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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NDS_Master

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    Force Commander
    As this guide gives an overview of every mission in the game it will no doubt  
    contain several spoilers. Please note that we do not want to reveal every 
    piece of information about the game to you, so we have done everything we 
    can to provide you with as little information as possible while still giving 
    overviews of every single mission. We do not reveal the final ending 
    sequence, and we try our best to limit giving away the information in the
    movies sequences between certain levels.
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Defense
    3. Offense
    4. Units Master List
              Imperial Units
              Rebellion Units
    5. Imperial Missions Walkthrough
              A. Tatooine Training, pt. 1
              B. Tatooine Training, pt. 2
              C. Tatooing Training, pt. 3
              D. Ruul, pt. 1
              E. Ruul, pt. 2
              F. Sarapin, pt. 1
              G. Sarapin, pt. 2
              H. Yavin 4
              I. Hoth
              J. Endor
              K. Abridon, pt. 1
              L. Abridon, pt. 2
              M. Abridon, pt. 3
    6. Rebel Missions Walkthrough
              I. Escape from the Empire
              II. Return to Ruul, pt. 1
              III. Return to Ruul, pt 2
              IV. Tresse, pt. 1
              V. Tresse, pt. 2
              VI. Abridon, pt. 1
              VII. Abridon, pt. 2
              VIII. Endor
              IX. Coruscant, pt. 1
              X. Coruscant, pt. 2
              XI. Coruscant, pt. 3
    7. Copyright/Contact Info
    1. Introduction
    Force Commander is a game of strategy. In it you are a Imperial officer that 
    commands various troops in order to accomplish various objectives. 
    Throughout the game you will encounter various forms of resistance that 
    forces you to think fast in order to secure your base as well as your troops. 
    You will also have several chances to command as a Rebel leader, using 
    your gained knowledge to attack the Empire. The fate of the galaxy is now in 
    your hands.
    2. Defense
    Defense is helpful by allowing your army to be safe while it strengthens. A 
    good strategy is vital in your defense. A lot of enemy aircraft in your area 
    would probably require you to get several anti-air turrets for defense. Enemy 
    vehicles need anti-vehicle turrets, and enemy infantry would require anti-
    infantry turrets. Offensive units can be used for defense while at your base. 
    The AT-PT's good infantry accuracy could help with invading troops, and 
    AT-AAs could assist in aircraft. AT-ATs could also easily destroy vehicles. 
    These could be a big help until they move on to be used as offensive units. 
    Faraway from your base you cannot order turrets, so you must fully rely on 
    offensive units used as defensive units to hold the land. Do not forget to 
    fortify your base quickly at the beginning of every level to ensure safety.
    3. Offense
    While defense is reasonably easy considering only offensive enemy forces 
    are used to attack you, offense is entirely different. Offensive units must
    clear out an area that could have a lot of units in it, and it must be able
    to infiltrate well defended areas. You must learn to find out what units
    would be best against your enemies on specifics missions, and the units list
    below can be useful. When you find out the best units and how many you should
    get you should devise a plan on capturing each area so defensive units can
    reinforce it. 
    4. Units Master List
    This list has information about most of the diffrent units. There are simple 
    CP is how many command points this unit costs. 
    HP means hit points. 
    S is a unit's shields.
    GP means gunpower. Gunpower is how much their gun hurt a unit's hit 
    points. If a unit cannot attack a certain kind of unit its GP will be 0. 
    V after GP shows how much damage a unit does to vehicles.
    I stands for the damage a units does to infantry.
    A shows the damage a unit does to aircraft.
    If V I and A are not present this means the attacks are the same for all units. 
    ? means I am unsure of what a statistic is.
    SA is secondary ability. It might have a GP list depending on what it is. 
    TC means troop capacity. That is how many units a vehicle can carry.
    After the above information there is also various other information about the 
    units that may be helpful.
    Imperial Forces
    Stormtrooper CP 50 HP 50 GP V 10 I ? A 10 SA Stun 
    SW Stuns a unit for a few seconds
    AT-PT: CP 100 HP 100 GP V 10 I 30 A 0 
    Good accuracy vs. Infantry 
    AT-ST: CP 225 HP 350 GP V 40 I ? A 0 TC 2
    AT-AT: CP 850 HP 1250 GP V 75 I 75 A 0 TC 6 SA Chin Gun GP 1000
    AT-AA CP 100 HP 205 GP V 0 I 0 A 20
    TR-SD CP 350 HP 500 GP V 600? I 600? A 0 SA Ion cannon.
    Only damages the shields of another unit
    Troop carrier CP 150 HP 300 GP V 10 I 30? A 0 TC 6 
    Mobile Artillery CP 250 HP 150 GP V 10? I ? A 0 
    Must be deployed for use. Medium Range
    Probot CP 50 HP 10 GP V 10 I ? A 0 SA Extended visual scan
    Extensive visually range; range extends even further with its SA
    Heavy Artillery CP 750 HP 300 GP V ? I ? A 0 
    Must be deployed for use. Long Range
    Speeder bike CP 150 HP 75 GP V 10 I ? A 0 TC 2 
    Comes with free stormtrooper
    TIE Fighter CP 100 HP 100 GP 36
    TIE Bomber CP 250 HP 100 GP ? 
    Dewback CP 150 HP 75 GP V 10? I 30? A 0 TC 1 
    Comes with free stormtrooper
    A/I Turret CP 175 HP 1250 GP V 10 I 30 A 0 TC 2 
    Good accuracy vs. Infantry
    A/V Turret CP 175 HP 1250 GP V 50 I 50 A 0 TC 2 
    Bad accuracy vs. Infantry
    A/A Turret CP175 HP 1250 GP V 0 I 0 A 20 TC 2
    Rebellion Forces
    Trooper CP 50 HP 50 GP V 10 I ? A 10 SA Stun 
    Would lose to stormtrooper when attempting to capture something
    Heavy Trooper CP 75 HP 75 GP V 10 I ? A 10 SA Grenades: GP 30? 
