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    Unit AI Mini-FAQ by RAvedon

    Updated: 10/09/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: "Roger Avedon" <avedon@stanford.edu>
    Newsgroups: comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic
    Subject: AoE UnitAI mini-FAQ
    Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 12:06:08 -0700
    Gleaned from Dave Pottinger's posts and e-mail.
    Kudos and thanks to DCP for making time and effort to try to answer these
    questions both in private and public forums.
    Q:  Why do my siege weapons fire into melee so readily, injuring my own
    A:  [DCP]
    > Siege weapons aren't supposed to be battlefield weapons.  The design
    > decision was to make them hurt your own forces for a two reasons:  realism
    > and to force you to manage them more because they can be so devastating
     > (i.e. to have that much power available, you have to pay a price).
    [Aside:  The source of this issue may be the behavior of "siege weapons" in
    which are definitely intended for combat...]
    Q:  Why are my archers so stupid as to not maintain distance from attacking
    A:  [DCP]
    > In mass numbers, archers slaughter
    > everything on the board.  As a result (or cause, depending on your
    > viewpoint; the game's been through enough iterations on this topic
    > that you can't accurately say one issue always drove another), they
    > need to be harder to manage in order to balance that (for much of the
    > same logic as a catapult hurting your own guys due to its power).
    > When we tried out the more intelligent archers, archers really took
    > over and the designers chose to fix it by making the archers not keep
    > their range.
    [Aside:  One concludes, then, that the desirable behavior exhibited by enemy
    archers is not _unitAI_, but rather deliberate decisions made by the overall
    computer AI.]
    Q:  Why are my other military units too stupid to aid fellow units being
    A:  [DCP]
    >> The game's design definitely favors
    >> attacking units so that the game comes to an end and doesn't stalemate
    >> with two overly defensive armies.  Having units be "slow" to react
    >> plays into this by helping the attacking units have the advantage.
    Q:  Why does pathfinding suck?
    A:  [Not an answer, but, by way of mitigation, note that shift-right click
    allows you to set way points...]
    If anyone wants to add to this FAQ, let me know.  I'll be happy to maintain
    it for as long as it doesn't take over my life.
    -- Roger

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