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"A great Naval warfare game!"

Hi, I'm General Eric, do you remember Battleship the board game, it has been made into console and computer format but they never were very good, but this time its almost like a masterpiece in itself. This is a must for board gamers who want it turned into a computer game.

Gameplay 10/10 This game has two modes, classic which is like the board game, and a new battleship game that is like the original but your fleets can move, you can have up too 6 fleets, each with different ships and send them on their ways, really fun if you liked the board game, you can command Battleships, cruisers, destroyers, frigates, missle submarines, attack submarines, Giant aircraft carriers, medium aircraft carriers and small aircraft carriers, and a whole bunch of area's(AKA maps) to wage war on and you can even have island bases to repair your ships, you can also command F-16's, Sea Hawk helicopters, and AWACS recon aircraft, a great game if you like commanding lots of units.

Graphics 9/10 While you wage war and fight, every time you fire on island bases, ships, aircraft, and oil tanks, the thing you shoot at is shown in the background being hit with realtime explosions, and when you dock, aircraft go take-off or land on aircraft carriers, and hit mines it shows it in the background, that's what's great about the game, the rest is pretty bland and unintresting.

Sound/music 10/10 I don't think there's music because I'm so into the game, and the sound is terrific, aircraft landing, helicopters taking off, ships getting hit by missiles and submarines diving are some of the most life-like sounds I have ever heard, this game must have taken real life sounds and put them in the game!

Controls 10/10 You use the mouse most of the time and I only use the keyboard when I need to quit or pause it, it has easy to use mouse controls because you just need to click on the stuff you want.

Satisfaction 9/10 You will being playing this game almost every day, the only con I find is that it gets boring after a while but the internet play makes up for that.

Buy or Rent- Buy I don't know any places you can rent computer games but buyy it, it should only be $10.00!

End notes- This game is a really great game and should be in your computer game collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/14/00, Updated 10/14/00

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