    Infiltrator CP 125 HP 75 GP  V10 I ? A 10 
    Can capture AT-STs and AT-ATs. Excellent at capturing buildings
    Hover Transport CP 100 HP 300 S 50 GP V 10 I ? A 0 TC 6
    Attack Tank CP 500 HP 200 S 200 GP 50 SA Missles: V 150 I 150 A 0 
    Proton Missiles have long range
    Hovertank CP 350 HP 150 S 150 GP V 10 I 30 A 20
    Torpedo Launcher CP 500 HP 150 S 150 GP ? SA Mines: GP?
    Long range. No need to deploy
    Airspeeder CP 175 HP 150 GP 36? SA Tow Cable: 
    Tow Cable can tie AT-ATs up with ease
    Y-Wing CP 300 HP 150 S 50 GP ? SA Ion Cannon:
    Ion Cannon disables vehicles for long period of time 
    Swoop CP 100 HP 75 GP None TC 1
    Fast with long sight. Comes with free trooper
    A/I Turret CP 200 HP 1250 GP V 10 I 30 A 0 TC 2
    Good accuracy vs infantry. Comes with free trooper
    A/V Turret CP 200 HP 1250 GP V 50 I 50 A 0 TC 2
    Bad accuracy vs. infantry. Comes with free trooper
    A/A Turret CP 200 HP 1250 GP V 0 I 0 A 20 TC 2
    Comes with free trooper
    5. Imperial Missions Walkthrough
    A. Tatooine Training, pt. 1
    This is an easy mission. Just follow his orders, then find the escape pod. If 
    you don't want to have to follow instruction when the mission objectives 
    come on the screen click on the box that says: Skip instructions. It will turn 
    green. Only do this if you want to skip them.
    B. Tatooine Training, pt. 2
    Follow the instructions, or skip them like in the last mission. Then, follow the
    sandcrawler tracks to find the sandcrawler. Keep your units together. When 
    you reach the sandcrawler send Dellis in to capture it. It would be wiser to 
    send some troopers in with him, but it usually isn't neccesary.
    C. Tatooine Training, pt. 3
    Follow the instructions, or skip them. The city is the opposite direction of the
    sandcrawler so head there as soon as you are ready. You can capture the 
    turrets in the city but you don't need to. Here is something fun to do. Capture 
    a turret, then wait for a tusken raider to come after it. Don't shoot the 
    tusken, and as soon as he gets in the turret leave it. He will capture it, and 
    after destroying the Imperial units in the area he will destroy the civilians. 
    The programmers really did a good job of making the tusken's artificial 
    intelligence accurate. There is a path that leads from the city to Ben's house. 
    Follow it, destroy the surrounding tuskens, and capture Ben's house. Then 
    send Dellis in and it's all over. If you want to see a podrace destroy the Jawa 
    camp that is near Ben's house thoroughly.
    D. Ruul pt. 1
    To start off, capture the mining facility to your right for a command point 
    flow. It is advisable to use AT-STs instead of troopers because they are 
    stronger and damage other units more. If you wish to capture turrets start out 
    by filling a troop car with troopers. Drive up to the turret and unload the 
    troopers. Tell them to capture the turret. When it is captured, load them and 
    head to the next turret. Use this method throughout the game; it is very 
    Move slowly through the level, securing each path with an AT-ST or two 
    and a few AT-PTs, since they are good against infantry. When you get to a 
    turret, use the capture method stated above to capture it. When you get to 
    the first Rebel Base capture the turrets surrounding it then capture the base 
    to have an outpost closer to your objective that you can order troops from. 
    There is a three-turret area guarding the next part of the level. Capture one 
    turret, and have extra troop carriers nearby. When the other two turrets are 
    shooting at that one turret move your other transports in to capture the other 
    two turrets without them attacking your troops. This is also a useful method 
    to use throughout the game. 
    Continue and then capture the other Rebel Base. Then order units(The 
    Complex is close to the Rebel Base) and capture the several turrets 
    surrounding the Complex. When one turret has been captured use the above 
    method to capture the rest of the turrets. Then capture the complex and send 
    Dellis in and you will complete the mission.  
    E. Ruul pt. 2
    There are a few paths the enemy can get to you by so secure each one as 
    soon as possible with a turret(anti-vehicle) and an AT-ST or two and several 
    AT-PTs to stop invading troops from capturing the turret, which you should 
    fill of stormtroopers. Then capture the mining facility to your right and the
    bunkers to your left for a command point flow. Capture the rebel base in the 
    middle of the map quickly to ensure safety before Dellis continues. It will 
    take many troop cars to actually secure that area, so just keep attacking 
    without giving the Rebels much time to reorder troops. 
    Use all your resources to capture the base and its surrounding turrets. When 
    it is in your hands the mission will be easy to win. Just have some AT-STs 
    (Put Dellis in the STs for maximum safety) with Dellis. There are a few 
    turrets near the other building you need to get a connection with. Capture 
    them, then get Dellis to make a connection using his beacons. Use your 
    beacons wisely, you only have a few. Be wary of heavy troopers, they do a 
    lot of damage with their grenades.
