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    Hints and Tips by BlueEye

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    ----------SHORTCUTS TO WINNING----------
    This FAQ was made on Friday, March 12, and it was last revised Friday, March 
    This FAQ was made by Blue Eye. My email is BlueEye006@aol.com. I hope you 
    enjoy this FAQ.
    ----------TABLE OF CONTENTS----------
    1. Rushing
    2. Wonders
    3. Artifacts
    4. Runes
    5. Guerilla Warfare
    6. Recon
    7. Credits and How to Contact Me
    The key to rushing is Villagers. No matter what type of rush
    You do, you must have villagers, and a lot of them. Whenever you
    do a Tool Age Rush (Axemen, Scout, Archer, and Tower Rushes) You 
    must have about 20-30 villagers before you go to Tool Age. If
    you don't you might not have enough resources and you might not
    be able to continue in the game. You should have three buildings
    of whatever units you're rushing with, except for towers, you 
    should have a Granary for that. If you want to succeed, you 
    must build 3 buildings next to the enemy city, but far enough
    so they won't attack it.
    The most effective way to win by Wonders, which is sort of easy, is to build 
    it immediately. If you want to win the game quickly, you have to have the 
    settings "Iron Age, Deathmatch, and a larger map size" for this to work 
    properly. If you have those three things then you should try this out. Right 
    when you start highlight your three villagers. Click build then next then 
    Wonder. Right when you start building, go to your town center and make a 
    villager. This villager is the _builder_. Make as many town centers as you 
    want with him, but have more than 5 to be awesome. When you have 5 (or more) 
    town centers, pump out villagers (keep doing this until instructed to stop), 
    with your first villager, start making houses. The rest of the villagers make 
    the Wonder. Build a Granary with the _builder_ and make your walls 
    Fortifications, or whichever is the best for your civilization. You then have 
    to make a Town Center next to the Wonder. When you finish the Town Center you 
    have to make a bunch of walls to protect your Wonder. Build the walls about 10 
    squares away from your Wonder. Then stop making villagers with your Town 
    Centers, and make sure your _builder_ is outside of these walls. Then you 
    should build a secondary wall with someone inside the Wonder Wall. Make this 
    as close as you can to the Wonder with the Town Center in it. Next make Towers 
    inside of the secondary walls. With your _builder_ make the building that your 
    civilization has enhancements to (I.E. Yamato would be Stable, Greek would be 
    Academy, and Assyrian would be Archery Range/Siege Workshop) Make sure that 
    you only build helepoli or the catapults may kill your own troops. If you 
    start training your troops when your building is done, then you should be on 
    the road to victory. Also, build the troops that are strong against the ones 
    the main troops are weak to (If you build Centurions, build Calvary too, so 
    you can fend off Archers) When the 2000 years are up, you should be a happy 
    This way to win is very successful and takes a shorter time than the Wonder 
    way. If you start a match with Standard Victory. If there's Artifacts then 
    you're in luck. I suggest you use either Assyrian or Yamato for this strategy 
    since their villagers are 30% more quicker. When you start the game, run after 
    the artifacts (The white dots on the smaller map) and when you get one, bring 
    it along with you. I suggest you use more than one villager to catch artifacts 
    since there are lions and they'll be hungry. After you get all the artifacts 
    (A tough job) then bring them to a corner of the map (one you know isn't 
    populated) and with your villagers, build the strongest troops for your tribe. 
    If you build walls around your artifacts, then you know you done it good. 
    Build an Archery Range if you can have Elephant Archers, and get 1 or 2 of 
    them. Get a Stable too, so you can use Calvary to destroy Missile Weapons (but 
    they must be outside of the walls) and you can take out Ballistas, Helepoli, 
    or Catapults. The reason we use Elephant Archers are because they have 600 HP 
    and enemies can't take your artifact(s) when there is one or more person alive 
    next to it, and they can shoot arrows, past the walls so you can kill almost 
    any troops except Missle Weapons.
    Probably the hardest way to win is by Ruins, since you can't move them. You do 
    pretty much the same strategy as with Artifacts but you must do it with each 
    ----------GUERRILA WARFARE----------
    No, you don't get Gorillas after your enemies to win. This isn't a strategy 
    that could win the game immedialty but it will work when your city is being 
    destroyed. Once your city is being attacked, with your town centers pump out 
    as many villagers as you can and make them run in the opposite direction the 
    person is attacking you from. Then you should split them up into four groups. 
    Each group, I'll give a name. Group number 1 is Wood, select everyone from 
    Wood and press Ctrl+1. Group 2 is Food, select everyone from Food and press 
    Ctrl+2. Group 3 is Gold, select everyone from Gold and press Ctrl+3. Group 4 
    is Stone, select everyone from Stone and press Ctrl+4 (Ah, no more groups) 
    When this is done, press 1 then go to a place with Trees. Then build a Storage 
    Pit, then build walls around you, the trees, and the Storage Pit, then, build 
    towers inside the walls. Then start cutting down trees. Then, press 2, and 
    find a place where you can harvest food. If the place is fishing or hunting, 
    build Storage Pit next to it. If it's Berries or Farms (You build them) then 
    build a Granary. Then build walls around you, the trees, and the Storage Pit, 
    then, build towers inside the walls, and start Harvesting. Then press 3, find 
    a place where you can mine for Gold, then go to it and build a Storage Pit. 
    Then build walls around you, the trees, and the Storage Pit, then, build 
    towers inside the walls, then start mining. Then press 4, find a place where 
    you can mine for Stone, then go to it and build a Storage Pit. Then build 
    walls around you, the trees, and the Storage Pit, then, build towers inside 
    the walls, then start mining. After you got a lot of resources, build a Town 
    Center somewhere. Then re-build your town. It will save you from death.
    The word Recon is short for Reconnaissance. It means to search somewhere for 
    information. In this case, that somewhere is your enemy town. A good "Recon 
    Man" searches with Scout(s) every 5 minutes or so to see what your enemy is up 
    to. You also Recon to see what troops he's making. If you see Archers, then 
    make an army of Calvary. If he makes Calvary, make Hoplites. If he's making 
    Hoplites, make Archers. If he's making Swordsmen, build any, I suggest you 
    make Hoplites, since they are the best hand to hand attackers. You should also 
    place Scouts halfway between your city and theirs to find out if they're 
    attacking. When you see an army coming, then get an army together in time for 
    the attack.
    This FAQ was written by Blue Eye. 
    E-mail "BlueEye006@aol.com"
    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, mail me
    Thanks for taking the time to read my first FAQ. 
    cBLUE EYE 1999

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