clear a path through the 
    Imperial forces to win through to your goal.
    Mission: 21
    Name: The Alliance Strikes Back
    Objective: Capture the shield bunker. Get Han Solo inside the shield bunker. Luke 
    Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, R2D2, C3PO, and the shuttle "Tyderium" 
    must survive. Trooper, Heavy Trooper, Infiltrator, Hover Tank, Attack Tank, Medical 
    Droid, Repair Droid, Torpedo Launchers, Han, Chewie, Luke, Leia, R2, C3PO, Ewoks.
    You are on Endor again, surrounded by rabid ewoks and bloodthirsty Imperials. But 
    this time, you have Luke Skywalker and Co.! Use Leia and C3PO to convert the ewok 
    forces over to your side, use your infiltrators and Chewie to grab the lone AT-STs 
    hanging out in the jungle, and use Luke's force abilities to see far away terrain. 
    Gather all the forces you can, avoid the highly guarded pass to the West, and strike!
    Mission: 22
    Name: The Siege of Coruscant
    Objective: Capture the Imperial Command Center. Neutralize all four Imperial Sensor 
    Resources: Trooper, Heavy Trooper, Infiltrator, Hover Transport, Hover Tank, Attack 
    Tank, Torpedo Launchers, Scanner Jammer, TR-MB, Medical Droid, Repair Droid, Swoop 
    Bike, Airspeeder, Y-Wing.
    This mission starts out fairly simple. Grab some antennas and an Imperial command 
    center. However, holding on to what you've gained is going to be very tough! The 
    command center is right in the middle of the map, completely exposed to attack from 
    any direction. It'll be a fight just to stay alive. Remember to fully staff your 
    turrets, antennas and command center with troopers or infiltrators so you can fight 
    off invasion. Once you've established a sturdy base, use the giant pipes to hide behind 
    while you use your torpedo launchers to pound your foes into submission.
    Mission: 23
    Name: The Siege of Coruscant 2
    Objective: Destroy City Gate. Remove all the buildings from Imperial Control. At least 
    half of the buildings must survive. Neutralize all Imperial opposition.
    Resources: Trooper, Heavy Trooper, Infiltrator, Hover Transport, Hover Tank, Attack 
    Tank, Torpedo Launchers, Scanner Jammer, TR-MB, Medical Droid, Repair Droid, Swoop 
    Bike, Airspeeder, Y-Wing.
    Finally, no more need to sneak around! The Rebels have landed and they've come to 
    kick some Imperial butt! Your base starts right out of range of the Imperial fixed 
    artillery, but one step closer and any enemy unit that sees you will call down a hail 
    of artillery fire. So, be patient, wait until any AT-AT gets in range and commandeer 
    it with infiltrators. Use airspeeders to scout out the walls and use attack tanks 
    to take out turrets. Then make your way in and clean up!
    Mission: 24
    Name: The Siege of Coruscant 3
    Objective: Capture the Imperial Palace
    Resources: Trooper, Heavy Trooper, Infiltrator, Hover Transport, Hover Tank, Attack 
    Tank, Torpedo Launchers, Scanner Jammer, TR-MB, Medical Droid, Repair Droid, Swoop 
    Bike, Airspeeder, Y-Wing.
    This will be a fight to the finish, and you'll have to use every tactic you've developed 
    to win this one. First, defend, defend, defend. Then, attack, attack, attack. In the 
    end, if you're patient and strong enough, you will come out victorious! Long live 
    the New Republic!
     1.7) Cheat mode 
    Note: The v1.1 patch is required for this code. Start a new game and enter 
    "TheGalaxyIsYours" as a case-sensitive name in the New Player slot. When choosing 
    your new player you must double-click on the name, and not click on the blue arrow. 
    Then while playing a game, enter one of the following codes to activate the 
    corresponding cheat function: 
    500 more command points M 
    500 less command points [Ctrl] + M 
    999999 life for unit [Keypad Asterisk]  
    Win current mission [Ctrl] + W 
    View all active units [Note 2] [Ctrl] + 8 
    View all units [Note 2] [Ctrl] + [Shift] + 8 
    Remove fog of war [Note 2] [Ctrl] + 9 
    Order any unit regardless of command points [Note 3] [Shift] + M 
    Spawn units without drop ship [Note 1] 0  
    Note 1: Activate the code, then press [Up] or [Down] to select a unit. Press [Left] 
    to spawn desired unit. Press [Shift] + [Up] or [Shift] + [Down] to change team of 
    the spawned unit.
    Note 2: Do this only after you have enabled the "spawn units without a drop ship" 
    Note 3: This code also adds 500 command points to your total. 
    Level Select 
    Note: The v1.1 patch is required for this code. Start a new game and enter 
    "TheWorldIsYours" as a case-sensitive name in the New Player slot. When choosing your 
    new player you must double-click on the name, and not click on the blue arrow. 
    Double Unit
    If a unit carrier gets destroyed, remove the unit at the same time it explodes. If 
    done correctly, that unit will be doubled. 
    Faster patient walking 
    Click on "Release Patient" when an Imperial vehicle is being healed on the repair 
    bay. It will walk away faster. 
    Hitting air units from the ground Ground units cannot normally hit air units. However, 
    an AT-AT's chin gun can hit an enemy air unit. 
    Pod Racer appearance Complete the second objective in the third training mission 
    (destroy the buildings at the Jawa camp) and two Pod Racers will start racing around. 

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