    F. Sarapin pt. 1
    Here are a few tips for this mission. Go around the lava with heavy vehichles 
    instead of using speeders to go over the lava, to ensure safety. Capture the 
    first energy binder quickly for the command point flow. Capture instead of 
    destroy the first rebel base so you can order units closer to the other energy 
    binder. Get a lot of AT-AAs to destroy the many airspeeders, and doing so 
    will give you a lot of command points. Take care when moving units around 
    this mission, have units to eliminate every possible threat. The final binder is
    hard because it is surrounded by lava. Have AT-STs at the foot of the lava 
    to destroy the rebel units near the bunker, then use speeder bikes to get 
    across. Ensure total safety before bringing Dellis in. 
    G. Saripin pt. 2
    Here is a short overview of the mission. Use Anti air turrets or AT-AAs to 
    destroy the airspeeders. Don't worry, you have plenty of time (30-1:15 
    minutes, not totally sure of the time). Don't rush in, gather your forces. Make 
    sure you have enough time after you capture the thing to get Dellis in. There 
    is a big line of troopers and heavy troopers gaurding the ramp to the, well, 
    you will find out. Use a bunch of AT-PTs and a few AT-STs to take them 
    out. There is one path leading out from your base troops usually never come 
    through (To the right if you're facing the path that will lead to the thing). 
    There is an energy binder on this path. If you capture it you can get a steady 
    command point flow, useful for getting new units. Avoid using TIEs, since the 
    rebels can easily destroy them. Have some ready just in case you need to 
    eliminate an enemy unit extremely quick, but besides that do not use them. 
    Mobile artilleries are good for defending your base as well.  
    H. Yavin 4
    TIE fighters are useful to destroy the large amount of rebel troops over the 
    mountain to the right. Use the TIEs to protect the officer when you find him. 
    Go to him quickly because rebel troops will waste no time in destroying him. 
    Capture the shield generator to help destroy the rebel bases. Put AT-STs 
    inside the shield generator as they are highly protected by it. When you have 
    the shield generator captured, you've almost won the mission. The TR-SD is 
    useful on this mission to, but don't get a lot of them because they only disable
    shields. Use one at a time and bring AT-STs with it when attacking. 
    I. Hoth
    Once you know what to do, this mission is easy. All you need to do is send 
    your forces straight to the rebel base. Your AT-ATs can make short work of 
    it after that. Snowspeeders will try to down your walkers, but they can easily 
    be destroyed. When a snowspeeder connects it's tow cable to you, click on 
    your secondary weapon, the chin gun. When the snowspeeder comes in front of the
    AT-AT right click on it. If you do it right, the walker will use its chin gun on
    the snowspeeder. Use this method on all snowspeeders the try to tie you up. It's
    pretty easy once you get used to it. When you get to the base, destroy the 
    turrets and rebel vehicles first. Then destroy the shield generator. Darth Vader
    will then land with a group of stormtroopers. Use the troopers to capture the
    base, then send Vader in. It's as simple as that.
    J. Endor
    When you begin, destroy the Ewoks close to your landing spot. After you 
    encounter them the Imperials will send reinforcements. Begin to clear a path 
    to the three areas. Look at your map often to find nuetral units where you 
    are. More than likely these are trees or other traps, waiting for a unit to come
    close so it can nuetralize it, and then finished it off by falling on it. You
    would be surprised how offensive trees can be. Use your AT-STs to attack the 
    traps and trees at a distance. More obvious traps have big logs tied to the 
    tree. These will crush your units when they walk through it. These are easier 
    to destroy because your units can get closer to the trap, allowing the weaker 
    units to help. 
    When you have cleared a path to the three areas, send a speeder bike in 
    each one to scout the area. It will be quickly destroyed, but it is worth it. 
    After that you will be told to clear out a specific spot. Send all your units in
    to level all the buildings. Once that is done, you should be sucessful. Destroy 
    all the Ewoks in the area before attacking the buildings. Only stormtroopers 
    can destroy the Ewok gliders that hover about, so keep one safe to destroy 
    the glider in the area. Once the Ewoks are cleared out, you should have no 
    trouble destroying the buildings.
    K. Abridon pt.1 
    Even though you start out with a considerable force, it will be no match for 
    the Rebel force protecting the goverment center. Head straight for your 
    captured base. Your walker's chin gun's damage of a thousand will be useful 
    in taking out a turret, so have those ready. If you put stormtroopers in a 
    transport and drive it up to the turret and quickly let them out you can easily 
    capture turrets as well. This is a very useful techenique as stated earlier. 
    Once the defenses are down, send a group of stormtroopers to capture the 
    base. Try to capture the hospital to heal troopers when enemies invade your 
    turrets. Stay at that base gathering forces. If you want a command point gain 
    you'll need to capture a Rebel turrets. Capturing Imperial buildings doesn't 
    give a command point flow since it was supposed to be yours to begin with. 
    When you have enough forces (AT-AT's are what I prefer due to their 
    strength and power), attack their base. Their base is in the gap to the right of
    your path you took to reach your base. 
    They have another base on the same island as the goverment center, but 
    attack their base on the mainland first. If you have walkers use their chin guns
    on the Anti Vehichle turrets, since Anti Infantry turrets don't hurt vehicles 
    that much. Waste no time in attacking the many torpedo launchers, since the big 
    group of them can destroy a walker pretty easily. If you go just to the right of
    the canyon where your base was there are a few rebel units and another way 
    in. This way would be good for some AT-STs to ambush the torpedo 
    launchers while they were occupied with the walkers. Make sure the path is 
    clear before you attack, or the walkers might be down before the AT-STs 
    can help. Capture the base so you can order units closer to the island. A few 
    walkers with their chin guns could take on the few turrets, but it might be 
    better to send a troop car in to release troops to capture them instead. Once 
    you have dealt with the turrets and the vehicles, Bring troops in to capture 
    the goverment center. Also order a base on the field at the foot of the hill. 
    You'll know what it is when you see it. Make sure it's safe to do so first. 
    Once that is done you should complete the mission.
