Review by rossjman1

Reviewed: 04/25/04

Everything you want in a RTS game and more!

Story : 9/10
Pretty good story; better than most RTS games.
After nuclear missiles were fired at all the major cities around the world, the few survivors that were left try to fend for themselves in a harsh nuclear winter. You try to find out what went wrong.
Good; not much more I can say about that.

Graphics : 8/10
Warzone 2100 has an awesome 3D engine. You can rotate 360° left and right, up and down with just right clicking and nudging your mouse. But, because of this a lot of the objects (especially buildings) are pixilated when you zoom in.

Another thing that bothers me in the graphics department is that most of the vehicles look the same, but overall the graphics look nice.

Sound : 7/10
Not much sound in this game apart from weapons and explosions. I do like how some of the buildings make noise, but I'm not satisfied with the sound as much as I am with other games, such as Starcraft and Command & Conquer.

But, what really brought the sound score down is the music, there is none as far as I can tell!

Gameplay : 10/10
Wow, this is the first RTS game that I've seen that has good AI! Enemies actually attack your base unlike many other RTS games (*cough* all Command & Conquer games *cough*). The path finding needs a little work, but is still good.

I like how you have to research stuff before you can build it. This makes the game so much more realistic. You can research weapons, vehicle parts(more on that later), buildings, and various upgrades. Although confusing at times, this is a very nice touch.

Another nice touch is the ability to design your own vehicles and units. Pumpkin Studios says you can design over 2000 different units; this is true, but if you do end up making that many units they would be almost the same thing(like two tanks with machine guns, the only difference is that one has wheels and the other has tracks). Other that that designing units is fun; you have a wide selection of weapons(machine gun, cannon, flammer, AA type guns, missiles, etc.), chassis(how big the unit is and how strong the armor is), and propulsion(wheels, half-tracks, tracks, hover craft, VTOL, etc.).

You also don't have to build bases over and over again! You play on the same map(except if it's a transport mission) for the remainder of the campaign. This makes designing a good base essential to your success in the game.

The actual campaigns are pretty good(there are three of them). But what keeps this game on your hard drive is multiplayer and skirmish games. There are only ten maps that come with the game, but there are several places where you can download more.

Controls : 10/10
The layout is not confusing, all the important stuff you can do with just a mouse(building structures and units, research, designing units, and more. Although you don't need to use the keyboard, it is really easy to use. You can assign the different commands to any key on the keyboard via the options menu.

Overall, this is the best RTS game I've played.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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