    L. Abridon pt. 2
    Using your command points you must fortify your base quickly. The rebels 
    will show no mercy, and they will continue to be merciless through the entire 
    mission. Here are diffrent units you could use: 
    AT-PT: Low in expense, but it's gun only hurts vehicles 10 points. It has 
    great aim against infantry, though, and hurts them 30. 
    AT-ST: Medium cost, and damages other units 40. Useful against vehichles, 
    but somewhat inaccurate against infantry. 
    AT-AT: Expensive, but damages units 75 and has a secondary chin gun that 
    damages 1000. Can easily step on infantry. 
    TIE Fighter: Cheap and damages 36. It won't last long against the rebel Anti-
    Air units though. 
    TIE bomber: Medium cost, and can greatly damage units, including your 
    own. It will be destroyed as quickly as the TIE fighter, so it may be wise to 
    invest in something else. 
    Turrets: Cheap and very good, but can be easily captured by the hordes of 
    rebels. If you have a turret that's about to be captured, delete it so the 
    rebels don't get an extra unit. 
    When you think you have enough units to defend the base, get some extras 
    to explore a little. A couple AT-STs should work good, and bring along a 
    troop car full of stormtroopers to capture any turrets you face. When you 
    capture a diplomat, put them in an AT-ST for safekeeping. The rebels 
    probably will only try to liberate the prisoner, but it is best to be safe. When
    you arrive back at base, put the prisoners in the prison platform since the 
    rebels do not usually attack it. To capture a diplomat you only need to 
    elimanate the rebel forces around him or her, then get close enough to them 
    and they will join you.
    Use the method for capturing turrets (Ruul pt. 1) to capture the turrets next 
    to the rebel base. Once you capture or destroy their base, this mission will 
    be much easier. One of the diplomats will give you a lot of trouble. When 
    you get close you have about 1 second to get him in your AT-ST. The way I 
    got him was stunning him with a stormtrooper's stun, and then he cooperated 
    enough to get in the AT-ST. Use the same method to get him in the prison 
    platform. After you capture all 5 diplomats, you win.
    M. Abridon pt. 3
    This a a long level. You start off with the TR-MB, and some other units. Get 
    quite a few AT-AAs (All terrain anti-air) because they do great damage to 
    aircraft, 20 each hit, so you can get big command points from destroying the 
    hordes of aircraft the enemy sends after you.. They can only hit aircraft, so 
    get some vehicles to escort them. When you get on the main plaza that is 
    after the bridge and down the hill, a AT-AT will attempt to betray the Empire 
    (do not worry, it is your allies AT-AT, not yours). Make sure you have lot of 
    AT-AAs because of the swarms of aircraft in the plaza. AT-STs can deal 
    with the rebel vehicles in the plaza. AT-ATs are powerful, but they wouldn't 
    be able to catch up with the renegade AT-AT. You have thirty seconds to a 
    minute to destroy the walker before it reaches Rebel territory. 
    Once the AT-AT is down you can concentrate on your next goal, capturing 
    the plaza. The plaza is very open and has two straight routes to the enemy 
    bases. With your vehicles in front, and the AT-AAs right behind them, move 
    toward the plaza. Bring your TR-MB behind the AT-AAs with another wave 
    of them behind it to protect it from enemy aircraft. If you feel your force 
    insufficient for this task after destroying the walker, (remember, you do not 
    need to send all your units after the walker, just enough to defeat it) wait for
    a while. The rebels should send out more aicraft so you can get points. They 
    cannot order more aircraft as far as I could tell, so after a big lull you will 
    need to move ahead. If you are confident they have absolutely no aircraft 
    left, delete your AT-AAs for extra command point space. There is a bunker 
    near the area where the renagade AT-AT came from. Capture it to get a 
    command point flow. 
    Once you have secured the plaze the rebels will send in small groups every 
    once in a while to attack you. Do not hesitate to use your walkers chin gun 
    on the rebels. It will usually have plenty of time to recharge before the next 
    attack. When you feel you have sufficient forces attack the base at the route 
    where their troops keep coming from. Save your game before you do this 
    because it could be fatal. Do not bring the TR-MB in until you have cleared 
    the rebel forces away. When your forces have been destroyed (believe me 
    they will be) quickly order more units and send them in. If you want to wait 
    to accumulate a medium sized force before attacking again do so, but do not 
    let the rebels have much time to repair. 
    Next you must capture the shield generator. The rebel shield generator 
    should be captured instead of destroyed, as AT-STs only take 1 to 2 
    seconds to fully recharge their shields. Inside a shield generator's influence 
    they are practically invincible. With AT-STs in the shield generator's 
    influence you should have no trouble clearing away the rest of the forces. The 
    other base is close to the one you destroyed. If you can get the enemies 
    turrets to attack your AT-STs, you should have no trouble getting troops 
    inside to capture the turrets. From there you can send another group of 
    stormtroopers to capture the base. After you capture the base, delete it. 
    Make sure you delete the first base to if you haven't done that yet. Once that 
    is done you should complete the mission.
    6. Rebel Missions Walkthrough
    I. Escape from the Empire
    You are to be executed by the Empire. A stormtrooper agrees to free you, 
    and help you get to the rebel base on the other side of the planet. Use the 
    map below to help you understand what you read in this section better. Walk 
    up to the rest of the stormtrooper's group and they will join you. When you 
    have acquired his entire group, then you can continue. Move yourself (Dellis) 
    into the TR-MB. Send two stormtroopers into the two turrets (T1 and T2) 
    to capture them. Do not shoot anything yet. The Empire will not have been 
    alerted at this time. 
    There is another prisoner you must free. Bring six stormtroopers into the 
    Imperial command center. When you have captured it, the prisoner will walk 
    out. Put the prisoner in the TR-MB for safekeeping until after your escape. 
    Position the rest of your stormtroopers next to the mobile artillery. When the 
    AT-ST comes near the captured turrets, open fire on the artillery. Use your 
    turrets to destroy the AT-ST. After the Imperial forces in the area are 
    destroyed, choose your course of action.
    (1) The first action would be to run. I have not tried this, but you may be 
    able to run straight for the base is Dellis is securely in the TR-MB and if you 
    know the way. The map below can help you. 
    (2) The more efficient way to go is to capture things. Capture the turrets (T) 
    on the way to the rebel base to ensure the TR-MB's (A) safety. When 
    capturing a turret, always go towards it from a mountain side. It's harder for 
    the turret to hit you that way. The prisoner is strong, so he would be a great 
    help in capturing the turrets. I used him, but be careful with him, you do not 
    want to kill him. Resistance fighters (C) will join you if you walk next to 
    them. You have to drive the TR-MB to a certain point (B) before you can 
    aquire them.
    The map is nowhere close to perfect, but I hope it gives you a general idea. 
    Blank spaces are other routes. They may lead to the base, but I'm not sure.
    |--------------- |
    |                |
    | Rebel Base     |
    |(Finish mission)|
    |           |----|---|--------------- T              T  --------  
    |           |    |                           C
    |           |    |      |-------------T|     B      |T|----------------------|  
    |           |    |      |                                   |--------| T1    |
    |           |----|      |                                                    |
    |           |   T|      |           ------------------------            A    |
    |           |    |      |                                              T2    |
    | T?                   T|      Imp. base              Start Point            | 	
    II. Return to Ruul pt.1
    Hey? Does this sound familiar? You are back on Ruul! This time for another 
    purpose: To free a prisoner held there. Throughout the mission you will be 
    able to see the prisoner. With only troopers, heavy troopers, and hover 
    transports, this is a hard mission. Stay where you are, defending yourself 
    against Imperials. When the prisoner passes you (there's two prisoners, but 
    wait for the one you need to capture), head to the place you are supposed to 
    bring him when you free him. They will pass that area, and you can get him 
    there a lot easier. Look at the briefing map before the mission to choose the 
    best route there. 
    When you free him, nearly all the Imperials will go after you, so you have to 
    make it quick. It is best if it only takes thirty seconds or less to get him to
    the landing spot; that is why you should wait for him at the spot nearest the
    escape spot. When you get there, order lots of troops to free him. Heavy 
    trooper's grenades are very useful. When they come by, ambush them with 
    the TR-MB nearby. When you free him, rush him to the TR-MB. Once he's 
    inside, travel the few feet to the place you need to take him. The TR-MB will 
    last a lot longer than he will, so make sure he gets inside, unless of course 
    you TOTALLY destroy his escorts. Otherwise you should not risk it. When 
    you get there, let him out, and you will have your first sweet victory in the 
    Rebel Alliance. This seems easy, but it's easier said then done. 
    III. Return to Ruul pt.2 
    Once again, your on Ruul. The prisoner wants to access information in the 
    computer complex (the thing you capture as an Imperial when you are first 
    on Ruul.) You still will have barely any units that you can get. There will be a
    crevice surrounding you, with a small land bridge over it. When you cross the 
    bridge, wait for the first Imperial attack. Destroy it before moving on. Once 
    its destroyed, go on right route (the route opposite of where the attack came 
    from.) There will be a mountain on one side, and a crevice on the other. 
    Keep walking until you come to another land bridge. Go over the bridge. 
    You should find some captured AT-STs and AT-PTs. These will be very 
    useful in your mission. Continue on your way. 
    You should soon come to a clearing. The computer complex should be 
    somewhere in that clearing. Capture the turrets for backing. Every once in a 
    while the Empire will send a small attack group. Use your heavy troopers 
    grenades to deal with the AT-STs. When you feel it is safe enough, capture 
    the computer complex and send the prisoner in. After that you will have four 
    grueling minutes trying to survive Imperial attacks, sometimes from both 
    sides. It sometimes seems like their timer is too slow, but you still must hold 
    out, and you will have to protect the prisoner from the stormtroopers trying 
    to recapture the computer complex. Order as many units as you can to stop 
    the attacks and fill the complex with troopers so enemies cannot touch the 
    prisoner. When the four minutes are up, you will be able to breathe a sigh of 
    relief. Beware though, this relief won't last long.
    IV. Tresse pt. 1
    This mission isn't too tough, but be careful. It starts off showing the Empire 
    killing a poor, innocent person. More than that though, it reveals the location 
    to one of their bases. The other base is in the mountains. It's hard to get to, 
    so avoid it as much as possible. Use turrets to defend your base from enemy 
    attacks. Y-Wings are useful too. When you are sure there are no AT-AAs 
    attacking you can send Y-Wings out to easily destroy the rest of the attack. 
    Throughout the level there are anti-air(A/A) turrets. If you find one of these 
    alone while scouting with your Y-wing (yes, you should use Y-wings or 
    swoops to scout, as long as you are careful), hurry back to the base and get 
    a troop carrier with some troops in it to capture the turret. (infiltrators are 
    best, as you never know when you'll come across a AT-AT). Keep doing 
    this throughout the mission. To avoid the land base just do a big loop around 
    it. When you get close to the mountain base you should see an AT-ST or 
    two and some AT-ATs. You could try to sneak in quietly and have 
    reinforcements to destroy the other units, or you could do what I did. 
    I dropped bombs on them and destroyed the AT-STs(make sure you have a 
    hover transport or two with guys in them when you do this.). Then I quickly 
    drove in my hover transport in to capture a AT-AT before they could make 
    it to a base. The bombs had weakened the other AT-AT so when I captured 
    one a quick use of it's chin gun brought the other walker to it's knees. If the 
    walker you capture shot it's chin gun at your hover transport (and forced 
    itself to recharge, even after you captured it), you may need Y-wings to drob 
    bombs on the other AT-AT while your walker tries to escape. When the 
    other walker is down go around the loop again and to your base. When I 
    tried it no Imperials came after me, so the hard part was waiting for the slow 
    walker to get to the base. When it finally gets there, you will win the mission.
    Unfortunately, you will have to stay on Tresse longer than you hoped. 
    NOTE: If you capture the other walker you should start the next mission with 
    two AT-ATs, making it MUCH easier.
    V. Tresse pt. 2 
    You are stuck on Tresse. A star destroyer has blocked your way, making it 
    impossible for heavy lifters to pick up the walker(s). You must keep at least 
    one walker alive, so if you captured an extra one in the last mission this one 
    will be much easier. If you only captured one do not worry, you will have a 
    chance to capture a few more AT-ATs in this mission. This mission starts off 
    with a pretty big attack, so order reinforcements as quickly as possible. 
    Order a repair droid too, because your AT-AT(s) could take a lot of 
    damage. The prisoner is also there, so protect him with your life as well. 
    Your mission is to capture the Ion Canon and get the prisoner in the Ion 
    Canon so he can blow up the star destroyer. After their first attack the 
    Imperials will not give up, and they will continue to pelt you with smaller 
    attacks. Try to capture as many AT-ATs as you can during this time. Nearly 
    all turrets are located on mountains where hover transports can't go, leaving 
    the troopers unprotected as they climb the mountains. This allows the turrets 
    to pick off as many troops as they can. The good thing is, turrets are 
    automatically controlled by the Empire. Because of this, the Empire usually 
    won't have stormtroopers in the turrets, so once they get up there, it should 
    be smooth sailing. 
    AT-AT chin guns can help greatly in destroying a turret, since it takes off 
    1000 hit points. Another trouble are the mobile artilleries positioned on hills 
    vehicles can't climb, and far enough away so vehicle's blaster's can't reach 
    them. You will just have to avoid these as much as you can. A/A turrets are 
    everywhere, so aircraft won't last long. AT-ATs are practically your only 
    choice, assisted by the rebellion's anti-air vehicles. It doesn't hurt to put 
    some troops in the AT-AT(s) for when you reach the Ion Canon. If your sending 
    your entire fleet of walkers, don't forget a repair droid for when things start 
    heating up. 
    This is virtually how you must beat the level. First make sure your base is 
    secured with A/A turrets, A/I turrets, and A/V turrets. Capture several AT-
    ATs throughout the empire's many attacks, then start heading to the Ion 
    Cannon. When you make it to the Ion Canon capture it, and then bring the 
    prisoner in in a hover transport. With the star destroyer out of the way, the 
    heavy lifters will be able to get the AT-ATs.       
    VI. Abridon pt. 1
    Another visit to Abridon! You nearly undo everything you did as an Imperial 
    when you become a rebel. You will start off with a base, some vehicles and 
    a scanner jammer. Protect the scanner jammer as much as possible, it's the 
    only one you get and it will be useful. The empire will keep you on your toes 
    with their attacks. Capture AT-ATs, but also go for AT-STs. If you capture 
    an AT-ST order a shield generator so the AT-ST will be nearly invincible. 
    The more you get the better security you will have. You can also use them to 
    divert enemy fire while you capture an AT-AT.
    If you reconize where you are, you will remember there is an Imperial base 
    to your right that you captured last visit to Abridon. The base, turrets, and 
    other buildings are useful for command points, so try to capture them. To 
    capture the base use walkers, hover tanks, and a few hover transports with 
    infantry (preferably infiltrators). When you get there, the base should appear 
    to be asleep. Go the back route, don't use the road. There should be an 
    airfield with lots of aircraft near the base. If you want to try picking of the 
    fighters one by one go ahead, but I just shot a chin gun at the airfield. The 
    TIEs hurried to attack mode but were quickly destroyed by my hover tanks. 
    When the TIEs are down and you have destroyed the airfield, bring in your 
    hover transports to capture turrets, the base, any other buildings. 
    The other imperial base near the Government Center should start sending out 
    forces to destroy or recapture the base. If you don't care about it, let them 
    destroy it, but you should probably try to destroy the attacks. When the 
    attacks stop, move into position near the other enemy base. If you have not 
    the patience to wait for the the scanner jammer, send your forces in at once, 
    but save before doing so. If you have the patience, use the scanner jammer's 
    secondary scan to scan the Imperial base. Use attack tank's missle launcer to 
    launch missles on Imperial units from a good distance away. Wait for the 
    scanner jammer to recharge, then do it again. When enough Imperial forces 
    are down, go in and capture the base. With the base captured, destroy or 
    capture the turrets surrounding the Government Center, then capture the 
    Center itself. You will then be asked to liberate a prison camp. The camp is 
    in the area where you start off as an Imperial. Go there with a walker or 
    hover transport, get the prisoners, bring them to your base, and unload them. 
    The Imperials will begin attacking your base near the Government Center, so 
    get enoungh forces up there to destroy the attacks, and make sure your base 
    has enough infantry in it to defend it against the invading stormtroopers. 
    When the prisoners are home, your mission should come to an end.   
    VII. Abridon pt. 2
    You do not start off with a base on this level, nor a TR-MB. You must move 
    quickly with what you have. Your goal is to avoid Imperial unit and to 
    capture the shipyard. After that you must bring four pilots to their A-wings. 
    Put the pilots in a hover transport to increase their safety. The best route is 
    straight north, through one Imperial base. Be sure you have enough troopers 
    left after the journey to defeat the three stormtroopers inside the shipyard. 
    No matter what you do for later on in the mission, you should send a unit into 
    the base area you encounter on the way to the shipyard on a suicide mission 
    to cause their vehicles to begin an attack. Their vehicles should then come 
    after you, allowing you to capture an AT-AT without the annoying turrets by 
    the base around. Use the AT-AT to destroy the rest of the attack, then use 
    its chin gun to destroy the turrets around the base. Go for the A/V turrets 
    first; they will do more damage to your vehicles. You have to avoid as many 
    Imperials as possible so head to the shipyard as quickly as possible; you will 
    have time later to deal with this base. When you get to the shipyard clear the 
    area of Imperials, then station your pilots near the A-wings. 
    Send your troopers in to capture the shipyard. Note: Pilots have NO 
    offensive abilities and will do NO help capturing the shipyard. When the 
    shipyard is captured the pilots should get in their A-wings and take off. Now 
    comes a new challenge: Clear, and I mean clear, the area of Imperials. None 
    can remain when you are done. Also, have a unit stationed near the shipyard 
    to protect it from the speeder bikes which come around. Head towards the 
    base you just plowed through. With the bases now weakened defenses it will 
    make capturing the base easy. If you want to destroy it that is fine; they send 
    down the TR-MB when the A-wings take off. To destroy the other base's 
    defenses and to clear away the turrets and fixed artillery in the middle you 
    can use the scanner jammer/attack tank combination using proton missles. 
    Also, you can see the fixed artillery when it's firing at you so you can use 
    proton missles then too. Using the combination of the scanner jammer and 
    attack tank you should be able to level the turrets (proton missles hurt 
    buildings and turrets 450 instead of 150), and take out AT-ATs and AT-STs 
    protecting the other base. With them gone you can easily take out the minor 
    units. Oh yes, have hovertanks ready to deal with all the TIE fighters the 
    Empire has. Actually, once you capture the shipyard, this shouldn't be too 
    hard of a mission.
    VIII. Endor
    The return to Endor! It's time too take out the shield protecting the Death 
    Star II so that the fighters can destroy it. You start of with a medium-sized 
    force consisting only of troops. Han, Leia, Luke C-3PO, R2-D2, and 
    Chewie are there. 
    Here are their special abilities: 
    Leia and C-3PO: They can make Ewok units join the rebellion when they 
    see them. Any other unit would attack the Ewoks and be attacked. Make 
    sure you have them aquire as many Ewoks as possible. 
    Chewie: He's really good at infiltrating AT-STs. Consider using him when 
    you see an AT-ST. 
    Luke: He has a scan. Click on his scan then right-click on a part of the map 
    to see it. It sees really long so as soon as you stop seeing one area it will be
    ready to scan again. 
    R2-D2: He has a jammer in him. 
    Han: Han is required to blow up the shield bunker. 
    Go left (left, that is, if you are facing the same direction as the Imperial 
    shuttle. All of the directions are given under those terms) with Leia or C-
    3PO and get the few Ewoks there. Then go right, using Luke's scan to help 
    you. Go up by the right side of the mountain that you can see when you begin. 
    You should find two speeder bikes you can get from the Ewoks with Leia or 
    C-3PO. A few stormtroopers are hanging around, but they should not be too
    hard. Make sure you have used Luke's scan as much as you want before continuing.
    A little ways up and to the right is the Ewok village. Get Leia or C-3PO to have
    them join your side. When you get to the village Luke will leave. From there you
    have two choices.
    (1) Follow Luke with a glider. He will go to the Imperial base. If you go 
    close enough to it, and turn around as you reach the A/A turret, you should 
    set off an Imperial attack. The attack will then head to the Ewok village 
    where you must destroy it, and possibly capture an AT-AT to help you. You 
    should then head to the bunker, not using the route the attack came from. 
    When you get to the bunker, an AT-ST and several stormtroopers or more 
    may be there guarding it. Destroy them and capture the bunker. When it is 
    captured, send Han in. He should set the charges. It may take a while, so be 
    patient. When the bunker blows up a trooper should tell you about an 
    Imperial counterattack. You must protect the Ewok village for 30 minutes to 
    an hour from the attack until reinforcements arrive. If you upset this attack by
    using the glider technique I mentioned this part will be very boring, as you 
    have already destroyed the Imperial units that would normally attack you..
    (2) If you decide not to set off the Imperial attack simply head to the bunker 
    and use Han to destroy it (see choice 1). When the bunker blows up a 
    trooper should tell you about an Imperial counterattack. Use infiltrators to 
    stop the AT-ATs, as they are your biggest threat. 
    You must decide whether to upset this attack early when you have more 
    guys and possibly capture an AT-AT for your use, or to wait for after you 
    destroy the bunker when you have less people. It's you choice: Do you want 
    to capture the bunker with more units, or destroy the counterattack with 
    more units? After the time is up (there's a timer) the rebels will send you a 
    massive amount of vehicles to destroy the Imperial base. You should be able 
    to go straight to the base and just destroy it. Use the attack tank's missles to
    help with turrets you meet. The way you took to get to the bunker is the 
    safest way to my knowledge, the heavy artillery I saw when upseting the 
    counterattack gave me that idea. Anyways, the base is close to the bunker, 
    with two or three turrets in the way. When it's down, you'll be able to relax. 
    (you might want to save a lot during this mission, you never know what will 
    IX. Coruscant pt. 1
    Well, there is three more missions before you can totally rest. Actually this 
    mission isn't too hard, but try to beat the other two, especially the last one.
    If you still have an attack tank and a torpedo launcher I would advise you to
    take them on your journey through the artic of Coruscant. If you choose to 
    have two attack tanks or two torpedo launchers you can do that to. Medical 
    droids and one repair droid would also be useful. Study the map, it's not 
    hard to learn. 
    There are four sensor nodes cornering the enemy base. The enemy base is in 
    the middle, with two A/V turrets on each side of it. AT-STs, AT-PTs and 
    stormtroopers guard the main route to the base. Use the torpedo launcher to 
    take out many troops at once, and use the attack tank's more damaging laser 
    bolts and proton missles to defeat the AT-STs and AT-PTs. 
    When you destroy the guards protecting the base, turn either right or left and 
    head to a sensor node. They should be empty. Send a trooper in to capture 
    a node. You may want more backup than that, as occasionally one stormtrooper
    will come into a captured node. Stormtroopers can defeat troopers so a heavy
    trooper might be better. Go around, avoiding the base, and capture all four
    sensor nodes. When all four have been captured gather the available troops and
    head toward the base. 
    Capture the turrets first, and when they have been captured capture the 
    base. Taskeem will congratulate you. A trooper will then warn you of an 
    Imperial counterattack. Gather all kinds of turrets on each side of the base, 
    the Imperials do not always land in the same place. Get infiltrators too to 
    capture the AT-ATs. After capturing one or two of the walkers that come 
    you can move on with them and some hovertanks to deal with aircraft. Use 
    the AT-AT's chin guns to obliverate turrets, but bring infiltrators to help with
    any other ATs you encounter. When you destroy their first attack and capture
    a walker it will get a lot easier. If you don't capture an AT attack the enemy
    base with attack tanks and a hover transport with infiltrators, not forgeting
    the hover tanks. When the Imperials are cleared from the area this mission will
    be over.
    X. Coruscant pt. 2
    In this level you must get into the city. You must capture four of the things 
    rebel command marked for you. Use the scanner jammer and attack tank to 
    destroy the fixed artillery on the side you want to attack (it is nearly 
    impossible to capture it). Also, destroy the turrets using the same method. 
    There is a group of AT-ATs and AT-AAs near each gate. Try to capture as 
    many walkers as you can before continuing. When enough turrets are cleared 
    away go for the gate. If you destroy one section both gates will destruct so 
    you can get in. Imperial attacks can also get out, but you can capture any 
    AT-ATs that come around. Use infiltrators and a hover transport to capture 
    the base near the artillery. Build defenses around it, and slowly move on, 
    capturing the primary buildings. When you have four of the buildings this 
    mission will be over.
    XI. Coruscant pt. 3
    If you made it here, you are probably getting pretty good. Your goal is to 
    capture the Imperial Palace. The main goal is to get large forces to destroy 
    the stuff in your way. Here's my guide:
    There are four routes: (See Map Below) There are four ways for the empire 
    to get to you. The route straight right (SR) (these directions only work if you 
    are looking towards the Imperial Palace) has troop carriers packed with 
    guys and AT-STs. Plan accordingly. Anti-Infantry turrets will help deal with 
    infantry. Infiltrators can capture AT-STs and if you get a shield generator, 
    this will make defense really easy, except for the large amount of guys that 
    threaten your base. 
    Straight to the left (SL) usually has AT-ATs and AT-AAs. Infiltrators would 
    be good over here to. Up right (UR) has a whole bunch of things that come 
    out of it. Here is where your primary defense should be, consisting of: A/I 
    turrets to stop the hordes of infantry, A/V turrets to help with vehicles, A/A 
    turrets to stop aircraft, and attack tanks for their proton missles which can 
    destroy mobile artilleries that set up faraway and pound your base. A captured
    AT-ST and shield generator (SG) are also excellent to ensure good defense, even
    when all else fails. A repair droid should also be there to repair the vehicles.
    Due to the massive amounts of enemies that come you may actually witness the
    damage of AT-STs protected by a shield generator. Have the repair droid to fix 
    it.Have infiltrators to keep the shield generator and base from being captured. 
    The upper left (UL) route hardly has anything come out of it. Have some defenses
    because there are several exceptions. Your airfield takes up a lot of room and 
    is difficult to protect sometimes, so due to the lack of usefulness of aircraft 
    in this level it might be better to let your airfield be destroyed than to let 
    it take up your precious little space. Attacks are frequent so be always ready. 
    After a while you should begin to move on. The upper left (UL) route has a 
    base (IB) close to yours. Capture it and get shield generators and AT-STs 
    and AT-ATs. Destroy the surrounding turrets and the mobile artilleries. 
    Capture the bunker (B) to the right of the base too. Only troops can get to it, 
    so keep this in mind. The upper right (UR) and upper left (UL) routes will 
    join a little further up. When you are ready to advance get a shield generator 
    and move all the things guarding the upper right (UR) route up to protect this 
    route. A little ways ahead is the mountain of metal where the palace stands. 
    Use AT-ATs with infiltrators and go to the left (or right) and capture the 
    walker depot. It makes walkers so capture it quickly. Next, capture the base 
    next to it. Destroy the turrets on the mountain with the chin gun of an AT-
    AT, then have a hover transport with infiltrators and hover tanks head up the 
    first incline. Go behind the palace where you will find another incline, which 
    only troops can climb. Use your hover tanks to destroy the TIEs, then have 
    your infiltrators climb the final incline and head into the palce, ignoring the 
    turrets. Do not worry about the turrets as they are a pretty bad aim because 
    they are A/V. Go into the palace, which should be easy to capture, and then, 
    well, you will just have to wait and see.
           |   |
               |  IB    | |            | |    |
               |        __|     B      |__    |
               |        |_________________|UR |
               | UL                         SG|(Advised spot to place)
               |        Rebel Base            |
               |                              |
    ___________|       Airfield               |___________
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